i just love these faces you make

some Tumblr user just said that Remy Ma is only liked because she’s the antithesis to Nicki Minaj’s femininity…

So, a dark skinned woman is being favored in this scenario over someone much lighter than her because she’s less feminine. Yeah right.

This makes me wonder where you see the disparity in the two’s level of femininity because last I checked Remy loves a beat face and a long weave just as much as Nicki does. Nicki hasn’t been on that pink Barbie doll tip in a while so really I’m not seeing where her femininity stands out more than Remy’s.

Stripping dark skinned women of their femininity is nothing new though…the irony is that this person’s blog repeatedly states their anti-colorist politics lol

Otayuri Week 2017, Day 6: Pair Skate or Rivalry

I decided to give art a try and go back to my drawing days. Some traditional art with watercolors for today’s prompt (I haven’t consistently drawn or painted in years and it shows, please forgive me). No matter how much anatomy knowledge I’ve absorbed from college, I couldn’t do Otabek’s jaw justice OTL. I googled pair skating pics and selected this pose because I loved it. I sort of like how it turned out. Just sort of. But especially Yuri’s face.

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have you done edging/overstim with the rfa gang + saran cuz binch plz make a thirsty hoes dreams come true you're giving the earth what god wants ily thank u

I’m gonna try writing short little ficlets for these! Doing the bulletpoints would just make this so damn long.


He swallowed thickly as you got on your knees behind him, squeezing his ass cheek.

“How many times did I beat you, Yoosungie~?”

Ahh, he loved that nickname, but not in this context. He pushed his face against his bed, ashamed at his pose: Face down ass up with a pillow between his legs.

“S-Seven times.”

“Mmmhmm,” You dug your nails into his ass cheek and he tried hiding his little mewl against the mattress. “Seven times. I thought you were such a good gamer, hm?”

You had challenged him earlier to a game, but on the conditions that if he lost, you got to have your way with him. He still couldn’t figure out if he lost on purpose or not.

When you first spanked him, he let out a surprised yelp, his lubed up cock rubbing against the pillow between his legs. God, he was already so hard after you putting the cockring on, and now you were going to spank him too?

You kept it up, each harsh smack causing him to rub against the pillow, trying his best not to more or let out little begs as you degraded him. You took your time too, taking turns on each cheek

When you finally were done, you planted a little kiss on his reddened cheek.

“You need to get better at games, Yoosung.”

He nodded against the bed, happy at the cool sensation against the pain. You started a few little kisses, promising to help soothe his sore ass, but without warning you reached between his legs and started fondling his balls. He gasped, bucking against the pillow again. He was already so riled up, why were you teasing him so much?


You giggled, but helped him switch positions and lay on his back. You laid on your stomach, planting a kiss on the tip of his cock.

“I guess I should make you feel at least a little good, huh?”

Oh god, he wanted to feel good so bad, but…He was still wearing the cock ring. He watched you take his cock fully into your mouth, working quickly on him as he squirmed and whined out. He was already backed up already, before tonight! And he finally gets to have sex with you again and this is what you do?

The whole blowjob was painfully amazing. He just wanted to cum, he just wanted to so bad! But you were dragging this for so long! His fingers threaded through your hair without thinking, his nails digging in as he tried not to fuck your face.

Without any warning, you undid the cockring for him, and then he couldn’t stop himself. He quickly thrusted into your mouth, letting out such a loud moan as he finally came down your throat.


During the whole ride to the restaurant, you were in the back, teasing him with your lips and hand- Constantly palming him as you bit his lip in between kisses, making him let out a low groan.

It wasn’t often you were able to take control, but when you did it was exhilarating. Really, you could always ask to switch the roles around, but you really, really, liked him being in control. 

As you teased your tongue against his, your hand reached to start unbuckling his pants when you noticed just how hard he had gotten. However, before you could even start to loosen the buckle, the car slowed to a stop, Driver Kim already opening his door to get ready to help the both of you out.

Quickly, you pulled back, straightening yourself up as he tugged on your coat.

“Let me hold your coat, or else it’s going to be obvious.”

WIlling yourself not to have your cheeks redden now, you shrugged it off, handing the garment over to him to hide his erection with.

