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Gabriel Novak Isn’t Short

Gabriel Novak Isn’t Short by allonsy_gabriel

Pairing: Gabriel/Sam Winchester

Rating: G

Length: 210

Warnings/Tags: Human AU, High School AU, Theater kid!Gabriel, Tech guy!Sam, Fluff

Summary: Gabe isn’t short, okay? He just spends a lot of time with giants.


I, for one, and in love with the height difference between Sam and Gabriel! I find it incredible adorable that Gabriel’s only flaw that he finds with his height is his inability to kiss Sam (aw!). Very short and sweet, just like Gabriel! - Gisselle

I completely agree with Gisselle. Height differences are the best. Gabriel is such a salty boy in this and it’s great. It’s super short but totally worth a read!-Tyler 

K A I R O S | 02 |


(n.) the perfect, delicate, crucial moment; the fleeting rightness of time and place that creates the opportune atmosphere for action, words, or movement

An arranged marriage AU.

Paring: OT7.
Genre: fluff, angst, a lot of suggestive parts and eventual smut.
Word count: 6 912 -ish
Author’s note: Surprise!! :DD bet yall didnt see this coming hmm. okay but im really nervous about this one.

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“But mom, I’m not going to live with a bunch of strangers-!”

“I had the maids pack your things last night, your bags are outside.”


Cliche is underrated.

Especially when you just got kicked out of your own house by your ever so loving parents to stay with seven boys you’ve only heard notorious things about.

Oh, and you’re supposed to pick one to marry by the end of next month.

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AU where Andrew and Aaron grew up together in the foster system

  • they would actually get along
  • can u even imagine how terrible they’d be
  • like one is bad enough
  • but they would fucking riot at everything bc Angry Smols Vs the WorldTM
  • they would make a deal as kids (so it’s more like a pact) that they would always look out for each other
  • and then drake would happen and they would literally only trust/go to each other
  • then andrew would go to juvie and aaron would be a Mess
  • he’d visit him so much and get into exy because andrew told him how they were making him play to be “productive” or w/e
  • and he’d get out and reject the ravens’ recruiting offer because he can’t leave aaron???
  • eventually they’d get recruited to the foxes together w/ nicky
  • and they’d be a fucking ForceTM on the court together
  • like it’s canon that they’re good together when andrew actually tries
  • and in this au andrew always tries because i say so FIGHT me
  • because he actually had someone constantly there for him growing up, to help shoulder his problems, and who went through the same horrible things as him
  • so they are actually Bros
  • and exy actually helps them get through their traumas and bring them back together after they probably grew apart in the wake of drake and while andrew was in juvie (because boyfriend still doesn’t know how to express his emotions so he would def pull away)
  • i digress; ANYWAY
  • freshman year aaron meets katelyn and they do the Flirty FlirtTM
  • andrew is highkey jealous because who does she think she is, coming in and stealing aaron’s attention???
  • so aaron and katelyn still avoid being together in front of andrew
  • but then sophomore year and fucking neil comes along
  • and aaron backs up all of andrew’s schemes to figure neil tf out because who even is this guy
  • but then something happens and suddenly neil is like another kevin to Andrew
  • aaron does Not Like It One Bit
  • he’s now sharing andrew two ways
  • Not Okay
  • and then andrew and neil start Doin the Do that they Do
  • and suddenly aaron can understand why andrew is so vehemently against him and katelyn
  • it’d been just them for so long, and they were the only ones who could understand each other
  • and maybe katelyn doesn’t understand everything aaron’s been through/the things he’s had to do, but she loves him despite all the shit she’s learned
  • but suddenly neil comes along and seems to understand andrew as well as better than aaron does
  • they’d be so protective of each other i cry
  • so tldr they’d still hate katelyn/neil but they would actually say it’s because they weren’t gOOD ENOUGH FOR THEM excuse me while i scream
Olicity Fic Survey - Redux

I posted this once before, after the end of s3. But lately, I’ve wanted to revisit this specific rec list. I know I have some new answers. I also added some new categories, for fun. :) 


  • The fic I’m really proud of: All of them, honestly. 
  • The fic I had fun writing: My True Love Gave To Me - this year’s Christmas AU. I took JUST over a week to write 50k words, based on a Lifetime Christmas movie and it was such a ride. 
  • The fic that stressed me out a lot but ended up okay: this would have to be In the Moment (we’re lost and found) because I did not write the entire fic before posting. And that just stresses me out to do that. I just wanted to know I could do it and I definitely could but I do not want to try it again.
  • The most popular fic I have: This one is still Let Your Heart Be Light. I think it will ALWAYS be Let Your Heart Be Light. 






Dating Mafia!EXO Would Include.

Yessss I live for mafia!exo and you write so wonderfully, thank you! If you had time/it was something you wanted to do, do you think you might do a “dating mafia!exo” for the members? Hope you have a great day!

Note: I hope you have a great day too! I have made this a little differently than the others but I still hope that you will love it anyway! Fighting~

Huang Zitao/ Tao| Kim Jongdae/ Chen| Park Chanyeol| Kim Junmyeon/ Suho| Kim Minseok/ Xiumin| Oh Sehun| Kim Jongin/ Kai| Do Kyungsoo/ D.O.| Byun Baekhyun| Zhang Yixing/ Lay| Lu Han| Wu Yifan/ Kris| Mafia!EXO|

Main Masterlist - EXO Masterlist

I also wanted to make a quick note (since I’m getting a lot of mafia requests at the moment) that some of the themes I am writing about are wrong, and you should always remember that while mafia AU can be fun to write fictitiously about, is NOT morally right in real life, it is equal to terrorism. I just wanted to make a quick reminder, and that I hope you are all living safely. Okay, moving onto the reaction!~

Park Chanyeol

  • This man is going to be the motivator of the mafia. He’s the most optimistic of the group of men, and acts almost like the glue, keeping them all together, this is going to be apparent when he is around you as well.
  • Dating as much as he can.
  • Even if it’s a five minute meal in a fast food restaurant
  • Or three hours exploring an art museum
  • He’s going to do his best for you.
  • He knows how difficult it is to be in the mafia and the cost of what each action he makes is which is why you’re always his first priority.
  • Even though he is tough in his job, he’ll always be much softer and sweeter with you.
  • His life in the mafia is going to stop him from living a normal life, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t going to try his best and bring as much normality into it as he possibly can
  • Dating Chanyeol is going to be difficult, there’s no sugar coating that, but it’l be worth it if you’re prepared to take the ride with him.

Do Kyungsoo/ D.O.

  • Kyungsoo is a damaged man, as you can imagine.
  • Everything he’s seen, everything he’s done, and it’s highly unlikely that he’ll ever fully be able to clean the blood off his hands.
  • But he is always going to be sincere to you, even if he does have his issues.
  • He will more than likely be very worried about you a lot of the time because he knows how dangerous it is to fall in love in such a cruel business.
  • He will try and bring normality into you life by cooking meals for you whenever he can.
  • You’ll be the only person that he’ll open his emotions to, so sometimes he’ll come home after a job and just burst into tears in your arms. And though he rarely tells you what actually happened (to protect your innocent mind from his disturbed jobs) he will still lean on you emotionally.
  • Him giving you your first shot gun to protect yourself.
  • Him being proud of you when you beat Baekhyun in your first ever hand to hand combat training.
  • Him falling in love with you further and further every day.

Byun Baekhyun

  • Baekhyun takes his work very seriously, but when he’s around you he feels as though he can let out his less serious and more fun side.
  • Like Kyungsoo, he’s likely to lean on you when it comes to emotional support, and will like to have a lot of fun with you to distract his disturbed mind and traumas.
  • He likes to call you ‘Jagi’ or ‘Jagiya’ because it gives him some kind of security and makes him feel as though his life is normal, even if it is only for a little while.
  • His first gift to you on your first birthday being with him is a knife with your name engraved on it, he tells you to carry it around with you for protection as he worries endlessly about you.
  • Baekhyun can have the tendency to be very stubborn and set in his ways, and sometimes you’re the only one that can bring him back.
  • Him leaving notes over the house with ‘you can call me monster’ because he knows it makes you smile.
  • Him wearing clothes that you like because your opinion matters the most to him, even if the other members tease him for it.
  • If your relationship ever progressed (pregnancy, or marriage level) he would do everything in his power to get you and himself away from the mafia business.
  • His main goal now he’s with you is to make you happy and to provide for you in the best way he can. Even if it isn’t always clean.

