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he’s so SOFT, look at him shyly looking down just thinking about excited jimin must’ve been the night before, chattering away and making yoongi laugh, both of them enjoying each other’s company so much that they completely lost track of time i’m

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Headcanons on how the chocobros would react to a s/o who's extremely shy of singing in front of overs and catching them singing quietly for the first time? (Oh gosh, I love your hc's -- they're an absolute blast to read, you're a such a blessing)

They’re Singing? (Chocobros)

Oh wow, anon, that’s just too sweet. You’re too kind. Thank you so much!

Smiley. He thinks it’s really cute. But he’s also scared that they’ll stop if they notice him. Tries thinking of a way to tell them how much he liked listening to them sing. But without making them feel conscious or awkward. Gets caught because he was lost in thought too long. Both him and his s/o are embarrassed like there’s no tomorrow. Once he’s gotten over it though, he will try to tell them how much he likes their voice.

When he first notices they’re singing, he’s in complete awe. Just frozen in place. He lacks a little impulse control and wants them to know instantly how amazing he thinks they are. The second they feel his hand on their shoulder, they panic a little. Seeing him, makes them panic a lot. He’s speechless and babbling incoherently. They try to leave but he starts whining because he wants to hear them sing more.

He knows they’re singing and doesn’t want to disturb them in the least. This is comfortable for them, so why would he want to ruin that. Plus if he lets on that he can hear them, they may feel self conscious and stop singing altogether. He couldn’t have that at all. It’ll look like he’s busy with work but really he’s just focused on the peace of mind their singing is giving him.

While singing, he doesn’t say a word. He’s too proud of them and enjoying himself too much for that. Probably going to bring it up at some point, but he’d prefer to wait till they’re ready to sing in front of him voluntarily. When the patience pays off and they do, he’ll shower them with compliments and encourage them to sing around him as much as they want.

I think the thing that bugs me the most about this season is the way they ended things. I know this is an unpopular opinion because everyone’s happy the boys are back together and there’s more opportunities for mischief in the future! Yay!

Which is fine with me, because I know the show has always been about their relationship and their bond – a great detective and his storyteller, that’s the way it’s always been since ACD conceived his brainchild

But see, the thing is, they introduced all these emotionally intense plot points without any consequences making it through the end. The biggest of which, I believe, is Mary’s death.

I’m not just saying this because I adore Mary, but because I can tell you from experience, losing a loved one, especially someone so beloved to both Sherlock and John, and someone who loved them both so much, is a very traumatic thing. Especially if it’s in the way they lost Mary, giving up her life for Sherlock.

This is why I was okay with Sherlock and John being separated after her death, because this is a natural thing to happen. Loss, especially such devastating loss, breaks people. You don’t just get up from a thing like that and pick up where you left off, and I’m speaking from experience here. Yes, eventually you have to move on, you have to rebuild your life. But you don’t just gloss over it, like I feel the ending did. It scars you forever and the connections, the relationships you had before will never be the same, be it good or bad change, after this hole is created in your life.

Instead, Sherlock and John are back and chummy and everything’s bright and breezy again. It just doesn’t feel believable to me. It reduces Mary’s worth and it diminishes the impact the loss of a wife or a good friend can have on a person. Sure, it was Mary who told them to do that, but I feel like it would have been more believable to have some kind of consequence to result from this loss. Instead, everything’s back to normal in Baker Street as if Mary was just a blip in their radar that’s gone.

If we’re talking about the humanization of characters in this season, then that is what they should show, the consequence of this loss. I’m not saying the dynamic duo should never partner up again, I’m not saying they don’t get to be happy, and I’m certainly not siding with John blaming Sherlock for Mary’s death, I’m just saying that this is not the way loss affects people. It would have been more believable, more visceral, if the show had ended the way the first episode did, with the characters all trying to find a way to deal with this loss and John and Sherlock drifting apart. And if you want them back together, solving crimes, find a believable way to do it the next season.

I’m not gonna rant about the inconsistencies in this season, because as a fanfic writer and reader, I know you can pretty much find a way around everything no matter how absurd your solution is (e.g. how Eurus built the fake walls? how she got 3 unconscious men to 3 different locations? Easy, she got the people she “enslaved” to do it for her, or something like that). I’m not gonna rant about the lack of Lara Pulver and Irene Adler (I got my hopes up, but that’s on me), and I’ve already said my bit about that. And I certainly won’t harass the creators about it. 

It’s just that when I compare these episodes to older ones (ASiB, in particular), it just doesn’t measure up for me.

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kid trunks or mirai trunks?

…how DARE you anon! I love them both so much :(

Mirai Trunks

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My sweet little cinnamon roll! He’s been through so much and he’s strong physically and emotionally because of it. I just admire him more because he always came back stronger and fought harder to save others no matter what. 


