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Hi! I saw the Tony Stark being the unofficial Villains’ Favourite™ post by tonystarktogo and your additions to it, and it was wonderful! It got me thinking. What if Tony is the favorite of other superheroes too, like not Avengers-superheroes. Like Clark Kent meets Tony at some gala he's reporting on and sees him being super charming and sweet to little kids (charity ball for some children's fund! STEM is for girls or something) and just falls so hard! Like...Lois! Lois, we need to have a 3some!

pt 2 L: okay? with who? C: Tony Stark! He’s so cute and small! L: Yes, let’s do it! So they woo him & have awesome threesome sex & when bias reporter talk about Tony from then on, they get eviscerated by Lois or Clark in a in depth report on corruption in journalism or something. Just Tony interacting with DC superheroes (from the tv shows only, besides the WW movie) & they all love him! Like put Barry Allen, Kara Danvers, & Tony in a room together to nerd out & everyone would melt from adorable

Okay but consider this: This is the ask that killed me because IT’S TOO PRECIOUS CLARK AND LOIS WOULD TAKE SUCH GOOD CARE OF HIM and then of course Clark wants to introduce him to Bruce but Tony already knows Bruce. “Is your city still basically film noir????” “How’s your monument to your penis after the Battle of New York????” Lois and Clark think they don’t like each other but they actually do they just show it by ribbing each other.


Superman: And this is Batman.


Tony: No, honey, you’re wrong.

Batman: *sweats*

Superman: ???

Tony: He’s The Batman! :D

Superman: Haha you’re so clever honey. The Batman, are you okay?


Tony: I know it’s you Bruce.

Batman: I fucking knew it.

(Bonus Bonus: Diana loves him. She sees the video of him taking the nuke through the wormhole and sees a lot of Steve in him.

Also one time they were walking and they saw a baby dressed in a little Wonder Woman onesie and they both punched Clark to get his attention and shouted, “Look at the baby!” and Clark sends Lois a snapchat like “I was just in a punching sandwich and they don’t even care” and it’s a video of Tony and Diana cooing over this adorable baby.)

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hi! my name’s shannon & someone clearly needs to stop me w this snap filter

anyway i’ve been looking to follow some new blogs recently, having mutuals is always a good time so if you’re down to clown u can reblog or like this or message me or follow me idk. i mostly blog about ~~~

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so yea like lyrics mainly or band pics, graphics, merch all that jazz
// other stuff you will for sure see on my blog:

art! paintings! drawings! tattoos! i love it all! show me all of the art!

space. idk man i like stars,, i fuck with nasa

jokes. dumb memes. comics. tweets. puns. let’s hear all of the shitposts

lowkey just cool photography, film, nature, the sky, mountains.. i’m a big sunset gal..,even just ordinary things shot well are much appreciated

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quotes, poetry, nice meaningful words!

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but ya send me a message if u want to talk or if u want me to take a look at ur blog or just say hi! love u all

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Hey! Just found your W2H short film on YouTube and absolutely loved it! I read you are working on a second one which is awesome, but my question is: have you worked on other projects since then that we can see or are you working in a studio now with other film makers?

Ooh!  A question besides “when will you make more”!!  Exciting!

Okay so!  In the last couple years I’ve mostly done freelance animation, with a small dosage of studio work.

A lot of the freelance I’ve done is stuff I can’t really post… maybe it was an intro sequence for someone’s cartoon pitch, or a music video that hasn’t been uploaded yet, stuff like that.  As for the stuff that IS out there:

Ghost Satellite - this is the youtube channel of a studio/collective me and my friends ran.  Most of the time we would stream animation on twitch and compile weekly animations called “ghost animate”s based around a certain topic or theme.  We’ve done a couple of W2H-themed animations as well.

  We also did some commercial work which wasn’t on the channel, so here are some of those:

  • 6969 - Music video for Ninja Sex Party.
  • How He Does It - cartoon for NSP’s live show
  • How We Met -  another cartoon for NSP’s current 2017 tour, JUST finished it.  Not technically Ghost Satellite but a lot of the same people.
    (we do a lot of stuff with NSP haha)
  • Smosh Animated - it’s the first 2 results.

I’ve also worked on a show called Greatest Party Story Ever for MTV (imdb has a list of what episodes I worked on, but I put a couple of clips in my REEL).

And I’ve worked on an upcoming pilot for Adult Swim called Chuck Deuce.  (I’ll probably post more about that on my personal blog when it comes out!)

AND!  For just a random assortment of junk I use in a portfolio, you can check out erica-wester.com

But as for like… personal projects?  There’s something on my website I refer to as “gayliens” which I’d like to do eventually, but the next thing I have slated is W2H2!  Hope that answers your questions!

Line’s Star Chat Event with G-Dragon (130916) G-Dragon’s phone call with Seungri:

GD: I’ll call Seungri next. I’m thinking if I should really do this.