The whole walk inside, getting to your seat and everything, was a constant teasing. Your hand would wrap around his waist, purposely brushing against his ass enough to make him clear his throat. He’d lean and whisper in your ear- Pointless things, but his breath there made you shiver.

When the two of you finally sat down and ordered, he stared you down as the waitress walked away, you giving him a innocent smile.

“What is it, honey?”

A flicker of annoyance crossed his eyes, but he showed a strained smirk instead.

“I’m still…Excited.”

“Ooh, about that new business deal?” You teased.

He knew your act, trying to pretend nothing hot and heavy had just went on. “Yes, the… Other side is being quite provoking.”

“Are they now?”

“Yes. Just taking away what I want the most at the last second, making me bargain for more.”

You blushed a bit, being interrupted by the waitress again for drinks. Once she left, you looked around the restaurant. No one was looking at the two of you, and…you were in a quiet, dark, corner…

You set your purse to hang off the back of your chair, looking at how long the table cloth was. If you were quick enough…

“Cover me,”


You quickly ducked under the table, quiet for a moment and trying to hear if no one noticed. Fortunately, Jumin was whispering harshly to you, letting you know how foolish you were and how lucky the both of you were that no one saw.

Holding back a giggle, you started working on his belt like you had been in the car, and he instantly went quiet. Smiling, you worked his cock out of his pants, surprised it was still as hard as it was before, even leaking a bit.

“Ooh, you weren’t lying.”

How long had he been like this? Was he teasing himself mentally the whole time, unable to calm down? He must be aching.

You held it as you ran your tongue from the base up, hearing the table clatter a bit as he reached under and grabbed a fistful of your hair. It hurt, but nothing too bad. It certainly made you unable to keep your excitement at bay. 

You heard footsteps and saw his straighten up. The waitress must be back.

You heard them talking, the waitress wondering if she needed to wait until you had came back from wherever, and you could hear him clearing his throat, trying to sound calm….

Until you took the tip of his cock in your mouth, swirling your tongue to lap up the precum. You heard his voice hitch, the waitress question him, his hand tighten with your hair again. It was hard not to let out a noise, but you managed to hold back as the waitress walked away.

You didn’t have the upperhand for long. As soon as she was far enough, both of his hands slipped under the table, pushing your head down and forcing you to take him all at once. 

Your eyes teared up a bit, and you felt something hot spurt down the back of your throat. You let him hold you in place until his grip loosened, then you carefully pulled back, kissing his cock for good measure.

After you wiped your mouth, you carefully snuck back into your chair, thankful no one had noticed. Unfortunately, Jumin still looked riled up and his face was a bit red.

“We’re going home.”

“What? Was it that bad?”

“No,” he cleared his throat, pulling out his wallet to leave something to pay for the wine the two of you had hardly touched. “I need more, now.”


Watching Seven ride you was amazing, and you understood why he loved you riding him so much.

You had recently gotten a vibrating dual strap on. On your end, you had a nice little bit that rubbed against your gspot, and on his end he got a thick dildo to bounce up and down on.

You watched his cock move along with him, bobbing a bit with a thick steady drip of precum working its way to the cockring around his base. When you looked at his expression, he was completely blissed the fuck out. Glasses skewed, mouth open and drooling a bit, eyes half lidded and nearly rolled back.

The dildo must have been hitting him in all the right places. God, at this rate, you wouldn’t even need him to get you off, the little vibrating bullet in you able work well enough with the visuals he was providing.

You felt your heart nearly stop as he let out a strangled moan, seizing up and rocking a tad. He had stopped pumping the fake cock in and out of him, his eyes squeezing shut.

“Are you close, baby?”

He nodded, biting his lip. “So close, so so close.”

It was the third time he had gotten this close, but this had came quicker than the others. You reached out, your thumb teasing the tip of his cock, a disgusting and open-mouthed, tongue hanging moan escaping him.

“You can cum if you want to, baby, it’s fine.”

He leaned back, willing himself to open his eyes and look at you with an unsure expression. When you reached for his cockring, he nodded, and you took it off slowly.

