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I Meant It

Drabble Prompt: “The sticky stuff you’re referring to is blood.”  

Pairing: Jared x Reader

“Shit. Shit. Shit.” Jared grumbles under his breath, panic quickly setting in.

“Y/N?! Are you ok?”

You’re barely able to open your eyes, you hear your boyfriend’s voice but can’t find the words to respond. This is what you get for trying to spice up your fucking sex life.

“I’m all sticky.” You whine reaching behind your head, feeling a weird gooey substance.

“The sticky stuff you’re referring to is blood.” Jared responds softly trying not to alarm you.

“That’s ok.“ You mutter with your eyes fluttering closed, causing Jared to let out a heavy sigh.

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I’m the first person to admit that I’m a huge Destiel shipper. I mean, that ship is sailing for me like none other.


12x12 was a big deal for those of us who sail that ship. I get it. There were a lot of great moments, but some of y’all wearing the Destiel goggles are downplaying and at worst, cancelling some super important stuff.


This is so important. It ain’t just about Dean and Castiel here. There was a super important moment cut out of the gifs I’ve seen floating around, but don’t worry, I fixed it.

Sail that ship here, my friends, but stop forgetting that Castiel is being welcomed into a family here. Sam and Dean. This scene isn’t about Castiel just admitting that he’s in love with Dean. If you ship it like I do? Great! See it that way.

But, PLEASE don’t cheapen the significance of Castiel’s “I love all of you.” It’s not a simple, “I love you [Dean].”

It’s this:

It’s “I love all of you [my family].”

Frankly, I would adore Destiel actually happening in canon because it would be so freaking important. Two main characters in a long running show, entering a non-heterosexual relationship. That would be huge for queer people like me, and tons of you.

But, in this moment in the show, cutting Sam out of the gifs and thus consideration, is a huge determent to the scene. To what Castiel’s love encompass. It’s bigger than just Dean here.

And that’s important.

It’s love for his Winchester siblings.

Prince of Egypt Appreciation Week Day Two: Character Appreciation 1

Typically for a character appreciation post I would like to see underappreciated characters get to shine in the spotlight a bit; however, I don’t think that any characters in POE are underappreciated. I’ve seen tons of posts about all the characters! So instead of picking an underappreciated character, I’m gonna go with who I want, if that’s okay with everyone :) With all that said, it’s time to appreciate Tzipporah!

Reasons why I love Tzipporah:

1. Her name is freaking cool. like A+ name!

2. She’s so graceful! just look at her dance

3. She is kind and helpful to the Hebrews!

4. She is so incredibly supportive to her husband Moses. She goes with him on his mission to free his people even though she knows from experience how dangerous going up against the Egyptians can be.

5. Even when faced with captivity in Egypt, she still has her fighting spirit. Tzipporah is one of the strongest characters in the whole movie.

6. Her character design! Her head is a square shape which is so different from the typical animated woman. I love that they didn’t give her European features to make her “prettier.” She is gorgeous and no one can convince me otherwise!

7. The way she freaking ROCKS that blue dress!

8. She gave Moses a second chance, she didn’t close herself off to him just because they met under less than ideal circumstances the first time.

9. Haha when she just stands next to Moses when he’s naked and is just cool as cucumber, as if he’s not completely naked!

10. She’s so freaking tall! you go, girl! reach the sky!

11. Correct skin tones!

12. When Moses comes back from the palace after Rameses frees the Hebrews, and she doesn’t say anything and just hugs him. She knows that this has been so hard on him, and she knows that she needs to be there for him.

13. Gorgeous hair!

14. “But, Moses, you’re just one man.” She doesn’t want to see him get hurt if he goes to Egypt so she tries to convince him not to go.

15. Then she realizes what this means to him and is fully supportive.

16. Tzipporah as a big sister.

17. Her singing in “When You Believe”=GOLD

18. Tzipporah being so crafty and intelligent to escape from Moses’ chambers.

19. Tzipporah hugging Miriam at the end like she already thinks of Moses’ family as hers.

20. “Look, look at your people, Moses. They are free.” Tzipporah reminding Moses why he did all this in the first place.

Ok but imagine

D.va enters heroes of the storm, and needs a mount the Alliance is completely out of horses. But E.T.C, who just became Lucio’s best friend, is like: “Nah bro I got it.” So the next day Etc just walks in with a 3 ton Dire Wolf, and Lucio has a mini freak out. Etc is so confused cuz he got “Like, the best wolf in the Horde bro.” So they end up giving it to D.va anyway.

And she loves it.
It’s just like a giant puppy and it loves being pet and cuddles. Lucio is terrified because somtimes he can’t tell if it’s mauling her or being a puppy.
Two weeks later D.va brings it in with pink accents in its fur and a collar. Apparently it’s a girl and D.va named her Fluffy…

Lucio is silently jealous he doesn’t get a mount or a giant puppy and E.T.C declares himself best wingman ever.

i really wanna do an exes plot where they’d been dating for a really long time and they have a lot of mutual friends and things were starting to get serious. and then suddenly, muse a just leaves a note and disappears, and it’s really only because they’re afraid of commitment because they think they’re not good enough, or thinks muse b will end up leaving them, so they try to beat them to the chase. muse b hates them for leaving the way they did, and it makes them think that they’re the onenot good enough for muse a, and basically they’re both an absolute mess. their friends try to comfort them both, tell them that the other is just as messed up about it as the other person is, but the two end up never speaking to each other again. fast forward a few years, one of their mutual friends is getting married. they ask muse a to be their best man/maid of honor, and invite muse b to the wedding as well. being extremely close to the groom/bride, they both arrive a few days early to help out and plan a bachelor(ette) party and such, but they both completely freak out when they see each other. even worse, due to hotel room mix-ups, the two end up rooming together, too…. basically an exes plot with tons of angst and hate and love and just (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ 

anonymous asked:

How would any of them help a s/o who freaks out about the fact that they are in space? Like avoiding windows and triple checking to make sure there is enough supplies?

