i just love this dress so much i want to get married in it

real talk chris evans just pisses me off so much bc he’s an actual “get a man who can do both” meme like hear me out on one hand he’s a frat boy dressing dude who works the fuck out at the gym, buys 6 packs of beer to go along with his six pack on his body, invents games like “frozen blackjack” and is really good at throwing parties apparently BUT ON THE OTHER HAND he’s a gigantic disney nerd?? a huge romantic sap and a Take Home Guy™?? he talks to his mom about everything and makes everyone feel welcome all the time?? very tolerant and polite?? adopts DOGS and names them after characters in his favorite movies?? loves kids and wants to get married ASAP?? honestly what the. fuck


I still can’t believe that these two dorks imported from Transformers Prime are the 2nd pair of canon robots husbands in the IDW comics. They aren’t just window dressing either! There’s a story behind the vain, high speed racer that married a guy who is considered inferior by his whole culture. I want to see it play out so badly!

Knockout and Breakdown are precious and deserve all the love. 

yknow what

i never identified so much with a character emotionally as i did with Lucy heartifilia.

 i mean she suffered from narcissistic abuse, it is true.

she ran away from her house to be independent and do what she liked, join a guild only to have her shitass father’ try to ‘kidnap her and take her back and make her marry into a rich shitlord

and she was so brave 

this episode:

it was not about fanservice

the fact she ripped the dress out of herself meant the symbolism of ownage and abuse was over . it meant her cutting all the ties and strings, and freeing herself from his plays. the fact she screamed loud and clear but still calm and stood there proudly, with an air of dignity and said no, and denounced all his evils in front of them. the fact she remarked the people who treated her well at the guild and loved her for who she is and not what she has without shaming her or guilttripping her for anything.

her ‘family’ the one who should make her feel safe, listen to her protect her, support her….she had none. she was constantly denied the free will and all the rights she had for her feelings and emotions to be listened to, for her likes to be respected. 

all they cared about was image and pushing their expectances, albeit wrong, onto her. that ‘father’ used her for his own benefit and constantly tried to shut her down , even when she was little.

she did it ,she freed herself but it was still painful because she asked herself

why has it come to this?

why me?

why couldn’t it be different?

why couldn’t they love me and respect me?

why ?

Lucy Heartfilia is more than just a mage of fairy tail, a good looking girl and a caring person. she’s strong so strong.

please love Lucy Heartfilia.

I have this headcannon that James has god awful fashion sense, but after Lily and James get married she lays his clothes out for him and typically dresses Harry in the mornings.

But one morning Lilys running late and she hands Harry off to James. And as she’s running out the door, she sees her baby dressed in what has to be the most ridiculous outfit ever. His onesie is this orange and white striped thing, and he has on purple paisley overalls (where did James even FIND those she thought she burned them) and his socks have little Santas on them (it’s August). And it’s just. So bad.

But James is so proud of himself for doing such a great job, and look how cute Harry is Lils, I want to dress him every morning we had so much fun he picked the socks out himself.

And she rolls her eyes at him, but secretly loves how excited and silly her boys are.

Joe Sugg imagine || Janya wedding. ||

Anonymous said:

Hi! Just wanted to say I love your blog! I was wondering if you could write an imagine where Joe & Y/N go to Jim & Tanya’s wedding? You can make the rest up! Thankyou would be much appreciated!😊💗xoxo

- -

Anonymous said:

Hello! I wanted to request an imagine where Joe and Y/N go to Jim and Tanya’s wedding together and it’s all cute and fluffy? Thank you! I love your imagines, hope you’re having a lovely day x

- - -

“It’s such a lovely day for a wedding.” You said bubbly as you walked with Joe holding hands to the outdoor wedding area where Jim and Tanya were getting married today. “It is.” Joe agreed.

