i just love the gymnastics okay

Living Togethers hcs

Okay, but since Ty and Ethan have confirmed that they live seperate from Mark and together, I’ve had way too hcs to not share.

- okay but hear me out: sleepy mornings
- Ethan, who stayed up all night the night before, asleep on the couch with an empty cup of coffee in his hand
- Tyler catching him in the morning and just
• “he’s so beautiful”
- literally Ty staring at Ethan until Ethan wakes up
- “coffee please”
- literally both of them knowing how the other prefers their coffee

- or fighting over who gets the shower first
-“you got it last time, no fair!!” “snooze you lose.”
- brushing their teeth together
- *psa they fought over the design of the shower curtain
- Ethan won (only bc he has the lil blu boi eyes)

- they don’t do laundry until they know they absolutely have to (or when Ty tells Ethan to)
- “is that my sweater?” “no, its mine.” “Eth, its practically a dress on you.” “iTS CLEAN OKAY??”
- also like Eth color sorting everything while Ty goes by who the clothing belongs to (by this point, they’re guessing)

Can we like talk about them cooking together
- Ethan who is accustomed to a gymnasts diet and refuses to eat anything, like too greasy
- and Ty who has to be careful with certain foods cuz of his kidney
- so they either completely agree on something or have two seperate meals
- but they love cooking together
- feeding each other a piece of food while the other is busy stirring or smth
- i just ??

I love that they live together (might do pt 2?? i dunno, u tell me)

I’m Fine

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Donatello x Reader

I’m Fine

Prompt: Donnie x reader. Like he meets the girl at April’s on accident and he thinks she’s about to freak, but she blurts out she likes his eyes and a relationship snowballs and she’s in his lab one day and he asks her to get something but he doesn’t realize she’s so short (5’2”-ish) so she has to stand on something and nearly gets hurt but doesn’t because she’s a gymnast. He’s worried, but she grabs his mask and kisses him or something fluffy like that?

Note: Awwwwwww some Donnie love <3 I love my tol nerd!

“Hey April?” Donnie called as he walked through the window to her apartment. “I brought some new tech I developed. It should help with your-”

Donnie!” April hissed as he walked out into the open, right into your line of sight. Your eyes widened as you took in the sight of the tall creature. He was at least 6’7” and covered in lean muscle and loads of tech. A thick pair of glasses sat in front of a pair of gorgeous amber eyes.

“Um…” Donnie’s eyes flicked nervously from April to you and back again. “Uh, hi.”

You sucked in a large breath, and April and Donnie prepared for the scream, but it never came.

“You have gorgeous eyes, holy shit.” You stated. Donnie looked at you quizzically. He pushed his glasses further up his nose.

“I- uh, what?” He looked through his scanners. You weren’t exhibiting any signs of fear, no rapid breathing, no accelerated heartrate. In fact, he was the one with the quickened pulse. His cheeks flushed pink, and suddenly he felt as though his mouth was full of cotton.

“Brown with little flecks of honey,” you rested your chin on your hand. He was still dumbstruck.

“Donnie, this is (Y/N), my new roommate. (Y/N), this is-”

“D-Donatello.” He offered you his hand. “But, uh, everyone calls me Donnie.”

“Nice to meet you, Donnie.”

“N-nice to meet you too. I’m just not used to people reacting to me…that way. Usually it’s more screaming and um…” he looked to April pointedly. “Passing out.”

“I like to think I’m pretty open-minded.” You smirked.

“Well, it’s refreshing to say the least.” He smiled and then looked to April. “So now about that tech…”


After you met Donnie, it was only a matter of time before he asked you out. Or more realistically, until you were dropping so many hints that he finally realized you liked him and that he should ask you out. And so he did, and he had never been happier. Now, every time you walked by him, he earned a peck on the cheek. Anytime he was sitting on the couch was an excuse for you to sit beside him and hold his hand or pull his arm around you or sit on his lap. Every act of PDA, no matter how small, always flustered him without fail.

It was adorable.

Today, you were camped out in his lab, half watching while he worked, half reading a book you had brought.

“Hey darling, can you hand me the vial on top of that shelf?” Donatello, being 6’7” had forgotten that you were 5’2”. Despite this, you replied.

“Sure, babe.” And pulled him waaay down for a kiss on the cheek before dragging the extra stool over below the shelf. It took you a few seconds to steady yourself on the haphazard hunk of wood. You reached up on your tippy-toes, wobbling the slightest bit, and once you grabbed it, the stool tipped backward, causing Donnie’s head to whip around in your direction at the sudden noise. But being as nimble as you were, you had managed to land on your feet.

