i just love the way she manipulates him



Sometimes it’s easy to fall into thinking that, oh, if only Anakin had had more people telling him that they loved him, he wouldn’t have felt rejected and unwanted!  If only Obi-Wan had told him how much Anakin meant to him, Anakin would have still trusted him!

But I don’t think that’s true (setting aside that Obi-Wan very much has shown Anakin emotional support) and this scene illustrates why.

Padme has poured every ounce of love she has into Anakin, she has told him that she loves him, she has never given him reasonable cause to doubt her, she even begs him to run away with her and raise their child in this scene, she tells him that she loves him, she gives him plenty of chances to stop and come back.  Padme has done nothing but love him and express that love for him.

But Anakin still doesn’t trust her, he still believes that she betrayed him, still attacks her when she does nothing to threaten him except say that she can’t follow him down this path.  No matter how much love she poured into him, it wasn’t enough to save him, to stop his paranoia and mistrust.

No amount of love from anyone was ever going to be enough.

This doesn’t make Anakin a a bad character or tug at my heart strings any less, far from it!  It makes me sympathize with him all the more, as someone who has been in the headspace of people who care about me express that care to me and I just cannot believe it.  I’ve been in that place where no amount of it was ever enough, no gesture was enough, it always drained right back out of me by the next day.  (Though, let’s be fair.  Anakin crosses a line here into abusive territory when he chokes her into unconsciousness, I love him but that was wrong.)

When you have trouble with the foundation of your self-image, when you have someone deliberately manipulating you into further mistrusting the people who care about you, or when you simply are just straight up wired that way, it can be impossible to believe and trust in what people are telling you.  I love Anakin’s character all the more for falling down that path that I’ve glimpsed in myself so many times, I love him all the more because he didn’t want to see it as a problem and that no amount of expressed love was ever going to be enough.

Padme told him every chance she could and he still turned on her.  Obi-Wan specifically told him how proud he was of Anakin, how great he was, but Anakin still turned on him.

No amount of love or affection was ever going to be enough to fix Anakin until he wanted to fix himself.  And for all that he felt something was wrong with him, his emotional balance (or imbalance) was never something he seemed to want to admit was a problem.  AND THAT MAKES ME CRY FOR ALL OF THEM A LOT.

  • someone: hey you ok?
  • me: yeah im fine
  • also me: i really don't know how this candy morningstar situation is really going to be solved i am losing sleep over this i cannot believe lucifer is going to marry some random stripper as a revenge plot against his dad chloe doesnt deserve this lucifer doesnt deserve this I SURE AS HECK doNT deserve this what is going to happen to them they were so happy and in love for two and a half episodes and now it's all come crashing down and it's all mother and father's fault and my poor babies i just need them to be happy and chloe is going to be so devastated she will try to shut him out she had just allowed herself to open up and feel for him to take a risk despite all of his flaws despite the fact that she knows he has issues that hes trying to work on and lucifer is going to give her the cold shoulder and be miserable thinking what he had was never real with her that she could never truly love him in the real ways that he wants to be loved because all he has ever known is being an outcast that was unwanted and manipulated with no true friends besides a demon so when 2x14 airs i am going to be in pieCES and to top it all off this hiatus is killing me slowly but surely and youve got FOX out here releasing canon deckerstar fan vids and renewing for s3 so these two tragic cases can come back and haunt me for 31 more episodes

Emma: “Well, you guys got what you wanted… Regina, you got what you wanted.” 

Regina: “I didn’t want it…”

Emma: “I know… You were probably right. It’s probably what I needed, it’s probably what I need to move on.”

The brief exchange between Emma and Regina in this scene was the most important moment of the episode, and the subtext is glaring. 

In context of course they’re talking about how Regina wanted Emma to open up to her about her heartbreak; but like most things on this show, there’s another layer.

What was it that Regina wanted, yet simultaneously did not want? You guessed it: H00k’s disappearance. It’s clear that Regina does not wholly approve of the pirate, yet she accepts him for the sake of Emma’s “happiness.” And Emma recognizes this.

The way Emma responds to her coaxing is just as interesting: “It’s probably what I need to move on.” 

She seems bitter for having to go through the pain of heartbreak in order to understand herself better. But opening up, being honest with herself and her loved ones about her gay feelings is what she needs to do before she can let go of H00k–a relationship full of deceit and manipulation. This is actually a huge realization for her! And it opens the possibility for her to make use of this lesson more permanently in the future… #FreeEmmaFromTheCloset2k17

The Problem with BBC Sherlock – of Terrible Themes, Abuse, and Tragic Gays

Here’s my first essay on my thoughts on S4.

I’ve been digesting the shock and sense of “wrongness” after THE FINAL PROBLEM, and I’ve come up with some ideas on why it bothers me so deeply. It has to do with themes. Every good story has a theme. It might be “love conquers all” or “the bad guys always lose” or “truth always comes out”. The themes of the show after S4 are truly repellent.

1.       The THEMES after S4:

a.       No matter what you do or sacrifice, it’s never good enough and you won’t win your heart’s desire in the end.

b.      It’s okay to abuse to your loved ones, it’s completely forgiveable, and, in fact, the most abusive people win.

c.       Lying and killing people is okay and you can still be a good person.


2.       SHERLOCK sacrifices himself over and over for very little reward and a lot of abuse.

a.       First, Reichenbach Falls. He jumps in order to save John, Lestrade, and Mrs. Hudson from snipers.  He goes off to dismantle Moriarty’s network, in part to keep them safe. Yes, he hurts John terribly. And yes, it was a mistake. But ultimately, Sherlock still did it for his friends. This is never explicitly discussed or acknowledged in the show between John and Sherlock after Sherlock returns. John never learns what Sherlock went through or says thank you. In fact, the “bomb” scene in S3.E1, Sherlock tricks John into forgiving him only to make a joke out of the whole thing. This is too serious a situation to joke about, yet a real resolution of this conflict is never shown. By S4.E2, it’s clear John still harbors anger over it. Never resolved.

b.      Sherlock plans John’s wedding and is his best man. If you read that Sherlock is gay and in unrequited love with John, this is a tremendous self-sacrifice. Even if you don’t, it’s still a sacrifice—Sherlock is not a party type. He hates social gatherings. Yet he does this for John. John never appears grateful. At the end of the wedding, we have Sherlock walking away alone and (probably) heartbroken.

c.       Sherlock is shot by Mary—and then forgives her, for John. This is almost incomprehensible, but nevertheless,  Sherlock catches John’s wife, Mary, in a lie, offers to help her, and she shoots him in the chest. He dies on the operating table. He comes back through superhuman effort. Mary threatens him again, twice. Yet he forgives her and tries to patch things up between her and John. Why? Because that’s what self-sacrificing friends do? Is this Stockholm Syndrome? Self-loathing? Never explained.

d.      Sherlock kills Magnussen to protect Mary. This was basically an act of suicide. But he did it – for his friends. Neither John nor Mary ever acknowledge this. In fact, in S4.E2, John tells Greg they should have known Sherlock was psycho because “he shot a man in the face” (yes, John, to save you. asshole)

e.      Sherlock again tries to help Mary when her past comes after her (S4.E1), and in the end, Mary throws herself in front of a bullet for him. Ok. Weird but OK. Afterwards, John blames Sherlock for it and casts Sherlock out of his life in a hateful way (again, breaking Sherlock’s heart when Sherlock did nothing wrong).

f.        Sherlock goes back on drugs and nearly dies confronting serial killer Culverton in S4.E2. At the end we find out it was all done to “save John Watson” from his grief. So once again, Sherlock nearly dies for John. And during E2 John treats Sherlock horribly, even going so far as to beat and kick him in a brutal attack.

g.       S4.E3 – Sherlock  battles with Euros to save John. There’s really no appreciation or recognition of this in the end.

