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Distracting kiss manorian❤️💙💜

9. Distracting Kiss - When you are competing, maybe playing video games or something so you press kisses anywhere available; arms, nose, knees, ears, knuckles, temple, just anywhere to distract them.

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This was not going to happen. They were not about to get beaten. And they sure as hell weren’t about to lose to them.
The MC’s voice boomed through the hole-in-the-wall bar they played trivia at every single Friday night. “For the first time in over 8 months, we’re going into a bonus round! Both the ‘Fire-Breathing Witch Queens’ and the ‘Territorial Fae Pricks’ are tied with a near-perfect score of 285.’
Aelin, Manon, Lysandra, Yrene and Elide all glared across the room at their boyfriends. They smiled back innocently.
The boys knew trivia night was ‘their thing’. They hadn’t paid for a single night out in the 8 months they’d been coming here, always winning trivia and having their tab comped.
As they looked down at the multitude of drinks, shots, and plates over their table, they knew there was a very real chance they may have to pay for it all tonight.
“This is a two-part question, whoever gets both parts correct is our winner. The category is science.”
“Yes!” Aelin hollered, reaching across the table to give Yrene a high five, who broke into a shit-eating grin at the mention of her favorite topic.
“Not so fast, ladies,” Lysandra whispered. “Dorian looks pretty confident.”
Manon turned in her seat. Indeed, there was a smug look of satisfaction on her fiancé’ face.
Elide snorted. “He’s the only one. Do you think Lorcan, Rowan or Aedion with have any idea?” She quickly added, “No offense, girls.”
Aelin began to laugh. “None taken! Look at their faces as they look at Dorian. They think they have this in the bag.”
The MC spoke again. “You’ll have 90 seconds to fill in your answers. At the end of the 90 seconds, someone will come around to pick them up.” He paused. “How many elements are in the periodic table and how many occur naturally?”
The room went silent.
Yrene tugged on her curly hair. “Gods. I know there are 118 elements, but I’m not sure about them occurring naturally! I haven’t learned anything about them since, like, high school!”
Manon looked at her watch. It had been 20 seconds. “You really think only Dorian will know the answer to this one?”
The response from Lysandra was almost instantaneous. “Definitely.”
She tossed back the remainder of her Jack and Coke and stood. “Then you guys better make this count.”
She sauntered over to the boys’ table. Beer bottles, mugs, and plates of picked over chicken wings were everywhere.
“Oh no, no, no,” Aedion said, watching her stop next to Dorian’s chair. “There’s no way we’ll agree to a truce or anything like that when we’re so close to beating you guys.”
Rowan and Lorcan looked smug, while Chaol was urging Dorian to keep writing. He was looking up at Manon, a curious glint in his sapphire eyes.
“We’d never ask you guys for a truce. I just thought I’d come spend some quality time with the love of my life.”
She straddled his lap and began kissing him, a deep, passionate kiss, her tongue immediately asking for entrance into his mouth. She heard the pen drop onto the table and then a hand was laced into her white hair. Both of hers dove into the black strands of his own and she heard the guys begin to loudly object as she heard the cheers erupt from her own table.
Rowan hollered. “She can’t do that! Can she?”
Lorcan said, “I don’t know, someone just grab the entry!”
A moment of scuffling and she heard Chaol growl, “He didn’t answer the second part.”
The MC’s voice rose over the sounds of the bar. “You’ve got 15 seconds before someone will be around to collect your answers!”
“Dorian, man, please!” Aedion’s voice was pleading.
Manon felt his hand leave her lower back. She could only imagine the vulgar gesture he threw in his friends’ direction from the groans and curses that were sent back his way.
“Just write something down!” Rowan said in a frantic whisper. “She’s coming to get it now!”
Lorcan growled, “Give me that.”
As soon as she could smell the waitress’ perfume dissipate and knew their answer had been turned in, she pulled back and looked into Dorian’s surprised, lust-filled eyes. “You owe me later,” he whispered, lifting her hand and kissing the diamond on her ring finger. “Witchling.”
A smirk lit her face and she kissed his lips one more time as she got off of him and made her way back over to her own table.
Sitting in her chair, she looked at the girls with their pleased expressions. “I hope you were able to get both answers down.”
They were.
Yrene’s guess of “85” was much closer than Lorcan’s last-minute scribble of “All of them”.
The 'Fire-Breathing Witch Queens’ remained undefeated.

