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top 5 star wars moments (all movies) because my brain is just on a star wars loop

Okay I was about to be like WHY ARE YOU MAKING ME CHOOSE except like, it’s all completely my fault I asked you to make me choose. So joke’s on me. 

Okay. Deep breaths. If I think too much about this I will straight up never do it, so…here’s 6 because I can’t help myself:

  1. That moment on Tatooine in A New Hope where Luke wanders over and looks out pensively into the distance and the binary sunset and the force theme starts playing and you just get this incredible sense of what is about to happen and who he is on the verge of becoming.
  2. No. There is another. *chills*
  3. “I love you” / “I know” will forever be one of the most powerful and romantic moments I’ve seen on screen.
  4. That moment in The Force Awakens where Rey says “the garbage will do!” and they pan out and suddenly the Millennium Falcon is right there and I literally started sobbing in the middle of the theater.
  5. That conversation between Leia and Han at the end of Return of the Jedi where he thinks she’s in love with Luke and says he’ll step aside and she’s like no you idiot he’s my brother and then kisses him and you can see him process like wait what the fuck oh OH WAIT THAT MAKES SENSE and I love them.
  6. “I’m not used to people sticking around when things go bad.” / “Welcome home.” (does this really require an explanation?)

So late at night I was thinking about Lance, as one does, and I wondered…how much does the group know about Lance, really?

Because I realized that all of his most personal moments were by himself or with one other person and came just before something major happened so no one really had time to reflect on it.

Does everyone know how homesick Lance is? When everyone else–particularly Keith and Pidge–were having it out about home and families, Lance had already excused himself and was having a moment with Coran. Then the castle got blown up and Lance was injured, having shielded Coran from the blast. Coran never had time to talk about any of it; he and Hunk were in a pod to the Balmera before their moment could be spoken of. Did they ever revisit it? Did the group realize or have the time to learn that Lance had saved Coran, or did they just assume he got caught up in the blast by coincidence?

Did Keith ever mention that it was Lance’s plan that got their job done or was he distracted by “could I be Galra” thoughts?

Does anyone know that the reason Lance got stuck in the airlock was because he thought he heard Coran calling for help? Keith just found him there, and we never saw Lance telling him how it had happened. Was it ever brought up again?

When he has cool moments, does the team remember? Do they think about it? Shiro and Pidge saw him take that amazing shot, but Shiro is gone now. Does Pidge ever mention it? Does she ever think about how he stepped in for her back at the Garrison? Does Hunk think about that? If they do think about it, do they assume that Lance sees it, too?

Do they understand that he’s constantly willing to put his life on the line for people he’s never even known? That even though he’s sad and lonely and wants to go home, he keeps that inside and puts on a brave face so he can keep doing his part to save the universe? Even though he also thinks he’s not really contributing that much?

Does the group grasp how selfless and brave Lance is; do they see how little he thinks of himself; do they ever see what we’ve been seeing all along or have they just been getting tiny bits and pieces of the big picture that is Lance this entire time?


We had a spy on the inside. That’s right.

Okieriete Onaodowan in rehearsals and in the Tony performance! He’s so freaking incredible!!!


She deserved better. And I would’ve done anything to give it to her.

But just look at how lovingly they are looking at each other. Right after Viktor kissed Yuri so unexpectedly. Rather than being super shocked still just moments after the kiss, his face just turns so gentle and his eyes are filled with so much love. Because he returns Viktor’s feelings that he expressed through the kiss. He loves the man he is looking up to so much that he doesn’t care that he just kissed him for the first time in front of everyone, including the press who are filming everything on live international television. 

He loves Viktor, and Viktor loves him back.

okay but can we talk about my boy Phichit for a moment like

look me in the eye and tell me this is not the purest shit you’ve ever seen

Phichit don’t want no gold. he don’t want his rivals to lose. 

he just wants an ice show with all his friends in it about hamsters how can someone be so pure

i love Phichit so much bless his soul @ kubo make season 2 about Phichit on Ice

I know yuri on ice seems to occur in a nice alternate universe where homophobia doesn’t seem to be a thing, but I still can’t help but reflect.  And maybe I really want Yuuri taking care of Victor. (Yoi has really been keeping me sane over the past few weeks, and for that I really appreciate it.)  


“Yuuri?” comes Yuuko’s urgent voice, the moment Yuuri picks up the phone.

