i just love these faces you make


YES, this, is for today’s prompt “Confession” and I’m absolutely NOT ASHAMED OF IT 8DD

I was kinda sad when I realized the crossover prompt didn’t win the poll so last week I was like “WELL SHIT I’M DOING A CROSS OVER ANYWAY” and litteraly made this one before all the other prompts

Lapidot reminds me a lot of other ships I love but the most similar is Alphyne but Lapidot is still my big fav tho so I felt the need to make this because it thought this was fun and because this is one of my favorite parts of Undertale and because I’m a huge trash

I mean come on you got  the small blonde nerd having a huge crush and a cool, blue and strong one. The small one takes their blue gf in their fandom, they look at each other with the weirdest and cutest faces…Also you got a child, who help them making it work

I…just love these dorks <3

Btw I first didn’t know who would replace MTT but Sardonyx seems to be a good choice. I’m just currently laughing at what I’ve done lmao


i think peridot is a little too tall in this one

i’m so not sorry for all this

(boop @lapidot-anniversary-week and @luclipse85)

(By the way I actually made another cross over, made before the poll results. I’ll post it tomorrow with the selfies :^) )

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ok i know you reblogged the prompt list like 12 hours ago but i loved the "i dare you to kiss me" one can you please do “Why is your hand on my ass?” with harry? thank you xxx

haha that’s okay! better late than never

send me a prompt and a pairing/person!

The sun is shining in your face when you wake up, making you want to keep your eyes shut even as you feel yourself being pulled from sleep.

It takes a moment for you to realize that you’re not in your own bed, instead you feel a solid chest under your head and it only takes another second for you to realize it’s Harry. Falling asleep in your best friend’s bed wasn’t an unusual thing for you, but what was out of the ordinary was the big, warm hand spread across your ass.

“What the hell?” You mutter, your voice still gruff and quiet from sleep. “Why is your hand on my ass?

When you don’t hear a reply from Harry you open your eyes and are immediately met with the bare skin of his chest. Harry sleeping in just boxers is normal, but, after a minute, you realize you’re also missing a shirt.

Along with the rest of your clothes. 

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Some time in 8th year:

After trying to go off alone for the fifth time in three days, Harry had become terrible at making excuses.  

“Yeah, I’m just going to need you to tell me what’s going on, mate.  It’s obviously not that bad.  I know your something-is-terrible-let’s-pretend-it-isn’t face.  That’s not it,” Ron demanded, blocking Harry’s only exit from the dormitory.

“I’m really not ready to talk about this,” Harry said.

“Ok, but if I’ve noticed something’s up, Hermione can’t be far behind.  If you tell me now, I’ll help you come up with some believable story to tell her if you want to keep it to yourself longer.” 

Harry looked up at Ron. After a deep breath, Harry said, “I’ve, sort of, er, I’m with someone.”  He stopped. Is coming out supposed to make you feel like you’re ready to vomit? Is this feeling going to get worse or better once he gets the words out, Harry wondered.

“You gonna tell me who? or why you’re sneaking around like you’re trying to recreate sixth year?” Ron said, trying to keep the tone light.

Before he could think too much about it, Harry quickly answered, “It’s Malfoy.”

Ron’s face froze, eyes wide and mouth open. “Bloody hell.  You’re serious? The entire wizarding world and you chose him?”

Harry relaxed a bit.  “You hear that I’m telling you I like girls…and boys, right?”

“I don’t bloody care what you’re into.  And Ferret-Face is nowhere near as horrible as he used to be, but it’s still Malfoy.  I mean, are you so horny that you’ve gone mental?  If that’s the case, fuck…I’ll suck your cock if it will get you thinking clearly.”

As if on cue, Malfoy is standing directly behind Ron. “You’re going to have to do a bit more than that to get me out of his system.”

Ron practically jumps right out of his skin. With a finger pointed in Malfoy’s face, he stutters through several attempted threats and insults before settling on “Be Nice!” forced through gritted teeth.

Malfoy laughs brushing Ron’s hand away from his face. “Of course, now will you please let Potter out of the room or should I threaten to tell your girlfriend about the kind of “help” you’re offering your friend?”

Ron steps aside, now filling only half the doorway.

Harry and Malfoy turn to leave and Ron can hear Malfoy’s voice trailing off down the hall. “See, I told you he loves you too much to keep you from someone as wonderful as me.  He’ll just be mad at me for a while.  I can handle that…”

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Sending this again for you haha. I just discovered this ship and have only read a couple fics, would love some recommendations of the best fics to start with!! Thanks so much! <3

Hellooo there!

