i just love these two together so much

Pictures of the Eros costume popped up again on my twitter tl and I scream a bit every time I see it BC LIKE



Yuuri could obviously fix his hair on his own without problems but it’s so sweet that Viktor just takes over all of these things AND THEY OBVIOUSLY LOVE IT AS WELL and tons of people already discussed it but the act of brushing someone’s hair has a much more intimate history in Japanese culture as well

THESE TWO ARE SO PURE THEY CARE SO MUCH FOR EACH OTHER ON EVERY LEVEL AND OBVIOUSLY ENJOY ALL OF THESE SMALL THINGS THEY DO TOGETHER A GREAT DEAL I love how their relationship blossoms so seamlessly in the moments we don’t get to see in the show

god i loved strange magic so much

i went in there not knowin a goddamn thing about it just takin the 6 year old to see it 


anonymous asked:

May i have Leiftan romantic headcanon ?

Of course you may, Anon!

By the way, did you send me two other Leiftan requests? It’s just this request and those two are pretty similar…

Sorry, if you didn’t! I was just curious!

Anyway, here are your headcanons!


  • Leiftan is the perfect gentleman.
  • Seriously, he’s living proof that chivalry isn’t dead.
  • He’s respectful about it though.
  • If you don’t want his help, he won’t insist.
  • He doesn’t get to spend a lot of time with you due to his job, so he treasures whatever time you two spend together.
  • Loves hearing you talk, so much so he’s practically silent during your conversations.
  • Don’t worry though, he’s listening.
  • Whenever you’re stressed, Leiftan puts his all into de-stressing you.
  • He’ll give you massages, teas, incense, anything to make you happy again.
  • To be honest, there aren’t many things Leiftan wouldn’t do for you if it made you happy.
  • He’s pretty happy to give, your smile and happiness being the only thing he really wants from your relationship, but he’s not as eager to take.
  • Like, he’ll ask for your attention (he doesn’t have the luxury of tip-toeing around the issue) but he won’t ask for anything more.
  • It makes him super happy when you lavish affection on him and is always quick to return the affection.

something I thought about today in reguards to Gotham:

you know, I can’t honestly say I’m mad necessarily bc Penguin and Nygma don’t end up together, bc that’s not the main thing that gets me here though I am still peeved they won’t let Eddie be at least canon bi come on dc how much gayer does he have to get before you’ll say it out loud

more than it’s just; if they wanted an arc to break up their friendship they could’ve done so much better like:

- Penguin confesses his love, and the two become a fairly happy couple 

- it is after they start dating Isabella appears, and Nygma is drawn to her bc resemblance and befriends her 

- no, Eddie does not cheat on him (that’d be a gross arc), but it becomes obvious Isabella IS interested that way wit obvious flirting and Penguin gets jealous out of his own insecurities, fears Ed really might like her better bc they seem to have a lot of stuff in common

- Penguin tells Isabella to STOP

- she does not stop

- the murder happens

- Ozzie lying/the thinking Butch did it at first thing could still happen

- but Ed ultimately finds out and is upset not only at loss of friend, but that everything they’ve been though, Penguin doesn’t trust him enough to even think he’d ever leave him for some woman he’s known for a week and breaks up him

Still isn’t the happy ending people wanted, but feels more natural than “I just this woman I’m in love and everything is ruined now forever”, and could still give him a push toward being a true villain again with all the bitterness and anger that comes from a betrayal like that. Hell shooting him could still happen if they showed them in a fight over it, it’d just maybe be less premeditated

anyway I spent way too much time thinking about this sadly not that great show lol

Everyone is fighting about James and Mon-el about how one is perfect and the other sucks or the other way around or how they both suck or whatever. And I am over here (a minority) that believes Winn is the one for Kara. He has always been there and he loves and cares for her so much that he shoved down and hid his feelings for her just so he could keep helping her and because he’d rather have her in any way than lose her. And he fell in love with the actual her, the nerdy her not Supergirl but Kara and that’s why I ship these two since season 1 and I will always ship them. And it hurts how the writers just forgot about his feelings and they barely have scenes together. But like I said, I’m just a minority.

