i just love this family so damn much

today was wild. i got the idea to start a qunari appreciation blog, then went outside to shovel snow (I said I wanted the Russian experience XD). fed the dog some treats, which he liked, tried petting him, which he did not. he bit me, which looks worse than it feels and i’m mostly just embarrassed about it (the host family i’m living with keep asking me if i want to go to the hospital, but its really not that bad). then i spent the past few hours setting up the blog and scrolling literally to the bottom of the ‘adaar’ tag, and pretty far down the qunari tag until i reached the point where i was tearing up at each new post because I just love. qunari. so. damn. much. so now, with a full heart, i am going to attempt to recreate barris in dai. 

since the holidays are coming up, i just want everybody who’s closeted and/or has awful, ignorant family to know that i love you so, so damn much. you are so brave and strong. i know it hurts. it hurts so much, but you can make it through. you are so important, and im not just saying that, i mean it with every damn piece of my being. please keep living. please, please stay alive. i do love you so so so much

Grandma taught me...

So my Grandma just taught me one of the most important life lessons (and proved to me that almost everyone in my family is damn awesome).

We had our yearly family celebration today at my uncle’s house. Everyone was there – just my dad had not arrived yet.

You have to know that my parents divorced six year ago – and I was glad about it. That sounds cruel, perhaps, but I was glad that I did not have to live with my dad any longer. My father is not a terrible person. I also know that he loves me very much: I’m his “little girl”, his treasure, and always will be.


The problem is – he always wanted the best for his little girl. Meaning that everything I did, everything my mum did for me… it was never enough.

I had a good grade? That could have went even better if I studied more.

I had the best grade? You won’t ever get friends when you’re know as a know-it-all.

I was being bullied by complete strangers? It’s my own fault for being different than others.

I was being bullied by people I had considered friends? If I just was more like normal children, I wouldn’t have this problem.

I got depression and burn out because of all the pressure resting on me? Depression and burnout don’t exist and are just excuses for being weak and lazy.

It went like this my whole life long. The most terrible thing was – I loved my father, still somewhat do. And I knew – still know – that he loves me. But he grew up like this – in a family who wanted to “make him strong” by always pushing him to do more. A family who wanted to shape him by making him disappointed in who he was.

My father, I know, just doesn’t know any other way to express his love. But still, I couldn’t stand it any longer, and was glad when my parents divorced.

But even after six years, we still invite my Dad to our Christmas celebration. He is still family, after all. Normally, it doesn’t go that badly – my father misses me a lot, and is super sweet when he sees me on Christmas, mostly.

But this year, he was in a foul mood.

He arrived when everyone else was out, taking a walk to a little farm near where my uncle lives. There are little rabbits, my uncle told us, and my little cousins were screaming and squealing and immediately wanted to go there.

I just chuckled and offered to stay with my grandma. She can’t walk that far anymore, and had already said that she would stay at the house.

I love my grandma very much. Near deaf and diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease years ago, she had kept her heart of pure gold for her whole life. Even after my grandpa died (after a long time of depression). My grandma had always been the only person, next to my Mum, who understood me the best, no matter if I was buried in books again instead of taking part in a conversation or if I started crying all of sudden because my depression hit me again.

She had turned off her hearing device and was dozing, me reading a new book next to her, when my father waltzed into the house.

He didn’t even ask where the others had went. He hugged me, awkwardly and roughly, before he started the conversation with: “Heard you need tutoring now.”

I froze, mind racing. Nobody from my family would have told him that, which meant that he had asked questions again. He knew a lot of people, and was informed about everything, all the time. I just shrugged and answered, “School is really hard right now.”

“Why? Not studying enough?”

I grit my teeth, glancing over to my grandma. She hadn’t turned her hearing aid on again, meaning that she couldn’t hear us.

There is an unspoken rule for me and my cousins, her grandchildren.

Never make grandma sad.