Once it was completely off, you started pumping his cock as he lightly bounced on the dildo again, breathing deeply. After just a few moments, he finally came, his cum shooting out so hard that some even landed on your cheek.

You were completely content with just that being the end of it, but after he barely caught his breath, he was fixing his glasses and slipping between your legs.

When you tried to protest, he stopped you.

“Let me make you feel good for doing that for me.”


The two of you stumbled into the dressing room, hardly able to keep your hands off each other before so. He slipped his hands expertly up your shirt, bringing it along and flinging it to the side, groping at your breasts.

“You really don’t have any self control, do you?”

He almost whined at your teasing, letting go of your breasts and squeezing your ass, forcing your hips to meet his as he bucked against you without any shame.

“M-Mc, come on, I need this,” His breath was hot against your ear as he begged. “All those texts, those looks during rehearsal, you’re such a damn tease.”

You tried keeping your cool, but with how he was grinding against you, you couldn’t even attempt to.

“Y-You need to be tamed, Zenny- Ah!”

His mouth was at your neck, sucking past bruises, his moan nearly sounding like a growl. “Let me take it off.”

You reached a hand in between the two of you, groping him and causing him to gasp and groan. Before you could tease again, he picked you up and had you sitting on the make-up table, yanking off your pants a bit clumsily, but fast. As soon as it and your underwear was off, he was undoing his own pants, pulling his hard and flushed cock out.

You bit your lip, seeing the precum dripping off of him already, the cockring at the back of his cock begging to be removed.

“Tell me it’s okay, Mc, tell me I can-”

“Do it.”

Instantly he was on you, pushing his tip into you, waiting for your telltale moan to allow him to push in all the way. You whined, tangling your fingers with the fabric of his shirt as he pounded into you harshly. It didn’t hurt, but god the two of you hadn’t gone this quick and rough before.

You quickly bit his shoulder, his wet moan in your ear as you muffled your noises. He was going so fast- so fast!

“Letmecum, god please, Mc. Letmecumletme-”

You wrapped your legs around his hips, clamping them down and forcing him deeper into you. As you did so, you wrapped a hand around that damned ponytail of his and pulled, making such a choked guttural moan leave him.

That was it, that had to be the breaking limit for him. He was still bucking into you, but they were wild, uncoordinated. It felt good, but you hadn’t felt him so fucked up before. Clumsily you reached in between the both of you, managing to get him to pause long enough for you to undo the latch of the cockring. 

You couldn’t even grab it. Once it was undone, he forced your hips to meet his, the ring falling onto the floor as he completely slammed into you, letting out such strangled noises as he finally came into you, panting against your neck.

After the two of you composed yourselves, Zen having to help you stay steady on your legs, you decided it was best if you waited outside for him to finish up with practice.

It wasn’t until the two of you got home that you both realized you left the cockring in  the dressing room.


The two of you had decided to try overstimming together. It was something you were curious about, and a kink he had always wanted to try out. But, he wasn’t expecting that you wanted to use it on him as well.

After a few rounds of normal doggy style sex, you couldn’t stop clenching so tightly around him. Somehow, in this position, he was able to keep rubbing perfectly against your gspot, making you bite into his pillow.

Of course, this was having a toll on him as well.

Normally, he didn’t have issues lasting a while, which is why he was so surprised you wanted him to wear a cockring, but since he didn’t mind he wore it anyway. Now, as you hit your third orgasm- squealing into the pillow and letting out such a lewd ass moan afterwards- he was nearly at the brink of just begging you to let him cum inside of you.

He couldn’t think straight. All he could focus in was the feeling of your wet heat around him, his balls feeling tight as all hell. He was so damn close, he couldn’t even focus on sitting upright. Now he his forehead was against your back as he groaned into you, forcing your hips to meet his thrusts.

“Nnngh, I’m so fucking close, Mc, I’m so fucking close, just a bit more, jus-Ahn!”

He stopped mid-thrust as you reached between the yours and his legs both, groping at his balls. He made a deep whine in his throat, and then suddenly he couldn’t stop snapping his hips into you. The sound of skin slapping together so harshly was nearly enough to make you cum again, but you were so weak and so over-fucked, your mind felt numb.

