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Favorite ianthony moment?

Hiya! :D Honey, there are SOOO many things that have happened between them that there’s no way that I could just narrow it down to one thing, but here’s my top five!

5. The Head Kiss

This makes me giggle like a little school girl because this is just the most adorable shit ever. I could sit here and watch Anthony kiss Ian’s head all day and think about all the times that he would do that to Ian domestically like before going to bed or before leaving the house or ANYTHING! It’s super cute and I just can’t get enough of it! <3


4. The Ghost Reenactment

What’s there left to say? They took one of my most favorite 80′s movies and turned it into a lovely gay reenactment that made me smile from ear to freaking ear… and also squeal. That happened too…


3. Bridal Style

This one is an “old but gold” moment. It happened YEARS ago, but it still gives me the feels even after all this time! I mean, what’s more adorable than Anthony packing Ian bridal style? Hardly anything! These two knew exactly what they were doing and it was some serious fandom fuel that I’m still burning!


2. The April Fool’s Hug

This may not be my top favorite one, but it sure as hell did a number on me! We’ve all imagined what a good, tight Ianthony hug would look like, BUT NONE OF US EVER EXPECTED WE’D ACTUALLY GET ONE ON CAMERA! Not even me, one of the most optimistic shippers on the site! Unfortunately, Smosh has removed this video from their channel, but you can watch this beautiful hug via reupload thanks to the wonderful @everythingianthony ! :D


1. Shot in the Dark

Y’all probably think I’m crazy, but this moment is my current favorite Ianthony moment. Why? Because context is everything! This moment is number one in my book because of how much it fucked me up and how much it continues to fuck me up every time I rewatch it. From how close they’re standing to each other, how Ian asks where Anthony is, how Anthony calmly replies to him and puts his hand VERY close to Ian’s face, and JUST THIS WHOLE FUCKING THING! I love it SOO much and it is MY TOP moment because of how much this fucks me up. You guys might disagree, but to me, it doesn’t get any better than this!



Okay so after seeing this, I starting browsing the Monsters looking for my favorite and I stumbled across the Makili Pietru. He’s my new favorite of the moment but here are some other Monsters I really like ! The Nakarkos cause whats is cooler than some Bone dragon heads ? Then the Nargacuga cause well… kitty. And finally the Yian Garuga for it’s amazing scream. I love him so muuuuch !

There ya go ? It’s just too hard to choose only one… Sorry for the poor quality of the drawings ! I did them all once and the quality dropped… I’ll redeem myself when i’ll redraw monsters !

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Sorry if you have too many, but in the 101 fluffy prompts list, I think 60 would be perfect for tsubahono ;u;

aaayyyyyy!!! i love them thank you anon. *cracks knuckles* time to make some gay housewives. hopefully this doesnt turn out too similar to the prompt i did with nkmk where they adopted two dogs haha

tbh this could be re-titled as ‘Tsubasa Puts Up Token Resistance to New Pet but Ultimately Proves Too Gay to Tell Her Wife No’ also this is embarrassing these prompt fills just keep getting sappier i think i need to take a breather or write something unromantic to get out of this weird romance limbo

60:  “I know you haven’t had the best experience with dogs in the past but look at its face please please can we keep it?”

“Honoka, no.”

“But Tsubaaaasssssaaaaaaaaa!” The girl in question shot back plaintively, giving the brunette her very pout, blue eyes getting almost impossibly big, “Loooook at it! Look at this dog!! HE JUST WANTS TO BE LOVED, TSUBASA!!” To emphasize her point, Honoka lifted the dog’s right paw and made like it was waving at her. The dog idly licked her on the face. Honoka squealed in excitement. 

Tsubasa sighed. “Honoka, that’s not a dog we know. We don’t know where it’s been or if it’s even friendly. For all we know it might-”

“What a cute puppy! Yes you are yes you are! It’s YOU! What a big handsome baby boy….ah, so cute….” The redhead put her face to the scruff of it’s neck and hugged it. “He’s so soft!! Tsubasa, come pet him!”

“Are you even listening to me anymore?” She asked, tone verging on irritation. Honoka looked up curiously and she felt a little less mad, but then the dog did the same and Honoka hugged it to her chest again, despite not taking her eyes off the brunette. 

She sighed again. “We just came to the shelter to drop off that cat we found. We only looked back here because you wanted to check on the puppies.”

“But - But….” The redhead stammered, trying to find some sort of counter for that, “I love him so muuuuch! Look at him!” 

The dog, a husky, cocked its head to one side, pale blue eyes fixing her with a somehow petulant stare. She shook her head after a moment and averted her eyes. “I don’t want to get a dog, Honoka.” She tried softly, one last attempt to discourage her. 

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robb stark

  • First impression: I thought he was freaking HOT
  • Favorite moment: in the third book when he tells his mum that he married jeyne ; and when he was made king of the north
  • Idea for a story: (I decided to quit this point because my story ideas are lame af haha)
  • Unpopular opinion: okay not unpopular at all but Robb was an awesome kind and he was just freaking 16 years old and omffg he is just amazing
  • Favorite relationship: Robb x Bran, Robb x Cat, Robb x Sansa
  • Favorite headcanon: (not really a headcanon)(but I always hoped he would have married margaery)(they would have rules the world together tbh)

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