So when she smiled at me, completely clueless, I sent her the sunniest, most strained smile I had ever given and gave her a thumps-up.

Only then did I turn back to my dad. “I’m studying enough. That’s what I’m taking tutoring for, after all.”

He grunted, letting it slip. But already preparing the next launch. “How many friends do you have? And don’t come with those online-friends again. You know that doesn’t fool me.”

Breathing in and out deeply, I kept up my smile while I ground out. “One.”

“Hm. Just one?”

“I don’t need more than one very good friend. I’m happy…”

“When did you last see him?”

“… A month ago. But we write a lot…”

“That’s too long.”

“He is working, I am at school!” I bit my lip, knowing that I was losing it.

“So you’re not going out. Staying locked up in your room all day again?”

“I’m not locked up, I don’t have time…!”

“Always with the excuses,” my father huffed at me, just shrugging my words off. Squinting at me. “You know what? I believe you don’t want to have anyone near you. Friends or family. Because you’re not able to love anyone.”

I was near crying by then. Also because I suddenly understood what this was about.

My father thought that I hadn’t loved him and that that had been the reason why we left him, my mum and me.

I understand him, a bit. Sometimes I pity him a bit.

But that he used the fact that I was too socially awkward to really make many friends still hurt like a punch to the face. 

“Well, now that is the most untruthful bullshit I have ever heard!”

We both whirled around, looking wide-eyed at my grandma.

She had her hearing aid turned back on, and was glaring at my father.

I gaped at her, utterly stunned. My grandma was the most gentle, polite person I had ever met, and hearing her use a swearword like “bullshit” was strangely surreal.

But not enough: Before anyone could react, she had pushed herself to her feet – her aching feet, trembling under her – and poked my father in the chest, huffing at him, “You should be ashamed of yourself, dear! You of all people should know how full of compassion and love your daughter is, and how smart she is! Her not having many friends does absolutely not mean that there is something wrong with her – it just means that she hasn’t found the right people yet. She will find them in time, and until then, you will be proud and happy for her little achievements. I don’t want to hear ever again that you say such hurtful things to your own daughter just because you are bitter over your little girl leaving you. Is that clear?!”

I don’t really know what happened after that. The next thing I remember is that my father went outside for a smoke – something he does when he is stressed out and has to think – and my grandma offered me a handkerchief.

Only then did I notice that I was crying like a little child again. Not only because I was hurt – I was crying because I had never heard anyone say something like that just to defend me.

“There, there, honey,” my grandma rubbed my back (knowing that I shy away from sudden hugs and gestures when I’m crying). “You know how thoughtless your father can be. Rough and insensible, but he still loves you.”

She paused, frowning. “Doesn’t mean we will let him get away with that.”

I laughed-sniffled, wiping my runny nose. “D-Did you just say bullshit, grandma?”

“Well, yes! You still use this word nowadays, right?”

“Yeah… yeah, we do.”

“Oh, good, I wasn’t sure if that is still a thing.”

I was sobbing and laughing at the same time when I hugged her tightly. “You’re awesome, grandma.”

“Now, now. I just said the truth,”

And then she told me what is really important for anyone who is struggling with finding friends or feels as if he is doing something wrong:

“You know, you don’t have to fear that you are doing something wrong. If you’re just being you, trying to do things that you like, trying to be happy, then that’s more than enough. If you don’t have friends right now – don’t worry. They are out there, the people who will love you for who you are. Not those shallow people that want you to change so that you fit better into their little group. No, I mean the people who will love you, for who you are. They are out there, and they will find you. Perhaps soon, perhaps it will take a few years. But they will. You don’t have to settle for the second best, for those who want to change you – not when you can have the best. Because you deserve the best.”

And that’s what I want gift you with for Christmas, guys – this knowledge.

It doesn’t matter if you’re socially awkward, have anxiety, or are somehow different from what it considered “normal”. You don’t have to change just to find people who will accept and love you.

