i just love the way they describe each other

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Everyone is posting about how they'd want Clarke and Bellamy to bang in that bed, but I can't honestly see them just after showers collapse on the beds together after a long day. They'd talk and just kinda be looking at each other, and then Clarke will move towards Bellamy and naturally he will just pull her in and kiss her forehead and then they can just finally nap together. Like I'd love a banging scene, but our babies need a nap together. Just had to say that to someone 😂

As much as I’d love a Bellarke Bang scene, their more intimate relationship that they have would really work with that nap scene you described. I honestly think that they could start about like that then work their way towards banging! You can totally tell Clarke was thinking about him in that scene ;)

when people try to describe folks who will never get along, they often think about black and white, or fire and rain or coffee and tea but i don’t see it that way. yeah, black and white are different but they can meet each other halfway; they just need to change some aspects of themselves, so they can give life to another color, together yet the same.
—  giulswrites
When someone asks, what does it mean to die each day.

It hits you. I cannot describe it any other way. It hits you and you feel it. It’ll come at the worst times, it’ll come at the best. Just the other day, I saw a picture of him in his car and suddenly I remembered what it was like driving in the car with him, that’s when it hit me. But when it does hit you, it’s gonna feel fresh and you’ll feel like you can’t move or speak or live but then you do. And I have no idea if that’s a good thing.

It really makes me so happy when I see that bangtan are earning well and are becoming so successful. Before they would fly economy, now they fly business class. They used to share hotel rooms but now they get double rooms all to themselves. Even the fact that Taehyung had the ability to spend $1100 on a Gucci sweater for Jimin and all the other expensive gifts the members have been gifting each other this year shows just how well they’re doing. 

Our boys have worked so unbelievably hard and to know that the world is finally seeing and recognising how talented and hardworking and passionate they are fills me with so much joy that there are no words to describe it. I feel like a proud mother watching her sons growing up into wonderful young men, like a best friend watching her parters in crime finding their way in life and fulfilling their dreams, a sister seeing her protectors finally recieving the love and joy they so greatly deserve.

They have recieved so many sponsorships and deals throughout the past year or so and they’re obviously making a lot of money - yet they remain just as humble and grounded as they always have been. The fame hasn’t gotten to their heads and they still work as hard, if not harder, than when they first debuted.

I truly love these boys with all of my heart and soul, and I wish for nothing else but for them to always be happy and loved. They are the same seven dorks that they were three years ago, and I couldn’t be prouder to say that I am, and always will be, a fan of BTS.

I just love the autistic community on here. I love how I keep finding out I have autistic mutuals who also follow each other. I love seeing group discussions where everyone involved is someone I know and care about. I love how often someone will describe an experience I’ve never heard described before and I’ll think wow that’s a thing I thought it was just me! I love the mutual support and the different experiences that are shared and guys we’re actually SO GOOD at communicating amongst ourselves even if it’s in a way that other people wouldn’t understand and in some ways that feels more meaningful because despite everything against us we’ve found a way to find each other.

INTPs and “deep” thoughts

My I.T. class was assigned a Photoshop task where we had to retouch and edit images of people, and to do this we had to zoom in very close to the images. They got really pixelated, and you couldn’t really tell that they were people anymore.

I thought to myself Maybe this is like a metaphor for people in real life. If you’re close to them, then they don’t even seem like another person, just another part of your life. And maybe that’s why people feel empty instead of sad when a loved one dies.

And then I went on with the project.

This kind of thing happens a lot. While it may just be a sign that I’m a weirdo, INTPs are described as being good at “seeing how seemingly unrelated factors tie in with each other in ways that bewilder most other personality types.” So is it just an INTP thing? An introvert thing?

I’d love to hear your opinions.

I hate the way men are talking about Gotham City Sirens. I get it, it’s human nature to find people attractive and the Gotham City Sirens are attractive women. 

But I just hate reading comments wishing for a threesome between Harley, Ivy, and Catwoman. Wanting to see them randomly makeout (just to appease the male sexual appetite. Not because Harley and Ivy actually care about each other and love each other and want to express that) and just overall sexualizing them a lot and describing sexual fantasies. 

It’s just really gross to me that you can’t have a female led film with complex characters that just ends up being reduced to nothing but the character’s body parts and them having sex with each other.