This turned out to be really cute I love this so much


  • is honestly a little weary too and can totally understand their s/o’s reservations about space
  • Pidge does a butt ton of reassuring like hand holding and hugs
  • distractions are always a plus, so they spend a lot of time just generally trying to get their s/o to forget about the whole space thing
  • when their s/o can’t sleep because of it, they stay up and talk for hours until they can’t keep their eyes open


  • the two of them are a little bit of a mess
  • if his s/o starts freaking out he may also follow suit for a while
  • he gets super curious about food stocks and him and his s/o sneak into the stock rooms every while to check
  • as for avoiding the windows, he slowly starts introducing them into the idea tat they may be here longer than they like, so they are going to have to face their fear


  • when his s/o opens up to him about their fear, they’ll end up talking an awful lot about it
  • he has a lot of feelings he needs to iron out too, like homesickness, so he finds huge benefit in talking their fears through
  • also they probably get really worried for him since he was almost flushed out of an airlock
  • Lance is really good at diverting conversation when they look like they are about to panic big time


  • grabs onto his s/o’s hand when they pass a window together because he knows how they feel about the vacuum that is space being so close
  • his s/o probably spends a lot of time in the training room with him as there are no windows in there
  • s/o also probably doesn’t like sleeping alone, space is a large expanse and it’s easy to overthink things when they are on their own
  • he also asks Coran on the sly how food stocks are going, just so his s/o doesn’t have to worry


  • he’ll listen to them if they wanna talk about it - like for hours if it gets it off their chest
  • he’ll sit with them by windows if they think it will help them and try and make constellations if the ship is stationary
  • when it’s moving, they probably won’t deal with it well alone, so he always seeks them out before they get going
  • if they look particularly nervous, an arm around the waist usually provides ample comfort
Hercules x Reader: Modern!AU

Words: 1808 (whoops)

 Warning: nope 

 Request: “Your requests are open yes! Your fics are AMAZING and I’m so happy your requests are open! ok ok can you do a fic where the reader and Herc keep flirting with eachother and all his friends keep pushing him to just ASK THE READER OUT FOR GODS SAKE but he’s like um? no bc he thinks the reader is just joking. So his friends keep pestering him but he won’t do it, and eventually the reader overhears and the reader literally walks up to him in the middle of 1 of these convos and kisses him and just :)“ 

 Prompt: nada 

 A/N: I DIDNT KNOW PEOPLE LIKED MY FICS SO THANK YOU!!! also I start school tomorrow soooooo yeah. ((help)) 


 You struggled to open the door, with three pizza boxes balancing on your arms. So, you simply gave it a few swift kicks in substitution to knocking. "Ah, shut up!” Your friend, John, yelled from the inside. You let out a short giggle. 

He opened the door, very lazily, and you continued to scream, “GUESS WHO BROUGHT FUCKING PIZZA?!" 

John jumped back, his facial expression mixed with horror and surprise. Lafayette jumped up off the couch, throwing the remote at the wall. And Hercules ran out of the bathroom, toothbrush still in his mouth, "What he hell is going on?” His voice was muffled by the toothpaste a bit. 

“Why are you brushing your teeth, were just now about to eat pizza,” you said, motioning your head towards the pizza boxes. 

“I want to look my best for you, my dear,” he said jokingly, or so you thought. He continued to bow in front of you with a smile on his face. 

 "Oh, good. I’m not the only one, I put on deodorant and a thick layer of perfume before I got here,“ John took two of the pizza boxes from you, and you continued, "Just for you, my love." 

 Hercules and you flirted shamelessly towards one another, it and it was unbearable for the rest of the ‘Hamilsquad’. Everyone thought it was so annoying how you two didn’t get together already. You always thought he was joking when he flirted, he wasn’t. He meant every single one of his pick-up lines, or compliments, but you seemed to shrug it off like it was nothing.

 You never did, though. Each compliment meant something to you. And, you constantly told yourself he was just joking around, and he didn’t mean it. But they always brightened your day, even at the slightest your stomach would churn. 

 The same was for Hercules, and it always made him a little more sad knowing you didn’t mean any of them. At least that’s what went through his mind. Like always, in the romance movies, your crushes on eachother were completely obvious to those around you, but you and Hercules stayed oblivious. 

 Lafayette playfully frowned from the couch, "I could smell your deodorant from here! And I thought it was for me!” You smiled and rolled your eyes, walking into the kitchen and setting the pizza box you had down on the table, “What TV show is it tonight?" 

 "Didn’t Herc text you? It’s Scream,” John opened a pizza box, but was looking at you. 

 "Aw, isn’t that supposed to be scary? Like; jump-scare scary?“ You complained. 

 "Hercs idea.”

 "What a shithead…“ You mumbled, taking a look at your phone.

 "You know I can hear you, right?” Hercules voice scared the living hell out of you, in your words. He was right behind you, reaching for the pizza box in front of you. 

“Maybe I wanted you too,” you stuck your tongue out, moving away from him and towards the fridge, grabbing a water bottle. A second later, Alexander walked in the door, bearing gifts of two litre soda bottles, with a smile on his face, “Guess who got one of these for free,” He sang in a sing-song tone. 