“Hmm…?” Yuuri asks, mind still slightly dazed with sleep.  He rubs at his eyes, fumbling around for his glasses.  “It’s pretty early.  Tell the triplets I’ll teach them that trick in a few hours…”

“Yuuri, it’s Victor,” Yuuko says.  “He’s… um…”

This catches Yuuri’s attention.

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Okay. I need to just take a moment to explain an insanely massive part of why I love Oswald Cobblepot so god damn much and why this little bird is so incredibly important to me.

I feel like it’s something a lot of people who don’t live with chronic illness, invisible illness, chronic pain or any sort of disability tend to overlook or don’t understand why it’s such a huge thing to people like me.

This little shit went from being a regularly functioning person, able to get out of bed in the morning without a second thought, to not being able to take a step without being in impossible to ignore pain. Looking at him, when he’s not walking obviously, he looks perfectly normal and able-bodied. And as someone who lives with more than one invisible illness and chronic pain, all with later in life onset, who went from normally functioning to barely able even lie down without pain at 21 (6 years ago), it makes me feel better every time this little bird climbs his way to the top.

Oswald gets shit done. Never once has he been shown being held back by his chronic pain. Sure, he’s not the healthiest example of what I should strive for, but god damn it, seeing Oswald fight for his spot at the top in Gotham reminds me that on any given particularly bad pain day, I can get myself up and out of bed. If he can become the King of Gotham, I can take the dogs for an extra five minutes on their walk, go get done the errands I’ve been putting off during a particularly bad flare up, or to go out one night with friends and stop isolating myself at home because I don’t have the spoons to leave the house.

I also want to say that it actually made me cry to hear that Robin Lord Taylor puts something in his shoe to remind himself that Oswald is in pain with every step he takes. As someone who has gotten so used to being in pain literally every second of my life that I don’t genuinely don’t remember what it’s like to not be in pain or have to take a boatload of medications just to get out of bed in the morning, it means so much that there is a genuine effort to understand what it’s like living this way. It might not seem like a big deal, but it matters to me so much.

So I don’t care if it seems ridiculous, but this particular portrayal of Oswald means the fucking world to me. If Ozzie can go from Fish’s umbrella boy to the King of Gotham, I can handle just getting up and out of bed.


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Hey, Jess! Have you seen a gifset of the moment where Alex turns towards Maggie when Kara is saying she agrees with J'onn, like asking Maggie for support, and Maggie stands up, backing her. I loved that moment so much!


okay but really, i love that moment because maggie just knows the look on alex’s face. She needs her. Alex looks at her like, “PLEASE HELP ME” because she is so frustrated that Kara isn’t siding with her. Alex just needs somebody on her side and Maggie sees that. Just like their conversation at the bar. She knows alex needs that emotional support from her gf.

Maggie was perfectly content with this being between alex and kara until alex gave her that look. It could be back up emotional support or backing her in the situation. Either way, her body is naturally drawn to alex out of concern as soon as alex looks at her. But she still tries to close herself out of the situation by crossing her arms, looking at the floor, and keeping her distance. You can tell she wants to respect their conversation while still being that emotional support to alex.

UGH i love maggie sawyer.


OKAY. When I first started reading this, I thought, “YEAH BUT CAN WE TALK ABOUT HOW FUCKING FANTASTIC Manon realizing Dorian—someone who is not duty bound to her—loves her?! HOLY CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT MOMENT!” But then you brought up Manon not being an annoying “damsel” of a pregnant lady and my brain shifted to, “CAN YOU IMAGINE HOW SHE’D TRY TO HIDE MOOD SWINGS?! THE EXCUSES SHE’D COME UP WITH TO LEAVE THE ROOM TO GO CRY FOR NO REASON?!” She would be hilarious and HEARTBREAKING, okay?!

