i just love this one *u*

Ladies and Gentlemen, I ashamedly present to you what I did instead of the art I’m actually being paid to do (*europeanly shoves this at @forovnix*)

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What are your 10 top favorite blog, that you like to reblog the most? (If you don't want to answer this q, to not hurt any one feelings. I understand) I'm just curious cause I love your blog bro' and I'm stoked to be following you. So I hope you say my blog, if not it's cool.

i can only say your blog if i’ve spoken to you, follow you back, or have some typa acquaintanceship with u. but off the top of my head…

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Is it ok to ask for previous prompts but with different characters? If yes, I'd love to see the one with SO's parents deciding on the sitting at a family gathering with the Swapfell brothers ( and maybe UT, UF, US, SF! Grillby if you're up for it, because I'm super weak for all Grillbys :') ). If that's asking for too much though, I'd be super happy with just the SF!skele-bros' reactions, if it's ok to ask for that prompt again. ;u;

(*It’s totally cool to ask for a previous prompt with other characters!  I’m weak for all Grillbys, too, so I got’chu fam.)

Here’s the original Family Dinner with the S/O’s ex prompt.

I actually do have a bonus for the SF!bros (pretty sure I didn’t when I got this prompt, but it’s been buried; I’m so sorry!)  So this is pure Grillby goodness.

*It’s no secret that your family is a little.. apprehensive about the fact that you’re dating what they consider to be literal fire.  In fact, everyone is giving him a rather wide berth, as if a mere brush might result in a severe burn.


Grillby quirks a fiery brow at the seating arrangements when he notices your ex at your side.  However, his hesitation only lasts a moment before he sits down with his plate across from your ex.. and stares.  

He isn’t much of a talker, and his years as a barman have given him a keen sense of social cues and little tics.. and right now, your ex is rather disconcerted over the fact that fire is appraisingly staring at them.

However, he isn’t concerned by the fact that you’re seated next to them.  Rather, he’s trying to figure out what drew you to them in the first place.  Your family’s views on him don’t matter as long as you choose to be with him, so Grillbz eats his food in peace.  He only breaks the silence during dinner to announce, “…thank you… it was… delicious..


The moment your ex sits next to you, Grillby instantly gets their attention with a hand on their shoulder.  His plate of food is balanced in the other hand, and his narrowed gaze is hidden beneath his glasses.  

His voice comes out distorted by a low grumble of crackling flames.  "…you’re in… my seat…“

Your ex actually looks apprehensive, but is obviously determined not to cow down to a monster.  They puff out their chest and lift their chin defiantly.  "Actually, my name’s on the place card.”  They gesture off-handedly.  Yes, Grillby was aware.  His own place card read “Gilbee.”

His grip tightens on your ex’s shoulder.  Small tendrils of smoke begin to seep from between the spaces in the purple, swirling flames of purple becoming a more vibrant hue.  He leans in close, his face directly by their ear, heat emanating from him in waves as he speaks through a jagged white-hot maw.  "…i’m not going to say it again.. human..“

The heat must start to lick their skin because your ex jumps out of the chair and scrambles to the other side of the table.  Your family is a little bit on the terrified side, but Grillby is unperturbed.  Instead, he puts a casual arm around your shoulders (after he rolls up one of his sleeves) in an effort to unnerve your family further.  They spend the rest of dinner watching his dancing flames with a certain nervousness, wondering how you don’t get burned.


The bow-tie wearing flamesman is annoyed by the sight of your ex sitting next to you, and the entire room knows it within a moment.  The temperature has risen considerably, and despite the fact that Grillby took the seat across from you both, he’s unhappy with the situation.. and also mentally critiquing the tea.

He talks more than his other counterparts, and he starts by picking your ex apart, asking what they do for a living, how much money they make, how driven they are to succeed.  He’s sure to slip in tidbits about his own business and how it’s thriving.  

He also leans over the table to feed you a bite or two from his fork. In front of your family.  Think of it as his way of staking his claim in front of your ex without causing a scene.


The area heats up so fast that it’s a miracle Grillby’s monocle doesn’t shatter.

He’s annoyed, and he’s greedy and prone to jumping to conclusions, so this doesn’t sit well with him.  Your ex is clearly trying to get back with you in his mind, so Grillby is going to nip that in the bud right now.  