 "Did you flirt with the cashier again?“ John asked. 

 "Yep, I don’t know how y/n and Hercules do it so much. It’s so… Complicated. I would rather get straight to the point." 

 John grumbled something along the lines of, ’Yeah maybe you could of you were actually straight,’ when walking past you, causing you to practically spit out your water. Hercules and Alexander both looked at you, Hercules had an amused smile, and Alexander looked curious yet offended. 

 Once you walked away, Alexander turned and punched Hercules in the arm. Hercules jerked back and held it with his other hand, ”Ow!“ 

 "Ask her out, already! It’s annoying!" 

 "You didn’t even hear anything I said to her!" 

 "But I know you said something…. Just… Ask her out, on one little date." 

Hercules rolled his eyes and continued to get his pizza, without another word towards Alexander, who was pouting. You, on the other hand, walked back to the living room, sitting next to Lafayette. John sat on the other side of the couch. 

"Thanks, John. I’m really feeling the love,” you teased, John lunged over and gave you a hug, landing on Lafayette also in the process. 

 "Feeling the love now?“ 

 You and Lafayette pushed him off, laughing. Hercules then came over with his pizza on his plate, and he propped his feet up on he ottoman as he sat down next to you. 

 "Your fingers look disgusting,” you laughed, looking at him. His fingers were shining with grease, they were sticky and gross and– ew. Hercules didn’t say anything, he just looked down at you and winked, before working on his pizza. 

You looked up at Lafayette, to the other side of you, and made gagging motions. He laughs at your shenanigans causing Hercules to look over, “We all know what you actually mean with those motions.” You felt your face get hotter and hotter– he’s never been that forward to you before, it was usually just small compliments here and there. You maybe, kind of, felt a little bit repelled by what he said, and that was an honest first. Instead of saying anything, you just rolled your eyes and grabbed the remote to the TV, turning on Netflix.

 "Oh my god, you made y/n speechless!“ Alexander exclaimed, sitting down next to John on the other side of the couch. 

No, you made her annoyed, you wanted to say aloud. But you knew you couldn’t. Hercules chuckled, looking at you, while you were looking at the TV, trying your best not to look at him. Luckily, you didn’t turn your head, or else it would have been very embarrassing for Hercules as he was staring at you. 

 He broke away from you and grabbed a blanket, tossing it over all three of you (Lafayette, you, Hercules). But, it wouldn’t really matter because it would always end up being yours in the end. 

 Alexander and John were chatting up a storm, while you were waiting for the episode to load. "Can we watch ze show, guys?” Lafayette asked, a little bit annoyed. You looked over, Alexander was frowning at Lafayette and John was smiling like an idiot to himself. What on earth were they talking about? Nevertheless, they shut up, and you unpaused the intro of the show. 

A few minutes later, Hercules used the clichè move of yawning and putting his arm around you. There he is, you thought, there is the Hercules I know. You held in a giggle and turned to the TV, trying to ignore the stupid blush that was reaching your cheeks again, just when it had finished dying down the first time. 

“Okay, this is not as scary as I thought,” you said aloud, looking around. Hercules nodded in agreement. 

“Can I talk to you guys for a minute?” John asked, quite rushed, and annoyed. You hadn’t realised he was staring at your side of the couch, "Alex, Lafayette, Hercules…“ 

 You frowned, "Why am I excluded? I feel excluded." 

 Hercules smiled, but continued to unwrap his arm from around you and follow the other three boys into the kitchen. 

 "This is about you,” John immediately said, pointing at Hercules’ chest, “and Her." 

 This spiked your attention, you resisted the urge to turn around and look at them, as if it would help you hear. Instead, you took out your phone, opened up (social media app) and started scrolling, trying to look preoccupied. 

 "What about… us?” Hercules asked, trying to carefully use the word, as you two were not an ‘us’.

 "The shameless flirting, it’s annoying,“ Alex joined in, rolling his eyes, "You two just need to get together already." 

 "Why don’t you ask her to be ton amour?” (your love), Lafayette asked, quite innocently. 

 "She doesn’t see me that way, it’s been that way for a while!“ Hercules said in a hushed whisper, which you could still hear. Of course I have, are you completely clueless? You wanted to scream, the shameless flirting was supposed to be a hint

 "She likes you, you like her, just get together and have babies,” Alex said, like it was nothing, with a shrug.

Oh my god… He actually likes me. I could just freaking kiss him! You couldn’t think properly, and you stood up. You walked over to the group of boys, right behind Hercules, and tapped his shoulder so he could see you. He turned around, and his face was locked in surprise. He opened his mouth to say anything, but you set your hands on the sides of his face, and pulled him in for a kiss. 

 You smashed your lips against his, though surprised at first, Hercules sunk into it and kissed you back. It was full of passion, and it lasted for a couple seconds, but you broke away and looked at the boys, “Can we go back to the show now?" 

 Lafayette now sat on the recliner chair, you were on the left side of the couch against the side, with Hercules next to you, and Alexander and John were on the other side of the couch. Nobody said anything about what had happened, they just kept glancing at the two of you. Hercules didn’t say anything, which was bad. At least you thought it was bad. 

 But, he kissed back… So that’s something, right? What if he felt pressured in doing and the guys knew I liked him and they were making sure I would hear and it was all one big joke and he actually doesn’t like me and– your anxious thoughts were cut off, by Hercules, whispering. 

