i just love the middle one tho

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lmao i can't believe some of the stuff you're into. the only part of tough cookie i rly like is when he's in the bathtub (tho i hate the grills) - that got me thirsty AF. but my fav mv is i am you are me, which might sound typical but honestly i fell in love.

Honestly if Jiho put his gold grills in, middle parted his hair and put his glasses on then came up to me like “Hey little mama let me whisper in your ear” I would yell out for him to just get to the good part.

Things I’m into physically about Jiho:

Body hair (actually made a 3 foot/1 meter poster of one of his photo shoot photos (not the one below) since he has a middle part and you can see his leg hair. It right next to my computer like my other poster I made of Kyung is next to Jiho. I fight them as I work.)



Hands even though they need lotion. He has the best nails I have ever saw on a boy

Will never admit it but his booty thing whatever happening back there that thing it’s aight….I’m well endowed in the booty department so having someone that it’s is sort of cute and endearing

look at that little booty bump 

I’m 99% sure I would be touching his booty all the time. He touch my booty I touch his and we are both happy.

His beauty marks on his face.

He has this side burn thing going on that he says is just normal hair not “facial hair” but I’m into it….more then I will say

His facial hair.

Where is this going?????

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Ok so like I still am seeing all the bootybutt anons messing with you(wtf why tho)so I wanted to do something nice for u to cheer u up & I saw that u r in love with Ketch so I was wondering if u would like it if I were to take screencaps of him from either Stuck in the middle (with you), the raid, or family feud. U can choose which one of those eps! So just let me know if u are interested & I'll do it! Just a little something from me to u to cheer u up & make u forget about the bootybutt anons❤️

Uh yes !!!!!!! Hmmmmm - Family Feud would be awesome !! I will never turn down Ketch pics !! And thank you. I’m trying to answer them with sass just to be an ass. Haha ! I rhymed !

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okay so there are these plants called Living Stones Cactuses idk if you've heard of these b if u haven't they are amazing they look kinda like little stones or mushrooms and the have a little slit in the middle but!! I got one and I found out the way they grow is another stone grows inside the slit and then it expands and the outer stone withers away and they're just rlly rlly cool ya gotta look up pics or get one also I love ur blog a bunch and thank u for ur time

OMG they’re really cute!!!!!!! currently i cant keep my irl plants alive i super duper dont have a green thumb but once i get the hang of it maybe ill get one they’re really cute and small

(warning if you google them tho trypophobia tw they grow in clusters and some of them look like brains)

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18. Have you ever told someone you loved them?

Romantically? Once and I was in middle school so does it really count? Lol it was a forced relationship because we were best friends and thought (because of heteronormativity) we had to date. I’ve only been in one relationship since and it didn’t last long and I never told him I loved him. He told me when I was breaking up with tho lol.

I fall in platonic love with people so easily so I tell people I love them all the time. I told @the-moon-and-stars-my-love I loved her today just because I was thinking about how cool she is. If we’re mutuals I’ve probably thought about how much I love you at least once, even if we’ve only talked once lol

paper airplane dreams
nicomaki   1,637 words   rated t

some dreams she had to fold, tuck into the pocket of her pink cardigan she keeps hanging in the far back of her closet. but not this one. 

a look into nico’s future.

Nico’s called herself the Number One Super Idol since the beginning, middle, and tearful end of Muse.

It takes years after that, years filled with long nights practicing and longer mornings facing the consequences, clothing drenched in sweat and shoulders drenched in tears, bleak moments where Nico fears her dreams are about to be crushed a second time and uplifting ones where she whispers under her breath, ‘I can do this, it’s so close’, but eventually the rest of the world calls her that as well.

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Another tag because it’s an epidemic

I was tagged again by @severeminx and @emimiketrash ♥

a - age: 24 going on 25

b - biggest fear: history repeating itself, failure, being stuck, aliens

c - current time: 10:30 pm

d - drink you last had: tea

e - every day starts with: cappuccino

f - favorite song: WHY DO YOU MAKE ME CHOOSE THO. The whole YOI soundtrack.

g - ghosts, are they real? Nope

h - hometown: I don’t want to be specific so I’ll just say Northern Italy

i - in love with: fictional characters

j - jealous of: whoever has their shit together

k - killed someone: literally? no. figuratively? i might have killed someone by telling them to read things that take over their lives

l - last time you cried: this morning

m - middle name: I don’t have one, it’s not a common thing in Italy

n - number of siblings: zero

o - one wish: to always do good

p - person you last called/texted: if you don’t count tumblr messages, my best friend

q - questions you’re most asked: “come stai?” (=how are you)

r - reasons to smile: Laurent of Vere, The Summer Palace, CATS, Victuuri and Otayuri being canon

s - song last sang: Evil eye - Franz Ferdinand 

t - time you woke up: around 9:30am

u - underwear color: cream

v - vacation destinations: art cities, Prague, Iceland, a bit everywhere I guess

w - worst habit: inaction

x - x-rays you’ve had: wrist/arm, knee, teeth

y - your favorite food: pasta, pizza, lasagne, croissant

z - zodiac sign: Leo

I tag @yuurra, @soullesstomatoes, @otabutts, @nerily and whoever wants to do it!