Oh Sehun

  • Him being infatuated with you and loving to do things that involve you both doing ‘normal’ couple things because it makes him feel safe and secure.
  • Him getting really pissed off when he finds out that you’ve been meddling in his job.
  • “Am I protecting you for nothing?! You could have died!”
  • He can be harsh, but it’s because he cares about you the most, you’re all he has.
  • Him opening up to you about his feelings and emotions when he becomes more close with you and finally begins to trust you.
  • You finding his job kind of sexy and him never hesitating to boast about how manly he can be.
  • “Want me to show you how strong these hips really are, Jagi?”
  • Him giving you weapons training so you can protect yourself if you ever need to.
  • But it always turns into cuddles and fluff or passionate, open mouthed kisses that lead to you both making the surface of the weapons table impure.

Zhang Yixing/ Lay

  • Yixing is one of the more dangerous members, without a doubt.
  • With origins from China, he also knows a lot of dangerous people across Asia, all of which he is never going to introduce you to.
  • Because he knows how dangerous it would be, and he simply can’t lose you.
  • He finds himself confiding in you a lot about his work - something the others wouldn’t do. He does leave out some of the gory details, but he will admit to his wrong doing.
  • Unexpectedly, Yixing can get rather emotional and has been known to cry in front of you.
  • But it’s simply because he trusts you the most and he hates the idea of hiding anything from you. Sure, he’s in the mafia, but he still cares about you more than anything else in the world.
  • He’s teach you tricks that he has learnt being in the mafia, for example, cracking online codes or how to use a gun properly - his arms wrapped around you from behind as he helps you aim the gun towards the perfect point of the target.
  • “That was a perfect shot, baobei.”
  • Him living to the promise that he’ll take you away one day and you’ll both have a normal life.

Kim Jongdae/ Chen

  • Jongdae is a trusted worker, so he gets a lot of the more intense jobs.
  • Which can put a strain on his mental state, even when he’s with you - but that’s always solvable, and he’ll never do anything to hurt you.
  • Him being the protective kind of boyfriend.
  • And will not tolerate anyone trying to touch you or flirt with you whenever the two of you go out. Last time someone attempted that they earned a black eye and a bloody nose.
  • Even though he is against the law, he does have a sense of morality about him.
  • He knows what he’s doing is wrong, but that’s just the way his life is and he accepts that. What he wants now more than anything is to keep you safe.
  • “Stay with me, Jagi.”
  • He’ll be very insistent on taking you out on dates, especially to calming places like the beach where he can let out all of his frustrations and get everything off his chest.
  • Him treating you as much as he can because he knows how hard it must be for you to date someone in such a dangerous industry.

Kim Minseok/ Xiumin

  • When you and Minseok started dating, no one expected him to be serious about it.
  • It turned out that you were the most real thing he’d ever had in his life and he would give absolutely anything without hesitation to keep you safe.
  • He spent most of his career working alone but now he has you, he feels so much more secure even if you aren’t on missions with him.
  • “I only pretended like I was cool, I wasn’t - I cried alone, and I was depressed as hell. Now I have you, everything seems… okay.”
  • Him not being the best at opening up but soon learns to trust you.
  • The two of you being teased by the other members for the “activities” you get up to in the dorm bedrooms
  • But that’s only going encourage Minseok to do it more.
  • His “punk” style being incredibly sexy, and his hair is a different colour every few months. God bless the pink.
  • Him keeping close tabs on you to ensure you’re safe.

Huang Zitao/ Tao

  • Tao is the martial artist within the group and has the most experience when it comes to combat fighting
  • So be prepared for him to be incredibly strong
  • He is literally going to pin you down with a smirk because god knows you’re never going to get up unless Tao lets you.
  • “I’ve got you baobei~”
  • Even though he is a mafia worker, he is incredibly childlike and sweet around you - his mentality isn’t in a great state, but that doesn’t stop him from loving you.
  • He will buy you a lot of things, especially cuddly toys, somewhat for his benefit, but he loves the way your eyes light up as he offers you a stuffed animal.
  • “It’s cute”
  • “It reminded me of you.”
  • Him being the most sweet and caring man in the world but if anyone tried to hurt you he would beat their asses.

Kim Junmyeon/ Suho

  • Junmyeon is the leader of the mafia and therefore isn’t necessarily the best when it comes to stress levels and maintaining it.
  • Which is why he loves being around you - because you help him forget about all the worries he has.
  • “Did I ever tell you that you’re amazing jagi?”
  • He will keep you away from his job at all costs and doesn’t reveal much of what happens under his control
  • He wants to keep you safe more than anything.
  • You’re the reason he’s still sane, even with all the issues in his head - he’ll treasure you more than anything in his life and spend as much time with you as he can
  • Him giving you the phone number of him and all the members in his mafia in case something happens along with your personalised gun to protect you
  • Him being insistent on taking you out on expensive dates
  • But nothing beats the two of you lying in the comfort of the bedroom holding each other in your arms.


  • Even with a baby face he’s as lethal as they come and incredibly skilled at what he does
  • Dating him is going to be like a fast movie with spontaneous enemy fights, long desirable kisses and sex in the back of expensive cars.
  • Since his job is not so pure, it’s known that he has a lot of money - something he will use with you.
  • He will love to go out on dates and show you off, even in the casinos where he plays poker and drinks a large beer
  • But he’ll admire you the most when you’re alone together where he can talk to you about the smallest thing to the deepest secrets in his mind - and that’s what he loves the most about you.
  • The thought of losing you is his worst nightmare, so be prepared for him to be very protective of you.
  • “Just take the knife jagi, it will make me feel better.”

Kim Jongin/ Kai

  • Jongin is a very loyal worker in the mafia which means he has a lot of involvement in jobs.
  • But that doesn’t mean that he isn’t going to put time apart to spend with you and to make sure you’re his first priority
  • He doesn’t want you to suffer the same way that he has
  • So he makes sure that you look after yourself and your health the most because it means a lot to him that you have a healthy body and a healthy mind.
  • Him taking for you on dancing dates/ lessons because it helps him to relax
  • He also loves the way you look when you’re swaying in his arms and smiling at him with your beautiful lips.
  • “You’re more beautiful than anything on this planet, Jagiya.”
  • Him always kissing you goodbye before he leaves because really, who knows if he’s actually going to make it home later that night?
  • Him loving you wholly.

Wu Yifan/ Kris

  • He is the leader of a smaller group of the mafia, which is like what Jumnyeon does but with a smaller group of people
  • He has the tendency to get stressed easily
  • Which is where you come in very usefully to help him de-stress. He loves it when you hold him, or even if it is a simple kiss, it makes him feel safer and happier.
  • Even though he won’t show it, you mean more than everything to him
  • He will more than likely jokingly dismiss you as you tell him that he’s the best thing that’s ever happened to you.
  • “Ah you’re just being kind. You’re adorable.”
  • Alone time with you is what he lives for, even if it’s simply cooking a meal, or moaning into the sheets of a bed
  • He just loves you more than life.
  • And treasures you a lot more than you’ll ever know. 

Poor Chris, though, he’s just won gold, but is he going to enjoy it? Nope. No way. Ce n’est pas possible. As much as he wanted to finally beat Viktor, he definitely didn’t want it to be like this, due to his strongest opponents’ emotional incapacitation. Plus, he’s Viktor’s wingman only emotional support best friend, so there’s no way in hell he isn’t at Viktor’s side instead of celebrating.

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Moana AU! Yata sets out to the sea to get grumpy demigod Fushimi to return Te Fiti's heart. Fushimi acts like he doesn't care but secretly just wants to be loved <3 Doting tattoo Munakata trying to get Fushimi to socialize and absolutely useless chicken sidekick Mikoto who's always sleeping add to the fun!

Mikoto the lazy useless chicken is maybe my new favorite thing XD So Yata is the son of the village chief of small island tribe Homra and he likes all the people there and everything but he also finds himself constantly looking out at the sea and wishing he could go out exploring. He feels really cooped up stuck on the island, plus he’s not really sure how good a chief he’d be anyway and he’s always worrying that he’s not going to be able to measure up to the standards of a chief. The only person who he feels kinda understands him is official village crazy person Totsuka, who spends all his time hanging out in the shallows playing with the rays and looking out over the horizon. One day Yata gets into a fight with his mentor Kusanagi and runs off, Totsuka finds him and asks if Yata wants to come explore the cool cave Totsuka found. Yata figures why not and the two of them head off together. While searching the cave Yata discovers a bunch of old boats and realizes that the people of Homra were once voyagers how traveled the sea and had awesome adventures. Yata of course is all hyped up for this but Kusanagi reprimands him for it because no one’s allowed to leave the island, there’s nothing but danger out there on the ocean (which Kusanagi knows, because when he was young he tried to go out exploring and his best friend Mikoto came with him and drowned. In Mikoto’s honor Kusanagi has named his laziest chicken after him).