Just be yourself. It won’t always be easy, and sometimes it will take a long time – but someday, you will find people who will love you just the way you are. Nothing less. You don’t have to settle for anything less than that.

Believe me. Because I found people like that. And you will find them, too.

casual reminder that DC has a comic in Rebirth called Green Lanterns, featuring two characters;  one Green Lantern Jessica sufferes fom Anxiety and the other Lantern is Simon Baz, who is muslim and his whole family has to deal with terrorism fears.

may i also mention this is not really the centre to their stories. they don’t overdo it, these factors are just kinda there and show themselves when the challenge arises.

Personally Jessica Cruz is such a damn big inspiration to me, a girl who has anxiety (WHO DIDN’T LEAVE HER APARTMENT FOR 3 YEARS BECAUSE OF IT) got chosen to be a GREEN LANTERN, willpower over fear being the strength, and she get by and it’s so wonderul to read i love jessica cruz so much she is so important, this whole comic is

Can I just say how much I adore the “true love, happily ever after” ending that we get out of every corner of fanfiction there is. Everywhere you look people try their damn hardest to take these broken people and make them as happy as they can, and give them love and hope and in the end a good life.

And they do it well!!! They do it so much better than people have managed to do recently in movies and published books and such!!

Our “happily ever after” is a big found family, full of laughter and love, and it’s young and it’s hopeful and it’s romantic and it’s so goddamn wonderful.

me: sometimes i feel like you dont understand how much i am amazed by jongins existence…
friend: no i got it..he’s cool..
me: *gasps*
friend: oh no
me: he is not just “cool” i think he is so much more than cool he is hard working and talented and he is sweet he likes babies he likes the elderly he loves his family and friends and he loves animals he loves his fans no matter what they look like or if they are male or female or something else or nothing at all he has said many times he loves his dark skin he hates fat shamers and he doesnt care about superficial things and isn’t materialistic i mean god damn for years he carried around his stuff in paper bags even though he literally looks like a god and could probably pay off my college tuition but he doesnt try to make himself seem special or stand out although he stands out anyway just because of how amazing he is i mean everybody that has ever met him has even said he’s so polite and dedicated and talented and cute and-
friend: ok woman i got it he’s a great person pls-
me: *gasps again*
friend: jfc
friend: im leaving

Hey @ anyone who has friends/family/partners that have been abused, please please please care when they open up to you about it.

I understand if it makes you uncomfortable but god, just please.

Nothing is worse when you finally feel safe enough to tell your loved one about the awful shit that happened to you only to feel like the person you’re telling doesn’t give a damn.

🦃 RFA Thanksgiving Headcanons! 🦃

(In which MC is American bc where the hell else do they celebrate Thanksgiving)

- is fairly confused about the whole point of this holiday
- pilgrims? native americans? what
- all your female relatives swoon over him
- and the Gay Cousin™ he also swoons over him
- one of your younger cousins recognizes him as her favorite musical actor and f l i p s
- cue Zen putting on a scene/song just for her
- cue more swooning
- your dad is just giving him The Look the whole time
- he’s so damn attractive it kinda makes sense your dad would be suspicious
- but he sees how coupley you two are acting and how much Zen loves you so it’s all good
- somehow a food fight happens and this poor child gets mashed potatoes in his hair
- *insert zen crying emoji here*
- you go home almost immediately afterwards
- but not before hugs from E V E R Y O N E
- and after taking some leftovers
- you’ve seen Zen’s pantry I mean he has to have something
- Thanksgiving success!