”.. it appears there’s been a mistake..“ he claims in that deep growl beneath the roiling flames.  

Your ex is stubborn, even if they’re sweating bullets from more than just the heat.  "N..no, look, my name’s right he–..re..”

Grillby touches the tip of the place card, and it catches fire.  Instantly, it smolders to ash on the table.  Everyone is staring.  

“…you were saying..?”

“J-just that you’re absolutely right!”  You ex starts to stand up, but Grillby is still standing right there, behind the chair, so they can’t pull it back enough.. and they’re worried about being burned if they brush against him.

So, your ex actually ducks under the table and crawls beneath it to reach the chair on the other side.  

With a white-hot sharp smirk and a wink thrown toward you, Grillby takes his seat and starts eating like nothing at all transpired.  

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Matsun and Makki cuddle head canons with their s/o. Just for you fam~

thank you my dude, it is well appreciated <3


• lOOOVES playing with your hair when cuddling and occasionally nuzzle your hair bc shampoo smell good

• get ready to get sPOILED- he lives to make u feel comfy and safe whatever u want he will give you. 

• also really loves resting his head against your chest and just listen as your heart beats. so calming 


• "One, two, three, four, I declare a thumb war" silly silly loves playing with your hands

• to achieve the ultimate comf- he will let you wear one of his shirts. boyfriend material literally

• tells u bad puns while cuddling and if u try to get away he tickles you while still continuing saying bad puns

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an underrated Youngjae Mole™: the one on the temple of his forehead that's showing in that radio selfie u just posted.....good stuff

a cute! quality mole!!! but his hair almost always covers the left side of his forehead so we hardly ever get to see it 😓

we must cherish the only four selfies i could find where his forehead mole shows (i cri bc the second one hardly even shows it)

also speaking of an underrated Youngjae Mole™ i really love his finger mole??? ish super cute…..

r u KIDDIN me with that deleted scene like look they are such an old married couple, chirrut saying “yes yes” and waving his hand in the general direction of where he knows baze to be and meanwhile of course baze is actively doing shit that will Get Them Out Of There and could chirrut be helping? of course he could. is it more fun to stand there and troll his husband about his staunch atheism? absolutely.

and baze physically dragging chirrut out of the cell, he is not gentle but only bc he knows he doesn’t need to be?? they know e/o so well i’m? no one else around them may as well even exist the rest of the world is just static you can tell they’re each easily the most interesting thing to each other for miles around in every direction

and they’re both grinning as they escape because explosions? rogue pilots? this is the most fun they’ve had in years and also because they both know the other one thinks they’re full of shit and they’re both totally fine w/ it and it’s hilarious to them god they’re so in love ok this whole movie was basically Baze and Chirrut’s Second Honeymoon (With Probably Only Slightly More Revolution Than the First Honeymoon)

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I just wanted to tell you that your Mafia AU is wonderful, and I adore your art style! I really appreciate all of the love and hard work you put into your art. It clearly shows. 💜 Thank you for bringing such creative beauty to the world! I'm looking forward to seeing what you'll create next!

Awwww, thank you so much!!  O///u///O
So awesome to hear you like the silly mafia AU :’D
Currently one of my biggest obsessions, so, it’s good to know other’s like it too XD
Hahaha, i always feel like I’m super lazy at art lately, I’m happy that you think it still looks good ;w;
And yus, I shall definitely continue creating great things!!! >w<
Please look forward to it :3
and thank YOU for your kind words and support!!!

goodnight everyone 😴 i love u all so much 💖💖💖and i hope you had/are having a nice day 💌 if u feel like ur struggling just remember that tomorrow is friday and then it’s the weekend!!!!❣️❣️ ur doing great and there are lots of people who love u 💜💜💜(psst…….i’m one of them hehe) ❤️💛💚💙💜 sweet dreams my loves☁️💫🌙✨⚡️xx - angus

