i just love these two idiots way too much

So I know the highlight of that episode was Doc but

This was my favourite scene BY FAR.

I am very proud of Doyle crossing the line and becoming one of the team via ‘doing something dumb as fuck’

From Eden: Ch. VI

Hi! will there be more From Eden? It’s my fix-me-up fic and I really love the amount of angst and fluff in it. please. please tell me there’ll be more. (please don’t do too long of a time jump in between chapter V and VI. we really need to know what happen on the morning after) :(

Previously on From Eden or Part 1

Damn came slowly, disinterested and unfeeling, but still, it came right on schedule, though not soon enough. Even with the remnants of alcohol in her system, even with the way her bed felt, Lexa couldn’t find a restful bit of sleep to save her life. Instead, she watched the sunrise against her wall as she laid in her bed, still in her clothes and replayed the night in vivid details behind her eyelids. 

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if you'd go for a poly relationship who would br your perfect dreamteam? haha

Who doesn’t have a poly dreamteam? If you say you don’t, then you’re all lying to yourselves. This is so hard because of my love for so many fandoms. 

But JayRoy is definitely my all time favorite poly dreamteam. 

For anyone that isn’t familiar with them, it’s Jason Todd (Red Hood) and Roy Harper (Arsenal)

I just love them so much and they are like the ultimate boyfriends if you could ever have them. 

omg if you love either of these boys, please request something for them. They are my loves. 

They are beauty. They are grace. They will both shoot you in your face. 

I probably made this answer way too long. I could’ve just given you a simple answer, but this felt more fun. 

Anyway, thank you for the ask! It really made my night! And if anyone’s interested in these two attractive young idiots, feel free to read “Red Hood and the Outlaws” or “Red Hood and Arsenal”. 

Don’t Trust Me (Part 3)

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Summary: You are captured by S.H.I.E.L.D and possess a strange ability and knowledge of a foreign threat. When the Avengers are called in, they decide to help you. But can you be trusted? Besides the eminent danger, there is an annoyingly handsome guy with a metal arm who just loves to push your buttons.

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Word Count: 2443

Warnings: Age of Ultron spoilers, possible language, angst

Originally posted by p1xer




“Sorry again.”

“What exactly is the point of all these sensors and needles?” You ask. Bruce stuck another needle in your arm, and you winced.

“We need to see how your ability affects your body, and if there are any complications,” Tony explained, examining your heart rate monitor. “Heart rate is normal.” He made a note on his paper. “Organs functioning normally.” Bruce smiled sympathetically at you.

“One more needle,” he said. “Sorry in advance.” He slid the needle into your side, pain resonating through your abdomen.

“You know, this is starting to feel less like science and more like acupuncture.” Bruce chuckled and Tony held up his note pad.

“Remember that it’s always science if you write it down.” He wiggled his eyebrows and you rolled your eyes. “How many fingers am I holding up?” Tony asked, three fingers in the air.

“I don’t know, what about me?” You replied, holding up your middle finger. Bruce laughed, typing commands into a computer, and Tony fake pouted.

“Subject has increased irritability. Writing that down.”

Just then, the lab door opened, and Steve and Bucky walked in, carrying a muffin and fruit.

“Tony, what are you doing to her? She looks like a cactus with all those needles in her,” Steve said, walking towards you. “Is this all necessary?” You roll your eyes.

“It’s okay Steve, I’ve been through worse.” You smile ruefully. “But you’re no stranger to injections, am I right?” Steve laughed.

“Okay, you got me there.” Bucky walked forward and placed the plate of food on a table next to you. The heart rate monitor started to beep a little faster. Bucky looked confused.

“Did I do something?” He looked at you. “Or are you just happy to see me?” He smirked at you. Your heart flip-flopped in your chest, but you roll your eyes.

“Don’t flatter yourself.” You turn to look at Tony. “Heart rate increases in the presence of food. Write that down.” Bucky laughed. Tony snorted, but made a note on his pad.

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I LOVE THE FRIENDS FIRST THEN LOVERS TROPE. I don’t usually like the childhood friends trope though, but with these two it just makes sense because they’re not like, best friends. They tease and annoy and that’s what it’s supposed to be like, fun, being shit to each other but aways being there for each other when they need them and I just love them so much!!!!!!!!!

"New OTP"


I love it, I really do. It excites me, it makes my heart happy, it makes me fangirl in places I know I probably shouldn’t. Buuutttt, it could never replace what will forever and always be my love, my life; Ereri

I spent too much countless hours, writing, reading, laughing, crying and screaming over these two idiots for a beautiful CANON ship to get in the way.

I have no problem and nothing against people who do just the opposite, but for me, three years of loving this anime and this pairing is too much to throw away.

The Love Square: Chapter 3

Fandom: Miraculous Ladybug

Pairing: Ladynoir

Summary: She wasn’t sure when she’d starting falling for her partner, but the revelation one day made Marinette extremely uncomfortable.

