i just love the middle one tho


“They asked if Nerd Rock wanted to play and I said, "No, I’m doing it”. and like I was up there, I came on in the middle of Just Keep Breathing and I got so emotional because one of those thing. I just love that the fact my friends were here and I’m so upset that I put them threw that crap but I love all of them and I just wanted to say thank you guys for understanding and giving me the support even tho it keeps fucking happening. Um- it will stop and we just gotta figure it out i just want to say thank you guys for giving me that power… Midway I just looked at Nerd Rock and I was like “Nerd Rock I’m going on stage during Just Keep Breathing”. So you guys were motivating me while side stage…“

- Charles Trippy; (xxx)

so I finished son of batman and lmao I honestly think it’s some sort of gratuitous fanfic that damian wrote about himself for himself some time in the middle of bruce’s death/bruce’s return like it’s so obvious just imagine lil grumpy damian so dissatisfied with life that he writes an alternate one where his grandfather and mother love him unconditionally and his suddenly patient and attentive father wants damian to be the robin to his batman and his father is the one who gives him the cape and lbr only in a child’s mind would dodging bullets work like that and damian single handedly takes out deathstroke and btw damian is the one who gives slade his iconic eyepatch and damian gives himself all the best one liners and damian’s mom and dad kiss at the end and then his mom gives her blessing for him to stay with bruce who volunteered to take him in and train him and want him and love him and grayson can be useful once or twice and tim drake more like WHO

damian wayne wrote son of batman I am convinced 


so lullabysam tagged me to do the 5 selfies challenge! i haven’t been taking selfies as of late, mainly cause i’ve been kinda busy. so the ones with me in the red and black shirt were taken just now, here. the middle in the top row is one of my favs cause i had just curled my hair and i tried of a style and i loved how it looked! the one with me in blue is just me makeup free, not as amazing hair and the nicest one i could find that didn’t make me feel disgusting xD

i tag: disasterdean, kittiecas, tyrlerhoechlin, natashromnov, kinkywinchesters, palejared and anyone else who wants to do it! [only if you want to tho!]

While I’m in the middle of this chapter, I’d really like to take the time to thank people who continue to read my stuff. It was brought to my attention that while many enjoy the things I write, some people have been getting more than just entertainment out of it. Especially with HTBD, I’ve had a few folks express how much it’s helping them cope with something or another and I just -buries face in hands-.

I love you all. I started this fic as my own little self-indulgence with one of my favorite medical anomalies and it’s turned into my own way to cope with my PTSD and I’m just… I’m so glad that it can help others as well as entertain.

I need each and every one of you to know that I’m so thankful for your presence, even if the only trace you leave behind is a ‘hit’ on my fics, thank you. It keeps me going, and therefore keeps me being able to help others and that’s all I want. I just want to make people happy (altho, funnily enough most of these chapters end up with people yelling at me, but y’know there’s always happiness around the corner for it all) and with your support, I’m going to keep trying to make people happy. I’m going to keep writing McHanzo fics and people will have to pry this ship from my cold dead hands before I ever stop.

book rec: Garden Spells by Sarah Addison Allen 

about a small town in rural North Carolina where a few families have hereditary low-level magic. centers around sisters from a family with garden magic and a cranky apple tree that wants to be part of the family 

also featuring: an older woman whose magic is to give people what they need without knowing what they’ll need it for she just knows they’ll need it; a middle-aged gay man struggling to find himself after his decades-old relationship falls apart; human disaster who forgets how to talk and dropped a whole basket of oranges when he saw his first love, etc. 

read it read it read it i just finished it and it’s one of the most heartfelt and loving stories I’ve ever read??? (cw for domestic abuse tho)

Alphabet Tag

i was tagged by @silverbreeze10, thx btw :)

age? 15

biggest fear?can’t pick just one lol

current time? 7:30 pm

last drink i had? water

easiest person to talk to? my mom 

favorite song? LA Devotee by p!atd

grossest memory? this one time when i was like 7 i scraped my knee really bad and it was disgusting.

yes or no on horror? nah

in love? lmao no

jealous of people? on occasion. not really tho

killed someone? ofc not

love at first sight? nah playa

middle name? that shall stay a mystery for now lol

number of siblings? zero

person i last called? pizza hut if that counts. if not, one of my best friends

question i’m always asked? is that your real hair? ( big hair probs)

reason to smile? the fact that i’m at least alive lmao

song i last sang? empty gold by halsey

time i woke up? like 1 pm

underwear color? blue lol

vacation destination? oakland california or milan italy

worst habit? i bite my nails sometimes

x-rays had? A lot. too many to count

your favorite food? chicken fried rice

zodiac sign? scorpio

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