Could you do a Tom story about the reader being a lawyer and she’s helping one of his friends or co-workers, and he thinks she’s really harsh and closed off when they meet. However, they become friends while she’s working on the case, and over time, he realizes she’s not just the mean lawyer stereotype and he cares about her. Over a short period of time and they both have feelings for each other and start going out, or over a long period of time and he realizes he loves her and it’s mutual.

I can relate so much to this prompt.  Here is your one-shot, comin’ ‘atcha!


It was the only word he had for her.  The way the air felt around her.  The way her eyes connected, but never seemed alive.

The way her hands would probably feel if he ever dared reach for them.


It’s why you had been recommended to him.  After a hiring gone wrong, it was suggested to him that he keep a lawyer on retainer, just in case he ever encountered a situation like this again.

And someone recommended you.

“Best in the business,” they said.  “Cold as a tip of ice,” they praised.

Then, when he needed you the most, you swooped in on your dark, burly horse and pierced a hole through the next hiring agent trying to pull the wool over his eyes.

Steel, he thought.

Your hands must feel like steel.

He remembered the first time you had smiled.

You stopped by the set to see how he was being treated.  To see if anything needed anymore of your piercing stare.

“If I need ice to melt, I know who to call.  Your eyes are fiery,” he commented.

And you chuckled.

It was brief, and for a split moment.

But you chuckled.



Like you wanted to keep the reaction a secret, just not from him.

And for a brief moment, he saw a glint flash across your fire-and-ice eyes.

And he wondered if he could ever do it again.

You wondered why he had made a habit of coming by your office.

But you were glad he did.

First it was just to ask a question.  Something about looking over another script and needing you to look over a nondisclosure form.

Simple and straightforward, you had told him.

The second time, it was to ask you if you had room for taking on another client.  Some woman on set needed some representation.

Unequal pay, he said.

But this time, he brought coffee.

The third time was what made you raise your eyebrow.  That time, there was coffee and no case.

Just him sitting there.

Staring at you.

And you wondered what he wanted.

“Can I help you?” you deadpanned as you reached for your coffee.

You needed to look at the label later to see where he had gotten this coffee.  It was delicious.

“Do you take lunch breaks?” he asks.

And it prompted you to look at the clock.

“When I remember,” you lull.

“Call me the next time you take one,” he says as he gets up from his chair.

And you look up at him from underneath your furrowed eyebrows as you watch him walk out of your office.

One lunch break.

That’s all it took.

One lunch break out of their sets and offices and comfort zones.

You reveled in his laughter.  He reveled in your smile.  The two of you talked about growing up, and your favorite memories.  The pets you had and the family gatherings you still suffer through.

“My mother still insists on buying us Christmas underwear,” Tom laughs.

“My mother still buys my father Christmas rip away thongs!” you roar as you wipe tears from your eyes.

“Oh god, I hope he fits into them!” Tom chokes out between his belly laughs.

Food is usually taken to-go because of your talking.

Now, when you are in work-mode, you can always spare a lucky glance his way.  A glance ever-so-softened and a grin that is only a shadow for now.

His little secret.

You come by set with snacks and more stories, sitting with him through takes as he talks you through all of the equipment on set and what it does.

“You should have been a director,” you muse.

“I like showing my ass too much,” he lulls.

And the giggling ensues once more.

He wasn’t shocked when you said yes to a first date.

He wasn’t even shocked when you wanted to kiss him afterwards.

Nor was he shocked when that kiss led towards your darkened bedroom as clothes were cast down all over your beautiful hardwood floor.

What was shocking was the morning after.  How peaceful you looked curled up into him.  How early-morning makeup somehow looked good on you, and how your bodies were sticky from the aftermath of the luscious night had before.

He was shocked at how graceful you moved in bed, snuggling closer into his warmth and pulling him close in your own tender arms.

The ice queen.

Melted only for him.

He was shocked when you woke up and smiled.

He was shocked when you fluttered your eyes up to him and they danced with glitter.

He was shocked when your eyes darkened as you slowly began to crawl down his body.

But what shocked him the most was the words that came tumbling from his moth as you wrapped your warm lips around his cock.

“God, I love you,” he mumbles.

You flash your gaze up at him, icing over for a split second as you contemplate the words that had tumbled from his lips, making his entire body flush over with embarrassment.

The two of you sat in silence as he closed his eyes and sighed.

And then you slowly kissed your way up his body.  Light, fluttering, barely-there kisses that made his skin pucker before finally reaching his lips.

“I love you, too,” you whisper against him.

And he grasped you and rolled you underneath him, settling between your legs and determined to show you just how much.