“Oh my God, are you okay? Are you hurt? Did you twist anything? I am so sorry, I forgot you were so short! This is my fault! I-”

“Donnie, I’m fine.” You assured him. “It’s okay. Here’s your thingy.” You handed the thing to him and he set it on his desk before returning to dote on you some more.

“Is it swollen? Can I look? Get up on the desk and let me-”

Donnie, I’m fine.” You told him, although more exasperated this time. He looked down at you from his towering height. “Really, I am. Gymnast, remember? I always land on my feet.”

“I’m sorry. I just want to make sure that you’re okay. I don’t know what I’d do if you ever got hurt.” He rubbed the back of his neck. You reached up and grabbed the tails of his bandana and then promptly pulled him down for a long, soft kiss. His face flushed three different shades of red.

“I’m fine. I love you, Donatello.”

“I l-love you too,” he stuttered, a shy grin tugging at his lips. You pecked his snout for good measure.

“I smell pizza. Wanna go check it out?” you offered him your hand, which he gladly took in his own.


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I just refound your blog and heart the mess out of it. I love and am envious of your writing abilities. ^^ I wanted to ask if you could do a Headcannon or scenario of Toshinori coming into his s/o's apt to find them hanging upside down. They're into gymnastics + pole dancing, so sometimes they suspend from the ceiling by fabric or spin on a pole. (I ask cause my friend walked in and were at lost for words as I was slowly spinning in midair, waving to them. I thought it would make a funny story.)

Thank you so very much for your kind words lovely! And I very much hope I could write this well enough and that you’re going to like it! =)

- The first time it happens, Toshinori is very surprised and a little worried if they might not get hurt accidentally. However, as soon as they reassure him that they know what they’re doing and they’re not going to fall, he’s leaving them to it.

- Depending on how much his partner likes to do it, Toshinori makes sure to keep the space where they like to suspend from the ceiling free, so they can move around without trouble.

- Toshinori also admires their skill and how casual they make it look when they’re getting down or while maneuvering around.

- Whenever he comes home and his partner waves at him from where they’re hanging upside down, he smiles and waves back.

- Often enough, he walks towards them and gives them a kiss like that or takes their hand into his when they stretch out an arm towards them.

- Mostly though, once he’s gotten used to it and knows his partner knows what they’re doing, he’s putting away groceries, starts to cook while talking to them, or he tells them about his day or asks them about theirs while he sits down on the couch. He’s rather relaxed and laid back about it and as long as they’re happy, that’s what is important to him.

Free! Characters as Other Athletes

So today, when I was riding my bike to school some dingus opened his door right in front of me and I flipped off my bike and smacked my head on the pavement. I ended up being sent home from school to observe for a possible concussion. Fun. Therefore, more headcanons today for you! Enjoy them!

Haru: Water Polo. Okay, yeah, this is kinda cheating, but here’s the thing. We all saw it in Eternal Summer. Haru sucks on land and as a competitive swimmer or not, Haru loves the water. So the only other sport I could really see him doing is water polo. He’d probably play perimeter positions, he’s a little too short not aggressive enough for hole guard, but perimeter positions (especially drivers) need a lot of speed, which he definitely has.

Makoto: This baby would make a really great basketball player. I mean him and Kiyoshi Teppei are kinda interchangeable as far as character archetypes go xD and he’s definitely got the height for it. He’d be a starter for the team and Team Mom here would definitely be point guard. While he is a bit of a ditz I think Makoto can be pretty strategical when it comes down to it honestly. (Also don’t you just want to see those beautiful arm and back muscles in a basketball jersey?!

Nagisa: Volleyball I think. He’d do wonders at it, especially beach volleyball. I think he’d be especially great as a libero since height doesn’t matter so much for the position and it’s a bit more strategic (and Nagisa here is one smart cookie!) Also he’s a sucker for standing out so he’d probably enjoy having a different colored uniform from the rest.

