i just love this artist so much ugh

I keep seeing on my dash hateful and ridiculous anon messages (probably all from the same fucking asshole) to @arachelyma .

If you follow me too anon just know that each artist has their own unique style. You don’t have to like it since you are human and that can just not be your taste. That’s understandable. But you don’t have to go off and legitimately bully and harass them because it doesn’t meet your standards or whatever the fuck. How dare you honestly?! Seeing their art is a privilege, really. Artists share their art with us for free and you should always be mindful of that fact. They try their best and share a bit of their imagination with us (which takes a lot of confidence) and you dare step on that?

If you’re miserable with your own life don’t fucking take it out on others. Respect artists guys. Compliment their work, especially young ones that are still growing their technique. And Araceli, I love your art very much. Your style is so adorable and always lifts my spirits and your coloring is OUTSTANDING. Like I aspire to color like you one day. Don’t listen to that low self-esteemed moron. You’re awesome. Your art is awesome. And I hope you have a wonderful day. 

WIP ugh I’ve spent about 3 hours on just this! god I hate digital painting! it takes sooo freacking long. Why-hy-yy??!!! I’d so much like to be able to paint  as incredibly as some artists I’ve seen on tumblr. So don’t get me wrong I love digital painting I just hate doing it so naturally I don’t get any better at it and I keep my flat style. Maybe one day…

Van Gogh? Yeah his work is beautiful and changed art but there’s so much to see and it frustrates me so much that kids are going on and on about how they’re in love with art when they don’t seem to give a shit about contemporary artists. We have artists producing incredible work RIGHT NOW. More than just paintings too!! This is probably the most patronising post ever but idc as an aspiring artist it pisses me off a lil bit. Give our current artists the love and appreciation they deserve too!! There’s SO much out there

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RIGHT?! like you are submerged in a world that isnt yours. and you get to focus on their life and their issues and their actions and emotions and not your own. its just an artistic way of surrendering your life for a fee hours and live in theirs instead. its just better. plus acting is so fucking cool. like how can you use your body and face and words to make me think that this is all happening somewhere. ugh... so cool so cool

I know omg omg omg I love it so much ❤️❤️❤️

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I don't send a lot of asks but man. your taz art is so fucking killer. no lie, you're probably my fav artist in the fandom? i love the way you draw taako and lup so much ugh <3

thank you oh my god ;o; 

Honestly there’s so many really good artists that do such nice work, I’d like to draw more like. involved things? ones that aren’t just sketches of the characters i guess but still thank you

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i love japan shinee so much. idk if it's just me but i feel like they have a different dynamic in japan. i feel like you get to see how much they've grown as artists through their japanese music and stages. i feel like sm kinda still holds them back while umj lets them strive. like minho getting to actually sing for example. my dream for them is to sing an anime ost like tvxq did for once piece

yes! it’s sad that they have to go to japan to get what they deserve at home but at least they get it somewhere.  japanese tracks get me so excited because i know that kibum & minho will get the track time they should be getting always.  their voices are so lovely (minho with his soft tone & kibum with his raw strength) & they’re not so noticeable in their korean albums, not outside of rap lines.

an anime ost would be so amazing!

“Torn” || Stiles Stilinski x Reader || Chapter Three

I do not own any of the gifs or images used on my blog unless stated otherwise.

Chapters: ONE | TWO | THREE
Warnings?: None, yay.
Requests?: Probably, my brain can’t process my inbox sometimes, welp.

Genre: Drama/Romance/Angst
Rated: PG-13

Imagine Key:

  • (Y/N): Your Name
  • (N/N): Nickname
  • (E/C): Eye Color
  • (H/C): Hair Color

Word Count: 1,923
Shipping: Stiles Stilinski x Reader

When the morning sunshine rose up with bright rays, it grazed the trees, creating a look of golden hour. Birds were chirping, quietly, the sky was a pleasing shade of blue. Everyone in Beacon Hills was slowly waking up from their slumber. Getting ready to hustle and rustle, including you.

