i just love their body language here :3

Deck of the Month: Antique Anatomy

We all know how much I like skulls. The deck was on my wishlist for a very long time.

It’s a deck of skeletons. And, well, some other body parts too.

It’s designed to look like an antique anatomy text book. The cards themselves have a parchment texture and colouring, and the back looks like the cover of said old textbook, which gives it a fitting contrast to the deck.  All the cards look like ink drawings, there is no colour or sparkle for this deck.

Despite the lack of my beloved bright and bold colours, the cards are rather evocative.

There’s no guess work with this deck. It’s all bones, you don’t have to deal with the superfluous details. A heart means emotion, a brain means logic, a spine or vertebrae mean support and a femur means strength or speed. It’s all rather logical and explicit.

See how the Two of Water (cups) is connected skeletons with a heart over top? You’re connected, it’s emotional. The 10 of Fire? To much pressure on your back, it’s going to break.

The court cards are the only thing I didn’t really like at first, but they’ve grown on me. They seemed too similar; each court uh, category? is all the same, but the skeleton have a different position depending on the suit. 

You can tell a lot just by looking at the body language, while still being unified by the Moon. Also, each suit is it’s respective element, with symbols included, which I love, as well the Major Arcana have the astrology symbols of each planet association as well.

Speaking of body language.

Skeletons make me laugh. Look at judgement here. The little skeleton is like “Here, I have brought you a gift”. Angel skeleton is all like “Bitch, please”. 

The middle guy in the 3 of Water: “Haha! Get it? Get it?!” and the guy on the right is all like “Oh my god Joe. Why.” 

I feel like this deck doesn’t really do…frivolous well. Like, it wants to figure out the anatomy (heh) of a matter. It wants to deal with things, it doesn’t really care about how you “feel”, it just tells you what “is”.

The deck is a standard 78 cards deck with a custom tuck box. There is not guidebook, but it follows the standard pretty close, so I don’t think you even need one. It’s standard tarot sized, 12cm x 7 cm. Cardstock is fairly standard (I never know what to say here, it feels normal). Normal normal, whatever.

Two thumbs up.


Turnadette Tuesday

Turner Timeline–Episode 6x02a

“Smiles and a Kiss”

It’s Timeline time again! Now, I’m in episode 6x02, and I think I’ll be staying here for a while. I don’t know if I will cover *every* Turnadette moment this series, but I like having time during the hiatus to really explore their story this series. This week, I look at a scene that’s been talked about a lot, but I hope I can offer some interesting thoughts. More thoughts follow:

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Hi same annon who asked for you to analyse kyungsoo thank you I think may have misjudged kyungsoo way of affections to jongin now that I did but more research on how reacts to jongin and other members and how most members try to spilt them up I think their relationship is more then just close friends thank you once again!! By the way can analyse both of them more depth? Did you happen to know other people are trying make other ships real just to block kaisoo out of the way?

Hi anon :) welcome back !

It’s okay dear, there is nothing wrong with wanting to change your mind about something. I’m just humbled that I managed to help you view things in a different light. 

You know, to be honest with you, I’ve always found Kaisoo relationship to be questionable, even before I knew what shipping was. Something about them felt ‘different’ in a way. I had wondered for a long time why I was getting that feeling from and I came to realize that it was my subconscious picking up a certain ‘vibe’ from them. It was that sort of vibe that I , myself, didn’t even understand back then. I have always had intuitive tendencies and it’s hard to shut them off even in my own social relationships, especially with first impressions and the such. I’ve learnt that ignoring them what the biggest mistake I could do and that was proved to me over and over with personal exprience. That’s how it started for me and then I discovered that I wasn’t the only one picking on that. Later, I learnt what shipping meant and what was the Kaisoo fandom. It has been more that 5 years for me and I still believe that there is something more than just platonic feelings between Kaisoo. I will continue holding on to my intuition in that respect.