Rei: THIS DORK DOES GYMNASTICS!!! His specialty is vault but I think he really enjoys uneven bars. Also he did rhythmic and floor routines when he was a kid and secretly wants to get back into them because the routines are so beautiful. He’s pretty renowned in the gymnastics world for his absolute precision and perfect landings. Even when he lands incorrectly and injures himself, he always manages to make it look beautiful. Also, we already know that he’d totally wear that butterfly number for a leotard. xD

Rin: Okay I don’t know why, but sharknado here just SCREAMS cross-country at me. Maybe it’s because we see him running on screen almost as much as we see him swimming, but in particular I think he’d be great at long-distance running. Although  most high school cross-country courses are 5K, I think he really loves running 10K’s and marathons. It gives him a lot of time to think (and run off his emotions xD)

Sousuke: He plays hockey and just the thought of it makes him SO MUCH HOTTER in my mind!!! He’s a pretty damn aggressive player too, he is so not afraid to get in anyone’s face, so I could see him as either a really aggressive center or defenseman. He’s so cool and collected in everyday life I think that hockey would be his way to vent, so he ends up with a lot of penalties during games (and a lot of injuries too.) On a side note, can I please get some fanart of this guy in an LA Kings uniform with some missing teeth? It would make my millennium.

Nitori: Tennis! This cutie would be such an adorable tennis player, he’s got the perfect little voice for all those tennis grunts and would just look great in the uniforms!! He’d be a really great defensive player honestly, since he’s not super aggressive and he loves (not to mention excels at) playing doubles.

Momo: This guy would be a beast at soccer (football).  He has just so much energy and the perfect body type for the sport that he’d get the ball and take it all the way across the field with ease, and laugh the whole time through. He’d probably be a winger since they need to be adaptable and Momo is if not unpredictable.

Seijuro: American Football. Quarterback. No question. He’s big, he’s got the strategizing captain role down to a tee, and he, like his younger brother, has endless amounts of energy and stamina that he’d easily make one hell of a player. Also the guy is such a natural frat boy and would look just so adorkable with greasepaint stripes on his cheeks. Its official. I need to see this guy in full Patriots or Rams get up.

Kisumi: Okay so he played basketball in middle school, he and Makoto were teammates, but I think he’d be a really great baseball player! He’s got a great slender build for it and let’s be honest, who doesn’t wanna see him in baseball tights?! He’d be an exceptional pitcher, but his batting average is nothing to sneeze at either! (And boy can this boy run!)

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I asked for a hc before but idk if u got it, it's Ethan and the reader at a trampoline park and he's trying to teach the reader how to back flip


-ethan REALLY excitedly bringing you bc he wants to show off


-honestly being amazed at how talented eth is???

-“i wanna be able to do that”

-eth pulling you over to a little empty section

-“okay im just gonna teach my little baby some simple ones!!”

-eth talking you through every step so sweetly

-giggling when you end up falling and pulling ethan down w you

-calling eth the bouncy blue boy

-ethan peppering you with kisses every time you do one!!

-!!!ethan encouraging you!!!!!!

-“you got this babe! I believe in you”

-sharing mutual interests

-ethan being so happy you guys can share this together!!


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Jock!James and Cheerleader!Lily

“So how long will I be doing this for?“ 

Lily turns from side to side, admiring her uniform from all angles. She could take or leave the pom-poms, honestly, but she has to admit that she does look nice. 

"Just until Laura’s leg is better,” Ellie, the cheer captain (and her best friend) tells her brightly. “It was a pretty bad break, so maybe a few months." 

Lily whips around, privately enjoying the way her skirt swings as she does. “You know I can’t do it for that long. You said two games maximum.” 

"I know I did,” Ellie begins, looking at her pleadingly. “But you’re so good. All the girls want you to stay on, they all love you.” 

Lily quickly turns away from Ellie’s pout, smoothing out the fabric of her uniform. “I just don’t have the time, you know that.” 

Ellie sighs. “I know. You’re too busy.” 

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seeing as this is Relevant to irl right now... do you have any gymnast pjo headcanons

you say this as though i haven’t been crying for weeks about a gymnast au with annabeth and scolding myself because of how literally Basic and Predictable i am like i’m legitimately so annoyed at myself for these,