It’s so awesome to see new faces in the Drarry community! Okay but there’s honestly so many wonderful and amazing stories out there and I don’t know where to start. I’m going to need to restrain myself from making this post super duper long, so below I’ve compiled a list of my top 10 favourite Drarry fanfictions. Hope you enjoy :)

  • The Moon Looks Lovely Tonight -  by Omi-Omi (37k)
    When Harry moves into the damp and empty Black house, it doesn’t quite feel like home. And then the first owl moves in. After that, it’s a steep slope leading to bed-sharing, more owls, assorted housemates, strange potions experiments, and terrible cooking. And a bit of waltzing, too.
    (An absolute masterpiece; hands down my all time favourite fic ever! It’s all about new beginnings, getting back on your feet after the war, and a journey of self-discovery. The bonds formed between the Golden Trio, Luna, Goyle and Draco were so pure and lovely, it was just perfect)

  • He Was He and I Was Bunny - by bryoneybrynn (37k)
    The war is over and “eighth year” is about to begin at Hogwarts. But for Harry and Draco, nothing is quite the same. Harry’s looking for an escape, Draco’s looking for a friend. Does a little black bunny hold the answers for both of our boys?
    (A super, super, super cute animagus fic!! I loved the general tone and pacing of this fic as it was very light-hearted and sweet! But I loved it even more when the drama and angst started to kick in because it added that extra flavour and richness to the story. But okay Bunny!Harry has got to be one of the cutest, most adorable things ever)

  • Synthetic Bonds - by mypetelephant (116k)
    Harry has always been the golden boy of Malfoy Corporation, earning the respect of Lucius and the resentment of his high school rival, Draco. But Lucius has a business proposal that involves Harry becoming a Malfoy..by marrying Draco.
    (I’m not a big fan of non-magic au’s - because magic is a big reason why I love the HP universe -, but damn Synthetic Bonds really stood out for me. This story has a magic of its own. The plot, characterisations and dynamics of it all were spectacular. It kind of had this ‘push-and-pull’ kind of love going on between Draco and Harry, and all of the minor characters were beautifully integrated into the whole story)

  • Marginal Notes - by blamebrampton (9k)
    When you’re 18, and nothing is as it was meant to be, sometimes it can be hard to let the right people know what you are thinking.
    (Do you ever feel bitter about Draco not getting a redemption? Well, this is the story for you! I nearly cried at how well Draco was illustrated in this fic and its one of the main reasons why I loved it so much. Like, Draco is definitely my favourite character in HP and to see a fic where he’s wonderfully portrayed and gets the redemption he’s always deserved, it just warms my heart, ya know?)

  • Seeker, Chaser, Keeper - by VivacissimoVoce (59k)
    Rumor has it that a wealthy investor is starting up a brand new professional Quidditch team and he’s looking for players. Harry and Draco both want to make the team, but there can be only one Seeker. Will competing for the position bring them closer or drive them further apart?
    (Oh boyyyy, okay I totally blame Seeker, Chaser, Keeper for getting me into the whole Quidditch trope and everything. And can I just say that Draco was such an amazing top in this story? Like, normally I don’t really care who’s the bottom/top in fanfics, but damn I could get used to seeing some more top!Draco after reading this)

  • The Standard You Walk Past - by bafflinghaze (46k)
    On returning to Hogwarts for their Eighth Year, Headmistress McGonagall decided to room Draco Malfoy and Harry Potter together. She may have hoped for a leading example of house unity; the other students fully expected insults and fights. But nothing happened.That
    was, until Harry sleepwalked into Draco’s bed.
    (Quite possibly my favourite 8th year story ever! I love Ron and Hermione in this fic as you could really see how much they cared for Harry, and omg Hermione giving the dreaded ‘talk’ to Harry was hilarious! I loved it when Draco helped Harry through his nightmares. I loved how Harry pretended to talk for Draco, that was adorable. And I loved all of the wee little Slytherins! I basically love everything there is to this story!)

  • On Daftness - by tracy & starlitshore (16k)
    Draco wants Harry. Harry wants Draco. So why is everything so difficult?
    (I feel like you can’t have a top 10 list without a representative for the genre FLUFF and CUTENESS OVERLOAD. I had the biggest grin on my face while reading this! The banter! The flirting! The UST! The insistence on being ‘just-friends’ when it’s so obvious to everyone else that they should just have sex already! All of it was so amazing!)

  • All Our Secrets Laid Bare - by firethesound (149k)
    Over the six years Draco Malfoy has been an Auror, four of his partners have turned up dead. Harry Potter is assigned as his newest partner to investigate just what is going on.
    (A truly brilliant fic! The plot of this story is so intricate and well-thought, and the plot twist at the end of the story nearly had me falling out of my chair. Draco suffers through so much in this fanfic, your heart will ache for him as people give him a hard time for being a Death Eater.

