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SAKURA WEEK, 160323, D-2: Kalopsia
→ the delusion of things being more beautiful than they are

She nurtured it, grew it long believing it was a way to the heart of the person she admired. It was her crowning glory, but she was made to realize that something she deemed is her asset can be used against her – a disadvantage.

Her long hair was indeed something beautiful about her but ultimately, when duty calls, nothing can be that beautiful that she’d hold on to it to the bitter end especially when the lives of her comrades are on the line – she is a Kunoichi after all.

The moment I started really rooting for her. I hope my interpretation makes sense and is as clear as the fact that Sakura is a bamf! ᕙ( * •̀ ᗜ •́ * )ᕗ

5 Shows to Watch Now That REIGN Is Over
How many games of Hide & Seek can these grown-ass adults play per season?

Is the ghost that lives in the palace walls there to help Mary or hurt Mary, and hey it’s not a ghost it’s been a lovechild this whole time?

But my love for this show grew along with the tangle of plotlines, and over the last few years I developed a genuine affection for Reign. I’ve spent a good number of Friday nights watching and livetweeting and yelling at the screen when yet another episode has gone by without Mary getting a happy storyline, or without enough Catherine one-liners, or when they’ve killed off characters I’ve come to care for.

So where do we go from here? Where can we get that rare mix of adventure, romance, pseudo-history, and most importantly high-stakes costume drama? I’ve assembled a list of shows to help fill the void, where to watch them, and a semi-biased guide to appeal-level of each one.

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anonymous asked:

i know that perhaps there haven't been as many entries as you hoped so far, but i hope you dont stop eruri of the month just yet. i think a lot of really great content has come out of this project and people have been inspired to write and draw more on their own blogs, and it's so wonderful. so maybe there hasn't been quantity, but i love the quality. so much. sometimes life is just rough and busy, you know? <3 anyways, thank you for this blog :)

I’m sorry if I gave the wrong impression that I wanted to close the blog. I’d do it only if there is a month without entries or with 1 or 2 for example, bc that would mean that people won’t participate anymore.

But I was a bit disappointed since May was a month with so many entries and there are less on June (or perhaps is my perspective?) so I thought after all you guys don’t like the idea or the themes.

I tried to choose themes open to any interpretation so it’s easier to create something, as it could be almost any situation. But I’m not sure if the themes are not good enough, or perhaps is just the time of the year? idk, I really like each one of the entries, and I’m super grateful to all people that have sent something. I hope this also helped you guys to have more people following you or liking your art. On my personal case, with my few entries I got many likes and some followers that likes my art, and that’s what I expect to happen to everyone. 

Spreading the love for EruRi is the main goal of this blog, but giving the opportunity to the people to show their art is also an important part and I’d like to help you all with this. 

As I said when I got several negative comments: I won’t give up.

But if the time comes that nobody participates anymore, we’ll see. It’s just the second month so I think we should monitor the behavior at least until the end of the year :)

Again, sorry if I didn’t explain clearly what I wanted to say, and thanks so much for this ask! ♥

sleepingreader  asked:

Hi! First of all, thank you for posting the new journal spoilers in ciphers! I'm getting mine soon, but not yet. Could you tell me, without spoiling it, if it's worth the wait? Have a lovely day!

Ah no problem at all! :D I know myself and if people weren’t using ciphers I never would be able to resist spoilers. XD So glad to make it a bit easier to avoid!

Without spoiling, there’s a bunch of really great details in the new journal, including just how much better in quality this journal is as a whole (no more pages falling out, yay!) and so in that respect I was pleased as punch! :D I would be lying to say I wasn’t a little disappointed by the lack of commentary on the post-NWHS entries (I would have liked more insights on how he views everyone) but overall, still stoked over it! :D 

Have an amazing day, as well!

Inktober Day 01: Cullen

My first entry for Inktober is the lovely Commander Cullen, for obvious reasons. I just couldn’t /not/ draw him first.

I decided to start doing this whole thing for fun, and I probably won’t be able to post a drawing on each day of October due to school - but hey, it’s the thought that counts, right?

