i just love the way their hands are

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Ahhh I love your account! Would you be able to write about Richie and Eddie being really fucking cute and fluffy around the other losers, please!?

 no matter how much the losers wanted to deny it, they just couldn’t. richie and eddie were gut wrenchingly cute. 

 no one minded when the two eskimo kissed on the colder nights during autumn, heck, they enjoyed watching them hold hands when they walked ahead of the group

 beverly loved the way they talked about each other and always helped richie pick out his date night outfits, she also took off guard pictures of the two 

 when richie told mike that he wanted to take eddie out on a picnic, mike offered him the whole farm!! 

 whenever ben would hang out w the couple alone, he always picked a scary movie so he could let the two snuggle

richie and eddie held hands during stanley’s baseball games, and when he would approach the bleachers after the game, he would almost gag at how cute the two look. just fiddling each other’s fingers, oblivious to everything around them. and richie would place lil butterfly kisses on each of eddie’s fingertips

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Hey I'm new to dwts and the whole fanfic thing but do you have any recommendations? Either here or on Wattpad?

Oh my goodness, yes!!!!! (I know I’m leaving someone out……do t be offended, just add yourself if you know I love you. If a writer is in both places, I put them under Wattpad because it’s easier to find their library that way)

For here I say……

On Wattpad I say……
There is also a handful of teen writers that are pretty decent. Their usernames tend to have dance10 in them.


so yeah.  the happy couple.  please click for captions.  ^_^;;;;;;

and, the way they look now….

^_^  the joined hands are from the koujaku kit, but sadly for my koujaku, i have no aoba for him.  it works well for victor and yuri, as long as you imagine that victor bought yuri a pearl bracelet….!

Virtual Reality

Group member: Exo Xiumin

Genre/ AU: Fluff, Boyfriend AU

Summary: Because everyone loves games, right? :D

Inspiration: https://youtu.be/2Q_kItL8_-E

Author Note: My Xiumin feels are just kyaaaa because of It’s dangerous outside of the blanket~~~ <3  Xiumin was just too cute~ when he played by himself I couldn’t help myself to write this xD I want a VR game too though~~~ <3

With a hum, the girl entered her apartment. Dropping the groceries at her side, she announced in a sing song voice that she was back. Her hands made way to untie her shoes and put it in the shoe cabinet before picking up the groceries again and venturing deeper inside. Confusion spread her features as there was no response and no sound for that either.

‘Maybe he isn’t home yet?’ she thought absentmindedly while placing the bag on the kitchen counter and starting to store all the food.


And jump she did. From surprise. The girl held her chest as she calmed down, glad that she had put everything away already so nothing would fall. Another set of sounds could be heard and out of curiosity she started tiptoeing to the living room as she believed the sound was coming from there.

A smile grazed her lips at the sight of her boyfriend moving around with a VR tucked on his head and consoles in his hands. He kept making sounds and reactions to everything he did, it made the girl try to hold her laughter.

Tiptoeing to the couch, she took a seat and kept watching him for a moment until he ‘ooooh’ and ‘aah’-ed so many times that it was impossible to keep quiet anymore.

Her breathy laugh escaped, making the boy startle and stagger from the skateboard he was supposedly riding.

“You’re home!” he yelled out in surprised but soon grinned and placed the console away.

“Hey skaterboy,” she teased and chuckled as his hair was tousled by the elastic bands of the VR device. “What’s all this?”

“Chanyeol found it on discount and I thought you’d like to play as well… so I bought it,” he admitted and plopped down on her, making her yelp.

“You won’t like it anymore,” she mumbled softly and played with his hair.

“How come?”

“Because I’m going to beat all your high scores!” the girl said with a grin and rolled away from under him.

“I’d like to see you try!” he taunted teasingly as they quickly made it a battle of the games.

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Winter time with race is the best because he drags you to the nearest park + he sticks his tongue out to catch snowflakes - when you get cold he takes off his jacket & wraps it around u & even takes off his hat and secures it around ur head cause "I don't wants my baby to get cold" & since ur cheeks are super red he just showers you with kisses all over your face & when he says "I know a way we can warm up;)" you just shove a handful of snow in his face cause he's such a dork

I love wearing my s/o’s clothes. Especially my bf’d jacket. It’s warm. And it smells like him.