Your eyes flutter open to a gentle, yet noticeable shaking. You slowly turned your head to the side, with eyes that weren’t ready to be exposed to the bright sunlight, to see the big smiles of the pack.

You smiled back, in surprise to see them in your room.

Each and every member was there, looking like their usual self. 

Except for two…

You didn’t want to see the two anyways… you have your real friends with you, who wouldn’t back stab you.

“Guys? Why are you doing here? Or even here at all? You don’t usually come over.” You asked, sliding yourself from your fetus position to a placement where you could see their faces.

“Well, we couldn’t let you leave without our proper goodbye’s and your basket of goods from us, could we love?” Chuckled Isaac, lifting up the gift baskets that have your favorite chocolates, movies, and small little gifts peeking out from everywhere. “Also, one more thing. I bought you $200 worth of shirts from your favorite music artists, so now you owe me $100 ba-Ow! The hell?! Those shirts weren’t cheap, Lydia! You’re filthy rich.”

Issac snarled at Lydia while she did the same

You grinned at the sight in front of you. It makes your heart flutter about how much they cared for you and just overall love you. It saddens you that you wouldn’t be seeing them for awhile, but it’s the best for a hiatus from Beacon and it’s… Stiles.

“Awww guys, you didn’t have to. You’re making me so flustered. Ugh! Come give me a hug!” You smiled brightly, widening your arms for each and every one of them to attack you in one big group hug.

“I’m going to miss you all, so much. What am I going to do without you?” You said, fighting the tears that were trying to escape from your (E/C) eyes.

But you couldn’t.

The tears slowly dripped down your cheeks as your best friends continue to embrace you, and whisper sweet little things. You loved them, you loved them so much and you couldn’t hold back the emotions you had. They are part of your family, and you wouldn’t replace them with anyone else.

“We love you loads (Y/N), remember that when you’re away from us.”

“Keep safe. We don’t want to lose you in any way.”

“So, you better be squeaky clean when you return, you hear me.”

“You know she won’t be, Kira. You know her better-”

“Shut up Liam! Just keep a lookout (N/N), I love you.”

“We all do.”

You smiled into their chests, blushing from their love. You cherished them so much, it was undeniable.

No one can replace them.

No one.

“Ahem- I don’t want to ruin this beautiful moment but (Y/N), sweetheart, they’re almost here, you should get ready.” Said your mother. With the sudden entrance, it made you jump in the spot in surprise before chuckling away an “Okay”.

As you got yourself refreshed and a new set of clothes, the pack and the rest of your family were waiting down in the kitchen, chowing down on some of your mother’s delicious breakfast.

You quickly brushed your luscious (H/C) hair out, using your hand and grabbed the bags full of belongings that you packed the night before and headed downstairs.

When you arrived downstairs, the aroma of your mother’s breakfast makes you drool in hunger. As your mother saw you step foot in the kitchen, she instantly provided you a breakfast that consisted of her homemade hash browns, an omelet, 3 small sausages and 2 slices of toast. Ohmygod!!! Damn, it looked amazing!!! You immediately seized the plate from her hand and started to devour every single thing.

You can never stop a savage from eating, especially you.

After moments of bonding and consuming home cooked food for the last time before you go on your hiatus, a very familiar black 1967 Chevy Impala appeared in front of your home, with 3 familiar faces. The tall, jacked build of one of them, with the addition of classic Led Zeppelin songs blasting out, made you recognize them even more.

They have finally arrived.

Your Winchesters, and angel.

When your parents eventually acknowledged that the 3 men have arrived. They hurriedly wiped everything up, to help you out before you leave them, temporarily as Liam, Isaac, and Scott all assisted you and clutched your bags from your grip and dragged it out the door along with you by their side.