“T-Take it off, god damnit, nownownownow! I can’t- I need to cum inside of you, I need to right nowrightnow!”

His voice was deep, guttural, and with clumsy fingers you undid the latch on his cockring. As soon as it slipped off, he was biting your shoulder hard enough to break the skin, a loud groan barely being muffled rushing out as he thrusted a handful of times more. He came with a deep final thrust, keeping his cock in you and he sloppily panted against your back.

After a few moments, he slowly slid out, the both of you groaning before flopping on the bed. He reached an arm out, quickly pulling you to him and placing small and lazy kisses against your head.

“Once I catch my breath, we’re going again.”

When you looked at him shocked, you could see a tired but stern and commanding look in his eye.

“You didn’t let me cum that whole time while you did. You really didn’t think you were getting away with that, did you?”


one thing i’ve been loving about these movies is how they use the make-up. as in, they aren’t just using it to pretty up the characters, and in fact to never do that. their faces look tired, they get covered in dirt and soot, and you can see the sweat coming off of them at all times. but when the fighting goes down the way each blow the opponents land on each other becomes a visible injury which maintains constant continuity between scenes. this is often taken for granted and often times in action films the characters will either just not get noticeably dirty or any debris they encounter just dusts their face to accentuate how badass they’re being. these shots of kenshin on the bottom aren’t even the best examples, but the attention to continuity of how the fights affect each character is thematically important here as kenshin’s biggest struggle throughout the entire canon are the lumps he has to take for his pacifist stance

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The whole Malachite situation should have never been attempted in first place. For a show that's supposed to "make everybody feel loved" or whatever, it does a poor job at that. I'm a domestic violence survivor who identities with characters like Jasper and instead of making me feel better, this show just threw painful reality back at my face. The fact that Lapis never really faces consequences for any of her actions, be it drowning Connie, breaking Greg's leg, etc., makes it worse.

It shows how messy the writing is, because some survivors relate to Jasper and see their abuser in Lapis, and others relate to Lapis and see their abuser in Jasper. If you’re gonna write an abuse allegory, you’ve got to make it a lot clearer.

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A dark skinned woman is being favored in this scenario over someone much lighter than her because she’s less feminine? Yeah right. This makes me wonder where you see the disparity in the two’s level of femininity. Last I checked Remy loves a beat face and a long weave just as much as Nicki. Nicki hasn’t been on that pink Barbie doll tip in a while so really I’m not seeing where her femininity stands out more than Remy’s. Stripping dark skinned women of their femininity is nothing new though.

Um no. Looks had nothing to do with this discourse.

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Hello. Do you think I could get some headcannons as to how McCree, Hanzo, or Genji would help their S/O deal with the stress of finals in a sort of College/Modern AU? I love your writing!

//Aw jeez, thanks so much! I’ll do all three, just for you!


  • Makes a fool of himself to get his S/O to laugh. He amps up the ‘cowboyness’ until his sentences are nearly non-understandable. He loves the way it makes his S/O pull a funny face and go ‘What?’
  • Is there 24/7 to help his S/O relax, no matter what they need.


  • Listen this boy has to deal with a lot of stress. He helps his S/O by meditating with them, making them a cup of tea when they need it (and yes, tea. he despises coffee) and by simply cuddling on the couch and listening to relaxing music!
  • Sometimes he’ll talk about nonsense things just to get their mind of the work.


  • His first suggestion, always, is going out somewhere and having fun. To the theater, beach, arcade.. you name it! If that doesn’t work, he orders take-out and him and his S/O enjoy movie night together. He doesn’t think his job is done until his S/O is cuddled up beside him, fast asleep.

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How about a Sag + Leo relationship?

“Ohmygod, don’t do that,” Sag said, holding onto Leo’s hand for dear life. 

“Do what?” Leo asked innocently, blinking as if he hadn’t just kind-of-not-really threatened Sag. 

“You know what I mean,” She hissed in reply, “Just don’t do it.” 

“Like this?” A twinkle was in his eye, and he immediately crouched onto one leg, “Sagittarius, I LOVE YOU, and I would want to MARRY YOU FOREVER, but-” 

“LEO!” She yelped, turning red in the face immediately, “You’re making a scene!” 