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SAKURA WEEK, 160323, D-2: Kalopsia
→ the delusion of things being more beautiful than they are

She nurtured it, grew it long believing it was a way to the heart of the person she admired. It was her crowning glory, but she was made to realize that something she deemed is her asset can be used against her – a disadvantage.

Her long hair was indeed something beautiful about her but ultimately, when duty calls, nothing can be that beautiful that she’d hold on to it to the bitter end especially when the lives of her comrades are on the line – she is a Kunoichi after all.

The moment I started really rooting for her. I hope my interpretation makes sense and is as clear as the fact that Sakura is a bamf! ᕙ( * •̀ ᗜ •́ * )ᕗ

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Omg spill the tea on Shoma! Is he as good as they say?

Lol I can’t exactly tell you if he’s as good as they say if you don’t tell me exactly who they are.

If by they you mean my favorite skating commentator extraordinaire, Massimiliano Ambesi:

Shoma Uno, a Japanese skater from Nagoya, has shown to have qualities to put on the table… maybe more quantity than quality at the moment. 


Shoma Uno at Lombardia Trophy scores 92 (on PCS). We were talking about it earlier: go and see what Shoma Uno does before his quads. Go and see how many crossovers there are, how long his setting up for a quadruple is. How many empty choreographic parts there are… it shouldn’t be that a skater good at waving their arms around automatically gets 92, and I invite you to look at what Shoma Uno does with his feet and to compare him with others. Because then, if Uno Shoma gets 92, Patrick Chan should start at 120.

(x, translation credit to @the-a-factor-fs)

Or his jump coach, Alex Ouriashev:

I would say, ‘Shoma, you do a quad flip, Gracie will do a triple flip, and we’ll (measure) the distance and see which one is bigger' (x, Icenetwork)

Or Shoma himself:

With the current rules, the success rate of the jump is key. I don’t think it’s desirable, but compared to how beautifully you jump, it’s better to first increase the types, and jump efficiently. (x, Nikkei) 

then well, their opinions are pretty on point, I’d say.

If by they you mean ISU judges then yeah, Shoma has been rather overscored as of late. If I were to score him, his personal best would hardly break the 100-point barrier for the SP and 200 for the FS, not exactly close to his official 104.87 and 214.97.

Why do I think he’s overscored? He does jump a lot of quads pretty reliably, but if the rule gets applied strictly and accurately, half the time his quads should be downgraded to triples due to cheated takeoff (I discussed this here, but don’t just take it from me, take it also from Mr Kurt Browning: “His quad secrets are out: he actually rotates a lot on the ice before he even takes off” - CBC broadcast of the men’s FS at Helsinki).

His signature “quad flip” in particular has such a flawed toe tap technique and severe pre-rotation that calling it either a flip jump or a quad would require quite some stretch of the imagination. Just look at his takeoff in comparison against Nathan’s technically legitimate 4F: 

His landing is not ideal (discussed this here). His entry is not super either, and when he does have a step into his jump, it can be rather dubious (discussed this here). He also has quite a bad case of the flutz (discussed in passing here), but so far this season he’s ditching the 3Lz so, smart move, I’d say. Basically, I fail to see how his jumps constantly merit the full BV they get awarded, and I’m puzzled by all the +3 he usually gets for GOE. Even on his best day, for his best jump, the triple Axel, I’d be able to give him at most 4 bullets: recognizable entry, creative exit, good flow, and matched to music. 