As you stepped out of your home, the handsome profile of Dean Winchester stepped out his precious car. When you looked up from the floor while walking towards the impala, you met the stunning green eyes that you have grown to recognize instantly, with no second thought at all.

“Dean.” You stated with wide eyes, surprised and just overall, speechless to see him after years of separation. Chills ran through your body as you jogged over to him to embrace each other, with big smiles. “Hello, little fire witchling.”

The nickname, fire witchling was given to you by him and his brother, Sam because you were a hybrid of a witch, a Fire Witch to be exact and a dragon. Your whole entire family on your mother’s side have generations and generations of witches and wizards within them, while your father has generations and generations of a dragon bloodline. Since you’re the offspring of both supernatural beings, you have a cross of supernatural abilities of a dragon and a witch.

Making you the fire witchling, according to the two brothers.

It was your little thing.

“Ahem! We’re here too (Y/N), don’t tell me you forgotten us alrea-”

Soon realizing that you were hugging Dean a little too long, you released yourself from the embrace and attacked the moose and angel with an overflowing hug.

“Oh shut up Sammy, how can I forget you or Castiel? I missed both of you, like crazy.”

“Ha, I missed you too, you little fire witchling.” Chuckled Sam, hugging your frame tighter as you tighten your grip of his big build of a moose.

“I missed you, child. We all did.” Looking up at the sound of Castiel, you could recognize his puppy-like face, with his lovely blue eyes. He smiled his toothy grin and you returned the same toothy smile.

“It’s great to see all of you, it really is. I want to show you guys something.” You beamed vividly, grabbing the hands of Sam and Castiel as Dean followed, towards the pack, who were watching silently with your parents as you had a hug fest with the guys, with small friendly grins to walk over to you. “This is the pack or the bestest friends ever.”

The eyes of both the pack and the guys met, while they presented each other with smiles and small talk. While your parents hugged the fellow men who they both have come to love and appreciate too. They are basically members of the (L/N) family.

“It’s really nice to meet you all. It really is, but unfortunately, we should get going now.” Sam said, checking the black watch on his wrist.

“Sad to say, but he’s right. It’s about time for Team Free Will to hit the road.” Admitted Dean as he downed a bottle of Corona given by your father.

“It’s been nice meeting you too, you better be treating our (Y/N) well while she’s away.” said Scott, with the face of kindness and protection while hugging your shoulders.

“Always, you do the same too, you hear me? Or it won’t be pretty.” Dean warned whilst Sam nudged him in the side, harshly, giving him the stink eye.

“Always. We promise.” Turning to your friends with a large smile on your face, you quickly grabbed their hands and brought all of them to a group hug. Oh boy… this is going to difficult.

You feel small tear drops rolling down your cheeks as you stood there with your friends hugging you out. The emotion within the embrace was utterly sincere and made you want to stay like that forever. Soon realizing that they were shedding some tears too, you tightened the hug even more.

“Good.” Dean nodded his head, knowing the love and trust held inside the group is true and pure. He trusted their words and was satisfied to have his witchling find friends with a connection of passion.

You smiled against the chest of Derek as all of you continued to hug each other, knowing that they have gained the trust of Dean. That means “less” over protective Dean. 

After seconds have passed, you released yourself from the hug and told them, “It’s time for me to go now.” They nodded, understanding that it is the time for you to leave for days, eventually months.

As you walked to your parents, Derek clutched all your suitcases of belongings towards Dean’s impala while you struck your parents with hugs and kisses and they did the same.

“I’ll miss you both, hope everything goes well while I’m gone.”

“Us too sweetheart. I know the hazards Dean and Sam go through every day but I know you can control your powers and use them to their full extent so please keep safe, please!”

“I’ll try mother, I promise.”

“Good, now you wouldn’t want to leave the trio waiting for you, wouldn’t you?”

“Of course not. I better get going then. Remember, I love you both. Farewell for now. Goodbye!!!” You waved them goodbye with a little smile while trotting to the black impala.

