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Hi!!! Ok, so first of all I LOVE your blog. All of your recommendations?? A gift from heaven. I was wondering if you have any good and cute domestic AU's? Kinda like the posts that prettyboyviktor makes (I'm so sorry, I don't know how to add links TT A TT"" ). I think that the domestic AU's are just ADORABLE and I'm currently reading Masquerade (thanks to your rec) and I LOVE it (omg) so I wanted to know what you think are good domestic AU's. Thank you thank you thank you so much!!!

Thank you for these requests! (and compliments, wow!!) I LOVE DOMESTIC AUs SO FREAKING MUCH OMGOMG

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Domestic Fluff

Safety Hazards in St. Petersburg by lucycamui, Explicit, 3.7k
In which Yuuri moves in with Victor in St. Petersburg and Victor discovers just how distracting living with him can be. I LOVE THIS FIC SO MUCH OMG

Love Like You by LFMH021, Teen, 3.6k
Little insight to retired and domestic Victuuri! Many small scenes from deciding who is going to do the dishes to grocery shopping. SO CUTE AND FLUFFY I LOVE THIS FIC SO MUCH! It’s the domestic fic you’re looking for!

stammi vicino by sunshinehide, Gen, 1k
its moments like these where yuuri realizes how lucky in love he is with victor. CUTEEE

Domesticity by DawnMalfoy, Not Rated, 4.4k
When Yuuri moves to St Petersburg to train with Victor a lot of things change for the better. Victor is really in love with Yuuri, and is still surprised that he gets to come home to him every day! Awwwww!

The Different Types of Warmth by BeautyButterBae, Explicit, 8.1k
When Victor drags Yuuri out of their apartment on one of the coldest days St. Petersburg has seen in a while, Yuuri is far from pleased. Victor promises to replenish the body heat they’ve both lost. Yuuri is far more pleased with that. Fun!

in need of melted marshmallow cuddles by Hitsugi_Zirkus, Gen, 1.7k
“Viktor. You’re Russian. How is it that you’re always so easily cold and– Wait,” Yuuri’s eyes fell onto Viktor’s bundled up form under the comforter, “are you wearing my jackets? How many layers have you got on?” SNUGGLES AND CUDDLES DO YOU HEAR ME SCREAMING I LOVE THIS FIC

Dream Awake by Ashida, Teen, 7.7k
Yuuri really loves to sleep in, in his bed, in his apartment, in their home, but they have morning practice, and Victor thinks of a new way to wake him up. It’s so fluffy I’m gonna dieeee

Get A Room, Just Not This One by chellethewriter, Mature, 8.1k
Five times that Yuri Plisetsky walks in on Yuuri and Viktor being grossly affectionate… and one time that he doesn’t. Takes place in St. Petersburg, post episode 12. Yurio is basically their son and I love it!

we laugh, we fumble, we take it day by day by waitingforreason, Gen, 3k
When it comes to taking their son on the ice for the first time, Yuuri is worried, Victor is patient, and everyone else is helplessly intrusive. LOVE!

kissed me like a sunrise by middlecyclone, Teen, 1k
Maybe, Victor figures, there are some things, some people, that you just can’t get over. And Yuuri is his. So cute!

Born To Make History by BeautyButterBae, Explicit, 9.2k
Some mornings were like today, where Yuuri sat up in their shared bed, only watching as Victor Nikiforov – the man he had married only a few months earlier – slept peacefully, still disbelieving that all of this had happened, that it was real, that he got so lucky. They’re married and I can’t breATHE THIS IS SO GOOD

kairosclerosis by celestialfics, Gen, 1k
Life at Viktor’s apartment in Russia is different than when Yuuri and Viktor had stayed together at Yuuri’s family home in Japan, but it’s a good kind of different. Thumbs up!

In jokes and Pettiness by preciousbunnynoiz, Teen, 3.6k
Domestic Victuuri get into petty arguments None of the fights are serious! THIS IS SO AMAZING?? I’M DYING??? Love!

Distance by surveycorpsjean, Explicit, 5.1k
They just can’t stand to be apart. They’re still obsessed with each other!

sight of the sun by cityboys, Teen, 6.4k
Wherein their honeymoon brings Victor face-to-face with a lot of firsts in his life. HONEYMOON FIC I REPEAT THIS IS A HONEYMOON FIC

Together Dancing, Cheek to Cheek by ambientwhispers, Gen, 2.1k
Katsuki Yuuri sometimes still doesn’t believe he could possibly be married to his old idol, Victor Nikiforov. One day, Victor decides to show Yuuri exactly where that road began, with the pictures from the 2015 GPF banquet. OMG!!

better than sliced bread by ebenroot, Teen, 8.1k
In which we all assumed yuuri is the one to own a dakimakura but maybe that isn’t entirely the case. THIS IS GREAT AHHAHA

Danganronpa Non-Despair Au Shipping Headcanons

This is kinda just my musings on how certain couples would have gotten together and other headcanons about them in a non-despair au. I’m going to cover Ishimondo, Naegami, Komahina and Soudam. I’m keeping this PG-13 but I might do another later that’s has my 18+ headcanons.

