i just love them as todd and viola okay

Dark!Chaos Walking AU Masterpost

[00:15:42] Anna: we’ll need to post a list of our main points for everyone

aaayyy so in like the past few days dark!chaos has properly come into the world and it is beautiful, so I thought I’d post all the headcanons and stuff Haylie, Sasha, I, and the other peeps on the chat have come up with

quick background: it basically came around because haylie did a drawing of a dark!viola and then sasha was like

[13/08/2014 22:00:38] Sasga: no i want to talk about this au now

and then i jumped in and we kinda ended spending the next..three? four? hours extensively discussing and developing the concept, and then we slept and woke up and spent the next day and this day talking about it. rip us. and we told people and haylie did more drawings and daisy made a mix and ppl wrote fic and it’s basically consumed us whoops

it’s just our baby and we love it for all its twistedness and corruption <3

below the cut is a summary of our conversation - our 49 pages conversation boiled down into 7 pages on word b t w yeah that took me a while

so come, read and join us, as we fall down the rabbit hole

from my friends and I, you’re welcome 

and btw its all bulletpointed, kinda seperated into different sections

(i’ll probs split them up later but think of this as a master post)

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