Chapter One, Chapter Two

Note: Did you all enjoy the long cliffhanger I left? (I’m sorry) So after like, 5 days I’ve finally decided to post chapter 3. Not my favorite of the three so far, but chapter 4 is gonna be better, guaranteed. Enjoy!

When Ladybug opened her eyes, none other than Adrien Agreste was standing in front of her, and all she could do at first was blink. Adrien turned red under the stare of his partner, wanting her to react other than the surprised stare she was giving him.

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The third installment to the writing challenge If @aprofoundbondwithdean @is-this-you-manning-up-sammy @bovaria @but-deans-back-tho @latinenglishfandomblog and @winchesterenthusiast would take a look at it that would be grand. Thank you @deanxkatherine-af for creating this challenge I had a ton of fun writing it. 

Also big thanks to my editor! @brokenaria shes awesome! I love you soooo much! Just a big old tub of awesome sauce! 

Written by: Redlittlefox

Sum: Dean and the reader are at the hospital. (If I say anything else It would give it away. Just read its fluffy.)

Dean X Reader

word count: 1,200+ 

Warnings: none

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A Big Fight. -Matthew Espinosa Imagine

It’s been seven months since I’ve been with my boyfriend, Matthew Espinosa. We had a pretty nice, clean, goofy relationship. We never really fought. I loved him, and I knew he loved me. One day, we were hanging out with all his friends, which were Nash, Cameron, Taylor, Gilinsky, Johnson, Carter, Aaron, Shawn, Hayes, Mahogany and Jacob.

We were playing Truth or Dare. I had a bad feeling about this. I was sitting on the floor next to Matthew with our fingers interlocked. 

“Matthew, Truth or Dare?” Gilinsky smiled.

“Truth.” Matthew shrugged.

“Your thoughts on Rachael?” Gilinsky asked.

“She’s hot. She’s over all an amazing person. She makes me laugh, her laugh is also cute, She’s just great.” Matthew shrugged and then smiled in thought.

I felt my heart break, but I couldn’t let it get to me. After a while, Carter asked Taylor.

“Okay, Taylor. Truth or Dare.” Carter asked, as he smirked.

“Truth.” Taylor chuckled.

“Boo!” Nash, Cam, The Jacks and Jacob said at the same time. Taylor shrugged.

“What are your honest thoughts on Y/N?” Carter asked.

I looked up once I heard my name. Matthew sighed deeply, but continued to listen.

“Honestly. I think she’s the most gorgeous girl I’ve ever seen. And If she wasn’t with Matthew, I’d try my best to get with her.” Taylor said, quietly.

“Aw, Taylor!” I said, completely flattered. I didn’t think much of it, that was until I noticed an annoyed look on Matthew’s face.

“You okay, Matt?” Cameron asked.

“Yeah. I’m great.” Matt mumbled. In all honesty, I used to have a huge crush on Taylor before I got with Matt, and Matt knew about it. I could see why that bugged him.

“Y/N. Truth or Dare?” Taylor asked me.

“Oh. Truth.” I said, laughing nervously. My heart still felt crushed after what Matt said.

“Honest feelings about me?” Taylor asked.

“I used to have a crush on you.” I giggled.

Matthew stood up. “Really, Y/N?” Matthew asked, angrily.

“What?!” I said, standing up.

“Whoa, Chill Matt. It’s just a game.” Aaron said, softly.

“I don’t care because her feelings for Taylor are real.” Matthew said, nearly shouting.

“No! What about Rachael?!” I shouted back.

“Don’t scream at me!” Matthew said, pacing back and forth.

“You’re screaming at me! You’re over here, telling us that Rachael is hot, then smile about it?! If she’s so great, GO OUT WITH HER INSTEAD!” I shouted.

“You know what?! MAYBE I SHOULD! She will make me happier!” Matthew shouted. 

I felt tears roll down my face. Matthew began to regret what he said.

“Y/N.. I’m sorry..” Matthew said, quietly.

“Leave me alone, Matt.” I said, as I ran out.

“You fucked up, Matt.” I heard Cameron say as I ran out.

“Wait!” Matthew ran after me. We were now sitting outside.

“I’m an idiot. I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have said that. I didn’t mean it.” Matthew hugged me.

“It sounded like you did.” I said, sniffing.

“I was just jealous. I knew how much you liked Taylor. And I saw the way he looked at you, and everything. I just don’t know. I’m an idiot. I don’t like Rachael. I love you, Y/N.” Matt said, pulling my face up to his.

“I love you too, Matt.” I smiled slightly. I can’t say I forgave him completely, but I just knew I loved him. 