SO – what does Sherlock ever get for his repeated sacrifice and pain? For getting shot, tortured, and beaten? For having his heart ripped out and watching the man he loves choose someone else?  He gets a John Watson who seems oblivious to what Sherlock does for him, is in love with his wife and cheating with another woman, is furious with Sherlock and treats him like shit after his assassin wife dies, and beats Sherlock. John finally does come back to Sherlock, but only in the capacity of a friend. More on this below.

3.       MARY – the lying assassin gets all the rewards and a Mary Sue make-over

a.       She pretends to be a nurse at a clinic, befriends John Watson at his lowest point after Sherlock’s death, and he marries her.  Given what he know about her past, surely she didn’t’ just coincidentally end up in John Watson’s path, yet it’s never explained by what deceit and plotting she found him.

b.      She has a secret past as a freelance assassin. Though it’s played up that her past was “very naughty” (Magnussen S3.E3), later in the show she’s whitewashed as being part of a mercenary team that did things like extract hostages. She lied to John about who she was and used a fake name.

c.       She shoots and murders Sherlock – and gets away with it completely. Both John and Sherlock  forgive her! She faces no prosecution and no penalty even from Mycroft or Lestrade, two of Sherlock’s protectes. This is never explained. She never even  says “I’m sorry” or justifies the shooting, not until long after she’s been forgiven and everything’s been swell for her.

d.      Sherlock remains “bffs” with her after this, calling her “his family” and trying to help her when her past comes back to haunt her.

e.      Even in her best moments, she’s manipulative and selfish. For example, she insults John’s value to Sherlock and refuses to let her husband have any say in naming the baby. In fact, she names the baby after herself and announces the name to a room full of friends without discussing it with her husband first. There are a lot of instances like this.

f.        She has an extremely implausible redemption arc when she throws herself into a bullet for Sherlock. Not only does it defy all logic and physics, it’s just dumb and corny.

g.       John is grief stricken for a whole episode. Mary constantly appears as a sort of “Yoda” ghost, uttering words of wisdom and continuing to be whitewashed as some sort of wise woman who retains the role of arbitrator over John and Sherlock’s relationship, as if it’s up to her to validate it. 

h.      SHE NEVER PAYS FOR HER ASSASSIN PAST, LYING TO JOHN, OR KILLING SHERLOCK. The audience is expected to continue to welcome the cloying presence of this killer. And so much about her remains unexplained.


a.       Despite the promising claims that “he’s smarter than he looks” in TAB, John Watson in S4 continues to be clueless. He keeps refusing to see how good Sherlock is and how much Sherlock is trying to help him and Mary. 

b.      John’s wife shoots Sherlock in S3 and John forgives her? How is this possible for a “strong moral principle” man who shot a stranger to save Sherlock in S1.E1? Who punched a police chief who insulted Sherlock in S2.E3?  He’s a doctor, he knew Sherlock’s wound from Mary was basically fatal! On top of this, we have a man who goes to a therapist for “trust issues” who forgives his wife for lying to him from day 1, and he’s okay with not ever knowing her real name? Honestly?

c.       John is bored but seems complacent in his marriage to Mary in S4.E1. But it’s not clear. Does he not notice the way she manipulates him, such as with the baby’s name?  He certainly seems grief-stricken after her death. If he’s really not happy in his marriage, why not make that explicit? Or vice versa? He never says “I love you” to Mary and yet, there’s no reason to withhold it since he never ends up saying it to Sherlock either. It’s just super confusing what he feels for her or for Sherlock. Basically, he seems grief-stricken. Mostly.

d.      Trashcan John. The first time another woman flirts with him, he begins a sexting affair, despite having a wife and infant at home. This is John who is “unfailingly loyal?” If it would have been a plot point, such as him being miserable with Mary, it would have been more justified. But he did it and then he’s also grief-stricken when Mary dies. Inconsistent.

e.      After Mary dies, John treats Sherlock abysmally, shuts him out, insults him, calls him a monster, accuses him of tricks, etc. to the point of physically beating Sherlock when Sherlock is drugged up and ill. This is the man who has repeatedly sacrificed himself for John. And Sherlock did nothing to deserve this abuse since he was not responsible for Mary’s death.

f.        In S4. E3, The Final Problem, John is used as more of a set piece than anything real. He helps solve the “puzzles” at the fortress, but on an emotional level there doesn’t seem to be much there.

g.       A real arc for this story would be that John finally sees/ acknowledges all that Sherlock had done for him, and/or sacrifices himself in return (like a 3 Garridebs moment). But this never happens. There is no satisfying resolution to this relationship plotline. Yes, at the end of S4.E2 John and Sherlock finally talk, John seems to forgive Sherlock, and there’s a hug. But that’s pretty minor stuff compared to all that Sherlock has done for John and feels for John and all John and Mary did to hurt Sherlock. 

h.      Even though John is technically “back at Baker Street” at the end of S4, it’s only in the capacity of a friend. In addition, John basically “defaults back” to Sherlock because he no longer has Mary.  There is no moment where John has to actively “choose” Sherlock, over Mary or even at all. THIS IS LAZY WRITING, NOT A SATISFYING RESOLUTION.


a.       This is one of the biggest crimes of the show. What we get in the end of S4 is a gay Sherlock in unrequited (desperately unspoken) love with John, a love that will seemingly never be returned. Is this 1998? Why do we have a tragic anti-gay ending like this in 2017?? It’s nearly as bad as just killing off all the gays. (Or making them all villains, which the show has also done – Irene, Moriarty, Magnussen in the hospital, and Euros).

b.      It could be argued that Sherlock is not gay, that he’s asexual, or even in love with Irene. Yet the show planted many, many clues that Sherlock is gay and in love with John.

                                                               i.      In ASiB, Sherlock repeatedly ignores or pushes off Irenes heavy advances. When he ‘wakes up’ at one point when she’s sitting across from him, his first words are “Where’s John?”

                                                             ii.      Janine says several times “I know what kind of man you are”. Even in “faking” a relationship with her, Sherlock never had sex with her (he jokes “I was waiting until we were married.”)

                                                            iii.      Sherlock’s horribly pained look at John after the wedding , and then he leaves the wedding early.

                                                           iv.      TAB, in which Sherlock confronts very gay-acting mind-palace Moriarty, facing his own homosexuality.

                                                             v.      See Sherlock’s many sacrifices for John. If that isn’t love, nothing is.

                                                           vi.      Sherlock spirals into despair and drugs whenever John abandons him.