  • Progressive Displacement - by GatewayGirl (20k)
    Harry didn’t mean the wish that way. From his point of view, it hadn’t even worked.
    (This was so intriguing and cool! All of the universe hopping, alternate realities and different versions of Harry and Draco really messed with my mind, but still, it was such a fun read! I just loved seeing all the different Harry’s and reading what that Harry’s life was like in the alternate universe, it was all so interesting and a really good alternate universe fic)

  • Dear Diary - by AWickedMemory (20k)
    After the war, Harry picks up a journal to write in… and it writes back. Luckily, it’s not a Horcrux on the other end this time. 
    (GahhAAH everything about this story was so utterly perfect! Like, the voices of Harry and Draco were captured beautifully in their writings to each other through the journal, and the correspondence between them was such a joy to read. This is a beautifully written story with so much emotion and depth! I honestly can’t remember how many times I’ve read and re-read this fic)


Because I limited this post to only 10 fics (otherwise it would’ve been waaay too long) I wasn’t able to mention some of my other favourites out there. So below are a few authors who have written a heap of Drarry fanfictions that are all brilliantly written to the utmost degree, and I would definitely recommend checking out all of their stories + all of the amazing authors mentioned above as well.

You know what? Just do what makes you smile. I have friends who have amazing jobs, some peoples dream jobs, they live in big city town houses and holiday twice a year in far away countries. They wear the finest clothes, eat at the best restaurants and drink behind exclusive curtains in clubs. Behind the curtain that stays sealed almost as tight as their grip on the whisky bottle, as they try to drown themselves, drink their minds into oblivion, because nothing matters more than having a warm heart and making sure the smile on your face wasn’t planned
—  L.S.
TalesFromRetail: The day I pretended to be someone's dad

The owner is a family friend and asked me if I could cover because they were short on staff. So, I think this counts on TFR. This takes place in a small convenient store.

There wasn’t much to do so I decided to walk around maybe reorganized misplaced items when suddenly a kid (maybe 3-4 years old) holds my hand. I kind of look around to see if someone lost their kid and then I see a young lady gave me a “go on” gesture. I’m a bit confused as what she wants me to do but whatever I was bored and this kid looked cooler than my friends. So I asked if he liked candy and asked which one he liked. He didn’t say anything and just pointed to some gummy worms.

Me: That’s cool. Me too! I like the sour ones because I can make this face. sour face

This made the kid laugh

Boy: I love you daddy hugs me

TBH I freaked out a bit and thought this kid couldn’t possibly be mine as I looked over to the young lady she started tearing up.

Me: I love you too, son

The boy ran back to the lady

The lady walks up to me and hugs me

Lady: I’m so sorry for that, my husband just passed away 2 days ago. This is the first time I saw him talk since that day.

Me: I’m sorry for your loss

Lady: Thank you

They proceeded to leave. The boy is waving his gummy worms at me and I do the sour face and he does the same.

By: whitethundar

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It's kind of a weird request but MC gently hitting people with various foodstuffs? Lololol tbh I do it all the time, especially with cooked spaghetti, I take a strand and 'slap' someone's face with it, so it just kinda flops onto their cheek and sticks but the confused faces people make are gold. Lowkey down to have a foodfight. Gimme a head of lettuce and I'll use it as a sword. Fite me.

AHHHHH omg I love this prompt. Probably because I am very partial to food fights and haven’t had nearly as many as I would like. This is going to be part food fights, part smacking with random foods, and part food adventures. Jumin’s came to me first tbh. 


  • Okay so we all know that Yoosung is tired of Kimchi. 
  • So imagine the two of you standing on his balcony (Imagine he has a tiny balcony) 
  • competing to see who’s blob of Kimchi hits the ground first. 
  • yours did of course
  • In a desperate attempt to win one round Yoosung slung the Kimchi as hard as he could
  • He lost a spoon in the process
  • Rip cheap metal spoon, you will be missed
  • He also may have gotten kimchi on the bench that his neighbour is about to sit on. 
  • No Ragrets B)


  • So he likes the fish shaped buns 
  • I’m just gonna imagine he likes other fish shaped things
  • Like Goldfish crackers
  • He seems like the type to throw things and catch them in his mouth.
  • You like to throw them to see if he can catch them too.  
  • “Zen, Think fast” 
  • He never catches them when you throw them
  • Zen getting pelted with tons of Goldfish crackers
  • “I know I’m cheesy sometimes but this is just too far”


  • Hates any sort of food wasting
  • Which is totally reasonable, 
  • No food fights here
  • However she is a freak about getting pasta cooked just right
  • You know that trick where you through the noodle at the wall and if it sticks it’s done??
  • She does that, every time. 
  • One day she asked you to do it
  • You went to throw the noodle right as she walked into the kitchen
  • Baehee got smacked in the face with a noodle
  • It stuck 