- he doesn’t really get the point of the holiday either but F O O D 😄
- come on he’s a college kid home cooked meals are so rare
- he tries to make something to bring but fails horribly
- you stop by the grocery store and buy a pie to bring so he feels better
- so quiet during the dinner omg
- but whenever he does talk like to ask someone to pass him something he’s so nice and polite
- also talks to comment on HOW GOOD ALL OF THIS IS
- Yoosung’s very thankful for you but also for your mother’s cooking skills
- he wants lessons at some point pls
- then two of your cousins bring up LOLOL and this baby’s face just completely lights up
- they hit it off right away and now Yoosung’s back to his adorable bubbly self
- your mom finds him adorable then again who doesn’t
- you two stay the night and also leave with leftovers
- “I won’t have to eat instant ramen for at least three days” ^u^

- poor bby is also so nervous
- especially since she won’t know how your family will react to you having a girlfriend
- “it’ll be fine Jaehee, they’re very supportive”
- holding your hand the whole car ride there
- relaxes a little when she’s greeted with hugs all around
- also she made various pastries for dessert which scores her more brownie points *ba dum tss*
- your small cousins love her
- “your girlfriend is so pretty!!!!”
- both of you simultaneously turn red
- guess the cats out of the bag
- everyone’s shocked but chill with it
- and now she’s completely fine
- more relaxed for the rest of the meal and chatting with your family and she’s so precious
- makes coffee to go with the dessert too
- your whole family loves her and her culinary skills
- they also go to visit your cafe often after that

- brings a bottle of his best wine as a peace offering I mean gift since it’s his first time meeting your parents
- overdressed for the occasion oops
- talks to your family as if he’s conducting a business deal
- v smooth v charismatic
- comments on how excellent the food is
- tries to get your mom to be his chef
- everyone laughs but he’s confused because ??? he was serious???
- your younger cousins keep trying to get him to play with them and he’s just
- so flustered
- not used to kids or being playful or anything
- eventually he gives in when they bring out the kitty plushies
- 10 minutes later they’re all on the floor meowing and Jumin is teaching them how to speak cat
- you’re just watching them from the couch giggling
- “he’d make a good father wouldn’t he?”
- you almost choke on your wine
- jumin hears and gives you a little smile
- goes with you to all the family reunions and visits from then on because although he’ll never admit it, your mom’s cooking tips any gourmet chef’s

- of course he already everything about thanksgiving
- and all your relatives for that matter
- dresses up as a pilgrim he’s so extra ffs
- complains about the lack of Honey Buddha Chips
- however someone brought Ph.D Pepper so he’s chillin
- says the prayer before the meal
- also making constant jokes throughout the meal
- he’d be sitting at the damn kids table playing with his food
- questionable looks from your relatives like why this overgrown child
- loses his shit when your aunt’s cat wanders into the room
- you stop him before he can get near her
- you take home alllll the leftovers so this child can eat properly for once

Thisismydesignhannibal’s 500 Follower Fic Giveaway!



I can’t wait to get started on your awesomely fun prompt! Imma try not to be intimidated because you’re such a great writer yourself ;)

(And yes, it feels weirdly boastful to “congratulate” someone on “winning” something I’m going write…but, hey, I’m just going to go with it…modesty be damned!)

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As much as I’m all for Vex meaning Percy when she told Saundor that her heart belonged to someone else… I’m even more enamored with her referring to her entire family.

Vex’s heart belongs to Grog who has always stood between her and danger. Who sees her get absolutely thrashed in this fight, and steps up to defend her. To shield her. To roast Saundor for being the arrogant manipulative whining bastard that he is. Grog who returns to Vex and says ‘It’s okay’, who pats her on the shoulder and reassures her ‘You did good’.

Vex’s heart belongs to Scanlan who is always there to pick her up and help her when she needs it. Scanlan who, while restrained by vines, in dire straits himself, chose to heal Vex rather than assure his own safety. Scanlan who helped her unlock the secrets of the flying broom and being obviously delighted at her joy in being able to fly. 