Yata’s all depressed that he’s not allowed to go exploring the way his people used to when strange things start happening on the island, like all their harvested coconuts are rotten and there’s no fish, plus people have maybe started coming down with like some kind of strange corrupting disease. Yata’s feeling helpless because even though he’s supposed to be the guy who everyone looks to for help there’s not really anything he can do. That’s when the ill and dying Totsuka calls Yata into his hut and gives Yata this strange glowing stone. He tells Yata that the magic glowing rock is actually the heart of the god Weismann, who created the world and then fell into a long sleep on the island of Dresden. Legend says Weismann’s heart was stolen by a demigod named Fushimi and then lost when Fushimi was defeated by a god of destruction called Colorless who also wanted the heart. The blight that’s affecting the island is the effects of Colorless’s rage, finally reaching their small island. Yata’s all confused as to how Totsuka got the rock and Totsuka says he saw the ocean bring it to Yata when Yata was little. Yata’s all confused and then he remembers one day when he was little and tried to go look at the ocean, and the water parted for him. Yata’s mom pulled him away before he could wander too far but Totsuka thought the rock was pretty and kept it. He gives it to Yata and tells Yata not to worry, everything will be all right, and he believes that Yata can restore the heart and save everyone. Yata’s worried though because by giving him the heart Totsuka suddenly looks weaker than before and maybe Totsuka just smiles shakily and says that it’s fine, he was always sickly and knew he’d die young and that maybe he should have given Yata the heart earlier before things got this bad but he wanted to live just a little longer. He’s going to be reincarnated as a ray though, so it won’t be that bad, and he tells Yata to smile.

Poor heartbroken Yata promises Totsuka that he’ll fix things and he runs out to the nearest boat, setting out to sea. He’s already out of sight of the village when he realizes there’s a chicken asleep in the bottom of the boat and is like well, I guess it’s just you and me Mikoto-san (Yata’s always been very polite to the chicken okay, he’s heard stories about the chicken’s namesake from Kusanagi and he has Respect). Yata figures if he wants to restore the heart he needs help and figures the best guy for the job would be that demigod who took the heart in the first place. There’s no story saying what happened to Fushimi after he lost the heart though, so Yata decides he’ll just trust his gut and the ocean to take him to the right place. He ends up washed up on an island with a skinny tattooed nerd in glasses glaring down at him and asking him if he even knows how to sail, what kind of moron goes out on the ocean without knowing how to work a boat.

Yata immediately jumps up like listen asshole I’m new at this and anyway who says you could do any better. The guy clicks his tongue and says that he could but he doesn’t have a boat, he’s been marooned on this island for ages and he’s not interested in company. Yata’s like good because I don’t want to keep you company but that’s when he notices that one of the guy’s tattoos is moving, which is really weird. The guy glares down at his tattoo and tells Yata that the tattoos are of his so-called ‘exploits’ and Yata realizes that he’s staring at demigod Fushimi. Yata asks Fushimi to help him out but Fushimi’s like not my problem, he’s not interested in the troubles of humans because it’s not like they have any interest in him, after all. Maybe in the stories Fushimi’s always been treated like a semi-bad guy rather than a hero, like the things he’s given to humanity are always treated like accidents and he was actually trying to cause trouble. Yata tells him that for once he could do something to help people instead of being a jerk, saying he has the heart of Weismann and if they can restore it to where it belongs all the darkness sweeping the land will be swept away. Fushimi looks just interested enough to distract Yata so he can steal Yata’s boat, Yata immediately runs after him and Fushimi tries to toss him off the boat only for the ocean to kindly deposit Yata back on it. Yata gives Fushimi this smirk like see, you can’t leave me and Fushimi rolls his eyes because okay I can’t get rid of you but I’m still not helping.

So then the two of them have to go on an epic journey to restore the heart. In order for Fushimi to reach full power he needs his magic knives so they have to find those first and on the way Yata learns that Fushimi’s not really a god by birth, he was thrown into the sea by his asshole parents who didn’t want him and the goddess of the sea made him a demigod, Fushimi assumes just because even she didn’t want him and this way it got him out of the sea. During the quest to retrieve the knives Yata ends up helping Fushimi multiple times, like maybe at one point Fushimi gets injured by some bad guys after the heart and the wound is poisoned so he has to ride out the fever and he’s shocked and confused to find Yata by his side taking care of him the whole time. Yata figures that Fushimi’s an asshole but he’s also kinda cool. As they get closer to where Weismann is supposed to be sleeping though Fushimi keeps getting more reluctant because he fucked this up once and what if he does it again. The small sparkling bespectacled man on one of his tattoos keeps giving him encouraging sign language pep talks while Yata has some long talks with chicken Mikoto because he has to bare his soul to someone and the chicken’s there, okay.

They reach the island of Dresden and that’s when the two of them are attacked by Colorless. Yata tries to fight back against Colorless and is almost killed, Fushimi freaks out because maybe he didn’t even steal the heart to begin with, it was lost during like a seaquake and Fushimi tried to retrieve it to show he wasn’t useless and failed and now here he’s going to fail again and the only person who was ever precious to him will be destroyed. He abandons Yata, claiming that he doesn’t care about restoring the heart and probably finds something of Yata’s to set on fire out of spite (“There goes your oar, Misaki.” “Fuck you Saruhiko I need that to steer!”). Yata’s all heartbroken and angry but then the spirits of his ancestors and Totsuka rally around him and it gives him the courage to go try again, along with his trusty chicken. Fushimi sees Yata in danger and tiny tattoo Munakata just gives him this significant look, Fushimi sighs and goes running to save Yata. Together they reach Dresden island but can’t find the sleeping Weismann. Fushimi turns to look at Colorless and tells Yata to place the heart in the spot on the forehead of the fox mask that covers Colorless’s face. When Yata does the evil god’s body changes and he reawakens as Weismann, thanking Fushimi and Yata for saving him and reversing all the blight that covered the land. In the end Yata drags Fushimi back to his island where everyone can now join Fushimi’s tattoo in doting on him and loving him.


we still don’t know a lot about keith actually… how did he meet shiro? how did he become an orphan?? how was his childhood? it’s a bit au-ish since we’ll probably know it soon… it’s canon divergence i guess? well any excuse is okay to make a keith centered comic

also their relationship is NOT romantic. this is just a story about a kid trying to find himself or smth. i would love to draw what happens next but i’m not sure if i have the skills nor the patience

just acting, right?

pairing: lin x reader

prompt: au !highschool where you get cast as sandy and lin gets cast as danny and you guys have to kiss lol cooties

warnings: lots of fluff, i don’t think i swore ??

words: 2,269

a/n: !!! i love drama kids so much and i’m sorry if this like offends any of you!! i really hope you like this one bc i’m super very really extra proud of this and idek why but okay i love u all pls lemme know what you think ok goodnight xo

You and Maria were standing up against you locker. Maria was telling you about some new jeans she had bought and you were “listening.” Honestly, you were just looking at him. Not creepily - just, you know. It was Lin

Lin was talking to his friend Anthony, eyes flashing towards you every few moments. You blushed when your eyes made contact, looking down to your feet. 

“Are you listening to me?” Maria sighed, her words drenched in sarcasm.  

You scrambled for an excuse but sighed, “’M sorry. I just -”

“Hey, Y/N,” Lin said, interrupting you with easy grace. 

You took a breath, Maria quickly filling your void, “Hey, Lin. Are you auditioning for the play?" 

Lin smiled, nodding, "How about you?”

Maria put a sweet grin on her face, “Yeah. Y/N is going out for Sandy,” she put her hand to her mouth like she was telling a secret, “But she’ll deny it if you ask." 

Lin laughed when you scoffed, "I’m sure you’ll get it, what about you Maria? Rizzo?”

“You you suggesting something, Mr. Miranda?” She teased easily. 

Lin laughed and put his hands up in surrender, “I’ll see you ladies in there,” his eyes were bright, “Bye, Y/N.”

You forced a smile, groaning as he walked away. 

“I’m such an idiot,” you sighed, banging your head on the locker next to yours.  

“You’re not an idiot,” Maria said, pulling your shoulder back, “You just need a little more confidence around him.”

“And how does that happen?”

Maria giggled, “I don’t know! He’s a senior. In drama. It’s not like he’s that intimidating.”

“He’s popular,” you shrugged, slamming your locker and started walking to homeroom. 

