i just love them all so much omf

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Can you please please pleeeease draw like a cute lil comic of Gaara confessing to Lee??? Like I think it would just be so adorable! Garage all blush and shy and Lee be all like "SOMEONE LOVES MEH OMF" XD

Omg !!! I love your idea so much!! Sure honey I will do it ! *gasp* Valentine’s is coming (/ *0*)/ Thanks for you lovely request! if you have more ill be sure to note them down ♡♡♡

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What do you think of a Slytherin with a ragdoll cat patronus?

Ragdoll cats are the best thing ever omf they just kinda flop around and sleep all the time and I love them so much like honestly yes that it amazing.

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hey, who are ur fav writers? btw luv ur stories

thank you so much!! i kinda wanna make a thing sO I’ll list my fav writers and my fav work by them

@taehxyung - one of the first blogs i started paying attention to and putting on notifs, she’s an amazing writer and could for real make a career out of it omf. i look up to her work so much ;; i love Runaway, which will always be one of my all time favs, and Arranged Love

@btswriter - i didnt find out about her until a few months ago and honestly idk how i survived. her writing is so poetic and beautiful honestly i cry every time just from that alone. all of her jungkook fics saved my life, but my all time fav is definitely Roommate

@zeurin - i admire her writing style so much bc it’s so different from anyone’s I’ve ever seen on tumblr. it’s very simple and blunt but still so good oMFG. everything she writes has a meaning bc she pays close attention to detail and somethings usually hidden within her plot lines. there’s always either a plot twist or funny dialogue yOU NEVER KNOW WHAT TO EXPECT. my favs are ((fUK this was so hard i couldn’t pick just one)) EquilibriumThe Golden Boy, In Bloom and Tinder 2.0

@pjiminnie - again one of the first writers i read on tumblr, she’s written so many great fics omg. her yoongi ones are iconic but I’m gonna have to go with Behind The Scenes or Kiss as my personal fav

@jungblue - i love this girl omg she’s so sweet and such an amazing writer aND she shares my love for cliffhangers. my favs are definitely Future Hearts and I Hate You, I Love You

there are plenty of others out there who i love and read religiously but honestly these are my top :)))

reaching that next level of loving your bias so much that they’re just literally standing doing nothing and you just truly just appreciates their existence and you want to learn 78 languages just so you can tell them ‘i love you’ in all of them.