i just love this picture a lot and i miss him


“i miss you so much, i’ve just been wearing your clothes and pretending its one of your hugs…”

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so I was looking at pictures of Steve Rogers pre-serum, like ya do, and I was constantly overwhelmed with how beautiful he was. Like. Seriously. You guys. How did more women not love him???? How is this possible?
And it just kept overwhelming me, how beautiful he was and how no one noticed so he was like this secret, fierce treasure that shined in the darkest alleys with the grittiest charm and THAT’S WHEN I REALIZED
HE WAS BUCKY’S SECRET FIERCE TREASURE and Bucky could get so damn mad at the dames for not seeing how great a guy they were missing, but also in the back of his mind, when it was just them walking home with Steve under his arm, he thought with a guilty relief that Steve was even more his, now. And if Bucky was the only one who saw Steve, Steve was all Bucky saw–he was so overwhelming (his courage, his humor, his grit, his lips, the way he fit against Bucky’s side) late at night and early in the day, during those few sleepy moments Bucky allowed himself to think about it. And he would look over at Steve sleeping across the room, and hear his soft wheezing breaths, and see that dumb little crease he always got between his eyes while he dreamed, and it would just strike Bucky deep, how beautiful Steve was, how much he wanted to keep him secret from the rest of the dirt in this city. He knew that Steve didn’t work that way, that he’d spit blood before he’d back down from what was right, and Bucky loved him for that, too. So the best he could do was just follow after him, spit just as much blood and get twice as dirty watching Steve’s back.
It didn’t make it any easier to see him after that serum, and realize with a sick jolt that he was still so beautiful, but now he was beautiful in a way the world would accept, and maybe he’d still need Bucky to watch his back, but he sure as hell wasn’t no secret anymore.

i think calum is the kinda guy who’d turn into this quiet almost introvert person when he was missing you a lot. like it wouldn’t be all the time bc of course his boys knew ways to cheer him up, but sometimes it would just get really bad and he wouldn’t really wanna speak to anyone or do anything in particular so he’d just hide away in a corner and text you how much he misses you and that he just really wish he could hear your voice and he’d probably scroll through his pictures to look at the silly ones you took before he left and he’d smile a little at a particularly derpy pic as he got a text back from you saying “34 days left. i love you ❤️” and his smile would fade a little bit thinking of how long 34 days sounded like bc he just really wanted to put his arms around you now and take in your scent as he felt your breath on his chest and knowing that he couldn’t do that for over a month made him feel weak and empty and tbh nothing would feel right without you until the guys came in and all cuddled him close and told him they’d be his girlfriends until he got you back :):):):):)


Hi guys, I’m sorry for my previous post. I really thought that the video was new, but it was from last fall. So here I want to apologise to everyone that I made a mistake by saying that Yongguk is back. I hope that Yongguk will be there for the next comeback because a lot of Babyz and the B.A.P members are missing him. Anyway did you guys saw these teaser pictures of today? Omg, I love this comeback already!! 😍😍😍 B.A.P and flowers are just perfect to me~ Admin S

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Harry's scrabble post always gets me :'( babu cares and loves us! gosh I miss him ahsgfdna but I just saw that new picture of him ahhhh he's so cute :')

he’s a lil fluffy chick 🐥 i love him lots 😌

Thanks to @fakesheep-luna I am now envisioning Anastasia but with Stuckony (because I’ve been writing a lot of Winteriron lately and Steve needs love too).

I picture young Tony visiting his favorite aunt Peggy when Obediah appears and unleashes a curse upon the Starks. During the escape a young Bucky Barnes helps Tony and Peggy flee from danger.

Years later he and his best friend Steve are a couple of con men looking to make some money by finding a young man who could pass for the missing Anthony Stark (those Starks have very specific features so not just anyone will do). Cue Tony stumbling into the building where Bucky and Steve are having their auditions and Steve and Bucky deciding that Tony looks just like a Stark and convince Tony to go on a journey with them.

Steve is kind and understanding. He’s patient with Tony and encourages him. Tony finds himself falling a little in love with Steve each day, which is bad since Steve and Bucky are so obviously a couple.

Bucky is abrasive. He’s always the one to point out when Tony messes up and where he needs to improve. Oh sure, sometimes he makes Tony laugh, and there had been a few instances of trouble in their journey that proved he could rely on Bucky and trust him, but Tony is not falling for him. No way. No how.

…Okay. Maybe a little.

And Steve and Bucky. Well, Steve thought Tony was quite the looker upon meeting, but he really grew fond of Tony as he watched the young man read over every single one of Steve’s notes on the Stark family. Watched as Tony dedicated himself to learn and memorizing every fact presented to him. Add in that wit, and Steve was just a big pile of goo for Tony.

Then there was Bucky–Bucky who thought Tony was annoying at first, but then matched him barb for barb. Tony who spent many nights with talking to his dog Dum-E about family and how Tony hoped to find his one day. Tony who had two left feet but insisted it was Bucky who kept messing up the waltz. Yeah, Bucky was a goner.