Inching closer and closer towards the car, you feel your heart pounding faster and faster, feeling a small moment of guilt for leaving your family and the pack behind for months and months until you are ready to take your life in Beacon full on.

But it’s got to happen for your own sake.

“I’m ready to go now.” You said with a pursed grin, bobbing your head a little, indicating you’re ready to briefly push everything to a small corner of your soul. 

Dean nodded his head and took out his keys to open all the doors, “Okay, get in sweetheart.”

You opened the door to the old car and placed yourself in the backseat with Castiel as Sam called shotgun. Dean entered the driver’s seat after he closed the trunk with a loud bang. He started up the engine, fixed the rear view mirror, and turned around to face you with a small smile.

“How are you feeling kiddo?”


Overwhelmed would be the word to describe how you feel at the moment, with all these emotions flowing in at once. You were leaving your family behind, and it was hard for you, especially leaving your best friends. Even though you weren’t leaving them forever, it created a heavy weight on your poor little heart. But you gotta grow some bigger balls and suck it up. Gotta get ready for the life of dealing supernatural creatures 24/7.

“I feel great.”

It was true, very true, even if you’re feeling overwhelmed. Today is the day where you will drive away from this drama filled place and move on to adventure. 

It was the time. 

And you’re ready as you’ll ever be.

He smiled, “Good.”

You smiled back.

“Let's hit the road boys.”

A/N: Finally chapter three! after so long, here it is! I honestly think my writing in this series is cringy and shit, but since you like it a lot, I’m going to continue it with the best writing I can come up with. Chapter four is coming out in a few weeks, so wait for me, my love. Enjoy babes <3 xx

I drew criedwolves … I usually don’t post my drawings on tumblr but this is probably the first drawing I’m proud of. So I decided to post it. I loved drawing this because sometimes I get really bored while drawing for hours but I just love the original photo so much so I really enjoyed drawing this.


Dating Art Student Ashton would be like…

• Meeting on the quad after you both bumped into each other in a rush to class

•You making the first move

•Him celebrating in his car once he knows you can’t see him anymore

•You celebrating once he can’t see you anymore

•Going to the art gallery his work was featured in for your first date

•Being super low key in public, so not many knew you were a couple

•Spending full days in his stripped studio apartment

•Him slowly filling the concrete walls with photographs, paintings, and sketches of you

•Temple kisses

•Him staring at you fondly all the time, observing all your features

•"Will you be my muse?“

• “You’re such a nerd.”

•Making out in the back of his car while soft grunge plays on the cracking radio in the background

•Okay just A LOT of making out

•Taking all his sweatshirts

•Spring afternoons on the quad, with his head in your lap, you playing with his curls

• Him getting really overexcited about his art and other artists coming into town

‌• Nicknames like gorgeous, beautiful, baby girl, lovely 

•Face timing every single night while you were both at home for the Summer

•Him getting to know your friends from home due to FaceTime calls where they made fun of you two in the background.

• “This reminded me of you.”

• “I drew you”

• “Should I paint it, or keep it in pencil?”

• “It’s artistic integrity Y/N. Do you know nothing?”

• “Ugh I miss you so much.”

•Being enormously happy to see each other on the first day back at university

•" God I missed your beautiful face.”

•Your first I love you just sitting on his bed to break the silence

•It wasn’t some special, big event, because you both knew it was the truth far before that moment

Stay tuned for the rest of the boys!
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Luke  Cal Mike

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May I just say that I love your work! You're such a great artist and I absolutely adore your style *o*

Anon:ahhh your PJO girls are all so cute

Anon:Hello Sunny! I love you and your art. thank you for being awesome and funny and just ugh! So loveable! Love you <3

Anon:I’m fangirling over that DirkJake pocky gif. I was rolling all over the ground of my room for 30 minutes.