  • Okay but imagine all of the chip crumbs in this boys bed
  • Oh wait, he never sleeps
  • I feel like he ended up with so many crumbs in his bed he just decided sleeping in his office chair was easier than changing the sheets. 
  • When you move in all of that changes. 
  • When you first see his crusty sheets you nearly turn around and run
  • You love him but this is straight up gross
  • You figured out how to get him to change the sheets pretty quickly tho
  • like immediately after you found his chip stash. 
  • Actually, you can get him to do pretty much anything now
  • all you have to do is throw crushed up honey butter chips at him until you catch his attention
  • his obsession with honey butter chips is sometimes a good thing


  • Jumin was home in time for the two of you to make dinner together. 
  • You decided on stir fry 
  • Jumin was in charge of peeling the vegetables while you gathered all of the other supplies. 
  • Boyfriend is weirdly meticulous about peeling his vegetables. 
  • He had a growing pile of peels chilling on the counter
  • You were standing around waiting to be able to dump everything into the wok and get cooking. 
  • You ended up sitting at the bar cuz dude was taking forever. 
  • You ended up super bored and started picking at the peels. 
  • You picked up a carrot peel and for some reason decided to sling it????
  • It hit him right in between his eyebrows lmfaooooooo
  • After that it was over, we’re talking full on food fight
  • Jumin doesn’t play. 
  • You ended up with like a million vegetable peels in your hair and eating dinner very late. 


  • One day you decided to introduce Saeran to the wonders of pranks. 
  • Harmless pranks that is. 
  • You drove to the nearest mcdonalds and ordered an ice cream cone. 
  • Saeran had no idea what you were about to do so of course he thought the ice cream was for him
  • When you pulled up to the window and grabbed your order by the ice cream instead of the cone his eyes nearly popped out of his head. 
  • He couldn’t understand why you would waste perfectly good ice cream. 
  • Neadless to say you ended up driving to another mcdonalds to get him a new cone


  • So honestly the only thing that comes to mind is making him feel bowls full of weird stuff like cooked spaghetti noodles or peeled grapes
  • The kind of weird stuff you have to do at halloween parties
  • He hates it
  • You switch out random things just so he ends up touching whatever weird thing you’ve put in place
  • He just throws them at you and hopes he hits his target
  • Somehow he usually does. 


  • Honestly just don’t even think about it. He will win any food fight you attempt to initiate. You learned that the hard way. 
A Good Day (L.H.)

Yikes guys, sorry I’m so bad at writing smut. But this is an imagine about exactly what the title implies. A very good day with Luke. So this is part one but it was getting really long so I’ll just make it two parts. Love ya guys.

Luke stood in the doorway of your bedroom as you slept. You were sprawled out in bed, laying on your stomach. Wearing little to no clothing, nothing but a black thong.
Luke admired you as you slept without a blanket, it was very hot out so it wasn’t unusual.

He payed no mind to the lack of clothing you were wearing, that’s not what he found beautiful. He looked at your face, lips parted as you snored softly. You liked to deny the fact that you snored, no matter how many times Luke said you did.

The hair in front of your face was moving with every breath you took. Luke liked to let you sleep, he never really told you he watched you sleep but secretly you knew. You hated waking up by alarms but also hated sleeping too late. So Luke found an alternative way.

He pads over to you, he is only wearing a grey pair of sweatpants. He had gotten up a little over an hour ago. He had already watched the news and eaten a bowl of cereal. He doesn’t like to admit that he can’t spend more than a half hour away from you without missing you. Even if you were just in the room over.

He sits next to you, rubbing your butt before moving to your back. “Morning baby.” He says.

He uses his hand to lightly massage your back, “Good morning sunshine.” He greets again. You start to stir, opening one eye at a time. Luke smiles at you, as you squint to adjust to the light.

“Morning.” You smile. Your boyfriend was your favorite way to wake up. The sun was beating on his pale face just right so it looked like he was glowing. The sun making his eyes look such a dark blue, he really was a piece of art. “Want some breakfast?” He asks, starting to get up.

You grab his hand, pulling him back down. “Babe, cuddle me!” You say, not wanting to get out of bed quite yet. He chuckles, not arguing as he lays down. Your head goes to his chest, your fingers tracing from his collarbone to his belly button. He laughs, intertwining his fingers with yours.

“What do you want to do today?” He questions.

You sit up, swinging one leg over his waist to sit on his lower abdomen. His other hand comes up ‘and intertwine with your free one. “Be with you.” He raises his eyebrows. “Really? That’s a change?” He jokes.

You lean down and peck his lips, you can never get enough of him when he’s home. You never know when hes going to have to pack up and leave again. He has been home for awhile and when he does have to travel lately you have been going with him.

You two just got back from visiting his family in Australia last week. As long as he’s not in tour you are always able to join, even in tour sometimes you can come to the shows. Management doesn’t want you to be distracting so it’s usually only a few.