So the trio arrive in France to meet with Peggy. Instead of meeting Peggy they meet Natasha who interviews Tony.

Tony mentions the secret passage that one of the kitchen boys had shown him.

Bucky’s heart almost stops right then.

That’s when Bucky realizes Tony is the Anthony Stark that he’d rescued all those years ago.

Bucky informs Steve and Steve is amazed and insists that they tell Tony, but Bucky is unsure. What he is sure about is that Peggy and Tony need to be reunited.

He convinces Peggy to meet with Tony.

At first Peggy is skeptical, but when Tony begins to recall things such as the smell of Peggy’s perfume and song she used to sing only for him, Peggy is convinced.

[my memory of the exact events in the movie here is vague so forgive the lack of details]

So then Bucky and Steve are about to leave now that Tony has been reunited with his family. They are saddened, but they know it is best for him.

Tony is upset by their departure but refuses to vocalize it behind a few dry words and slights against them–after all, it’s not as if they had cared about him. He’d just been a pawn in their scheme to get some money from his Aunt Peggy.

But then Peggy reveals that they hadn’t taken the money.

Realization comes crashing down, and Tony leaves to go after them only to be stopped by Obediah, who has been haunting him his entire journey across Europe. Magic and Chaos ensue. Steve and Bucky return to help Tony. Obediah is defeated, and Tony runs off with his men, leaving a letter behind for Peggy to let her know where he has gone.

The end.

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hey i'm an aquarius female & i'm in LUV w a virgo male but i worry it's not gonna work out cuz i'm leaving the country for a month & he seems kinda standoffish about it. i'm a gemini moon & aqua mercury & cap venus, but i don't know his placements only that his birthday is august 26th

Just for a month? Oh girl, make him miss you and give him reminders that invade his space. GUYS FALL IN LOVE WITH YOUR ABSENCE. Make him miss you by getting him stuff that he’ll always see. I bought the guy I like a plant and he constantly brings up how it’s doing. Plus if anyone comes over and comment on it he’s instantly reminded of me. Take a lot of pictures on his phone before you leave. Give him a mixtape to listen to in his car. If he wants you he’ll wait. These tips will just help increase his affection for you because you’re going out of your way to give him tokens of affection.

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It's so crazy how fast you were able to move on, just be careful girl all love x

There are a lot of different aspects; I’m not moved on completely at all, I still have nights where I cry myself to sleep because I miss him and days where I see his pictures and want to talk to him. But I’ve realized it’s okay and it’s totally normal to move on and miss him at the same time. There aren’t any rules for this. Also, there were a lot of issues in my past relationship you didn’t see on here because I chose to keep it private and only positive on here. My past relationship was not as “perfect” as it came off to be.

That being said, HOWEVER, yeah I like this dude a lot but we also just started talking. We aren’t together in any sense or anything, but because we fit together really well and it makes much more sense to me than anything I’ve felt before, we’ve already talked nonstop for the past week, facetimed, and I don’t know how else to explain it but it’s so much more real. But regardless, thank you for the love; will do. 

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I'm fine with Cherly having a baby but I don't want Liam to be the dad, cause he's too young for these things. She's 10 years or something older than him... i miss Sophia so much cause I personally think he was happier with her than with Cherly... sometimes I picture Sophia being Cherly, honestly. Maybe this sounds weird, but I had to get this out off me.

I think you’ll find that a lot of people feel this way, my lovely. And, of course, we’re all entitled to out own opinions. We just have to remember to respect Liam’s choices because it’s him that it benefits. He seems to be really happy with Cheryl and we don’t know what’s going on behind the scenes, do we? The media only shows what they want us to see and it’s usually something bad or showing them in a wrong light. xx

i feel like drunk luke would constantly be texting you about how much he loves you or how much he misses you even if the last time you guys saw each other was a few hours ago and he’d come home late and he’d wake you up without even thinking about the chances that you could get mad at him but damn he’d be so cute and giggly and he’d tell you about all he’s done during the evening and he can’t stop talking and i don’t know, i just picture him laughing a lot and cuddling you and giggling again and then the laughter would slowly start to fade and he’d fall asleep just like that and falling asleep for the second time that night would be the greatest thing because you know how much he loves you, even when he’s drunk

I’ve been thinking a lot about that blog post a while after the fall where John is going through some of their old unpublished cases and he really sadly dwells on the fact that “I hardly have any pictures of him”. Like, that’s such a grieving spouse thing to say? That’s literally what my grandmother said when my grandpa died. That is what people say when they lose someone they love deeply and feel lost because they have so little to remember them by. That’s so far from just a guy missing his best friend, that’s a man missing someone he was in love with, a significant other that he never wanted to imagine life without, and it’s so, so goddamned sad.

You’re a what!?

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Thanks you to @deanxkatherine-af for making this. It is a lot of fun writing these. 

Written by: Redlittlefox

Dean X Reader 

Sum: The reader has gone missing for a few days. Dean and Sam soon find out what you have been up to. 

Word count:1k plus

Warnings: None at all just enjoy the fluff while I’m still putting them out. 

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