Seungri: Yeobotaeyeoo (Hello with aegyo)
G-Dragon: *laughs*
Seungri: Yeobotaeyeoo
G-Dragon: Ah, I’m all of a sudden tired now.
Seungri: Oppa! It’s me~
G-Dragon: I’m suddenly tired.
Seungri: Why are you calling me now….*laughs* Oppa.
G-Dragon: I’m tired right from the beginning. What are you doing?
Seungri: Hello? Hello?
G-Dragon: What have you been doing?
Seungri: Ah, I’m filming right now.
G-Dragon: Really?
Seungri: Yes.
G-Dragon: Filming what?
Seungri: The one that I MC regularly, I’m filming that right now.
G-Dragon: Where are you?
Seungri: What? I’m in Japan!
G-Dragon: Ah, you’re in Japan?
Seungri: Yes!
G-Dragon: Ah, I didn’t know. You were in Korea just yesterday.
Seungri: They were expecting a typhoon in the morning, so I came last night.
G-Dragon: Ah, really?
Seungri: Yes.
G-Dragon: You’re really busy.
Seungri: I need to be busy. I should do my best. I must follow you. I will live well, and be a cool dongsaeng for you.
G-Dragon: *laughing* Oh thank you. You’re cool. Anyway, I’m doing what you did last time.
Seungri: Ah, LINE?
G-Dragon: Yes.
Seungri: It’s fun! Isn’t it?
G-Dragon: It is fun, but… I don’t know what to do.
Seungri: Is it difficult to do it on your own?
G-Dragon: Yes, I think so.
Seungri: No, the fans will understand.
G-Dragon: …Okay. Your words are…
Seungri: *laughs* Hyung, you’re supposed to ask questions to me.
G-Dragon: Questions? I don’t think we have questions for you here. What kind of questions should I ask Seungri? Please tell me everyone!
Seungri: Yeah, ask the fans.
G-Dragon: I will ask right now. I can chat with my fans right now. Wait a sec.
Seungri: Okay.
G-Dragon: So you’re in Japan right now. I didn’t know that.
Seungri: Yes, I’m in Japan.

G-Dragon: *reads out loud as he types* Anything that you want to know about Seungri? *reads* “What is GD to Seungri?”
Seungri: Your existence is like water to me (singing ‘I KNOW’) Jiyong~
G-Dragon: Are you tired? You’re tired, right? You’re kinda confused right now, right?
Seungri: Hyung is like water to me. To thirsty me, your existence is like water.
G-Dragon: Water? An existence like water?
Seungri: Yes. But I have to be thirsty first. *Laughs*
G-Dragon: *Laughs*
Seungri: An existence like water, when I’m thirsty.
G-Dragon: Ah.. so my existence is essential.
Seungri: Yes, essential existence.

G-Dragon: What are fans to you?
Seungri: Whaa?
G-Dragon: Fan!
Seungri: Fan? They’re like razors!
G-Dragon: What?
Seungri: Razors, razors.
G-Dragon: Razors? Why?
Seungri: Because I have to shave every morning.
G-Dragon: What are you talking about?
Seungri: *Laughs*
G-Dragon: What do you mean?
Seungri: What I mean is, without the fans, I cannot be pretty.
G-Dragon: *sighs* You’re great. Great.

Seungri: Hyung, are you actually filming right now? How come it’s so quiet?
G-Dragon: It’s quiet for me. Maybe I’m not funny enough? I’m doing it at the gallery right now, a lot of people are watching me. Really quietly. So I’m really… yeah. Anyway, right now, Soobin (a fan) said, “I really love you, don’t be sick and return to Korea in good health!”
Seungri: Soobinshi, thank you. Soobinshi, thank you.
G-Dragon: *Laughs*
Seungri: Hyung, have you called other members?
G-Dragon: Other than you, I just called Taeyang.
Seungri: You didn’t call TOP?
G-Dragon: TOP hyung is in the middle of filming his movie right now.
Seungri: I see, he’s busy.
G-Dragon: Yes. Anyway, bye.
Seungri: Hyung, you don’t need me anymore? You can make use of me more!
G-Dragon: Okay, then say something that you want to say.
Seungri: G-Dragon daebak! Coup d’etat daebak! *sings Coup d’etat* This is my coup d’etat. The song is starting, the song is ending. #%$^$#%!
G-Dragon: *cannot stop laughing* You..
Seungri: Hyung.
G-Dragon: yes?
Seungri: I sound like you, right?
G-Dragon: Yes, you do. Coup d’etat…
Seungri: *sings ‘CROOKED’* Tonight, I’m crooked.
G-Dragon: Play an acronym game with Coup d’etat.
Seungri: Coup d’etat.
G-Dragon: Coup!
Seungri: Coup d’etat… What does it mean?
G-Dragon: D’e!
Seungri: Ah What does it really mean!!!
G-Dragon: Tat.
Seungri: …… Tatata tatatata ta *singing love box*
G-Dragon: *laughts* Are you drunk? You sound drunk.
Seungri: *laughs*
G-Dragon: Anyway, thank you so much Seungri. I don’t think we can’t do it anymore because you seem drunk.
Seungri: No, I’m not drunk.
G-Dragon: Anyway, the fans are saying thank you. I’m very thankful too.
Seungri: Hyung, wrap the program up nicely!
G-Dragon: Okay, I will. I will do well.
Seungri: *laughs*
G-Dragon: Seungriya?
Seungri: Hyung.
G-Dragon: Your laugh is really prodigal right now.
Seungri: Bahahaha
G-Dragon: Don’t force yourself to laugh.
Seungri: Hyung, I’m sorry that I couldn’t be funny today.
G-Dragon: No, you were really funny. And also, the fans really want to see selca. I will eventually take selcas… But the fans here are saying, “Can you take a selca and a funny selca like Seungri did last time?” What does this mean? Did you do this last time?
Seungri: Yes, last time, I uploaded a selca and a funny picture of me on the LINE chat room.
G-Dragon: Ahh, then I’ll do that.
Seungri: Yes, you can just upload them.
G-Dragon: Okay.
Seungri: Hyung, lastly, I will do an acronym game with Kwon Jiyong.
G-Dragon: An acronym game with Kwon Jiyong? Ah… Kwon.
Seungri: Kwon..Jiyong?
G-Dragon: Ji.
Seungri: Jiyongah
G-Dragon: … *hangs up*