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Dylan reacting to his gf breaking the news to him that she was diagnosed with a really bad kind of lung cancer. And Eric too maybe?

oh gosh.. i am saddened i hope you are okay, and this isnt real. STAY STRONG I Am HERE FOR YOU> <3 mwuah 


-Youd have to sit him down, he was pacing alot and fidgeting with his hair too much

-”dyl.. i want you to pay attention, keep an open mind and just listen to me… i have been diagnosed with lung cancer… there’s no easy way to say it so yea…” you said softly looking into his eyes, while holding his hands 

-Hed blink several times and then it’d hit him, his eyes were weary and his face was flushed

-”but how is it that you’re diagnosed with cancer?!.. i - i dont think the doc, did much of a good job- you can’t be… you’re my love… and now you’re telling me you have cancer…?” He scooted next to you and you were already crying softly , he rubbed your back softly 

-He’d be in denial about it, but would face the hard cold truth

-Crying whilst hugging you

-”I will support you, and be here for you every step of the way, no matter how hard at times it will be, but i will be here, i will take on your pain as mine, we are forever” he’d reassure you, kissing both your hands, kissing your cheeks, wiping some stray tears

-”i love you” “i love you too dyl..”

-would whisper to himself “if you leave me ill leave too.. i dont want to loose you.. you are mine”


-Eric would go with you to your doctor’s appointments because hed drive you everywhere so ya know 

-You’d come out the doctor’s room, and his face dropped when he saw your eyes red as if you had been crying 

-Quickly rush to you, holding your waist making you sit down on the bench

-”baby, whats wrong?…what’d the doc say? he make you cry?-wha-” you cut him off looking into his eyes, caressing his lips with your small hands, “i have lung cancer” you whispered to him softly, you voice fading a bit. 

-his eyes widened and it was like his world fell from below his feet, he looked up and closed his eyes clenching his jaw 

-”Are you sure?.. Let me go in and ask him if he did his research correctly, let me-” He was about to get up and knock on the doctor’s office, but you grabbed his sweater sleeve, and he started to sob

-”y/n… you can’t have cancer.. not ever.. not now.. you’re not leaving me like this.. fuck! fuck! fuck!!!” He’d say loudly, you’d have to calm him down,

-he sighs and wipes his tears off, and sadly smiles at you, he lifts you up and hugs you, and whispers into your ear only for you to hear;”no matter what happens i am making it my prioroty to be here with you through all this horrible shit, i love you baby, i fucking love you,,i love you” his voice cracks and he kisses you, and leads you out to the car where you both drive off home

-Would mumble to himself ‘fuck this world, fuck you god or whoever is in command of this shit, wtf you give me my beautiful girlfriend and now you turn up with this shit that she has fucking cancer, wtf wtf wtf fuck YOU!!!!’ grasps the wheel too hard, his left arm resting on the window ledge, while his left hand is on his forehead, biting his lip in anger.

(((i cried writing this, i am sad frickkkkkk!!!!))))


Thank you Troian and Keegan for seven amazing years of Spoby. All the smiles, tears, angst, sexiness, happiness and heartbreak. We couldn’t ask for anyone better to portray these characters. You both are so incredibly talented and your connection on and off screen is what makes Spoby so enjoyable. Spoby will be missed and they will always be each other’s safe place to land. Thank you.

keith being so scared to break is the most heartbreaking thing to me. notice the way he hides his face with his hand when he’s about to crumble. how after his outburst and apologies he avoids direct eye contact with the camera on and off throughout the rest of the video. he’s trying so hard to stay composed. this is the same boy who fought countless members of the BOM and didn’t cry once, but being alone and talking himself into a corner, unwrapping himself even though it’s just for him… it’s too much for him. and that tbh.. speaks volumes for his character


anyway, consider, witch mccree au


Kurt, what if it’s only a matter of time before I become like that?


David Tennant on the Tenth Doctor’s outfit


So fresh and so clean clean (12x04 // 12x08)

1/ of my favourite Joe Sugg vlogs

more new crystal gem jasper crushin on pearl

An Aquarius and I were sitting out in the park just relaxing, and suddenly she started kissing my neck and whispered, “I’m scared of getting too attached too quick to you, but you’re making this too difficult for me. I can’t stop thinking about you and I hate you for this..” She then bombarded me with kisses.

An Aries rubbed her hands together and sighed. “I’m so scared..” She said, “I’m scared of being a failure, to fail is something I can’t really see myself doing, and IF this relationship between us fails l, then I am too blame because I probably didn’t do my part.”

A Cancer looked at me with a small smile on her face and said, “I’m scared to love you. I’m scared to even think of loving you, but I have been through so much, so just wait for me to open up, okay?”

A Capricorn let out a small laugh and just looked at me and pushed me playfully, and then suddenly she got quiet and gently held my hand into hers. She looked back at me and said, “I’m not very good with words. I can’t always express myself the way you want me to, but believe me, I love you so much and I just don’t want you to think that I don’t. I see you. I feel you. You make me happy, okay?”

