i just love these two idiots way too much

"New OTP"


I love it, I really do. It excites me, it makes my heart happy, it makes me fangirl in places I know I probably shouldn’t. Buuutttt, it could never replace what will forever and always be my love, my life; Ereri

I spent too much countless hours, writing, reading, laughing, crying and screaming over these two idiots for a beautiful CANON ship to get in the way.

I have no problem and nothing against people who do just the opposite, but for me, three years of loving this anime and this pairing is too much to throw away.

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The most harrowing death was definitely B's, with the whole matter of "being at peace" in his cell, this horrible way to murdeder him. I still don´t believe A is dead. I saw the episode with two friends, when A said something like: "Friend?Friend? You are an idiot" For a second we thought she was going to reveal that she was also part of the conspiracy against of him, then with the first shot, we saw that it was a love´s declaration. Someone else felt the same or just us? Too much Homeland? LOL

Given the depths of our collective mourning for fictional characters, I’d go so far as to say we all watch too much Homeland.