                                                          vii.      Mary says on the DVD in S4.E2 that John is “the man we both love”.

                                                        viii.      Many, many other instances.  

c.       John is ambiguously bisexual earlier in the show then becomes strictly hetero. He flirts with Sherlock in ASiP, is horribly jealous of Irene and Janine in ASiB and HLV. Irene, whose specialty is “knowing what people like” tells John he and Sherlock are a couple. John has an implied intimate relationship with his former male commander, Sholto. In a deleted scene, he flirts with a soldier at Baskerville. There’s some drunken knee-groping during the bachelor party in TSoS. However, during all of S4, any sign of this flirty and possibly-bi John has been removed and his heterosexuality is “doubled down”. Why? To avoid any hint that he might get together with Sherlock at the end? 

d.      Sherlock never even admits outloud that he’s gay, not even obliquely. Why? Is it something to be ashamed about? Do we not deserve a gay hero? If they really intended to leave it open-ended what Sherlock was, why did they plant so much of the above evidence that he was gay? If he is gay, why not have him admit it!

 e. This all amounts to a huge queerbaiting exercise, given how many subtextural and textural clues we were given in S1-S3 that this was ulimately a romance. 

These are my thoughts on the story so far. I’ll try to update this with some pics later.


Wake Up 4 [Bucky Barnes]

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Summary - Nearly a year after Bucky decided to return to cryogenic sleep, Steve continues to look for a cure. One day, Sam informs him that he’s found a person who can help.

Notethank you guys for all your love! I’m also going to put up a masterlist soon! Also don’t be shy to send me some of your requests! this is quite short and GIF isn’t mine as usual. Part 1 here!  Part 2 here! Part 3 here! 

Warnings little violence, language

“She’s no one and we were just leaving,” Tony pulls Y/N behind him in a protective stance, “So please excuse us.” He tries to push past Steve, but he doesn’t budge. “You aren’t going anywhere.” He growls.

“I want to know what you’ve done to him! And who the hell are you?” Y/N trembles in fear and in shame. None of this would’ve happened if she just listened to Tony.

Tony speaks for her, “She didn’t do anything.” He defends. “It’s just that your friend is still insane and there’s no one in this god damn world that can help him.” Y/N squeezes Tony’s arm in attempt to warn him not to push Steve. But obviously, Tony listens to no one.

“Admit it, Capsicle. No one can save your Bucky.” Steve scowls and clenches his jaw. “Sometimes I just want to punch you right in your perfect teeth.” Steve mocks.

Tony swings and lands a good punch on Steve’s jaw. Y/N quickly pull Tony back, praying to God that Steve manages to control himself and not fight back. But God isn’t on her side today.

Steve lunges himself at Tony, knocking both him and Y/N down. She stumbles to her feet and runs over to Tony, “You’re bleeding.” She tells him. Tony glares at Steve, “You just got blood on my Tom Ford suit.” He quickly shifts his watch and fires at Steve, but Sam jumps in front of him before it could hit the blonde super soldier.

“Tony!” Y/N hisses.

The two go at it again. Steve landing punch after punch on Tony’s face, but Tony doesn’t allow himself to lose; he fires at Cap, missing his pretty face.

Y/N quickly steps in between them and with a yell, “Enough!” they stop.

“Can the both of you stop trying to kill each other?” She barks with an icy tone.

Steve stumbles back in astonishment and fear, “Why are you in my head?” He gasps. Tony rolls his eyes and glances at him, “You’re honestly just as dumb as I pegged you to be, Rogers.”

“I’ll answer all the questions you have, Mr. Rogers.” Y/N sighs.

She bows her head and heaves in a heavy breath, “I didn’t mean to trigger your friend. It’s just an instinct.” She explains with a frown. Steve shakes his head, “I know you were suspicious of me ever since we met. I know you tried looking for my files, but found nothing. I’m sorry I have made you doubt me and my intentions. But there’s a reason why I’m a ghost, you know.”

Sam groans and glares at Tony, but then turns towards Y/N with furrowed brows, “So who are you, really?” He asked as he struggled to stand.

“I never really knew my real name actually.” Steve craned his head to the side, but kept silent and listened attentively to what the girl had to say.

“I was born around 1965 to an English mother and a French father,” Her lips twitched at the mention of her father, “I used to know their names, their birthdays, but now I don’t.” She cleared her throat and looked Steve in the eye, “My father worked for Hydra after the second world war. He helped Arnim Zola create serums. I’m pretty sure he experimented on Mr. Barnes.”

She could hear Steve’s thoughts – his questions, but Sam’s head was the loudest of them all, “To answer your question Sam, I don’t age.” Sam flushed red and ducked his head, “that’s uhm, cool - i mean interesting.”

Y/N smiled at him in amusement before continuing on with her story, “My father experimented on me too and countless other innocent people. But I was the only successful one. So they weaponized me, turned me into someone I was not just like Mr. Barnes. But I got out one day because of Tony’s father and I’ve been under their care ever since.”

“That was until you ran away in 2003.” Tony chimed in with a sarcastic smirk on his busted face.

Steve stood silent, stunned by your revelation. He could see the look in your eyes; genuine, truthful, pained. “What did they turn you into?” He asked with a hesitant tone.

“At first I could only hear a person’s thoughts, and see their memories. Then it just grew over time I guess; I could manipulate almost everything in someone’s head and inflict,” she paused for a moment, clenching her balled fists, “pain.”

“If you were one of Hydra’s, why weren’t any of your files exposed?” I smile and shake my head, “One of the things I love the most about Tony is that he’s smart,” She glanced over at him, “and he knows his way around things especially around technology.”  Steve furrowed his brows and stole a glance from Tony.

“He knew about your history with Hydra and everything else in between? But he kept it a secret?” Sam pondered, “Why?”

“I didn’t want to be involved in your world anymore. I just wanted to disappear from all the chaos, from my past.”

Steve stepped forward, arms crossed and eyes narrowed, “Then why did you come here? Why Bucky?”

Y/N shrugged, “I didn’t come here for Mr. Barnes. I came here because Tony begged me to, and he usually doesn’t do much begging.” Steve’s heart warmed at the revelation.

Tony and Steve briefly made eye contact before Tony looked away. “Just wanted to help out.” Tony coughed.

“I’m sorry Captain for giving you such a hassle. I really just wanted to help and I will continue to help you and Mr. Barnes,” She hesitated, “that is if you want me to.”

Steve looked over at Sam then turned back to her, “By all means, please do whatever you can to help him, Doctor.” He smiles. “I trust you.”

“Thank you, Captain Rogers.” Y/N says.

“Right, I’m going to go get cleaned up no thanks to you, Rogers.” A grin fell on Y/N’s face as she sauntered over to help him out of the room. “I’ll help him.” Steve nodded slowly and watched the two of them walked out of the room, but before they could, Steve stopped them and said, “Wait!”

Tony looked at him hesitantly, “Thank you too, Stark.” The genius, billionaire, playboy and philanthropist held back a smile and nodded. 

