i just love this pair for such stupid reasons

wrapped around your finger. (m)

↳ graduate school au

pairing: kim namjoon | reader
genre: fluff, smut
warnings: sub!namjoon, begging, a cock ring, and light bondage.
word count: 7,180
in which a night of grading papers about robots becomes a night where you get your payback against rival grad student, kim namjoon. 
author’s note: this is a very, very, very late christmas gift to @jungnoir but better late than never amirite? anyway, enjoy this piece! also, this is probably the dirtiest thing i’ve ever written so… just let me live…. rip.


For many graduate-level students, there is only one day that truly means the world to them. It’s a day where they’ll be chosen to either teach a classroom or assist said person. In your university, pairs are created for these courses. Many of which are targeted toward impressionable first years but anyone’s welcome to partake in the experimental class. The department of any major -in this case, Philosophy- hears back on your progress at the end of the term, then from there even biggers decisions are made. The research component of any subject is easy, but being able to convey it to a large crowd is what the department heads look for. In all essence, it will make or break you as an aspiring teacher.

Your anticipation only proliferates as the red marks shrink the previous days to the forthcoming circle for the upcoming Winter quarter. And today is finally that day.

With a buzzing all-time high, you find yourself among the select eight in your graduate program. Many of whom are just as excited as you are, even Namjoon but you opt to ignore the silver-haired man just to keep your own buzz going. With some luck you won’t have to deal with him anymore. Hell, maybe you’ll even have Hani as a partner. Or Minhyuk.

Soon enough, Professor Lim enters, and everyone immediately sits straight and leans forward.

The salt and pepper-haired man laughs, “It’s good to see everyone looking so alive today.” Meeting each and every one of your wide eyes as he takes a seat at the head of the crudely formed circle of chairs by Namjoon, he asks, “Is everyone ready to hear the pairs for this year’s Introductory Philosophy class?”

There are nods and murmurs in response. Of course, they’re ready. They’ve been preparing for this since the start of the program.

His eyes twinkle beneath the mediocre fluorescent lighting before he gives a nod, “Alright, well, let’s get down to it then, yeah?” He receives a chorus of affirmations, earning another hearty laugh of his, “The following pairs shall be Namjoon and Y/N…” But the moment he says yours and Namjoon’s name, you can’t seem to register anything else.

Fuck… Out of everyone in the room, it had to be him.

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Bellamy Blake Imagine: Take The Blame

Requested by @fangirl4799

Summary: Y/N unintentionally breaks a law and is sentenced to 50 shock lashes, but she’s on hunt so Bellamy, trying to save her from the punishment, takes the blame on himself.

Word Count: 2388

Originally posted by princessclarke

Bellamy was just about to go to shower when he heard a knock on his door. With a groan he walked over to the door mentally cursing whoever was on the other side, he couldn’t even take a shower without being interrupted. As he opened it his eyes fell on Octavia standing there with rather frantic look on her face.

“What is it, O?” He asked her impatiently getting worried just by looking at her uneasiness.

“Have you seen Y/N?” She questioned him urgently, breathing heavily as she was probably in hurry.

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Oh My Dollar Valentine

Pairing: Liam x Reader

Requested: No.

Tagging: @sincerelystiles (this was the imagine I was talking about on snapchat)

A/N: I love 13 Reasons Why and this whole idea is just faaaab.

Staring at him from across the classroom, you got those stupid feelings in your stomach again. His smirk, his innocent eyes, his hair, god damn his hair. You sighed in content and turned to your best friend who just rolled her eyes. “I don’t understand it,”

You gawked at her and mumbled words that were incoherent, “Puh-lease, Abbey, he is god.” She laughed loudly at you before turning to the person behind her and gathering a handful of pink forms. Your smile faltered as you realized what it was, the ‘Oh My Dollar Valentine’ checklist. “I did this last year,” She muttered more to herself.

