i just love the little moment where she giggles at the medal :3

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I love your stories. How about prompt 80. “Teach me?” ? Do you put your prompts and drabbles on ff net?

Yes I do! Sometimes it takes me a little while to post them on FF.net, but I do post them. :) HERE’s the link to my FF.net ficlet series where I post these drabbles, and HERE’s the link to my FF.net profile, where I have a lot of other stories too, like multi chapter fics that I don’t post here on tumblr. I have a lot more fics over on FF.net, I don’t have even half of them here on tumblr. :) Thanks for this request! Hope this is what you had in mind! <3 :D

Lessons of a Blacksmith

Astrid never tired of watching Hiccup work at the forge. He was so precise in his movements, knowing exactly what he had to do and what needed to be done- something that Astrid saw him do more and more frequently in his leadership skills. He was becoming more responsible- mature. He was growing up.

And… well- she noticed that in more ways than just his attitude and what not. He wasn’t that gangly boy any longer, now nearing twenty years, he’d grown taller- he’d long since passed Gobber and Snotlout’s height. She guessed Hiccup to be around six feet, maybe even a little taller. It seemed he was a late bloomer, for this height had only kicked in over the last few months they’d been at the Edge.

That wasn’t the only thing that Astrid had noticed change. He had more muscle now- he was still thin, but not “scrawny” as he’d once been. Now he was lean and had wiry muscle- enough that Astrid questioned who’d win in a wrestling match, she or him. Most likely her, because Hiccup was a softy and would probably let her win… knowing that dork.

She shifted her position on the bench, her elbows leaning against the table and her chin resting in her hands. Hiccup moved away from the hot Forge, sweat dribbling down his forehead and into his eyes. He bumped a barrel of broken weapons on his way to the anvil, causing him to mutter something under his breath in irritation.

Astrid’s eyes followed his every movement, she being quite aware of the sweaty cloth that was clinging to Hiccup’s back…

She shook her head, looking away to keep herself from goggling anymore then what she’d already done. Already she felt Hiccup eyeing her suspiciously, and she tried to instead look interested in a weapon rack leaning against the wall.

She heard the clanging of the hammer against the anvil, flattening the piece of medal that was supposed to be a replacement piece for Toothless’s saddle. She turned back to Hiccup, watching in fascination as the hammer came down again, Hiccup skillfully shaping the lumpy medal into a smooth piece of workable iron.

Hiccup stopped and turned to dunk the medal into a bucket of water, rising steam and sizzling buzzles to the surface.

“How do you do that?” Astrid asked in awe when Hiccup pulled the tongs back, showing a now cool piece of medal, hardened and cooled.

Hiccup smiled and set the piece aside, wiping his hands on the leather apron he wore over his torso. “Years of practice.”

She stood and walked over to the anvil, staring at the iron before switching her gaze to the sweaty young man beside her. She could hear Hiccup huffing breath unevenly from the exertion, and his face was drenched in perspiration although he was smiling happily.

“Teach me?” She asked longingly. Hiccup laughed but didn’t hesitate to grab another apron and toss it over her neck, he himself going to tie the leather chord behind her back.

“I’m yours to command, m’lady.” Hiccup grinned dorkily, earning a small punch into his ribs.

Astrid crossed her arms, waiting for instructions. “Well? What do I do first?”

“Depends on what you want to make.” Hiccup started, grabbing her hand in his and pulling her over to a medal pot filled with a red glowing lava looking substance. “An axe?”

“Yes!” She exclaimed excitedly. Making her own axe- that would be amazing. So many times Hiccup had repaired- or even replaced- her prized weapon. Knowing how to repair and make her own weapon could come in very handy in the future.

“Alright.” Hiccup moved away for a moment before returning with what looked like an overlarge ladle. He pressed it into her hand, surprising her by how heavy the mechanism was.

“Now what?”