Anon:Ugh I love your art so much i can go through your art tag for hours and never get tired of it omg ;u;

Anon:i looooove ur style, i love your art, ur rlly cool, dude. love ya have a nice day c:

just two of my favorite people

Send your dreams
Where nobody hides
Give your tears
To the tide
No time
No time
There’s no end
There is no goodbye
With the night
No time
No time
No time
No time
No time
- ‘Wait’ by M83


I watched Fault in our stars recently, after finishing the book a week ago.

Shit movie is shit. 

Actually I’m kidding, it was really well done, surprised actually how good it was next to the book. And the parts they decided to leave out, I was actually happy about x’D Lost it at the ending though, ugh. No. :c 

But what got me most, is that they decided to use my favorite M83 song in the film…at the worst parts omg ;A; So since this song use to be my #1 travel song (I’d listen to it to and from school on the train staring out the window daydreaming) it now makes me tear up every time I listen to it x’D

But it did inspire this personal piece C: 
Been feeling stressed with, well, everything (learning to drive, FanExpo, my family, school talk, ugh) so I needed to draw something really relaxing and warm.

Fiddling around with new brushes. Mainly on the sky. 
I screwed up in places but eh, it didn’t damage the drawing too much x) 

What I love about summer evenings is just is being outside when the sky is on fire like this. And it’s nice and cool, but still feeling like summer. <3

Artwork and Nicole©Niki.S

“Did you need help carrying those?”

“OH! Uh.. no I think I should be fine. You new around here?" 

"Yeah, I just started working over at the tattoo place nearby.”

In which Kili is smitten right off the bat with the girl who apprentices at the tattoo parlour across his uncles shop. 

(also I thought it’d be a cute pun to have her legs tattooed in constellations in reference to Kili’s quote “She walks in starlight in another world. It was just a dream. Do you think she could have loved me?”)



May 28th, 2014 was the day that this blog was created. It’s officially been a year! I can’t believe it. You all are the absolute best! Thanks for accompanying me on this journey so far. I’m grateful for the past year and all of the years to come!

To celebrate, I decided to do a relatively small follow forever. I know that I always feel honored whenever I’m in someone’s follow forever, so I decided to honor some of you! Here are some of the blogs that I’ve noticed particularly and been drawn to in the last year.

#-c | -intheround, 82958, adoringjackson, alcapxne, annie-is-not-okay-ok, aproudmoonwalker, baderahaven, badlydangerous, badstreetwalker, behindthe-mask, beyondtheplanetsandthestars, blood58, bluemoonwalker, captaineosgirl, captaineostyle, cherrycherryshamone, cutemjj

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x-z | xmichaeljacksonx, you-arethere, you-rockmyworld, you-will-always-bein-my-heart, youarenotalone-and-staystrong

Honorable Mentions:

admiringmichael - Hi, haha! Well, you’re always in my newsfeed, which I really appreciate. I can see that you take a strong liking in my blog. I love your blog as well! It’s always so neat and crisp and just looks so good! Never stop doing what you do. <3

bad-era-obsession - Oh, how do I even start? Lillian, your blog is just…ugh. It’s so amazing. I have to check your blog at least once a day or else I’ll get anxiety. You’re basically my largest tumblr inspiration. Plus, you’re an absolutely amazing artist and you’re hilarious! Your tags are very relatable, may I say. I just wanted to thank you for being you and having an amazing blog for me to look forward to every day. I’ll love you and your blog endlessly! <3

heretochangetheworld - Laura, I know we haven’t been able to talk much lately, but I just wanted to let you know how kind you are. You’re just such a sweet and genuine person. Your nice actions on tumblr always make me smile. Never ever stop being the kind and sweet person that you are. <3

iconicmichael - Steph…oh gosh, how to start? Your blog was the first one I fell in love with. I admired you so much that it was almost ridiculous! I remember being scared to ask you for a gifset of “You Rock My World”, and when I finally did it, you made it and did an amazing job. Plus, you were extremely kind to me. Now we’ve gotten closer and I’m so happy that we have. I love you lots! <3