“I got some guy named Isaac, turns out he transferred.” It was your turn to laugh at her, just as you were about to pass the sheets on without taking one, you caught the eye of the boy you were previously gawking at. He smiled your way, causing a blush to rise onto your cheeks.

You passed the sheets along but not before taking one and slipping it into the middle of your textbook. “Woah, you’re filling one out?” Abbey cheered, leaning over your shoulder and staring at the new questions. There was still five minutes until the class started, so you began the questionnaire. Circling the questions that were relevant to you, Abbey squealed behind you, staring over your shoulder.

“Which group of sports interests you most?” She hummed, before laughing and leaning closer to you, “Any that include Liam Dunbar shirtless.” You rolled your eyes at her before pushing her back to the chair. The teacher walked in, and you closed the book over the questionnaire but all you could think about through the whole class was who were your top five guys in the school?

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anonymous asked:

is it me or the fandom opinion is so far apart about destiel now?? between d/c fans believe it will be canon and others saying it is stupid to still ship it or waste time with it? i know you don't keep up with canon destiel much so is it because you think other are dumb for believing still? only asking, not hating but you are usual right about this stuff & i am wondering what you think will be the end for destiel on supernatural?

Hey! :)

Look, you’re not dumb, nobody is dumb. I do mostly agree with you on the optimism/pessimism part, but me not being invested in canon has little to do with me thinking that fellow fans are ‘stupid’ for seeing Destiel or still believing in it. And like, me versus canon SPN in general is a subject that I won’t get into because it’s not all that relevant in this case, so it would be a waste of anyone’s time, really. :p

But going back to your question… By now I’ve watched so many movies and TV shows; I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve seen this particular trope, but I too know that a mixtape is never used as a platonic thing, not when they emphasize it like that. Aside from this, there is the never ending mirror between the Dean/Cas and Cas/Sam relationship (both supposedly good buddies, yet you’d be blind to not spot the difference) that they keep throwing in our faces (especially in s11/s12) to the point where it isn’t even funny anymore. :p It would be like someone physically hitting me on the head with a mirror, repeatedly, and me being like “oh wow, I see or feel nothing, what are you talking about?”

I see it, same as you see it. All of that can’t be an accident, for the sole reason that there’s just too much of it at this point for it to be a coincidence. Again, nobody is stupid for having a pair of functioning eyes. 

As for where it’s going: I think there was a time when a lot of Destiel shipping fans were afraid that they’d throw in a random love interest for Dean at the very last minute (because an endgame romance for Dean was hinted at several times), but 12 seasons in it’s safe to say that this isn’t what they’re planning. Dean’s latest one night stand says it all; the writers themselves can’t even bother to come up with a story there, all you know is her name and that she wants to bang Dean. If they had any intentions to go somewhere with another random love interest and make it believable, they would’ve started building it up by now. They haven’t though, and I think this is because in the end they will do what they’ve been doing for the entirety of the show; throw everyone just enough bones to keep all sides of the fandom remotely happy. And hey, not gonna lie, if this was me making a living, I’d probably do the same.

So I think for the endgame (gosh isn’t that a popular word these days, lol!), where we’re at now, there’s no need to fear the writers throwing in random (lasting) last minute love interests for either Dean or Cas. Like, almost going into season 13, that ship has sailed, no pun intended.

At the same time I think that they want to end the show (whether that means season 13 or 14) on a positive note for everyone. Whether it be bro only fans that insist that the show is only about Sam and Dean, or the Dean/Cas shippers that they’ve been slapping in the face with romantic tropes and the possibility of an exclusive love story for over 8 years now.

So assuming that Team Free Will will live (which I believe they will, considering that this show can’t make either of the three stay dead for too long, let alone ending the show with one of them dying permanently), what’s in the cards is probably a Team Free Will ending, with a Dean/Cas relationship that they will keep very open to interpretation, to the point where Dean/Cas shippers can plausibly say ‘AH it was a thing after all, they’ll be getting together now’, whereas at the same time bro only fans can say ‘it wasn’t literally confirmed though, y'all are delusional for even thinking this’.

