i just love this movie so much bye

okay but i love how sam and bucky just immediately were able to banter and be super petty and kinda ridiculous with each other? like the scene in the car, bucky trying to protect sam from spiderman and then ripping on him and then sam’s ‘i hate you’ spoken so tiredly but with no venom. i dunno they just had instant camaraderie and chemistry and i love it so much and i need a 3 hour movie about them bye

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Do Zayn fans want him to get the Aladdin role? He is not middle eastern. He is not 100% Pakistani either, his mother is Irish I think. Also, if he gets the role, he has to say good bye to his music career. The movie is filmed from July through Jan next year. If he gets the role, I don't think he will be touring or doing any other kind of promotional stuff for his music. Last year he didn't do much, if he doesn't this year also, then it's a good bye to his music career.

For me, I would love to see Zayn in Aladdin, but I’m also realistic hoe, so I’m holding out hope for the soundtrack, and that’s a long shot in the boobs at best.  I just also can’t even believe Zayn’s sort of getting of shit for something that hasn’t even happened yet and that no one even fully knows if he wants to  do - its just a fun fandom conversation. 

All that other stuff aside, let’s be honest about something - other than Gigith stunting, not to be a dick, but what kind of touring or promotional work did Zayn do last year that would have directly competed with him being in a movie? I can count on one hand the interviews Zayn did last year. 

Actor Zayn does not negate musician Zayn. He can do both - plenty of musicians have (hell, Harry did Dunkirk, and is going to release an album in a few short months).  J.Lo does a good pretty job of being a success at both. Timby’s done it, Beyonce’s done it, fuck, even Elvis did it. Again, not saying I think Zayn’s going to do Aladdin or acting, but if he did want to do movies or a series or whatever, that does not mean the end of or negate his music career. 

me: i will reply today. my inbox will be empty. my drafts will be done.

also me: LOL bye tumblr i’m going to watch beauty and the beast again.

S.Coups as your boyfriend:
  • Overprotective asf
  • If you’re hanging out at the dorm with them and it’s late and you have to get back home he’ll wanna walk you home and it’ll take a lot for him to agree to let you just go on your own
  • Literally once you leave the dorm he’ll call you
  • “I just left what do you want?”
  • “I just wanna make sure you’re safe jagi”
  • He’s always worrying about you and taking care of you even when you don’t need it
  • “Are you sure you’re comfortable I can get u more blankets?”
  • “shut up and go to sleep”
  • “yah you’re so fiesty”
  • “Bye”
  • He’d love it if you could keep up banter with him
  • He always has his hand on your thigh like when you guys are just alone watching a movie or talking with the other members
  • he’d get really engaged in the conversation and if you’re not really talking that much he just keeps his hand on your thigh squeezing it every once in awhile and turning back to give you a big cheesy smile to let you know he knows you’re still there¿before returning back to the convo
  • I feel like he’d spoil you 25/8
  • He’d surprise you with flowers all the time that soon enough it’s not even a surprise when he brings them but you still absoluetley love it whenever he does bc you love knowing he’s always thinking about you which he sure as hell is 
  • whenever you guys are apart he misses you 
  • when you guys started dating you became really close to seventeen you’re like a family to them more like a mother 
  • He LOVES when you wear his clothes
  • Whenever he doesn’t get what he wants he does rlly cringe worthy aegyo which usually ends up with a smack to the head and him getting what he wants in the end
  • “Come lay with me”
  • “I’m doing work no”
  • “Pls pls pls”
  • “Ugh I can never get anything done around you”
  • “You can do me”
  • Sexual innuendos all the time tbh
  • He literally treats you like a princess
  • He loves listening to you talk sometimes he’ll just sit back and listen and watch your lips smiling
  • When he’s away on tour or doing promo he’ll call you to check in on you, usually late night phone calls
  • If he’s coming home late from practice he’ll pick you up ice cream along the way and when he walks in he’ll make a big entrance
  • “Me, now hush my show is on”
  • Him pouting when you don’t pay enough attention to him
  • He’s like a puppy tbh
  • He’ll join you watching your shows no matter what it is, he’s into whatever you’re into, he’s not picky
  • “You bought me ice cream?”
  • “Yeah I thought you’d be hungry still”
  • “yahhhh you’re so cute”
  • “Nooooo”
  • He gets embarrassed whenever you tease him/baby him like that but he loves it
  • He wakes you up hella early and gives you a piggy back ride to the gym while you’re still half asleep in his hoodie and sweats
  • He honestly just wants you to come with him so he can show off smh
  • Then when you get impatient he starts tickling you to bring back a smile on your face and you can’t help but laugh
  • Him picking you up bridal style making you blush when people start to stare, taking you back to the house where you two cook breakfast together
  • once you guys finish eating you’ll realize how early he actually woke you up for the gym
  • “It’s only 8am?!!!!!”
  • “…yeah”
  • “ok no I’m going back to bed”
  • If he can, he’ll join you back to sleep and cuddles with him would be so warm and he’d wrap you up in his arms kissing your temple and stroking your arm as you fall back asleep with a smile on your face bc he’s so comfortable and sweet, he’s like a huge teddy bear
  • You guys take care of each other which is what makes you such a good couple 
  • The other members are highkey jealous of your relationship
  • If he’s upset after work you’ll make him dinner and set it up all nicely for him and make sure to give him lots of kisses bc he loves skinship and although you may not show it often, when you do it makes him super happy 
  • If you’re having a bad day, he’ll attack you with kisses and lots of back hugs and he’ll cook for you and carry you around wherever you need to go even though you insist that’s not necessary
  • He just wants to do everything possible to make you happy and comfortable