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um, hi, first ask. can I request some relationship headcanons with yahaba? you don't have to if it's too much trouble

no trouble at all! uwu 

• PDA isn’t embarrassing for him, he keeps it at a just-right-level aka not those who always show off their love and relationship to everyone 

• not the best to remember dates of anniversaries right off the bat BUT he writes them down in his calendar so it’s all good

• he likes planning dates, whether it’s going out or a stay in date. Always consider the best options that they both will enjoy 

• while volleyball training takes up most of his time he will try to at least send them texts regularly 

• the type of boyfriend that will text them about something 3AM let them sleep yahaba 

• makes homemade sweets occasionally so that both can enjoy them during school 

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These flower shop AU's are killing me, it's all so cute

I’m really loving it, too. If I have time later this week I might expand on it.

And I just love the idea of both of them owning the flower shop together and just having so much fun and the shop gets like really famous or something cause they work so well together.

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I see some fanarts that looks like Yuusuke x Futaba, what happened I wonder? The lobster incident and power ranger figures? Oh, I also love the thought of Ann x Ryuuji (coz of the spoiler I got from all animated p5 video in u-tub). And so its making me wonder about the party relationships. Thats why I'm interested to know about your headcanons regarding the party dynamics

I think Yusuke x Futaba is a thing for some people because of their personality being very much “alike”. I see them as just good friends, but I’m not really against the ship:

- Both of them are known as “weird” and I have the feeling they could spend hours talking in their own world.

- Both like anime, manga and action figures. Yusuke is more linked to the aesthetic of it and he has a lot of knowledge of popular manga as Futaba apparently is a huge fan of the Neo Feathermen show.

- They also are just like just huge kids and most people that played the game saw them and Akira together as this “family” like just Akira being the big brother and taking care of the younger ones.

Also… It’s hard to talk about Ann x Ryuji without spoiling it too much, but I see them as more than just friends. They have a strong connection as the game goes on and both are truly hurt when the other part is in danger.

As for headcanons of the party in general:

- There’s a lot of in game jokes regarding Ryuji trying to find some girl for him, but he doesn’t feel forceful and “obssessed with it”. He’s actually more of the “father” of the team and is very overprotective towards his female friends.

- Regarding Ryuji again, but you can actually see a scene with him and Akira offering to help a older woman lost in the subway. So, again, he’s a boy with a very good heart just like Akira.

- Some people see both Makoto and Akira as “a couple” , but I think it’s probably due to the fact that Makoto admires his skills as a leader and he’s the only one who wouldn’t make fun of her or judge her if he knew that she’s just as fragile as any other person and often puts up the “strong and dependent” act.

- Apparently (according to the recent artbook) Yusuke is a great cook and likes to bake anything that is “beautiful”, so I think him and Akira would love to have the kitchen for themselves and just cook for everyone and try new dishes together as they laugh together when something goes wrong.

- Haru would totally spend hours and hours sewing stuffed animals with Yusuke and even creating all sorts of embarassing clothes for the team without them realizing it.

- Goro would probably go into cloud nine if either Yusuke or Akira prepared sushi for him… maybe cry a lot while at it and just be in a pure state of bliss too… before Morgana appears and steals all of it.

- Ryuji would probably be the dork to call Akira late in the night and ask him about all sorts of embarassing stuff as Akira would just facepalm and tell him to go to hell to sleep before he goes to his house and make Morgana bite the life out of him.

This is pretty much what I have for now. I probably have a lot of headcanons, but those are my favorite ones~

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Send me a 💗 and I’ll talk about the relationship our Muses have.


The funniest thing of it is that both me and you were sure that our muses will hate each other.

I fucking LOVE that they are fucked up in similar way and how good they know about it. That they share a lot of same fears and thinks about themselves in similar way. How they both treasures their Gokus and how they both are so obssesive assholes.

Their conversation are just perfect. When they are sharing intellectual things, discusing Vegeta’s kingdom situation or even arguing about little things. And the way they just have silent days and then forget about argument, with none of them apologizing. How harsh in language they can be at each other. And how gentle, on other hand.

Zamasu fucking loves Vegeta. He doesn’t know about it, of course. Only one love he was learned is romantical one because of his Goku. So he thinks Vegeta is just… good company. Ally.

Vegeta is both stimulating his delicate and violent side. Around his King he can be both delicate, emotional soul and violent, strategical mind. He can talk to him about poetry and then plan how to kill Vegeta’s enemies. It just feels so right and comfortable.

Tbh, King wins his heart by two simple things. First, he gave a compliment about his work but without delight. To heard that he is good at his duties by SAIYAN? It was something unique. Second, he wanted to learn from him. Saiyan, prideful Saiyan, asked him about training in some things. It showed him how wonderful and smart Vegeta is.