Manon: (internally thinking “I just love Abraxos so much I could cry…oh shit I AM gonna cry!” She gets up to go hide.)
Dorian: “Witchling, where are you going?”
Manon: “Nowhere. Leave me alone.”
Dorian: (internally: “like hell” follows her.)
Manon: (crying) “WTF is wrong with me?! I’m embarrassing myself and I’m alone…but… Abraxos was my first baby” 😭😭😭
Dorian: “Manon? What’s wrong? Why are you crying?!”
Dorian: (internally “yikes. She’s never pulled the iron out for me before…”) “I was worried about you—”
Manon: “You were?!” (Tears up again)
Dorian: (internally: “hormones. This has to be hormones.”) “of course I was. Why are you crying?”
Manon: (UGLY CRIES) “I don’t knoooooow.” 😭😭😭
Dorian: (hugs her) “awe, witchling. It’s okay. Everything is okay.”
Manon: “I just love Abraxos so much, and I don’t want him to think I’m replacing him and then you said you were worried about me and oh my god ive never cried before in my life what’s wrong with me are you mad?”
Dorian: (smiles) “I could never be mad at you, witchling. I love you (Manon sobs harder). Abraxos won’t feel like he’s being replaced.”
Manon: “DID YOU ASK HIM?!”
Dorian: (internally: “WHERE THE FUCK IS ASTERIN WHEN YOU NEED HER?!”) “No, I didn’t ask him, witchling. Would you like to go see him? We can ask him together? Would that make you feel better?”
Manon: (sniffles) “…okay.”

Top 5 Nalu Moments

so I got asked my top 5 nalu and Lucy moments (this is just the nalu moments) but I had no idea that my ask box was closed so I’m doing it this way. In no particular order

1. The hug scene in phoenix priestess. I love the fact that Natsu didn’t let her go cry by herself and instead held her. 

2. When future Lucy dies and meets Natsu in the afterlife. This scene made me cry I just love it so much.  

3. Lucy hugs Natsu. Okay so this isn’t even the physical contact that I love so much about this but rather that Lucy knew that Natsu was really upset about his guild-his family-was trapped and he wanted to save them even if it meant getting hurt himself and Lucy was feeling the same as him but she couldn’t just let him run off without and plan and get killed so she stopped him not by force but with a hug and saying that she knows. (sorry that was really long)

4. Thank you for the sake’s of everyone’s future. Literally just everything about this 

5. First hand holding. This is where it all began, where Lucy goes off with Natsu, this is where everything started and I just love the look on both their faces. 

for  @justicarlexa: @someone that’s better at analysis than i am, talk about the clarke/niylah pre sex and clarke/lexa post sex parallels 

Okay I think we all get the main difference between the two encounters. The one with Niylah is just sex, is Clarke needing something to take her away from her pain for just a moment. With Lexa is obviously much deeper than that. It’s about consummating their love. But to even into more detail…

The biggest difference between the two scenes is Clarke’s attitude towards her partner: selfishness vs altruism.

Clarke is clearly enjoying Niylah’s attentions. After spending so much time on her own, she revels in having someone taking care of her. That is, until Niylah brings up the Mountain, Clarke’s demon. That’s when she completely shuts down, to the point of being almost aggressive towards Niylah with her response.

The damage is done, though. Now that Niylah mentioned what Clarke did, her simple care isn’t enough to quiet Clarke’s mind anymore. To numb the pain, Clarke needs more. So she asks for it, quite directly; guiding Niylah’s hand to her breast. But her need for inner peace is so strong that she has no time to wait for Niylah to move past her hesitancy and initiate things. And so, Clarke goes for it. She takes what she needs, and keeps taking, controlling the whole situation. Niylah goes along with it, because this is something she wants too, but the scene is never about her. Clarke is focused solely on what she needs here, and we, the audience, do the same. Everything is hot and fast and frantic because that’s how Clarke is feeling. We are even shown a brief moment where Clarke seems to almost panic when things slow down for the shortest moment.

She reaches up for Niylah, but not because she is connecting with her. It’s because Niylah is her way to forget. Clarke uses Niylah for her own needs. That’s the selfishness I’m talking about.

And then we have the scene in bed with Lexa. Which is the complete opposite. Even before that scene, we see how different Clarke acts when compared to her actions with Niylah. Right after sitting Lexa on the bed, Clarke pauses.

She stops, searches Lexa’s eyes, gives her a little nod. She is asking a silent question here, she is making sure that Lexa wants this as well. This isn’t about taking, like it was with Niylah. It’s about sharing and connecting and giving. Then they fall into bed, the screen fades to black, and what is the first thing we see immediately after that?