“See you for auditions!” Maria winked, tossing some hair over her shoulder before walking the other way. 

What the hell did you get yourself into?

Auditions came quicker than you expected, and casting even sooner. So when Maria came over, eyes bright and smile big, you almost didn’t comprehend what she was saying. 

“You got Sandy!”

Well, you understood that. What you missed was, “And Lin is Danny!”

You felt comfortable, excited even. Maybe a little guilty towards the few senior girls who didn’t get the lead. And here you were as a junior playing Sandy. Still, that guilt faded when Lin gave you a hug on the first day of rehearsals, telling you how proud he was of you. 

The first day of practice was just a script run through. You hadn’t seen Grease in a while, so it was a much needed refresher. 

However, you reached some of the last few pages, and you saw the words: 

They kiss.

Then a few lines down?

Danny kisses Sandy more passionately.

You coughed awkwardly, blushing when Lin shot you a sheepish smile. In place of it for now, Lin blew you a kiss from three seats down. 

You let out an airy laugh, embarrassed a little. You should be happy about this, right? You crush is going to kiss you - twice. You should be happy. You are happy. Right?

Rehearsals continued for about a month before Alex came up at the end of a Friday. 

“Hey, Y/N, can you hold up a minute after?" 

"Ugh, yeah,” you said, putting your bag down. You wrapped a gray sweater around your body. 

“Hey,” a voice said, making you jump. Lin.

“Sorry,” he said, scratching the back of his neck, “I didn’t mean to startle you.”

“No it’s, it’s fine.” At the sight of him, a smile rose on your face without permission. 

Lin opened his mouth to say something more, taking a step closer to you when he was interrupted. 

“Good, both of you are here.” Alex said, clasping his hands together, “So, I want to run the kiss on Tuesday, okay?”

You and Lin exchanged a look, both of your cheeks tinted pink. 

Lin raised his eyebrows at you, as if asking for permission. 

“Sure,” you said as confidently as possible. Still, you’re nearly positive your voice broke.

Monday night, Maria came over. She had gotten Rizzo and told her mom she was “running lines” wth you. In reality, she was trying to calm your anxiety. 

“Maria, I’ve never kissed a guy - what am I going to do? What if I’m a bad kisser? What if my breath smells bad? What if he never wants to kiss me again? Oh my gosh. I’m gonna kiss Lin - oh shit. Oh my gosh. I can’t kiss Lin! I - ”

“Y/N! Stop! You need to chill out. You’re making a track.”

You looked down to see where you were pacing, and sure enough, you had created a flat in the carpet. You sighed and flopped down on the bed. 

“What am I going to do?”

Maria looked to you on her side, “Didn’t you kiss that guy Jack? Just do the same thing!”

You let out an exasperated sigh, “We were like, eleven. It doesn’t count.”

Maria shrugged, “You’re gonna be fine. You just have to chill out.”

Tuesday morning rolled around and you were a zombie through all of your classes. Maria was a little nervous, but she was nothing compared to you. You were constantly replaying all the times you had run this scene and Lin would dip you and Eskimo kiss you or raspberry your cheek and just make you laugh. And now the thought of being near him made you as sick as it did a month ago at your locker.

Lin came up to you before rehearsal, biting his lips and practically bouncing.

“You sure you’re okay with this? I can talk to Alex and see if -”

“Yeah, it’s totally cool.” No, I’m a mess, you thought. “It’s just acting, right?” Wrong, I’ve had a crush on your for three years, you thought.

Something flashed across Lin’s face at that, but it was gone before you could recognize it.

“Cool,” he nodded before skidding away.

The kiss wasn’t until the very end of rehearsal, and for a moment, you thought he was going to postpone it until tomorrow. You checked your watch: 4:09. Practice ended at 4:30, so all you had to do was stall for -

“Y/N! We’re gonna run the kiss scene dry first, okay?” Alex called over. You sighed but nodded feebly. 

Lin was still bouncy, a little smirk on his lip though. 

“Start at the beginning of Act II, scene four, okay?” Alex said, but words were mushed together at this point. Lin was looking at you with bright eyes. Still, you couldn’t avoid the snickers you heard from the senior girls across the room, watching you with beady eyes.

You felt Lin - well, Danny - put his arm around you, signally your cue.

Is this okay?” You tried to sound innocent, like Sandy would.

You dialogue continued for a few more lines.

I should’ve given this to you a long time ago,” Lin said.

Now, you thought. Lin took in a small breath and everything was suddenly in slow motion. His gaze flashed to your lips then back up to your eyes. You flushed your eyes shut, leaning ever so slightly to feel his lips graze yours. You could feel his smile ever so lightly on your mouth, pulling him closer by the back of his neck. It was short and sweet, how the script directed. 

Danny fixes himself before saying, “I really like you Sandy.” Then, with more confidence this time, his lips found yours again. His lips moved like a melody over your own harmony. His hands were on your waist, pulling you closer to him in the prop car. You savored the kiss for a second longer before pulling away.

Take it easy, Danny! What are you trying to -” you paused when you heard the giggles of the girls in the black box, your cheeks immediately flushing red. Lin took notice of this, picking up where you had left off.

What’s the matter?” You couldn’t tell if it was Danny asking or Lin, so you rolled with the script despite the break in your heart. 

Why would he ever like you? He’s a senior. A popular senior. Lin wants a girl like them - popular, pretty, good at acting. Not you. Besides, it’s not like this was anything more than acting. 

So that night, before you left, when Lin asked if everything was alright?

You ignored him.

You only ran the kiss once more before the show during dress rehearsals. Lin was calm and collected through the entire thing, while you nearly got sick every time someone mentioned the show at all. 

The girls had gotten worse. You could feel their glare during every scene you had onstage. Still, you tried to block it out. One more week, and then this is all over.

It was around seven o’clock the day before opening night, and you were the last one in the theater. You were walking yourself through some choreography that you already knew by heart - you practically did it in your sleep. Humming along to the songs, you marked your dance. 

A crash made you stop. Turning to see who was there, Lin emerged slyly, a pint tint on his cheeks. 

“Hey,” he started. You offered a small wave but went back to marking your choreography.

“Hey,” Lin said again, this time grabbing your arm gently to stop your movements. 

“I’m practicing,” you tried.

“You’ve been practicing for two and a half months. You need to sleep now,” he tried.

You sighed, but nodded and started to pack your bag up.

Walking out of the theater, Lin ran to catch up to you. You were impatient, angry that you let your feelings get in the way and now you couldn’t focus and you were probably going to mess up the show and -

“Y/N?” Lin interrupted your thoughts, worry etched across his face.

You shook your head but started to walk away. Seamlessly, he grabbed your hand and pulled you back to him. You gasped when his hand went from his side to your cheek to push some hair behind your ear. 

His eyes flashed to your lips, the same way they did over a month ago on that Friday. You shut your eyes when you felt him close the distance, his soft lips gracing easily over yours, burning like a flame before sharply pulling away. You pointed at him, frustrated.

“Y/N, I -” you held up a hand.

“Just,” you paused, “Ugh!” 

You speed walked back to your car, not even turning on your lights as you skidded out of the parking lot. 

Opening night. 

It was going perfectly. You were beyond excited and even made small talk with a few of the senior girls. Lin tried to talk to you twice, but you would make up lame excuses as to why you had to go; each time leaving Lin sulking.

You had made it halfway through Act II, everything going off without a hitch, when it happened.

It was (obviously) the kiss scene, and Lin was an amazing performer. His lines were sharp and crisp, his attitude perfected, and his everything. He was ridiculously talented, and no one could take that away from him. So when he screwed up a line, you were not expecting it.

The first kiss was sweet, simple. And then it happened.

I really like you, Y/N,” he said, kissing you before he realized what he said. His lips touched yours with the same passion he was directed to but this time with a fire so bright it could burn. This kiss was different; it didn’t feel staged. You pulled away breathless, almost forgetting your line.

Take it easy, Danny! What are you trying to do?” You played, snapping him back into reality. Some of your lipstick had gotten on his mouth. You bit back a smile.

Your heart soared for another five minutes before you caught a senior glaring at you again. Annoyed, you fixed your lipstick and changed into your next costume.

The rest of the play continued, smooth sailing until the final bow. 

Lin held your hand tightly, squeezing before giving leading you forward for one more bow. 

You practically sprinted out of the theater, makeup half off and a pair of sweats thrown on with a teeshirt. You had nearly made it out of the school when he called out.

“Y/N, wait!” He was dressed similarly to you, wearing the Grease shirt you had gotten. 