“Fill it with the iron, then you move it over her to this mold.” Astrid caught sight of Hiccup’s hand gesturing towards the table directly to her right, one that had a large block resting on it. She nodded in understanding, recalling seeing Hiccup do the same thing many times before.

She dunked the oversized ladle into the lava, pulling it out and scuffling to the side to poor it into the mold through a small hole. Once the lava began bubbling out the hole, Astrid pulled the ladle away and dumped the remaining iron into the caldron.

“Good?” She asked, glancing back to Hiccup was still standing close behind her. He smiled down at her, his arms going to wrap about her waist and his chin resting on her shoulder.

“Superb, my apprentice.” He teased lightly, his lips pressing a small kiss against her cheek. She chuckled and gave his ribs a little poke with her elbow, although that didn’t detour him any from pressing more kisses on her cheeks and neck.

“Hiccup, stop…” She bit back a giggle when he began tickling her under the neck with one finger, his other hand going to tickle her in the stomach. “Hiccup! I c-can’t… can’t focus if you-you’re- hehe stop!”

Hiccup laughed but decided to show mercy, ceasing his tickling to only hug her around the middle again, resuming his former position with his head resting against hers.

“I don’t know if I’ve ever told you.” Hiccup started softly, his lips ghosting against her ear. “But I love you…”

“I love you too, babe.” She responded, turning her head to kiss his lips. “Now finish showing me how to make this axe, and maybe I’ll have time to go on a flight with you tonight…”

Pacify Her by Melanie Martinez imagine: Leafy X Reader.

{A/N} Decided to make another one since the first one had good notes. Honestly let me know what else i should do or give me request. 


Tired, blue boy walks my way Holding a girl’s hand That basic bitch leaves finally Now I can take her man

“Whats the plan for to day leaf man?” Laying your head on his lap while he pays attention to the lit up screen, you question what the day will bring. “Well she’s coming over in ten dude so idk.” Pushing your head away Calvin gets up trying to clean the mess of clothes that were led by you. You and Calvin had “special” relationship. You both cared deeply for each other but one problem was in the way of you guys becoming a couple. A knock at the door echoed and quickly you rushed to put on decent cloths instead of Cal’s shirt. “Hey baby you’re here early?” Leafy greeted his girlfriend as she walked in. “Well i just wanted to surprise you by coming over but i guess someone beat me to the punch huh?” His eyes following the trail she lead with her and saw your shoes. “well she needed help with a couple things so i decided to lend a hand” Calvin replied a little nervously, you walked out of the bathroom bring the tension thicker in the room. “Oh [Y/N] didn’t know you won the gold medal of visiting other girls boyfriends first.” His girlfriend replied thinking it hurt you. “Well i didn’t try out for the olympics for nothing” You remarked with a smirk.

Someone told me stay away from things that aren’t yours But was he yours, if he wanted me so bad?

“Dude she arrived when I was there. I rushed out the door after changing, he had to hide my clothes in the shower.” You laughed into the phone call with [Y/BFF/N] on the other side giggling. “I honestly think you need to let him go [Y/N]. he has a girlfriend, maybe he wants to be happy with her. Haven’t you ever heard stay away from things that are not your yours?” [Y/BFF/N] explained, you can tell she was tired of telling you the same thing. “Don’t you think I’ve tried getting away from him? Its like he has a damn spell on me honestly, he can fucking snap his fingers and within a minute I dance like I’m his little slave.No one understands how he really feels towards me. she doesn’t get that he wants to leave her. I’m here come outside” Hanging up the phone you couldn’t take explaining the love triangle you were in.