He was wearing his deep blue suit and crimson coloured tie, so you tried to match accordingly, you wore a strapless navy blue dress that went to your feet, the bottom half of the dress was pleated so if you spun it would wrap around you in the most elegant of ways with a black thin long sleeve open cardigan, you had deep red stud earrings in along with a deep red gem ring on your right hand index finger.

You weren’t too good with heels so you stuck with blue flats which Joe was somewhat thankful for, because he you worn heels you would have been a tad taller than him.

“Hey!” Marcus said seeing both Joe and yourself, he was smiling. “Hi.” You smiled, “Nim you look amazing!” You gushed coming up to her, both of you took each others hands extending your arms to admire each others outfits. “Thank you.” Niomi mused, “you look gorgeous.” She commented. “Thanks.” You giggled.

Marcus and Joe exchanged a glance with a head shake and uttered; ‘Women’ lowly before laughing.

“I’m so happy for Jim and Tan today I can’t stop smiling.” Niomi admitted, “I know, me too!” You nodded, it was weird seeing so many of your friends in one place without anyone vlogging, but per-request no one was asked to vlog or social media anything until Jim and Tanya went public with the marriage…

… You all watched as Jim and Tanya said their vows to each other and it was a magical moment you were so glad to experience and share with them.

Joe had reached down and taken your hand into his, he squeezed it lightly and you glanced over and up smiling at him. “Love you.” He mouthed and you went pink around the ears in a blush. “Love you, too.” You mouthed back to him before you both looked back to Jim and Tanya as they kissed the gathering of people started to cheer and clap, you all started to throw white small flower petals at them as they walked back up the aisle together…

… As the reception got underway and the music started, you were sat at a table with Joe, Caspar, Zoe, Alfie, Marcus and Niomi. You just finished sipping a half glass of wine, feeling a hand on your shoulder, you glanced up seeing Joe smiling down at you. “May I have this dance beauty lady?” He asked charmingly.

“Oh, I don’t know… You see, I have a boyfriend.” You said dramatically. “Oh, well… Once you see how amazing I am at dancing I’m sure you’ll fall under my spell and be mine forever.” Joe winked and you giggled.

He offered his hand to you and you took it standing up.

“I love you.” You said walking to the dance floor with him among the other people dancing.

“I love you, too.” He whispered, leaning in and kissing you gently before you started dancing together…

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36. 3 dreams you want to fulfill?

Most of my dreams involve traveling, and a lot of them also involve dumb white-picket-fence happily ever afters. But here we go. 

1. Last year my SO and I took a trip to Glacier National Park and it was absolutely delightful. I hope to do more of that in the future! I want to see all the nature. Top of my list right now includes New Zealand, Costa Rica, (re-visiting) Iceland, Fiji, BANFF, Alaska. 

2. Gaaaaah this is so dumb but I’m really excited to eventually build a long & lasting life with my partner. And if that includes a party where stand up in front of our nearest & dearest and talk about how much we love each other, well that’s just swell too. 

3. I guess it would be nice to have a job I feel fulfilled in and also can earn a living from, but let’s not get carried away here. 

Typical shit downlo guys say to TS. I’ve been trans over 20yrs. This is VERY typical. Guys wanna deny being bisexual, wanna marry & have kids, never mention the women having the kids. They just want the fantasy of life THEY want. No matter what the TRUTH & details surrounding are. TS women have kids. Get married. Have lives & loves. Personally, I don’t want kids. NOR to marry. But after dealing with lying, confused guys who don’t care to educate themselves on their own sexuality or the lives of TS women doesn’t make me particularly mushy or interested in loving these guys. I see them as they are. They want sex & fantasy & I want to be PAID to be an actress pretending this is something Meaningful to me lol. I’m not “curious”. That’s why dl guys have SO MUCH FUN with transvestites. They get surgeries & “dress up” for the sex with these closeted men it’s their EXCITEMENT. Yet they live gay male lives in drag. The excitement & feelings of “getting away with something deviant” match for both dl guys & transvestites.