He deepens the kiss, you can feel him getting excited. He moves his hands from your to your hips. You grind your hips on him lightly, smirking as you sit up. “I know what I want to do.” You say seductively.

Luke raises his eyebrows, usually he is the one to start the mood for anytime you guys have sex. “We just did it last night.” He points out the lack of clothing.

You can feel him growing beneath you so you’re surprised he’s not excited. His long curls are pushed back in a small bun, some of the shorter pieces falling out over his face. You rub up and down his bare chest, slightly grinding your hips each time. “Fuck, baby. I can’t keep up with you.” He closes his eyes.

“That’s okay, you don’t have to do anything.” You kiss down his stomach as he peeks down at you, watching as you get lower. You smirk up at him, loving the pleading look in his eyes. You play with the hem of his sweats, teasing him. He gives you a look of annoyance and you laugh before finally pulling them down.

He sighs as his length is let free. He’s already hard and looks almost in pain as he waits for you to do something. You grab him in my hand, pumping him a couple times. He moans, throwing his head back onto the bed. His breathing deepens, quivering as you take his tip into your mouth. His hand reaches to tangle in your hair, pulling it roughly as he whispers my name.

You take him as deep as you can, gagging as he hits the back of your throats. You go to repeat the action, yelping as You are yanked by your arm back up to His face. “I don’t have enough in me for that.”

You giggle at how worked up he already is. He gropes your butt as he slides your underwear off. “What’s the matter, Daddy?” You grab his length below you and begin to pump again. He practically growls at you .

You don’t call him daddy often, only in special occasions when You know it will really turn him on. “Am I too much for you?” You ask. You lower my hips down to his cock, rubbing his tip from your wet entrance to your clit. Back and forth multiple times, moaning as you do it.

The look on his face is enough to push you over the edge. His eyes squeezed shut, curls draped over his eyes. His bottom lip is taken in between his teeth to suppress a moan. He doesn’t want you to know how in control you are. In bed it is pretty mutual to who is the dominant. Sometimes he is more rough and likes to be in charge, other times it’s you. You honestly love both.

“Come on, Babygirl.” He squeezes out. His voice cracking, his eyes stay shut. You look at his face a couple more seconds before finally sinking onto him.

A long moan let out from you. He is more loud, letting out a short scream. He let yourself adjust around him for a few seconds before beginning to moving on him. His hands quickly find your hips, finally opening your eyes and watching the place you two connect. Enjoying how it looks when you raise and lower yourself on him.

“Oh fuuuuuuuck.” A moan is drawn from his mouth. His eyes go back to being closed as quick breaths are let out from him. The palm of your hands lay flat on his chest, giving you a little bit better of an advantage to your hips that are already getting tired. Beads of sweat gathered on his forehead, his hair sticking to it.

Luckily Luke takes a bit of the pressure off by snapping his hips to meet yours. “B-baby, I’m so- I’m so close.” He sputters out followed by moans. You feel him release inside you, moaning as he does. He usually is able to hold out as long as you but there are a couple times where he cums faster than you.

He always makes sure you are taken care of though.

He flips you over gently. One of your legs is guided over his broad shoulders, the other one lying flat as he grips onto it. This is a position approved by both of you. You can feel him so deep when he starts pounding into you.

The fingerprints left behind on your thighs each time is unreal. Strange noises coming from Luke are head as he thrusts his overly sensitive member into you. “Come on, baby! Come on!” He screams, nearing another orgasm quickly.

Your hands wrap around his neck, pulling him close enough to kiss as you moan into his mouth. You are close but want to hold out as long as you can, enjoying seeing him struggle.

Finally the pressure in your stomach is too much to take. You pull away from the kiss, burying your face into his neck as moan, gasping for hair. Luke is relieved and comes for a second time. You and Luke both thankful for you being on birth control.

You hiss as he pulls out of you slowly, feeling strange sense of emptiness. He lays next to you, quickly pulling you to his chest as always. Luke is definitely an after sex cuddler which you didn’t mind at all. You lay there still trying to catch your breath as Luke’s fingers trace up and down the side of your body.

“So. Now what do you want to do today?” Luke asks.

You laugh still not having any better of an idea than the first time he asked you.

“Wanna go again?” You joke, not having enough in you. The looks on Luke’s face was priceless, eyes wide as he quickly shakes his head no. “You are too much for me Babygirl.” He answers my questions from earlier.

You chuckle, smiling mischievously. “Well what are Calum and Lucy doing?” You ask. Lucy quickly became your best friend after you started dating Luke. Her and Calum had been dating a few months before. She was honestly the best friend from your dreams.

They didn’t live too far, Luke shrugged not knowing. “We could go out to lunch or something.” You suggest.