Because hey, wouldn’t that be a typical ending for this show and its fandom? If I were a clever writer with a dilemma like this, that’s how I would go about it to save my own ass. :p And sure, some would call it baiting, but that is a story for another day. :’) 

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What are some reasons that harley x ivy is the best pairing? (their sexuality isn't a valid reason)

of course their sexuality isnt a vaild reason. i mean, supporting lgbtq relationships is very important but a lot of people love hxi for the dynamic and not just because its OMG LESBIANSSS XDD like some people say:)) becasue saying that lgbtq relationship on screen is for fan service or because its hot, is stupid and problematic and the problem is with you, if you cant stop thinking ‘PORN’ everytime women kiss:))

the short answer? why ixh needs to be canon in comics and dceu and not jxh? nah lets go with the long one:

ivy helped harley after joker tried to kill her and gave her a serum that made her more powerful, so their first meeting was based on honesty, and caring and connection and freindship:

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Teasing the Beasts

Wh00t!! This goes out to my new friend, sehunslubedcock!! <3 You were warned and you asked for my love and I have come with it!!

Enjoy deary cuz I know I did while writing it! 

Pairing: LuhanxReaderxSehun

Rating:Smut and stuff yo

Word count: 2,078

GIF that inspires:

and a bit of this

Annnnnd this

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[Fic][Request] I’ll Tell You Later

Received this prompt some time ago:

I hope you’re okay with this, Anon~! And sorry it took a while–I kept changing my mind about things so that it doesn’t sound too similar to the other character-death fic I did.

Title: I’ll Tell You Later
Pairing: Jikook
Genre: Tragedy, Angst
Word Count: 1989 

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anonymous asked:

You said that naruhina is the most terrible pairing, but think ss is a good pairing? Omg nh and ss is two most terrible and pathetic pairing but to say that hn is terrible pairing and ss is good is so ridiculous. Naruto at least didn't try to cut Hinata's head, stubbed her in the chest, put her in genjutsu, call her useless or annoying, but yes, hn is terrible ss is good. This just forced stupid pairing, with no development, relationship, interaction but, lol, ss even worse

Oh dear anon, please take a seat and let me explain why your stupid remark of my OPINION doesn’t change anything but only make me more convinced of the fact that SasuSaku indeed is far better than NaruHina in so many levels & ways. 

Naruto at least didn’t try to cut Hinata’s head, stubbed her in the chest, put her in genjutsu, call her useless or annoying, but yes, hn is terrible ss is good.

I’m gonna do you a favor and ignore the misspelling because that’s not the point here lmao. Anyway. You’re right, Naruto never called Hinata annoying, he never stabbed her in the chest or put her in any genjutsu. Oh, wait, it wasn’t JUST Hinata c: Naruto never did that to ANYONE, because he’s the hero of the story and in that way he has this angel crown over his head; he’s the good guy. The so called protagonist.  Sasuke was the antagonist, do you know what this means? This means that he’s supposed to be doing evil things lmao even though you need basic character knowledge to know Sasuke, you seriously seem to lack that along with a lot of people in the naruto fandom. 

Read some tropes or just educate yourself about characters and their roles. Also, just to remind you. Sasuke has hurt,stabbed and verbally abused almost EVERY person coming his way. Naruto is probably the most abused character out of the whole bunch but yooo, no one gives a fuck about that. If Sasuke touches Sakura when she tries to reach out to him and help him because she LOVES him, he’s a crazy freak with no self respect. But if NARUTO goes after Sasuke and tries to save him because he loves him/romantically/platonically, IT’S SO ANGSTY AND SAD AND OMG SASUKE CARES DEEP DOWN. 

That reason my friend, is the lamest, shittiest excuse out of the anti-sasusaku jar. It’s been debunked so many times it’s not even funny anymore. Not to mention, Sasuke cursed and hated, EVEN KILLED, his own brother but he LOVED him so much deep down. I don’t excuse Sasuke’s behavior in any way, but if you’re THAT foolish that you completely ignore his care and weak spot for Sakura, then this argument is just foolish and you shouldn’t even speak to me about this matter lol. 