We see her taking care of Lexa. She is gently tracing her tattoos, first on her arm then on her back. She never stops caressing her, she smiles at that cute, relaxed “Shhh…”. Happy about Lexa’s happiness. There is also a sort of protectiveness she seems to have towards Lexa. She lies behind Lexa, spooning her. Lets Lexa rest, contented with just these innocent touches. It’s very likely that she was the one who told Lexa that it was okay to turn around and rest after they made love. She clearly enjoys making sure that Lexa feels safe and cared for. This is her main concern in this scene: Lexa’s needs, not her own. Hence the altruism part.

Also Clarke doesn’t stop at just caressing Lexa’s skin and connecting with her physically. She asks questions about the tattoos, about Lexa’s history. She is curious, wants to know more about Lexa. She doesn’t want just Lexa’s body, she wants Lexa in her entirety. She wants her body and her soul and her secrets and her history. But also, she respects Lexa’s wishes. In that moment, Lexa wishes not to talk about the story behind her back tattoo. And despite her curiosity, Clarke doesn’t push or show signs of disappointment. 

She obviously noticed that Lexa grew sadder after they mentioned the Conclave, so she offers Lexa a distraction from that pain. Contrary to the scene with Niylah, this time Clarke is the one offering comfort, not taking it. And the comfort here doesn’t consist in Lexa using Clarke to forget her sadness: the comfort comes from sharing the love they feel for each other. It’s about making things better simply by being together.

So, to sum up, Clarke and Niylah was all about “I”, Clarke and Lexa is all about “We”.


“Mr. Reese, you are the inexcusably careless with your safety and I have had enough of this. If you don’t stop your reckless attitude, I …” Harold is talking on a tangent, irritated beyond his tolerance limit.

All because John has not been careful enough, as per his express instructions.

“I love you,” John whispers, unable to contain the words any longer.

Harold’s voice freezes, and there is only the sound of breathing from the other end for a few moments. Then there is an exasperated huff followed by,

“So do I,” it sounds like Harold is annoyed with himself for the sentiment. “Although you can’t expect to get out of problematic situations by saying that every time, Mr.Reese.”

“I will stop doing it when it stops working,” John grins.

I JUST SAW FANTASTIC BEASTS AND WHERE TO FIND THEM AND IT WAS AMAZING. Newt Scamander was such a sweetheart– I loved how he’d tear up over things sometimes. Like he’d have him self a good moment because it’s okay to cry because he loves his creatures and he loves his friends so much but then he’d get down to business BECAUSE HE LOVES HIS CREATURES AND HE LOVES HIS FRIENDS SO MUCH AND MUST PROTECT THEM. Of course, he reminded me of Matthew. Both sweet, sensitive men who are not afraid to have a heart and cry and then get the job done. 

Okay but when Yuri and Victor must have practiced for that pair skating, I’m sure Victor kept purposefully flubbing it at the most intimate moments so that they’d have to keep doing it over and over again. And Yuri totally noticed…but was loving it too much to call him out on it (he’d have done the same if he hadn’t been embarrassed to look bad in front of Victor). 

Okay, can I just talk about Jack for a moment? Because honestly, she means so so much to me. I know there are flaws in her writing, but there’s so much about it that’s important to me.

Jack is obviously an abuse survivor. She’s been through things very few people could understand. And it’s been a full, life long thing. This is The Way The Universe Works, as far as she knows. These people have had her wince she was an infant. She doesn’t know anything different.

She’s been through so much. And she’s angry. She’s unbelievably angry. And she’s allowed to be. She’s allowed to be loud and angry and dysfunctional. And you’re actually able to acknowledge that, and be kind to her through it. You’re allowed to give her space, to let her know you’ll respect her boundaries, to be understanding and help her deal in whatever way she asks for.

And yeah, some of the characters make negative comments about her being angry, but it’s ultimately respected. And she gets a recovery arc. She gets to learn to trust a little bit, gets to make decisions to do good things with her life.

She gets to work with kids. She gets to work with kids that are like her. She gets to protect them from people who would use them or push them too hard. She gets to teach them the best ways to protect themselves, how to work as a team and care for each other. She gets to do good, do things she really cares about.

And in all that, she still gets to be herself. She still gets to be angry and aggressive, and standoffish. It’s not some “oh! She’s all better now!” recovery arc. She gets to still be angry and very much Not Normal, and it’s okay. She learns how to cope, learns how to channel her rage towards things, learns how to let people in. She learns how to cope and function in this world, while not just suddenly being no longer mentally ill, or suddenly showing no symptoms.

She gets to be a “bad” survivor, and it’s not demonized by the narrative. Honestly, she changed me. She helped me. She’s so so important and good, and she means so much to me.