Get the fuck out of here with that shit. 

And on top of that, you also have homophobic comments belittling Harley and Ivy’s relationship and accusing it of spreading the liberal agenda. 

Women can never have anything nice. 


When I left, I joined the army, and when I took the service exam, my psych profile fit a certain… moral flexibility would be the only way to describe it. I was loaned out to a CIA Sponsored Program and we sort of found each other. That’s the way it works. In the beginning it matters, of course, that you have something to hang on to, you know? A specific ideology to defend. I mean, “taming unchecked aggression”, that was my personal favorite. Other guys like “live free or die”, but you know, you get the idea. But that’s all bullshit, and I know that now. That’s all bullshit. You do it because you were trained to do it, you were encouraged to do it and ultimately, you know, you… get to like it.

[me and my husband, in the car this morning]

Me: You know, they don’t even have to have him ever do it on screen, but I want Obi-Wan’s singing voice to be canon. 
My Husband: He might have a song in store if he finally kills Maul. 
Me: I’d say that’s an occasion that calls for a musical number if ever there was one. 

[we sit through a couple of super-dramatic 80s power ballads about lost love on the radio]

My Husband: [laughing] They should have a split-screen of Vader and Obi-Wan listening to one of these songs at the same time. Obi-Wan playing it through headphones, Vader settling into his pod…
Me: [absolutely dying] Congratulations, you have just described MY ENTIRE TUMBLR ACCOUNT. This is pretty much all I do over there: speculate about humorous ways that Vader and Obi-Wan would be sad and wistful about each other. 
My Husband: Like I didn’t already know that
Me: [matter-of-factly] I do love their Tragic Love. 

…but see in a perfect world
you’d pull me in by my waist
and kiss me like you didn’t need air
allowing your mouth to explore my skin
as if with each press of your lips
you were reliving your most favorite memory.

our fingers would intertwine
just as though
they were shaped so perfectly
to fit into each other’s crevices—
yes, you’d fill in
the missing parts of me.

you’d read all my love letters
to you and the countless poems
describing the way your touch
made me feel like I was ill
with a pounding heart and
sweaty palms.

I’ve learned the hard way
through death
through sacrifice
through a broken heart
that this world is in fact
the farthest thing from perfect.

it’s cruel and it’s shameless
in the way I’m forced to watch
her tug on your shirt
and kiss your cheek
because everything I’ve ever wanted
is right there in the palm of her hands.

—  you’ll never love me the way I love you
Types of Couples
  • Caring Duo: Checks in on how their partner is, sends them I love you's just because they can, kissy faces are their most used emojis
  • They're Together, Right?: Always arguing about the stupidest things in the stupidest ways, calls each other Asshole and other assorted insults, has to promise to their friends that they love each other
  • Meme Team: Sends each other memes, use emojis ironically, probably would send ironic gifts to each other
  • Friendly Lovers: Give each other noogies, say 'pal' and 'bud' to each other, talk more like friends but are definitely sweet together
  • Compliment Crew: They will give each other every compliment under the sun, nickname each other flattering phrases, always describe each other in the most flattering way

what I love most about the Mike and Eleven OTP is that their story is only their story. its not a cliché ‘new girl, geek boy’ or something like that. No, they have something real. He did a random act of kindness to her, then helped her, then learned more to her, then ended up being her friend, started thinking she was pretty, wanted to kiss her. It wasn’t his fault he fell in love with her. it’s not like it’s a boy meets girl and stays with girl type of thing. They showed that they would do anything for each other, that they would protect each other. They can talk without ever ending, even after they kiss. This OTP is just special in ways that I can’t describe. It might even be tied with Riarkle tbh. I love them so much.

This is from the actual script of Star Wars  : The Force Awakens. I don’t have it with me, so don’t think about asking anything about it. I just found it on tumblr.

 I felt the need to post it cause I believe this is such an important moment between Kylo and Rey. The way it’s describing what passes between them. How they’re feeling around each other at that particular moment.

I also love that particular line : “They react to a feeling that passes between them–an energy they recognize in each other”.


Okay, so––

I rewatched Metamorphosis (TOS, S02E09) and I’m having a lot of feelings about this. Even if –to be honest–, the first time I watched it it left me quite indifferent.