G-Dragon: I just hung up. I will listen to his “yong” later, and if I find it funny, I will tell you guys later. Anyway, thank you Seungri. It’s been an hour already! At first I was nervous thinking how I’m going to spend an hour. *phone vibrates* Ah Seungri is keep calling me. *puts the phone down* Anyway, yes, I got to hear some members’ voices, and chat with my fans. It was a really fun time. And also, if I get a chance, I want to do something like this again. It’s fun.

YouTube!Percico Headcanons

So I made a post earlier this week asking if 30+ was too many and no one had a problem with it… I’m going to be posting these all weekend. 

  • Percy Jackson is a very popular life vlogger who does funny challenges and vlogs his life.
  • Nico never heard of Percy Jackson, so he didn’t recognize the 20-year-old when he walked in a coffee shop. They started talking and just couldn’t stop.
  • Nico thought Percy was funny and adorable, Percy felt the same. One thing led to another and Nico asked Percy out on a date.
  • Communicating through texts and a few calls for the next week, Nico finally found out what Percy did for his job. He stayed up all night binge-watching Percy’s videos.
  • Percy Jackson (only coming out as bisexual two months before) didn’t mention Nico in his videos until the night of their date. He was sitting in his car with the most content expression on his face.
  • “Okay guys, I’m closing out this blog for tonight. *Sigh* I just had a great time with someone I think is going to become very special to me very quickly.”
  • When Nico saw that video later that night he felt like he was floating.
  • It didn’t take long for Percy to ask Nico to film a “Boyfriend Tag” with him. After interacting a lot on Twitter and a few pictures on Instagram, his fans caught on very quickly and demanded to meet the new cutie.
  • Percy’s fans loved Nico. #Percico was trending faster than either of them thought possible.
  • Nico appeared in Percy’s vlogs almost every day for weeks. They loved spending time together and making videos was Percy’s job so they had no problem combining the two. The fans were in shipping heaven.

Anon asked: Hiiiii! can you write a destiel prompt based on that video where a husband wakes up from surgery and doesn’t know his wife and starts hitting on her? its so fluffy. maybe dean is getting out of a surgery and just doesn’t remember anything? please and thank you very much!

“I am not going to film my husband waking up from his anesthesia for your amusement, Gabriel,” Castiel said, watching the doors the nurse said that they would be bringing Dean through.

“Come on, Cassie!” His brother whined. “This is a once in a life time opportunity! Imagine all stuff you could get him say! I’m begging you. I’ll pay you!”

“I said no, Gabe.” The doors swung open and Castiel stood up. “I have to go.”

“Just ask him if he was serious about castrating me if I hit on Sam!” Castiel ended the call and followed the nurses down the hall to what would be Dean’s room.

“He’ll probably be out for a while. Just hit the call button when he wake up. Try to get him to eat something before we bring the medication.” Castiel nodded and thanked the nurse before sitting down next to Dean’s bed.

He spent the next hour checking and responding to him emails and doing some reading until Dean moaned softly.

“Hey,” He said, standing up and walking over to the bed. The nurse had left a small pack of ghram crackers on the tray, which Castiel opened up. “Here, you need to eat this.”

“It hurts,” Dean whined, not opening his eyes.

“I’ll call for the doctor in a second. But you need to eat this first.” Dean pouted and opened his eyes to see what he was supposed to be eating. They widened when they saw Castiel, then his face settled into an easy grin.

“Hello, nurse,” He said. “Is it time for my check up?”

Castiel tried not to laugh at him as he shook his head. “Eat the cookie, Dean.”

“Seriously, you can’t be a nurse. No nurse I’ve ever seen is that hot. Are you a model?”

“No,” Castiel said, gently guiding Dean’s arm toward his mouth so that he’d take the hint. Dean took a bite out of the ghram cracker, his eyes never leaving Castiel.

“If you’re not a nurse, why are you here? I didn’t know Make a Wish stretched to small time surgeries, too. Why else would there be such a gorgeous guy in my room.”

“I’m your husband, Dean. Where else would I be?” Dean gawked at him.

“You’re my husband? Really?”

“Really.” Dean’s face lit up like a small child on Christmas morning.

“No way,” He said, taking another bite of the cookie. “How long?”

“We’ve been together for ten years. Married for three,” Castiel informed him.

“Do we have kids?” Dean asked after he swallowed the cookie.

“No. But we have a dog.”

“You’re just so hot,” Dean said, staring at him. “Are we really married?”

“Yes, Dean. Here, eat another cracker.” Dean reached for it and winced.