Sorry This sucked :( I’m going to do another imagine where you two fight but this time he forgets your anniversary or birthday! (: Which one should it be and which guy should I use? (: Inbox me <3 Love you guys ;*

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Hi dear. I would like to ask about what is your opinion on jiminie dynamics with each members?i love to see his moments with other members on youtube and i would love to hear yours too.. ^^.. thanks dear.. :)

My lovely anon I see that you are gonna make me write an essay about this, because I got so much to tell, so get yourself ready, make some tea, pull up some covers so we can go on this adventure together…


Now, where to even start? Because I’m sure I’ve mentioned this before or you probably have seen it somewhere, the simple fact that every single one of Bangtan members adore Jimin, because, what’s not to like? He’s friendly, caring, always concern with everybody’s health except his own much until recently, just a lovely and sweet person altogether. And if we, mere fans who don’t get a chance to see him every moment of everyday can see that, surely they can too and even better! Now, let’s begin…


“If the other member were girls, who would you date and why?”
Jin: Jimin, is so kind and so gentleman so…haha, so… I want date with Jimin (he said in English)“ source.

See, Jin knows how kind this boy is :D I’d say their dynamics is like of an older brother and younger brother, Jin takes care of Jimin and admires his kind personality, and from most of what I’ve seen, Jin is always the one who’s feeding Jimin around so he will always be healthy. I wouldn’t say they are the closest, but you can certainly see how much they adore each other.


I’d say that Namjoon’s relationship with Jimin is similar to the one he has with Jin, the brotherly kind, I even get to say Jimin is Namjoon’s favorite dongsaeng, he even said that once or twice, but for the hell of me I can’t find it anywhere! (If someone does, please send it to me so I can update this with the credits, thanks)


Mutual admiration at the highest point! That’s pretty much what Yoonmin makes me feel. Jimin is Yoongi’s soft spot, the person he would probably melt for and Yoongi is someone he trully looks up to, someone he would never see disappointing him, and what else would ask of them, it’s simply beautiful!


Jimin is someone that Hoseok sees at the same time as an equal, meaning like they would probably have the same age mentally and have lots to talk about and in common, but also as the “younger” among them all, he once said Jimin feels like the maknae, because he’s always being cute and playful around him. And Jimin in return always says Hoseok cheers him up, and is so friendly, I mean they are both bundles of sunshine, the brightest bunch. They can carry each other’s sadness away with a smile and that’s what I mostly love about these two. And you can see the love in their eyes as well, how much they care for each other. I could write about Jihope like there’s no tomorrow, they have far too many moments to be mentioned, so if you are interested and have time, check my jihope tag and have a blast!


They are the best of the best of the best of friends, and damn these boys love each other so much I dare to say it might be more than that…
They have the most fun together, are the ones that share the most interests, that are always there for each other. You know that friend you love so much you can’t stand being apart for more than one day and you are already missing them, that one you think you must be in love because you can’t get enough of them? That’s Vmin for me… once again, go through my vmin tag, you won’t regret, just too much love!


Oh boy, you’ve caught me, I’d probably be very biased here, but I can’t help it, countless times Jikook has made my heart swell and tears come from my eyes, I know you can’t really assume anything is actually going on, but when I see the way they look at each other I see the purest definition of loving someone and is just too much to handle!!
Please, you’re probably tired of the same, but just go through my jikook tag to ease my pain of having to collect moments of these two, because there are too many to take into account, please go and get a taste of what their relationship is really about and see it with your own eyes, after that, come and tell me what you believe in, I won’t be a pretentious idiot and tell you will never again see them with the same eyes and begin thinking they are in love, but there’s no way you won’t at least think that whatever is there between them is not beautiful and true and the most lovely friendship that you’ve ever seen and that would last forever.
I really started with the intention of writing much more than that, specially for jikook, but the more I analyze all of this the more it gets me speechless… *sighs* so I hope this was enough for you anon, thank you so much for sending this ask!

Please, if anyone has links for the moments I’ve mentioned, send me in my inbox so I can credit it, thanks!! Credits to the pics/gifs owners also. And don’t be shy to send me any questions, I’m always glad to answer them! :3

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Imagine teeny-tiny Steve "Smol" Rogers owning an English Mastiff or Bullmastiff, just this huge mass of dog. Imagine Maeve (the dog) is his best friend, and she ends up the reason he gets together with his significant other due to some sort of shenanigans.

“Come on Maeve, this is ridiculous,” Steve whines. His English Mastiff stands her ground and refuses to budge from the nice spot under the shady tree. “I know it’s a million degrees out and I know this tree has some awesome acorns, but I want to go home.”

“Are…you okay?” comes a voice from behind him. Steve whips around to see a tall, lanky, absolutely stunning man standing over his shoulder.

He scowls and tugs on Maeve’s leash again. “My idiot dog won’t budge.”

“I can see that,” tall-dark-and-handsome answers. “May I?”

“Fine,” Steve huffs. What a joke. He knows he’s small, but he can’t even handle his own dog? Fuck Tony and his sense of humor that led to Steve getting a dog nearly as big as him.

“Hiya Maeve,” the man croons. Steve shifts uncomfortably at the sheer silkiness of the noice. “I hear you’re givin’ your owner some trouble, huh?” Maeve cocks her head but doesn’t budge. “You maybe wanna go home? Get outta the heat?” Maeve pants, but doesn’t budge. “I’ll tell ya what, sweetie, you can come home with me.”