You turned on your heel to face him, brushing a stray curl off your forehead. 

“You did really well out there,” he smiled.

“Thanks, you too.” You said as you pushed down any feelings you had for him, even ignoring his ‘I really like you, Y/N,’ slip. “See you tomorrow,” you tried, starting to leave.

“Wait!” Lin said, grabbing your hand like he had done just a day before.

“Lin,” you huffed, “I don’t know what you want me to tell you!”

“Tell me you felt something too,” he said immediately. “Tell me that, that - that wasn’t acting. That couldn’t be just acting, right?”

You took in a sharp breath, “But all the girls -”

“Y/N,” Lin laughed. His eyes were wide. He wet his lips before continuing, “You’re the only one I like.”

Your head shot up, “Wait, you like me?”

He took a step forward, a giggle bubbling out of him, “I’ve been flirting with your for months, but thanks for noticing.”

Your surprise was short lived when he took another step forward, lifting your chin with his finger before pressing his lips to yours. 

Unexpectedly: Part 9

A neighbor!Dean x Reader/ AU drabble series

Master List

A/N: Here is Part 9! I hope you guys like it. It’s super fluffy and really cute and, I just love fluffy Dean okay? Please let me know what you think. I love hearing from you! ♥

Word Count: 1,253
(not a drabble, I know. but it started out that way sooooo….)

- none, just a lot of fluff and cuteness.

Tags: (at the end)

*gif is not mine.

It was your first day off in a while, and Dean had basically begged you to stay over his apartment. You agreed of course, happy to wake up in his warm arms on such a chilly day. When you fluttered your eyelids open, only a small sliver of light peeked through his curtains. You rolled over as softly as you could, propping yourself up on your elbow to take in his face. The sun illuminated the dusting of perfect freckles that speckled his nose and cheeks. His lips were set in a pout, looking even more plump and delicious than usually. His hair was mussed on one side from sleeping on his arm, and you tried to stifle your giggle. Dean looked so handsome in this moment, and you wanted to cherish it forever.

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a few more Akaoi HCs

my reasoning behind these is still ‘why not’

~ I have a million ideas about how they could meet but I like to think about them becoming roommates when Akaashi starts college and just not getting along at all in the beginning, despite their friend circle (namely Bokuto, Kuroo, and everyone that comes with it) being pretty much identical. Akaashi just wouldn’t tolerate Oik’s bullshit at all and the latter thought of Akaashi as kind of a killjoy. That all changed once they got to know each other better and realized just how wrong they were about each other though. They ended up as good friends before they started falling in love.
~ now that they’re much closer, they understand each other pretty much without words. They’re both really perceptive, and they let their guard down around each other very easily.
~ they watch a lot of space documentaries together! They also like to visit the planetarium.
~ Akaashi is a blanket hogger par excellence. Oikawa is just cold. Poor guy.
~ touch either of them without consent and you will get fucked up
~ look, Akaashi has tried liking Ushiwaka, but it’s really hard when most of what he knows about him is via Oikawa, so now he harbours kind of a second-hand grudge …
~ Oikawa’s family absolutely loves Akaashi. It’s hard not to, really, but his sister’s taking it to the next level. (”I’m gonna plan the wedding!” - “IT’S BEEN THREE MONTHS GIVE US TIME”)
~ Takeru, too, loves Akaashi, mostly beause he now knows where to get blackmail material.
~ the first time they uploaded a selfie to Instagram they basically broke the internet. I imagine Oikawa to be really popular because like. Look at him. Tell me he wouldn’t be. So it’d be kind of a big deal. (completely unrelated, but my headcanon social media alias for him is definitely toorurun)
~ one time at a carnival Oikawa really wanted an alien plush so Akaashi went and pretty much destroyed the shooting gallery. Turns out he has scary precision. He could probably kill a man. That day, Oikawa made a mental note to never get on his bad side.
~ Akaashi tries to watch everything Oikawa’s currently hyping, even if he doesn’t like it at all. The amount of terrible soap operas he has sat through just to know what Oikawa was crying about is ridiculous. It’s worth it though, because in the end he gets to see his boyfriend happy.
~ this works vice-versa too - Akaashi doesnt get nearly as hyped up about things as Oikawa does, but i’s obvious when he’s excited about something. Most of the time Oikawa has no idea what he’s talking about (it’s mostly school-related stuff, I imagine Akaashi as like a photography major so there’s lots of stuff Tooru’s never even heard about, who knew taking photos could be so damn technical), but listens anyways because damn, he’s cute when he’s excited.


Okay, this is a legit dilemma: I need to wait for the pictures to load to make sure they’re in the right order, but tumblr app is just #nope on me rn and I’m suffering but I can’t submit without checking first.

Do you see my problem?

Just like the Thanksgiving comic, this PTA Sans moment was also inspired by a text post made by @nerdy-knitter ! I loved the idea a lot, so I drew it ^^ I’ll link the original post in a sec… HERE TAKE IT: http://nerdy-knitter.tumblr.com/post/134407481913/pta-sans-vaccinating-other-peoples-shitty

I love UT AUs so much.

Rays of sunshine


Requested by: anon

I was wondering if you could write an imagine about bucky amd the reader where the reader is just like an overly excited person and always smiling and happy and at first bucky is very annoyed but then one night he finds out that she’s actually lost everything (or got out from an abusive relatioship idk what you prefer) and she’s only acting very happy but deep down she’s very sad and dark so bucky takes interest and their relationship gets better (maybe she could fall in love with him but he doesn’t love her like that he just really want to take care of her but she’s okay with it) and idk maybe a lot of fluff? Pleaseee 💕💕💕

Summary:  AUAs Tony brings a new addition to the team, Bucky barnes can’t help but feel annoyed by her. (sorry, I suck at summaries) FLUFF.

Warnings: a little angst, swearing. (if you know me, you should know by now that i love swearing)

Word count: 3357

A/N: This ended up being so long! I was planning on making a relatively short imagine and it got out of hand (whoops!) but inspiration hit and now I’m really happy with the finished project. Thank you to the lovely anon who requested this! I hope you like it

Originally posted by wintersthighs

Bucky Barnes is impossible to annoy.

Or so does everyone think until you move to the tower.

Since the moment you step foot on the building, hands filled with boxes and wearing brightly colored clothes, he can’t help but feel a small pang of anger in his chest. He’s barely gotten used to seeing everyone at the tower, and now Tony wants to add yet another bothersome, noisy human being to the equation. Great, fucking great.

“She’ll be her for a while, Barnes, don’t be so rude. I’m sure you won’t mind the company.” He says quietly, elbowing him on the side before he goes to help you with your boxes.

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Okay so I’ve seen a lot of fics and headcanons where Miles talks to a channeled Gregory, or an AU Gregory, and it’s all just love and support and wonderfulness. And I love those.

But as someone who lost her father and is still finding out some surprising little things about him? I want Miles to have this experience too.

I want a German-raised Miles horrified to learn that his father actually liked American beer.

I want Gregory to be equally horrified when Miles drops thousands on a single suit without even blinking because good lord, Miles, how are you going to send my grandbabies to college if you keep spending like that? (…Father, I‘m not sure you’ve realized, but -  there’s still time Miles, there are surrogates, you can adopt just like Nicky did)

I want Miles to sink through the floor when Gregory tells everyone about his embarrassing baby stories and pulls out the photo albums, “because I never got to do this at your twenty-first, that’s why, son”. And when I say everyone, I mean everyone. The whole Wright Anything Agency, Maya and Pearls, Ray, Kay, Franziska, Lang, Gumshoe and Maggey, Larry, Ema and Lana Skye, every single living prosecutor he’s ever worked with including Sebastian (Father, I have to work with these people!) and Miles is sure he heard an ominous whisper of ‘whippersnappers laughing at my Edgey-poo’ somewhere about.

Speaking of which, Gregory finds the whole saga of Oldbag desperately amusing when he learns of it, and a very put-out Miles threatens to not pay for surgery for the gut Gregory’s going to burst laughing.

Gregory and Miles horrified to learn the other is on the other side of the stepladder debate.

Miles is forcibly reminded that dad jokes came so easily to Gregory that he wasn’t even aware he’d made them at all.