“It hurts, baby,” Dean said, pouting again. “Do I call you that?”

“You call your car baby. You call me angel.”

“Angel,” Dean repeated. Castiel’s phone rang and he turned to get it. “Well, that ass is a gift from God so I guess it’s only fitting.”

Castiel gave him a look and answered the phone.

“Hey Sam…Yes, everything went well, he’s just a little out of it at the moment.” Castiel moved back across the room and pressed the call button then ran his fingers through Dean’s hair. “Tell Gabriel that I did not film him in his moment of weakness…I’ll have him call when he’s not so loopy…You, too.”

He hung up the phone and looked at Dean. “The doctor will be here soon with your medication. Are you feeling okay?”

“Uh huh,” Dean nodded, looking at him with big, love filled eyes.

“What are you looking at?” Castiel asked, smiling a little.

“I’m just trying to figure out how I got so lucky.”

“Your good looks had a lot to do with it,” Castiel teased. The doctor came in before Dean could respond.

“Hello, Mr. Winchester,” He said, looking at Dean’s file. “How are you feeling?”

“Pretty good,” Dean said, smiling at Castiel. “I’ve had an angel looking after me.”

Everyone’s on twitter. Idjit.

Pairing : Past!JaredxReader, Jensen
Word count : 1,710
Author :Mel
A/N : More parts for @bigdaddymongoose.

Part 13 of ‘My son, Bringer of Storms.’

The first few days of Jared not seeing you at work, he accepted that. He didn’t expect you to to be around him much for a while after what had happened. When it started to hit a week of him not seeing you at work, or anywhere else, he started to wonder. “Jen?”

“Yeah?” Jensen turned from the screen he was re-watching the last scene they shot on.

“Have you seen Y/N?”

Jensen thought for a second. “No, haven’t heard from her since River’s birthday. Why? You haven’t either?”

Jared shook his head. “Not since…”

“Since Gen took you back?” Jared nodded. Jensen knew everything that happened. “I’m sure she’s around. Probably just keeping some distance for a bit. Give her time.”

“Yeah..” Jared nodded. “Yeah, maybe we just need time..” He scanned the area hoping to get a glimpse of you hurrying off somewhere at least.

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Could I request a Harry x reader where she is like this super famous actress and there a lot of people wanting to be with her so he's kinda nervous about being with her

I’m sorry this is a little different to what you requested but it’s kinda the same aspect. Hope you like it love! ———————————-

“Oh my…okay, yeah. Bye”
Being asked to perform at a film premiere is one thing but when it’s y/n’s film…this is just the cherry on top of the cake.

Harry had always been a big fan of y/n since she appeared on one of his favourite rom-coms. Just seeing her gorgeous hair flowing. Just seeing her eyes shining. Just seeing her pretend to be loved up gave him the image of her loving him. He thought to himself ‘that’d never happen’ but here he was. Sitting on the living room floor in complete and total shock. Then one thought popped into his mind…'what suit should I wear?’

The day had come. The premiere. He’s in the car. He hasn’t seen her yet. Was she wearing that red, lace dress? The blue, silk dress? A new premiere dress? Just as those thoughts raced through his mind, the sound of numerous men shouting y/n’s name boomed through his ears. He whipped his head around and there she was. Long (y/h/c) cascading down her shoulders in loose curls. A beautiful burgundy dress hugs her figure and his eyes trail to her lips, painted a light nude shade.

He stepped out of the car. One of those men brought him over to y/n.
“Y/n. This is Harry, he’s going to be performing.”
Her eyes dazzled with the flicker of camera bulbs.
“Nice to meet you Harry, I can’t wait to hear you perform, I’m sure you’ll be amazing.”

Star struck wasn’t the word. Harry felt glued to the spot. Like his mouth had been seen shut, but he plucks up the courage to speak, even if he did have a slight stutter.
“Honour to m-meet you y-y/n. S-such a big fan.”
He mentally gave himself a high five for that.
“I’m a big fan of you too Harry! Can’t wait for the performance, once again. I have to go, I’m sorry. I’ll see you later.”
He’s overwhelmed to say the least. He’s gobsmacked. As he goes to set up with his band that are already there, he’s still in complete shock.

Photos have been taken. The stage is set up. Y/n watches Harry perform. As they end the set, Harry’s eyes flicker over to y/n. She’s smiling, clapping, crying, cheering. She wades through the crowd of her co-stars to Harry on the stage.
“Harry, that was amazing! I loved it so much!”
He was taken back by the sudden compliment but loved it all the same, he was still so so nervous around her, he just nodded and mumbled a little “thank you”.
As she suddenly hugged him and kissed his cheek, she whispered: “Keep this. Use it later on tonight”. She handed him a piece of paper.

She walks off and he opens up the paper. Written in the most gorgeous handwriting he’s ever seen was her name and number.
It’s fair to say he definitely used it later on that night.

Just a Night In

Characters: Sebastian Stan x reader
Summary: You and your boyfriend have a night in.
Warning: None (There’s just a lot of fluff.)
Word Count: 673
A/N: I wrote this because a friend of mine loves Sebastian Stan (and so do I. lol) The idea randomly popped into my head at *guilty laugh* church on Sunday. (I wasn’t thinking about fanfiction the entire time, okay?) 
Also, HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY, BUCKY!! (Tomorrow is James Buchanan Barnes 100th birthday!) (Picture not mine.)