 "So… um, are we… a-a ’thing’ now?” He asked, looking at you. You’d never seen him flustered and nervous before, you couldn’t help but smile, “That depends… Do you want to be? Because I really like you, Herc.”

Hercules smiled back, “I really like you too, y/n.” He held his hand out, and you intertwined your fingers with his. You heard grumbling from the other side of the couch, you looked over to see Alex pulling out a Twenty and handing it to John.


FIND IT: 1000 Steps Beach Laguna Beach, CA 92651

WARNING: A PORTION OF THIS ADVENTURE IS TRESPASSING. FOLLOW MY LEAD AT YOUR OWN RISK. (I don’t think you will get in trouble as long as you aren’t entering onto anyone’s property *several houses border this area* just stick to the sand, don’t go climbing any stairs up to someone’s patio)

We found the Thousand Steps Beach by using GPS, but we had to drove a little further past the “destination” until we saw a small gated entry the led to the longest staircase ever. I’ve now looked it up and someone reported that it’s only about 230 stairs, but it will still leave your calves burning on the way back up. This staircase is public access and is very easy to find. 

[Photo: After completing the trillion stairs you get rewarded with this gorgeous view]

The beach that technically is the “Thousand Steps Beach” is pristine. Not a lot of people on a warm Friday afternoon, which is always nice. If you begin walking south on the beach, you will soon approach a large cave opening. 

[Photo: In high tide, prepare to get a little wet]

This spot is really interesting, walking through is easy, and what awaits on the other side is truly worth the exploration. 

[Photo: Inside the cave, so much… sea stuff… what is this even called]

When we walked through this there was barely any water, but on our way back out we were trudging through knee high spots. If you look towards the back of this photo, you can see another small cave opening, that one doesn’t lead anywhere, but it is still worth checking out. 

[Photo: exiting the cave]

The little tide pools had tons of small sea life creatures to check out. There were lots of sea urchins and other creepy-crawlys that I had no idea what species they even belonged to. I think I need to start studying marine biology so I can better explain my surroundings. 

[Photo: I’m still not over how cool this place was]

Now, about a hundred feet from the cave, you can begin to see more private houses that are situated closer to the beach *still up on the cliffs though* and tons of staircases for their private beach access. This area didn’t have any warnings for private property. 

[Photo: Paradise. For real.]

As we continued south, we started to climb the rocks that lead over into more exciting areas, as if wandering through a cave wasn’t exciting enough. I had to stop and snap a photo of this blue ocean water.

[Photo: What sign?]

I got a shot of this sign with my GoPro that I was wearing with the “chesty strap.” There were a few other people roaming the area at the same time we were. I’m never really too concerned with these signs as no one ever seems to being paying attention, unless people are obviously doing something else illegal or harmful to the area.

[Photo: We made it!!! *Half way…*]

Once you make it to this view, you are situated pretty high up on a cliff. We had to look around to figure out the best route to take in order to get to the beach in the above photo. We heard two girls ask another pair of people how to do it and we ended up using those directions. 

You have to climb down the cliff and jump into the water in order to get to shore below. By the time you are low enough and out of easy rocks to climb, the water is only about knee high, but we had strong waves rolling in so we jumped in and let the tide swoop us to shore. 

[Photo: I was grossed out by how warm these pools of water were]

Apparently, (as you can see better in the photo above) this is an abandoned infinity pool. I tried to find some history of these pools and what I found was that they were too close to the ocean and the waves would crash into them, leaving their chlorine pools filled with sand and salt water. So, now these pools have been left behind and have filled up with pure salt water and sand has shallowed the depth of them, making them the perfect exploring spots. 

[Photo: Cannonball]

This is the pool that is predominant in the photo that is of the view from the top of the cliff (two photos back). We didn’t jump in the other pool (previous photo) because there were other people doing something over there and this one looked more fun. 

After seeing tons of crabs, I really had to force myself to jump into this old abandoned pool. Crabs kind of freak me out, especially when they are coming out of little holes in the sand that you are about to walk on, but I ended up jumping in a few times and I loved every minute of it. 

The water was weirdly warm, but I’m guessing that was just because the sun was beating on it and it’s a shallow body. If you ever find yourself at these pools, JUMP IN! Even if there are crabs and sea urchins, just jump, but make sure you understand how shallow the water is, I had to land on my butt/back in order to avoid hurting my ankles/legs. 

[Photo: Random GoPro shot]

I included this photo because I wanted to show the kind of attire I had on for this adventure. I have water shoes on because I knew we were going to be getting wet and then climbing over rocks and stepping on things like large piles of seaweed. I got these shoes for $10 at Walmart and they have been a life savor. I then wore swim shorts (actually men’s swim trunks from H&M) because climbing around in a bathing suit is awkward and these are the perfect way to stay cool, get wet, and still be able to scale up the side of a cliff. I’m also wearing a swim shirt that I got from Old Navy, as a way to save my pale skin from terrible sunburns and stay warm on days where the ocean water is freezing (I’m used to swimming in Malibu where it is shock inducing cold), this shirt is great because it dries super quick and doesn’t make you hot. I was wearing my bikini top underneath and eventually took the shirt off to swim off shore, but I was very thankful to have this shirt for the rest of the day.

I give Thousand Steps Beach a hundred thumbs up. This maybe my new favorite place in California. I loved exploring the caves, abandoned pools, swimming in the small beach area that is technically private property, and soaking up this paradise of a place. You don’t need to be an experienced “rock climber” or hiker or anything to get to these hidden pools, I saw most people backing out from going past the tall cliff because they didn’t want to get wet, so just come prepared and you will fall in love with it. I recommend this place to everyone. 