This just forced stupid pairing, with no development, relationship, interaction but, lol, ss even worse

HAHAHAHAHA. Wow. okay. SasuSaku doesn’t have interaction???? are you for real? what manga have you been reading???? If there’s any pairing that lacks much needed interaction it’s NARUHINA. Sasuke and Sakura were on the same team, if anything they know each other’s abilities and weaknesses better than Naruto and Hinata any day of the week. SASUKE in fact, was the first to proudly compliment and highlight Sakura’s INTELLIGENCE early in the manga when they entered the chunning exams. SAKURA, was the only person he thanked and said goodbye to the night he left konoha. SASUKE, was jealous of Naruto’s strength and how Sakura was IMPRESSED by it. SASUKE told Naruto to save Sakura at all costs because he didn’t want to lose anyone DEAR to him again. SASUKE has continuously been impressed by her abilities and strength. Are you blind to this? Are you just sweeping that under the carpet??

& FYI. SasuSaku didn’t NEED a movie to become canon, it was all there. The only thing needed for these two was TIME for Sasuke to heal from his pain & to learn to forgive himself. Sakura learned to respect and love herself during the period he was gone & it actually motivated her to become stronger not only for herself but for her friends. A huge part of Sakura’s character development WAS thanks to Sasuke’s dark path because during that time she learned to love him and understand him completely. Naruto NEVER showed any romantic interest in Hinata. And the whole “ he didn’t know what romantic love is “ only debunks ALL the naruhina “moments” because HEY, naruto didn’t know of romantic love, so he sure as hell didn’t express her any.

Sasuke didn’t need a genjutsu to realize that he loved Sakura. He learned to accept her love and take her in bit by bit as the years passed. THEY BOTH TOOK IT SLOW. They traveled together, got to know each other. While Naruto had to be pressured from all sides and called an idiot every 5 seconds for not returning Hinatas feelings. They literally shoved Hinata down his throat until he accepted her. He had to pity her and feel bad for not noticing her feelings sooner.  Naruto had to accept Hinata because apparently no one else loved him before her. NaruHina is just a really bad old-school american-high school movie where the bullied guy gets popular in the end and the shy,quiet,  sweet girl in the background is the one who truly DESERVES him because she liked him before his popularity. *rolls eyes*

NaruHina and SasuSaku are different like day and night. 

I can understand like if you just don’t like a character I mean yeah they just don’t resonate with you okay. But oh man the Worst Thing I have seen in regards to Ghirahim is it’s not that he’s disliked, it’s that he is severely misunderstood and underestimated (and it’s worse when they do like him but it’s for these wrong reasons!!!). ssssooo many times when trying to talk about him with people I essentially hear that to them he’s demoted to little more than a crack character. And yeah I enjoy making fun of him bc yes he is fucking ridiculous and dramatic but wow is that not nearly all he is, and I get seriously sad when I try and talk about him in an in-depth way and people just do not get it at all and derail it back to him being bizarre and sexual. 

This is another reason why ghiralink is so horribly cast aside, when I bring it up with people they immediately shut me down like “I don’t see it” or “it’s a crack pairing” and I’m like… quite obviously they are only looking at it like lmao sex and Ghirahim being a diva/stupid and messing with Link and holy shit literally 90% of what I love about their relationship does not involve either of those things at all??