I unlocked the door to my penthouse. I hadn’t been home in three weeks because of all the filming, and in all honesty, I felt completely exhausted. I was starting to regret setting up a date night with Sebastian.

Dropping my duffle on the couch, I walked up the stairs to my bedroom. It was six thirty and our date was set at a restaurant at seven thirty. I had time for a shower. I opened the bathroom door connected to my room.

Somebody jumped out from next to the door way and wrapped their arms around me from behind. I yelled and jabbed my elbow into their chest.


I stopped struggling. “Seb!?”

Sebastian laughed and looked at me over my shoulder. “Surprise, y/n.”

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Chanyeol Drabble: When you two film a very cheesy movie scene together

Filming movies and shows with your boyfriend is one thing, but filming with Chanyeol is another. You two have good chemistry for starters, but that doesn’t mean the scene would be prefect in the first try. Specially the romantic ones. Imagine you are standing in a romantic place, like the roof of a building at midnight, with him. But he is not Chanyeol and you are not yourself, you are other people. Or pretending to be. If anything, it would be hard to do but also fun. How do you pretend to be someone else if you are seeing the love of your lif standing in front of you. Might pull that part well but for Chanyeol, he might be too deep into the romantic and cheesy scene, probably too much. Not that you are complaining, you don’t mind kissing him 50 times if necessary but probably the director and staff wouldn’t be that happy. Sometimes it would seem he’s doing it on purpose, just to be more time with his jagi. Because honestly, that’s the dream job; being with the one you love the most all the time. Sometimes he would laugh uncontrollably and you with him, because there are things that not even the cheesiest boy alive would do in real life, and acting them with you is probably one of the best experiences he’ll ever have.
“Say Chan, do you think the movie will go alright?”
“And why not? We’ve practiced a lot”
“I know but…”
“It’ll be okay Y/N”, he would say before going back to filming. “Because they liked us for who we are, they chose us for how our relationship is. Plus we make a good team, and I love kissing you~”

Gold Digger ~E.C.~

Summary: your bestfriend is dating a gold digger.

Requested: nope.

Note: I’m getting the rest of my imagines done and this I’m going to work on my Wattpad stories. :))

I was sitting in my friends living room while me, him and his girlfriend watch a movie. It was supposed to be just me and him but she wanted to “swing by and see how he was” as she put it. That actually meant she was going to take pictures with him and post them just for followers. His girlfriend sickened me. Sure she was pretty and had an amazing body, but her attitude was shit and her personality was next to nothing.

Me and Ethan met when we were little and he was doing some filming for Shameless, my mom was costume manager so I hung out with him and Emma a lot. Me and Ethan became closer. I’ve always had a crush on him, okay maybe I was practically in love but he’s dating Brielle

“Awe man, I forgot I have a casting to be at.” She says loudly and puts a pout on. She’s an actress and she’s been in plenty of big movies, I still think she’s stuck in her brothers shadow, but whatever.

“Awe babe you’re leaving?” Ethan says unwrapping his arm from her shoulder.

“Yea. But don’t worry, I’ll be back tomorrow and we can have the whole day to ourselves” I saw her sneak a side glance towards me but I decided to roll my eyes at the foolishness.

They kiss goodbye and she stands up to leave. She walks right past me without even acknowledging my presence.

As soon as the door slams shut I speak up.

“You know she’s only with you for fame right?”

“Y/N what the fuck? Did you accuse my girlfriend of being a gold digger?” Ethan looks completely shocked but my face hasn’t changed a bit. I walk over to the couch Ethan was on and sat next to him.

“Fine, what do y'all do when y'all are together?” I say looking in his eyes.

“Usually watch movies and mess around on snapchat.”

“When was the last time she posted a picture of you on snapchat?”

“Like 3 minutes ago”

“Ok and Instagram?”

“A few minutes after she got here” he says finally understanding. He puts his elbows on his knees and and rubs his face. All I do is rub his back.

“So what do I do? I’ve never been in this situation. Why can’t girls just like me for me? Not Carl Gallagher. It’s pissing me off.” He says extremely frustrated.

“I do.” I say quietly before I can think.

“What? You do what?” He says snapping his head up. The back rubs come to stop before I take deep breath.

“Fine. I’ll say it now. Not how pictured it but fuck it. Ethan Cutkosky I love you. I don’t give a damn about how many followers you have, I don’t give a damn what character you play in some stupid ass show. I love you. The funny kid who’s always making me laugh. The kid who’s got the biggest smile and cutest eyes. I love you. Fuck everyone else because I love you” I say now standing in front of him.

He just stares at me for a moment and I feel my heart drop after he doesn’t say anything. I look at his face and see him mouth “fuck it” before he stands up and grabs my face.

I feel our lips smashed together and moving in sync. His arms make their way down to my hips pulling me closer as I wrap my arms around his neck. The kiss is so powerful, I’m pretty sure we’re the only thing holding eachother up.

Ethan gets the same idea because he breaks the kiss and sits down on the couch pulling me with him. As soon as I’m straddled in his lap he reconnects our lips. I grab his cheeks and pull his face to mine. He pulls me even closer my wrapping his arms all the way around my back.