lolassh - I know you in real life and you suck. Just kidding I LOVE YOU ASHLEY! Thanks for being an amazing friend. <3

loveless-ocean - Goodness, Char, I could write an entire book right now. Your support and love for me has been endless and I’m so grateful for that. After four years of knowing you, I’m absolutely sure that you’d do anything for me. You’re the one that picked me back up when I was ready to give up. Thank you for everything, you know how much I love and appreciate you, so I’ll try to keep this brief, haha. <3

mademoisellexdaymoonxstarnight - Nancy, you’re such a kind person. I look forward to talking to you each day. You always hear me out when I’m going through a difficult time and I’m glad that I can return the favor for you. Thank you for always being there when I need you and for being an extremely amazing friend! <3

michaeljacksonfamily - This will be pretty brief, but I just wanted to let you know how amazing your blog is to me. Your pictures are so amazing and I love looking through all of them. Whenever I see them I’m just so amazed. Keep up the hard work, you’re doing amazing! <3

michaeljacksonsdick - Paige…where do I start? We started talking not too long ago, but you’re already one of my closet tumblr friends. You’re soooooo funny, I can barely stand it! From your tags to your posts, you’re just hilarious. I love your blog to death and I’m glad that we started talking. I hope we get to talk more and know each other even better.  I love you lots! <3

michaelslaysall - Tanieya, you’re also hilarious! You always crack me up. Your blog is flawless, too. You were one of the first people I ever talked to on tumblr, and I’m glad that I did. You’re such a kind person and you’re easy to get along with! Thanks for helping to make this first year on tumblr so amazing. I love you! <3

mjkingofmyheartshamone - I really enjoy talking to you! You’re so very kind and always listen to what I have to say. Continue to be the extremely sweet person that you are, no matter what. Remember, if you ever need me, I’m right here. I love you. <3

mjslays - Girl, you are another one of the kindest blogs I’ve encountered on here! Whenever I post things - whether it’s Michael related or personal - you’re always the first to leave a reply and like it. That never goes unnoticed. Plus, your blog is absolutely amazing and stunning. Keep up your hard work, it’s paying off! I love and appreciate you endlessly. <3

moonwalkeruntilmydeath - Jane, you were one of my first real tumblr friends. You reached out to me and talked to me all the time. Although we haven’t had the opportunity to talk much lately, I’ll always be grateful for the talks we’ve had in the past. You’re extremely kind and sweet and just an all-around great person. Always continue to be the amazing person that you are. I love you! <3

smoothbutnotacriminal - Oh, Nat, my dear Nat…where to even begin? I honestly don’t even know what to say. I’m soooo blessed to have you as a close friend in my life. You’ve always been there for me when I needed you and you’ve always been one of my number one supporters. I’m more than happy to return the favor of helping you. I can’t express all of my feelings through words, and if I tried, it’d probably be the longest book in history. You’re just such an amazing and kind person, plus your blog is the best. I love you endlessly, thanks for being such an amazing friend! <3

Wow, that was long, haha! Anyways, just thank you everyone for everything you’ve done for me and my blog in the past year, whether it’s been a single like or a follow. You all mean the world to me and you’ve helped to brighten my days extremely. Thanks for making this first year so great and memorable!

With much love,


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Your art style, I just! It's so gentle, warm, so inviting. Your lines look effortless and simple, but I bet you no one could make it look as natural as you do. And your character expressions UGH TO DIE FOR. Your coloring gives me big goosebumps, it just makes me smile seeing your art. It feels home-y that wow. Even if you say you're not as good like other artists, you have natural talent it's amazing, GOSH YOURE AMAZING

the care you put into you’re choice of words and just this message in general is so so so kind, thank you very very much ;v;