Pacify her She’s getting on my nerves You don’t love her Stop lying with those words Pacify her She’s getting on my nerves You don’t love her Stop lying with those words

“Okay ill send you a pic of where i am…. Ive told you I’m at home… Yes she’s here…. Im not telling her to leave babe, i love you okay calm down, see you later.” You over hear the conversation he had with her. “Why do you lie to her?” Finally tired of being pushed back you ask in a slightly angered way. “what are you talking about? I don’t lie to her, don’t ever fucking say I lie to her.” The way he replied pissed you off and made the blood in you boil. “Excuse me? If its not lying then what the hell is it Calvin? I’m sick and fucking tired of hearing the same shit.” Enraged you shouted at Leafy, you feel a lump in your throat. Slamming his fist on the table he shouts “Maybe its not her I’m trying to get rid of. Have you ever fucking thought maybe you’re the one i try to get rid of?” Feeling heated, you decided it was time to let the fire explode. “Oh really? You want to get rid of me? Show mw your phone and tell me who you call at 3 in the morning because you need calming? Who do you call after you get into fights with her? WHO THE FUCK DO YOU CALL WHEN YOU NEED LATE NIGHT FUCKS? WASN’T IT YOU WHO SAID YOU LIKED WHEN I SCREAM YOUR NAME WHILE WE HAVE SEX? WAS I NOT THE GIRL YOU CALLED LA- Calvin pushed him self against you and shared a passionate kiss. Melting into the kiss, you wrap arms around his neck. Deepening the kiss, you feel his tongue trace your bottom lip begging for entrance. His hands travel to your thighs indicated for you to jump. *RING-RING* “Hello?… I was dishes I can’t send the picture with a wet hand and ruin my phone… I told you already I’m at home.” Another perfect moment ruined.

I can’t stand her whining Where’s her binky now? And loving her seems tiring So boy, just love me, down, down, down

“OH MY GOD YOU HIT 5MILLION?!” Excitement in your voice indicated you were so proud of what he became. “Yeah bro I’m so fucking stoke! We’re going out to dinner then to the club for celebration. Id like to see you there [Y/N]?” On the other line you can tell he was desperate to see you. knowing she’d be there you thought twice on what to wear. “ Uh… Sure ill go cal, just to support you.” Looking in your closet you noticed you had nothing but Leafy’s shirts. You had more of his clothes then she knew about. You decided to pick up [Y/BFF/N] in case you felt lonely. You arrived at the restaurant, not feeling so excited to meet her again. “Hey [Y/N] you made it!!” Calvin running towards you, he made it seem like you haven’t seen each other in so long, just the other night you stay over taking care of hm because of the fight they had. “Way to act like you’ve never seen me in so long” You whispered into his ear, “I have to she was complaining all the time about how I spend time with you more.” Walking over you you whispered “Tell her to suck it up.”

Someone told me stay away from things that aren’t yours But was he yours, if he wanted me so bad?

Feeling heat on you are thigh you wake up to the sun burning through the curtains. “Fuck” you murmured to the pillow. Raging headache was zooming into your system, you felt a body mass next to you, knowing who it was decided to leave early. Slipping into your pants from last night, your shirt was lost, you did what was second nature to you. You grabbed Leafy’s shirt, oh god how you fell in love with his scent. The mix of his cologne, with your perfume, and the faint smell of cigarettes almost sent you in a trance. slipping your shoes you dashed off to your car. At the first light from his house you peeped your rear view mirror to discovered she pulled in minutes after you did. “Stupid girl, if he was really yours, he wouldn’t be calling me late night” You huffed to yourself, thinking when can all this be over with

Mina’s Monday Recs: Fanfic Writer Appreciation Day Edition

Well, I’ve kind of been preoccupied with other things, which meant unfortunately that I was away from my laptop for most of Fanfic Writer Appreciation Day. :/ But for me, every day is Fanfic Writer Appreciation Day, so I thought it would be a good idea to do something a bit different this week from my usual recs. This week is entirely dedicated to fanfic. I’ve wanted to do a shoutout thing for ages – to a bunch of amazing writers whose writing has literally made it easier for me to get up some mornings, and whose stories I wish more than anything could be canon. I should also probably preface this by saying that I’m sure I will probably miss someone, but know that if I’ve ever left you a comment on your work, it’s because your story was quality. And of course, you can as always tag me in stuff you want me to read :)