I begin kissing down his jaw and to his neck. I suck and nibble until I find his sweet spot under his jaw. I create a hickey and hear him groan my name. I pull back a little bit to see him. He looks at me smiling before pulling my neck towards his mouth.

I throw my hair onto my other shoulder and begin grinding my hips against Ethan as he makes love bites all over my neck.

“Fuck baby girl, you’re so sexy” He says biting on my collar bone. I giggle and rip off my tshirt and reveal my bra and diamond bra liner. He drags his thumb around the edge mesmerized my boobs. He looks back up at me with a childish smile broke kissing me again.

We both work to take the rest of our clothes off. I finish pulling down my underwear and see Ethan standing there with just his boxers.

I run down the hall to his bedroom and hear him chase me.

Before I make it to the bed he grabs me and spins me around. He pulls me by my hips and kisses me again. We slowly walk to the bed where he lays me down.

He moves his lips down to my neck and chest causing me to push my hips up trying to get friction. He pulls down his boxers and looks in my eyes. I nod letting him know I’m sure about this.

He slowly pushes into me cause us both to groan. After some time he begins moving slowly. I moan at the feeling because I’ve never had sex this great. Sure I’ve been with plenty of guys but none felt like Ethan. I could feel his passion entering me with every thrust.

I hear Ethan groaning and moaning in my ear and it’s one of the most beaautiful sounds on earth.

“Feels so good, E” I say getting closer and closer. I can tell he’s getting close too, because he’s going faster and sloppier.

“Fuck y/n I’m almost there, holy shit, clench again” I follow his orders and I cum immediately almost screaming.

I feel Ethan spurring his cum in me before he slowly pulls out and lays down next to me.

“I like you too y/n. Actually I love you. I think I always have. I would go into more detail, but I’m kinda tired from having the best sex of my life” Ethan says pulling me into his chest. I laugh a little before moving to lay on him.

“Alright, sleepyhead. Take a nap and when you wake up, we’ll have round two of the best sex of your life.” I hold him tight and hear him mumble yes please. His heavy breathing immediately puts us both to sleep.

beautifulwar11  asked:

Hey I've been obsessed with Welcome to hell for the past year or two, although I haven't actually watched the series. I've had a lot of trouble finding where to watch it and I was just wondering if you could let me know what websites I can watch it on, or what ever else it's on. Thx for reading this I love all your work.

Okay, so the bad news is it’s not a series.  It’s literally just a short film I made in college, and it’s on my youtube channel

The good news is, if you’ve watched that, you’re preeeeetty much up-to-speed!  Haha. 

You can check out my FAQ for more resources (it DOES have a fandom, and they’ve pretty well documented everything I’ve ever said about it), and scroll through my Answered Asks if you’re looking to find more info on the characters and the world. 

I am working on a continuation right now, and I’ve been using the tag #W2H2 for it.  There are also some storyboards available on my Patreon, which I’ll be updating more frequently once I’m further along in the production.

Hope that helps!

When you’re an adult fan of a child star

Okay so I’m 24 years old and I’m a really big kid at heart. I love horror films and I love Stephen King. Therefore I’m huge fan of IT (2017) and I also love Stranger Things. BUT FOR THE LOVE OF FILM, PLEASE STOP SEXUALIZING THESE KIDS. I think Finn Wolfhard is very talented, cool and I think he’s cute, he’s going to be a heartbreaker for somebody else in the future for sure. I think it’s okay to say that someone is cute/adorable/etc and to admire their talent but to be really inappropriate about it is weird AF. Then on the other side of things I see a lot of slander towards young adult fans of this movie and Stranger Things which is really odd to me. Just because they have older fans doesn’t mean the older fans want to sleep with them or anything like that. It’s also weird AF that people automatically jump to a sex related conclusion. Most of the time if I see the ST cast at a big event or in a cool photoshoot I’ll be like “they look so cute” and that doesn’t mean I want to have sex with them. That idea makes me want to gag actually. Moral of the story, everyone should calm down and stop being weirdos. PS. I’m tagging Finn because this is a a Twitter topic right now lmao

okay so in the wake of horror films full of shitty representation of disability/mental illness I figured that I ought to try and make a list of horror films that deal with disability or mental illness in a slightly less terrible way and/or are personally meaningful to me as a disabled (autistic) madwoman (if I tried to list my disorders, we’d be here a while.)

keep in mind that these are movies I’ve seen that I found meaningful, I don’t want anybody to be like “oh yes these are all Unambiguously Good” because what’s a coping mechanism for me might be a hurtful thing to someone else. that being said.

