i just love their friendship so so much

  • Her: So this is how it ends, right? You walking away like I meant nothing, like it won't hurt me. Just throwing away the friendship that we've established over the years...
  • Him: No, not that. This is me killing that faint spark of hope that blossoms into flame every single time we talk. This is me walking away from the pretention that it doesn't hurt seeing you look at him with so much love whilst knowing that you will never look at me the same way. This is me embracing the fact that I could never have your love no matter how much I love you. This is me welcoming tomorrow with renewed energy that maybe, just maybe, the girl who would love me the way I would love her is just around the corner, waiting for me to dump this unrequited love in exchange of being loved back. This is me leaving you not because you can't love me back but because it's about time to love myself more. It would hurt you if I leave, I know. But if I stay, this love would eventually consume and kill me. You are just losing a friend, one that you can still find along the way. While me? I'm going to lose a lifeline if I stay.

yall: oh i love tyler and james’ friendship so much i wish they would just interact more!!

also yall: *starts shipping them* *starts pitting them against each other* *constantly compare them to philip & lukas*

yall: i swear to god if we don’t get season 2 i’m gonna murder usa network

also yall: *never promotes the show* *starts unnecessary drama* *hates on the actors* *does everything that will tear down the show’s reputation*

Again-A Jungkook Scenario

Because I’m Jungkook trash and I cry a lot because of Begin — M

Sweat dripped off of Jungkook’s forehead as he came to a stop. His work out before his private dance practice was finally finished. Jungkook didn’t do this often after a long day of group practice, but lately he did it everyday. He stared at his reflection in the mirror and watched his chest rise and fall. Negative thoughts invading his mind. Doubts that he was good, thinking he had reached his peak. Anger surged through Jungkook. He needed to work harder. He was slipping up. Pathetic.

Jungkook walked over to the speaker and pressed play. Music boomed through the speakers and he walked over to his starting position. Adrenaline pumping, Jungkook began to dance. About 30 seconds in Jungkook cursed as his feet slipped and he incorrectly landed on the ground. Angry at himself, he got up and restarted the music. Jungkook’s practice went like this for hours into the evening. He was punishing himself. Though he had no proof, he was convinced that he was somehow letting his hyungs down. Jungkook worked himself to utter exhaustion. At 3 in the morning, he finally called it a night.

Jungkook tried to be quiet as he entered into BTS’ apartment. He entered his room and collapsed on the bed. Jungkook didn’t even bother changing as he felt himself drift off into sleep.

Light streamed in through the window as Jungkook opened his eyes. Panicking he checked his phone and cursed when he read that it was 12:00 PM. Jungkook leaped out of bed and called out, “Tae? What happened? Why did you let me sleep? Was practice cancelled?”

He expected to hear a response from his roommate but his heart dropped when there was silence. Jungkook checked their shared bathroom and found it empty. Nervous, Jungkook began to search the entire apartment but found it just as empty. Jungkook finally found a note on the kitchen counter.

“Jungkook, you were sleeping like a rock. We went to practice, we can talk later. -Namjoon”

Shit,” Jungkook thought, “I’m about to get a lecture on being lazy aren’t I? God I’m such a disappointment.” 

As anxiety bubbled in his stomach, Jungkook disposed of his dirty clothes and put on fresh clothes. He did minimal clean up for his appearance and headed to the door. Hopefully he could catch the end of the group practice and make it up to the hyungs by privately practicing for the rest of the day.

Arriving at the studio, Jungkook braced himself for what he would have to face and pushed the dance room doors open. What he found on the other side left him speechless.

His hyungs were waiting patiently for him at a table filled with Jungkook’s favorite foods. They all looked at him warmly and invited him in. Jungkook’s stomach grumbled from starvation and he felt dazed.

“What’s this?” Jungkook cautiously spoke as he took a seat.

“It’s time to talk Jungkook.” Namjoon answered calmly. Jungkook immediately thought it was time for his lecture on how he should stop slacking. He started to assume the food was a prank.

“Listen, hyung I’m so sorry I slept I-”

“Jungkook.” Yoongi’s voice silence him. “Don’t apologize. We were all glad to see you sleeping so deeply.” Now Jungkook was throughly confused.

Jimin spoke next, “Please eat. I know you didn’t eat breakfast on your way over here.” Jungkook reached over and pulled a plate close to him, and chewed the food in front of him to keep silent. His eyes nervously searched his hyungs’ eyes for an explanation.