  • honestly though annabeth as a gymnast like
  • she could kill a man with her thighs (she can already do this but)
  • she drives people nuts in sparring sessions because she literally just flips away from them
  • doing handstands in her cabin while her siblings read out loud to her
  • i have a thing for non-mortal aus for some reason so
  • like anyway au where olympus doesn’t blow to pieces and the prophecies don’t exist or whatever and annabeth just gets to Live
  • she could be a gymnast like you know she could
  • she’d have to be she wants to be famous too bad
  • anyway gymnasts pique in their twenties so it’ll be a fun lil detour for her from her esteemed architecture career
  • chiron won’t let her train with weapons at the age of seven so she does bodily training instead
  • she’s small and fast and very agile, she gets bored with hand-to-hand combat and she’s literally seven so no one will train with her anyway so she just practices on the wresting mats by herself
  • and then one day luke is like “…..annabeth how did you learn to do that, that was amazing”
  • and she’s like “yah i know” lmao baby annabeth is my favorite annabeth
  • thalia isn’t dead so annabeth’s a lot less traumatized and chiron is a lot more insistent on her spending more time in the mortal world because she’s barely eight and it’s important for her to see the world and be around kids her own age
  • but she refuses to go back to elementary school, she can’t stand it
  • so, thus, you have argus totally unironically shuttling annabeth to and from gymnastics lessons
  • she’s really good, because of course she’s really good
  • imagine annabeth directing literally All of her 7-12 year old ambition at gymnastics instead of at getting a quest….. like come on, she’d be olympic material she’s annabeth fucking chase
  • she’s very very distressed (and so are her coaches) because she grows quickly and she doesn’t seem to be stopping any time soon
  • she hits 5′ at twelve and they’re already ready to dismiss her
  • she is, of course, Not Having It, so she just keeps getting better and better and working harder
  • she becomes more and more of an item of interest because she’ll be old enough to compete in the next olympics and she’s done phenomenally at national and international competitions already
  • unfortunately, she’s still growing. like a lot.
  • she absolutely refuses to let her height be a hindrance to her, though
  • she makes the olympics because of course she does literally her only goal is a gold medal
  • she’s the tallest female gymnast to even compete in the olympics, let alone take a medal
  • imagine the media being so confused by the people who come to see her
  • like “um so yes that’s her…. foster family?”
  • she patches things up with her mortal family at some point they’re cool and very proud
  • she doesn’t place in beijing but she wins london women’s all around
  • like just shut up okay imagine her face when she wins and she knows it i love her okay
  • like literally aly raisman made me cry when she finished her floor routine like there were literally tears on my actual face because she was so fucking cute and proud imagine if annabeth did that my heart would literally stop beating okay
  • also imagine her doing the interviews like ;-; about her strange collection of people watching in the stands and about how it feels to be the tallest female olympic gymnast ever and how her family is “um… super, super greek”
  • imagine annabeth in that freakin london montage with the philip philips song though like i’m just absolute annabeth trash i can’t help it
  • there’s definitely a fuckton of demigods who are olympians so annabeth is still very determined to be a pioneer in the architecture field, but it feels good, it feels really good

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hii! can i get hc for the RFA+V & Saeran when they find out MC is a rhythmic gymnastics athlete (plus their reaction when they watch MC's performance with apparatus like ribbon, rope, ball or anything up to you)? thankyouuu very much>//<

Okay, so I’ll admit that this was a bit of a challenge, haha;;; So in that regard, I’m sorry it took longer than I hoped to get done;; I had to watch a lot of videos of rhythmic gymnasts and I have to say, I love their routines (especially ribbons~ ^^) I have new respect for you lovely gymnasts! Anyway, I hope I did this justice, anon ^^” Thank you for the unique, but lovely request! As usual, V and Saeran/Unknown will be under the cut. Enjoy!


  • He honestly didn’t know to begin with.
  • He just assumed you liked getting up early with him. Long hour training sessions require an early start.
  • Though he caught on when he found Elizabeth playing with one of your ribbons.
  • “MC, when did you buy Elizabeth 3rd this lovely cat toy?”
  • “Um… It’s not a cat toy.”
  • He’s kind of confused to begin with. I assume he doesn’t watch much sport of any kind. Trust fund is too busy with cat commercials.
  • So you invite him to one of you training sessions and just
  • WoW! You’re so amazing and talented.
  • Has he just fallen in love with you again? I think he has.
  • The way you move with the objects is so unique and flawless.
  • Plus you don’t look half bad in that leotard… just saying.
  • He’s going to come to all your competitions now. He may not be good with emotions, but he will try hard to show you he supports and loves what you do.
  • So proud of you. The competitions he misses, he makes Jaehee go and record your part so he can watch it later.
  • May even try to get you to star in a commercial for one of his many cat products. Since some of your flawless moves is feline-like


  • Honestly, he’s probably stumbled upon some of your medals or trophies you’ve hidden away when you moved in.
  • Immediately goes to ask you “MC, how did you get these? You must be really talented!”
  • If you have any recorded videos of you competitions, you should show them to you.
  • If he sees you in the leotard…. Must contain the beast. I’m sorry, I had to.
  • Probably your biggest cheerleader.
  • Will spam the chat of pics and videos of you training, during competitions and when you win.
  • He will be so proud of you no matter what.
  • You came first? He didn’t expect any less. You came fifth? You tried your best and he personally thinks you should have won.
  • He may ask if you can teach him a few moves.
  • He’s at war with the hoop.
  • Hair gets tangled with the ribbon.
  • It’s a mess.
  • But you both have fun regardless.
  • He’s sad he can’t come to every competition you enter, but he makes sure you know he’s always cheering you on regardless of if he’s there or not.