Pro Tip: Swim in the small bay between the cliff and the pools, we didn’t see anyone else stop to do this so we practically got a private beach for a whole afternoon. The water was the perfect temperature and the waves were just big enough to carry you away for a moment. 

*I didn’t take a lot of pictures due to the fact that I kept my phone in a ziplock bag inside a backpack for most of the day, as we kept finding ourselves getting soaked, but we did record a lot of GoPro footage, which I will cut together and post as soon as I get that done.*

15 things included when dating Anakin Skywalker.

1. Always feeling beautiful when he’s around.

2. Anakin cuddling with you after a nightmare and visa versa.

3. Almost always being wrapped up in his arms.

4. Tons of forehead kisses.

5. Extravagant dates and gifts.

6. Having panic attacks when Anakin starts acting different. 

7. Feeling protected.

8. Anakin always trying to make you blush because he thinks it’s adorable.

9. Anakin loving your smile.

10. Freaking out when you find out he’s on the dark side.

11. Being strangled to death while pregnant with twins. 

12. Dying after giving birth to said twins.

13. Not being able to sleep so you two stay up all night just talking.

14. Long hugs. 

15. I really have no idea, kinda seems like a bad idea to me, sorry.

Originally posted by larryftmarvel

untwined  asked:

so first of all, your blog is pretty dope. its given me a ton of confidence in larry lately. anyway, i was wondering, whats your opinion on harry and louis "denying" larry? i know theres a ton of interviews where theyre asked the topic, but one particular one is this girl and she asks "but havent you two kissed?" and they're like "no" and then they get into the fandom and stuff. if you want, i can submit the link to it. i was just wondering what you thought of it.

Aww, thanks babycakes!

All good, I know the one you mean. Imma link you though to an amazing post, from about 10 months ago. I love our fandom because we’ve got insiders freaking everywhere!


I kind of know the interview, and I had an opportunity to ask her about this interview and she said that she was told to ask about Larry. She also said it was the most awkward part of the interview, and right after they addressed it they had to take a little break in which Harry and Louis stepped out for a few minutes.


i confirm this!
I also got to ask the interviewer (lauren) about the interview she did with them and she said it was great except for one part that was awkward and full of tension and i asked her what part that was and she said the part where she had to ask about larry.
i posted about this interview last year as well and she also told me that louis and harry needed a break after that part as well.

Even before I’d heard this, I thought there was a BIG difference in both halves of the question. It seemed to me that they knew this was coming and had decided on their regular ‘talk around it’ approach. Unfortunately, this interviewer was more thorough than they’d planned for. When she asked them flat out 'but haven’t you kissed?’ suddenly their soft denial and talk around it without answering approach wouldn’t work anymore, resulting in the most awkward hesitation of all time, followed by the least convincing 'no’ of all time.

I’m really not surprised from the confirmations that not only was the question enforced of the interviewer, and that Harry and Louis needed a break. This was really the first time they ended up actually denying their relationship and it must have been really distressing for them.

I feel like the same thing happened in that Sunrise interview in Australia where they showed Harry the magazine article about him and Louis. I think the intention of the interview was for Harry to look at the photos and declare them photoshopped, ('haha, look at that, crazy people will believe anything! Rumours, what can you do?’) but the interviewer, wanting an actual statement, pushed a hard answer - “So there’s nothing going on between you and Louis?

When you’re asked a direct question like that, it’s almost impossible to wiggle out of it with a clever answer, and immediately noticeable and suspicious if you try. In both cases they pretty much did what they had to do and it both cases looked extremely unsettled about what they were saying. Given all the other fuckery around these two and their relationship, I don’t give these denials any weight or worry.


Got distracted by the magic of friendship but maybe I can get this done in time for today?

Day 10 - Why aren’t these two married in real life?

Another weird way to phrase…something. So again, taking this to mean whatever I want it to. And when I think of shippings that really just need to get married now…

Even though while watching anime I will frequently shout out “JUST GET MARRIED ALREADY” at every little ship tease, lol, there is ONE anime where the protags really do JUST NEED TO GET MARRIED.

Kyo Kara Maoh has a very, very special place in my heart. Along with Princess Tutu it is the first anime I ever bought (also how I learned that buying a DVD doesn’t mean you get all the episodes…you get like 4 of them >,>;;). It was also my first Shounen Ai, so in a lot of ways YurixWolfram was my first GayTP.

And damn. Did I ship it. Hard. 

I know there is a huge rivalry between the Yuuram and Conri shippers in this world, so I will start by saying I DO NOT IN ANY WAY HATE CONRART, in fact he might be my favorite character, and the “betrayal” arc breaks my kokoro just as much as anyone else’s. But still, I see him more like a father / older brother to Yuri…and a true romantic pairing between them just feels like it would be weird to me.

But I digress, because the true focus of today is marriage. And Jaze. These two have been NEEDING TO FINALLY TIE THE KNOT since EPISODE TWO. That’s right. They’ve been engaged for what, 74 episodes? God knows how many novel / manga volumes (because English-speakers don’t get nice things when it comes to this stuff). 

Either they need to either break off the engagement (NOOooooOOooooooooooo), or just hurry up and make it official (YES).

Because seriously, Yuuram is the cutest thing. And I only watched the anime, even though I’ve heard how much better it is in the novels.