“To put it simply Jungkook,” Namjoon continued, “We’re worried for you. You’ve barely been eating, your sleep schedule is a mess, and it’s affecting your health.” Namjoon’s voice trembled at the last part and it caused tears to form in Jungkook’s eyes.

Any pain Jungkook felt was nothing compared to when his hyungs were sad. To see them sad crushed Jungkook’s heart. These men made him who he was today. Without them, he was nothing. Jungkook remembered the days he felt empty and purposeless. Then his hyungs entered into his life and he was forever changed. They truly were his brothers. But here he was as the source of their sadness. It was like his heart was shattering.

Jungkook noticed that Jimin was openly crying and he wanted to stand and embrace him but he was frozen in his seat.

“You’re pushing yourself too far, Jungkook.” Jin finally spoke, Jungkook looked at him and felt his tears leave his eyes. “You’re scaring us. You haven’t spoke to most of us in days, with the exception of practice. What’s going on?”

Jungkook sniffed before speaking. “I just…I just felt like these past week I’ve been performing badly and bringing the rest of you down. I wanted to work harder to better myself for you guys…”

Hoseok stood and crouched next to Jungkook. “We’re always proud of you. You have to know that. A minor slip up here or there is nothing. We don’t want to lose you-” Hoseok was cut off as he started to cry.

Jungkook comforted his hyung as best as he could but he felt himself collapse under the love of his brothers as it pushed away his fears and doubts. How could he have been so stupid as to believe that dumb practices meant more to them than him? Jungkook openly cried and buried his face in his hands. He felt Hoseok rub his back as he tried to calm Jungkook down.

“Seeing you asleep this morning in your work out clothes…” Tae finally spoke up, “That was the final straw for me. I couldn’t let myself just watch as you pushed your body to the limits. I miss my roommate and I miss the late night talks we shared.”

“We’ve missed you at dinners.” Jin added, “But when we saved leftovers for you, you never ate them.”

Jimin interjected, “Do you even realize how sick you look lately? Dark circles under your eyes, your body seems smaller and smaller ever day. What would happen if you passed out from exhaustion and we weren’t here for you?”

Jungkook’s body was shaking as he looked back up at his hyungs. How could he think that they didn’t care? Jungkook thought he was being selfless by practicing more and yet here they were disproving him. He cleared his throat and spoke again.

“I’m so sorry. So so sorry. I wasn’t thinking straight. I’m sorry to have caused you all to worry. I promise I’ll stop practicing so late. I’ll come to the dinners and go to bed early again. Can you ever forgive me?”

“There’s nothing to forgive.” Yoongi spoke gently, “Can we all go home and rest now?” Everyone answered with a resounding “Yes”. The atmosphere was still shaky until Yoongi continued, “Great! I can’t wait kick all your asses in Super Smash Bros!”

This earned a laugh from Jungkook and the rest of them smiled to see his demeanor change. He wiped the remaining tears away. “You’re going down Min Yoongi!”

They all packed up and headed home. During the car ride they explained to Jungkook that their management was going to give them the next two weeks off to rest. Jungkook kept quiet for the most part. He let the events of the last hour soak in. He loved his brothers so much but he wasn’t going to let them down again.

As they arrived home he stuck to his promise and kicked Yoongi’s ass in a round of Super Smash Bros. This led to a BTS tournament to see who was the ultimate champion. The rest of the day was filled with laughter, food, and a lot of video games. Jungkook felt like a regular teen just hanging with his friends for the first time in months. He would always remember this day. That night as Jungkook lay in bed, memories flooded his head. Meeting his hyungs for the first time, their first album being released, the first tour they went on, the time they all had to share beds because their hotel messed up their booking, going to the beach with his brothers; these memories and more played like a film reel through his head. Today was going to join this group of memories. The memories of when his life truly began.

I’m going to go and post this on it own.

I joined this fandom not that long ago. I’d seen screenshots and art from this fantastic game, and eventually @tiptoehappiness’ videos convinced me to give Mass Effect a go. I haven’t looked back since. I’ve never been more excited for an out coming game. Andromeda has me (not quite) wishing the months away.

Now I’m back playing ME2 again, really getting into role playing yet another Shepard. I don’t think people realise how much I love this game, outside of tumblr, and I’m so thankful I have people on here who do so just as much, if not more.