“WHAT?!” Steve blurts.

The man rolls his eyes. “Well you’d come too, idiot.”

“Jerk,” Steve grunts.

“Punk. Here, gimme the leash and we’ll go.”

“How do you know she’ll go with you?”

“Just you watch.”

The man takes the leash and tugs lightly. Maeve gets off her haunches and haughtily walks ahead of the two men. Steve stares, his mouth agape.

“How did you do that? She won’t listen to me!”

“Aww, don’t hurt yourself over it. She just loves me more.”

“You ass, I love her very much. She’s my best friend. She’s just…temperamental.”

“I can see that. Bucky, by the way,” the man – Bucky – says, holding out his hand.


“Nice to meetcha. Now I think your dear Maeve wants to come back with me, so whaddya say, Stevie? Come back with me?”

Steve sighs. “If Maeve’s going, I suppose I have to.”

“That’s the spirit!”

[150201] Fanaccounts from Idol Athletics Championship Recording

Sources: xmbbb, ggggggggul, sun_xiuminseok, yummybaozi, sehunkidney hugxcom, I_AM_ShuShu, 4qksk, 0525_duck, 0326_XIUCAKE

Translated by Elly

1. When Minseok came out to wait, he kept talking to Minho beside him, and then they both suddenly crossed their legs with their right leg on top, it was cute ㅠㅠ And when the fans reacted to that, Minseok played around putting his right leg up and down and up and down

2. Minseok’s so good at push and pullㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ When he started drumming his thighs with his hands, the fans started copying him with their balloon sticks ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ He kept doing it because he was having fun but when it started getting too loud he told us to calm down ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ He made us obedientㅠㅠㅠ

3. Out of everyone, Minseok was the one who stretched the most diligently before the game. But when he was stretching, while folded over, he suddenly relaxed his lower body and shook it like shake shake shake

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Preference #106: Insecurities surface.

Request: Can you do an imagine where you’re dating Ashton but best friends with Luke.

A/N: Okay so this was requested three times by an anon. Since it was a basic request with not much to really go on, I’ve added in Ashton being insecure about the friendship between you (reader) and Luke.

You and Ashton had been dating for a little while now, but you and Luke had been best friends for years. You’d recently joined the guys on tour and Ashton had gone to take a nap, you sat in the lounge area of the tour bus with Luke playing fifa. You were having a match best of three, you tied at one all so the next win determined the winner of you little competition. The score was 5-5 and you were about to shoot at the goal when Luke kicked your controller away. You fumbled to get it and by the time you’d gotten it Luke had already scored and the game had ended. “You cheated” you said “no I used tactics” Luke replied. “You cheater no fair” you said punching his arm and he playfully punched you back which led to a friendly yet physical wrestling match. Then Luke sat on you “ugh get off me you big lummox” you whined but he didn’t move “not until you say I won fair and square” he said. “Never you cheated” you said squirming underneath him you punched his leg and he jumped up “that hurt” he whined rubbing his leg “baby” you giggled and he tackled you onto the small sofa and tickled you “stop I’m ticklish” you giggled trying to get away “never tickle monster attack” he laughed and kept tickling you. You looked up and saw Ashton with a sad look on his face “Ashton” you smiled and pushed Luke away, you went over and kissed him but you knew something was off. You took him to the side “what’s wrong?” you asked “you seem to be having more fun with Luke than me” he huffed. “Wait are you jealous?” you asked and he shrugged “why?” you asked. “Because you and him have known each other for so long, when you’re together it’s almost like you two are dating” he complained “Ash don’t be silly, be and Luke are just best friends he’s like a brother to me and I’m a sister too him. You don’t have to be jealous” you said kissing him “I love you” you said. “I love you too, I guess I’m just being an insecure idiot” he said shrugging “well you’re my insecure idiot” you smiled. You two went and joined Luke “man I heard it all, look she’s like my sister, you don’t have to worry about me getting in the way of anything. Besides dating Y/N would be like making out with my sister and that’s just ugh” he said shuddering. Ashton laughed “well actually she’s a good kisser, soft lips and…” Luke put his fingers in his ears “lah lah lah lah” and you and Ashton chuckled. “Anyway I’ll leave you two lovebirds alone, don’t have too much fun” Luke winked “Luke” you giggled as he left. You snuggled up to Ashton “sorry for being an idiot” he said “I like that you’re an idiot if I didn’t I wouldn’t be with you” you said “I’m not an idiot all the time” he said “Ashton you thought tadpoles were baby mosquitos and baby turtles” you said looking at him. He laughed “okay maybe I am a big idiot, but I’m your idiot” he laughed and you nodded “exactly” you smiled before he kissed you.

The Wedding Waitress - Part 9

This part is structured a little different, but I hope you like it anyway.