Yes, I am well-aware of those so-called exo fans who seem hell-bent on destroying the Kaisoo fandom. I come across them so often ( in places like OneHallyu.com) that I have become entirely immune to their breed. they receive this immense sadistic pleasure from making you feel like the scum of the earth for shipping two people together (and for valid reasons nonetheless). You can ship any other pair possible in Exo and it’s all good but the moment you drop the word ‘Kaisoo’. You find yourself instantly crushed under this waves of unreasonable denial and unexplainable anger from, pretty much, every corner of the forums. Back in OneHallyu, a Kaisoo thread was established and thought to be a safe place for kaisoo shippers to discuss the ship and share pics/vids and generally be themselves and yet, that didn’t stop outsiders from coming in and poisoning the thread with their hatred and judgmentalism. They still do it to this day and the Kaisoo thread now has become as dead as it can ever be.

 Long story short, if you’re going to become an open Kaisoo shipper, you need to learn to grow a thick skin and to tune out the unexplainable hate you will come across on the daily. A year ago, I had an argument with a Kaistal ‘fan’ that almost made me quit the Kpop fandom all together. She was so hateful and aggressive towards me that I had difficulty wrapping my head about what she was saying. After disrespecting Kyungsoo with all sorts of fucked up nonsense ( like : he is ugly, he’s fat and Kai will never choose him over Krystal and so on), she went ahead and literally begun to insult my person with the classic : ( ignorant cunt, bitch, and stupid whore..). Right after that, I quit OneHallyu. 

I can’t stress it enough to you and to all the fellow kaisoo shippers, DON’T you ever let hateful excuses of human beings poison what you love. Shipping is something meant to bring you joy and pleasure, not agony and misery. Ship whatever couple you like, enjoy it and fuck anyone who tries to make you feel like shit for it. 

What being a Kaisoo shipper taught me most importantly that anything else is to never hate. Don’t hate on Chan*soo, Bae*Kai or any other ship. Respect other shipping fandoms in the same exact way you respect your own. Don’t hurt others and don’t make them feel bad for loving what they love. Learn your own limits, that’s always a good thing. Don’t blind yourself with your own obsessiveness that every other ship become a threat to yours. Ship what you love and let others ship what they love. 

I’m so sorry that this turned into such a long rant  but I guess I wanted to get it off my chest. I’m getting such sweet encouragement from many lovely people out there about individual Kaisoo analysis and I think I owe it to everyone to do so. I will start on it :)

If you haven’t checked them yet, I made 2 detailed previous body language analysis on Kaisoo and here are the links for the first and for the second. I promised I will do a third and it is in my list of thing to do. It’s just a matter of finding time between part-time jobs and school. 

Thanks again dear for stopping by. Wish you the loveliest of days <3 Stay positive ;)

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*KICKS OPEN DOOR* Alright man, I know it's been a while since I've dropped into here but I just need you to know, that the recent Seijou Mermaids pic of oikawa and iwaizumi? It literally destroyed me. the expressions, the body language, THEY LOOK SO INLOVE I'M DYING. Like, you need to understand, I love fan artists but I have never had the urge to storm into their inbox like this, this is a first. Like I want to ask for a sequel for that scene but it's a picture?? how would there be a sequel?!

Oh bless you ; w ; thank you so much! You have no idea how happy your message has made me omg <3<3<3 

I mean, I’m not sure how romantic a sequel picture would be, though. Mattsun and Makki basically decide that covering themselves in seaweed and pretending to be lagoon monsters to scare the crap out of Oikawa and ruin his romantic moment with Iwa is the best way to go. If it wouldn’t break all kinds of fourth walls, they’d totally circle that rock ominously while humming the Jaws theme music before launching themselves out of the water. Oikawa shrieks and falls backwards off the rock and Iwa laughs until he’s nearly sick.


