i just love this photo okay

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Hi! I'm so excited to ask this but could I please get a Polly matchup?~ I'm average height at 165.10cm (5'5) I have bright blue eyes and dyed purple hair that reached just below my shoulder blades. I like to think I'm a healthy mixture of sassy and shy, I have quite the dirty mind and dirty jokes are my specialty. I play basket ball, piano and I draw and read in my free time. I hope this is enough detail for you~ <3

MY TUMBLR HAS BEEN DOWN IM SORRY EVERYONE!! i could legit only post photos and it was just so sad. I AM SORRY EVERYONE PLEASE FORGIVE MEEE

hOLY FUCKING SHIT YES POLY SIGN ME UP. okay bless you anon?? i love you so much?? because like you, i am comfortable to go into a poly relationship?? so thank you for letting me know there’s someone else out there that’s also comfortable with going into poly relationships!! alright so here we gooooo…

bOKUROO fuck those two can choke me with them thick and beautiful thighs and i would be grateful OKAY THAT ASIDE. bokuroo is my second pair i would love to go into a poly relationship with?? first is bokuaka. lol do you see the trend here?? i need bokuto okay sorry bye okay even though i ship kuroken and bokuaka, i think you definitely compliment bokuroo’s relationship really well. sassy?? kuroo loves it when you sass him, he falls in love with you all over again. shy?? bokuto fucking loves it when he manages to get you all flustered through his cute flirting. dirty minded jokes make these two bros crack up may even get them a little excited down there ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 

so i hope you liked this anon!! again thank you i felt really happy reading your request!! -also can i say?? i love your hair and i really want it

aLSO AGAIN I AM REALLY SORRY TO EVERYONE MY TUMBLR ON BOTH MY PHONE AND ALL MY COMPUTERS HAVE BEEN DOWN?? SO LIKE I COULD ONLY POST PHOTOS?? IM SO SORRY PLEASE FORGIVE ME!! also i have really big news in my next post!! thank you everyone for their undying support!! i’ll keep it up!! im sorry for everyone else who requested and it’s taking a fUCKING LONG TIME. i’ll do it as fast as i can!!

Okay, this is the last thing I’m gonna say, and then I swear I’m done!!

I just love how $Qers go from 0 to 100 as soon as you dare to point out something CS related in something they deem as strictly $Q.

Like the BTS photos from yesterday.

You have a picture of Jen and Lana.  Yeah, that’s nice.  They’re totally fine.

Then someone points out that you can see Jen wearing a wedding band and suddenly they’re all like

By pointing out a super small CS-related detail, we’re suddenly trying to claim one of their “moments,” we’re super insecure about how endgame our ship is, we’re trying to attack their fandom, we’re homophobic, we can’t just “let them have this one thing,” we’ve punched their dog, murdered their grandma, and we want them all to die.  I mean, overreactions have always been their specialty, but still, it never ceases to impress me just how much they flip the fuck out at us over things that are in no way our fault. 


Wow I can’t believe someone leaked our engagement pics

  • Anakin, desperately trying to hide the wedding photos falling out of his pockets: what, no, Senator Amidala and I are just friends-
  • Obi-wan, pretending to do paperwork but actually writing love letters to Satine: be mindful of your feelings, Anakin-
  • Plo Koon, filling out adoption forms for Ahsoka and the entire Wolfpack: you get attached too easily-
  • Yoda:
  • Yoda: end well, this will not

okay sorry to interrupt my usual content stream but can we take a moment here and talk about tom skilling

hes the weatherman for my local news channel and i just love him so much

here he is telling us about hazardous weather advisories. thanks tom skilling

and HERE is a photo of him chasing away dangerous storms to keep us safe. a true guardian. i trust him.

in conclusion: honestly i dont care what anyone says. there is friendship in that man’s eyes. i love you tom skilling

Reunited AUs

”I still have you in my phone under ‘don’t call’ even though it’s been years and I just accidentally sent you a rickroll oops” au

“this is so unfair there’s this song getting popular and the singer sounds like you and all these lyrics almost sound like they could be about me but you’re singing about lost love and you weren’t in love with me wait I’m watching the music video and crying and hey that’s definitely you wtf” au

“oh my god i just hit someone with my car and it’s you hey i’m sorry are you okay please don’t sue?” au

“we’re romantic leads in a play and hey what ruined our friendship again OH YEAH THIS INSANE CHEMISTRY this isn’t awkward at all” au

“you’re famous and just got asked if you were ever in love this should be good– WAIT WHAT” au

“so i know we just reunited but mind explaining how your whole life went to hell?” au

“you just liked a three year old photo of me on instagram i didn’t even know you had an account” au

“something came up and now i’m really scared you’ll spill this old secret of mine please don’t do that” au

“i’m a nurse and oh my god what happened why are you here i can’t lose you a second time” au 

“did you know when you meet your soulmate ‘x’ happens? the government’s kept it under wraps but i just found out and i think we should try again cause i always assumed it was coincidence but that thing happened when we met” au

“i’m moving and i know this is a long-shot but want my dog?? you’re the only other person it ever liked and i hate you but i love it” au

“i thought you hated me but i just accidentally sent you a booty text and you accepted and i am seriously considering it” au

“so i didn’t know why you dropped contact with me and i just found out and here’s how i totally did not do that” au