  • Lights Out (2016) - this one is kind of iffy in the sense that some mad people I know kind of hate it? also tw for suicide. so take it with a grain of salt, because I can’t tell if the director was trying to do a good thing or a bad thing so it’s somewhere in the middle and really your opinion of the film will probably be dependent on (a. your attitude towards medication (b. your attitude towards why people commit suicide. but I loved it and here’s why: visible self-harm scars on our protagonist, her mother taking her meds is an act of heroism, mental illness is unquestionably a bad thing and is part of the monster they fight, institutionalization is just something that happens to people and the patients aren’t Terrifying or Awful they’re real human beings. my depressed friend and I went to see it together and we both loved it. but again. tw for suicide.
  • The Babadook - this is one that everybody knows about but okay I’ll mention it here
  • Gaslight (1944) - manipulative men are terrible, Ingrid Bergman is hot, and she has a fucking AMAZING scene at the end of the film. This is a film adaptation of the play that originated the term “gaslighting”; as such, there is a lot of gaslighting in the play. Hard to watch but worth it imo.
  • Wait Until Dark (1967) - Audrey Hepburn plays a young blind woman named Susy who survives the final battle against her would-be murderer by destroying all the sources of light in her house so that she’ll have the upper hand (since she knows where everything is and doesn’t need to see to navigate). I saw this one once years ago so if there are bad things about it I don’t remember please don’t come after me.
  • not a horror film but I’m adding Terminator 2: Judgment Day to this list, because fuck it I’m claiming Sarah Connor for us mad girls and she kicks ASS in this movie despite clearly Not Being Okay
  • Stranger Things also has a major character who is disabled and another major character who’s mentally ill and while it’s not always the best representation for us mad girls I know of two people who have identified pretty heavily with Joyce. So I’m including this.

also I haven’t seen Hush (2016) but I’ve heard some favorable reviews - the protagonist is deaf, and she survives and defeats the man who tried to kill her. With a corkscrew.

I’ll reblog as I remember/come across more - reblog with your own recommendations!!


Jiang Wen on different culture backgrounds in films

Interview w/ Chris Salewicz (Excerpt, John Was Lucky He Got All His Hurt Out)
Paul McCartney

September, 1986 (MPL Communications, London): A candid and emotionally tangential Paul talks about receiving criticism and contending with John’s Paul issues manifested and documented hurt over/after the breakup of the Beatles.

SALEWICZ: So how do you react to criticism? To – I mean, do you take it very personally?

PAUL: I don’t really know. Now I’m being very flash and very nonchalant and saying I don’t care, but I haven’t seen too many reviews. And when I see bad reviews, it’ll hurt me. Um… But I am giving myself a bit easier time in life these days. I’ve gone through so much criticism, and not just from critics, from people like [John], that like a fool I kind of actually just stood there and said, “Yeah, well, you must be right, I’ve done this, that wasn’t too nice” and stuff. I’m beginning to see it a bit differently now. I’m beginning to see a lot of what they say is their problem, not mine, a lot of the time.

And in John’s thing, you know, when as – you obviously know – he was going through a lot of pain when he said a lot of that stuff. And he felt that we were, um, being kind of vindictive towards him and Yoko. In actual fact I just answered a question on an American TV thing – I think we were quite good, looking back on it, and knowing people in life. Many people would’ve just downed tools with a situation like that and just have said: “Look man, she’s not sitting on our amps while we’re making a film.” I mean, that wouldn’t be unheard of. I mean, Sean Penn… do you know what I mean? Most people would just say, “We’re not having this person here. Don’t care how much you love her.”

But we were actually quite supportive. Not supportive enough, you know; it would have been nice to have been really supportive because then we could look back and say, “Weren’t we really terrific?” But looking back on it, I think we were okay. We were never really that mean to them. But I think a lot of the time John suspected meanness where it wasn’t really there.

SALEWICZ: Oh, he was presumably very paranoid.

PAUL: I think so. I mean, he warned me off Yoko once. You know, “Look, this is my chick!” ’Cause he knew my reputation. I mean, we knew each other rather well. And um, I felt… I just said, “Yeah, no problem.” But I did sort of feel he ought to have known I wouldn’t, but. You know, he was going through “I’m just a jealous guy”. He was a paranoid guy. And he was into drugs. Heavy.

SALEWICZ: Yes, which makes you paranoid.

PAUL: He was into heroin, and – see, which I hadn’t realised [the extent of] till just now. It’s all [starting to click a bit] in my brain. I was just figuring, oh, there’s John, my buddy, and he’s turning on me, ’cause he perceives that I’m… “McCartney bandwagon,” he once said to me. “Oh, they’re all on the McCartney bandwagon.” And to me, I was just releasing a record, okay. So you can call it the McCartney bandwagon, but it’s no harm. It’s no more than anyone else does when they put out a record. And yet things like that were hurting him, and looking back on it now I just think that it’s a bit sad really.

SALEWICZ: I saw that thing in The Observer last week [about the manuscript of the Apple Beatles biography and the vitriolic comments John made in the margins].

PAUL: Yeah. Well, I mean, I think that starts to show the sort of pain he was going through. I think… okay, I mean, you know. Hell, anybody – look, he was a great guy, great sense of humour, and I’d do it all again. I mean, I’d go through it all again, and have him slag me off all again, just because he was so great.  Those were all the down moments, but there was much more pleasure than has really come out. Every article now, I’m always saying, “I’m so sorry, this and that, and John…” and so and so, but really, I’m quite happy. I mean, we had – I had a wonderful time with one of the world’s most talented people. Which is like a plus. We had all these crazinesses… But for instance, if someone took one of your wedding photos, if you were married – are you married? – someone took your wedding photo and put ‘funeral’ on it [as he did on that manuscript], you’d tend to feel a bit sorry for the guy. You’d think, wait a minute. I’ll tell you what, if I’d ever done that to his thing, he would’ve just hit the roof. But I kind of just sat through it all, and was mild-mannered Clark Kent.