“That sounds nice.” Luke stretched.

“I mean we would have to get dressed, unless we want to give the fans something to talk about.” You joke making Luke laugh too hard.

You both lay in bed for a couple minutes longer before getting in the shower. Let’s just say Luke was moaning your name for the third time this morning.

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Ok idea: how would the yandere skeles react if everytime their crazy started to show their SO would grab their face and make out with them until they forgot their own name. Like he starts goin off the deep end again and SO is all nope and smooches him.

Okay. I actually love this idea. Like, Sans is freaking the fuck out, accusing you of cheating on him and wanting to leave, he’s practically hyperventilating, and suddenly you just pull him against you. Your lips feel so good to him, and his eyes just very slowly close, and he places one of his hands on your waist and the other is tangled in your hair at the back of your head. When you finally pull away he has a drunk look on his face and he’s just like “what was i talking about again?” and you just shrug and he pulls you back in. Fuck yes.

Darkness Prevails ch 6

Love is a beautiful thing.

Its the smile on her face when he makes a joke, or the feel of her arms around him. The look in her eye when they’re sitting in the booth at Pops. The same vanilla scent that seemed to symbolize her.

But, love can also be a dangerous thing.

It can pull people apart, or make others attack in the declaration of it. It can be hiding the truth from the one you love for fear of hurting them.

Or it can be the girl you’re in love with asking you an impossible question.

“No.” Jughead didn’t register his mouth opening, or even trying to talk. But his voice rang out, alarm bells ringing.

Through the tears, Betty’s face morphed into that of confusion. “Why not?” was all she asked, pulling out of his arms.

Scoffing, Jughead reached forward, cupping her face. “I just got you back Betts. Please don’t make me lose you again. Please

Choking on a sob, Betty closed her eyes, nodding. “It’s so hard though Juggie… The rumors, the names, the touching-”

“Touching?” He cut her off.

“It’s just so hard, I can’t deal with it.”

“You are so much stronger than the white noise. And if you’re crazy? So what? I am too.” She smiles through the tears, sniffling. “Don’t give up Betty, please. “He pulls her forward, placing a kiss so full of emotion on her quivering lips. Trying to convey the thoughts he can’t quite express in words.

And it must’ve conveyed something, because even as her body still shook from the assault of her emotions, she smiled nonetheless at the boy in front of her. Whose eyes so full of life and love, protectiveness and respect. Most of that directed at her.

“I don’t deserve you Juggie..”

“Don’t do that. You deserve the world Elizabeth Cooper, but I will try my best to give you even the smallest piece.” Placing a gentle kiss on her temple, Jughead pulled her close. “I know I’m not a white knight in shining armor, more so a black knight in leather?” He wiggled his eyebrows, causing Betty to giggle. “But maybe I can lend you my shield – if you would have it?”

Pulling away slightly, Betty’s confusion evident on her pristine features. Smirking, he yanks his serpent jacket off his shoulders, and reaches for her hand. Slowly, careful of her fresh wounds, he pulls the cool leather over her arms. Securing the jacket around her shoulders, he pulls it snug and places a kiss on her nose.

Pushing invisible dust off her shoulder, Jughead just smiles. “There. Now you have my shield. May it bring you peace and comfort.”

Betty just smiled, nodding a thank you.

Cleaning up her office quickly, they head out to Pops, ordered takeout, and spent the rest of the evening at his trailer watching Netflix. After the 4th episode of Criminal Minds finished, Betty stifled a yawn and cuddled closer to Jughead, nuzzling her face into his neck.

Sighing, he traces small circles on her shoulder. “I wish I could protect you Betts. I’m sorry I live on this side of the tracks.” Betty just stayed silent, breathing calm, the telltale sign she was out cold. He gazed at her sleeping figure, eyes trailing the curve of her hip.

A different kind of hunger coursed through his veins as his eyes trailed over the exposed skin of the angel beneath him. His mind wandered to places his hands have yet to discover. The valley between her breasts, the soft skin of her hips, the sensitive center he longed to delve into. His heart raced at the thoughts, of the idea that this beauty was his to touch.

He was the luckiest guy on the planet.

No, in the entire universe.

His mind wandered to all things Betty as he laid his head back and shut his eyes.

He awoke again, the trailer dark. Stiff and sore from the unnatural position, he groaned. Fishing out his phone, he hissed at the blinding light assault on his still sleepy eyes. Taking a second to adjust, he looks over at it again.



Jughead jumped up, woozy for a second before switching on the light. A groan surfaced from beneath a blanket, signaling Betty wasn’t too pleased at the rude awakening.

“Betts” he leaned down, shaking her gently. “Betty you need to wake up. It’s 3am. Your mom is going to kill me. Then you. Then me again.” He laughed nervously, but she still didn’t budge.