“we’re texting for the first time in forever and i told you about some stupid thing i did and sent a sarcastic ‘you must really miss me, huh’ and you just replied ‘yes’ and i think my heart just broke” au

“our best friends are dating you’re still the spawn of satan though” au

“i just found out through social media/mutual friends that you’re gay/bi/pan/etc. do you know how many times i did not make a move” au

“we’ve been chatting online and we get on really well and oh that explains it” au (bonus: i totally told you about my crappy ex oops it you)

submission - photographer aus
  • I saw you taking random pictures here in the park so I decided to photobomb one but you didn’t seem to notice me
  • alternatively - I was taking photos in the park and I just now noticed some stranger in the background of my photos making funny faces and ruining my aesthetic I’m gonna hunt you down you fucker
  • I’m a wedding photographer and omg none of these people can take a straight shot except you- come to think of it, you look kind of agitated being here, are you okay? 
  • I’m planning on majoring in photography and I need someone to take photos of for my portfolio and omg my camera loves you can you pls stick around a little while longer?
  • My camera broke and it’s hella expensive to fix but you loan me your old one out of kindness, no I’m not crying there’s light in my eyes
  • You say you’re camera shy but your aura is just what I need for my current project- and you’re cute too so that counts
  • I post my photography on my blog/Instagram/FB/etc. and you’re the only one who likes them and leaves a lil message about how you love my style ilysm even though I have no idea who you are
  • You’re my current muse and your smile is so cute/breathtaking/sexy/etc. I have to lie down

I’m gonna punch someone. How stupid and rude can you be to a person you don’t even know? Yeah, sure, BamBam is a funny kid who likes memes and is up to date to Internet trends but seriously? I don’t even wanna read any comments left on that photo. You people really need to take a look at your life and reevaluate it if you think it’s okay to go throwing your kinky fantasies to an idol who’s just enjoying his holidays with people whom he loves and love him! Can’t you see how wrong it is, that even BamBam, one of the most funny and open-minded idols out there has to speak up bc people keep making him uncomfortable? Ugh, I’m so mad.

just realised I never posted my jensen photo op! he was so so lovely and smelled amazing. i was super nervous and when it was my turn had got myself in such a state that i like couldn’t move towards him! but the handler guided me to him and i was like ‘i’m so sorry’ and he goes ‘that’s okay, here’ and he pulled me in for a hug and i just stuttered ‘thank you so much’ and he goes ‘you’re welcome sweetheart’ and just gives me the biggest smile and lets me go. Then later on in the autos he saw the picture and was like ‘hey sweetheart!’ again and he gives me another huge smile and a wink. it’s funny even in the small things these boys do they manage make people feel so special and appreciated, i think that’s why i love them so much.



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What do you think of a ravenclaw, huffelpuff friendship?

“Why are you so stressed?”

“Because I have an essay due in 5 hours that I haven’t even started yet!”

“What?! I did that last week! How come you didn’t get it done earlier?”

“I was writing a new song. And reading that new book I bought. And looking through old childhood photo albums.”

“Okay. Well this is 100% your own fault but I’m your friend and if there’s anything I can do to help just let me know okay”

“Love you”

oh my god

okay so I asked for Ladybug DVD volumes 2 and 3 for Christmas, knowing that vol3 was only available for pre-order at the time. Today it came in the mail and I was stoked bc this one has the origins and also supporting the show and whatnot. So it’s here and I love it.

On the box packaging is this sticker and as I read it I go “huh, what’s a door hanger?” thinking it’s a mini poster or something with some string or whatever to hang on a nail or hook on your door like a room sign or letter like cool that’s awesome, was not expecting a free poster hooray.

I open the DVD case and folded in half just sitting on top of the disc, not even in the tab things in the case front, is thIS THING LIKE WHAT YOU HANG ON A HOTEL DOOR TO TELL THE STAFF IF YOU’RE IN THERE OR NOT


okay whatever not hanging that on my FREAKING DOOR but still cute

and then I got to thinking. wait a second. don’t these things always have some sort of “leave me alone” saying on one side?? and if for whatever reason this side has nothing written on it then…


the moral of the story is support the shows you like and sometimes you get fun surprises like this bc marketing is always looking for the next hip new thing

like door hangers

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What are your 5 favorite pics/gifs of T-Bear?

hmmm okay this is going to be so so much more than just five because listen….i love tyson so much it’s almost embarrassing

this where he and natemac adopted max talbot’s son because well that’s what bros do right

and this where he calls gabe a stallion with the most dreamiest look in his eyes like this is incredibly adorable?? (gifset here)

also!! the tbear/natemac/o’reilly trio was a lot for me?? this is just one of my favorite photos of them three among the multiple gems there are but this because ty’s smile is so gentle i lov

this!! a smol focused bab in juniors with a c on his chest i love this photo a lot??

also tbear getting a bit flustered after being called out by matty lmao but erik is still apparently very endeared by ty comparing him to jax teller (gifset here)

Very Smol!! look at his hair and his chubby cheeks he’s so cute??? oh also that’s his mom they’re both very cute

THIS IS A CLASSIC i love this photo a lot because?? even jabenn manages to look like actually cute here (oops someone’s gonna drag me for that) this is literallt one of the sweetest photos i’ve ever laid my eyes on

ok i’m gonna stop here or this would get really really long but please before you go check out this video of him on nate’s instagram it makes me laugh every time because like…. who even is tyson barrie