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Also, I want Jon to call daenerys “dany”. She is always referred to as dany in the books, and it’s such a cute, endearing nickname. It makes her more human. And I believe the only time they used it in the series was when Viserys was pleading for his life, using her childhood/intimate nickname to manipulate her. So I want to see it be used in a pure, loving way. Not the Dragon Queen. Not the Khaleesi or the Unburnt. To him, she can be just Dany.

why is Shadowhunters so good at making me care about characters that I didn’t even pay attention to in the book???

Rapheal. Didn’t care about him, bit of an asshole. IN THE SHOW?? My son. I hate seeing him in pain.

Maia. Didn’t relate, she was one of those “I’m not like other girls”. IN THE SHOW??? My wife. Would die for her. A bad ass ray of sunshine. I love seeing her punch people.

Sebastian. Boring predictable villian, just kill him already. IN THE SHOW?? The acting is so good omg, the way he’s manipulating everyone by getting close to them, SO SMART


Harley Quinn's dreams

(A/N): I thought of this and yeah

Summary: Harley still deals with the horror of her relationship with the joker

Warnings: mentions of abuse, angst

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   Harley had gotten away from the joker- from that evil Bastard she despised with a fiery passion. She couldn’t believe she had loved him at one point, especially with the way he treated her- as though she were nothing more than some play toy for him to manipulate. But now she had (Y/N); sweet, caring, SANE (Y/N). 

   Harley had met them at a hospital, they had been a nurse there, someone who took care of others, just like she once used to do. Harley didn’t have (Y/N) as a nurse, unfortunately, so she only got to see them during breaks or when they did their daily rounds. 

    “Heya cutie,” Harley had winked at them as they walked by, bound and determined to catch their attention. “Did anyone ever tell ya you’ve got the prettiest eyes?" 

    "Hmm, I think that title goes to you Miss Harleen quinzel," 

    "Please,” Harley stuck her hand out. “Call me Harley,”

    It hadn’t taken long for something to blossom between the two, after all Harley was a helpless romantic and (Y/N) was just so damn empathetic that it was really no surprise when Harley checked out one day (Courtesy of Bruce Wayne) only to come back, then proceed to kiss a certain nurse on the cheek and call them cute pet names. 

    Harley’s state of mind had improved greatly but she still kept a piece if her sassy, psychotic self behind; After all Harley Quinn had been a fun character to play. But for now she was Harleen Quinzel, recovering mental patient. But she was also Harleen Quinzel, an independent woman who just so happened to be living with a certain nurse. But for now she was asleep but that certain nurse was laying beside her, absolutely naked. 

    (Y/N) throws an arm around Harley’s pale waist, bringing her a bit closer to their own body. The woman whimpered in her sleep, stopping (Y/N) dead in their tracks. Perhaps she was in a bit of pain? (Helping Batman wasn’t the easiest task) Or perhaps she was having a different kind of dream? Maybe one that involved (Y/N)’s tongue dragging along her pale neck, stopping just above her- 

    “Please- please no,” she whimpered softly, curling in on herself unconsciously. “Please don’t hurt me,” (Y/N)’s eyebrows furrow in confusion, well- if Harley wasn’t having a sex dream then perhaps she was having a nightmare instead. "I promise I’ll be good- please- no,“ Her voice would slip into a mumble here and there until it would come out in a less than pleasant whimper. And then suddenly she was crying in her sleep, huge tears gliding down those unnaturally milky cheeks. "I’m so sorry Mr. J, I didn’t mean to-” (Y/N)’s brain officially stops functioning at the name Mr. J, one they hasn’t heard in years.

    During Harley’s recovery she opened up about the Joker, about how awful he was to her, the horrible things he made her do, many of the nurses had figured it was part of the reason Harley was so- crazy- to out it lightly. The joker had been horrible to sweet Harley, it had taken her years to finally get away from him and his torture but even now- nearly two years after she left him- he was still haunting her.

    “Harles,” (Y/N) whispers as they gently attempt to wake Harley up. It also turned out that Harley could be violent in her sleep, (Y/N) ha scars to Prove that, so it was always a good idea to stay on the safe side when trying to wake her up. “Harles wake up, please,” (Y/N) gently shakes her shoulder, biting their lip as they do. “Harley, my love, wake up, it’s just a dream,” Harley mumbles incoherently again squirming in (Y/N)’s grasp. “Harleen, wake up.” (Y/N)’s change in tone must have reached Harley subconsciously for suddenly she jolts awake, her eyes widening in fear as she looks around the room she was in. It wasn’t a hospital room, it wasn’t a cage, it wasn’t by…his…side, but it was Harley’s apartment, her apartment with (Y/N). 

   "Harley,“ (Y/N) looks at her with their own wide eyes. "Are you okay?” Harley looks up at their face, at the concern etched into their features. Mr. J had never looked at Harley like that- 

    “N-No,” Harley cries as she turns on her side to bury her face in (Y/N)’s chest. “It was awful (Y/N), h-he had tied me up a-and he was beatin’ me a-and,” (Y/N) pressed a soothing kiss to Harley’s browbone, soothing her nerves somewhat. 

   "It’s okay Harles, it was just a dream, you’re safe and sound with me,“ Harley sighs shakily as she tucks her head under (Y/N)’s chin, willing her tears to go away. "It’s okay,” (Y/N) continues to murmur words of comfort and almost praise. “It’s okay Harles, I got you, I got love,” Even with the nightmare still fresh in her mind, with (Y/N)’s words Harley really did believe them. She was safe and sound, (Y/N) had her, they weren’t going to let anything bad happen to her. For once Harley was safe and loved.

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“Why do you care so much about what happens to Klaus aka the devil?” Damon questions you. You have been in love with Klaus Mikaelson since he saved you from a pack of werewolves one night and took you back to his place and took care of your wounds.

“You wanna know why? It’s because I love him!” you shout back at Damon, sufficiently shutting everyone up

“Wait, what?” Elena asks shocked

“You like him?” Caroline questions nervously although no one had a clue as to why

“No, I don’t like him, I love him” you correct her

“How can you possibly love him?” Caroline screeches

“I- it’s just- I didn’t plan on it, trust me it just happened” you try to explain yourself

“Well you can’t, you can’t be in love with him” Caroline says affirmatively

“And whys that?” confused you question, your feelings weren’t getting in the way of logical thinking

“Because I like- I mean he could manipulate you” Caroline corrects herself

“Wait you like him, don’t you Caroline?” you realise, but confused as to why she didn’t tell you, as you are best friends

“No” she mumbles

“Care you’re a really bad liar” you sigh

“You. Like. My. Boyfriend?” you slowly ask

“BOYFRIEND?!” everyone screeches

“Oh didn’t I forget to mention that? You reply innocently

kremlin annihilation week
Day Six: Worst Moment(s) passed off as cute/funny/romantic

Okay here we go!

“You look beautiful with the weight of all these worlds on your shoulders. Absolutely beautiful.”

Because nothing boosts a woman’s confidence at a time when she’s trying to save the world like being told she looks beautiful when she looks stressed and terrified I guess? I expected a kiss or something in this episode, but it broke my heart that rather than him trying to encourage her, remind her that she was fighting as hard as she could and perhaps tell her that it wasn’t her fault if she couldn’t save everyone in time, he tells her this. She’s struggling so much, and this is what she gets. This is so far from romantic.

