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IronHawk  (Part Eight)

Looong update this time guys! I just didn’t want to chop them into a bunch of small chapters so here it is lol
Quick note–I definitely wrote the little scene between Cap/Tony that way because that exact moment in CACW makes me cry so I rewrote it here so it’s not something to cry about!!!

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The rest of the team took the news as well as could be expected. Pepper was the most worried, concerned that they had shared another heat without officially bonding but Tony had reassured her from his spot on Clints lap that it was going to be fine, and a bond wasn’t necessary. If the Alphas hold had tightened to almost painful for a second, if he growled just the littlest bit at the thought of not bonding, Tony didn’t comment, just shifted a little closer and hummed soothingly.

Things returned to normal fairly quickly, even in light of Tony and Clint’s new… relationship? Heat agreement? Whatever it was supposed to be.

In between missions the team always stuck close to home, close to each other, but maybe a little more so than they used to now.

And it certainly couldn’t be denied that Tony being a fully- functioning omega had brought out some very deep protective instincts in the team. In fact, fighting had become something of an issue, with Banner especially so loathe to leave Tony’s side during a battle that he was less effective than usual. It had nearly resulted in the escape of a well known terrorist, and Fury had been blisteringly angry.

Annoyed as well, and to counteract the over protectiveness, Tony spent hours each day fighting and training with each Alpha. Safely geared up in his suit, he pushed them to fight him, forcing them to try to hurt him, because he had no qualms about hurting them at all, and took a certain delight in tearing them apart every day until they pushed back just as hard.

It was the Captain that was the last to snap during training, pissed because Tony had fired a chest repulsor at him unexpectedly. The captain had thrown his shield up at the last minute, barely deflecting the blow and with an angry roar he had leapt up and into Tony, driving the suit into the ground, and smashing his shield into the chest piece.

Tony had cried uncle, laughing through the mask, grateful that together he and Banner had reinforced the chest plate to protect the arc reactor. Nothing short of Thor’s hammer would break the material, so he wasn’t actually in any danger.

The look of horror on the Captain’s face had him laughing even harder as he clanked to his feet. “Feel better that nothing much is going to hurt me in a battle?” He asked and Steve just grumbled, dusting Tony off and making him flip his face mask up to check for damage.

“Fine.” He agreed. “Fine. But only because no one ever gets close enough to you to do what I just did.”

Steve had definitely been the hardest to convince. Banner had to trust his workmanship, knowing that even if he called the Hulk, the green monster wouldn’t ever turn on a teammate, even to spar. Tony had made him watch then, as Natasha had stood in front of Tony and fired round after round of ammo at him until she was satisfied that the armor was in fact just as bulletproof as he told her. Bruce had hated watching, but needed the subconscious reassurance that the omega would be fine.

Clint hadn’t even considered sparring with him. Even though they were not technically bonded, it was physically impossible for him to pick up a weapon to use against Tony. He had calmly explained that to the group, and everyone had pretended not to see Tony’s look of absolute relief.

He- and they- knew if Clint ever turned against him, the omega would submit instantly, unable to fathom fighting his Alpha.

So the team reached an agreement when fighting, an understanding that just because Tony was off suppressants didn’t mean he was any more vulnerable than he had ever been. Tony even went so far as to call Fury in to watch a match, to satisfy the one eyed man’s curiosity.

And it was actually Fury who brought up the somewhat awkward, and still untalked about, status of their relationship.

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