So, in alphabetical order (because I need things to be in some kind of order, haha – but absolutely not in any particular order of awesomeness, because, well, all these writers are amazing):

absentlyabbie – HOLY WOW, Abbie is talented. :D I did not realise until I read her Toliver fic that I even shipped them together, but after I read Discoveries, it was difficult for me to ever remember not shipping them. The way she writes is so fluid and gorgeous, and it is definitely because of her fic that Toliver has basically ruined my life. Just saying. :P 

alanna-the-lionheart – Her 2x23 missing moment fic is definitely one of the best characterised season 2 fics I’ve read. I love how beautifully the missing gaps in that episode were coloured in in No Going Back. Especially the bit when Felicity invites Oliver inside her apartment, hehe. :)

anonymous033 – Ahhhhh, the queen of all things Nyssara! Seriously, though, Sophie’s fic, Here, in This Room (nsfw), remains up there as one of my absolute favourite Arrow slash fics ever, for me. There isn’t nearly enough femmeslash out there, and when both Nyssa and Sara are so gorgeously and wonderfully characterised (not to mention the smut was HOT)… well, what’s not to like? Seriously, even if you’ve never read Nyssara before, you should totally give this one a shot because it is just that well-written. 

anthfan - Wellllll, what can I say about this amazing author that hasn’t been said already? She just gets Oliver and Felicity so beautifully. Whether it’s a small missing moment drabble from 3x08 (The Table) or a fully-fledged smutty kind-of AU (Devil’s Backbone), you can guarantee that it will packed with emotion and incredibly well-characterised Olicity goodness.

arrow-through-my-writers-block - There is something fabulous about reading season 4 spec fics - and not just because they feature CANON established Olicity. It’s also because, well, this author’s New Threads series (my faves are part 1 and part 3) does so brilliantly in tiding me over this hellish hiatus while also weaving in the details we’re slowly learning about the team at cons and so on.

aubvi - Ahhhh, carefree!Olicity and during their road trip, no less, is my absolute fave. Aubrey’s dialogue between my OTP is just fab - especially in this lovely drabble, Caught in the Rain. She is definitely my go-to when I want some Olicity road trip happy fic. :D

dettiot - Melissa is one of my favourite smut writers, and with good reason, too. I mean, check out Now Playing, Number 14 (nsfw). My favourite thing about this fandom is the way everyone grabs at things the cast do or say and incorporate it (rather deliciously, I should add) into fic, and this was no exception. And, you know, I am a SUCKER for road trip smut, hehe. 

dust2dust34 - OH GOD BRE. Behold another Olicity smut goddess! Literally, her fics kill me. Whether it’s a gloriously naughty 3x20 smutlet like this one (nsfw) which happens to be the first fic I read by Bre, I think, or the achey perfection that is Mutual Release (nsfw), this wonderful writer never fails to deliver - and not just in terms of the sexytimes. Her writing is also just so beautiful.

effie214 - GAH. I don’t know how she does it, but literally everything Effie writes is pure poetry. Take come let me show you where life begins, for instance. Her style is so incredibly lush and beautiful and ARGH. And as if that wasn’t enough to ruin my life on its own, her tag fics are also just things of beauty. This one (nsfw) remains my favourite, just because you can never really get enough of Oliver going down on Felicity, imho. :D

gnimaerd - Duuuuuude. Sinceriously, I don’t even know what to say about this amazing author’s writing - except that SHE LITERALLY WRITES ALL THE THINGS I LIKE. Talk about being the queen of all things femmeslash! I could go on and on about her beautiful Olicity fics too, but I will focus for now on her gorgeous (and HOT) Nyssara fic, New Scars (nsfw) which quite literally took my breath away and made me realise how much I love Nyssara. And then there’s this amazing Laulicity fic called Distraction Techniques that does such a brilliant job on exploring Laurel’s character when she’s at her weakest. And of course, Laurel is my darling and there isn’t nearly enough fanfic out there with her in it - much less paired with another woman.