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i think one of the things about athos as the beast is it really captures the scale he has from a. being an angry alcoholic to b. trying so hard to be gentle with the people he loves even if he's not always very good at it but it's all wrapped up in both having a hard time being vulnerable and presumably significant amounts of self hatred like.. he really sees himself as a beast

i really did not plan to log onto tumblr dot com and cry tonight but here we are

listen ….. u just served some high quality meta right there so i cannot leave this without trying 2 reach your level

one of my favorite things about athos’s arc in the series is how he is never shown as seemingly incapable of love, or anything like that. too often with the Dark and Broken Man With The ManpainTM trope, u have a character who pushes everyone away and has all these Walls and is perpetually angry and bitter and mean. athos is not like that. he is a tremendously private person, and he is most definitely not very open with his emotions. however.

athos loves his friends. from the very first moment the show BEGAN i had no doubt of that in my mind. he was very much capable of loving, and SHOWED it. not loudly or obviously, but very clearly, through his words, sometimes, but through his actions always. he cares. he care so very deeply – like, gosh, he cares for milady very deeply all through the series, despite everything – and that’s why he’s been so thoroughly hurt.

and what’s really great about this concept is that yes, his friendship with aramis and porthos, and then with d'artagnan, is good and pure and genuine, but to a degree they enabled him to retreat back to not-quite-healthy coping mechanisms whenever he needed to. like, yes, they definitely challenged him when necessary and often protected him from himself (and, once or twice, milady), and there is not a single doubt to be had about how deeply they love him. kind of like adam’s servants in the movie – loving and supportive always, but they don’t really know what to do to help. like the household, the rest of the inseperables and constance are there for him, and challenge him when necessary, but they respect athos’s need to Not Talk About Things to a degree where his healing was kind of … left to grow … naturally and subtly, yes, but not really actively. passive, rather than active. 

and u don’t realize how much he’s really healed and grown as a person until sylvie.

sylvie is what triggers the catalyst of athos realizing “oh. i can do this. i can be this person” when he really hasn’t been for so long. sylvie with her wide-wide smiles and blunt honesty and tremendous amounts of compassion and stubborn spunk. it’s like. when your old grandma always pinches your cheeks and tell you you have such a nice smile, but u kind of don’t believe her until a random stranger on the subway says the same thing genuinely and you’re like “… really? i never thought of that”

that’s kind of how i see athos seeing his own growth, the grandma being his very loving friends who are basically family, and the genuine stranger on the subway being sylvie

like really that bit where he’s like HANG THE LAW is truly. such a Moment. such a defining Moment. bc he has come all this way that he believes in the truth of his own love for someone Good enough that he is willing to publicly denounce his duty, which up until that point he has insisted is the only thing that makes him a worthwhile person – his ability to perform his duty well (and it’s interesting bc there’s this added layer of athos renouncing his aristocracy, but that’s also likely one of the reasons why he has so much difficulty Dealing With Himself, because he was never really taught to. his emotionally charged rebellion in his youth led him to marrying milady, which caused him nothing but heartache and devestation) – and here he is outright renouncing it because he has finally learned how to love himself and others, openly.

(it is, if i may be That Person, kind of like that bit where the beast tells gaston that he’s /not/ a beast like. what a good. what a good.)

(uuuuuuugh does this mean i really have to actually write this lit au, if only just to fill up the tragically empty athos/sylvie tag on ao3)

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U don't suck at everything :c i actually think you are pretty amazing and i just loooove your work and everything, remember, you are special and amazing

Awwwww! You are so sweet! Thank you so much for being so nice to me, a lonesome macaroni. I love you too little gray face! Your support means everything to me! I love you cutie pie! And thank you for complementing my writing. It was a miracle that me, just one single, lone, macaroni, could learn to type.

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Holy shit your nsfw piece is just amazing i cannot articulate how much i love it like not only is it sexy af its incredibly sweet and like you can see how much they love eachother in that one piece and man im just going to backflip into the sun because im filled with love for thqt one drawing its also amazingly drawn youre so tqlented i cry over your art i beg for more nsfw viktuuri in the future

Ahhh thank you so much I’m gonna cry!! I’ll definitely do more nsfw in the future bc viktuuri is so wholesome djfjjdjsjs