But sometimes I happened to read people talk about it as a K/S parallel and I grew very curious about that. So, I watched it again! And let me tell you that it’s highly likely that there’s something to read between the lines…

And, I’m most probably going to write a longer meta about this sooner or later.

But for now can we just appreciate how Kirk and Spock are the only ones to try to describe what love is in that episode, and how the definitions they give seem to also define their behaviors with each other/what they think of each other?

Like… the fact that Spock doesn’t interract the same way with Kirk as he does with the others, and the way he speaks his name… The fact that Kirk considers Spock to be “the noblest part of himself”, and his soul as if it was his own, that he would do almost anything for him… ?

(It could’ve been accidental or not I’m not really sure even after having reflected upon it for a few days :/)

I want polygems to be confirmed by like. Steven when he and Connie are a little older (14ish maybe) describing their relationship (his & connie’s) as like ‘we’re sort of in love, but not always in a kissing kinda way, just a super sticking-together kind of in love. you know, like the three of you!’ and Amethyst cocks her head and is like ‘is that what this is? are we in love?’ and Garnet looks down at the ground in thought and just flatly goes ‘well it’s been 6000 years and we’re not sick of each other yet so i guess there must be some kinda thing going on’

the inadequacy of words

words crumble under the weight of what I want to say

the first of many being how I wish I could stay

and float in the endless sky in your eyes

til words don’t exist and the world outside dies

and it’s just me and you and the moon and the stars

and there are no more miles or distance too far

the second being how I wish I could kiss

every inch of your skin while we dismiss

any fear of the future or fear of losing

each other or ourselves, or the fear of choosing

between happiness and reason

between trust and treason

the third being how I want to describe

the taste of your breath that I imbibe

as your warmth fills my lungs and my tired heart

and the way it has heated my soul from the start

since the day we met I’ve known only desire

I’ve burned day and night in your gentle fire

I wish for a world with just us two

and I wish words could describe

how much I love you.

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Ok so i went thru ur 'twinny' tag and saw that it was basically a pet name for gentlemanmendes, do u have any other pet names for other blogs?


@gentlemanmendes as twinny bc she is basically my twin (except the fact that she is a Slytherin 🙄) and we can understand each other perfectly fine bc our families are alike in a way???

@shit-to-kinda-okay i call her Angel bc she really is one and might i say an amazing one bc she just brightens up my day and knows how to cheer me up and basically makes everyone happy and I hope she gets to see herself the way i do

@latteshawn, i call her my flower bc she is an amazing person to be around and i love her so much no words can describe how much i love her bc she is a really special person

I guess thats it??? Lmao thx for asking nonnie!

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Sails, sea glass, aquamarine

Sails: describe your perfect partner.

kind, funny, patient with me, maker, hates the government, loves animals and being in nature, passionate about what they believe in, committed, doesn’t belittle me or try to control me. Supportive but also straight up honest. Loving and thoughtful. Someone that will grow with me. Someone that doesn’t fall in love with my best friend. 

Sea glass: What do you consider to be your best feature?

yikes I think all of my physical features are tied for last. I guess Ill take the easy way out and say eyes??

Aquamarine: Describe your dream date. 

Well as long as it’s not a first date (my luck Id get murdered) I would say sitting in the park talking or taking a drive or a hike. Maybe go to the beach. Just talk and feel each others presence in nature. If not in nature then to a museum or some place interesting. 

Thank you for these!! 

I never understood jealousy. The idea of wanting something so bad meant just simply going to get it. That if something was yours and you wanted that way, it remained so. The pettiness of being angry at you looking at a stranger or talking compliments of another female. I never understood jealousy. That was until a year passed after our lips said our last “I love you"s. Word came about describing a new girl by your side. A girl riding shotgun of your beloved jeep. The spot I sat in when one night under a navy sky we finally admitted that we love each other after months of holding it in. A lady you’ve taken on your arm to go on adventures with. Similar to our once readily occurring ice cream walks and midnight talks. A person that you bask in their company while others are around. Friends that we both shared for years after countless lunch hours spent on the bright rouge gym bleachers. Someone different nestled in the curve of your arm within your basement. The basement where I fell deeply and unconditionally in love with you even when my status was with someone else at the time. You see I never understood jealousy. That was until you found a soul that you decided made you happier than mine.
—  3 AM thoughts running wild