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i love how taako designs vary so much but are still immediately revognizable. like i could see a fat elf with a lacy parasol and two inch long eyeliner looking like he shops exclusively at macy’s, and then i could see a lanky green rowdy boy with a haphazardly cobbled together outfit who looked like he just crawled out of a swamp, and i’d still go ‘yeah thats a good taako’ either way

The thing I love about Isak is that Isak has game

It is shown time and time again in episodes that he IS a great liar, he has a silver tongue and a way with words and can talk himself out of anything. He thinks fast, reacts and can pretty much con anyone. 

 Then along comes Even and all of a sudden he is this blushing, tongue-tied idoit that can’t think of anything to say. Can’t even string two words together. 


Because it matters. He wants it so bad. Everything else is just a game…fake. 

Even , for him, is real.

And he does not want to fuck it up. so he finds himself overthinking what he’s going to say, ends up sputtering and stammering and blushing cause WHERE DID ALL HIS COOL GO??? LOL 

 I think everyone has been Isak at one point.

what pissed me off the most about this week’s ep isn’t even the fact that we got only 7 minutes of sanvers in an episode that was supposed to be sanvers centric and even winn and his girl got more time. it wasn’t even the fact that it was pretty much just another episode of keeping up with mon-el and not supergirl. but it was the fact that when kara was faking that she doesn’t like mon-el she was actually making valid points. she was making valid points about why they can’t be together and yet at the end of the episode they got together. because apparently when a girl says no it just means that you have to try harder to get her. (which reminds me wasn’t the point of this ep to show that no means no?? but like they keep doing the opposite with mon-el so i’m really confused here…) the great feminist show that supergirl was in season one is really gone. and as  much as i love season two for sanvers and alex’s coming out i’m really sick of it. because kara’s relationship with mon-el is inherently toxic and yet they keep shoving it down our throats. the great feminist show is telling girls that when they think they don’t like a guy they actually do and they just gotta think harder about it. like him even though he is not good for you for so many valid reasons.

some more los muertos symmetra to go with my other post bc everyone liked that so much!! (and also bc i love it too..) 

they totally stole hard light tech from vishkar and developed a prosthetic that can use it for satya together 

Why Clone Wars is the best thing ever:
  • R2 has literally murdered someone on screen and was covered in their blood the whole episode.
  • Space Godzilla.
  • Jar Jar and 3PO found Anakin’s cloak on Padme’s ship. I’ll let you put two and two together.
  • “Are your scopes…Jedi issue, sir?”
  • Embo’s frisby hat.
  • Ahsoka and Anakin snuck behind enemy lines by hiding under a goddamn box.
  • Grievous had his droids destroy a pirate ship just for the hell of it.
  • Mace and Jar Jar have actually been on a buddy cop mission together.
  • Two completely unrelated instances of zombies appearing. 
  • Obi-Wan had tea with an enemy general.
  • Five seasons later Maul had tea with a mandalorian terrorist.
  • Ahsoka’s first big mission was babysitting a slug.
  • Rex hitting his head on a pipe.
  • Blue Shadow Virus is literally the Black Plague. In SPACE.
  • Everything else. The whole show is a masterpiece.

thisisjamespaxton - Will the next episode be the end of #Philkas ? It might be if we can’t keep pushing the numbers up and our ratings! You guys made a HUGE difference last week and the network noticed and kept us on the air but now they need to see us surpass a MILLION viewers on traceable devices this Sunday for Episode 6 of #Eyewitness It hurts me to hear that this special show isn’t getting the ratings it deserves but I know that no matter what we have already succeeded because of YOU - all the incredible people that care about this special project and all the supportive individuals I’ve seen coming together as a community through this. The sad and unfortunate reality is that so much of this world still has prejudice against the LGBTQ community and would rather not watch a kickass crime thriller just because there’s a love story between two boys at the forefront. That is exactly why we need to push with everything we’ve got to try and get these viewers up and the message that LOVE IS LOVE NO MATTER WHAT. If you guys can get another ten people you know to watch the show I have faith we’ll be ok, but no matter what, like I said, I believe we have already succeeded in touching the people we have and I am forever thankful - and eternally honored to know @tyler.matthew.young - my brother and inspiration. Sorry to get too emotional, the pain meds got me trippin a little as well. ❤️ you all!