Now I need your guys’ opinions. The end of this part is pretty closed, which means I can either leave it at that and end ‘The Wedding Waitress’ here OR I could keep writing. It’s not like I’m out of ideas, so there’s definitely still potential, but the questionis, if you guys are interested in more. So let me know! (I’ll put a questionmark at the end, so you can actually answer on this post, but asks are also always welcome :D )

Looking forward to what you have to say, either way : )

Now enjoy Part 9!

Meeting The Boys!

Immediately after the interview you had to leave, because you had to work.

But you gotta meet the boys!”, Harry exclaimed, as he went with you to the exit.

You smiled. “I would love to, but I can’t today. Soon though, babe, ok?”

Harry pouted, but nodded. You exchanged a sweet, quick kiss, then you left, your heart a little less heavy, though there were still a few things you were concerned about. Like meeting the other boys. If Harry had told Lou so much about you, then the boys probably knew even more. What did they think of you? And could they forgive as easily as Lou?

A week later you were about to find out. You had had a lot of work in the past seven days and you and Harry had only seen each other a few times. But he had given you a heads-up about today, inviting you to a photo shoot, at which you were supposed to finally meet the boys.

I’m nervous.”, you admitted in the car on your way to location, Harry sitting beside you, his hand on your thigh.

He looked at you, raising an eyebrow. “What about?”

You rolled your eyes. “About meeting the lads, of course.”


Becaaauuuse!”, you sighed, “What if they don’t like me?”

Harry laughed. “Impossible!”

You shook your head. “I wish I had your optimism.”

Harry leaned over and kissed you lightly. “Just be yourself.”, he stated, leaning his forehead against yours. You grinned. THAT you could do.

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Do you think that Joshifer slept with each other?

I’m actually really glad you asked me this, and I DO NOT FEEL LIKE I HAVE A MAJOR VOICE IN THIS FANDOM, but I DO feel like I have enough of one that I can hopefully make a statement that people will see. I think that Josh and Jen have an amazingly wonderful chemistry that even they don’t quite understand. I think they have a bond that is fun, and sexy, and complicated, and unabashed, and I do honestly think there is room for that slope to become slippery really fast. Do I think they slept together? What I truly and genuinely think my dear anon, is that that’s none of my damn business. I know that’s the most pretentious answers ever, but as I’ve seen people taking it upon themselves to make enemies and threats and spread hate over this and WHO OUR CELEBRITIES CHOOSE TO HAVE PERSONAL RELATIONSHIPS WITH, I don’t think it’s in anyone’s best interest to feed conspiracies that in the end have NOTHING to do with us. I love these two together in whatever way they want to be together. I love their happiness. I feel physically ill when people trash talk Claudia, or Jen/Josh when they have given us so much of themselves. THEY OWE US NOTHING. I stopped drawing Joshifer centric drawings mostly because people started taking them as PROoF that Joshifer is a thing. When it boils down to it anon, if they did, that’s their business. If they end up together, that too is their business. I’m just here to enjoy them as amazing actors, as wonderful people, and as adorable idiots that I have grown to love.

Philinda Fanfic: Loose Words


SPOILERS: Everything up to 1x21, but without the drama at the end.

SUMMARY:After an accident in the lab, Phil is called to save Fitzsimmons fromMelinda’s wrath.

NOTES:This is a remix of Accidental Truth. I had a draft with the dialoguefor it forever on my hard drive and just couldn’t bring myself to finish it. The flu still bugs me, but since there wasn’t too much missing from this, I could finally do it! (seriously, after reopening it thanks to reader-lb’s suggestion, I don’t know why I didn’t complete this much sooner. Oh, fickle fanfic muse! *sigh* ) Completed for reader-lb. You always offer me so much support, it’s a pleasure to give something back. I hope this has you giggling!

Thanks to the wonderful Philinda Fandom, which is just so generous and supportive! I hope this makes you smile.


Truth was, this could be worse. The spare bed in his hotel room was covered with papers they had retrieved today. Phil hummed as he looked through some of them. Of course this was boring work and his eyes burned from concentrating on the tiny font on the pages for so long, but this could definitely be worse. Melinda was back. Everything else was pretty horrible, but at least he had his best friend back. And that was good. He was in love with her, which was hopeless, but she was back. Lowering his standards also meant that he now enjoyed the little things. She was back and they were good.

His cell rang and he dropped the file, before he picked up the cell from the nightstand. “What is it, Simmons?”

“Could you please come to the lab?”

“Give me five minutes.” He’d like to finish reading the file he had been working on.

“Now, please, Sir. It’s a matter of life and death.”