Patience (A Jack Barakat Imagine) Part Four

Finally! I’m so so so so sorry about the long wait! I’m in a musical with my local community theatre and i’ve been preparing for opening night for the past week. If any of you know about tech week, you understand the hell I have to through DX Anyways, without further delay, here is part 4!

Word Count: 973
Pairing: Jack Barakat x Reader (Y/n)
Warnings: Adult language, discussion of sex

if you’re just now reading, I’d suggest reading part 1 here, part 2 here, and part 3 here :)

     Have you ever felt so out of place and uncomfortable somewhere where you should feel comforted and loved? Welcome to my situation. Heat radiated throughout my body as I sat in the passenger seat of Jack’s car, silently drowning in the awkwardness that filled the air of the small space. The tow truck we had called couldn’t pick up my car until morning and considering the fact that Jack didn’t bring any type of fuel with him, that would have to suffice. Thanks to that, I’m stuck in this awkward situation, struggling with the words that are hanging on the tip of my tongue. The drive back home had been pretty quiet up until this point, no music playing and neither of us talking.  Other than asking me if I was alright, Jack hadn’t said anything and it was killing me. If I wasn’t an inconvenience to him before, I most definitely am now and the sinking feeling in my gut is telling me that this is end.

     “(Y/n),” Jack spoke quietly, shattering the silence we had settled in. “I need to apologize for what I said. It was uncalled for and you didn’t deserve it.” He briefly peered over at me to gauge my reaction before looking back onto the road. Biting my tongue, I chose to remain silent. How was I supposed to respond? Am I supposed to accept his apology? Should I be even more upset with him?

     Once again, Jack took his eyes off of the road to look over at me and he sighed when he realized that he wasn’t going to get a response out of me anytime in the near future. “Alright…I guess I deserve the silent treatment,” he gave in, allowing the car to once again fall quiet. Eventually, the scenery we drove by began to look familiar and I mentally jumped for joy. The silence had grown increasingly uncomfortable and I was just itching to get out of this car.

     After the long, seemingly endless drive, Jack parked the car in our driveway and I practically leapt out of the car. It was all I could do not to run into the house, simply wanting to escape the suffocating awkwardness of the car. “(Y/N), wait!” Jack called after me as I dashed up the front porch steps and swiftly opened the front door. His footsteps echoed as he followed in after me, shutting the door behind him. “Please, we need to talk about this” he pleaded, grabbing my arm in an attempt to stop me.

     The anger that I had been supressing worked itself free and it consumed me, causing me to freeze and turn around to give Jack a proper glare. “What could we possibly have to talk about? The fact that you were a complete dick to me? The fact that I was only trying to help you, yet you blew up in my face?” I loudly questioned, getting rid of the filter I’d normally put on my thoughts.

     “I told you-“ he tried to cut in, but I immediately shut him down.

     “I’m not finished,” I cut him off, putting a hand up to keep him quiet so I could finish saying what I had to say. “Maybe we should discuss the fact that you lied to me. You always told me you were okay with waiting for me, saying that you would wait until I was ready to give myself to you. Yet, the reason we’re here right now is because you were too butt-hurt over the fact that I hadn’t given you the one thing I can never get back and you blamed me for it.” As I vented all of the pent up frustration, I made small steps toward Jack up to the point where I was standing directly in front of him, ready to deliver the best part of this whole situation to him. “Well news flash, you dick. Before you got home, I’d planned on taking that step with you tonight, but of course you had to go and fuck it up. Now I’m glad I didn’t take that chance, because I probably would’ve regretted it. So go find someone else to satisfy your needs, I’m done.” With that said, I did a spin on my heel and stomped off in the direction of our bedroom, wanting to simply pack my bags and leave. Before I could make it there, however, he wrapped his hand around my wrist one more time and tugged with enough force to stop me, pulling me into him.