There is so much happening with Ghirahim’s character that I can (and have) gone on for hours about it so I don’t get how people just balk at the most shallow of observations and refuse to go in deeper. My favorite writings with him have painted such a strong view of his character, incorporating his aloof, dark, arrogant, manipulative traits in a way that gave him such dimension but gets so pushed aside. Like there is so much to think about with him: he’s a demon/sword spirit so his culture and way of thinking would be so different than humans and he’s immortal so whoa, he has a strong personality filled with malevolence and intimidation and violence but he’s so incredibly civil and polite and has a sense of fair play how tf does this work, he obviously is very emotional so what is his range of emotion and how does he express them, look at his fucking character development throughout the game omfg, where did he come from, what did he do while alone for a thousand years, he’s ‘’evil’’ but why, why did he act the way he did in-game, how does the Master-Servant bond work– oh man I could go on forever. And YET, practically the only thing people choose to focus on is: lol he’s funny/creepy omg he touched Link. GGGGHFGDHJF

I just want to tear my hair out because the assumptions people make are so so so so off base and Ghirahim fucking deserves better.


Happy Birthday Echizen Ryoma! (December 24th)

↳ To the wonderful little shit that I fell in love with five years ago. You are bratty, arrogant, cheeky, disrespectful, and a very terrible liar with supernatural tennis skills, but for some stupid, stupid reasons, I love you exactly the way you are.

So here is to you, my beloved little Prince!

1. You are not inferior to the boy you love. He might make your heart race and your knees feel weak, he might make you stutter and blush and shake, but he has no power over who you are and who you were before you met him, so don’t give him power over who you’ll be. You can give him a part of your heart, a bit of your soul and your body, too, but never will he own it all, don’t ever let him take it.

2. “I love you” doesn’t mean “Yes”. You are allowed to say no, even if you love him. “I love you” doesn’t mean “Sorry”, either. Love is not an assurance and not an apology.

3. He might not be the first, he might not be the last. He might be the third or the fourth, or the one you’ll stay with, he might be the one you’ll never forget, but I need you to know that this doesn’t matter. Love is always different and it never feels the same. Love can’t be compared to love, one lover can’t be compared to the other. Only two things about love apply to every kind of it: It hurts and heals. And it always leaves a mark.

4. He will disappoint you. He will break a promise and accidentally, unknowingly insult you. He will forget about something that matters to you. And maybe, he’ll say something hurtful on purpose. Maybe, he’ll lie to you, too. As close as he might be to your idea of perfection, perfection does not exist. He won’t always live up to who he is in your head, to who he is when you think of him when he’s not around. And he won’t ever live up to who you wish he was.

5. Forget about society. Try not to be a part of it when you’re with him. Society taught you that boys must be strong, society taught you they never cry, society taught you that they’ll make a move, society taught you that you’ll have to recieve tender love and give worship in return, society made you the little spoon, but you are not obliged to be that, you are not obliged to be the fucking little spoon. You’ll have to be strong. And he will cry. You’ll have to make a move, you’ll have to kiss him first, too. You’ll love him tenderly, quietly, softly and kind, and you’ve got the right to want to be worshipped, supported and adored by him in return. Be the big spoon and hold him, too. He needs it as much as you do sometimes.

6. He’ll say “I love you” on a night out, when you’re wearing your best dress and your mum’s expensive perfume, when you smile at him and peck his lips, and these three words will sound like the most beautiful thing you’ve ever heard, but if he won’t repeat them when you’re in your pyjamas, eyes swollen from crying over the movie he hates, and if he won’t smile at you and peck your lips then, he doesn’t deserve to hear these three words from you ever.

7. Love feels like an absolution and so does sex with the person you love, but it’s not. Yet, it’s as close as possible to an absolution as you’ll ever get. Sex with the boy you love is not just about orgasms and positions and how good your “tight little cunt” feels around his cock, no, sex with the person you love is about the silly desire to not just mentally, but physically melt into each other, it’s about the need to kiss them even if your teeth clash and they drool and it’s about bursting out laughing halfway through because you remember something funny you did with him some days ago, and most importantly, it’s about making each other feel so good you lose touch with the feral reality of sex, even if he takes you from behind, and experience it as something more than just a minute long rush, but the unity of two pieces of a big puzzle that fit together perfectly in that moment of passion.