Ok there’s so much more that I wanted to write for this so maybe later i’ll do a part 2 bc I didn’t wanna make this rlly long but I hope you like it and pls send requests 

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i was tagged by @qayalec like fifty years ago and i love her v much she’s a Good and i would die for pinja okay

1. coke or pepsi: pepsi fight me
2. disney or dreamworks: dreamworks
3. coffee or tea: coffee ngl
4. books or movies: i lov books so much but i have no attention span or energy so movies rn i guess
5. windows or mac: windows
6. dc or marvel: neither lmao bye bye
7. x-box or playstation: i have an x box so i guess that? 
8. dragon age or mass effect: dragon age my ex got me into it and it’s the only good thing she did lmao
9. night owl or early riser: night owl
10. cards or chess: cards
11. chocolate or vanilla: neither i’m lactose intolerant and i don’t really like vanilla
12. vans or converse: vans i guess i don’t really know the difference lmao
13. Lavellan, Trevelyan, Cadash, or Adaar: i’ve only played origins lmao so idk
14. fluff or angst: angst i’m not even gonna lie i’m the Worst
15. beach or forest: beach
16. dogs or cats: dogs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
17. clear skies or rain: rain as long as i don’t have to go out during it
18. cooking or eating out: cooking thnx anxiety
19. spicy food or mild food: i have a really weak stomach like legit i get sick so easily so mild :// i’m also very white so yeah
20. halloween/samhain or solstice/yule/christmas: neither, i’ve never been into holidays really
21. would you rather forever be a little too cold or a little too hot: too cold for sure
22. if you could have a superpower, what would it be: invisibility so when i embarrass myself i can literally disappear
23. animation or live action: animation !!!!!
24. paragon or renegade: idk i haven’t played mass effect
25. baths or showers: i wanna say showers but tbh i really struggle w basic tasks due to my adhd and dyspraxia so washing is super difficult for me and baths help a lot, esp w cool bath bombs
26. team cap or team ironman: cap i guess? i don’t really like marvel anymore tbh they’re both dumb sue me
27. fantasy or sci-fi: both 
28. do you have three or four favourite quotes, if so what are they: how you love yourself is how you teach others to love you (rupi kaur) // to exist is to survive unfair choices (the oa) // the risk i took was calculated but man, am i bad at math (mincing mockingbird)
29. youtube or netflix: netflix
30. harry potter or percy jackson: percy jackson like ??? there’s no competition????? as someone w adhd and dyslexia the first time i read these books it made me so so happy bc i got to see characters like me!!!!! who were strong and fierce and it was just so !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i have such a special place for pjo in my heart and i’m endlessly grateful for it
31. when you feel accomplished: when i complete an essay that i think is decent, when i manage to take care of myself, when i get good grades etc
32. star wars or star trek: neither lol
33. paperback books or hardback books: paperback i drop everything and hardbacks are h e a v y
34. to live in a world without literature or without music?: without music
35. what’s one thing you hope to accomplish in life? i wanna write a book
36: what is your favourite place to be? by the sea
37: biggest pet peeve? bigots and people who chew w their mouth open. close it.
38. which celebrity would u like to have as a relative? andy samberg ngl…
39. silver or gold?