I could ramble for hours, but I just love Jack so much.

just acting, right?

pairing: lin x reader

prompt: au !highschool where you get cast as sandy and lin gets cast as danny and you guys have to kiss lol cooties

warnings: lots of fluff, i don’t think i swore ??

words: 2,269

a/n: !!! i love drama kids so much and i’m sorry if this like offends any of you!! i really hope you like this one bc i’m super very really extra proud of this and idek why but okay i love u all pls lemme know what you think ok goodnight xo

You and Maria were standing up against you locker. Maria was telling you about some new jeans she had bought and you were “listening.” Honestly, you were just looking at him. Not creepily - just, you know. It was Lin

Lin was talking to his friend Anthony, eyes flashing towards you every few moments. You blushed when your eyes made contact, looking down to your feet. 

“Are you listening to me?” Maria sighed, her words drenched in sarcasm.  

You scrambled for an excuse but sighed, “’M sorry. I just -”

“Hey, Y/N,” Lin said, interrupting you with easy grace. 

You took a breath, Maria quickly filling your void, “Hey, Lin. Are you auditioning for the play?" 

Lin smiled, nodding, "How about you?”

Maria put a sweet grin on her face, “Yeah. Y/N is going out for Sandy,” she put her hand to her mouth like she was telling a secret, “But she’ll deny it if you ask." 

Lin laughed when you scoffed, "I’m sure you’ll get it, what about you Maria? Rizzo?”

“You you suggesting something, Mr. Miranda?” She teased easily. 

Lin laughed and put his hands up in surrender, “I’ll see you ladies in there,” his eyes were bright, “Bye, Y/N.”

You forced a smile, groaning as he walked away. 

“I’m such an idiot,” you sighed, banging your head on the locker next to yours.  

“You’re not an idiot,” Maria said, pulling your shoulder back, “You just need a little more confidence around him.”

“And how does that happen?”

Maria giggled, “I don’t know! He’s a senior. In drama. It’s not like he’s that intimidating.”

“He’s popular,” you shrugged, slamming your locker and started walking to homeroom. 

“See you for auditions!” Maria winked, tossing some hair over her shoulder before walking the other way. 

What the hell did you get yourself into?

Auditions came quicker than you expected, and casting even sooner. So when Maria came over, eyes bright and smile big, you almost didn’t comprehend what she was saying. 

“You got Sandy!”

Well, you understood that. What you missed was, “And Lin is Danny!”

You felt comfortable, excited even. Maybe a little guilty towards the few senior girls who didn’t get the lead. And here you were as a junior playing Sandy. Still, that guilt faded when Lin gave you a hug on the first day of rehearsals, telling you how proud he was of you. 

The first day of practice was just a script run through. You hadn’t seen Grease in a while, so it was a much needed refresher. 

However, you reached some of the last few pages, and you saw the words: 

They kiss.

Then a few lines down?

Danny kisses Sandy more passionately.

You coughed awkwardly, blushing when Lin shot you a sheepish smile. In place of it for now, Lin blew you a kiss from three seats down. 

You let out an airy laugh, embarrassed a little. You should be happy about this, right? You crush is going to kiss you - twice. You should be happy. You are happy. Right?

Rehearsals continued for about a month before Alex came up at the end of a Friday. 

“Hey, Y/N, can you hold up a minute after?" 

"Ugh, yeah,” you said, putting your bag down. You wrapped a gray sweater around your body. 

“Hey,” a voice said, making you jump. Lin.

“Sorry,” he said, scratching the back of his neck, “I didn’t mean to startle you.”

“No it’s, it’s fine.” At the sight of him, a smile rose on your face without permission. 

Lin opened his mouth to say something more, taking a step closer to you when he was interrupted. 

“Good, both of you are here.” Alex said, clasping his hands together, “So, I want to run the kiss on Tuesday, okay?”

You and Lin exchanged a look, both of your cheeks tinted pink. 

Lin raised his eyebrows at you, as if asking for permission. 

“Sure,” you said as confidently as possible. Still, you’re nearly positive your voice broke.

Monday night, Maria came over. She had gotten Rizzo and told her mom she was “running lines” wth you. In reality, she was trying to calm your anxiety. 

