i just love the middle one tho


“They asked if Nerd Rock wanted to play and I said, "No, I’m doing it”. and like I was up there, I came on in the middle of Just Keep Breathing and I got so emotional because one of those thing. I just love that the fact my friends were here and I’m so upset that I put them threw that crap but I love all of them and I just wanted to say thank you guys for understanding and giving me the support even tho it keeps fucking happening. Um- it will stop and we just gotta figure it out i just want to say thank you guys for giving me that power… Midway I just looked at Nerd Rock and I was like “Nerd Rock I’m going on stage during Just Keep Breathing”. So you guys were motivating me while side stage…“

- Charles Trippy; (xxx)

paper airplane dreams
nicomaki   1,637 words   rated t

some dreams she had to fold, tuck into the pocket of her pink cardigan she keeps hanging in the far back of her closet. but not this one. 

a look into nico’s future.

Nico’s called herself the Number One Super Idol since the beginning, middle, and tearful end of Muse.

It takes years after that, years filled with long nights practicing and longer mornings facing the consequences, clothing drenched in sweat and shoulders drenched in tears, bleak moments where Nico fears her dreams are about to be crushed a second time and uplifting ones where she whispers under her breath, ‘I can do this, it’s so close’, but eventually the rest of the world calls her that as well.

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so I finished son of batman and lmao I honestly think it’s some sort of gratuitous fanfic that damian wrote about himself for himself some time in the middle of bruce’s death/bruce’s return like it’s so obvious just imagine lil grumpy damian so dissatisfied with life that he writes an alternate one where his grandfather and mother love him unconditionally and his suddenly patient and attentive father wants damian to be the robin to his batman and his father is the one who gives him the cape and lbr only in a child’s mind would dodging bullets work like that and damian single handedly takes out deathstroke and btw damian is the one who gives slade his iconic eyepatch and damian gives himself all the best one liners and damian’s mom and dad kiss at the end and then his mom gives her blessing for him to stay with bruce who volunteered to take him in and train him and want him and love him and grayson can be useful once or twice and tim drake more like WHO

damian wayne wrote son of batman I am convinced 


so lullabysam tagged me to do the 5 selfies challenge! i haven’t been taking selfies as of late, mainly cause i’ve been kinda busy. so the ones with me in the red and black shirt were taken just now, here. the middle in the top row is one of my favs cause i had just curled my hair and i tried of a style and i loved how it looked! the one with me in blue is just me makeup free, not as amazing hair and the nicest one i could find that didn’t make me feel disgusting xD

i tag: disasterdean, kittiecas, tyrlerhoechlin, natashromnov, kinkywinchesters, palejared and anyone else who wants to do it! [only if you want to tho!]

Mob Psycho 100 is so good tho… I love how the tone flicks from being serious to having very silly visual gags and things (very ONE… lol). Like that scene where Mob was like “that wasn’t ur brotherrrr…..’’ about his psychic episode as a kid, and then it immediately cuts to him having caught a cold + being all mopey? The tone of the show makes it so it’s hard to tell what’s actually hints at Mob having hellish psychic powers somewhere inside, and what’s just the poor kid feeling typical middle-school angst. (at least in the first bit lol). Is a silly bit coming next, or suspense? who knows?! I love it.

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unpopular opinion: even tho el/Millie looks amazing, beautiful, perfect in everything, the blonde wig wasn't her best look. tbh it always looked sort of out of place in her. i didn't hate it, i didn't love it

strongly agree | agree | neutral | disagree | strongly disagree

honestly im right in the middle on this one!! i love eleven’s regular look, the buzzed head is just perfect and beautiful and much more fitting!! but even tho the wig never looked quite natural i still thought it was adorable and great so i really dont know how i feel ab this!!

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"May I feast on your cunt, my love."

Random thing #thesquad is doing.

They often laid in bed with one another like this.His arms around her middle, her head tucked against his chest. Gentle fingers tangled in her hair as he held her. They slept this way because it was the only way to stop her nightmares and ease is own haunted mind. Two broken puzzle pieces fitting together like perfection.

More times than not they would just sleep, but soon the touching started. She was the one who initiated it, pressing his hand to her breast and her back to his chest in the night. She had begged for more once before. Yet, he was the one who held back. As if he was worried about moving forward.

On this night, he didn’t care. She felt his touch, his desire rivaled her own almost. As he whispered in her ear, his desire. It’s a question that is met with wide eyes before she reached upward and tugged at the silver strand of thread that held her nightdress closed. “Is that your desire? To feast until you’re full? Who am I to stop a starving man?” She pressed her lips to his quickly, nails brushing against his jawline. “As long as I am able to help you find the same pleasure later, in some way, I suppose you may, my darling.”

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Mistress America, Marie Antoinette, Gone Girl

i haven’t seen mistress america is it good? i heard good things about frances ha but haven’t had time to watch anything from noah baumbach.

ah it’s been so long since i’ve watched marie antoinette. i don’t remember it that well but i remember liking it very much especially the costume and interior designs, i love history movies and i love sofia coppola so what’s not to like.

i like gone girl but it kinda got boring towards the end to me, and the ending was meh, maybe it’s bc all the plot twists were in the middle of the movie so there were not many surprises left to the ending idk, i love david fincher tho the movie was visually very good and the actors were amazing. idk it’s just not one of my favorite movies.

send me your favorite movies and i’ll talk about them