i tag: @latinaisabelle, @claryfaechild, @rednyotauhura and @supergirley !! (u don’t have to do it if u don’t wanna!! i just never know who to tag in these things lmao)

Somebody help me! I just fell into the “Lee Pace” spell! 😨
Since Monday I have been watching movies with Lee pace and today after work I just watched 9 from 10 episodes of Halt and catch fire… And yesterday 2 times The fall… I just watch him and talk to myself about how Damm beautiful he is!
Just look at him!! Is he even real?!? So much beauty😍😍😍
Good bye world… Nice to meet you… I need psychic hospital 😂😂😂

I just realized something

When the tatinof movie premiers

We’re going to get chords to the Internet song

We’re going to get mashups of the pre show playlist (maybe)

Get ready for some amazing covers

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YOUR FAVOURITE MOVIE IS KILL YOUR DARLINGS!? This makes me exceedingly happy! Oh, oh, oh! please go into detail why you love it so much because I love hearing about others and why they enjoy the same things I do! (if this is rather strange then I apologise ahah)

I love Kill Your Darlings k bye I just I LOVE for the following reasons:

  1. Daniel Radcliffe and Dane DeHaan in the same movie please that is just too much beauty to handle
  2. Ginsberg is probably one of my favorite poets of all time, so I loved that there was such a poignant movie about him
  4. Incredible cinematography 
  5. That Kerouac characterization was so on point, bless
  6. Okay queer movie whose plot did not revolve entirely around being queer and that did not romanticize unhealthy queer relationships 
  7. Hilarious & touching all at the same time
  8. This isn’t necessarily something the movie did, but my best friend once called it “Kill Ya Hombres” instead of “Kill Your Darlings” and it still cracks me up.

tl;dr : 10/10 would recommend.



#7: When he leaves you a voice message


“I’m going to have to schedule our date to something in doors. It’s pouring and well…I have 12 lame kids I have to watch.” *inserts loud cries from seventeen* “ANYWAY…please come by tonight in something comfortable so we can watch a movie at the dorm. I hope you don’t mind skipping out on a night out and staying indoors. Call me back when you get this. Okay, bye. I love you~”


“You’re probably going to think I sound weird, but I really thought I saw you today when we were at a recording. The person from behind looked just like you and probably wore what you would wear too. But when the person turned around, I was heart broken because it wasn’t you. Long story short, I miss you so much that I think I’m seeing you everywhere. Call me when you’ve landed home safely. I love you.”


“Hey…it’s three in the morning here. I know I should be asleep, but I can’t sleep. I’ve had this melody stuck in my head and I’m trying to play it on my guitar, but it just won’t come out right. So what I did was I remembered how you told me to just push everything away, take a deep breath, and count to three before I exhaled. I did and now, I feel a bit better. It’s probably silly to just call and tell you this, but I just wanted to let you know the simple things you tell me help. Call me back in the morning. Sweet dreams, beautiful. I love you.”


“Hey, ______. Did you see it? Did you see the first episode of my drama? I hoped you thought I looked cool. I was trying really hard to look nice for you. It was fun, playing as a vampire and being in the element of acting, and I hoped you could see that through the first episode. Ah, it’s probably really late where you are. Call me back when you get this message. Sleep tight and dream of me! I love you.”