8. You don’t have to be ashamed of loving him ever. Not in front of him because you’re scared that he won’t feel the same- and sometimes, he won’t, but I promise you, the pain that causes you will pass, I promise you it will - , not in front of your friends who don’t see how pretty he is to you and not in front of your parents who say they’d rather see you going out with another boy. You will know when it’s right. If it doesn’t feel right, let go. It’s okay to let go of things you love just like it’s okay to let go of the boy you love and fuck yes, it hurts, but it hurts for a good reason. It’s okay to let go. Love is not a chain and love is not a pair of handcuffs. Love hurts for a reason. Remember that Incubus song, darling, sometimes, it’s a good hurt, and it hurts for many reasons. And it makes you feel alive. If it doesn’t, it’ll be easier to let go, too.

—  8 things girls in love with boys should know, and also 8 things I wish I’d know when I was a little girl in love with a stupid boy
to all the bellamy haters atm:

Seriously though? What did you guys expect? We knew what we got ourselves into the minute this troubled, hurt and brilliant fictional character was first seen on screen. Everyone who says that they never thought bellamy would do shit like this again, that he is weak, that he goes back to his old ways or even worse has not been watching the same show. Yes, it sucks that Bellamy is acting out the way he currently is and yes, I also believe that the writers did not embrace the potential this change had and I guess all of us can agree that we are a litte disappointed but to be honest I was counting on it, I was praying for Bellamy to stand up for himself in this exact selfish and stupid way because that’s who he is - don’t get me wrong bellamy is not a bad person or someone who follows some stupid leader because he wants in on the power - but bellamy never learned to trust someone fully, bellamy never learned to deal with this kind of feeling. Was he supposed to let Clarke just come back and be happy and all when she hurt him like this? He’s human after all. That doesn’t mean you have to give shit to the person you love but what the hell do your emotions give about “normal”? I love bellarke they are my otp, one of three pairings that I will never give up on, and that exactly is the reason why I loved, I adored, I freaking celebrated that bellarke scene! Finally he showed Clarke that she really hurt him when she left, that she can’t simply decide when it’s time for them to fix things again, that he is his own person with feelings that he can’t simply change whenever she wants him too. When I read about bellarke shippers who “have to pretend that the handcuffing didn’t happen” I can’t understand how you could honestly ship bellarke and respect these characters and still want to pretend that they are all fairytales and romance. For my part that is why I ship them, because they are problematic and deep and hurt my goddamn feelings 24/7. I loved that scene because if bellamy just liked clarke, if he simply had a crush on her or liked her as a good friend he would’ve let her convince him cause deep down he knew that she was doing the right thing. BUT HE DIDN’T. Bellamy knows that Clarke is right but he can’t agree with her out of spite, because she didn’t just leave him to deal with all of this alone she fucking broke his heart (no clarke blaming here, that is his pov). She broke his heart when she left, it broke his heart when he couldn’t take her home the first time and it destroyed him when she didn’t come home with him the second. Clarke is one of the two people Bellamy actually gives a shit about and for a second he allowed himself to believe that there could be something more between the two of them. Losing that multiple times ripped him apart. That is not an excuse for being an asshole but it really is in character and when I first saw this troubled motherfucker I knew that he would always go back to believing he has to be this arrogant prick no one could ever love because that’s how he sees himself. Clarke changed that but she left (with a rather good reason I’m not shaming her for anything!) and of course he would go back to his old ways but does this not make this story interesing? There will come a moment (we already saw it in the promos) where bellamy crashes down again and clarke will probably be with him when he does, she will pick him back up and they will be stronger than before. But please do not forget that bellamy blake will always be the bellamy blake for better or for worse.

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Top 11 Most Annoying ANH Arguments

(from my perspective) because I like to go one step beyond.

