i just love this photo shoot


Team 7 carries! We’ve got each other’s backs no matter what! ❤


Just thought I’d upload some of the silly shots from our Team 7 shoot before I do more manga edits! Hope you guys enjoy them and thank you so much for all of the kind words on our latest photos, it really means a lot! We love you!!


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David Bowie performing live on the Serious Moonlight Tour

‘This 1983 shot is amongst my favourite 3 or 4 I have ever taken in 42 years of shooting. I just love the attitude of this shot, and the fact that you can’t tell it is from a live performance. I was able to give David a framed copy of this photo in 1991, when he opened for Nine Inch Nails. What a lovely gentleman he was. About 4 to 6 weeks later, I got a letter from Switzerland in the mail. Opened it and it was a handwritten thank you note from David for the photograph, with apologies for his tardiness in sending the thank you!’ - Janet Macoska

“Well, I’ve always wanted to see the spirit world.”

Another one from the Legend of Korra shoot, this one featuring @toriiko-o as Asami. Thank you all for the love and support you’ve shown me the last few days, I was actually a bit surprised by how appreciated the previous photo got, it made me very happy. <3

I think Toriiko makes for a stunning Asami, she’s just killing it in this shot!

Series: Legend of Korra
Character: Asami Sato by Toriiko
Assistant: @awesomesirmatti

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Herizen Guardiola for Interview Magazine

“I’ve never been starstruck by the lights and the cameras — I just knew that I was born to be a part of it,” she says. Guardiola’s first love is singing. Her dad, Juan Carlos, a reggae artist (stage name: Johnny Dread), and mom, Venice Pink, a yogi and nutritionist, surrounded their daughter with music: a lot of classic rock, reggae, classical, and Latin music—“like, a lot of Celia Cruz.” But the inspiration for her own music comes from another source: Peter Pan. “I still feel like I have a part of Neverland inside me,” she says. “I still believe in magic.”

10 Things I Learned from My Conversation with Ina Garten
The Food Network star dished on all her favorite topics for her Cooking for Jeffrey book tour.

She has some very cool celebrity friends.

On Taylor Swift: “Who doesn’t like Taylor Swift? She showed up for a photo shoot at the barn and we were all just like ‘Oh my God.’ Before the shoot my publicist asked her people, ‘What does Taylor like to make?’ and they said ‘roast beef, date nut bread and mustard-roasted fish.’ And my publicist said ‘That sounds like an 82-year-old.’ We ended up making pavlova with meringue, whipped cream and berries. It just reminded me of Taylor because it was so gorgeous. And we made the mustard-roasted fish. It was so much fun. She sent everyone on staff gifts afterwards. The thing about Taylor is she runs her own business and she makes all of her own decisions; she is so smart and so deliberate, she really cares about how people respond to her message. She’s beyond authentic.”


Reaction (NCT U): You being jealous that they have a photo shoot with a girl model

Taeil: “I’m sorry I angered you. I love you. That model was stupid anyway.”

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Taeyong: “Well well well, I think we have a jealous jagiya here.”

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Doyoung: “Wait she’s mad at me? Why?” *someone tells him* “Oh, she knows it’s just for work. Tell her to stop being jealous.”

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Ten: “Awe baby, please don’t be jealous. You know I love you, and not her.”

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Jaehyun: “Come on… Don’t be like that. It’s for work, and you know that.” *Finds it funny*

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Mark: “I’ll admit, I kind of like you being protective over me. It’s kinda cute baby.”

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Thank you so much to everyone who shared my original Kiki post. I Really appreciate your support 💖 you guys are so awesome! ^// ^

These photos of my Kiki Cosplay turned out so perfectly I just want to cry! ;u ; Thank you Vagabond Photography for coming out here to shoot with me! I love everything about these! Your work is always so fantastic!! ⭐️

Also! During this shoot, we found a black cat wandering around! I’ll never forget you Jiji!

am i the only who whos starting to think true crime is starting to become i dont know how to say this a trend? Because in these last few weeks its been starting to fill with girls who dont know shit about columbine let alone other shootings, murderers and unsolved cases they just pout and pose in their natural selection or wrath t-shirt for the aesthetic all they do is reblog eric and dylan photos and caption them with 78 emojis along with obnoxious kink names? I mean yeah sure were all a little into e/d (who wouldnt be) but this is just pathetic. They just come here to act edgy (because thats the new trend apparently) and act like they don’t care about the victims at all because im fucking sure if one of their loved ones was to die in a mass murder im pretty sure they would fuck shit up this is just starting to become ridiculous.

This Week’s Relatable Post is:



China: meh, I’m only here for the food

America: HI YOUTUBE!! ;D

Japan: just act chill, the photo is almost over

Russia: I swear!.. if aunt patty takes one more photo. I am going to hurl her phone into the fireplace

England: *is drunk on eggnog* why am I here again??

France: Ooo YES! They got my good side!!

Germany: I just want to go home and get some sleep…  *cries*

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So I saw CL when she came here to NY and I noticed she is def more thicc in person (more so her thighs) but I really love that about her, like I think she's a true goddess and her body is legit! But it also made me notice how un-thicc she is in videos and photo shoots. So do you think YG Ent consciously edits her photos so she fits a more 'standard' image for South Korea? It's such shame...

yes.. it’s really sad, i think she is always photoshopped way too much in photoshoots.. and sometimes it’s just way too obvious :( I hope she isn’t too affected by this..


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I do fave photos because majority of my posts in 2016 was about cc.


What I achieved in 2016

  • Started to make my own mesh
  • Improved my editing skills
  • Made sims from my ethnicity(Asian) successfully because honestly I really bad at creating Asian sims.
  • Started to play Sims 4

Okay, lets talk about my fave photos

  1. I changed Joanna’s skin and make up and she looked prettier then ever! She was born to be a bridal wear model didn’t she??!!
  2. Joanna & Taylor. I love them with this outfits.♥o♥
  3. Yang Yang, my first Asian sims!
  4. Joanna!(again hahaha!) I was tend to make outdoor shoot but I ended up screenshot the flower bushes and Joanna separately, then photoshop the shadows and color to make into polaroid style
  5. Sims 4. I love that my Sims 4 sims looked more realistic than Sims 3. I purposely not to recreate my S3 sims in Sims 4 because I just thought that my Sims 3 children are meant to be in S3 only.
  6. My fave photos from my S4 Dec collection.♥
  7. Emma. She is my S4 signature sims. I was tend to make her totally Asian but she looked ordinary so I changed her contact lenses into grey. She became Eurasian. :D 
  8. Lucas. I like how realistic he was in this photo.

In year 2017, I might be more active on Sims 4 because S4 is new for me and I love to explore more from this game. I will create cc for you guys too!



I walk alone, chasing the darkness

Unable to leave my past self behind

I just search a reason

In languor dreams of death.

One of my shoot I took at the last convention! I simply love this pic and I decided to write a small poem ( the last sentence is from “For The Tainted Sorrow” ) about it. I love Chuuya, he’s one of my fav characters, he’s so deep and all the depression he brings on his shoulders is simply too near to my heart to ignore it.

Photo taken by Cherries&Bubbles on FB