Vegeta is also only one damn person who ever heard Zamasu trying to explain his thoughts and emotions. Zamasu was even lowkey asking him if his emotions are enough for someone who is mortal.  (Goku) He was looking for fucking acceptance of his mind and soul in Vegeta. 

He just wants his King to be happy. Knowing how hard it is when you are like Vegeta. Because they are so different and so similar at one time.

Vegeta teached him to RESPECT Saiyans. Make him willing to learn about their culture and language. Vegeta made him to ask about lessons from mortal.

On other hand, of course, he is afraid of him. Or more, about what he can do. Zamasu is living in constantly fear that he trusted him too much. Watching for a moment when King will stabb him in his back. Because he knows that Vegeta is possible of that. He is afraid he was manipulated by him. In the end, he is doing everything he ask about. Or even things he didn’t ask but Zamasu thinks it will serve him well.

Make me some tea, dear King.

They. Are. Just. Beatiful. Together.

Fucking. BROTP.

*also Zamasu cuddling his Lannister daddy*

Fuck. I think I wrote a little too much.

Its strange to think that 8 years ago Ben and Martin, fairly unknown actors, only known well in the UK embarked on this show that really took off because of their stupendously good acting and they really did put everything they had into these episodes including the ones from s4 but because the writers they, like us, trusted so much gave them so little to work with, they are going to go through the mental turmoil of blaming themselves for the mess that this series was.

I really just want to give them both a hug, especially Martin because of the struggle he’s gone through to play along side his ex partner, and tell them that they will always in my heart be the most amazing Sherlock Holmes and John Watson, and they really have done justice to these characters

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What's your opinion on happy huts? My ringneck absolutely adores his, he goes inside when he's cold, and will spend a lot of time inside. About once a year we will replace them because if they start to get dirty he'll "clean" them and end up chewing through the bottom, we then pull it out, sometimes we'll cut up the side of the previous and put in in the new one as a blanket and he likes that. I see the stuff about them chewing in them now, but he just loves it so much and is upset if it's gone.

So i make sure to have 2 happy huts to alternate the dirty one and the clean one. I hand wash them both once a week in washing detergent and rinse extrmely thoroughly and put them on a spin cyle in the washing machine so they dry quickly.
That could be an option so he doesn’t kind of want to clean it is to alternate the two around.
Definitely if he is still chewing it there are other fibres used on huts you can use that dont pull apart so easily.

It’s time for White Couples In Romance Media: Do They Hate Each Other Or Not?


Oh my god, absolutely. They hate each other so much. Jamie over there looks like he’s pleading with the camera-person to help him escape, and Dakota looks like she’d rather be getting a colonoscopy. Also, look into those dead eyes. Look at them. They both want to die.


Absolutely not. Sam Heughan is in love with Caitriona Balfe 24/7, 365. Cat’s just doing her thing and looking at the camera and Sam’s like NOPE I’m just gonna stare at her like she’s the bust of some ancient Grecian goddess. Sam’s the sort of guy who would introduce Cat as “Caitriona Balfe, my costar and wife. You know, on the show. Except also in my dreams.”

Thank you for reading my post about White Couples In Romance.

merry christmas from nina and benny!!!

(((alternatively, if youre not celebrating, heres benny using a seasonal plant to get kisses from his favourite lady)))

On Why Viktor Was Absolutely Smitten at the Banquet

So I was rewatching YOI (as you do c;) and noticed this scene:

Seem familiar? 

Viktor had a very similar first proper interaction with both Yuris, and both of them had said startlingly similar things. With how much Kubo-sensei loves parallels, I don’t think this is any coincidence either. 

Viktor being completely enthralled by Yuri made me squeal and make inhuman noises 5AM in the morning, but I never really quite understood what exactly it was about what Yuuri had said that touched him so deeply.. until now.

What Yuri had asked of Viktor was a skating routine – Viktor just had to choreograph it, and hand it over to Yuri. What Yuuri had asked of Viktor was for him to be his coach. 

Yuuri had essentially said that he wanted Viktor’s time and commitment– that he wanted Viktor himself, by his side [as i type this I realise that Viktor taking Yuuri’s words to mean that he’s asking for him to stay by his side, would explain why Yuuri performing his routine ‘Stay Close To Me’ would’ve been seen by Viktor as a reference and reiteration of his request at the banquet!] 

Yuri asked for a routine. Yuuri asked for Viktor.

GOD this anime is so beautiful and well thought out that it does THINGS TO MY HEART. . 

Do you ever think about Dean and Cas going to the zoo and Cas being so so excited because he can observe his father’s beautiful creations and he just bombards Dean with random facts (Dean did you know that a giraffe’s tongue is 18 inches long that’s longer than your dick) and he has this amazed look on his face and Dean couldn’t care less about all the animals because the only thing he ever wants to look at is his Cas