i just love this corps ahhhh


Merchandise day! 💕💗💞
Got a parcel from japan and one with TCG stuff today <3
Customs are still sitting on the amiami parcel like a motherhen tho, grr.

The Tower Records Stuff is really beautiful! I love the shirt and the bag ;__; it has Domino City with Kaiba Corp on the front side and Egypt on the back! Ahhhh 💕  Prideshipping merch *squeals*
I also got a LOAD of new prideshipping Doujinshis *cough* from last SenBato and Comiket <3 There are so many great artists active right now! I always try to decide for the most beautiful ones, but there are just so many ;___; oh wonderful Doujinshi artists, I’m forever grateful m( _ _ )m
Last thing is another TCG pack with German cards. Gosh, I’m such a sucker for the gold cards… THE GLITTER. It’s so intense and beautifuuuul~ sparkle~

anonymous asked:

Hello! I wanted to let you know how happy I am every time I see you on the dash! The Survey Corps veterans always deserve more love and you do an excellent job with Mike. Keep it up!

AHHHH GOODNESS ! Thank you so so so much anon ? The vets are a really important part of SNK & I agree that they deserve the most love possible ; they are just as influential as the kids ngl. I’m really glad you think I do well with Mike because it’s my honour. If you ever want to interact ic / ooc or however you just let me know !! <3