hopedreamlovepray - God, I ADORE how introspective this author’s fics are - to the point that I literally feel like I am in Felicity’s head when reading anything by her. Case in point: this wonderful fic set during 2x08, Just a Dance, which is a great homage to one of my favourite Olicity episodes in season 2 and, I think, a turning point for Oliver in terms of his characterisation. And then there’s this rather sexy fic that is the perfect domestic!Olicity story, Hanging Pictures and is another one of my favourite season 4 spec fics.

jedichick04 - Ahh, Rachel’s characterisation is always spot-on - whether we’re talking about Oliver, Felicity, Diggle or even Slade. I particularly love the funny lines she gives Felicity. In Where There’s Smoak, I was reminded why the timeline of Arrow Season 2.5 is known as the Summer of UST. I nearly spat out my tea laughing when Felicity says (entirely platonically, of course) “You look hot” to Oliver. :D And I have also been loving the stuff she’s produced for the Arrow Summer Rewatch, such as Workouts and Wisdom, which is such a fab missing moment in season 2. I love it when Oliver and Felicity talk things out. <3

juliesioux - I’ve said before that fanfic poetry doesn’t get nearly enough recognition in the fandom, and poems like this one really make me wish I could have that way with words. Such prettiness. Not to mention unaðurwhich is quietly sexy along with being really well-written. (Don’t be put off by the fact that the title is in another language, btw - the actual fic is in English, but I like how the author has used Icelandic words for her titles.)

lostolicityscenes - The author of these wonderful scenes deserves a medal. I adore the script format and the unique way these lost Olicity scenes play out. The Apartment is probably my fave. So much lovely Olicity banter, and as usual, the funniest Freudian slips by Felicity. :D

louiseblue1 - Lou is such a great writer! My favourite is definitely the Unexpected series. I love love love road trip fics, as I’m sure is obvious, and this little series was wonderful. Even though there were definitely angsty moments in it, and some serious Joliver tension in places, too, that angst contrasted beautifully with the much lighter moments. I still giggle at Barry the duck, to this day. ;)

machawicket - AHHH. Macha’s OlicitySpotting story (Hiking is Stupid) remains one of my absolute favourite fanfics based on that ridiculously feels inducing photo Stephen shared with us a while back. Just. WOW. And, actually, it was because of Macha that I even know what the term OlicitySpotting means, haha. I LOVE seeing how outsiders view Olicity and almost always think relationship goals. And then there’s this lovely domestic!Olicity fic which begins with the line “Why are you holding my underwear?” that had me squeeing until I was pretty sure my heart burst with the feels.

quiveringbunny - What would a rec list be without Lisa on it? To this day, The Dark Hours still gives me chills when I reread. I probably have already said I have a thing for missing moments, but especially from 2x23, and this was another excellent one. And one of my favourite things about this fandom is how so many of the amazing authors out there - which includes Lisa - are able to get Felicity’s babbling and lengthy internal monologue down to a tee.

seetheskyaboveus - Whoaaa. Her smut is legendary. I mean, check out Mission: The Wedding Night (nsfw). The author apologised for it being so long, but I LOVED IT. The only thing better than smut featuring my OTP is when the smut is plotty. :D

skcolicity - So there are fics that you enjoy, and there are fics that you squee over and there are fics that you giggle about because really you shouldn’t be reading it in public. And then there are fics like A Moment of Grief, which are so very well-written and stay with you because of how close to home it was. It’s angsty, for sure, but if you’re looking for a fic that addresses mental illness that imo Oliver is likely to suffer from, this is the one. At any rate, it stayed with me for a long time - well after I had finished reading it.