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Let me tell you: I just had the most heartfelt dream about Earthborn! Shepard telling Garrus about how weddings work. They were just curled up in bed and he was watching her eyes light up as she admitted that she had always wanted a stupidly poofy dress, but didn't think it suited her much. And you know what he did? He asks if she'd like to marry him some day. And she says yes. And you know what that sap does? He plan a wedding in one day (dress included), and the Citadel Party was the reception

yessssss yes yES YES YES YESSSSSSS!!! I have like 0 creativity/imagination, so my go-to wedding headcanon is always the traditional human wedding setting, and honestly i LOVE the idea of shepard being in an actual dress like that! like usually when i see posts about shepard getting married, it’s while wearing a uniform or dress blues or something. i want to see shepard in a nice big dress and make her feel beautiful and important, and not just because the galaxy needs her. it’s her big day; i want her to make the most of it!

i can see that! there’s a lot of fanfics and things out there that suggest they did get engaged - if not married - during me3, mostly due to garrus asking her that important question: “are you ready to be a one-turian kind of woman?” and then referring to his family as “in-laws” during the citadel dlc

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[12. ideas of a perfect date 13. life goal(s)? //please, if you'd like to!]

                  let  me  introduce  myself     /     ACCEPTING.     /    @pilawforhire


              nothing  too  spectacular  tbh !     I’m  an       easy    going    person  by  myself.   I       don’t    like  going  out  that  much  anyway.   so ,   movie  and  maybe  cooking  together   or   just  getting  something  and  talking  ?   or  coffee  and  no  stress ?     idk      like  I  said   I’m     super     simple.     I  can’t  stand  fancy  things  tbh.  like ,  yeah  dresses  and  stuff  are  nice  but  I  feel  uncomfortable  like  this.  

13.              (      @drcuge  since  you  send  in  the  same  number !       )

      hmmm !       marrying  someone  I  love ,     seeing  the  world ,      learning  another  language ,   financial  stability  ,   laughing  a   lot ,    making  my  friends  and  family  smile ,       doing  my  best  in  changing  this  world  into  a  place  where  I’d  want  to  see  my  children  grew  up  one  day ,       swimming  with  a  dolphin ,   letting  an  eagle  land  on  my  hand     &      meet  tom  felton  tbh.   I  have  a  lot  of  those !   but ,   those  are  the  strongest  ones  !

That’s Not What I Meant...(part 1/?) (Avengers x reader)

This one is going to be so much fun to write!  I’m glad to do a longer fic, because a one-shot just won’t be enough!  I hope you like it!

Request from food-books-and-bed:  A one-shot of Y/N and Steve’s wedding, and all the guy avengers are Steve bestmen, and Nat, Pepper and Wanda are your bridesmaids, and Tony is walking you down the aisle, cause he’s your brother, so you made him your maid of honor, and you made him wear a tie (he turned into a bow tie) that matches their dresses and he’s complaning about it. You can turn it into a story, if you want, I’d love you to, but I don’t want to pressure you, so I said one-shot. THANKS SO MUCH!

“Sweetheart, no expense will be spared!  My baby sister is getting married, and I’m only gonna have one shot to get this right.  I’m gonna be sure that you have the perfect, most beautiful day that you can imagine. If anyone gets in the way, you let big brother Iron Man know.  I will do anything, and I mean anything you want, I promise!”

“Yeah, Tony…about that…”


It had taken Steve no less than four attempts to propose to you.  Well, four attempts that you knew of.  The first failed attempt involved an epically failed home-cooked meal.  He was so mad at himself that he couldn’t imagine how he would feel if you then said no.  He thought with that massive failure, who wouldn’t?  The second attempt involved a complete loss of the ring.  The Captain had frantically called each member of the team, offering a reward to its finder.  Pietro easily defeated the search team, but after the hours of panic he endured, Steve was just too tired to try that day.  On the third attempt, he thought for sure he had it.  Third time’s the charm, right?  Nope.  He had your favorite restaurant reserved, and had planned to propose during a carriage ride thru Central Park under the stars.  He had just straightened his tie for the last time, ready to meet you, when Fury called with an urgent mission that required the team to leave immediately.  You were both gone for two weeks with not a moment alone.