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Dumb question time!!! :D is Biochem biology and chemistry mixed together for one major..? 2. which do you like more? bio or chem and 3. what do you plan to do with your major

thats not a dumb question at all! 1) ya, biochemistry is pretty much exactly what u said lmao it’s pretty much just the chemistry of living things but theres TONS u can do with a major in biochem!! 2) i prefer the chemistry side more bc ive always been in love with chemistry in general!! there’s more math involved in chemistry too which helps me understand/absorb the concepts on a deeper level than i can with biology!! 3) im not for sure but right now im rly interested in environmental chemistry and i even applied for a REU (research experience for undergraduates) over the summer where i would get to synthesize natural adsorbents to purify water of harmful chemicals and research ways to decrease eutrophication!! which is smth im really excited about doing if i get the job but ive also considered doing more medical things like researching the ways certain carcinogens affect dna. that’s the beauty of biochem/chemistry in general!! there’s just so much u can do with a major related to chemistry 

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you know, Dom... something I forgot to say is that you are a great example of how mixing races and ethnicity makes beautiful looking human beings. You're breathtaking and it's fun to look at you and being like: I can't tell where this boy is from! In the end you're just a beautiful Cali boy trying to find his place in the world, but the many stories you bring in your DNA are probably great conversation topics for rainy days. I'd love to be your friend and listen to those stories. Much love to u!

This is amazing! Honestly, I love this and I love whoever you are for saying this because it’s probably one of the nicest and most different things anyone has said about/to me :) thank you so much

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BgA is literally the closest thing to meeting Kpop idols for me 😅 I've met P-Dragon and Jeungri, and my friend is really good friends with R.O.P... WHY CANT IT BE THIS EASY TO MEET BTS 😭😭

ABQOOQA ME HAHAH OMG YOUVE MET JEUNGRI AND P DRAGON BEFORE?? I love them both so much gAH like if I had to pick one of em to be my dad (the pure meaning of dad ok u nasties) I’d pick p dragon BC HES JUST SO CHILL AND UNDERSTANDING and wtF FRIENDS WITH ROP??? I have a friend who’s friends with JEUNGRI but THATS SO COOL WHAT THE CONNECTIONS I NEED TO KNOW MORE ANON AHH

six movies i can watch anytime
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1. moulin rouge 
pls i just love this movie lots ok :(

2. 10 things i hate about you
i have this movie in my itunes

3. a werewolf boy

4. nacho libre
i have zero explanation for this

5. the girl who leapt through time
there was a point in time when i watched this 3 days in a row

6. blades of glory
tag urself im the cameraman giving the thumbs up (couldn’t embed another video so just click the link!)

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I love, LOVE, to think that if Bendy was different colors, he would have different personalities!

Black- Normal Bendy

Red- Rude af, just terrible, angry for NO REASON, he fi8 u but he never wins, Stay awa y, “cash me ousside how bout dah?”

Blue- nice but always sad. REALLY SHY, Likes to be alone. You want to hug him and give him everything. Seeing him like this makes you wanna cry too.

Purple- WE STAY AWAY FROM THAT ONE. Kinky, romantic, tries to flirt, this boi thirsty, wants to be fukked hard, belongs in tiny demon jail,

Pink- Friendly, prankster, party animal, HAPPYHAPPYHAPPYHAP-, gr8 party planner, this boi can DAN C E

Green- bookworm, glasses, is smart, he knows muCH, knows when yo ass lyin, lets you cheat off of homework, currently reading novels about doggos on adventures

Orange- Calm, loves to clean and cook, nice, the mother, very motherly, he kisses boo-boos, he make u better, needs a nurse outfit, will take in animals that are hurt, makes u laugh when u need it, beSt wife material

Yellow- fashion designer, finds the joy in small things, thanks EVERYTHING, hippie and hipster combined, art, you can find him next to a window, has a dead rat as a pet, Joey hates this one.

White- Anti Bendy, complete opposite

Rainbow/neon- this boi a trickster, STAY AWAY

((my trickster hc for Bendy is that instead of ink, his body is made out of melting nutella and his treat he wears on his head is a chocolate bar.
For Boris, he is made out of maple syrup and his treat is waffles))

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sougo d3 (where tamaki hugs him from behind)

Ahh I live to suffer ;;;; I just want those two to bE HAPPY…

Oh man I ended up working way more on this one // I got so invested ;;;; can’t help it I love these two….. But HEY thanks a lot for the lovely request <3 <3