(too lazy to gif his 3A again so I’m recycling this gif. Totally not trying to offer any compare and contrast here, not at all, can you guys just pretend the other half of the gif doesn’t exist) 

On the PCS side, he does have nice deep edges and a good soft knee bend, plus lovely flow and speed, but, and this is driving me utterly mad every time I watch him, he’s not utilizing those great qualities (discussed this a bit here). His skating is too much two-footed and monotonous movement. Outside of his step sequences you’d be hard-pressed to find any difficult turns and steps - it’s crossover after crossover after crossover, which, as my other favorite commentator extraordinaire - Angelo Dolfini - put it, “is neither nice to see, nor a sign of flawless technique” (x). Anything in between 8.5-9.0 would already be quite generous for his skating skills and transitions score so again, I’m baffled by all the 9+ that he usually gets for those areas.

At this point my one burning question is, how did I end up talking about Shoma so much on this blog?   

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My entry preview for the Fortitudo: Dorian Pavus #BornPerfect Art Book.
Again I am truly grateful for the opportunity I had to be part of something this big, because Dorian is not just a simple character we (Dragon Age players) all love here, but a symbol for something extremely important.

This book is a high quality product on so many levels guys… and I’m not saying this because I’m in it, but for the incredible dedication many super talented people put into this project and how hard @trashwarden and @elidoo have worked on it from day 1. Bless their heart, really!

5 Shows to Watch Now That REIGN Is Over
How many games of Hide & Seek can these grown-ass adults play per season?

Is the ghost that lives in the palace walls there to help Mary or hurt Mary, and hey it’s not a ghost it’s been a lovechild this whole time?

But my love for this show grew along with the tangle of plotlines, and over the last few years I developed a genuine affection for Reign. I’ve spent a good number of Friday nights watching and livetweeting and yelling at the screen when yet another episode has gone by without Mary getting a happy storyline, or without enough Catherine one-liners, or when they’ve killed off characters I’ve come to care for.

So where do we go from here? Where can we get that rare mix of adventure, romance, pseudo-history, and most importantly high-stakes costume drama? I’ve assembled a list of shows to help fill the void, where to watch them, and a semi-biased guide to appeal-level of each one.

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Do you like video games?

I don’t know. I guess.

I do. I’ve loved video games forever. They’re the greatest. There’s been a real renaissance of sorts. The barrier to entry has lowered considerably. People are making games now. Good games. Games of real wit and humor. Games with artistic merit.

Games haven’t been artistic?

I mean, what’s the artistry in something like Pac-Man? It’s a cartoon. It’s just blip-blop. Some nice sounds. The point of it was the game, more than anything. The addictive quality to keep you pumping in quarters. Games still do that. Those iPhone games. They’re the arcade. But somewhere else. You got to go to Steam to find the games. And sometimes not even there. There’s some fantastic games out there.


Dwarf Fortress. You ever heard of Dwarf Fortress?


It’s a masterpiece. It’s a Mona Lisa. Of games, anyways. Sometimes it’s not really even a game. It’s just life itself.

What do you do in it?

He’s got two things going on. He made a roguelike. That’s a… It’s kind of like Pac-Man, in a sense. When you die, you die. It’s game over. You gotta start over. That’s kind of what a roguelike is. You build your character out of what you can find. You fight, you battle, you die, eventually. But it’s random. You don’t know what you’re going to get. You don’t know if you’ll die immediately to bad luck, or if you’ll do super well. It’s an adventuring mode. You start off with nothing, you adventure, and you get stuff. But that’s not why it’s a masterpiece. Lots of games do that. Tons of games do.

And the other thing is a transcendental experience? [ Laughing. ]

You’re kidding, but that’s exactly what it is. The other thing is called Fortress mode. You get seven dwarves.