“I’m so excited to finally be home.”  Entering your shared room, you kicked off your boots, let down your hair, and began to remove the spare knives and guns that were hidden in your uniform.  “How about you, Cap?”

With a loud huff, he moved in front of you, planting his feet so you couldn’t move any farther.  “(Y/N), I love you.  I’m pretty sure you love me.  Yes or no?” He was done trying to plan the ‘perfect’ situation.  His frustration had reached its peak, and all he wanted now was an answer and to move forward, one way or another.  He held the small box in front of you, barely breathing as he tried to read your expression. With a wink and a small smirk, you knew there was only one answer.

“What took you so long, Rogers?”


“Ok, so I’ve got Buck on best man, Sam, Thor, Bruce, Tony and Pietro as groomsmen.  Wow, that’s quite the lineup, huh?  What’ve you got?”  

“Nat, Maria, Pep, and Wanda.”  Pausing for a moment, you looked up from your wedding planning, “but you can’t have Tony.”

“Don’t you think he’s gonna be a little mad if he’s not up there with us?  I mean, come on, he threatens us with the suit if we forget to ask him before we order a pizza.”  You smiled at the memory of Iron Man greeting the delivery boy, grabbing the stack of pies and flying off without a word.  No one got dinner that night.

“Of course he’s going to be up there, he’s my brother.  I just want him to be on my side of the aisle, that’s all.”

Steve set down his pen, leaned back in his chair and rubbed his chin, giving you a quizzical look.  “I don’t think Tony has the legs for the dress you’ve chosen.”

“I think he could pull it off, with the right shoes.” You laughed when Steve looked at you, unsure if you were joking or not.  “Babe, I’m not even close to serious!”

Clearly relieved, he still wasn’t sure of your plan. “Maybe I’m just a bit old fashioned, but aren’t the gals supposed to be on one side and the fellas on the other?”

“Yeah, you are old fashioned.  But he’s the only family I have on our side.  It’s important that he’s next to me.”  You stood to stretch your legs, knowing there were still hours of details to be worked out.  “Love, you want some coffee?”

“Mmm hmm.”  Steve began drawing a small sketch on his papers, his chin resting on his other hand. As you returned, he invited you to look at his work.  “Hey, (Y/N), what do you think?”

It was Tony.  In your bridesmaid dress.

“Steven Grant Rogers!  What did you do?!”

“What?  You’re the one who put this image in my head!  This is on you.”      

Laughing, you moved to sit on Steve’s lap, leaning in to get a closer view of his artwork.  “You know, he really does pull off that color though.”  

Part 2

Me: I shouldn’t get involved in the casts personal lives. They aren’t their characters and while I think they are super cool, they’re people too and I wouldn’t want public scrutiny on my personal relationships in that situation

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Hello! I love this blog! Can I get a gif reaction of the bts boys seeing you in your wedding dress on your wedding day for the first time?

Jin: I’m so ready for this kiss, she looks stunning. When our lips touch everyone will know just how much I love her.

Suga: Is this really happening? Is she the same person? She looks so good, almost too good. This isn’t a joke right, you didn’t pay her? She really wants to marry me? *rambles*

J-Hope: I’m so happy I think I might cry

Rap Monster: *says to his best man probably seokjin* You see her? The beautiful one in white? She and I are going to spend the rest of our lives together.

Jimin: Hellooooo Mrs. Park Jimin~

V: Yes yes yes oh my god oh my god oh my god it’s finally happening she’s almost here, we’re getting married!

Jungkook: *mesmerized watching you walk down the isle*

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