And then there was that fight at the DEO, when Mxy turned up and Mon-El was jealous and tried to make Kara feel bad for daring to believe she could sort it out. This whole scene was awful and they tried to pass it off as a “funny couple fight” when it was anything but. And yet through all the yelling, all the Mon El chasing Kara and getting in her face whilst she tried to tell him she could handle it and he needed to drop it, they threw in this little “oh isn’t he funny and adorable!” tidbit, the “good to see you Dana.” The “sure, he may have just chased Kara again, got right in her face and said he was the only one allowed to be mad, but look at him, chatting to someone from the DEO, haha, he’s not really being nasty to Kara if he can do that.”

No. No no no. This was not cute, this was not funny. This was a man abusing and intimidating a woman in the place she worked because he was jealous and he decided he knew better, and it’s insulting that they genuinely thought this ridiculous line would somehow make it seem like this wasn’t so horrible. Because yes, as the karamels keep telling us, real couples do have fights. But there is such a huge difference between differences that get worked through and actual abuse and intimidation. He yelled at her, he chased her and he wouldn’t drop it despite her trying to get him to be quiet. In. Her. Workplace.

And then there was the short-lived #karamelisoverparty. When Kara finally announced she did deserve better (come on Kara, you still do!!). And Kara had had a very long day trying to figure out Mon-El and his parents and was finally going home to a place she could be alone and think and process the day’s events. And so she unlocks the door to her apartment and “I hope you don’t mind, I let myself in.”

“Oh how romantic, he’s waiting for her!” the karamels cry! Meanwhile the rest of us who love Kara are frustrated that her one safe space that is truly hers where she can just get away from everything has been invaded by someone who most recently told her than “by this point in movies the girl usually forgives the boy.” Sure, he may have spent some time there recently, but she clearly did not want to be around him by then, but he chose to invade her space and catch her unawares so he could try win her over yet again.

And then, whilst Mon-El was trying to plead his case, telling Kara about how wonderful she was and admitting he was a liar and how he just needed another chance, he threw out that one line, the one line that was an awful attempt at emotionally manipulating her, the “I love you.” Because in that moment, he was desperate, he was begging, because everything had gotten to a point where Kara was sick of all his behaviour. But instead of trying to discuss it with her, or ideally not being in her space at all, and rather staying out the way whilst figuring out if he genuinely could be better for her by actually changing his behaviour completely and not just on the surface for her to see, he played the love card, in some attempt to guilt her into forgiving his very long list of wrongdoings. Because an “I love you” shouldn’t be abused like that, and it was the most disgusting attempt at emotional manipulation to say it when he did. Thankfully at the time Kara did insist she deserved better and told him to leave, but later she did say she forgave him despite him not changing at all.

And last (for my list, there are many more I haven’t included), but certainly not least, was that “funny” alternate universe scene, when J’onn and Mon-El were explaining what happened and Mon-El confirmed he was Kara’s boyfriend, only to respond with a “shhhhh….” when questioned by J’onn about their break up. Again, intended as funny, really just disgusting disrespect to an unconscious woman, one who these people respect and have worked with before. Because nothing says love like getting to say what you want to be true about a girl when she’s unconscious and can’t confirm or deny it? Frankly Mon-El being the one to take her to the other universe was already grossly insulting (”Look,” say the writers, “he truly loves her!” “But,” we say, “what about the most important relationship on this show, the two women who would do anything for each other, the sisters we have adored since the first episode?”), but to disrespect everything whilst she was unconscious was the opposite of funny.


(A/N): I’ve been listening to Postmodern Jukebox and I was inspired by their songs. I wrote it this morning and now, after I stopped thinking about some bad things, I was able to post this story. Enjoy! :)

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x f!reader

Summary: Tony made (Y/N) sing at his vintage party even when she hates his parties. 

Warning: fluff

Words: 4200+


Originally posted by natpekis


               “(Y/N)?” Tony appeared next to the woman who was sitting on a chair in the kitchen, reading her favorite book – Anna Karenina. She was alone only for five minutes when someone-Tony-had to come to the kitchen and ruin the moment she had with the book. For the last four hours, somebody wanted something from her. She didn’t look at him, trying to ignore the man. “I know I’m annoying but I want to talk about the party I’m organizing this Friday evening,” he put an angelic smile on his face. “I know you love my parties and I know you are going to love the idea that popped into my head and that is why I know you will definitely come to the party.”

               She took a deep breath and lowered the book, giving him a look of pure annoyance. “Fine, talk, you have two minutes, not more,” she quickly checked the time on her wrist. The truth was, she hated Tony’s parties. They were loud with music that wasn’t her cup of tea; there were always a lot of people that made her uncomfortable. Wearing a slutty dress wasn’t something she appreciated and she definitely didn’t want men’s attention. Her only wish was to have one man’s attention but clearly, that wasn’t happening anytime soon.

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I’ve always been a little puzzled by Jokaste’s apparent certainty that the baby wasn’t Damen’s. She was sleeping with Damen right up to the day he was shipped off the Vere, and with Kastor for enough of that time that he apparently believed the baby was his. How could she know?

And I realized today that the only way she could know for 100% certain would be if she was already pregnant before she ever slept with Damen.

I mean, we don’t have any particular word on how long they’d been together, do we? Not that I recall, at least. We only know that she kept Damen jumping through hoops for quite some time before letting herself be successfully courted. I hereby assert that she – fell in love with? threw her lot in with? at any rate, chose to be with – Kastor, and got pregnant by him, before she entered a relationship with Damen.

In a weird way, this makes her actions more forgivable to me. She didn’t change sides, she was on Kastor’s side from the beginning, whether because she cared for him or because she was always going to choose the man she could control. Hooking up with Damen was just part of the plan, a way to manipulate and keep tabs on him. But in the process, she came to care for Damen enough to maneuver Kastor into keeping him alive – came, perhaps, to believe she’d thrown in with the wrong brother, but far too late to back out without getting herself and her baby killed.

I don’t know, I just feel like it throws her actions in a different light.

Promise [One-Shot]

Anon Said:  Can you write a jealous harry one shot?

OOC Notes: So this prompt was not specific so I made it Huma (obviously lol) and post-coming to Auradon. It ends kinda abruptly because the ending I wrote felt irrelevant lol. Harry and I are still getting used to working together so we hope this is good enough! Warnings for very minor swearing.

Though he’d always jokingly called it Bore-adon, Auradon was far less boring than Harry had ever imagined. A full month after Ben had accepted more villain kids from the Isle and Harry was still finding new places to explore, new shops to nick cool trinkets from, and the hero kids didn’t seem to hate him yet.

As much as he loved the attention, it could be incredibly overwhelming to be constantly surrounded by strangers asking to hear about his frankly terrible childhood, even if it was “exciting”. Back on the Isle, feeling overwhelmed was rare, and if he ever did, Uma immediately put his mind at ease, reminding him about everyone he had to take care of, herself included.