So yeah I’ve wanted to make this thing for a while now as a sort of collection of the most annoying arguments against NH that I’ve seen. Now I’m not a person who goes into the ANH tag and wants to complain about it, this is coming from crosstaggers and anons that I’ve seen a lot of people get. What I mean by annoying is that these arguments are both horribly overused and have pretty much been proven wrong by logic. The point of making this list is maybe to show ANH we’ve heard this all before. What’s being said isn’t original or thought provoking, it’s an annoyance we try to scroll past as fast as we can when we’re in the pro-tag. Also I kind of made this to hopefully be entertaining for NH shippers to read as nothing serious or analytical ^^ (warning: some pro-sasusaku )



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title: Finally

pairing: Ashton/Reader

synopsis: In which Ashton stalks your blog and finally meets you

an: Request some imagines :(

“I’m telling you! He’s head over heels for her!” Michael exclaimed as I entered the room and flopped on the couch face first.

“I’m not! I just like her and her blog!” I reasoned. I mean I loved her blog,I loved her drawings and art and writings and her everything. 

“You love her,mate,” Luke said with a stupid grin on his face.

“Whatever,I’ll just grab a coffee,” I stood up and ruffled my hair. We were playing in her town and I was wishing she’d be there.

“Can I come?” asked Luke,I just nod.

We walked to the cafe,unnoticed and that was very nice for us. We entered the cafe that was not that crowded like the busy streets.

Luke sat on the booth and waited for me to order.

“One latte and one frappe please,” I looked around,but when my eyes landed on the girl in front of me,I was shocked,I took my hood and sunglasses off. “(Y/n)?” I asked.

“How’d you know my name?” she asked with a wide smile,like she couldn’t believe she was in this situation right now.

“Long story short,tumblr.” I smiled. “When will your shift end?” I eagerly asked. I mean I want to get to know her more and stuff like that.

“Um in five minutes,” she looked at her wrist watch.

“You know? It’s okay,I’m just gonna wait for you there,” I smiled at her once more and headed over to Luke. “Luke you won’t believe this!”

“Believe what?” he asked confused at my actions.

“I finally met her,” I cheered and sat beside him.

“Where’s the coffee?” he asked. 

“Don’t worry about the coffee,” I said and he sighed and shrugged. We waited for her.

“Is that her?” Luke asked as she stood in front of us.

“Oh my god! You know? I’m just- I don’t- Oh my god,” she fangirled.

“I can’t believe you’re standing in front of me too,” I giggled and hugged her.

“Wait what?” she asked.

“I love your blog and,um,I was wondering if you wanna hang out in the hotel?" 

"Oh my god,yes,” she blurted out. “I mean yeah sure,”

(im sorry this sucks and im sad)

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And i’m sick of people like you! Why do you care, what other people ships? So, you are telling me, that other pairings like Levi x Eren, will work out? And still people ship it. Do you send hate to them?  Everyone can ship what they want! Just because you like your gay pairings more, don’t mean that you must send stupid hate like this. Even anonymously, you coward! Aruani has so much potential! She didn’t kill him when she had the chance and helped him even when she knew that it’s a trap. Even if they don’t love each other, they are friends. Ugly big nosed skank with no personality? :D I’m laughing. Aruani shippers being reason why no one respects this fandom? I’m laughing even more. You are really laughable. Go take a shower and maybe some rest, I think you need it to calm down :3

So I’ve disliked outlaw queen for so many reasons and one of them was why they would take one of the most iconic true love pairings and fuck with it. Robin is now true loves with Regina? Yeah just forget about Marian. And NOW they bring her back and I’m expect to be ok with the possibility of him choosing Regina over THE LOVE OF HIS LIFE? Uh uh I don’t think so. The stupid love triangle is going to make me want to pull my hair out I’m sure. She only liked him once she found out he was her true love because of fairy dust. How rushed and uninteresting that is. Regina is a very complex character with trust issues and so to give her a romance that has very little passion and has her literally throwing her heart at someone just makes me so angry. It makes no sense. If they would have taken time to develop it initially and over time I am sure I probably would have been ok with that pairing. Even if it wasn’t Swan Queen. But I can’t. No matter how they develop it from here on out. Because I will always be reminded how it started and how stupid it was. Regina deserves a passionate and heartbreakingly beautiful romance. Hood-Mills family *shudders* No thank you. Any one else?