     “Don’t fucking walk away from me,” Jack seethed whilst taking his hand away from my arm and placing it around my waist. “I told you I didn’t mean anything I said earlier. I had a shit day at the studio and nothing had gone well for me, so when I got home, I took everything out on you. Yeah, I was a dick and I had no right to say what I did to you, but I’m fucking sorry for what I said and I’ll regret it for a long time. Please, just don’t leave me because of this.” What had begun as an angry rant quickly changed and by the last sentence, his voice turned sorrowful, sobering me up a bit. As I peered up at him, I could see the regret and sadness lurking in his gaze, and I watched as he bit his bottom lip, obviously trying to hide the fact that he was almost in tears. He took a steadying breath before he continued on. “I’m in love with you and I won’t let you walk back out of that door. I’m sorry, I’m so fucking sorry,” Jack apologized, releasing his hold on me. Out of stress, he ran his hand through his hair and he continued to bite on his bottom lip, fighting the tears that threatened to fall.

And that’s the end of part 4. Part 5, anyone? Let me know in my ask box! Also let me know if I should go down the fluffy smut route or keep it as just fluff :)

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In Series 3 we see that John’s appearance has changed.  Most notably, he has a new moustache.  Another change in his appearance, however, is that he now wears a scarf.  

He wears a blue scarf, possibly, as a way to remember Sherlock, to have some piece of him still with him as he mourns.  But, I also see this a sign that John, because of his heartbreak and his relationship with Mary, is even more in the closet that in Series 1 & 2.  Sherlock’s blue scarf, I think, represents his straight façade and now John has taken to wearing one, as well.

He does not wear it all the time, even when going out.  I think that just as Sherlock takes off his blue scarf during times when he’s vulnerable, John does likewise.  He also wears a black scarf instead of a blue one when his guard is not up as high, like when he goes to see Sherlock and tells him he feels, ‘smoked’.  Granted his blue scarf, that he wore in the fire symbolic of his secret desire for Sherlock, would’ve been in the wash but nonetheless, wearing a black scarf instead is significant.

He does, though, very prominently wear it when they go see Magnussen, at the climax of HLV.  When Sherlock’s about to be arrested we see several shots of them where their blue scarfs are very visible.  At the height of Sherlock’s love and sacrifice, they’re at their symbolically most closeted.  At least outwardly so.  Even as their romantic plot thickens and thickens (or possibly because of it) their outward appearance is, more than ever, that of platonic friends.  

At the end of Series 1 we see both of them emotionally constipated by what they’ve learnt at the pool.  At the end of Series 2 we see them incapable of expressing their love for each other, fully.  And at the end of Series 3 we see everything just under the surface, ready to burst forth, and yet a renewed effort, on both their parts, to keep their respective straight façades.

During the tarmac scene John wears his black scarf, not his blue scarf.  Here he will make the kissiest of the kissy faces.  His body language and scarf, to me, show that he’s ready to hear Sherlock say something romantic.  Maybe not, 'I love you’, but, something.Something more than the usual or whatever's already been said.  Sherlock, however, blue scarf high up on his neck, can’t choke out the words.  Not with that scarf on, anyway.   

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Hi! I loved your analysis on the baekyeol hug :) Body language says more than words, and that's why I've searched for a frontal Baekyeol hug to see a glimpse of their feelings and thoughts. Usually, when two men hug, there is a small place between their groins. However Baekhyun's lower body is forward Chanyeol and it looks like he is glued to him. If the hug lasted longer it would've definetly be seen as romantic attraction, but unfortunately Chanyeol pushed him :/.

Hello there darling~ <3 Thank you for loving and agreeing with my analysis! Really, I appreciate it very much :”D Yes I do notice that whenever Cy/Bh hugs other ppl their lower regions barely touch with the other person’s.

look at him scooting his butt away lel.

And I also recently observed bc of what you said, Bh and Cy’s groins shouldn’t even be in contact (while clothed, ofc) even if they were to hug intimately. Like in the case of Bh and Kris at the pic above.