Granted, I am so so so so SO SO thankful that KKM got to run for THREE seasons (back when that didn’t mean no pussy-foot 13 episode season, but a full 24-26), plus an OVA. Like dayum. Because this is one of my favorite anime ever and I could watch it again and again (and have. and will). But at the same time, it being it, I don’t understand why the romance had to be downplayed so much? 

I mean I understand it, since marketing a “GAY” series that has so much potential plot / character wise helps when you widen the audience, but I really don’t understand, or rather hates, why it has to be that way. You see het romance stuck up every freaking series ever up the wazoo. But if it has a homosexual protag suddenly it’s “GAY,” as if that one relationship has to be genre-defining (Exceptions do exist, of course -I'mlookingatyou,TorchWood-). Because sometimes it is the genre, but it’s not always that way.

Take KKM, for example, there is so obviously an epic political fantasy plot with very charming, well-developed characters of all shades and sizes. It’s quirky, bizarre, hilarious, and just awesome in every way shape and form (okay…they could have upped the animation budget, but we take what we can get). So I don’t understand why canonizing more of the gay relationship would have been such a flipping problem. I mean it’s already there. They’re engaged. THEY HAVE A FREAKING ADORABLE DAUGHTER. WHY NOT JUST MAKE IT CANON lkajsdljalskdasd (And yes, somehow they pulled off the whole “daughter” thing without making it stupid / annoying as I feared…Greta’s freaking great).

Point being, KKM is an awesome anime that appeals to tons of different fans, not just for BL. And Yuri and Wolfram make such a cute couple…at first (because anime), their relationship may seem forced or played overtly for gags, but as the story progresses and the plot gets increasingly darker, a truly strong bond begins to form between these two. They always have each others’ back, and there’s a certain tenderness about their relationship which really hints at more than just “brotherly love” or friendship. Wolfram honestly cares for Yuri, willing to go to great lengths to protect him…and over time Yuri learns to accept those feelings and foster some of his own. That scene where Wolfram finally arrives to catch Yuri from the fall is just a;lkdjlKJHDfla;jksfa;klsnbal:KLNlbkwak'l n-cries-

Fkk I need to re-watch this again. I don’t care how many times it’s been. ; ^; 

Not sure if these are re-renders or not but, per usual, if the original artist contacts me for credit / removal I shall oblige. These things have been on my computer so long IDEK anymore…(They’re great, though).

Modern Kylux Autumn Headcanons

-Hux starts wearing turtlenecks and Kylo his favourite long-sleeved stripped t-shirts
-Kylo can wear black freely as much as he likes
-Hux loves stepping on the crunchy leaves. He sometimes goes out of his way just to do it
-Kylo uses this time to get Hux anything and everything pumpkin, from coffee to sweets and bread. Hux hates pumpkin
-Hux secretly appreciates the gesture
-Kylo has a ridiculously long scarf that he usually wears out. Hux claims the last few inches for himself while their waiting for the bus
-Hux got Millicent a tiny sweater. She got rid of it first chance
-Kylo always forgets his umbrella. Fortunately Hux is always carrying one
-They take long walks in the woods under the perfect weather
-Hux gets Kylo tons of his favourite chocolate to keep him warm. Kylo in turn wraps himself around Hux at the slightest provocation
-The kettle is ALWAYS on in their flat
-Kylo makes incredible dishes with seasonal ingredients. Hux tries to bake something in return but fails. They end up eating it anyway and Kylo claims to genuinely like it
-Tons of oversized sweaters
-Kylo picks up a leaf that is very similar to Hux’s hair colour. He keeps it tucked between the pages of his favourite book
-Hux wants Kylo to have a perfect birthday, so he makes some tea for the two of them and prepares an evening in, with lots of those cheesy old action films Kylo loves
-They freaking love autumn

letsroamtheforest  asked:

What happened to Cyrion? ;-; I miss fangirling over you two. I still love you both but the collab was just perfect. #BringCyrionBack2k14

Cyr was great to record with, we just had a lot of problems with other things. I felt he didn’t respect or appreciate the thousands of dollars I invested in him ~ and as a result I repeatedly ended our friendship.

It was a cycle:
1. Befriend Cyr.
2. Hang out for a while.
3. Spend tons of money on Cyr (flights, meals, equipment etc).
4. Cyr flies home.
5. Cyr almost completely forgets I exist.
6. I freak & end friendship.

Repeat 2 or 3 times and now you have us not recording at all anymore.


i just wanna take a moment and give felicia day a round of applause for her performance in tonight’s episode, i thought she did a badass job playing both charlies. i mean, playing two characters is tough in itself, but i’ve noticed that it’s particularly tricky when it’s a variation on the same character and dark!charlie was freaking amazing…i don’t know about you guys, but i got chills whenever dark!charlie was on screen. there are a ton of things i’d love to ramble on about what i loved in watching her act, but for now….just a major shout out to felicia day

I cannot even tell you guys how relieved I am that Alex and Maggie didn’t do the slow burn. So many shows draw out their relationships over two or three seasons and that shit is honestly so unnecessary. I freaking love seeing my girls together and happy, especially after Alex spent two weeks in a row breaking all our hearts.

I also feel like, just because Alex and Maggie are getting together doesn’t mean we won’t get a ton of angst. I mean, they still lead complicated lives and their jobs are dangerous and Maggie’s insecurities about being in a relationship aren’t just going to disappear. I wanna see them deal with all those hurdles as a couple.

And there are just so many potential conflicts to explore. There are the basics, like: Will Alex tell Maggie about Supergirl’s identity? Will keeping her sister’s secret create any problems for them in their relationship? Will we ever get to see Jealous!Maggie make an appearance??