supersillyanddorky06 - Holy shit. That is what I say most of the time when I’ve finished something of Matty’s. I first caught sight of her work when the MTV Reblogs were happening - her Things They Learn series was sosososo good. Such a fabulous exploration of my OTP. And then I came across Underwear - the Door to Opportunities and nearly bust a gut laughing because what a wonderful and lightly naughty fic! It was after reading this fic that I realised how much I was missing out on all the alternate first meeting fics out there. Still, this one is definitely one of the best AUs I’ve read. Especially when it includes my darling Tommy.

susannahmccormick - Holy road trip gorgeousness, Batman! It’s great that we as a fandom use the scraps of info given to us in the hellatus as fic inspiration, and Ceci n’est pas un conte is a great example of that. (I’m assuming this was based on what Stephen said about when he thought Oliver realised he was in love with Felicity… if not, Susannah is obviously a psychic, lol.) There is so much lovely banter between them that I absolutely adore. This is one of those must read road trip fics. 

theshipsfirstmate - Yet another wonderful author of amazing road trip fic. My fave of the series is probably Pack Light, just because of all the tiny details the author picked up on - like the earrings and the Porsche and the dress. And there is such a beautiful, understated sexiness to each fic that I think is just the best.

thevegantargaryen - Okay, I will be honest. I literally only just discovered this author this morning, but my GOD am I glad I did. I am super excited for Sara to come back, however briefly, to Arrow verse, and the way that was explored with a couple of characters in the following drabbles was just fab. For instance, this Nyssara fic has such a unique take on Sara in a way that, for me, totally fits the more mystical mood season 4 is supposed to have. And then I came across this Canarrow fic that literally had me wailing. I’m an Olicity shipper through and through, but I LOVE the Canarrow dynamic and the haunting style of this fic still gives me chills now.

wagamiller - AHHHH. I first came across this delightful author around the time of us getting those 3x20 promos, when she wrote this spec fic called The Eye of the Storm (nsfw). Just. UGH. So many feels as Oliver and Felicity go for round two. :D And then there was this amazing fic, you’re the one that I want, which was delicious in an entirely different way - I’ve fantasised a lot about Oliver and Felicity being on his Ducati before, and MAN was there serious UST in this! There was so much in this fic that made me squee.

yespleasehawkeye - And while we’re on the topic of UST… check out Captivation. I absolutely love the way this author writes. She has such a way with words that I end up reading her fics again and again. The best thing is the way she writes established!Olicity - there is always such a gorgeous familiarity between them and their interactions. And obviously I love it when Felicity teases Oliver. :D And her smut is beautiful. One in Ten (nsfw) is just so incredibly well-written. Sure, it’s angsty, and with some delicate subject matter, but it was also handled and addressed really well. And the smut was gorgeous. I was sobbing by the end of it. You probably will too.

Good Lord, this is a long post. I’m sure I’ve missed people, and for that, I apologise. But if I have ever left you a comment on AO3, or  reblogged/liked your work, or if I’ve recced something of yours before, then that means I think you’re amazing - just as much as everyone on this list. Keep writing, keep reading and keep commenting/reccing/reblogging so all the fanfic writers out there get the recognition they deserve! And if you haven’t already, be sure to follow these fabulous people and leave a comment on their works.

Spread the love, as always, my lovelies. <3

(Also, apologies if you got notified twice. I tried editing something and the whole post messed up, so I had to go through and re-type things. Sorry.)

Recs from last week

My fics

For Now (Part 7)

Apparently a looming test that I should be studying for was the perfect inspiration I needed to get some writing done in my free time! 3 cheers for procrastination…and 3 more for maksyl being adorable. Hopefully I’ll be able to write again soon, my schedule is pretty crazy right now, but I haven’t forgotten about my fics! As always, thanks so much for reading. Comments, prompts, suggestions, and hellos are always welcome, and I hope you enjoy! <3

Read Parts 1-6 HERE

“This isn’t really the reunion I had wanted,” Meryl confessed, the disappointment evident in her voice as she sat on the ground, her back leaning against the couch while Maks stacked their nearly empty plates, silverware, and glasses. Although he had agreed to order in rather than cooking something for Meryl, he still insisted upon cleaning up so that she could rest.

