i just love them so much i want to punch myself


So I really really really REALLY wanted to draw a Monster from Monster Hunter, and make it a legit fully colored piece.

I’m kind of ashamed about forgetting to make a daily for the Great Wroggi back when I was doing Monster Hunter dailies. As much as I love our favorite punching bag monster the Great Jaggi, the Great Wroggi is my favorite of the original bird wyvern trio in MH3U. (I don’t much care for the Great Baggi myself.)

The Great Wroggi’s colors and patterns are just so neat to me, and I especially love the blue-purple tip on the end of its tail. And who doesn’t love the armor you get from farming them? Makes the player look like an awesome outlaw, male or female!

So I hope you guys enjoy this pic as much as I do. I had fun working on it, and I’m actually very pleased with the results! I managed to stylize a monster in my own way and I’m pretty happy about that. Also added the flat version without a backdrop because I liked how it looked.

MH © Capcom


AN Hey guys! So this is the 14th Alex Gaskarth imagine which thus marks the turning point where I add these onto Wattpad! I’m so excited! I mean nothing is really gonna change, except if you like Wattpad’s format better than tumblr and if you wanna be notified when a chapter comes up, that’s there. So yeah! That’s about all that changes. I’m actually updating pretty recently I’m very happy. Thanks so much for your guys’ support, it means a lot. I love you! Enjoy xx

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Alex’s POV

Thinking back about what I did to hurt Y/N really made me want to punch myself in the face. How could I have done that to her? And she won’t even take me back. It’s not that I expected her to, I was just so ready to jump with both feet in, and she just basically pushed me off the diving board.

When you break someone’s trust, you can’t get it back. Not easily at least. That’s what Jack told me. The entire time I was with him last night he had an “I told you so” face on. I would punch him if I could, but I deserved it.

When I was with Meghan, I completely forgot about Y/N. I forgot about her feelings, I forgot about her actually being my girlfriend. Instead she was put in the back of my mind, and all I thought about was how I felt about Meghan. Seeing her face when she ran from my house, playing it over and over again in my head, that could break someone. That image is enough to cause me to hate myself for the rest of my life. I’m pretty damn close to it.

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