  • She’s honestly amazed.
  • I mean, if you were amazed at her doing judo
  • She’s gonna be the same with you.
  • She’s happy for you though.
  • Sees it as a good way to stay healthy.
  • She’ll probably ask you questions about it like how much training you do, what’s the hardest routine you’ve done, have you had any serious injuries from it, etc.
  • Just answer them as best as you can. She’s curious since she doesn’t know much about it and she just wants to make sure you’re not in danger.
  • You’re probably not, but the girl must worry.
  • Of course, she can’t watch you all the time as much as she would love to
  • But she’ll go to what she can and she’s just…
  • So amazed.
  • Like… if you’ve watched Hotel Transylvania – you know the scene where Mavis sees a sunrise for the first time and she’s in absolute awe
  • Yeah that’s Jaehee. Same facial expression.
  • How are you so graceful and poised with a ball? You just make it look like an extension of your body.
  • She supports you for it all.
  • Makes sure you’re staying hydrated and well rested. You need to have good focus
  • I mean, you do think she’s being a slight hypocrite making sure you eat good meals and she’s over there ordering take out.
  • Just know she’s doing this because she cares.


  • How he finds out is you basically just tell him. Nothing dramatic just a Friday night.
  • “Hey, I have to be out of the house early tomorrow. I’ve got training to go to.”
  • “Training for what?”
  • And so Friday night is spent telling him about the whole thing.
  • You dig up some old photos from when you were younger – medals and trophies you’ve won.
  • “Wow, you’ve been doing this since you were 4?”
  • He’s an excited puppy. Bless this boy.
  • Be prepared for the excited questions. He’ll ask if you’ve got videos. Maybe you have some on hand somewhere, if not, you promise to contact home and see if anyone in the family can send in some.
  • Also you can bet he’s following you to training tomorrow. Screw playing LOLOL all day. He’s got to watch the amazingness that is his partner first hand!
  • And when he does see you perform, he’s so amazed and excited.
  • He doesn’t know why someone as amazing and talented as you went with him, but he’s ­so damn proud of you
  • He’s probably your biggest fan now and your best cheerleader.
  • Goes with you to every practice and every competition.
  • If you decide to teach him some of what you do, I think he’ll be surprised to find he’s pretty decent with the ball.
  • But he still thinks you’re the best at it.


  • If you thought he didn’t know…. you’re wrong.
  • He’s known since day one.
  • He’s just never mentioned it because it never came up in conversation.
  • But when you do bring it up, he’s so excited to talk about it.
  • He’s watched any video he could find of you competing online.
  • Always amazed by it.
  • Probably has one of the good pictures of you winning a competition or something as his background.
  • He’ll joke around with your equipment too sometimes.
  • Kind of like he jokes to be as good as you.
  • You both know he’s not
  • Hell, he’s probably tried on your leotard without you knowing.
  • He would love to go with you to your practices but work is a cruel mistress.
  • He will however hack into cameras to watch you.
  • He’s in awe every time.
  • “How do you bend and move like that through the hoop? How are you able to make this ribbon dance look flawless while I get tangled in it like a bad game of cats cradle?”
  • He’s gonna try hard to help you – _though don’t expect healthy diets and stuff like with Jaehee – expect him to try and make sure you sleep well, even if it means he has to join you in bed and ends up falling asleep and not doing work

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My mom had asked [me] after the season, do you want to continue playing, do you want to try other sports, you can do gymnastics. I was like maybe we should try something else. And my mom was like okay well just one more year and see how you like it and then if not maybe we can go do something else. The second year, my mom said that off the kick-off I just took the ball and dribbled it straight to the goal and shot it in. Ever since then I just been in love with scoring goals and its been what 22 years later.

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*gasps* Tythan circus au but with the gang and they're all different things? Like Mark's probably ringmaster, Amy and Kathryn are... jugglers maybe? stage makeup? tech helpers? fire breathers?, Ethan definitely does acrobatics of some sort, maybe something aerial, and Tyler's a big cat tamer (there's constant concern between Ethan and Tyler because they have relatively dangerous jobs), and I'm not quite sure what Bob and Wade would do but yes they're like family and just love to entertain?