“Maria, I’ve never kissed a guy - what am I going to do? What if I’m a bad kisser? What if my breath smells bad? What if he never wants to kiss me again? Oh my gosh. I’m gonna kiss Lin - oh shit. Oh my gosh. I can’t kiss Lin! I - ”

“Y/N! Stop! You need to chill out. You’re making a track.”

You looked down to see where you were pacing, and sure enough, you had created a flat in the carpet. You sighed and flopped down on the bed. 

“What am I going to do?”

Maria looked to you on her side, “Didn’t you kiss that guy Jack? Just do the same thing!”

You let out an exasperated sigh, “We were like, eleven. It doesn’t count.”

Maria shrugged, “You’re gonna be fine. You just have to chill out.”

Tuesday morning rolled around and you were a zombie through all of your classes. Maria was a little nervous, but she was nothing compared to you. You were constantly replaying all the times you had run this scene and Lin would dip you and Eskimo kiss you or raspberry your cheek and just make you laugh. And now the thought of being near him made you as sick as it did a month ago at your locker.

Lin came up to you before rehearsal, biting his lips and practically bouncing.

“You sure you’re okay with this? I can talk to Alex and see if -”

“Yeah, it’s totally cool.” No, I’m a mess, you thought. “It’s just acting, right?” Wrong, I’ve had a crush on your for three years, you thought.

Something flashed across Lin’s face at that, but it was gone before you could recognize it.

“Cool,” he nodded before skidding away.

The kiss wasn’t until the very end of rehearsal, and for a moment, you thought he was going to postpone it until tomorrow. You checked your watch: 4:09. Practice ended at 4:30, so all you had to do was stall for -

“Y/N! We’re gonna run the kiss scene dry first, okay?” Alex called over. You sighed but nodded feebly. 

Lin was still bouncy, a little smirk on his lip though. 

“Start at the beginning of Act II, scene four, okay?” Alex said, but words were mushed together at this point. Lin was looking at you with bright eyes. Still, you couldn’t avoid the snickers you heard from the senior girls across the room, watching you with beady eyes.

You felt Lin - well, Danny - put his arm around you, signally your cue.

Is this okay?” You tried to sound innocent, like Sandy would.

You dialogue continued for a few more lines.

I should’ve given this to you a long time ago,” Lin said.

Now, you thought. Lin took in a small breath and everything was suddenly in slow motion. His gaze flashed to your lips then back up to your eyes. You flushed your eyes shut, leaning ever so slightly to feel his lips graze yours. You could feel his smile ever so lightly on your mouth, pulling him closer by the back of his neck. It was short and sweet, how the script directed. 

Danny fixes himself before saying, “I really like you Sandy.” Then, with more confidence this time, his lips found yours again. His lips moved like a melody over your own harmony. His hands were on your waist, pulling you closer to him in the prop car. You savored the kiss for a second longer before pulling away.

Take it easy, Danny! What are you trying to -” you paused when you heard the giggles of the girls in the black box, your cheeks immediately flushing red. Lin took notice of this, picking up where you had left off.

What’s the matter?” You couldn’t tell if it was Danny asking or Lin, so you rolled with the script despite the break in your heart. 

Why would he ever like you? He’s a senior. A popular senior. Lin wants a girl like them - popular, pretty, good at acting. Not you. Besides, it’s not like this was anything more than acting. 

So that night, before you left, when Lin asked if everything was alright?

You ignored him.

You only ran the kiss once more before the show during dress rehearsals. Lin was calm and collected through the entire thing, while you nearly got sick every time someone mentioned the show at all. 

The girls had gotten worse. You could feel their glare during every scene you had onstage. Still, you tried to block it out. One more week, and then this is all over.

It was around seven o’clock the day before opening night, and you were the last one in the theater. You were walking yourself through some choreography that you already knew by heart - you practically did it in your sleep. Humming along to the songs, you marked your dance. 

A crash made you stop. Turning to see who was there, Lin emerged slyly, a pint tint on his cheeks. 

“Hey,” he started. You offered a small wave but went back to marking your choreography.

“Hey,” Lin said again, this time grabbing your arm gently to stop your movements. 

“I’m practicing,” you tried.

“You’ve been practicing for two and a half months. You need to sleep now,” he tried.

You sighed, but nodded and started to pack your bag up.

Walking out of the theater, Lin ran to catch up to you. You were impatient, angry that you let your feelings get in the way and now you couldn’t focus and you were probably going to mess up the show and -

“Y/N?” Lin interrupted your thoughts, worry etched across his face.

