i just love the founders so much

Celebrating Small Business Saturday with Rifle Paper Co. Founder Anna Bond

Check out @riflepaperco on Instagram to see this video and more creations from Anna’s small business.

After designing wedding invitations for a few friends, and then creating the invitation for her own wedding, Anna Bond, co-founder and creative director of Rifle Paper Co. (@riflepaperco) knew she had found her calling. “Everything about designing stationery just seemed to click, and it was the perfect mix of everything I loved,” says Anna, who lives in Winter Park, Florida. In the beginning, designs were all about Anna’s taste, but today, there is so much more that goes into the process. Above all else, she continues to consider the beauty, functionality and quality of every design. “I’ve been blown away by how much people have resonated with what we are doing and by the people who work with us on a daily basis to help see this vision come to life,” says Anna. Her advice to fellow small-business owners? “Write in your own voice and find what makes you unique.” #ShopSmall #SmallBizSat

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So far I really enjoy the new thread with oc's. It's new and we don't get much content about the founders even though they're badasses who founded the best wizardry school in the world. And OC's are kinda necessary with the founders considering we don't get too much background information on them/their family/etc. but then again I love everything you do so maybe I'm biased

(( OOC: Thank you dearie. Yeah, it’s been intimidating entering the founders era because there’s so little we know about them, so OC’s really are necessary to create any kind of story. I’m glad the OC’s and plot are coming across well so far. :) I’m really excited for some of the characters coming up.

Also, I’ve never asked this before, but since this project is so personal and almost entirely our own, original content, I’m going to be one of “those” people and ask everyone (everyone who enjoys these threads, of course) to get really involved.

Comment, like, share, etc. The more feedback we can get the better.

I have some dreams/plans for the future that may include (possibly) a web series or something along those lines (if I can find the time/get up the nerves to do it), and since this project is an original, we may take it and make something more with it.

Not saying it’ll happen, but it’s been on my mind. ;) So if you guys enjoy this series, input and support would be hugely appreciated. ))

So I just remembered this from Goblet of Fire:

“Bold Gryffindor, from wild moor,

Fair Ravenclaw, from glen,

Sweet Hufflepuff, from valley broad,

Shrewd Slytherin, from fen.”

I reckon this means that the founders are from England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland respectively, and so they are literally bringing wizards and witches from all over the British Isles. Also, their colours are the colours associated with each country; red for England, blue for Scotland, yellow for Wales and green for Ireland.

I love this world so so much.

I love how “creator of the Coast Guard” and “founder of the New York Post” are just slipped into a Hamilton song intro and never mentioned again. Like, dude accomplished so much shit that this two-and-a-half-hour musical can only spare three seconds for his founding role in two of the nation’s longest-standing institutions. You can hear that “founder of the New York Post” is a side-note in Burr’s tone–it sounds like:

How does Hamilton the short-tempered
Protean creator of the Coast Guard*
Ardently abuse his cabinet post
Destroy his reputation
Welcome, folks, to
The Adams administration

*founder of the new york post

camilla: i love all of my siblings equally

*earlier that day*

camilla: i love kamui so much???? she is the best???? my darling little sister who i would do anything for???? she is so cute and i miss singing her to sleep and cuddling her while she slept gods i just love kamui so much???? did i mention she is the cutest thing ever?????? *pulls out 15 photobooks* here are all the pics i have of kamui plz take a look at them and here is a pamphlet to the kamui fan club–im the founder and president, of course–which u must join bc kamui is the greatest and–

xander, leo, and elise: *look at the camera like theyre on the office*