“Oh honey,” He said, exaggeratedly, “Don’t be like that or else people will think you don’t want to be with me.”

“You’re testing me so bad I’m actually thinking about it.” 

He mock frowned, “But honey, I want to MARRY YOU, and I LOVE YOU.” 

“I swear-” 

“Come on, give a kiss to seal the deal.” 

“Oh shut up.” 

[[ There are many scenes I love about the movie but this one really shows the Trolls aren’t just happy go lucky, they are caring and supportive.

After seeing Bridget’s “Hello. Is it Me You’re Looking For?” , Poppy touches her heart and just goes “Awww. She’s in love with the King.” and Branch jumps to conclusions that Bergens don’t have feelings then Poppy goes on the defense!

The trolls know the Bergens eat them and so they should be afraid of her doing so since she’s sad but, as soon as Bridget gives up hope and falls into tears, here they are, hugging and comforting her. I mean look at Guy Diamond’s face

And in the end, all the Troll returned to the dining hall to help make the Bergens happy when they could have just easily left the town. I just think they’re very endearing creatures for this. ]]

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Oh well in that case. Here's another: You are sitting and watching a new video when the screen suddenly glitches off. It has a small hum and then it turns into a chuckle. "Well well well, I hit the jackpot hacking this computer". All of a sudden someone jumps out of your computer screen and lands next to you and and leans back with a wide grin. "What a pretty face. I'm a lucky little glitch bitch". He leans into your face and just gazes at you lovingly and smiles and then pecks your your cheek

I nearly choked on my water. SUCCEEDED ONCE AGAIN. Dammit it’s so easy to make me blush! Especially with this!

It’s great though, I love it. Thank you :’)

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Hello may I request date hcs for Odasaku,Dazai and Chuuya?



  • Oda will take his s/o anywhere she desires, as long as he gets to see the huge smile on her face then Oda is just as happy
  • Oda loves having physical contanct with his s/o during dates, since he’s at work often he always makes sure to repeatedly kiss, hug, and hold hands with his s/o during dates
  • After taking his s/o anywhere she wants Oda will then take his s/o out to dinner where they can talk and laugh until they go home and fall asleep in eachothers arms


  • Dazai will turn an entire day into a date for his s/o, taking her to see this and that and eat here and there, his mission is just to make her smile
  • Dazai showers his s/o in affection every time that she smiles or laughs during their date, it drives Dazai crazy and he will kiss their cheeks repeatedly until their face is red with embarressment
  • Dazai loves acting ridiculous with his s/o, it always reminds him of how he fell in love with them in the first place and he always reminds them of this


  • Chuuya loves to take his s/o drinking and shopping, he buys anything that her heart desires
  • Not only does Chuuya love getting constant contact and affection from his s/o during dates but he also loves seeing them try on new (and sexy) clothes just for him (and he’s more than happy to buy them hehe)
  • Chuuya spends the whole day with his s/o until finally as part of their date they go home and watch movies together while drinking wine they had bought earlier that day

~Admin Bear

i had a dream last nght where louis was in this like .. hotel lobby but also kinda like a log cabin .. idk aslkdj anyway a lot of fans were there and were talking to him and i was getting like fan reports the way that we do when we’re online but also the ppl were there ? but anyways smth happened w one of his stunts i think and he looked rly sad and walked into or out of an elevator and i jst remember his face looking so sososo sad and i wantd to Die but then that was around when i met him and i dont remember how i Started it but i do remember just hugging him and i just started listing everything i love about him and i remember distinctly saying “you have a beautiful golden soul” and it was making him feel less bad abt whatever just happened so i just kept going and going just like crying into his shoulder while we hugged and like i think we were also walking or swaying or spinning or SMTH but after a minute or so he laughed and was like “you have 20 minutes ..keep going” so i did and at one point i was like “we dont believe the persona that they try to push for u we dont beleive ur a ~bradford bad boy~” and i said it in the way he would say it when making fun of zayn and that was around the point at which i started fading out but he was like “oh?” and i was like “yeah we know that ur not that person” nd that’s around where it ended but i woke up crying tears of blood so thx @  my subconscious for litearlly wanting me dead ! 


