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Tag Time 6~ (Handwriting Tag)

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I wrote in my everyday handwriting. But i kind have a few writing styles because i really enjoy handwriting. I wish i could do calligraphy, that would have been so pretty for this tag.

But just encase you can’t read something i’m going to provide the typed version as well below. OH disclaimer i am a horrible speller and i have dyslexia so if something i have handwritten is spelled wrong i’m sorry.

Call me: Ivy

URL: kpopfanstan

Blog Title: My Kpop Fan Stan

Fav Artist/Groups (i’m going to stick to Korean music for this tag):

  1. Topp Dogg
  2. BTS
  3. GOT7
  4. Monsta X

my recent additions

  1. 24K
  2. JJCC
    REALLY REALLY recent & only a few songs ATM
    1. P-Type
    2. Heize
    3. Gray
    4. Seenroot

Something in CAPS: I LOVE YOU

Current Fav Song: Lazyyy by P-Type

Random Confession: It’s 4:37am i have been procrastinating on finishing my Wonho smut by writing an I.M fluff

Random Quote: 

“You say you love the rain, but you open your umbrella.
You say you love the sun, but you find a shadow spot.
You say you love the wind, but you close the window.
This is why i.m afraid, when you say you love me”

Random Message: If you have to convince someone to stay w/ you, theV they have already left.

I tag @skiesvalunimi &&&& @igot7-texts

anonymous asked:

I just found out you live in Hong Kong and oh my gosh... PLS TELL ME YOU SPEAK CHINESE OR MANDARIN OR CANTONESE BECAUSE I FINALLY FOUND A PERSON WHO LIKES BTS AND SPEAKS CHINESE. Ah I apologize for my all caps, I just got a little bit too excited. Btw I'm watching Nirvana in Fire and I'm on episode 34 too. We must be soulmates or something. Haha jk Ily bye.

ehehehehehehhHEHEHEHEHhEHEHehehhhe i most certainly do speak all of them anon bun ;)))) tbh a lot of my friends irl are in love with bts too soooOOOOO WHY DONT CHU JOIN OUR SQUAD EARLIER WE FINALLY REUNITE I CRY  

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