“I don’t want to be there. Can I please stay with you tonight?” Her voice was quiet, thick with sleepiness.

“What about your mom Betty?” Jughead was trying to convince himself otherwise, fully on board with the idea of her staying.

“She doesn’t care. I’ll just say I was at Ronnie’s.” She cuddled up in the blanket again, smiling tiredly up at him.

“You’re gonna be the death of me Betty Cooper.” He laughs, placing his arms under her legs and on her back, picking her up bridal style and heading to the bedroom. Setting her down on the mattress, he shed his beanie, jacket and jeans.

Before sliding in beside her, he asks, “Are you content with sleeping in that?” He looks pointedly at her hoodie, jeans and socks still on. She bites her lip, and unbuttons her pants.

“W-What are you doing?” He felt his face heat up, looking away quickly. Then her hand was entwined with his, and he was getting dragged down to the bed.

“You’re pretty nervous for someone who took my virginity Juggie.” She cooed, moving his arm to snuggle in close to him.

“It was quick, and you don’t even remember it. So we could say it doesn’t – what are you doing with your legs?” He could feel her silky legs rubbing up and down his, heating them up.

Her laugh filled the small room. He failed to reciprocate it, only letting out a breathy wheeze. His face reddened, eyes lowering to her collar bone. Placing a gentle kiss there, he heard Betty gasp. Encouraged, he placed another just south of the previous, eliciting another gasp to escape her lips. Shifting to lay above her, putting weight on his elbows, he traveled further down, each kiss bringing new and exciting sounds from the goddess below.

Smirking, and with newfound confidence, Jughead nipped and sucks on the sensitive skin between her delicious mounds. Betty all but screams at the contact, tangling her fingers in his messy curls. Her breathes shallow, legs squeezed together, she was squirming below him so much, you’d have thought he was tickling her.

He sucked a little harder, before she forcefully pulls his hair till his face lined up with hers, smothering him with a kiss.

“Please Juggie…” Her hooded, desire over every one of her perfect features. Jughead just smiled, kissed her soft lips and complied.

When Betty awoke the following morning, stiff and sore, sitting up she recalled the events of last night and smiled. Welcoming the tension in her muscles, she stretched and got out of bed. After putting on Jughead’s discarded flannel, and her jeans, she rushed to the tiny bathroom to make herself slightly presentable.

After brushing her teeth and washing her face, she head out to the main room; in search of her beloved. As she rounded the corner to the kitchen, she spotted him perched on the tiny table. Feet up on the chair, laptop balancing on his knees, his back facing her. Circling around the counter, Betty reached out and covered his eyes.

“Guess who?” She bite her lip to keep from giggling.

“Gee, I don’t know.” Discarding the laptop and spinning abruptly, he wraps his arms around her waist, “My gorgeous girlfriend? Or should I say benevolent housemistress?” Wiggling his eyebrow, Betty just laughed at his remark

“I’d like to officially point out that this-” she throws her arms up, twirling around “-is a trailer, not a house.”

“Fine fine grammar nerd. Benevolent Trailermistress. Better?” She nodded her approval before wrapping her around his neck, kissing him.

Jughead’s hands rub her lower back, then shift to her ass, squeezing gently. A gasp emits from her, and he takes advantage, exploring her mouth with his tongue. She deepens the kiss more by tangling her fingers in his hair, tilting her head slightly.

They break apart a few minutes later, out of breath and disheveled. “If you keep that up Betts, you won’t make it to school on time.” He’s still panting.

Betty just shrugs. “Maybe I won’t go. Not like anybody will miss me there.” She untangles her limbs, and heads over to the couch.

“Betty.” His voice isn’t demanding, just laced with concern. He plops down beside her, pulling her in to his chest. “Remember what I told you yesterday? I gave you my shield. Use it.”

She looks up at him, a small smile on her lips. “Do you think I’d be allowed in the school with it on?”

“Only one way to find out.” He challenges, standing up and pulling her with him. He reaches down quickly, and places the cool leather in her hands. “You might want to wear your own clothes though. People might talk…” He looked pointedly at his shirt hanging on her shoulders, smirking.

“Let ‘em talk.” She giggled, before throwing her arms around his neck and kissing him again.

They arrive at Riverdale High within the hour, both dressed- Betty still wearing Jughead’s shirt though- and ready for the day.

Before she gets out of his dads truck, she turns to give him a kiss goodbye.

“Remember what I said baby, if anyone gives you trouble. Call me.” He winked at her, and watched her walk up the steps into the school.

“God she is sexy.”

have you ever just…. scrolled through the list of SCPs and their given names.

sure, a good deal of the names are quite grave in nature.

but then there are….. others.



OKAY I CAN’T ANYMORE, anyway, those are my favorites from the first 2000 SCPs.