A Gemini slowly placed her hands on my face and squeezed my face playfully, then slowly got quiet before letting go and smiled. “Get use to me..”, she said as she backs away from me. “I’m the accurate Gemini and you wouldn’t want to get too attached if I just up and leave..” she slowly slowed down and stopped, “but that doesn’t mean you can just accept that, because for once I want someone to chase the fuck out of me..”

A Leo and I were cuddling and she slowly lifted my hand and looked at it and she snuggled closer to me and said, “I’m sorry if you think I’m very demanding at times, and I know that my pride gets the best of me, and I can’t seem to lower my pride when I know I’m in a wrong, but for you..” She looked up and stared at you. “I’m going to do everything for us to just work and we better meet halfway, okay?”

A Libra sat ontop of me in bed and we just talked the whole night like this, and slowly said, “I always think that I’d feel lost, or lose myself, when I know I’ll be deep in my feelings and no one is there to really listen to me, or even when I need someone.. I fear that I’d be just alone.. I’m scared, you know?” I watched her got quiet and I pulled her down and held her close to me and whispered to her that I will be here for her and she buried herself to me, holding onto me tightly..

A Pisces rolled and slowly inched herself closer to me and said, “I’m scared to wake up and to find you not in love with me anymore. To give my all to you, and you’ll just slowly just lose feelings for me right away…” She started to whimper and continued, “to feel like this will all be just a dream because you have been nothing but a blessing to me and I can’t lose this. I don’t want to lose this, to lose you. So, please reassure me every single damn day, asshole..”

A Sagittarius placed her arms around her my neck and whispered softly, “I overthink too much about things and I can’t stop. You’re in my thoughts alot. You always do..” Her hands rub the back of my neck and she slowly starts to sway us together. “I just can’t help that I’m like this when I’m with you..”

A Scorpio reached for my hands and squeezed them as tightly as she can and said, “I told you I have trust issues, and I have been hurt in the past, and I couldn’t put myself out there for you, and I just wanted you to know that if you give me a bit more time you’ll know.. you’ll know when I’m ready again.”

A Taurus and I were out in downtown and I watched her walk infront of me. She then turned around with her hands on her back and slowly walked towards me and said, “I’m falling for you, you know? But I’m not there yet. I’m scared to fall, because [laugh] I haven’t had anyone tried to catch me.. and I’m scared..” She looks into my eyes and slowly she reached for my hands. “I am falling for you, and I hope you’re there to catch me…”

A Virgo stared at me long and hard, she then leaned to kiss my cheek softly and said, “I have a fear of commitment. I’ve had alot of people promise me things and completely mistreated me and I know you mean well, but could you just.. can we take things slow? Because I don’t want to ruin this. I don’t want to ruin us. I like you, I really do but you’re..” I kissed her and she kisses back and suddenly she pulled away with a smirk on her face, “There you go again.. God, you’re at it again..”

—  Fears

After the success with the mongoose language, Taako, Lup, and Barry were given the unofficial role as crew linguists and translators. Every time the group encountered a world that spoke a different language - which was often enough - the three of them spent the first several months together figuring out the new puzzle. They were impressively successful, even when they had to improvise; one world communicated through clicks and noises that they couldn’t replicate with their voices, and they had to develop a system of claps, finger snaps, and whistles to make comparable sounds. One language was entirely whistles.

The result of these efforts is that Barry, Lup, and Taako are multilingual; they are also the only people on Faerun who can speak these languages fluently.

Kravitz is sitting in the kitchen, watching him cook while doing some paperwork at home instead of at the office. Taako is singing a simple song under his breath without thinking about it, and Kravitz is curious because it’s not familiar. He listens more closely and realizes he doesn’t know any of the words. He doesn’t even know the language.

When Taako and Lup want to talk about something (or someone) without being overheard, they pick any of a selection of different languages and do nothing else to hide what they’re talking about. Barry promises Kravitz that they’re never talking about him; eventually he also starts whispering translations to Kravitz, and Kravitz has to struggle not to laugh.

The whistle language proves useful for reaper business when the three of them have to communicate covertly from a distance. To the untrained ear, they just sound like birds; after they start using the whistles, the group becomes incredibly difficult to ambush and incredibly talented at ambushing in equal measure. (Roswell picks it up, and everyone agrees that they have the best accent.)

Eventually, Taako arranges classes to teach some of the languages at his and Ren’s school. But only some of them - some languages are just for the family.

Taako promises to teach Kravitz because he shouldn’t be left out of conversations; it’s a slow process, but they have so much time. Taako starts with a language made entirely of hand gestures. Sometimes when the morning is too quiet to break the silence or Taako is too lost in his head to say much, he presses a single gesture into Kravitz’ hand.