Animal Shelter Volunteer!Junhui

Woahhhh back at it again with the terrible bullet aus! I’ve got some things that I’m working on atm though so hopefully soon I’ll be coming at you with some proper scenarios (pls stay tuned ily)

  • GOd damn this beautiful boy
  • He makes me feel a lot of things okay yeye lets gO
  • Highkey uSEs his prettiness against people
  • ,,,,well that’s what it seems like but in actual fact he just really loves the animals and wants to cuddle them a lot* But yeah it ends up that the other people that volunteer there either end up fancying him or being entirely endeared by him and secretly wish they could take photos of him when he’s playing with the kittens and petting the dogs
  • “OKay can you just,,, stay there….”
  • “Alright?? Wait why are you getting your camera out?”
  • I could see him taking on a lot of shifts?? Just bc it’s quite a rewarding feeling and he gets a kick out of it also the animals are cute
  • The reason why he starts volunteering there in the first place is because he once adopted a cat from there with his family and remembered being so excited about it !!!
  • So yeah when he decided that he’d like to do volunteering he picked this shelter without a second thought
  • …………….which is really lucky wow
  • because you always come in every week without fail to donate food and toys and nice things for the animals
  • Everyone that works there knows you and endlessly ask you to join them and work there too
  • But you always say you can’t because you’re busy with school and extracurricular activities* The first time Junhui sees you he’s not only grasped by your kindness, he’s also kinda blown away by how pretty you are
  • When you leave he goes up to another worker
  • “Who’s that?”
  • “Oh! That was Y/N, they bring in stuff for the animals every week.”
  • And for some reason you kind of get stuck in his thoughts
  • He spends the following week eagerly waiting for you to donate things again
  • And when the day you usually comes in rolls around he’s so !!! and excited* “I ! might ! see ! that ! person ! again !”
  • THIS TIME HE PLans on talking to you because why shouldn’t he??
  • But then he realises he doesn’t know what to say
  • And spends the time up until you arrive being concerned and confused and worrying that he might be really awkward and terrible o no
  • So yeah,,, it’s a ‘disaster’
  • Nonetheless, you arrive at the shelter, donations in hand* Suddenly he’s at a loss for words and decides to dash over to where the cats are because he doesn’t know what to say and maybe he’ll mess this up even though he lowkey wants it to be perfect with all of his heart* Why though???? Because from what the other volunteers have told him you’re lovely and sweet and kind and actually have a really good sense of humour
  • But he continuously has to remind himself that you haven’t actually spoken to each other yet so he can’t get his hopes up too much that you’re some kind of saint-like person* So yeah he goes and hides with the cats and probably ends up petting one of his favourite ones for a little bit
  • But oh,,..,.,,,,. You’ve brought blankets with you this time and have asked if you can see some of the cats today
  • Therefore, unbeknownst to Junhui, you’re heading his way and the other volunteers have said that since he’s already in there he can introduce you to all the cats
  • And he’s just sitting there, tirelessly running his fingers through a cat’s fur when you walk in and go
  • “Uh, you’re Junhui right?”
  • But you sort of make him jump so he jolts a bit and turns around, the cat he was petting held tightly in his arms* (but obviously it doesn’t scratch him or anything,,,, probably not anyway)
  • And you’re instantly thrown off guard because??? This cute and pretty boy is holding this equally cute and pretty cat in his arms and looks impossibly endearing and attractive
  • While you’re staring at each other, Junhui would probably blurt out some awful and greasy line that makes you start laughing
  • “Hey! That wasn’t meant to make you laugh,”
  • Thankfully the laughter has broken any awkwardness that might have latched onto the atmosphere of the room, and as he shows you around and introduces you to his favourite cats you get to know each other a little bit and yeah it’s really nice
  • So let’s just say he’d end up eagerly awaiting your arrival every week
  • (and any texts you might send him when you work up the courage to give him your phone number)

OKAY SO- I know I did a ballet au just a few days ago but–

Today Yuzuru Hanyu broke another world record (sorry I am a bit of figure skating trash) and I noticed how many things he has in common with Eijun. The AU sparked alone because the hand said so.
So I imagined young figure skater prodigy Eijun and older coach prodigy Miyuki, retired skater that can’t skate anymore because of a serious injury.
He just didn’t want to even look at figure skating anymore after his compulsory retirement but a friend (Kuramochi) dragged him to a regional competition and that’s where he spotted Eijun. Something sparked and he was so overwhelmed by his way of skating he decided to take him under his wing and become his official coach. 
His dream is to take him to winter olympics and win the gold medal. (SPOILER they do cf. the last four drawings ། ☉ ౪ ☉ །)

I’m just miyusawa trash leave me alone 

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sorrydontknowman replied to your postTheory: Jake English manipulated the English…

I would love to know how. I hate when people say that he is an idiot who just goes with whatever anyone tells him. I haven’t heard this perspective before

I am completely fucking roadblocked on my royalty AU I’m writing, so sure. LET’S TALK ABOUT JAKE ENGLISH, because my god I love Jake. I love all the Alphas (far more than the betas, sorry betas) but Jake is one of the mega faves, and it really makes me sad how few peeps get how Jake English’s brain ticks.

Blah blah this is my interpretation of Jake, if you have another that’s great, blah blah, DISCLAIMER OVER LETS TALK ABOUT TEH ENGLISH SPEEPSTAKES AND HOW JAKE WON IT HIMSELF.

Every Alpha has a huge fucking tragic flaw or five to their name, and one of Jake’s biggest flaws is his purposeful obfuscating stupidity. Because despite what Jane thinks of him, Jake is not actually stupid. He’s an incredibly resourceful kid who routinely works with robotics and nuclear materials and survivalism. He’s a rubber fucker, you cannot keep the boy down.

What he isn’t is good at being forthright about his desires. It’s really the central issue in Jake’s character arc, that he doesn’t know how to assert himself. On the Quest Slab, talking to Roxy, he outright says that all the things he believed about himself were wrong, that he had tied himself to this biographical list of personality traits only to… grow out of them or to realize they were never true.

To me, a central part of reading Jake is to notice the times he hides behind that persona. There are times when Jake talks about himself as in his personal feelings, the “I feel” emotions, and there are times when he doesn’t. When instead of talking about what he would do, he talks about what a Dashed Rugged Adventurer would do. And it’s pretty fair to say that a lot of the time, that’s a tactic to put a cipher between himself and what he’s saying, to make his real emotions more obscure.

For example: The Pesterlog Where Jane Could Not Spit It The Fuck Out.

When Jake brings up his apparent attraction to Jane, it’s not couched in what he feels about her. It’s about what this Hypothetical Guy should feel about her. Because cripes, of course anyone in Jake’s shoes should be thrilled to get with Jane, right?


When the cards are on the table, Jake’s regret with Dirk is that it wasn’t the way he wanted it to be. (And, Jake, don’t worry, Dirk feels the same, lol what a fucking MESS.) When Jane presses Jake it’s not about how a Gentlemanly Adventurer would feel about Dirk, it’s about the ideas he’s been percolating over, it’s about how he feels it’s unfair to write Dirk off for not being a girl. The barrier is gone, and Jake’s being at least more honest about his attraction to Dirk than he is to Jane.

Jake spent the entire day desperately trying to get a hold of Dirk to talk to him, and is genuinely upset he never got the chance to.

Jake absolutely knew what was going on with Jane when they had their big conversation about their feelings. Not only does he imply it on the Quest Slab, but Brain Ghost Dirk gives him shit for it during their huge conversation. Jake is not stupid. He repeatedly picks up on people’s flirtatious remarks to him, onto Roxy’s implications that Jane likes him, and does some flirting in return.

(mostly to dirk but nevermind that)

So when Jane shoves her foot in her mouth and tries to backpedal, Jake stops her, thanks her for speaking her mind, and almost instantly reassures her that he’s glad and relieved that she’s not interested in him while Jane scrambles to fix her blunder. But he doesn’t let her get a word in edgewise and launches into a conversation revealing that he’s been considering dating Dirk for a long time.

Ergo Jake takes the out Jane accidentally gives him, and then underhandedly informs her that he was more interested in Dirk the whole time. After all, any gent worth his salt would date Jane! But… what about Jake English?

The problem is that Jake can only set things up this way. He is terrified of disappointing people. Everything he did in the Trickster Arc, how his shortcut to “happiness” was cheerfully becoming a doormat for everyone’s desires, expounds on the idea.

I believe down to the bottom of my heart that if Jane hadn’t messed up and had successfully asked Jake out, he would have said yes. Because he doesn’t know how to say no. Because at this point in the narrative, he’s hitching his entire modus operandi to this nebulous idea of what he’s supposed to be, and it clashes with what he actually wants. Not just in regards to Dirk, but in the wider scope of his character.

Jake’s convinced he’s a cheerful extrovert when really he’s an intense introvert, and it puts him in this position where the only way he can get what he wants from people is in this quiet, underhanded way.