Here in Auradon however, he didn’t have the same responsibilities and he wasn’t the only one getting the attention. It was growing increasingly difficult to talk to Uma when the puppy-eyed boys were drooling over her. Today it was especially bad, as she’d allowed Gil to fix her hair in public and suddenly every boy within earshot wanted to help.

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anonymous asked:


In a word: Perfection

As individuals they are far from perfect but together I feel like they balance one another out perfectly. Where Anakin is impulsive, Padme is logical. Where Padme is reserved, Anakin is passionate. They open one another up and they can see past what everyone else expects of them and see the person they are inside. Anakin always saw Padme as Padme not as the Queen of Naboo, not as Senator Amidala- just Padme, the young girl far from home who came into Watto’s junk shop. Padme was the same with Anakin. Despite him supposedly being the “Chosen One” of the Jedi prophecy, she still remembered the little boy who won a podrace for her…

Their love is built on a mutual attraction for the other that grew naturally into love as they reunited and saw how the time apart has allowed them both to grow. Had Palpatine not manipulated Anakin, I truly believe they would have found a way to be happy together for the rest of their lives.

Send me a ship and I will give you my (brutally) honest opinion on it

see the thing about laura moon is that she is so fucking complex it’s ridiculous. i don’t remember ever having a lead character be this complex and be a woman at the same time before (and if you have please feel free to send me an ask with recs because i am in need of complex femme leads). that being said there are two very important points i want to make about her:

a) laura moon is mentally ill. laura moon is depressed and selfish and either suicidal or apathetic towards consequences. having mental illness (i have my suspicions that she’s quite possibly an actual sociopath tbh) portrayed so truthfully, so openly on tv is honestly just amazing. it’s amazing acting on behalf of emily browning and i honestly think she deserves to be nominated for a crapload of awards for her portrayal of laura moon.

b) laura moon is an abuser. she manipulates and emotionally abuses her husband and she has for quite some time. she uses a petname as both a loving epitaph and a way to degrade him. she puts her own needs and desires above his own constantly and actively ignores his wishes multiple times. 

neither of these two points cancels one another out. they’re both completely true. the thing is that her mental illness should not be used as an excuse for her behaviour. mental illness does not make you an abuser.

laura moon is a complex woman and i both empathise with her and loathe everything about her tbh

The Reunion: Chapter Five

Summary: It’s time for the Riverdale Class of 2019 Ten Year Reunion! Betty Cooper is excited to see all of her old classmates, but there’s one classmate in particular that she can’t seem to get off her mind…

Chapter Four

AO3 Link

Betty pushed past another person, and another, and another. There were too many people. Why were there so many people? Her graduating class hadn’t seemed this large ten years ago.

She had to find him, but this crowd was making it nearly impossible. The music was too loud, the guests were too drunk, the lights were too dimmed. She had nearly given up hope when -


He was standing next to the refreshments – of course. His back was turned to her, but Ethel saw her coming. Her eyes grew wide as she registered the fervor with which Betty was approaching, causing Jughead to turn around just before she reached her target.

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oncebittcn  asked:

OK friend, I'm obviously biased here, but in your opinion, out of all the unluckier characters, who least deserved their fate?

I’m slow and useless and this may have made me tear up to think about on a couple occasions so thanks for that! This one was really hard for me to consider. I even had to rewatch a few scenes to help with my decision! I should add that I had to consider their previous actions leading up to where they were, their immediate actions before their fate, if they are relevant. Lastly, I had to consider the type of fate and how it compares to their actions.

We can all pretty much agree that most of Katie’s characters are quite tragic in some way. So let’s list those to consider with the unluckiest of fates. We’ve got Harriet, Lucy, Morgana, Oriane and Zara. My poor bbys.

Harriet Chambers

Originally posted by gr8stoneddragon

Harriet did not have a ton of development but I still had enough to work with. In a previous analysis, I mentioned how Harriet was definitely guilty of bullying Kenneth. Even though she was acting out in defense of her friend, it still wasn’t the way to handle the situation. Although it was unintentional, she was part of the reason Kenneth had his seizure and ended up in a coma. Whoops. DJ Harriet, cut the strobes please. Harriet did not argue much and was part of the group the stood by and agreed it would be best to leave Kenneth on the side of the road, outside the ER to save her own ass. Down the line, she showed only a little hesitation and remorse when she became of aware of Kenneth’s status and yet still decided it was best not to become clean. I can fully understand that she was trying to protect herself, her education, her status and her future career, but leaving someone to die because “Nobody gave a rats ass,” yeah, not cool. I think Harriet definitely deserved to be punished for her actions. However, how she died was horrid and completely unnecessary. That she did not deserve. Sigh… a moment of silence for our beautiful Irish doctor… thank you. Now let us move on.

Lucy Westenra

Originally posted by madqirl

Can I ever type or say that name without feeling like I’m being hit by a freight train?!?! Maybe some day. Today is not that day. Lucy had a pretty rough time. I mean her sole purpose in this show was to suffer and make us cry with her. It worked. Well done, Katie. When this all started, Lucy was simply a young girl in love that could do no wrong. As time went on, and we started to learn more about her, her internal struggles with her life and self became so clear. She was basically living a life that was chosen for her and she was happy with very little of it. Despite her feelings for Mina and jealousy toward Harker, Lucy still played her part as the best friend and was constantly there for Mina (although she did take a deserved jab at Harker on occasion).

Again, let us consider Lucy’s actions that led to her fate. After being hurt and rejected by the woman she loved, she seduced Harker after being convinced that Mina deserved to understand the pain of being hurt by someone she loved. She came to this decision and was coached by Lady Jayne. After going through with it, she felt terrible for what she did and confessed her actions to Mina out of guilt. Mina’s understandable reaction caused Lucy to feel even worse and it showed. While contemplating herself and everything that had unfolded, she was suddenly attacked by a livid Grayson. That sad look in her eyes will always kills me. Grayson told Lucy that if she insisted on behaving like a monster, he would make her into one, and he turned her. That meant that Lucy was doomed to live the harsh, cruel life of a vampire, but must also live eternally with the guilt of how she hurt Mina and the sorrow of not being loved in return. That is to assume that she and Mina never made amends (I think they would have eventually). Truly, I think Grayson needs to chill the hell out because that is a very harsh punishment for a mistake that a very trusting and naive Lucy made when she was in pain.

Lucy’s fate turned out to be incredibly tragic and was somewhat treated as one. However, Grayson’s words and reaction were intended to make us believe that she deserved what he gave her. Didn’t work, Grayson. You’re just rude and rash. Let us mourn our poor bby gay Vampire!Lucy. We could have had it all!

Morgana Pendragon

Originally posted by fan-imagines

I won’t let myself get into everything that led to Morgana becoming evil. A lot of you already sat and cried with me through that. Now I need to focus on her actions after she became evil. I need to focus on what she did after becoming a powerful, dark, magical presence. In season 4, we know that Morgana had come into her own as a sorceress. She no longer had Uther directly abusing her or Morgause manipulating her. She still had Merlin being dishonest with her, but part of me thinks by this point it would have been too late. That is especially so by season 5. As much as I loathe to admit, we have to consider the fact that all the decisions she made after becoming as powerful as she was were her own. All of the hell that rained on Camelot was her doing and hers alone. She no longer had Morgause whispering in her ear or pulling the strings. Morgana still, however, suffered a lot over the final 4 years of her life. Her anger and hatred for all of those against magic, and her drive for revenge only grew after being imprisoned and tortured for 3 years. After three years, I feel like the need to make those that wronged her suffer and bleed was greater than her original desire to take the throne to ensure people like her would live in peace.

