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you know there are some ships that are like “…hmm… they should maybe… kiss???”  and some that are like “ahhh!!!” and some that are like “!!!!!!” and some that are like “thisissowonderfuladncuteletthembehappy!!!” and some that are like “sIN SINSINSINSNsN!N!!!!” and some that are like all of them… but there are some that defy explanation…

where you love both of the characters individually and as a pair? you love them together any way they can possibly be together? you just feel they ought to be in each others’ lives but you would happily watch a pre-other half of the otp feature length movie about the other half?? you just love them on a level that is beyond anything… for me… that is cartinelli.

I almost wish that thing about Global airing Bones starting from Feb was true. I mean, I know it’s really unlikely, but by now I’ve given up all my hopes for FOX and I’d rather have the last episodes of s11 from Feb to May than having to watch them squished all together in late March (IF, so) or April/May. Especially if this turns out to be the last season. It would be so horrible just to have the show around for like two months more..and then bye bye. I don’t even know how the great minds at FOX work. How they do even think that’s remotely satisfying for long time fans. Also, I don’t even know if I want s12. Not for the show, of course, that would be indeed more satisfying plot wise, but just for the fact that it’s getting so tiring knowing the show *is* indeed still there, but not having it around at all but for 5-6 months per year. Do you really think FOX would air that final season decently??? Because I don’t.

What I really love about Lexa and Clarke is that Lexa KNOWS that she is physically stronger than Clarke but she would NEVER lay a forceful finger on her. Even when Clarke is grabbing her, pressing a knife against her throat, forcefully pushing her away and basically just aggravating her in general Lexa would never retaliate the same way because she knows that she is physically stronger than Clarke and there’s something about that fact that makes me respect Lexa so much.


“I know it wasn’t goodbye forever. I wasn’t that sad—I did have a bit of a cry, but I knew because we’ve grown up together and we’re such good friends, that’s a bond that you can’t break as easily as just saying goodbye to someone. I think we’ll be friends for a long time, all of us.” - Georgie Henley (2008).

Rumours Explained

Second Hand News: Y’all need to get outta my face

Dreams: Like it’s been rough but overall it’s been a cleansing experience

Never Going Back Again: We ain’t never getting back together

Don’t Stop: Guys it’s okay, let’s all get out of bed and make some toast

Go Your Own Way: It’s been fucking terrible and you can fuck off 

Songbird: I hope the birds will always sing for you John

The Chain: Come on guys lets be friends 

You Make Loving Fun: Like I love you John but I prefer the other one

I Don’t Want To Know: I couldn’t give a flying fuck

Oh Daddy: I just want someone to love me 

Gold Dust Woman: I’m my own woman, I don’t need no man

kahtnuss asked:


  • who says “I love you” first: they were still kids when they said it - they were outside in the open field among fireflies, their little telescope now unused, and the two 8 year olds lying in the grass with their hands held tight, the stars dancing in their eyes as they looked up at the sky. People have certain memories that are “defining moments” for them; something they can visualize in vivid detail years and years later because it’s so engraved in their memory. For the both of them, that single moment of absolute peace was defining and euphoric all the same. And there was just a silent whisper of an “i love you” Tooru was able to manage as he squeezed Hajime’s hand, who squeezed harder back as he said them to him too. It’s something they’ll always remember. 
  • what’s their song: “Empty With You” by The Used. This song represents their roots - they are bound to each other whether the one is empty or hollow. No matter what they’re going through, they will be there for each other.
  • who kills the bugs: Iwaizumi - he’s had a habit of playing around with bugs as a kid so he usually does the killing and disposal. Oikawa doesn’t like to be near them much despite being attacked with bugs as a kid by Iwaizumi (you’d think he’d be used to them but no). Although this is the chance Oikawa gets to act like the princess that he is: “oh my strong knight in shining armour! Iwa-chan!! Please save me from this monstrous beast!” “It’s an ant Oikawa stop”
  • how often do they text/call: all. the. time. it’s become more of a habit from being friends for so long. If they’re apart and see something they know the other would appreciate, they’re sending pictures or messages to each other to tell them right away. Iwaizumi receives selfies galore from Oikawa (that he thinks are actually very cute). Iwaizumi is the type of boyfriend that would send pictures of things he knows would make Oikawa feel better if he’s down. Oikawa receives pictures of pretty flowers, sunsets, the sky, a cute puppy, etc. etc. Sometimes Oikawa will nag to see Iwaizumi too and his heart always does the doki doki seeing Iwaizumi smiling in the picture. 
  • what are their names for each other in their phones: For Iwaizumi, Oikawa is “Tooru” with hearts and the kissing emoji (you can guess who was the culprit of this). Iwaizumi let it slide bc why not, it was cute. For Oikawa, Iwaizumi is “The Bae” with a flexing arm emoji and many, many, too many, hearts. 
  • who convinces the other to do couples cosplay: this has Oikawa written all over it. They’ve done cosplays every year without fail. Their first one was from Gekkan Shoujo - Oikawa was Kashima and Iwaizumi was Hori (very fittingly~). This was the year Iwaizumi realized that Oikawa + Skirts was too dangerous. 
  • random fact: one day in high school Iwaizumi announced to Oikawa very early in the morning that he was going to give Oikawa “A Big Kiss” after practice that day. He said this with sparkly eyes and a look of absolute excitement. Oikawa was completely caught by surprise and blushed heavily because he didn’t understand why he would announce it so loudly like that in front of everyone?? So anyway, Iwaizumi reminded Oikawa again at lunch that he was going to get “A Big Kiss” later in the day, same excited face and everything. Again, he reminded him at practice, saying how he couldn’t wait to give it to him. Finally, the time had come and the absolutely flustered Oikawa had to drag Iwaizumi away from the team to receive his “Big Kiss” privately. And as Oikawa stood there, heart pounding and eyes closed, he hears Iwaizumi rummaging through his bag. When he opens his eyes he realizes it. It’s a 7 ounce Hershey’s chocolate kiss. Now every year for Valentine’s Day, they give each other this huge ass chocolate kiss in memory of the fact that Iwaizumi was a pure child who didn’t realize what he had said gave everyone else a whole different meaning. (Iwaizumi is forever embarrassed).

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