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Oh hell Cherik

O bb you have opened up a whole can of worms here, you have no idea. I HAVE WRITTEN 75,000 WORDS ABOUT THIS PAIRING MY FEELS KNOW NO BOUNDS. *ahem*

who cooks normally? In the mansion, it’s usually Charles because he insists on making enough food for all the children. Erik, of course, rolls his eyes unhelpfully and makes snide remarks about how if Charles trusts them to save the world he should trust them to feed themselves, for god’s sake.
how often do they fight? They don’t have “fights,” per se; Charles prefers to think of them as reasonable, intelligent discussions between adults. Erik thinks of them as Charles being too WASP-y and repressed to actually yell at him. 
what do they do when they’re away from each other? Three words and a hyphen: long-distance telepathy. 
nicknames for each other? Pet, darling, love, dearest, Mag-neato. Lab rat, liebling, mon cher (almost always ironically),Professor (absolutely always ironically).
who is more likely to pay for dinner? Charles. Erik scowls at him and mutters darkly about trust funds, but he does it anyway.
who steals the covers at night? Erik, but Charles’ abilities are nothing if not useful for getting them back.
what would they get each other for gifts? Charles gives Erik metal things: a fountain pen, a silver flask, a steel razor, cuff links, a silver-lined briefcase in case of emergencies. Erik gives Charles simple, everyday things: a beautiful notebook, a comfortable sweater, a belt (with a metal buckle, for convenience), and a handgun, just in case. 
who kissed who first? Charles, after a particularly stimulating game of chess and one glass of scotch too many.
who made the first move? Charles. The morning after he kissed Erik and got tucked safely into his own bed for his trouble, he asked Erik out to dinner–playing it cool the whole time, of course, and not turning red in the slightest.
who remembers things? Charles remembers silly, useless things like anniversaries and birthdays and social engagements. Erik remembers where they keep the guns.
who cusses more? On a regular basis, Erik. But when Charles gets properly angry, he could make James Logan blush.
what would they do if the other one was hurt? Charles would fuss. A lot. There would probably be tea involved. Erik would care for him calmly and carefully–and then go off and dismember whoever was responsible.