Dwarves! You get seven dwarves. And your task is to build a fortress, obviously enough. And you have points at the beginning you have to spend. What’s important for my fortress to get set up? You get points to spend on your dwarves’ skills. Miner, for digging into the mountain. Dwarves love getting in those mountains. Carpenter, for cutting down trees and making wood objects. Farmer, Mason, Jeweler, for those fungible gems. You get the idea.

Are they named Happy, Sneezy, and so on?

You can name them whatever you want, and there’s some fun in that. You remember that game, Oregon Trail?


The fun is that you name your settlers after your friends, and then you watch them die miserable pioneer deaths.

That’s so fun.

It is! So anyways, then you get points to spend on your loadout. The shit you bring to the mountain. You can spend it on animals, like sheep or cows, you can spend it on weapons, tools, anything you like. There’s some obvious choices, almost required. You’re gonna need a pickaxe for your miners, for example. Or an axe for your carpenter. But a lot of it is your choice. And speaking of choice, does the game just stick you in some boring environment that’s pre-loaded to be easy to play in?

[ Am I supposed to speak now? ]

No! Well, it can. The game generates a veritable middle-earth each time you play. And you have to put in what you want. If you want it easy, which is recommended until you get the hang of things, you tell it to make a nice little world with very little evil. If you want it hard, if you want it to fuck you over the table, then you can do that too.

The imagery-

But wait there’s more! More dwarves come after you’ve set things up. New dwarves with new skills and histories. Families. Some dwarves get married. Other dwarves get injured or killed by bad guys or bad luck. Sometimes dwarves just disappear. And so, you can’t control your dwarves, right? You can give them orders, but the dwarves kind of have a mind of their own. You need to keep them happy, because if they get depressed then they might kill themselves.

[ Laughing. ] Are you serious?

Yes. The dwarves who are depressed will fling themselves off mountains or drown themselves. Not a joke. Also, dwarves only drink beer. They don’t drink water. You must keep the beer flowing. Bad things happen if you don’t.

Is mental health a big part of this game?

Oh, definitely. Occasionally, a dwarf will be taken by a strange mood. He must create. He must make art. He must get this burning urge out of him. He’ll suddenly commandeer a work station. Like where you make the barrels for your beer or where you cut gems for trading. And he’ll make something. He’ll demand materials. But woe is you if he is not provided the materials he craves. If he asks for a thing that you cannot make, or gather, he goes nuts. He becomes suicidal, catatonic, or worse.


He’ll kill other dwarves.

I see.

And pull levers without being asked to.

One of those is worse than the other one.

Yes, pulling the wrong lever may collapse your dwarven society.

Do you empathize with these dwarves? The ones taken by these strange moods?

Your therapy degree is working overtime.

Thank you.

Yes, I suppose. Madness. Sudden and inexplicable madness.

What do you do with these dwarves once they go nuts?

Well, the depressed ones solve themselves, although it’s a big heartbreaker to the family. They can become depressed themselves and, as such, are less productive. The catatonic ones are dirty and filthy and useless. They no longer contribute, but they don’t really harm anyone. You can starve them if you like. Wait ‘til they get somewhere where you can lock them away and throw away the key. The berserk dwarves are an immediate danger and must be killed, or otherwise incapacitated. I’m sure if you tried hard enough you could lock them somewhere, but it’s easier just to put them down.

Which dwarf do you think you are?


The depressed dwarf, the catatonic dwarf, or the berserk dwarf?

[ Laughs. ] All three? None? I don’t know.

Inktober Day 01: Cullen

My first entry for Inktober is the lovely Commander Cullen, for obvious reasons. I just couldn’t /not/ draw him first.

I decided to start doing this whole thing for fun, and I probably won’t be able to post a drawing on each day of October due to school - but hey, it’s the thought that counts, right?