I only wanted...

I only wanted you because It’s what felt normal at the time. I only wanted to take that shot because It’s what everyone else was doing. I only wanted to be surrounded by unfamiliar faces because it made me feel less alone. But the truth is that I only wanted to be loved and you broke me down. I only wanted to have fun but I ended up having lost memories. I only wanted to make friends that truly cared about me but instead I made broken relaltionships.

If I’ve learned anything in my life I’ve learned that I just want to be happy. In order to be happy I need to be content with who I am. It’s not what other people think of me or how many people I know or how high my alcohal tolerance is. It’s me being able to look myself in the mirror and think wow I’m okay with who I’ve become…

I only want to be happy.

boostcreepin  asked:

How do you deal with people that are being wilfully ignorant and ignoring facts you present to them on a silver platter?? how do you ignore their arrogance and not let it make you wanna punch every carnist in their front teeth?? Because I'm going to put a hole in my wall.

Hello there @boostcreepin

For real, I feel you. I feel this in my fucking bones honestly. I literally get so pissed off on here sometimes that I just do this face for minutes on end:

Some of the carnist bullshit on here is absolutely ridiculous. Protein, lions, poor vegans, POC vegans, soy, estrogen, crops, migrant workers, food deserts… all just shit vegans have disputed over and over again but carnists don’t know how to use Google and figure it out for themselves. But the way I look at it, some people are truly just a lost cause lmao. Like for real. There is only so much that you can do to try to educate someone and steer them on the path of knowledge but if they are just going to keep being willfully ignorant you just gotta walk the fuck away haha. You can only do a certain amount for someone until it becomes apparent that they aren’t willing to open their minds. 
Do not waste your time on these people. They will only lead you to frustration, and anger, and wasted time and energy. Never ever let these people waste your time honestly. They are not worth it what so ever. 
Be open, be honest, communicate and try to educate carnists but if they aren’t willing to have a conversation and use Google and read a book than move on to the next one haha.
I am sorry you are so annoyed. I for one completely understand and I am sure fellow vegans on here understand too.

Everyone comment below your fave ignorant carnist story to cheer up @boostcreepin to let them know we got their back!!

I didn’t want to put on all my make up, but here are the most important parts of my cosplay in a shitty selfie.

As you can see, I’m still absolute Homestuck trash. This is something I’m still owning up to in the year 2017. I’m a cryptid.

Why am I taking grainy selfies of my trash bag self alone in my room, you ask? I’m going to Phoenix Comic Con! I won’t be there all weekend, just Saturday, BUT I’D LOVE TO MEET THOSE OF YOU THAT ARE GOING!

The downtown Phoenix area is pretty big, and there’s gonna be a lot of people there. And there will probably be quite a few Rose Lalondes there too. I’ll do my best to find the group of Homestucks that seem to linger around the center, and make myself easier to find.


Taking A Moment

There are some people here I want to thank and show love for;

@companionintime Mama bear, where do I begin. You’re the most incredible, most sweet, most strong, most creative and most genuine person I’ve ever had the pleasure of encountering. You’ve been there in good and in bad, through sickness and stride, and when I needed you. Thank you.

@promisesandmore You’re just amazing. You’re incredibly original and insanely talented in your work, plus an absolutely amazing pleasure to co-write with. Your passion and enthusiasm never fail to bring a smile to my face and writing with you makes my days bright. Thank you.

@hisshissimnagini My internet daughter! My pride for all you do and all you’ve yet to do is immense, and I’ve never been luckier than to have met you. Your humor never ceases to make me laugh and your bright personality never ceases to brighten my darkest days. You have such a huge and loving heart and I hope the world gives you all you’ve given ×1,000. Your writing blows my freaking mind and it’s just one of the reasons I love you so dearly. Never stop being you and making your voice heard.

anonymous asked:

Working on a musical with Dylan, like he dose tech and your on stage.

  • He’d be up in the booth, hiding in the shadows, admiring your talents from afar.
  • He’d study your every movement in such depth - he was pretty observant and emotionally invested in certain things that piqued his interest - because he’d want to be certain that he knew his cues.
  • Dyl would definitely spend the whole time wondering if you even knew he existed.
  • Sometimes he’d mess up the lights or music on purpose just to be able to watch you re-do a scene he loved
  • I keep imagining you on stage, glancing up at the booth, unable to see inside because of the lights glaring in your face, but you know he’s up there, watching you - smiling
  • Every move you make would be a small attempt to impress him. You’d be doing your absolute best, performing for him
  • This would be such a chalk and cheese thing and honestly I kinda love it

i ’ v e    g o t    a    f e e l i n g    i t ’ s    n e v e r    t o o    l a t e
i close my eyes and see myself how my dreams will come true

colored&edited official sketch (x)