“______…Where are you…? I’ve called five times and you didn’t pick up. So this time, I’m leaving a message. I’m sorry for blowing up your phone, but I’m worried about you. I hope you’re okay. Please remember that whenever you’re feeling sad or hurt, I’m always here for you. Call me back right away after you get this message so I can just hear your voice and that you’ll hear mine, telling you it’s going to be okay. Also, don’t forget that I love you.”


“Hey, it’s Wonwoo. Mingyu’s dumb self dropped my phone into the sea at Busan so I had to get a new one. I decided to leave a voice mail rather than text you because I’m pretty sure you would rather hear my voice. I hope you’re doing okay and I just want you to know that I miss you. Please call me back when you get this message. Bye. I love you.”


“It’s only midnight and I’m feeling really dead on the inside. There’s a lot of pressure to make our second album sound nice and capture even more fan’s hearts. But I can’t go on because I’m stuck and I don’t know what to do. This hasn’t happened before…where I’m so lost to the point I’m staring into space. It’s late…but I really need you right now, ______. Call me back when you get this.”


“AH! I’M SORRY,______. I know I said I would’ve called this morning and wish you good luck on your exams, but I forgot!!! You’re probably taking them right now…I’m sorry! I’ll apologize as much as I can because I couldn’t wish you good luck. But when you get this message, I hope you did very well and worked really hard. Call me back once you’re done. I have a surprise for you. I love you~ Bye!”


“Hey, it’s Mingyu. I’m counting down the days till I get to see you again. My members told me to shut up since I keep bringing it up, but I’m just too excited to see you again. It’s just a simple message I’m sending, but I hope you can hear the excitement in my voice. Three more days, ______…three more days till I get to see you again. Call me back once you get this. I love you!”


“Hey ______? I’m already at the store you sent me to and they don’t have the shirt you wanted in your size. They checked for me, but didn’t have it so now, they’re showing me other styles and I don’t know what to do. They keep complimenting me on how I’m a good boyfriend, but all I’m feeling is embarrassed! Please come to the store! Call me back as soon as you can. Oh! And I…love you!”


“I’ve been practicing my vocals lately and I think I strained them too much to the point I sound hoarse. Sorry for sounding like this. I know I should’ve listened to you to relax my vocal chords instead of straining them all the time. Guess I didn’t listen and here I am…sounding like I’m dying. So…can you come by the studio later and get me some warm tea please? With lemon and honey! And don’t be late! Thank you. I love you lots~”


“Did I leave my jacket at your place again? Or did I let you borrow it? Either way…I kind of left my spare key to the dorm in it. Would it be okay if I dropped by and got it? Seungcheol hyung was bickering at me earlier for losing it. So, I’ll be swinging by in a bit to get my key. You can still keep the jacket! I’ll see you soon. Bye!”


“Hey, _____. Haha…you’re probably wondering how I got your number…it’s Chan by the way; fifth period math class…Anyway, what’s the math homework? I kind of zoned out and forgot. And you’re the only person I trust in that class to give me the right homework. Oh and umm…are you free Friday night? I-I was wondering if you wanted to hang out and catch a movie together…? Call back soon. B-Bye!“

hey taylorswift this is me. my name is millie and I love you SO much, (great amounts) and I’m seeing you twice in june! (24th and 27th, just a heads up)
well I also love sam claflin and I think you guys should meet. just saying.
I HAVE A QUESTION HAVE YOU SEEN LOVE, ROSIE?! if you haven’t you NEED to im sayin its my favourite movie in the world and the book is spectacular ok alright bye

15 minutes in to Mr. Right and I already don’t like Francis and Martha’s first interaction. He doesn’t even introduce himself, just ‘Hey, do you wanna go out?’ and Martha’s all ‘no, you’re creepy, I wanna get away from you, so bye’ and then he, for lack of a better word, pesters her until she agrees. He brings out the ‘but I think you’re beautiful and I’m a nice guy, so let’s go’. Maybe I’m overreacting, but I’m tired of movies portraying this. 

Also as much as I adore Sam Rockwell, the age difference between him and Anna is just creepy for them to be playing love interests.