When she finally had the opportunity to try and ensure her victory over Arthur and Camelot, events unfolded that caused her rage to fully consume her. Sadly, she became sloppy, no longer being “old friends” with patience. Part of her was even a little arrogant when she went out to finish the job and get her revenge. Finally, in that fateful moment she was vindictive to the very end. She knew her brother was doomed, “Don’t worry dear brother, I won’t let you die alone. I will stay and watch over you.” She could have left it there… however… “Until the wolves gorge on your carcass and bathe in your blood.” WHOA! Way to send off the one man that was always there for you before your fates forked off. Sad face! She also made the terrible mistake of underestimating Merlin. Again, this would have never happened if she knew the truth. I think a final showdown between these two was an opportunity missed. I would like to petition for a re-write.

Merlin was right to blame himself but was also right in saying the bloodshed had to end. At that point, what other way could there have been? Morgana went through so much pain in her life and we will never get over that. But objectively speaking, she caused a lot of pain as well. Even if she felt her actions were justified, even though there were some earlier times where she wasn’t always happy with her actions, she let her arrogance, rage, and need for vengeance take over. She did deserve punishment, and part of me will say that her actions immediately before her fate led to it. But I will never think her death was fair. Long live the Queen.

Oriane Congost

Originally posted by ajfflsqhtpdy

Pfffft! Oriane… I just… Wow. Much less conflicted with her. I once said, that I always try to find a way to sympathize with characters. Katie and my thoughts of what Oriane most likely experienced prior to the narrative made it a little easier to sympathize with her. But… that doesn’t stop the fact that she was terrible! Just terrible!! She treated her younger sister with undeserved disdain, simply because she felt Alais was “the favorite.” She manipulated literally everyone she came into contact with in the series. She killed her father with poison and had some lovely words for him on his death bed, “The agony you’re feeling is my hatred twisting in your guts like a serpent. I know you’re not my real father. But your death alone with not satisfy me. Alais will suffer for your sins.” Damn.

Following that heartwarming moment, she held her niece (a toddler) hostage and put a blade to her throat, and she tried to kill her sister. Pretty much every bad thing that unfolded in the final moment in that cave were of her doing. Big old blood bath and Oriane was lighting the candles, setting the mood, and filling the tub. Yeah, I would say she deserved what happened to her. Sorry Ori. Don’t hate me. And please don’t stab me!

Zara Young

Originally posted by xrosheen

I think all of us agree that poor, sweet Zara did not deserve what happened to her. I mean, literally all she did was show up for work that day. Zara had some extra responsibility thrown her way in the form of two kids. Sure, she lost track of them after they ran off, but I will always state that is not relevant to what happened to her. I still don’t believe that people out there make that argument. Get outta here!

Realistically speaking, Zara was simply a casualty of the chaos. However, she had the most gruesome death in the movie. It was torture! Getting picked up, fought over, dropped, dunked, picked pack up, dunked again, picked back up and then gone. Whyyyyy was that necessary? I mean other than showing off that Katie is a badass that does her own stunts and letting her live out what is most likely one of her top geek out moments. But why!? I will say, that you know, being aware of the things that have happened with Jurassic Park, Zara, love, maybe it wasn’t the best job to take? Let us say goodbye, to Zara Young, Jurassic World Employee of the Year. She will be missed.


Right so the verdict then! Who do I think was the least deserving of what happened to them. This was hard. Like really hard. I have a feeling some of you will hate me for my choice, but it is my final answer! I’ve been battling this for hours people!


Originally posted by savishenka

Again, Lucy literally existed in this telling of Dracula to be sad, suffering, pining, cast aside and technically killed. I am a bit of a romantic at times, and all I could think was how badly I just wanted Lucy to be happy with someone that deserved her affections and gave her the world. Seeing her go through the emotional turmoil that she did, while still trying to keep a brave and sassy front was hard. She was not driven by hate or revenge, she simply was young, naive, inexperienced and hurting. Yet she was viewed as a monster. That just doesn’t sit with me.

For those that want to kill me for not choosing them, Zara was my runner up! Followed by Morgana. Please direct hate mail here.

Thanks for the ask, friend! It was brilliant!

The Dark Affices: Lord of Shadows Analysis

(Unpopular opinions sorry+mostly criticism but the book is good, its just Imm irked by these points GAH )
I loved this book while reading it, the plot flowed well, the characters were quite lovable, but once I finished it- it felt like I had read nothing at all. The only feelings I had came from the whole situation with Kieran and Mark and Cristina, and that was just because I’m a total sucker for sad romances where one loves the other way more than they are loved back but ANYWAYS.


Unseelie King
Isn’t even half as threatening or formidable of an archenemy as Sebastian Morgenstern, and that makes the whole story quite weak already

Seelie Queen
She’s going to do something that will bite the shadowhunters in their arse the moment Julian gives him the Black Book. Predictable. She could’ve done way more manipulation on the others as well.

Zara and the Cohort
Everyone who fought in the way againt the Circle/Valentine is still alive. There is no way that within 10 years people who go back to wanting to brand downworlders and such. They remember the last time someone wanted to do that a massive war broke out and their relatives died. Also Zara is a two-dimensional character: her goal is weak, and she doesn’t seem to have any human/likeable qualities. So she’s a Regina-George-type character, made to be hated, but the Unseelie King has already taken that role. Repeat: Sebastian Morgenstern was a way better villian, since he had a single human quality: he wanted to be with his family, his sister and his brother. This brings us onto my next point

Both the villians and the heros both had very single-trait, non in-depth personalities, probably due to the amount of characters and arcs.

Emma: too unflawed. Her emotions are quite simple throughout the book (there could’ve been great inner turmoil about whether she could give up being shadowhunter to love/protect Julian). She killed a rider too easily- making her seem to powerful.

Julian: He was a pretty horrible person in this bk but in terms of character depth he’s not too bad. He loves his family and would do anything for them and it’s shown in a variety of ways. I’ve been comparing him to Cersei, since he’s on the whole “family is most important” and “manipulation” thing. However, considering that he’s practically been running the family, he should definitely sound less whiny and more mature.

Cristina: I don’t even know what to say. I can’t even remember what you did apart from sing lullabies and be attached to Mark. Her lack of more personality sucks because Kieran keeps saying she’s really nice and kind and stuff, but it’s not that supported really. She could’ve contributed way more to the fantastic love triangle, by trying to actively push Mark away because she’s seen how much Kieran loves him. Her selfishness here doesn’t lone up with her wanting to end the Cold Peace for both faeries and shadowhunter’s gain.

