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How to tell the difference...

Cultural Appreciation VS Yellow Fever

So, I’m a pure-blooded Chinese. I’ve dealt with ‘Yellow Fever’ since I set foot in the western society. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for sharing my cultures to those who show interest, but a shitton of people like to guise their blatant asian fetishization under “I just love your culture!!”.

So here is a quick guide from an asian person to tell you the difference between loving and respecting our culture, and being an asian fetishist.

Note: Everything illustrated below are real-life encounters.

1) We’re not your language guinea pig (unless we agree to it).

This is almost a daily occurrence to me, people shouting random phrases in some sort of east asian dialect and expecting me to be impressed.

First off: The fact that you’re directly assuming I’m from a certain country or that I can speak that certain language just because I’m asian is problematic. You’re basing all your assumptions on the fact that I’m asian, and more times than not, this is just gonna backfire in your face.

Although this isn’t inherently harmful, it’s just an awful first impression overall.

If you were to get to know me as a person a little better first (following the normal steps of how to introduce yourself - name… age… hobbies… etc) then ask me about my cultural origin because you’re curious, that’s fine. 

Don’t go into a conversation/friendship with the intent of using that person to better your own understanding of the culture/language. We KNOW when you’re doing that. It’s just disrespectful. But if you get to know us as a person first, then ASK us if we could help you every now and then with understanding our culture, most of the time we’re gonna be okay with it. 

2) “I’m more asian than you”

This is a problematic phrase in itself.

You’re not “more asian” than me just because you’re remotely better at several aspects of life that are considered stereotypically “asian”.

If you’re doing these things just to be “more asian” - then you’re just a stereotyping, ignorant person. If you are not asian - you are not asian. End of. You can still learn about asian culture and appreciate it as who you are.

You can’t say “Gosh I wish I was asian” when all you know about asian people are its ‘exotic stereotypes’, and turn a blind eye to the less interesting aspects of asian like racism, corrupt politics, and history.

3) Fetishization VS Preference

It’s not as complicated as people make it out to be.

See examples below:

Left: You’re a racist who likes stereotyping all asian women as dainty and submissive and as faultless as your anime waifus and you are not afraid of achieving that by putting women of ethnicities down with negative stereotypes.

Right: You recognize that people of all ethnicities are different and beautiful in their own, individual way and although the person may not be to your taste, you do not blame that on their ethnic appearance.

Left: You’re trying to impress me by saying you’re an elitist who only date asian people but in honesty you’re just fetishizing us and sees us as ‘golden trophies’ rather than people. By explicitly stating you’re ONLY interested in asian people, you’re honestly just saying you’re a shallow racist asshole.

Right: You recognize that you have a preference, but know that it’s just a perk rather than a rule that dictates your ultimate decision to get to know me better as a person. The perk doesn’t affect your opinion of me either way.

In conclusion: I am all for internationalism and cultural appreciation. But fetishizing is not a form of appreciation. It’s a form of disrespect, stereotype, and ignorance.

If you really want to learn about our culture, start off by listening to us. Get to know about us as a person, and how our culture has affected us as a person. Do your own research, ask questions with an open mind and think of us as a friend of yours who’s asian.

Not your “Asian Friend”.

The silence that filled the room was a sort of strange, heavy deafening silence that threatened to break both of them. Raven stood there, feeling the echo of her angry accusations seemingly dissipate through his own words. She licked her lips and lifted her eyes to his own, breathing heavily through her nose. Her fingers trembled just a little and she clenched them next to her side, hoping he wouldn’t see the sudden rush of emotions inside her. 

“W-what did you say?” Her voice skipped a little, but they both failed to notice it. Raven shook her head and took another, slow breath. “You…”

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oops self indulgence Overwatch art ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

Sorry I just I really love Soldier 76 so much ughhhh (灬º 艸º灬) ♡ ♡ ♡

 and ORIGINALLY there’s no background art for this but i got so carried away and was listening to this track and welp i felt like doing a rly nice bg >//3//> (also random shenanigans in the bg too :)))) ) hope y’all don’t mind the self-insert stuff |・x・`)

they label him “wolf dog” 

they call him cruel and heartless

wang so hesitated when he stood opposite his own blood, sword in hand

the realisation that he killed his brother destroyed him

if it was the other way around, would yo have done the same thing?

they label him “wolf dog”

they say he shows no mercy

but the truth is his heart is gentle and fragile

the truth is he cares too much than he lets on

the truth is he has always been human more than anyone else

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Fics where Harry is head over heals over Louis

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I will forever love One Direction.

I just noticed guise. We all are busing with 5SOS that we don’t notice the boys.. I know like probably half this fandom joined the 5SOS Fam. I’m not gonna criticize you for doing that. I’m just saying. Never forget the boys. Never forget the boys who made you happy. The boys who made you smile. The boys who made who you are today. Don’t forget that 75% of you didn’t know who 5SOS was until the boys brought them up. I know that some of you picked 5SOS over the boys because they are more communicative with the fans. And follow you or tweet you back. The boys could do that too. But they can’t. Because we’re too many. They are busy doing concerts for YOU. Making albums for YOU. Making merchandise and perfumes for YOU. They can’t follow or tweet or chat or talk to you because they don’t have time. And we have to respect that. I noticed some people are saying 5SOS is better than 1D because they communicate with fans more than 1D. One Direction has become more popular than they were in 2010. So they can’t just can’t tweet you, or follow you, or chat or talk to you without causing a mob. I know some of you also left due to their choices. Yeah they may do things they regret like, smoking or doing drugs etc. But real fans know why they are doing this. And if you don’t get it or understand. Then your new to the fandom. I will love One Direction no matter what. I hope you will too.