Vex’s heart belongs to Keyleth. Soft and gentle Keyleth who loves her so much it hurts. Keyleth who Vex trusted to tell her the whole truth about what happened in the Tomb of the Raven Queen’s Champion. Keyleth bristling in the background during the entire Saundor exchange. Keyleth, awkward and uncertain, and not good with words, but so desperate to make sure Vex knows how much she is worth, that she pushes past her own discomfort to reassure her. ‘You don’t need anyone to make you great, you already are’

Vex’s heart belongs to Pike. (Let’s be honest, everyone’s heart belongs to Pike) Pike so small and so good, who always has her back. Pike in a beautiful gown gussying up with Vex and talking about love. Pike who can related to Vex so much because they both try so hard to live up to facades that they present. Pike is constantly trying to live up to the shining beacon of hope VM sees her as. Vex constantly trying to be ‘the strong one’ of the twin set, the one who doesn’t care what others think and is always okay. Pike understands.

Vex’s heart belongs to her brother. Her brother who’s always there, always looking out for her. Her brother who believes in her so much and unquestioningly. Vax who, without hesitation, signed his life over to the Raven Queen to save his sister. And he would do it again. Vax who always has her back, who recognizes she’s scared and faltering, who calls her name gently when Saundor tempts her. ‘Vex’ahlia’ he says when Saundor is so gently and so relentlessly trying to tear her down so that she’ll surrender to him. ‘Vex’ahlia’ Vax says, to remind her how much he believes in her. That she doesn’t need Saundor’s power.

Vex’s heart belongs to Trinket. This massive creature of fur and teeth and claws. This wild beast that will follow her to the ends of the earth without hesitation or regret. Soft and gentle to her, and ferocious and unstoppable to any who threaten her (much like Vex’ahlia’s relationship with her family). Trinket who will fight and defend and love Vex to his last breath because She Is Everything.

And yeah, Vex’s heart belongs to Percy too. To this man with terrible, wonderful ideas and inventions. Who struggles constantly with himself, with guilt and fear and cowardice, but still lends her his kindness. Percy who lost almost everything, but still gives Vex anything that he has (money, explosive arrows… titles). Percy who, like everyone else in VM, knows Vex’s worth and is determined to make her realize it too. ‘I’ve known a lot of people with money, and they are definitely not worth you’.

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Punk alpha who is always picking fights at the bar and who listens to nobody, but low-key has a soft spot for pups and smol omegas. Punk alpha falls head over heels with a smol omega at a bar and does everything to win the omegas heart, even bringing them jewelry and gifts.

Anon, my sweet anon. I love you. You know me so well. This is everything I love. I love big scary Alpha who take no shit, but are total marshmallows when comes to that special Omega and their future family. Omfg. I love this so god damn much. I just might cry. 

(Seriously, if anyone ever wants to RP this with me, please do. I love this hc/starter so much.)

Thank you anon. <333333

this post is a damn mess so bear with me lol but:

bilingual lance is great. i love that it’s supposed to be confirmed in a future episode. 10/10. however, consider this: lance knowing more than just english and spanish because he’s always had a big family and quite a few of his relatives live all across the world.

imagine lance first being interested in being pilot because of all the flights he’s taken overseas to see aunts and uncles and as a kid. imagine how excited he gets when they go somewhere he can practice one of those languages he normally doesn’t get to speak much at home. his languages get all muddled up as a result and he’ll go for days speaking in odd combinations of spanish and english and french. every once in a while he’ll mutter to himself in very broken dutch to try and retain what he currently knows. little lance being able to more or less understand creole but not being as capable to hold full conversations in it. sometimes he just straight up forgets words and just substituted it with whatever language pops into his head first.

every once in a while he’ll start speaking in a language but use the wrong accent (“lance why are you rolling your r’s so hard in english?) imagine him going to visit some cousins and him getting to practice english, but only patois? all the innocent teases for his accent that just keep him motivated to learn more? lance knowing cuban sign language because one of his grandparents is deaf and he wants to communicate with them effectively because he knows how frustrating language barriers are??

and don’t even get me started in how much lance rants about grammar rules and difference between languages. please just give me multilingual lance


— my love should wear a warning sign, damn right I remember you     |e.j.| 


I am laughing my ass over here 😂 I just love this video so much. Damn teacher crushes are getting out of hand.

new hp blog!