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If the CW mid credits scene means that Bucky might show up in the Black Panther movie for a cameo of some sort, I want a scene where T'Challa goes ahead and gets him out of ice and slaps him awake and Bucky’s like “but I said-” and T'Challa’s all like I don’t give a damn what you said you’re not doing yourself any good literally chilling in here

And hence, T'Challa prompting Bucky to take advantage of Wakanda’s isolated, cut-off-from-the-world nature to self reflect a bit in a place where nobody gives a damn what he did and who he is so long as he shows the appropriate respect to the people and the culture, which he gladly will out of gratitude, and allow them to if not break the programming, at least remove the pain, since no one’s around to remind him of his past he can hate himself a lot less

Random one-off scene with Bucky just sitting reading a Wakandan newspaper or some shit while they work on prototypes for his arm, the day they’re finally glad they’re out of the global news

And when a conflict comes to Wakanda Bucky asks if he can help, and T'Challa’s just like “you can help in any way you can, if you consider it redemption. But when push comes to shove, I always take charge myself, for the king is the face of his people in battle. And my people are strong. All of them.” And Bucky’s just like well shit

There are plenty of nights one of the encrypted lines is hogged because someone is making calls to New York completely fanboying over all things Wakanda and Sam Wilson’s just like “I COULD NOT BE MORE JEALOUS RIGHT NOW hey could you give the phone to ol’ Kittyman it’s been a while” “NO YOU IDIOT HE’S BUSY RULING”

This started off as a possible movie cut scene and developed into an entire headcanon and I ain’t even mad I love these two too much

Late Night Phone Calls

Luke: Luke had been away for tour for three weeks and you weren’t taking the separation very well. You hadn’t heard anything from Luke other than you texting him asking how his day was, and that always was a short conversation. For the past few nights you tossed and turned over thinking your relationship. You put poisonous thoughts in your head, What if he found someone else? What if he doesn’t love me anymore? Until you almost felt sick with worry. You were to the point of insomnia when you heard the sound of your phone ringing and Luke’s face flashing on the screen, “Hello?” You answered with a raspy voice. “Hey baby. Did I wake you?” Luke sounded anxious and tired, “No. How was your day?” “It has been so crazy. We accidentally overslept and were late to the interview, and then I lost my phone, and I’m just so glad you weren’t asleep. I miss you so much and I love you.” You held on to every word Luke was saying because you knew that he needed to say as much as you needed to hear it, “I miss you too Luke." 

Ashton: You had been redecorating yours and Ashton’s new place while he was gone for a few shows in America. You had mainly picked about everything you wanted, but there was a few things you wanted to get Ashton’s opinion on. You texted him all day asking him what he thought about the things you were picking out, but with there being a time difference and his busy schedule he wasn’t responding to you. Eventually you gave up texting him and called him, "Hello?” Ashton had a groggy voice, and you realized that it’s probably night time where he is. “Hey babe. I was just wanting to know if you got my messages earlier?” “Honey, you know I love you, but it’s like 3 am here. Can I just call you when I get up?” Ashton groaned and you sighed, “I guess so…” You could hear Ashton sigh and clear his throat, “Which color is your favorite?” Ashton said referring to the paint colors you sent him earlier, and a smile ran across your face. “Personally I like aqua.” You said and Ashton chuckled, “Then I like that one too.” You smiled, “Then aqua it is.” “How was your day baby?” Ashton said and you knew he didn’t want to get off the phone as much as you did.

Michael: Michael and the boys decided to go out tonight, so you had the house to yourself for the first night in forever. You cooked yourself dinner, drew yourself a hot relaxing bath, and watched one of your favorite movies. After the movie was over you were exhausted, so you went to your bedroom and laid down when Michael’s face flashed on your phone, and you looked over at the clock that read 2:36 in the morning, “Yes?” You answered the phone, “Baaabe. I don’t know where Luke went and Calum is trying to get me to dance on stage, but I don’t wanna.” Michael slurred and you knew he was hammered. “I found Luke! Ashton went to the bathroom with him. No shut up! No you cannot kiss me.” Michael yelled to someone and your eyebrows shot up, “Excuse me? Who’s trying to kiss you?” Michael laughed on the other end of the phone, “Babe it’s okay. It was just Luke. Hey baby!” Michael shouted at you, “Yes Michael?” “ I love you so much. You’re just…you’re awesome.” You laughed, “I love you too Michael. I’m getting off here now, so I’ll see you when you get home.” “Okay baby! I love you so-” The phone cut off and you knew either he just dropped his phone or one of the boys took it away. Either way you went to bed with a smile on your face knowing Michael Clifford was your idiot boyfriend. 

Calum: You had been stressing out these last couple of days. Not only was Calum super busy with his band stuff, but the two of you hadn’t talked since you found out some important news. All day you tried to call him, but where he was it was nighttime, so the probability of him picking up was slim. Finally an hour later your phone started ringing and you rushed to it, “Hey!” You yelled into the phone, “Hello baby. Sorry I haven’t answered your calls tonight. It’s been a hell of a day.” A knot formed in your stomach as you talked yourself through this, “Calum…do you remember our time we had together before you left?” You asked and Calum laughed, “Yeah…Where are you getting at?” “Calum…I’m pregnant.” You heard nothing on the other end of the line and you began to worry, “Calum?” “You’re pregnant? Are you for real?” You felt offended, but that was before you heard a laugh followed by a sob, “I’m going to be a dad?” Tears filled your eyes, “Yeah.” “Baby I’m so sorry I’m not there with you, but I promise I will be there as soon as I can and I will be there whenever you need me.” You thought Calum was going to explode when he didn’t even take a breath, “Calum it’s okay. I knew what I was doing when I started dating a rockstar. I love you and were going to figure everything out.” You wiped a tear coming down your face and smiled, “I love you too.” Calum said with pure happiness in his voice. 