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  1. “You’re really soft.”
  2. "You smell nice.”
  3. “You’re cute when you’re worried”
  4. “I think i’m in love with you, and that terrifies me.”
  5. “I would’ve had breakfast ready, but you were sleeping on my arm, and I didn’t want to wake you.”
  6. "I’m here for my daily fix of hugs and kisses.”
  7. "Is it possible to love too much?”
  8. “You’re the perfect height for me to rest my chin on your head.”
  9. "I don’t wanna get up– you’re comfy.”
  10. “I’m so in love with her/him, I don’t know what do do.”
  11. "I will always be there protect you.”
  12. "I’m cold. Come closer.”
  13. “You have something in your hair, umm… Do you want me to get it out?”
  14. "I love you a lot, but please stop trying to cook me dinner, you suck.”
  15. "I’ve never seen such gorgeous eyes before.”
  16. "I can’t stop thinking about you.”
  17. “You’re really hot, shame about the personality”
  18. "All I want is you.”
  19. “This movie is really scary, but you’re into it so I’m trying not to cover my face the whole time, but- WHAT IS THAT?”
  20. “You came to my room at 4am, to cuddle?”
  21. "I could never leave you, I love you too much!”
  22. "A fairytale with a happy ending always brings a smile to my face.”
  23. "I don’t think anyone could ever be as lovely as you.”
  24. “You look really cute in that sweater.”
  25. "You look incredible in that.”
  26. “Is that my shirt?”
  27. “You’re so clingy, i love it.”
  28. “No, like…. It’s just, I can’t believe you’re actually wearing my clothes.”
  29. “Do you ever shut the fuck up?”
  30. "He/She’s quite stunning, isn’t he/she?”
  31. “Are you sugar personified or something?”
  32. “I look forward to holding you close in bed soon.”
  33. "Sometimes I just can’t control myself when around you.”
  34. "Do you believe in love at first sight?”
  35. "I think I’m in love.”
  36. "I’d like it if you stayed.”
  37. “You made these cupcakes for me?”
  38. “Have you lost your mind?”
  39. “You’re so fucking adorable.”
  40. “You’re my best friend’s sister, we can’t do this..”
  41. "People are jerks, but not you.”
  42. “All these new feelings are scaring me.”
  43. "I’ll share the blankets with you.”
  44. “I know I’ve kissed you like, ten times, but just like another ten, please.”
  45. "I have never felt this way about anyone.”
  46. “How do you always manage to look so captivating?”
  47. "I want this to never end…”
  48. “I’m a big girl, i can handle it myself.”
  49. “I can’t believe I got the first date, let alone a year.”
  50. “Can I kiss you?”
  51. “Don’t give me that puppy dog face.  How am I supposed to say no to that?”
  52. “So, are you guys dating or?”
  53. “There’s no way in hell i could fall in love with someone like you”
  54. "I waxed the floors, grab your fluffy socks.”
  55. “Could you hold my hand?”
  56. “Have you seen my jacket?”
  57. “Who changed the thermostat settings? I’m freezing to death.”
  58. “Can we just watch a movie and fall asleep on the couch?”
  59. “You can put your cold feet on me.”
  60. “You make me so happy.”
  61. “I can’t get over how a few months ago I wanted to learn your name and now you’re having breakfast with me in my sweater.”
  62. “Your stray red item turned my whites pink.”
  63. “A thunderstorm is rolling through town and you’re scared of lightening/thunder so I’ll protect you.”
  64. “Did they hurt you?”
  65. “You’re hiding under the blanket because you’re blushing?
  66. “Your lips are really warm.”
  67. “I just came home to you crying while watching a movie, please tell me what’s going on.”
  68. “That pet name was so gushy, but it was also so cute.”
  69. “I really love holding you, darling.”
  70. “You found me crying on the kitchen floor in the middle of the night surrounded by a shattered jelly jar.”
  71. “My parents are coming over in 10 minutes so please put some clothes on”
  72. “You look so comfy, and cuddle-able.”
  73. “We’re repainting the apartment and going to the hardware store together to pick out color swatches.”
  75. “I want you to fight for me!”
  76. “Please don’t go.”
  77. “You can call me whenever you want… Even if you don’t have a reason to.”
  78. “It’s nice that your voice was the first thing I heard today.”
  79. “Quit smiling at me, I can’t stop messing up my sentences when you look at me like that.”