Jake wanted to date Dirk. So he let Jane stumble and mess up asking him out so Dirk would be the one to ask him out instead.  So he created a situation where he didn’t have to say no and could live in plausible deniability.

And from there obviously shit got Complicated, but Jake was not a shrinking violet with no agency in the situation. He’s a clever thing, which Jane never truly realizes.

todaysgonebi  asked:

okay so I've never thought one day I'd say this but I'm really excited to read a Flint x Wood werewolf AU so I do have to thank you for that!!! if this ship doesn't win, can I have some headcanons? I just can't stop thinking about it now. your writing is always lovely and sometimes it wrecks me but I love it

  • so.
  • marcus isn’t the werewolf in this story.
  • oliver often thinks, somewhat bitterly, that marcus should be–because he has the broad shoulders and the gruff voice and the raw, ruthless viciousness of a true predator–but marcus isn’t
  • because it’s a family curse, a genetic poison disguised as a metamorphosis; claws and teeth and fur, moonlit paranoia, a long-dead ancestor who’d drank too much ale and insulted the wrong witch. every time oliver howls, hears the eerie screeching echo of it dance around a forest clearing, he wants to tear himself into pieces; wants to unearth whatever unholy mutation in his blood, in his bones, in his body is forcing the change; and he wants to destroy it. rip and rend and revolt.
  • no one knows, of course.
  • he’s shipped off to school, and despite his precautions, despite his constant, near-pathological awareness of the calendar affixed to the back of his dormitory door, despite his absolute focus on the ever-changing phases of the moon and the stirring, aching pull he has to suppress seven days out of thirty–despite all of that, someone notices. someone sees.
  • marcus flint is the very worst rendition of oliver’s fear of being caught.
  • flint is huge, and heavily muscled, and mean. he clenches his hands into fists when he talks, and his gaze is unfailingly sharp–unfailingly frustrated–when he shoves oliver into the changing room wall after losing at weekend cricket. he sneers more than he smiles, and he has scars on his knuckles, silvery smooth and silky with age. he’s rough. hard. far more cunning than he lets on.
  • and his skin, his breath, his eyes–they’re almost unbearably hot as he reaches out to touch oliver on the night of a full moon.
  • “shit,” flint whispers, deep voice crackling like the leaves beneath his boots. “you–what are you?”
  • oliver isn’t mindless when he’s changed, but the inhuman shape of his jaw and the jagged, hulking line of his fangs make it next to impossible to properly speak. so he shakes his head. growls, and then instinctively flinches at the violence of the sound. a rose-thorned, gnashing burr lodged in the meat of his vocal chords. 
  • “you’re–you’re a–what’s it,” flint goes on, seemingly unbothered by oliver’s lack of verbal response. “a lycanthrope.”
  • his fascination is telling, oliver supposes. men like flint had a tendency to find the potential for brutality appealing, no matter what it was wrapped in. 
  • “you hate this, don’t you,” flint says, trailing a single callused fingertip down the unnatural ridge separating oliver’s forehead from the top of his nose. oliver swallows around another noise–this one softer, more plaintive, so much less angry than he’d needed it to be. “nice country boy like you? yeah, you definitely hate this. bet you think you’re a monster. bet you don’t even realize.”
  • oliver doesn’t move away as flint takes another step forward. 
  • “we aren’t so different, are we, oliver,” flint murmurs, and oliver waits for it, waits for the sour-sweet prickle of rage, inevitable and inescapable, waits for the urge to attack, to fight, to roar
  • it doesn’t come.
  • the next morning, oliver wakes up in an unfamiliar bed, in an unfamiliar room, with a very familiar face staring back at him from the opposite side of a pillow. a dried streak of mud stains the curve of flint’s cheek, and a twig is stuck in his hair.
  • “d’you remember?” flint asks, looking curious. calculating. nervous, too.
  • oliver hesitates. clears his throat. coughs, and then scratches at his neck, and then nods, just the once. “yeah,” he says, and flint’s expression flickers with something. yearning. longing. anticipation. “yeah, i remember.”
  • and the kiss, when it finally comes, hits him harder than a full moon.

differentandstupidhuman  asked:

What if marco find out that just tom had those issues with fire and find that tom was his childhood crush?

AHhhh! Okay! This was so cute I loved it! I love the headcanon that Tom can’t control his powers, because we see with his rage episodes and freak outs that they tend to get out of hand. So I think there’s a lot of support for it. And I love the idea of Marco helping him figure things out! The cuties I love them so much! I hope you like the fic!

Read the first on here! http://tomco-headcannons.tumblr.com/post/157456120097/can-i-see-a-drabble-where-marco-and-tom-were


Marco waited by the counselor’s office and drummed his fingers on the chair. He was supposed to have a meeting concerning his schedule for the coming year. But he was kept waiting. The woman at the desk saw he was still waiting and looked back at the office.

“I’m not sure if somebody’s in there, you can go back and check.” She said. Marco nodded and walked into the back hallway. He was about to knock on the door when he heard a familiar voice talking to the man inside.

“I’m really trying.” The voice muttered. Marco peeked in and saw the demon, Tom, he had been talking with the other day. He seemed like he was uncomfortable and having some sort of meeting.

“Tom, if you can’t control your powers maybe a school on earth isn’t the best idea for you.” The staff member said.

“But I’ve been going to school on earth my whole life.” Tom responded.

“Yes but how comfortable has that been for you and your peers? None of the other demon students had this issue. But you’ve been unstable since grade school. Everyone else seemed to click fine except you.” He broke the news, telling the kid what he already knew. “Just think about it, Tom.”

Marco stepped away from the door, a bit confused. Didn’t Tom say that it was normal for young demons to have trouble controlling their powers? So why was this different? Marco stepped back again, deciding it was wrong that listen in on their conversation. Marco stepped to the other side of the hallway when the door opened and Tom exited.

“Oh, hey Marco.” Tom waved. “Were you waiting out here?” He asked.

“Only for a second, I have a scheduling meeting.” Marco explained. Tom nodded and left the office. Marco watched him go and thought curiously to himself. Marco entered the office and the counselor wasted no time. He started talking about his electives, but Marco was paying no attention to this, he just kept thinking about that demon.

“Mr. Liner? I was wondering, for no real reason actually, just curious.” Marco blabbered.

“Get to the point.” Liner commanded.

“Is it normal for demon’s to have trouble controlling their powers? It’s just uh… I wanted to know because-” Marco struggled to find an excuse, but lucky for him the school staff didn’t really care enough about what was going on to protect privacy or feelings of students. The counselor just wanted this meeting to be over.

“No it’s not, they normally get quite a grip on them at a young age, now about you classes.” He hurried it along and Marco nodded.


“So what classes did you pick for next year?” Tom asked. Marco wasn’t really listening to his question. He kept playing with his thumbs. He was scared of asking this question to Tom, for two reasons. The first being he was afraid he was wrong and going to get shot down. His second reason was that Tom would become embarrassed and angry with him for figuring out his little facade. But Marco needed to know this.

“So I was talking to someone… and they actually said that it was… odd for a demon to not be able to control their powers? Do you know why that might be?” Marco asked, gently as possible. Tom blushed deeply and flared up, looking away.

“W-who told you that?” Tom asked. Marco rubbed the back of his head.

“I… just heard it.” Marco lied. Tom bit his lip and rubbed his hands together.

“Uh, look I just um… I don’t really-” Marco cut Tom off.

“Tom, I don’t care if it’s common of you’re the only one. But I need to know the truth.” Marco admitted. He then blushed deeply. “Because if it’s not common, then it would make a lot of sense.” Marco started. Tom looked at the human oddly.

“How come?” He asked.

“Well, remember the other day when we were talking? I told you about the kid I had a crush on when I was in grade school.” Marco started. “It’s just… he was a demon and he had trouble controlling his powers, but I loved him so much! He wasn’t just my crush, he was my best friend and we got along so well. And I thought…” Marco sighed. “You seemed so familiar. When you said you had that same issue I got excited because I thought I might have seen my best friend again.” Marco looked away and Tom played with his hands.

“It’s not normal. I’m pretty much the only one I know who does this.” Tom admitted, blushing furiously. “I guess I was just embarrassed to tell you that.” He explained. Tom’s blush deepened and he looked away. “I uh… in grade school, with your friend, did you two get in trouble for spilling soap in the bathroom?” Tom asked, he then laughed lightly. “Twice?” He added. Marco giggled a tiny bit and nodded.

“Yeah… did you?” He asked. Tom bit his lip, but nodded as well. He still looked embarrassed, but was smiling all the same.