And then there’s the deeper stuff, like: What happens if Alex tells Maggie she loves her and Maggie has trouble saying it back? How will they both deal with always having to see each other hurt on the job? Will Alex help Maggie love herself more, since her last breakup seemed to really hurt her confidence? Will we get to meet Maggie’s family, and are they really as accepting as she said?

And when we’re not dealing with all that stuff, we get to see Alex and Maggie being all cute and domestic together, or better yet, kicking ass as gay crime fighting girlfriends. And if that isn’t the best fucking thing you’ve ever heard then I don’t know what to tell you.



It just looks so natural for the both of them to be together, almost like mother and son. If you pay attention, in the first picture happy’s body language is showing a possessive and caring behavior, almost as if saying “she’s my property, so I’m going to take care of her”.

In the second panel, however, we get the classical happy and Lucy’s interaction. The sarcastic comment “Lucy, you weight a ton, You’re going to kill me!”.

It shows two sides of happy’s character. I LOVE IT WHEN HE GETS HIS CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT SHOWN. Also, I think it’s important for happy to show this side of him, given the recent events in the GMG arc (future Lucy’s death), it makes sense for him to act a little bit more protective about his mama Luce.


anonymous asked:

i feel like a ton of stuff i find regarding 'larry' (ive just fallen into this fandom) i freak out about and get excited about and add it to my list of reasons im really starting to get invested in these two. but then i look into it and 9 times out of 10 it's been debunked, and it's just really hard to trust whats what in this fandom, like, it seems a lot of the things people base their beliefs on is all fake or been debunked, apart from tattoos, and it's kinda disheartening?

Hi love,

It depends where you heard it to be debunked. There used to be (I’m not sure it’s still there?) a blog solely dedicated to debunk everything Larry and they didn’t like facts.

  • Tattos are facts
  • public separation during interview for years: facts
  • the ridiculousness of not interacting at all publicly although any SANE PROFESSIONAL team would encourage them to just suck it all up and act as if they were in the same band.: FACT
  • the screaming difference between Louis and @Louis: fact
  • the screaming difference between Harry in reality vs his narrative: fact
  • their fond everytime they look at each other or just hear/say each other’s names: fact
  • all the outings by themselves: facts
  • all the outings from ot3: facts
  • none of the 2 being sexually attracted to women: that’s a damn fact for me, I’ve yet to see a gif or picture where they show sexual attraction.
  • both feeling so damn comfortable with men around: fact too
  • they don’t live together anymore: had been debunked quite a lot
  • LYRICS cannot be debunked
  • linked to any other women is all PR
  • that Harry cannot lie for shit and gives it away all the time: fact
  • that OT5 spoke up or helped HL out anytime they were asked about Larry: fact.

and so on.

Zarah made an amazing post which included a picture that’s so imporant in this fandom:

HL is real at green already:

  • Green: tattoos, 
  • Green: marriage/big donation (H’s actions in LGBTQIA), 
  • Green: body language. (99% of why I’m here)
  • Yellow: what they say in interview: remember how every time Larry was brought up or Larry was caught on anything, all the 3 remaining boys looked aside with worried eyes? Fact.
  • Orange: celeb says in prerecorded interview: that’s scripted. Fact.
  • Song: lyrics, and the message of being in love unconditinally: Fact.
  • T-shirt, slogan: Louis rewore the gay beach shirt and wore the rainbow Apple shirt as an example here.
  • Leaks: whose agenda is it? Trustworthy at all? No. Never will be.
  • Social media representation: This doesn’t even need mentioning, it’s a huge No.
  • Fan picture in crowded area
  • Pap picture: 
  • Gossip articles: probably where all the hets and antis are hung upon.
  • Twitter rumors: the other pain point in this fandom.

There’s no point in - and that might sound bad - overanalyzing fake DM’s or twitter rumors, because you have to remember that for years and halfway still right now the narrative is to cover everything up. Make denials, confuse people who believe in them, astroturf the Larries, and anything and everyhting you can imagine to be able to maintain this multi billion dollar brand and its members available for the kids.