I decided to make a prompt list cause I’ve always been anxious about getting a prompt I don’t know what to do with so I chose to grab them from other lists that I was comfortable with (originals: x  x  x )

~ Clara

Eyo wazzuppp

170210 HKG Arrival

Is Chanyeol looking at his phone? Then Baek is just peeking over?

Sehun’s(?) beautiful booty and legs featuring Chanyeol and Baekhyun near each other in the background ^^ ahhhhhh it’s good to be back baby

Side by sideeee

That jacket makes Chanyeol look kinda like a red marshmallow XD I love how it looks like he’s just towering over Baek

Chanyeol’s duty: Stay behind Baek at all times because he don’t like feeling lonleh 

Chanyeol duty numero dos: Get real close to Baek because lol who needs personal space when ye got on this fluffy jacket 

Nothing huge or anything but I was missing having something to post XD I missed ye guys~ I hate school XD I might not post as frequently or as quickly or answer messages that quickly either so please bear with me ^^ 

Let’s bask in the small moments we have been given :D

Type: Imagine


Pairing: 11th Doctor x Reader


Prompt: Eleventh doc x insecure reader? Lots and lots of fluff?


By: Anonymous


((Here’s to you, kid. Sorry it took me so long to get to this, I… really have no excuse. Let’s just go with me being a lazy bint, eh? I’m cool with that! Now, ONTO THE IMAGINE!))




“(Y/N)! Love, I’m sure you look amazing. Come on out, yeah?”

Chewing on your bottom lip, you turned this and that way in the mirror. Fingering the fabric of the dress, you tried to tug it down as much as possible but it only caused more of your chest to become exposed. It was a vicious cycle that only lead to you becoming more and more red and the Doctor becoming more and more impatient.

He was a toddler trapped in the body of an attractive man so… you would’ve expected it.

You briefly considered just changing into something else however the TARDIS seemed displeased with your hesitation. With the nearly indistinguishable brushes across your mind, you were able to get the basic idea.

The TARDIS wanted you to calm down and just go out there.

On shaky legs, you turned away from the mirror after moving a loose curl behind your ear. Facing the door of the wardrobe, you already knew that the TARDIS had moved the room. As soon as you stepped out, hello control room. Hello, Doctor.

Taking deep breaths, you began slowly walking to the door with the click of your heels being the only sound.









Stopping in front of the door, you bounced in place a little in order to shake off the jitters traveling through your body. As you grasped the doorknob, slowly turning it, you found yourself idly wondering if you’d had lipstick on your teeth.



Not the time for dramatics, you irritably thought to the TARDIS before all of your thoughts caught off.

There he was. The Doctor.

He’d actually dressed up for the occasion. A black suit with a white undershirt and his signature maroon bowtie that matched the shade of your dress perfectly. He even brandished a fancy cane and top hat, seeming to have taken some glee in being able to dress up for your date.

And you were sure the TARDIS helped him out, as well.

He’d seemed to have been pacing the control room, glancing over at the unnoticeable door in the corner of the control room that’d appeared. You felt a swelling of guilt in your stomach for being such a nuisance and making him worry. You’d always hated making him worry.

When the door opened, the Doctor was quick to spin around to face you having clearly been excited to see you. And when he did see you? Oh, the expression on his face. From the widening of his eyes, growing redness of his cheeks, or how he’d began moving around seeming to have no idea as to what he should do with his hands, you could go on. All in all, he just seemed so… taken by you. So drawn in by you that you couldn’t help the flushing of your cheeks as you looked away from his warm gaze.

However, it seems the Doctor had caught on to his lapse of words. Muttering to himself with the phrase ‘oh my’ thrown in there, he seemed decidedly rattled as he stuttered out his words.

“W-wow. (Y-y/N), you look…”

Ugly. Disgusting. Like a bloated whale. Like a poodle in a mini-skirt, what? I’m sure I’ve heard them all. Even though you knew the Doctor would never say anything like that, you couldn’t successfully push away all the dark thoughts that were following you.


Meeting the Doctor’s eyes, your red tinted lips parted in surprise. And from the redness of his cheeks, you could tell the Doctor didn’t mean to say it either. But, he did.

“R-really?” You asked against your will, feeling the swell of hope in your chest. It was almost sad how much you valued his opinion. How you felt so insecure of yourself that a simple compliment made you want to glomp the person. (In this case, the Doctor.)

