i just love them so much this took me 4 hours

kenhina + distance headcanons

this is for kenhina week!! hope you guys enjoy <3 sorry i just thought up of these off the top of my head

  • it’s already canon that they text all the time, but recently kenma has been begging hinata to get a smartphone because he always texts back so slowly PLUS makes a whole bunch of spelling errors 
  • Kenma secretly begs to think up of excuses to practice with karasuno
    • Some of these consist of: “they could’ve evolved their quick, so yeah we should totally practice against that..”+ “Shouyou says karasuno wants to play us again” 
    • Kuroo just rolls his eyes and chuckles because he knows how much hinata means to kenma, of course he talks to his coach about it but nothing really gets done 
  • Kenma face times with hinata at least twice a week? 
  • They always facetime on the same exact days and literally both of their faces light up when they see each other over the screen
  • After nationals, kenma and hinata had almost a 4 hour long facetime talking about the match, 
  • kenma loves it when Hinata’s whole face lightens up when discussing his victory 
  • One time hinata’s phone got taken away from him 
  • Daichi was the one who took away his phone because 
  • his grades were REALLY REALLY BAd, they reached an all time low 
  • During this time, Kenma was distracted the whole entire practice time and lev was really confused and so was kuroo and the rest of the team
    • Because he would constantly ask for a break and go check his phone to see if hinata texted him back
  • Hinata is the one to send stupid memes over the phone, kenma sends screenshots of his high score in video games 
  • Hinata finds it cute when kenma rambles on and on about this new game that came out 
  • Basically they’re a cute couple that CAN survive a long distance relationship with no problem whatsoever 

so okay last night I had the most amazing night at SLFLSheffield. me and my best friend waited outside in the freezing cold for 3 nearly 4 hours just to see if we could meet them. turns out we met Ashton! he’s the most sweetest little bean, so kind and very humble. he thanked me & lauren for traveling 10 hours on a bus just to see them last night and also thanked us again for going to another 2. just getting to speak to him for a split second just completed me🙈 so sad the other 3 didn’t come out but they did wave to us so that was like incredible! I was so close to giving up but I’m so glad I didn’t! so thankful and very grateful he took time out of him own to see us.☺️ I love him so so much🙈🙈🙈