Bh and Kris were very close to each other but their groins weren’t that near each other. And that is bc of one crucial reason: height difference.

Which, as we all know, is present in the case of Bh and Cy. But Bh tiptoed while hugging Cy. For what reason? I certainly do not know.

Just look~ The height difference should be a hindrance to prevent Bh and Cy’s groins from being near each other. But Bh TIPTOED. It’s obvious that their groins were parallel to each other ryt? Come on, I’ll provide another pic of Bh hugging Kris and of Bh and Cy’s hug so that we can compare yet again

height difference= distance with le groins

Tiptoeing= Closing le distance. And if u think Bh didn’t tiptoe pls watch the vid of the hug <–link

And yes, it was rather unfortunate that Cy pushed Bh away so quickly. But it wasn’t that bad, bc for me, I thought it signified that Cy was honestly shy abt hugging Bh which is just plain fishy. I can elaborate more but I’ve already said so much abt the hug and abt BaekYeol in general here and most of all here.

But then again darling, some ppl might see this as us “reading too much into things” so I won’t say any more abt the subject of groin being near each other topic keke.

I love knowing what other BaekYeol shippers think abt certain BaekYeol situations. So thank you so much for the message darling~ You were very informative <3 Have a good day! ^^


…I really had to convince myself that I don’t have the room to keep dolls I repaint for this one ;_;.  I love how Ursula turned out SO MUCH.  This was some of the most fun I’ve had repainting in a very long time.  I try my hardest with every single repaint I do, but I can’t help but feel a little more of my heart made it into this one <3, as horribly corny as that sounds.

I’ve listed her up in my Etsy shop, here.  She’s a Signature Collection Ursula and through the use of two tentacles, she’s able to stand on her own without a stand (another plus I just LOVED).

“Never underestimate the importance of body language!”

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What're your top 10 favourite Hiddleswift pics? :)

hiiii sorry you sent this a few days ago and i was away all weekend and was going to do it from mobile but decided to wait until i got back to my computer but here it goes: (in no particular order)

1. the Car Picture™ because taylor’s attempt to block the paps was adorable and so was tom’s face

2. this one because his smile is just so ☺️☺️☺️ and i will never get over taylor’s yellow dress 

3. this one just bc i love the whole vibe like they really committed to the beach front scenery i love it 

4. the polaroid that we got a glimpse of because i mean…..their body language is so sweeeet and i want to see a full hq version of this pic asap @taylorswift

5. this one or basically any pic from this set bc they legit look like models straight out of a ralph lauren catalog serving looks

6. THIS ONE because their faces pls and also tom w glasses, A+

7. the ones where he was kissing her hand @ the nashville dinner bc it was just so sweet and intimate

8. hello yes how could i forget this one their fingers her legs their faces this is really just a perfect picture all around

9. omg i love this picture soooo much taylor looks beyond beautiful here in fact this is a pic where you look @ them and kind of hate them a bit because it isn’t fair that the two prettiest people who have ever walked the earth could be in love w each other

10. AND FINALLY this is technically a screen shot of a video so it may be cheating but i had to do a met gala pic bc it is where it all began and u can just tell how INFATUATED they were w each other talk about a fairy tale 


Day 3 - Favorite Waige Gossip

Toby: If you look at the, uh, body language of these two youngsters here, they’re in love. They’re side by side.
Paige: You can tell they’re in love just from the photo?
Toby: Oh, I can tell lots of ways.

I actually don’t know it we should call it a gossip at all, but I find it funny because after the entire speech Toby gave to Walter (the #waige chart with equations, drawing…) this was the top, at least a clueless Paige was there to listen too. Toby, you devil. Can’t wait to see what will happen next season!

I apologize for the quality of these- All I have is my phone. 

Here are some of the doodles from after the musical. I LOVE what the actors did- body language especially and I want to start using it. The contorting and hunching over and painful transformations were just amazing. <3