I woke up early again, not really sure why, but I had this weird sense of urgency that told me I needed to check the chat. I was thinking of it even in my sleep now. Which wasn’t really a good sign. When I was sleeping I was dreaming of it, when I was awake I was on it, when I wasn’t on it, I was thinking about it. I knew it wasn’t healthy but at the same time, it was really all I had going on so I wasn’t going to just stop. Again, I’m going to compare it to drugs. Only because I’ve never been on drugs. But it’s probably totally like drugs. The sense of impending doom that filled me as I reached for my computer kind of scared me. I almost didn’t want to open the chat. But I told myself that I was just being silly. I wasn’t psychic or anything so how would I know if something bad was happening? That’s right, I wouldn’t. 

I tried my hardest not to think bad thoughts because I knew if there was something bad, that I’d want to hang myself for thinking of them in the first place. I didn’t believe in things like that but you never know. I did everything slowly because I’m a wimp & I scare easily when it comes to things like socializing. I just let myself go at a slow pace so if there was something bad, I’d have time to react instead of just jumping in & being all shocked by it. It was really hard to surprise me because of the amount of time I spend in my head. Thinking & other things, I just get lost, never to really come out again. It’s a blessing & a curse because I can tune people out but at the same time I have a hard time paying attention. Not like any kind of attention disorder just that I prefer to be in my thoughts rather than listen to someone dribble on about nothing.

So I opened my laptop & turned it on. My mind was spinning. I took a deep breath & exhaled way too hard. It made me dizzy for a moment. I just needed to calm down, not let anything get to me. Not think about anything. Just kind of read what was being said & be chill about it. But I wasn’t expecting what I logged on to. Not in the least. I’d become accustomed to talking to the members that I’d met so far & they were all my friends now so I felt like I could eaves drop on them without feeling bad. But then there was something that made me feel like I should do that. New faces. Or names. Or whatever you want to call them. There were new people in the chat basically. I didn’t really feel a shock at seeing the new ones, because they weren’t on my list of suspect… at least not seriously. But they were still weird to see. 

Kangasoo: But you were in the bathroom for 20 minutes

Kangasoo: That makes people suspicious

Ninipuppy: I WAS POOPING 

Ninipuppy: God damn it

EvrythingsGucci: I take shorter showers than that WTF

sLaying420: what is this

Ninipuppy: it’s a chat

EvrythingsGucci: Where did he come from

galaxxy_fanfan: but you were making sounds

Ninipuppy: I swear to god I was pooping

Kangasoo: We don’t believe you

FixItWith$$: You guys

Ninipuppy: What?

sLaying420: but what is this

Kangasoo: oh lord, why did I invite him? I regret it

Ninipuppy: He’ll get bored eventually then just leave

EvrythingsGucci: Or he’ll fall asleep 

galaxxxy_fanfan: Or get the munchies

FixItWith$$: GUYS. 

ToothyChanyeol: This is quite a riveting conversation. Very hard-hitting stuff.

Ninipuppy: Heeey

sLaying420: who is that

Kangasoo: She saw the pooping part

Ninipuppy: I’m so sorry

EvrythingsGucci: I’m not

galaxxxy_fanfan: I could be sleeping right now

galaxxxy_fanfan: but you made me come on here for this

FixItWith$$$: I needed help 

ToothyChanyeol: You’re always having interesting talks when I come on.

Kangasoo: They always start shit

FixItWith$$: Language

sLaying420: seriously who is that

sLaying420: is that her

Kangasoo: Yes, that’s her. 

sLaying420: hi hot girl

Ninipuppy: Oh god 

ToothyChanyeol: Hello cutie pie :3

sLaying420: i saw a picture of you 

ToothyChanyeol: Oh really? How?

sLaying402: i was in the room when you sent it to =dj436/3ga]kjsdt-o83u85\4u

ToothyChanyeol: O_O

Kangasoo: Ignore him. He had an accident with his face & keyboard.

ToothyChanyeol: Okay… 

galaxxxy_fanfan: I’m here too. Hi.

ToothyChanyeol: I saw you, hello~

Ninipuppy: We have a surprise for you

EvrythingsGucci: Yas

ToothyChanyeol: What? o_o

Ninipuppy: Hold on ;) 

galaxxxy_fanfan: You’re going to love it

They were gone for a long time. I counted almost 45 minutes passing before any sign of them coming back appeared. But it was kind of the opposite. Two of them logged off & the other two went inactive. I didn’t know if I should stay or leave & maybe come back later. I waited because I’m that much of a desperate idiot. Not in the bad sense, really. Just in the way that when someone expected something of me, I did my best to please them. That was more true these days than it ever had been. Which was probably why I was even in this current position. I needed to know what they were doing, but again, I didn’t really want to know what was going on out of fear. What could they have possibly got to surprise me with? An emoji? Like, I couldn’t figure it out. I tried to stop thinking about it so I didn’t actually figure it out & ruin the surprise but then it came popping back into my head with that cute sound. 