My God, how I hated you. There was a time in which I could not conceive of how I could ever forgive you. And in this moment, I am you.


It’s been a while since I’ve actually drawn something lol.

I’ve been playing a lot of Don’t Starve Together and playing with a few character mods :3 (Peridot and Lapis are two of them lol). I loved the Christmas outfits so much that I just had to draw these two in them. Course this was back last month. I have just been lazy to finish them.

First two pictures are free to use icons :3 Just make sure to credit me!

Dan and Phils relationship is so pure! They love eachother so much, in whatever way. Just imagine, they love eachother so much that they spent 7 year together and are not getting tired of it. Two grown men (one is 30!) living together and not even thinking about ending it because “the universe would explode” . Whatever it is platonic or romantic, they are so pure and happy and I think that’s exactly what the both deserve. And if they are a couple I can’t even blame them for not coming out (Even though it’s like my biggest life mystery).

Non-partner JNPR headcanons ~

- Pyrrha and Ren are the literal best study partners. They’ll quiz each other on stuff way into the night, and it drives the other two crazy.

- Jaune and Nora really like to watch terrible reality TV together. Jaune because it used to be a family thing and now it’s just a habit, Nora because she gets REALLY INVESTED and YELLS at the contestants.

- Nora is really good at persuading Pyrrha to do things, which has resulted in: one broken lock to their dorm (magnets don’t actually fix things), several gouges in the wall from where she used her semblance to hurl things at the light switch so none of them would have to get out of bed at night, and one detention, since professor peach knew Pyrrha wouldn’t just sneak desserts from the kitchen at night of her own accord, and “if you three won’t own up to who it was, then your whole team will just have to be punished”.

-Nora felt kind of guilty about that one, and, since their punishment was to copy out textbook pages by hand, Nora spent a lot of time just finding the coolest pages for Pyrrha to work with, stuff about bloody battles and Grimm attacks and everything.

- When Ren makes pancakes, he always adds extra stuff to Pyrrha’s and his own to make them healthy, like protein powder and vitamin-rich fruits. Nora thinks it’s a disgrace, but Pyrrha appreciates it and gives him feedback until he perfects them.

- Jaune’s mom writes him actual letters every two weeks, even though they just talk on the phone usually anyways. When Jaune mentioned to her that Ren and Nora had no parents, letters for them started arriving immediately. It’s just silly things, telling them about cool birds who visit her bird feeder, sharing nice recipes, reporting on her youngest children, that sort of thing. Jaune insists it’s embarassing, but Ren and Nora love it.

-Alternately, Pyrrha’s mom sends them cash.

- Nora bought a box of pumpkin Pete’s marshmallow flakes cereal, just to bother Pyrrha with it, but actually ended up liking it so much that now Pyrrha has to order in for her lifetime supply.

- Pyrrha and Ren both love succulents, and raise a small family of tiny plants in the dorm. After several incidents, Nora and Jaune are officially banned from touching them.

- Jaune gets really, really stressed out about schoolwork, to the point where he can barely sleep or eat or anything. Somehow, though, Ren cam always calm him down enough to let him clear his head.

- Jaune actually spent a lot of time designing combo attacks for every possibly partnership in jnpr. There were diagrams involved, one of which included a really poorly drawn Nora jumping on a really poorly drawn Jaune. Jaune insists they’re both jumping, but it really is an incredibly terrible drawing. Nora got it framed.

-Pyrrha and Nora know all of each others’ secrets. They have hugely in-depth conversations when they’re alone together.

-Ren is unfairly good at video games. Usually on his second try he’s able to beat Jaune at something he’s been practicing for years. It drives Jaune crazy.

-Nora once roped Pyrrha into building a blanket fort out of Jaune’s pillows and blankets and mattress. It was so well-constructed that Jaune didn’t want to wreck it, and slept in it for three nights until Ren tripped over it one morning and accidentally took it out. On top of Jaune.