“I was looking for someone to work with, trying to think of something imaginative to do and one day my manager said ‘do you fancy writing with Elvis Costello? It might be a great thing’. I said ‘yeah’. He (Elvis) came down to my studio and we sat opposite each other with our guitars because I had said to him early on that this is how I’d written with John, with me being left handed and him being right handed, it was almost like looking in a mirror. We did virtually what John and I did which was just make up a song a day.”


Photos recently released by Paul to coincide with the re-release of his 1980 album, Flowers In The Dirt (recorded 1987 - 1989). The photos show Paul working on the album with Elvis Costello (with whom Paul wrote four songs for the album - My Brave Face, You Want Her Too, Don’t Be Careless Love and That Day Is Done) and with George Martin who did the string arrangement for Put It There. 

Pics: All Linda McCartney, except the top photo, Herman Leonard.

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The trust thing was a beautiful moment as was Robert saying 'to make you happy' and Aaron's little smile because let's face it Robert did think at one point that he couldn't do it but he came back and he hasn't given up on Aaron like so many would have. What that must feel like to Aaron... I just can't. Crying.

The entire scene was beautifully done, everything that was said was spot on and I wouldn’t change a thing. Also I really loved that Aaron got a little upset at not knowing what to say because in that moment all he wanted was for Robert to know how he felt about him and what does he say? Pretty much that Robert is the love of his life. I think they both heard things that they needed to hear and my god was it lovely.

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do you know of any fics that revolve around them breaking up, or getting together after a break up? thanks love x

yeah!! - Karri

To Mend a Broken Heart by olgushka (1/1 | 6,138 | Teen And Up)

Josh thought he was holding up just fine but he can’t take it anymore. Jenna comes to the rescue.

//suicide attempt

Keep Your Enemies Closer Than Friends by yukiisama3 (1/1 | 5,096 | Mature)

“I hate you! I never want to see your face ever again!” Is what Tyler said, two year to his ex-best friend Josh. The year a change of direction makes them not be able to get away from each other, “damn it Patrick, you got me stuck with Josh!”

Good night. by Duckyfucky (1/1 | 423 | General)

They both knew there was no love between them. It was only a matter of time before one of them left, and Tyler knew Josh won’t be coming back.

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Female, 5'2, curvy. I have a huge obsession with animals and I love "kid at heart" things like Disney movies, Spongebob marathons, making forts, and play wrestling. I love to cuddle but I'm not clingy. I'm a writer in my spare time. I can get really loud and boisterous, but I'm peppy and I love making people laugh! I'm pretty lazy most days but I love going out and exploring new places like an excited tourist. I'm also super easy to please, I get excited over everything :D

I match you with Noctis!

Originally posted by mineraruuota

He would love to spend lazy days with you just doing silly things and goofing around, and he especially loves getting into tickle fights and making you laugh so hard your face hurts. And chilling just watching TV is one of his favorite pastimes, and doing it with you just makes it so much better, he loves having you cuddled in his lap and stroking your hair, and sometimes he would rather watch you than whatever is on the television.

He loves seeing you get excited about everything, and just your enthusiasm is enough to put a smile on his face. It may seem like he’s distant at times, but really he’s just admiring how your eyes light up when you start talking about something you enjoy, how bright your smile is when something makes you happy. 

Overall, you seem like a kind of “night and day” type of couple, but you manage to balance each other out very well, and nothing makes him happier than seeing you laugh.

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that recent magnus outfits gifset you made for izsak's bday is so beautiful i keep going back to stare at it i just cant believe. idk if you read tags on all your edits, where there's surely tons of praise and compliments, but i hope you see that praise. and know what beautiful edits you make. i really love them [insert creepy blue face emoji with the floating heart]

thank you jo, you’re the sweetest and this is the cutest ask. izsak deserved the best present i could make him so i tried to pull an allie and be as extra as i could. how many gifs can you stuff into one gifset? a lot.

i love you jo, thank you for this [creepy blue face emoji with it’s heart ripped out onto it’s head back to you]