ByunFanboy: I don’t know what to say

ByunFanboy: I really didn’t mean to react like I did

ByunFanboy: I wasn’t thinking straight.

ByunFanboy: I got scared. Of how I felt when I saw you.

ByunFanboy: It kind of concreted in my mind all of the things that I felt. 

ByunFanboy: I didn’t mean to make you worry or question yourself. I’m so sorry for that. Please don’t blame yourself. 

ByunFanboy: There are all these things I want to say but it’s hard to word them in chat. I wish I could tell them to you in person.

ByunFanboy: Okay… I’ll give you a minute to yell at me now~

I read this messages with a stream of tears on my face. Not at what he was saying, but that I was reading it from him. He was talking to me. He didn’t hate me, he loved me. He cared that I might have felt like shit. This was great. Not because he felt bad but because he cared at all. I’d never felt loved like this. No one had ever put so much effort into my feelings before. It was overwhelming & wonderful. I just didn’t know this was what my gut was telling me I’d find when I came on. I thought it would just be the others talking about random crap, which it kind of was. But it lead to something more amazing.

ToothyChanyeol: I don’t know what to start with

ByunFanboy: Just cover everything. Let it all out. 

ToothyChanyeol: I love you. That’s all. 

ByunFanboy: You’re not even going to scold me a little?

ToothyChanyeol: No. 

ByunFanboy: That doesn’t make me feel better, please yell at me. 

ToothyChanyeol: I forgive you, I just want to talk to you again. I’ve missed you.

ByunFanboy: I promise that I won’t do it again.

ToothyChanyeol: Good. :3

ToothyChanyeol: I was curious about something that I never got to ask.

ByunFanboy: Okay, shoot. 

ToothyChanyeol: Your username. Is it a troll or something?

ByunFanboy: One of my friends made it & he kind of did it to fuck with me. 

ToothyChanyeol: Ah, so it’s not your choice?

ByunFanboy: Nah, I just went with it. But it doesn’t bother me or anything.

ByunFanboy: We make jokes about it all the time. :P

ToothyChanyeol: I was hoping you’d say it was because of something else so I could figure out who else you AREN’T. 

ByunFanboy: Sorry babe haha

ToothyChanyeol: It’s okay. I’m just happy that we’re talking again. 

ByunFanboy: Me too <3

We did just that for almost 6 hours. I stayed up until the sun started rising. He urged me to go to bed but I refused. Not after I went so long without talking. I didn’t know if he’d disappear again for work or whatever else. I needed to fit as much in as I could. Even if the other members could see us talking about stupid shit. I wanted to talk about everything. He was just as eager & I could tell he was excited throughout the entire session. It was getting harder to just talk online though. It was starting to not be enough for me & I knew that would cause some problems. I didn’t say anything out of fear that he would feel worse. I didn’t need him to feel like this was all more his fault than before. It was my fault too. I urged it to happen as much as he did. We both knew what we were doing, as grown ups. Or sort of grown ups. Or mature idiots. Whatever was most fitting. We knew what was happening, nonetheless. 

I slid a hand through my hair as I closed my laptop & glared at the sun peaking through my window. It was so early but I wasn’t tired yet. I wanted to talk to him more, to figure out more details about him. He was busy though, he had much more going on than I did & I couldn’t tear him away from it even if I wanted to. Which I didn’t. That was his job. I wouldn’t be one of those clingy, needy girls who made their boyfriend chose. I’d never do that. I would support him through every bit of his career even if it meant being away from him. Because at some point, the distance is important. When you talk & communicate, you make a connection on a level that surpasses anything physical. Strong relationships could stand distance. That’s what we’d have. A strong, distant relationship. For however long. Even though we’d maybe never be allowed to go public with it. I was kind of okay with that actually. Then people wouldn’t be in our business.

I’d be patient with him because despite the secrets, I knew he was capable of loving me the way I needed to be. If the roles were reversed, he’d be just as good to me & I knew that. He even told me that if it was me in his place & him in mine, he’d be just as excited about it as he is now. Which I replied to by saying “Duh, a hot female star comes onto you in a chat room. you’re going to get a little excited SOMEWHERE.” then he laughed at me & it started a conversation that I’d rather not repeat. But we got each other on certain level. I know this all still sounds crazy because I don’t actually know who I’m dealing with, but it was all just starting to feel natural. It had been almost a month & I was still just as nervously happy to talk to him as I was the first day. I hoped it would stay this way at least for a little while longer.

A/N: Hopefully this is longer & makes up for the last short one. I couldn’t tell if it was actually longer but there’s more chat & TWO NEW MEMBERS OMG. WHAT. xo