Mark: I hate him and love him. Cassie made a good decision in making him quite the douchebag, not quite loving Kieran as much as he loves him and not caring enough about Kieran’s feelings. But that makes him the most realistic of all characters: he feels regret since he’s practically ditched Kieran the minute he didnt need him (I mean there’s the whole “you made my brother and sister get tortured but you saved my other brother” thing which should’ve been Mark’s excuse to himself about why he’s not choosing Kieran, but he’s doesn’t and runs around with Cristina anyways. Interesting.

Kieran: I love him to much to make any judgement. Also he’s a faerie- they aren’t exactly “humans” and their emotions are more 2D so…

Ty: Better character compared to some others, and we now understand mildly how the twins and Kit work together as a team (since Kit needs to become one of the only people that understand Ty due to Liv’s death) . Also his loyalty to family as seen by the letter to Annabel. Cassie has laid great groundwork for him. Can’t wait for him to be a main character.

Kit: He and Ty need potential to evolve in the next series so I’m giving them some slack. I’ll do more analysis on their relationship later.

Liv: She loves her brother and is curious about Kit and she’s a generally more “realistic” character. Really thats it. I wish I felt tears for her death. I dont. Cassie could’ve developed her even more as a character, but then that would make her death more painful so. But her importance to Ty and the rest of the family is written enough that it would justify the changes that will happen due to her death.

Dru: TBH Cassie could’ve not spread the characters out so much that we’re kinda at a lost. Time spent writing about Dru could’ve been used on main-er characters, but Jaime needed an introduction. So did she. Looking forward to reading more about her in TWP.

Diego: A character with multiple loyalties! Yay!

Diana: It would’ve been way more influential if she had been forced by Julian to explain why she couldn’t apply for the institute instead of dropping it like a “bonus” story which makes her seem like then token LGBT character. It’s a great plot twist that couldn’t have seemed even more forced. It’s kinda sad that a brilliant character reveal was ruined

Gywp: He’s leader of the Wild Hunt and I know he’s in love with Diana but he’s not Magnus, who’s always had nothing better to do than help hot shadowhunters. (Jkjk)

Magnus/Alec/Jace/Clary: domestically cute and cameos that contribute to the main arcs.

Now, onto the more controversial topics:
Julian/Emma: This entire book is supposed to be about them balancing dealing for their love of each other with saving the world. It’s written in a whiny way and not nearly enough character (If you’ve read the Throne of Glass series, then you’ll understand- they needed the long-ass training scene between Aelin and Rowan). We never read about how they fall in love and that makes the emotions quite plastic…? It would’ve been fantastic to read more about how they fell in love instead of how they are insanely tortured now. It doesn’t emotionally appeal to me at all.

Cristina/Mark/Kieran: Words cannot express how much I fucking love this romance arc. It gives me so many feels, and half of them make me cry. I’ll analyse Kierark first. When it first debuted it felt like the “token hot gay ship thats thrown in for the fangirls to get off to”, but then as time passes we slowly learn how toxic this relationship really is. Kieran doesn’t love anything else in this world apart from Mark, having no family, no friends to love him. Whereas with Mark, he’s always been surrounded with love, with his half-brothers and sisters, Emma, Helen… etc. He doesn’t understand how much he means to Kieran, and Kieran definitely loves Mark more. In the Wild Hunt, it’s shown just how much Mark depended on Kieran to stay sane, which suggests, as Cristina says, that Mark owes a debt to Kieran. But it is not nearly that simple. Kieran’s love for Mark is what kept him sane, and love is unconditional in most cases, including this. It is undeniable that Mark, despite him having the possibility of not being in love with Kieran when they first become lovers, due to it merely being what he needed, it is certain that Mark does feel for Kieran. Even when Kieran betrays Mark, Kieran believes it to only bring Mark back to him. I see someone so broken that they’d do anything to have their lover back, not a selfish bastard who doesn’t cate about Mark at all. Kieran doesn’t understand “Family”, and in his defence the Blackthorns are a large enough family to survive without Mark. I’m not saying Kieran is entirely blameless, but its a totally understandable thing to want things to go back to how they used to be, and that is extremely human and (“I betcha you would have done the same”). Their love is insanely primitive and raw, and it is more of a “need” to both of them. Kieran needs someone to give him love, Mark needed someone to keep him sane.
Then we move onto Mark. For some reason, the faerie-blooded characters seem to act the most human in this series. Mark is a bloody douche for stringing Kieran on, while pursuing Cristina, but then that’s exactly what he craves. He needs someone to love him, in a simple way. He craves normality, and that comes in the form of Cristina, whom he finds himself attracted to, originally physical (he says he wants Cristina and that Kieran wouldn’t mind: he was not emotionally attracted to Cristina. But now that he’s spent time and realised how easy she is to love, he loves her). Kieran and Mark’s relationship is not just sexual, or romantic, or friendship, or brotherhood- it’s insanely complex and dependent and its toxic but they will never be able to remove the bond between them. They’ve experienced life and death together. But Mark doesn’t want to be burdened by such a heavy emotional relationship anymore, and that’s understandable, so he turns to Cristina. Kieran cannot bring himself to hate Cristina, since she wants the Cold Peace to end and that shows how much she cares for everyone and how she uncharacteristically wants to protect faerie rights despite being a shadowhunter. Cristina also oddly finds their relationship arousing instead of being jealous of Kieran, which leads to some of the fandom wishing for a polyamorous relationship. (Including me to an extent). On one hand Cristina could neutralise the toxicity of Kierark and also slowly teach Kieran to love other people, which would result in him not requiring the entirety of Mark’s love. (Cuz currently, Kieran love mark with 100% of his heart and wants Mark to do the same. If Kieran loved other people it would be less toxic, since Mark does HAVE to share his love with his family even if Cristina is out of the picture ) On the other hand, it would be great for Kieran to find someone who will love him as much or even more than he loves them. The smol deserves more love in his life, don’t you think? Also, I forgot to mention that Kieran does need to go back to the Wild Hunt, or he might become Unseelie King, and then Kierkark could actually be impossible, but I firmly believe they’ll always love each other, maybe not as much as before, but they’ve left quite the imprint on each other’s lives
(The stars will go out before I forget you, Mark Blackthorn)

Ty/Kit: LIKE THEY COMPLEMENT EACH OTHER SO WELL TY DOESN’T OPEN UP EASILY WHEREAS KIT DOES (he’s already attached to the Blackthorns) And Kit is so much more outgoing and cool and GAH its a great ship looking SO forward to TWP. (Srsly I have so much hopes for TWP cuz in my opinion TDA is a bit of a weak arc and the only redeeming characters seem to be Mark’s drama (I don’t think we’re going to see this in TWP I’m sad)

Gwyp/Diana: super cute and deserves more love

In conclusion:
I love Cassandra Clare’s style and how she can make character relationships insanely lovable. The fact that she always protects the characters all of us love from dying is great too. But @cassandraclare if you see this, please do consider these points made by a fangirl who is nitpicking a bit (I hope this series ends up as good as TID) for the greater good😂 (Also Diego/Kieran ain’t too bad of a ship either😏😂)

If you disagree with any of these, I am open to dicussions:) Just please don’t blindly hate on this: all of us are entitled to opinions, you have yours and I have mine. Let’s respect each other, okay?