Ps.: Apologies for the terrible quality and lighting, will be working on it in the future.


when i saw you today my heart didn’t drop. i felt nothing when i looked at you and i’m starting to realize that it’s okay. i was so used to you though. i was used to all the silly remarks and laughs we shared that it almost didn’t matter about all the demons we were fighting amongst each other. we conquered it all. i thought that i may still have feelings for you but i’ve realized that i got over those feelings years ago. i was comfortable. you were the last person i ever dated and even kissed. i felt so consumed by you and your presence that i’m still so afraid that no one will ever treat me as good as you did with me and that terrifies me. the thought of you holding any grudge against me is an overpowering feeling that i am not able to maintain. i never had the chance to forgive you but i forgave you in my heart. it has never crossed my mind about you giving me forgiveness or some conformation since i would always blame you for ruining things that i now realize you were really trying for. i never got the chance to apologize. i’m sorry. i am truly sorry for everything. that was long ago, i am not that person anymore and i hope with your little heart that you would find a place in there to truly understand. i was naïve, immature, and so caught up into what persona i had to be to satisfy everyone but now i see that i don’t have to. i’ve learned so much in the last few months and i’m so proud of myself. i’m happy for once in my life and i’m still getting better. i am now realizing my worth. i taught myself why i was so against starting a relationship as of right now and that’s because no seventeen year old wants to be in a relationship. it makes me want to wait. it sounds cliche but i want to be certain that the next person i kiss is the person that i will ever feel the most chemistry with. someone who matters to me and someone i am willing to give up everything for. someone i want to spend with for the rest of my life. i understand that many will chuckle and mutter under their breath about how it’s just a kiss but it’s way more than that. i’m not close minded like them. a kiss should be meaningful not meaningless. it should come with the passion, the lust, and the chemistry between two partners. i promised myself years ago that if i was ever to mend things with you that i would be so sure that i am happy, that i won’t need to fake my happiness anymore. i promised myself that i will be over you, that when i look at you i will only see the good in you and not the bitterness of the relationship we had. i promised myself that i will be able to trust you again. it shouldn’t matter about the history or whatever went down, i have brushed off that cycle of my life long ago. i will treat you like i treat every individual: the same. i will respect your opinions just as i respect everyone else’s because you are human and so is everyone i treat. a friendship may sound crazy to you but it’s just as meeting someone new again. everything that ever occurred three years ago is such a blur to me and it feels so good knowing that i can finally be myself, being opinionated, open minded, and my personal favorite is being a little bundle of happiness and positivity. i want everyone to know that what i’m writing about isn’t about blaming myself or blaming you. that’s not what i’m trying to get across here. it’s about forgiveness and learning to get better. i now feel pure comfort in peace. i want others to be inspired by this too, to forgive themselves and others. to start again and mend things. to never hold grudges amongst someone who meant so much to them. be open minded while you, the reader, reads this. this isn’t some sort of stereotypical lovey dovey stuff. that’s not it at all. forgiveness, peace, happiness, sacrifice, and growing as a human being. i am happy being in my own comfort and i’m still learning day by day. i don’t know how to end this journal entry and this is probably the longest journal entry i’ve done without taking the time to edit so i’m just gonna end with my motto

a happy soul equals a happy life


Thor Week - Day 1

Why are you a Thor fan and/or What draws you to Thor?

Mostly some of the following traits: He’s ambitious, adventurous, affectionate, benevolent yet sometimes bold and brash, brave, charismatic, clever, confident, considerate, compassionate, cooperative, courageous and daring, determined, fierce yet friendly and grateful, kind, a leader, loving (even to those who don’t deserve it), loyal, mighty, open-hearted, passionate, proud, skillful, smart (even if some might not think so), strong, sweet and very warm.

I used to really love those little sassy comments by Shaun sometimes found in the database in the older games. They were like fun little rewards while learning history. But in AC3 they were everywhere, and the quality just plummeted. No more was it a stray sarcastic comment here and there, it was cheap jokes in every entry. It frustrated me so much I stopped reading every entry.

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