“It’s nice to see you again, Marco.” Tom said, for lack of something better to say. Marco laughed and wrapped Tom up in a hug.

“We have a lot of catching up to do!” Marco smiled and squeezed the demon. “Look at you! I knew there was something familiar about you! I knew it!” Marco celebrated. Tom smiled and hugged Marco back, happy to see his friend.

“You know, I never got a chance to thank you.” Tom said. Marco pulled away, a bit confused. “Well… I had a lot of trouble making friends. I was really lonely as a kid until you came along.” Tom explained. “Thank you for that.” He finished, blushing deeper. Marco smiled and wrapped his arm around the demon.

“You did the same for me, if I’m being honest.” He admitted. “Thank you too.”

dinner with us

Characters: Reader x Jackson (single mother! AU)

Word Count: 1.7k

Prompt AU: I asked you to babysit one time and now my child keeps asking when you will spend time with them again – Single Parent AU

AN: Okay…so this one is my longest and yet I feel like not a lot happened? Like I feel like I could go further on this, maybe do a separate one where they have the date night? Would anybody be interested in that?

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Originally posted by defwang

Just take a deep breath, close your eyes, and when you open them again you will be calm.

The mantra that you had been using since the birth of your son was truly starting to lose its luster. After the third time repeating this, the splitting pain in your temple still going strong, you realized that today just wasn’t going to be a calm day at all. You knew from the moment you went to wake up your five-year-old son that the morning definitely wasn’t going to be calm.

Chulsoon had never been an easy child to wake up, but this morning it appeared that he was going to make that task extra hard. “Chulsoon, wake up sweetheart, you know that you have school today,” you said as you started walking around his room, kicking stray toys out of the way as you started going through his closet to pick out what he could wear to school that day. All you got in return was a drawn out whine as your little lump of a son turned over in bed, completely ignoring your request to him. “Chulsoon,” you scolded as you laid out the clothes.

“I expect you awake, dressed, and down at the kitchen table to eat breakfast in the next five minutes,” you said, trying to be as stern as possible. When your son emerged ten minutes later, his shirt backwards, and tears streaming down his face “I don’t’ want to go to school today,” he’ had whined, you knew that today was also going to be a late day. The poor child whines and dribbled all through breakfast, barely able to even eat more than five spoonful’s of cereal before you’d had to scoop him up and get his shoes on so you could drive him.

“C’mon sweetheart, help mommy out a little bit, I need to go to work today as well,” you say as your son flops himself on the floor after his shoes had been tied. Your neatly fixed hair was already starting to look disheveled as you tapped your foot, purse in one hand, Chulsoon’s backpack in the other. “Chulsoon now,” you scolded again, watching as he drug himself a few feet and then defeated managed to get on his two feet and get into the car.

It amazed you though that after the first five minutes of the drive he seemed to be in much higher spirits. “Mommy,” you heard him call from the backseat, his face directed outside though as he watched all of the buildings pass by. “Yes baby?” you asked, as you concentrated on the traffic ahead of you. “When is Jackson going to come back over and see me?” the question no longer surprised you. About three weeks ago you had asked a coworker of yours to watch him. Your usual babysitter had bailed on you and you had an extremely important work meeting that you needed to attend. Usually you would have been extremely picky with who was with your son, but you knew the coworker pretty well and trusted him. Plus, he’d met Chulsoon before in the past and they’d hit it off back then as well. Only now after he’d spent an entire evening with your son, he couldn’t’ seem to stop talking about him. “Chulsoon you know that Jackson is very busy with his own work as well.”

Looking into the rearview mirror, you could have sworn that you saw a few tears gathering up in your little boy’s eyes again, your own heart clenching a little. “But, I’ll make sure I talk to him today. Maybe he can come by this weekend,” and within an instant you had your smiling boy back.

Raising Chulsoon as a single mother had been one of the most trying times of your entire life. His father had passed away when you were five months pregnant, leaving you alone in Korea, pregnant, and a soon to be single mother that would be raising her child alone. Thankfully Chulsoon’s father’s family had been accepting of the pregnancy, and even after the death of their son, Chulsoon’s grandparents on his father’s side had helped tremendously. They supported you in the first few months after his birth, giving you time not only to grieve for your lost love, but to learn how to raise and take care of your new one. Once you were on your two feet they also helped you greatly financially, and you knew that you would always have a debt to pay to them for what they had down. For the time being they were just happy to be part of their grandson’s life, being able to see their son live on in him. And that was exactly what it was like having Chulsoon, who looked so strikingly similar to his father. After five years though, you had come to peace with knowing that your lost love was gone, and the idea of moving on and meeting someone who could love you and Chulsoon was always in the back of your mind.

When you had first met Jackson about a year ago in the office, you had to admit that he was strikingly handsome. While you worked the front desk and made sure that everything was put away and filed nicely for the company you worked for, Jackson was actually one of the music engineers that worked with various artists at the music company. Despite what many thought, your paths ran across one another quite often. You relayed any messages that he got, you delivered his mail and packages, and every day he appeared for work, he would stop by your desk and makes sure to sit and talk for a while; it was your routine.

But things had never quite left that routine, and for a while it felt like maybe nothing else was there between the two of you. Maybe he wasn’t into somebody who had a young child; or maybe he just wasn’t into you. The few other women that worked there disagreed heavily, saying he was secretly shy with that stuff and he needed time. But how much time were you willing to keep giving away?

Pulling up to the school, you parked and went around to Chulsoon’s side, unbuckling him from his car-seat and helping him out onto the sidewalk. “Goodbye sweetheart,” you say as you bend down and give him a kiss goodbye. “Remember to talk to Jackson!” your son instructs you as he turns and runs towards his classmates, you shaking your head slightly as you climb back into the car.

Another fifteen minutes and you were sitting in your receptionist chair, eyes on the front door as you greeted other employees and checked people in. Your head was down when he walked in but as soon as you heard his greeting, you knew who it was. “Miss [Y/N], you look lovely as always,” Jackson said, a bright smile on his face that instantly spread over to you, even as you ran your hand self-consciously through your messy hair. “Quit flattering yourself Jackson,” you say, a chuckle leaving your lips as you watch the mock hurt spread across his face, a hand going to his heart. “You turning away my genuine compliments kills me,” a laugh escaping his own lips as he leans casually on the counter in front of your desk.

“Any exciting plans this weekend?” you heard him ask, and while this question had been something that used to get your heart thumping, you couldn’t help but just give him a sad smile. The first time he’d ever posed that question you had been sure that he was going to ask you to do something. Of course that hadn’t happened, and now there you were however many months later, and he’d asked you that every single Friday leading up until that point. “Well…I did promise I’d do something for Chulsoon,” you say, leaning your chin on your hands as you look up at Jackson. His face immediately brightened at the mention of your son, your heart doing a quick skip at that as you nervously brushed your hair behind your ear. “He wanted me to ask you what you were doing this weekend.”

Jackson couldn’t help the bit of shock that went across his face as he looked at you. “What I’m doing?” he questioned, you nodding your head back at him. “He’s been talking about you ever since you watched him that one night and he really was hoping to see you again. I thought maybe if you weren’t busy you could come over Saturday and maybe have dinner with us?” you ask, biting your lip as you wait for his answer.

Of course you hoped more than anything that Jackson would say yes, because how on earth would you be able to calmly let Chulsoon know if he decided to decline you. Deep down though you were hoping that Jackson would say yes for your own sake as well. You couldn’t help but always feel like time was ticking for you. You weren’t as young as you used to be, and things were only going to get a lot crazier as Chulsoon got older and started joining more activities. After being a single mother for five years, you wanted nothing more than to just feel the intimacy of another human being. As badly as you wanted that person to be Jackson, you knew that you couldn’t keep simply hoping. Either one of you needed to act on this or you needed to move on.

Watching as Jackson leaned further onto the counter and smiled, you nearly let out a sigh of relief at his words. “I’d love to! Maybe I could come a little earlier and play with him, and then maybe stay a little later than dinner after he’s gone to bed and possibly…I don’t know spend some time with you,” his arm was rubbing the back of his neck as he said the last part, a small chuckle leaving his lips. Your own lips were pulling up into a large smile, your cheeks gaining just the slightest of color as you nodded your head in agreement.

“I think that would be lovely.”

“Perfect! Then I’ll be over at five on Saturday.” Jackson said as he slowly pushed himself away from the counter, slowly walking away while still facing you. “I can’t wait for it [Y/N].”

“I can’t either.” You reply, only allowing yourself the break into giggles when he was a safe distance away.

Maybe you were finally done waiting after all.