Okay this is gonna be more hc style, bc I WANT TO TYPE SO MUCH FOR IT BUT I CANT. It would kill me. I’ll come back to it probably. BUT FOR NOW.

-Ty would be a fire breather bc he’s so hot lol.
-Mark would totally be ring master bc he has THAT VOICE THO.
-he’d also be the big cat tamer but not. He puts on the pink mustache and pretended to be someone else for that part bc he’s a dork and it makes people laugh
-Eth would do all the gymnastics, tightrope, trapeze, all the shit
-Amy and Kathryn would be the super pretty girls that ride on the elephants bc why the fuck not.
-okay, so bear with me on this one, it’s more of a carnival thing than a circus, butttt wade would be a bearded lady xD don’t ask why. I just like the idea of it.
-Bob would be like the running gag guy. He just stands off to the side looking unimpressed for the sake of comedy.
-they’d all worry over Ethan the most bc he refuses to have nets at the bottom bc he think that ruins it
-Mark is like a dad and makes sure everyone is good before they start and never over works them.
-but it’s called the Markiplier and friends show bc you know how Mark is. Big headed piece of poop.
-people worry about ty bc while his isn’t too risky, he just gets stupid with it alot. Like “HEY GUYS LOOK AT THIS”
-they all have the cutest costumes

Ficlet prompt from anon: Kate is pregnant. While working with Ryan and Espo, she starts feeling the baby kick a lot and the boys notice her flinching a little and kind of start freaking out. She laughs at them and tells them it's completely normal that it's just the baby kicking. They get all curious and she makes them feel the baby kick

“Yo Beckett, you okay?”

She looks up and sees Esposito looking at her with a worried expression, with Ryan at his side wearing a similar frown. “I’m fine,” she assures them. “Why?”

“You keep flinching and grabbing your stomach,” Ryan explains the cause for their concern.

“Oh,” she chuckles, “little Castle is just doing some gymnastics.”

“Ah,” Ryan smiles. “When Jenny was pregnant I loved getting to feel Connor kick.”

“You would feel him kicking?” Esposito scrunches his face. “That sounds like it would be weird.”

“Not at all,” Ryan shakes his head, “it was amazing.”

“I don’t believe you,” Esposito smirks. “It’s not natural to feel unborn things.”

“Come here,” Beckett waves him over.

“Why?” he squints at her.

“Because I said so, that’s why,” she grins.

Esposito steps over to Beckett as she turns her chair to face him. She reaches out and wraps her fingers around his wrist, then lifts his hand up and places it on the side of her swollen belly. It doesn’t take long before Phillip kicks some more, and Beckett adjusts Esposito’s hand so the tiny feet are pressing out towards his palm. He gasps and Beckett expects him to try and pull away, but he surprisingly doesn’t.

“Holy cow,” he murmurs. “That really is amazing,” he chuckles and meets Beckett’s gaze.

“I know, right?” she grins back at him.

“I told you so,” Ryan chimes in. “Is it okay if I feel, Beckett?”

“Of course,” she lets go of Esposito’s wrist, but he doesn’t remove his hand until the kicking stops a few seconds later.

“Sorry, Ryan,” Esposito looks at his partner, “the little dude stopped kicking.”

“He’ll start up again,” Beckett says. “I swear he’s trying to kick his way out.”

“Of course he is,” Esposito laughs. “He’s ready to meet his awesome uncles.”

Ryan and Beckett laugh too, and a moment later Beckett points to a spot near where Esposito’s hand had been. “Right here, Ryan,” she tells him. “He’s at it again.”

Ryan gently lays his hand over the spot where she is pointing, and a wide smile spreads across his face. “Wow.”

“Ah ha,” The three detectives all look over at Castle, who’d just walked up. “Is this why you guys sent me out for lunch? So you could feel up my pregnant wife?”

“They didn’t send you out for lunch,” Beckett stands up. “I did, and it was because your unborn offspring and I are hungry.”

“Oh yeah,” Castle grins. “Speaking of the fetus, I assume he was kicking again?”

“He barely seems to stop,” she laughs. “Now, what did you bring us to eat?” Castle’s response it to hold up the bags in his hands that are stuffed with boxes of Chinese food. “Fantastic,” Beckett nods her approval. “But I hope you brought something for you and the guys too,” she winks and then heads towards the break room.