Do you love the Weasley Family? Do you wish they would adopt you? Do you find yourself wondering if what life would be like at The Burrow? If the answer is YES, to all those questions then I have the blog for you!

daily weasley fam

because I am a stan for this wonderful and amazing fam. this is just a side blog because i love this fam so damn much. it’s just starting but with help of the lovely @nargles, it should up and running in no time! give it a follow!

you can also track the blog using the tag dailyweasleys! i will make an update post in a few days with more information! <33333

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Harry really is such a private person and I love him for that. It's so refreshing in the industry these days and especially when you're part of the biggest boyband. He's quite productive of his family and how he really spends his days and his close friends etc. But damn if I don't miss him at the same time :( x

I love him a lot and I miss him soooo much. I miss his voice and his furrowed brow, I miss him playing with his rings and I miss his loud patterned shirts and his boots and painted on black jeans. I just. I miss Harry a lot. 😭😭😭

UTOPIA’s Cosmo releases Flower Path cover for Valentines Day as a statement.

Watch the video here: +++

As we all know, Utopia’s Cosmo (@cosmojnkyu) never release a ballad before. The male vocalist/visual is known for releasing mature, yet dance pop tracks in the past. Today, he released his first ever ballad which is a cover of his newly debuted cousin Swan’s song entitled as Flower Path. Showcasing a different side of him. The song is about a mother/family’s love.

 When asked why he uploaded this cover, he simply replied “I wanted to make a Statement. Valentines day is all about love. Yet most people focus on the boyfriend-girlfriend, husband-wife thing. I wanted to show that Valentines is not just for that, it can also be for family. I value and love my family so much so I figured that I should release this as a gift.”

What do you think of his cover?


  • 2ku4u: damn even if he’s soft and mellow in this, he still manage to look hot!
  • kingss: His voice gets me every time! 😍 
  • 2abelz: This song is amazing. Swan did a really good job, and Cosmo’s version is absolutely amazing. Family love is the best indeed.
  • wyes: This is so boring. Where’s naked cosmo? I need him back.
  • Penpinapplepapi: My tits are hard for this even if it’s a ballad! OPPA~~~

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ALLY thanks to you I've been basically listening to the DEH soundtrack non stop BUT I JUST LOVE MUSICALS SO DAMN MUCH I can't help myself (also I've had too much coffee today, in case you're wondering 😅)


I have converted at least half of my friends to obsession too and am starting work on my family.
Ben Platt might just be the most wonderful human in the world and that deserves to be known.


Queer As Folk, 2000-2005

I don’t believe in love; I believe in fucking. It’s honest, it’s efficient. You get in and out with the maximum of pleasure and minimum of bullshit. Love is something straight people tell themselves they’re in so they can get laid, and then they end up hurting each other because it was all based on lies to begin with.

sevenfairysins  asked:

7 and 8 for risky, 6 and 10 for REALLY risky :D

7. tell an embarrassing memory or story

um okay well, this is HELLA embarrassing, but it’s pretty damn funny too (and really recent) - but I was dared to give someone a hickey and I just, couldn’t, like, I was there, but I just started laughing (so hard I started crying and just…well…gave up)

8. how often do you take showers?

every day :) (unless it’s break in which I see how long I can go without because I’m lazy)

6. whats a really good memory you have?

pretty much anything with my family, honestly, recently? I’d say a Skype chat a few nights ago with some lovelies in which it was like, 2 AM (looking at you, Shay @the-flame-and-hawks-eye) for one of them and like, 7 in the evening for the other, fantastic and incredible individuals whom I’m so lucky to be friends with

10. whats something thats made you laugh recently?

I just got a text in a group chat about some shit Trump did, and I said something about just wanting to curl up and snuggle and watch Netflix and because of something stupid/funny one guy said earlier, I said “(not so-and-so)” and dragged him :’)