I’ve made some wonderful friends on here because of this franchise, met some amazing people and been inspired by most of them.

Thank you for all your kindest, support and friendship. It means so much. <3

@vorchagirl @huntergonerogue @glitterfang @badwolf626 @eternalshiva @tiptoehappiness @tlcinbflo @omegastation

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Sorry if this is a weird question, but do you think that a love like what Reader and Sans have is, like, possible irl? They just love each other so much...

Yeah, I think so. I mean, I try to write them like - they found a person who made them happer when they’re with each other than when they aren’t, no matter what. I know tons of people like that, honestly. I mean, relationships, whether they’re romantic or friendship, they take WORK. You can’t just be like - okay, we met and now we’re in love/we’re best friends etc etc etc. You have to put the effort in to care about each other and boost each other up and just genuinely want the best for the other person. It’s not HARD, it’s just WORK. That’s my opinion anyway. 

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5 blogs you'd recommend to your followers?

I was going to do this really eloquently, but I’m tired + a little tipsy and I just want to tell people they’re lovely

  • @ofcateyes - #1 bae pretty sure the first magnus i rped with
  • @lightinthedarkwood - person who got me into rp and good izzy (but they’re on semi-hiatus so i feel a little guilty sending you their way)
  • @onehellofaconfusion - another bae who i’ve met irl and they are lovely (like daisy they’re kinda on hiatus so i feel bad)
  • @camillebelcourtme - absolutely darling plus we have somehow created a camille/etta friendship in a coffee shop which is bloody brilliant
  • and last but not least @notaseamonster - we haven’t done too much but they’re great 

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dan and phil just makes me so happy. maybe it's bcs i feel so alone most of the time but seeing their friendship and love just makes me warm and i feel like i'm not so alone at the end of the day?

that’s such a lovely thing, and speaks volumes about the intangible way in which their content is so appealing. it definitely does feel like there is so much love and warmth permeating everything they make together and the level of care and respect they exhibit for each other, as well as their nerdy humor and self-awareness, make them so uplifting to watch. i’m so happy you were able to find them and that they’ve helped to brighten your days. i think they do that for all of us in one way or another and it’s really an immeasurable gift xx 

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forgive me if this is weird/awks/stupid but I just wanted an anonymous place to rant and it kinda relates to Shawn so... right so this guy I used to have a crush on pretty much forced one of my best friends to have sex w him so that he could "work his way around our friendship group". he stayed over w me and another friend and started to *touch* me, without my permission, thinking I was asleep... my anxiety went mental and text my friend who he had sex with and she told me everything (1/2)

(2/2) which knocked me for 6, so instead of going back to bed at 4am I went and blasted Shawn through my headphones and he was the only thing keeping me sane, keeping me from killing a bitch or hurting myself, and I just really want to thank him for that and I will never be able to, and he’ll never know how much he means to me :( also, because of that guy, there is literally a whole town I’m terrified to go to incase I see him 😬

Love I am so sorry for not replying earlier! I literally just discovered a pile of asks!! I’m really sorry!! And please please please stay strong it kills me that I can’t help you/physically be there for you. Please be strong and safe! And I know it might sound difficult but please if he keeps harassing you tell someone. I’m begging you don’t try to be strong on your own! You didn’t do anything wrong and you don’t deserve any of this and it’s not your fault and please please please don’t hurt yourself. Tell someone. Please. And if Shawn keeps you going fucking blast him through your speakers, that’s what Illuminate was supposed to be for. But please tell someone. And ALWAYS feel free to talk to me privately or as an anon! I’m always here for you.

Love, m

for a show that’s about a black woman joining major league baseball, talks about the pressure on women to succeed in male-dominated sports, features an amazing platonic relationship between the main female and another main black male, talks openly about anxiety issues, includes a black housewife that flourishes in that role while supporting her husband’s career, while also talking about the sacrifices she has made AND has a very beautiful friendship based on respect and love between the main career-orientated female and the housewife, pitch does not get the love it deserves


get to know me: [1/10] celebrity friendships ♣ will smith and margot robbie

‘i’ve said it to you before but you don’t listen to me because i probably joke too much, but it was the individual greatest film experience of my career. i had the best time that i’ve ever had on a movie working with you on focus.’