You shook your head but started to walk away. Seamlessly, he grabbed your hand and pulled you back to him. You gasped when his hand went from his side to your cheek to push some hair behind your ear. 

His eyes flashed to your lips, the same way they did over a month ago on that Friday. You shut your eyes when you felt him close the distance, his soft lips gracing easily over yours, burning like a flame before sharply pulling away. You pointed at him, frustrated.

“Y/N, I -” you held up a hand.

“Just,” you paused, “Ugh!” 

You speed walked back to your car, not even turning on your lights as you skidded out of the parking lot. 

Opening night. 

It was going perfectly. You were beyond excited and even made small talk with a few of the senior girls. Lin tried to talk to you twice, but you would make up lame excuses as to why you had to go; each time leaving Lin sulking.

You had made it halfway through Act II, everything going off without a hitch, when it happened.

It was (obviously) the kiss scene, and Lin was an amazing performer. His lines were sharp and crisp, his attitude perfected, and his everything. He was ridiculously talented, and no one could take that away from him. So when he screwed up a line, you were not expecting it.

The first kiss was sweet, simple. And then it happened.

I really like you, Y/N,” he said, kissing you before he realized what he said. His lips touched yours with the same passion he was directed to but this time with a fire so bright it could burn. This kiss was different; it didn’t feel staged. You pulled away breathless, almost forgetting your line.

Take it easy, Danny! What are you trying to do?” You played, snapping him back into reality. Some of your lipstick had gotten on his mouth. You bit back a smile.

Your heart soared for another five minutes before you caught a senior glaring at you again. Annoyed, you fixed your lipstick and changed into your next costume.

The rest of the play continued, smooth sailing until the final bow. 

Lin held your hand tightly, squeezing before giving leading you forward for one more bow. 

You practically sprinted out of the theater, makeup half off and a pair of sweats thrown on with a teeshirt. You had nearly made it out of the school when he called out.

“Y/N, wait!” He was dressed similarly to you, wearing the Grease shirt you had gotten. 

You turned on your heel to face him, brushing a stray curl off your forehead. 

“You did really well out there,” he smiled.

“Thanks, you too.” You said as you pushed down any feelings you had for him, even ignoring his ‘I really like you, Y/N,’ slip. “See you tomorrow,” you tried, starting to leave.

“Wait!” Lin said, grabbing your hand like he had done just a day before.

“Lin,” you huffed, “I don’t know what you want me to tell you!”

“Tell me you felt something too,” he said immediately. “Tell me that, that - that wasn’t acting. That couldn’t be just acting, right?”

You took in a sharp breath, “But all the girls -”

“Y/N,” Lin laughed. His eyes were wide. He wet his lips before continuing, “You’re the only one I like.”

Your head shot up, “Wait, you like me?”

He took a step forward, a giggle bubbling out of him, “I’ve been flirting with your for months, but thanks for noticing.”

Your surprise was short lived when he took another step forward, lifting your chin with his finger before pressing his lips to yours. 

I’m just so happy, guys. I’m so so happy. I’m alive at this moment, to witness this, to become part of it, to experience it. I’m so glad. So so happy. All these years, and it’s been one of the happiest moment in my life. I’m so happy. Dear gods, dear universe, thank you. Thank you. Thank you so much, the creators, all of you awesome people who make these happen. Thank you. Thank you.

Yuri!!! on Ice saves my life. Literally.

Everything’s gonna be okay. Love wins.

Okay so season 2

So I loved season 2 a lot. Like it had a lot of good things like KEITH BEING HALF GARLA and MATT BEING ALIVE but then some other things happened that got me super salty so I’m just gonna list then
1. Lowkey KeithxAllura moments…like I’m sorry but no. I get it if you ship it or whatever but it’s not something I like very much. For reasons that I more ship Allura and Shiro if anything. Also I don’t want this new Voltron being like the old version. I want it to be something new and from what it looks like it’s kinda going that way but hopefully season 3 will fix that
2. Lance had hardly any screen time it felt like and I love him and I just want to see him more :(
3. Shiro might be dead or gone?! Like wtf noooo bitch back off. I swear if Keith become the black paladin I’m going to explode. I also don’t want my fucking space dad to die
That’s pretty much all my thoughts on what I hate tbh. Everything else was gr8