SALEWICZ: This was hurting you, presumably, though. Not half.

PAUL: Yeah.

SALEWICZ: But I mean, when did you actually get a perspective on it?

PAUL: I still haven’t. It’s still inside me. I was just talking to someone the other day, I said, John was lucky. He got all his hurt out. He got all his pain out. He got all his feelings out. I’m not really that kind of person. I’ve a different sort of a personality inside me that’s sort of – is still trying to work it out. And that’s why it’s kind of good to see that wedding-funeral bit, because I started to think, wait, this is someone going over the top. This isn’t just your average jibe. This is like, paranoid. This is paranoia manifesting itself. And so my feeling is just like it sort of was at the time, which is like, oh, you know. He’s my buddy. I don’t really want to do anything to hurt him, or his memory, or anything. I don’t want to hurt Yoko. But, at the same time, it doesn’t mean that I understand what went down.

Weekly Reading List #29

Hello there!

Originally posted by geekylaugifs

What shall I say… I am so, so, so frustrated right now!!! I was about to post my Weekly Reading List on Sunday, like I promised to, and I was sitting in front of my Computer and everything was fine, every fic was linked, every tag worked, etc, and then happened…. TUMBLR. It just crashed and because I didn’t safe the last change, almost everything was lost….

So I thought, don’t worry, it’s not that late, you don’t need to get up early tomorrow, just do it again… And TUMBLR happened again, of course… I restarted my list three times, it was almost midnight and when tumblr crashed the third time I let it be and went to bed.

So now I am sitting here after a day which frustrated me more and more and I just hope that this time everything will be ok, though I already have he feeling I wasn’t able to safe every fic I read the last days… So I am very sorry, dear reader, I hope you gonna enjoy my list anyway.

Actually I planed on telling you that I was in the cinema, watching ‘Gifted’ with Chris Evans, which was an amazing film and I really enjoyed it, but now I am gonna focus on my list and if there is time the next few days I will try to do a post just for the film hoping the ones who didn’t saw it yet will maybe think about watching it.

Okay, this is definitely enough talk for now, seems like I made a lot of mistakes as well, before I am gonna embarras myself any further, please enjoy the following list!

Love, bi-e-ne

Almost Human

John Kennex

Loved and Protected                                        @lt-sammi-matthews

A ‘Cat’ in Heat (sequel to Love and Protected)


James “Bucky” Barnes

Buckys Omega                                                @sad-af1121

Imagine Bucky trying your Mom’s pozole for the first time @imamotherfuckingstar-lord

Pancakes                                                         @locke-writes

She Wasn’t                                                       @imamotherfuckingstar-lord

The Cure                                                          @tilltheendwilliwrite

Transparant Crystalline Solid Part 1 Part 2      @avasparks

James “Bucky” Barnes x Tony Stark

Battle of the Ego Part 1 Part 2                          @heavenbarnes

Guardians of the Galaxy

Peter Quill “Star Lord”

Imagine telling Peter you’re pregnant               @imamotherfuckingstar-lord

Outlaw Star Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 tbc @amarabliss


Hal Carter

Dreams Cum True Part 1 Part 2                       @sad-af1121

Real Characters

Chris Evans

Imagine Chris freaking out after you get injured on set @ohevansmycaptain

Star Trek

Jim Kirk

A Kiss we had to wait for                                @kaitymccoy123

Jim Kirk x Leonard “Bones” McCoy

See Me Masterlist (Part 1-20)                           @goodnightwife

The Five Year Plan Part 1 Part 2                      @wonders-of-the-enterprise

Leonard “Bones” McCoy


Overtime                                                            @star-trekkin-across-theuniverse

Unexpected Guest Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4   @medicatemedrmccoy

Divided (sequel Unexpected Guest) Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4


Cooking together                                                @outside-the-government

Honey, I’m good Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 tbc                      @auduna-druitt

Wonder Woman

Steve Travor

Imagine Steve Trevor coming home                   @imamotherfuckingstar-lord

anonymous asked:

I FEEL LIKE A CONCEPT PPL DONT GIVE ENOUGH LOVE TO IS HAVING A DATE NIGHT WHEN YOU BOTH FINALLY HAVE FREE TIME AFTER A WHILE !! Like you're been together for a long time but never have time to do things like that together and then u do I FEEL LIKE ITS V CUTE BUT V IGNORED SO COME THROUGH IF U WANT

Like its so CASUAL.  On the couch, cuddling.  Drinking wine.  Like its a date night, but its a chill one.  Lots of cuddles.  Lots of makeouts.

“I’ve missed this,” Harry says, halfway through the film, kissing your head.

You giggle, turning your head to give him a proper kiss.  “Me too.”

He smiles, giving you another kiss that lingers a tick too long.  “Yeah?”

You press a soft, smiley kiss into his neck.  “Yeah.  A lot.”

“M’sorry everything is so crazy lately.”  He strokes his fingertips up your arm and you relax against his touch. 

“It’s okay, love.  You do what you have to do.”

“Yeah but I just.. miss you.”

You turn you head once more and give him another peck.  “I miss you, too.”

He smiles into the kiss. “I love you.”

You cuddle and make out on the couch for another hour or so before you’re sleepy… before Harry carries you to the bed for slow, passionate, giggly sex.