“I’m sorry babe,” he replied apologetically as he walked towards the little kitchen area, quickly setting down the dishes before returning toward the living room, “that’s my fault. I should have taken you out somewhere nice. I was so worried about everything that I didn’t even think to do something special.”

She shook her head as he tried to explain himself before she stopped him, elaborating on her previous statement. “No Maks, it’s not your fault even a little. Honestly I wasn’t even talking about tonight in particular.” She sighed softly before continuing, “I just thought that the next time I got to see you…” She trailed off, not even bothering to finish her thought as he took a seat on the floor beside her.

“What did you think, Meryl?” he inquired, prodding her to continue. “Please tell me.”

She exhaled deeply, looking down at her hands as she fiddled with the ring on her middle finger before she finally spoke. “I just pictured it as some fairytale ending where we’d run into each other’s arms and ride off happily into the sunset.”

At first Maks did not respond. He could have said anything. He could have told her that she was delusional for thinking that way when she had been the one to suggest they stay just friends. He could have told her that’s not how life works. He could have shot her down in a million ways, but he was Maks. Even after all this time apart, he was still her Maks, and she knew that as soon as she saw that grin appear on his face, directed at her. “So I take it you missed me almost as much as I missed you when we were apart.”

Meryl smiled up at it, scooting closer so that his arm rested behind her, “You missed me?” she asked, as though she couldn’t believe it.

“Of course I missed you,” he replied without a moment of hesitation, wrapping his arm around her back. He leaned down a placed a gentle kiss on her head. “There was no one there to pet me and call me a teddy bear, and I didn’t get to tell you how much I love you every night. How could I not miss the most important person in my world?”

She couldn’t help but giggle as he spoke. As he finished, she brought her lips against his, kissing him slowly but deeply. Her lips lingered against his for an extra moment as she felt a grin spread across his mouth. Bringing her head to rest against his chest, she breathed in his scent, letting herself relish in everything that she had missed so much during their time apart. “How are you so calm about all of this?” she asked, a look of what could only be described as amazement present in her features as she looked up at him. He was handling things much better than she had.

At first Maks just shrugged, unsure of how exactly to put his feelings into words. After a moment, he sat up and turned Meryl slightly to face him, taking her hands in his, and then he spoke. “You told me that everything would fall into place if it was meant to be,” he began, wanting to make sure she heard every word. “It feels like the universe has been pushing us together since the second I met you, and now we’ve finally got a reason to stop pushing back.” He squeezed her hands lovingly, as though just by that touch he could convey everything he felt towards her. “You’ve got an Olympic gold medal under your belt and had already announced you wouldn’t be competing this season, we got our Mirrorball, and I announced my retirement as a dancer on the show. Even as a surprise, you have to admit, this baby has really good timing!”

The two of them laughed together, smiling genuinely happy smiles as they looked at one another. “You’re amazing,” she mumbled, her lips still turned up as her index finger lazily traced along his cheeks…his nose…his lips.

Catching her hand in his as she moved it along his facial features, he brought it to rest upon his cheek before turning his head, pressing a kiss into the palm of her hand. “Well hopefully,” he spoke as he entwined his fingers with hers, bringing their hands to his knee, “I passed on my amazingness gene, and you passed on everything else.

With a playful eye roll and a slight reddening of her cheeks, she moved onto his lap, kneeling as she straddled him so that they could face each other. “As long as it’s a Chmerkovskiy,” she murmured, watching as his smile grew larger. And as she kissed Maks, all her fear seemed to melt away, leaving room only for her to love this man even more than she had before.