‘thank you, will.’


hp quotes // #i love this little moment between these two #harry felt utterly lost, overwhelmed, angry and confused but hermione was such a solid support for him throughout the entire hunt for the horcruxes #her love and loyalty towards her friends is so touching #and this tiny gesture just warms my heart becAUSE I LOVE THIS FRIENDSHIP SO MUCH IT’S SO PURE AND GOOD  ಥ‿ಥ

i love tarjei and henrik’s friendship so much. like yeah, they have to make out and gaze lovingly at each other on screen, but offscreen they aren’t afraid to show off their friendship? They’re not all “no homo i don’t like this guy that much i just interact with him bc it’s my job and we aren’t close otherwise blah blah” they post nice pictures with each other and talk about how much of a nice time they had filming, and have often been spotted hanging out outside of the show, etc. henrik went to tarjei’s play that he was in and we got that pic of tarjei visiting henrik at work??? like?????

yoongi and namjoon have been through so much together and seeing them hug like that made me want to weep like the way namjoon just pulled yoongi in and smooshed yoongi’s cheek against his shoulder and yoongi didn’t even know how to react so he just stayed there and blubbered a lil it was so soft so sweet they love each other so much and theyre such best friends i’m so glad they have each other


Summary: Maui’s been alone all of his life up until he became friends with Moana.

(Platonic friendship, please don’t tag ships)

In his long life Maui had never known a love aside from the admiration of people for the amazing feats he’s accomplished. The intimate love between a child and their parent or friendship or with a wife. He’s never heard the words “I love you” directed to himself or had the chance to say those words to someone else that wasn’t tattooed to his skin.

He’s felt a bitter loneliness and jealousy whenever he hears those words said between two people no matter their relationship with one another. Since forming a bond with Moana that bitterness has eased exponentially.

When he feels warm pride in his chest whenever he sees Moana doing her duties as chief and wayfinding he wonders vaguely what that feeling is. He’s never felt it before- not quite at this strength.

For the past hour or so Maui’s had the pleasure of getting some of Moana’s time- a rare thing since she’s taken the duties of being chief and he enjoys every moment he gets. She’s been gushing about her people- how quick they are to learn and her love of travel- and he finds himself smiling warmly.

Eventually his favorite mortal began to grow tired and leaned against his arm, trailing off and muttering gibberish.

“Alright, time for you to go to bed,” he says at last.

“‘m not sleepy,” she insists as she struggles to open her eyes.

He brings her to her feet. “You’re terrible at lying sometimes.”

Moana incoherently makes a retort and he pushes her gently in the direction of her home. “Go get some sleep.”

Moana nods and begins walking and ends up stumbling to the side and landing in in a bush.

Maui is quick to go over and pick her up and do a quick check. “Maybe I should walk you home.”

He walks behind her with his hands on her shoulders as he walks her home, lightly scolding her for staying up so late.

“You sound like my father.”

“Your father had the sense to sleep,” Maui reproaches.

Moana rolls her eyes and it looks more like she’s struggling to stay awake. They get to her home and he relaxes a little.

“Don’t need me to lead you to bed too do you?”

She gives him a glare. “No.”

He chuckles. “Goodnight, Moana.”

She hugs him around his middle. “G’night, Maui. Love you.”

He’s frozen for a moment, an unnatural warmth in his chest where his heart is and his eyes stinging from unshed tears. This was the first time someone had said those words to him and he doesn’t know how to react.

He pats her back and then ushers her inside silently. She incoherently grumbles and goes inside. He closes the door and stands there staring at the door with the words echoing in his head.

Tears fall freely and he clutches the chest over his heart and he quietly sobs with his emotions becoming too great to hold in. They become to great for him to bear because he’s on his knees before he knows it, forehead resting on the door.

He was loved- someone cared about him… he wasn’t alone anymore.

I love you too, Moana, he thinks. You are my ohanna…

It struck him right then that Moana was the only family he’d ever had. With that in mind he promised himself he’d watch over her and her family until death.

So many things about this year have been discouraging, and then something as simple as a show comes out of nowhere, and suddenly there’s a pair that gets kisses and flirting and smiles and running for each other when one gets back from a long trip because they missed the other so much. They get to become part of each other’s families and friendships. They get to inspire each other. They get hand kisses. They get to be unapologetically in love, and what’s more, they get to be unapologetically happy about it.

Love WINS, and I didn’t know how much I needed that.