Ps.: Apologies for the terrible quality and lighting, will be working on it in the future.


when i saw you today my heart didn’t drop. i felt nothing when i looked at you and i’m starting to realize that it’s okay. i was so used to you though. i was used to all the silly remarks and laughs we shared that it almost didn’t matter about all the demons we were fighting amongst each other. we conquered it all. i thought that i may still have feelings for you but i’ve realized that i got over those feelings years ago. i was comfortable. you were the last person i ever dated and even kissed. i felt so consumed by you and your presence that i’m still so afraid that no one will ever treat me as good as you did with me and that terrifies me. the thought of you holding any grudge against me is an overpowering feeling that i am not able to maintain. i never had the chance to forgive you but i forgave you in my heart. it has never crossed my mind about you giving me forgiveness or some conformation since i would always blame you for ruining things that i now realize you were really trying for. i never got the chance to apologize. i’m sorry. i am truly sorry for everything. that was long ago, i am not that person anymore and i hope with your little heart that you would find a place in there to truly understand. i was naïve, immature, and so caught up into what persona i had to be to satisfy everyone but now i see that i don’t have to. i’ve learned so much in the last few months and i’m so proud of myself. i’m happy for once in my life and i’m still getting better. i am now realizing my worth. i taught myself why i was so against starting a relationship as of right now and that’s because no seventeen year old wants to be in a relationship. it makes me want to wait. it sounds cliche but i want to be certain that the next person i kiss is the person that i will ever feel the most chemistry with. someone who matters to me and someone i am willing to give up everything for. someone i want to spend with for the rest of my life. i understand that many will chuckle and mutter under their breath about how it’s just a kiss but it’s way more than that. i’m not close minded like them. a kiss should be meaningful not meaningless. it should come with the passion, the lust, and the chemistry between two partners. i promised myself years ago that if i was ever to mend things with you that i would be so sure that i am happy, that i won’t need to fake my happiness anymore. i promised myself that i will be over you, that when i look at you i will only see the good in you and not the bitterness of the relationship we had. i promised myself that i will be able to trust you again. it shouldn’t matter about the history or whatever went down, i have brushed off that cycle of my life long ago. i will treat you like i treat every individual: the same. i will respect your opinions just as i respect everyone else’s because you are human and so is everyone i treat. a friendship may sound crazy to you but it’s just as meeting someone new again. everything that ever occurred three years ago is such a blur to me and it feels so good knowing that i can finally be myself, being opinionated, open minded, and my personal favorite is being a little bundle of happiness and positivity. i want everyone to know that what i’m writing about isn’t about blaming myself or blaming you. that’s not what i’m trying to get across here. it’s about forgiveness and learning to get better. i now feel pure comfort in peace. i want others to be inspired by this too, to forgive themselves and others. to start again and mend things. to never hold grudges amongst someone who meant so much to them. be open minded while you, the reader, reads this. this isn’t some sort of stereotypical lovey dovey stuff. that’s not it at all. forgiveness, peace, happiness, sacrifice, and growing as a human being. i am happy being in my own comfort and i’m still learning day by day. i don’t know how to end this journal entry and this is probably the longest journal entry i’ve done without taking the time to edit so i’m just gonna end with my motto

a happy soul equals a happy life


Thor Week - Day 1

Why are you a Thor fan and/or What draws you to Thor?

Mostly some of the following traits: He’s ambitious, adventurous, affectionate, benevolent yet sometimes bold and brash, brave, charismatic, clever, confident, considerate, compassionate, cooperative, courageous and daring, determined, fierce yet friendly and grateful, kind, a leader, loving (even to those who don’t deserve it), loyal, mighty, open-hearted, passionate, proud, skillful, smart (even if some might not think so), strong, sweet and very warm.

I used to really love those little sassy comments by Shaun sometimes found in the database in the older games. They were like fun little rewards while learning history. But in AC3 they were everywhere, and the quality just plummeted. No more was it a stray sarcastic comment here and there, it was cheap jokes in every entry. It frustrated me so much I stopped reading every entry.

image from madeinmasyaf