Imagine Harry - you go into labour

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Imagine Harry -Requested

With 2 weeks until your due date, you weren’t meant to do much. That includes standing for long periods of time. You fake a smile for the paps that are photographing you and the others, walking away from the red carpet. You had refused to walk, so waited on the sides. You and Harry walk hand in hand into the area. Tables and chairs are set up everywhere, white coverings with blue center pieces, giving the room a calm affect. You wiggle your toes, your shoes feeling uncomfortable, a swelling in your feet aching up your legs. You sit down at the allocated table, looking around at the other people nominated for one of the many awards up for grabs tonight. “ nervous?” you question Harry, his hand still with yours. “A little, a bit of tension between us and another band.” he coughs, eyeing a band across from us, “play nice” you warn him, trying to take your shoe off subtly. “Oi daddy over there, want a drink?” Niall waves down Harry’s attention,
“Hm no not yet, it’s a little early.” he shakes his head, before you let go of his hand, rubbing your lower back. He scoots his chair closer to your, pushing your hand away. You feel his hand on your lower back and he massages it gently, “Thanks.”
“Welcome.” he nods, starting to pay attention to the conversation. As the awards get started you can’t help but squirm a little, Harry’s eyes narrow down on your, trying to work out what your problem is. “Won’t stop moving ey?” he whispers in, just for the two of you to hear. “Wiggling around in me.” you giggle, wiggling yourself. Your attention turns towards the presenter on stage, a pain shooting through your back, making its way down your legs. You don’t flinch or make a sound, keeping it all inside. You don’t want to have to leave early because of Harry overreacting and being over protective. “I’m thirsty, want a drink love?” Harry asks standing up as they take a quick break. “No thanks.”
“Want to walk with me?” he offers but you decline his offer, the pain that was in your back now moving to your stomach, making you decline the offer. Moving right now isn’t what you feel like doing. He strides off, leaving you at a table with the others. You aren’t in the mood to talk, or listen, so you just zone out, taking a few deep breaths. “Hey you okay?” Harry interrupts you, “Yeah fine” you fake a smile, lowering your breaths. He hums and tune not fully believing you. “So what’s next?” you change the subject,
“performances and awards, the usual.” he shrugs sipping his drink. You nod starting to think you’re having contractions. You shift a little in your seat, trying to find a position to stop the feelings and pain that’s starting up. Finally everyone’s seated, and more awards are handed out. You let out a small groan while everyone applauds, you take a deep breath, looking at Harry. He’s listening to the awards, his leg is shaking, he’s nervous about what’s to come next with the awards. “I’ll be back” you whisper feeling a weird feeling, a feeling like you need to pee. You feel a cramp/contraction before slowly standing up, feeling a sudden gush of liquid down your legs. You gasp sitting down and holding your stomach. “Harry” you stutter, getting scared. He tilts his head to listen to you as he looks at the screen waiting to see who wins the award. “The award goes to One Direction.” the woman announces, “My water broke” you quickly get in before he could jump up in excitement of winning. His eyes widen looking at you. “Shit, alright come on” he calmly says, getting up, he puts his left arm around you helping you up, his right hand holding your right hand; as you lightly squeeze it. The boys look at your both weirdly before Liam whispers something to Louis, and he nods. The boys take the attention away from the two of you, so what’s going on isn’t aired. You both walk away, “owe” you start to whine, unable to keep walking, you squeeze his hand tightly, “Come on we just need to get out.”
“oww.. No.. Let me sit” you complain,
“Y/N come on” he tries to encourage, before you squeeze his hand again. “My legs.” you groan, feeling pain shoot up them. Despite his wants, you sit down on the cold floor, feeling a bit of relief. “I’m going to call an ambulance alright? I need my hand” Harry comments but you don’t let go, instead you squeeze harder. “oh god, why now?” you whine, starting to hyperventilate. “Hey, hey, calm down, breathe in and out. Deep breaths.” he instructs before you feel pressure all around your body. “I hate you for this, this was your stupid idea.”
“Actually having kids was your idea.” he reminds you, chuckling a bit. “I need to push”
“You need to wait for professionals.”
“No I can’t, shit. Oh my god. I need to, I can’t not. It hurts so bad.” you whine wanting to kick and scream. “Alright calm down, shhh”
“I need to” you breathe,
“I can’t deliver a baby, do I look like the type to do that?” Harry panics making you panic. “I can’t hold it in.” you whimper, tears falling. “Okay okay, Uhm just stay calm” he tries to calm you down but it doesn’t work. He acts quickly and takes off your shoes, before taking off your under garment. “Alright… I- oh” he softly sounds going pale in the face, “Harry?”
“Hey Harry” you grab his attention. “Don’t you dare pass out on me damn it.” you eye him angrily. You hear footsteps before you’re surrounded by 4 boys. “Louis you know this shit, she’s about to have the kid, help” Harry panics, and Louis looks just as scared as him. “what? Hold up I can’t help.” Louis quickly lets out. “Yeah you can”
“just because my mum did this kind of stuff doesn’t mean I can.”
“You must have learnt something, help! I can’t deliver a kid or attempt to” Harry exaggerates, panicking.
“Hey while you two debate this out, make it freaking snappy because I clearly can’t deliver it without someone catching the child.” you wave your hands around, trying to get a point across. “Love we can’t do this.”
“You’re useless I swear.” you mumble before another contraction hits you like a ton of bricks.
“Alright you 3 go somewhere else, she won’t want everyone seeing this. You get there and support her.” Louis instructs, pointing for Harry to move from your legs. Harry moves bending down and letting your head rest in his lap. Your fingers intertwining. “Okay Uhm.. Ready y/n?”
“I have been for the past 5 minutes. Waiting for someone to step up” you screech your body taking over making you push. “Wow she wasn’t kidding when she said she needed to push” Louis coughs awkwardly,
“no shit, oh my.. God.. Shit.. This hurts..” you mutter out. “This is not how I pictured this.” Harry mutters before you squeeze his hand as tight as you possibly could. “You’re doing good” Harry tries to encourage but you know he’s grossed out by this. “Uhm you’re Uhm.. The heads Uhm.. Crowning I think it’s called.” Louis awkwardly informs you. “Gross, my best friend is-” Harry starts to say but you cut him off. “Yes your best friend is looking between my legs, but it’s to get your child out, so shut up and man up.” you hiss, knowing exactly what Harry was going to say.
You take a deep breath letting one more push rip through you, before the cries ring in your ear. “Harry jacket.” Louis demands, quickly snatching his jacket, wrapping up the infant. “it’s a baby boy” Louis chimes, before handing the baby to you. “So precious” you whisper, looking down at the baby boy. “Wow, amazing Job y/n and Louis, thanks.” Harry smiles proudly, “you’re welcome mate.” Louis nods, watching you look down at your little boy. “The paramedics are here now.” Louis informs you, and you nod not caring too much. They instantly take the baby boy from your arms before helping you.