Seeming to catch onto your thoughts, the Doctor seemed to compose himself and regain his normal demeanor. Moving towards you with a bit of caution, the Doctor stopped a few feet away from you. Grabbing onto one of your hands, he brought the back of your hand to his lips to leave a small kiss. You were sure you looked like a tomato at this point.

Moving his lips, he instead chose to hold the hand with both of his own, cradling it in a way. He gave you a patient and kind smile that was so sweet, so genuine, and so unbelievably honest that you could cry.

“(Y/N), you are a kind, clever, beautiful, and talented girl. You are more precious to me then you could ever imagine. Please, do not for one second think… that you are less than brilliant. You are fantastic and I am sorry for whatever you’ve gone through. I am sorry for whatever it was in your past that made you feel… that made you feel like you couldn’t even wear a dress.” You were in tears at this point, you could feel them falling and could very clearly notice the blurring of the Doctor’s face. You used your free hand to wipe at your eyes, not caring for the smudged eyeliner at this point.

His right hand let go of yours, instead using his hand to brush away a stubborn strand of hair from your face and instead moving it behind your ear. He stroked your cheek comfortingly.

“You are one of the most important people I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting. Don’t, for one second, think that you aren’t important. That you aren’t beautiful. That you aren’t worth it. That you’re disgusting or ugly. You’re beautiful on the inside and out, my love, I promise. Cross my hearts.” He pressed his lips to your forehead in a lingering kiss that made you sob, unable to control yourself as you pressed yourself to him.

“I-I love you. So much, I just-.“ Your words were whispered, mumbled quietly into his, now soaked, jacket. He simply held you tighter, cradling your head against his chest.

“I love you too.” He responded, stroking your hair in a calming motion that made you practically turn to jelly in his arms.

Yeah, you both wouldn’t be leaving the TARDIS anytime soon.

Clothes sharing is just like the ultimate fluffy trope. Like fuck yes, give me one person in my otp letting the other wear their letterman jacket around school like every cheesy high school romance in existence. Give me the smaller one walking around in the bigger one’s oversized, worn sweatshirt and socked feet, with their hair all messed up from sleeping. Give me my otp wearing those dumb but adorable coupley shirts that match each other. Just give it to me in every variation possible I love that shit it’s so cute I can’t handle it.


@mynameisblackjack or @yougavethisupbuttercup :). They’re both me, just depends on your mood. Jess, 20 years old, Clinical Psychology major, Asexual, sometimes I look like a 15 year old boy and sometimes not so much lol. I love photography, fluffy socks, leather jackets, my cat and cupcakes. Pretty much a homebody looking to meet new people. Don’t be shy ☺️
Insta: jclasby96

Punkish Bryan|Boris. I got a little lazy and didn’t do proper line art. Just a sketch cleaned up and then coloured under.

It wasn’t actually going to be him, but then I loved the hair and couldn’t resist giving it to Borya. Also, he really needs to do his roots again. The lilac is showing through so badly~

Zach Werenski - Just no Alex

Can i have a Zach Werenski one where his girlfriend is swedish so she is really close with Alexander Wennberg and Zach gets jealous and they get into a fight and can it have a super cute and fluffy ending😆❤❤ love your blog btw

It was around 6 pm when you got home from shopping with Alex. You were tired, and had bags of stuff to show Zach. Besides Zach,  Alex’s was the only person you were really close with from the Jackets.  It also made you fell at ease knowing that he knew how to speak Swedish. Of course you knew English but sometimes you missed your home country and Alex got that. So to have Alex around was like having a piece of home around.  

“Hey babe.” You said placing a kiss to Zach’s head as you walked in to your shared place.

Zach was on the couch playing a video game when you got home.

“Hey.” He said coldly.

“Are you okay?” You asked placing the bags down next to the couch.

“Let me see my girlfriend rather spend all day with my teammate than with her boyfriend, yeah am fine.” He snapped.

“I asked you if you wanted to come, jerk.” You snapped back.

“Well maybe I didn’t want to spend the day with another guy, maybe I just wanted it to be you and I.” He said stopping his game and looking at you. “Maybe next time we have sex I should ask Alex if he wants to join to.” He yelled getting up from the couch.

“What the hell is wrong with you?”

“You’re always with him. Always! Why is that. Why!?” He yelled as he ran his hand through his hair.

“BECAUSE HE MAKES ME MISS HOME LESS YOU JACKASS.” You yelled back as the tears poured out.

You hated crying in front of people. You never knew why, but you just did. You saw Zach’s face soften.

“Shit.” he soft mumbled as he pulled you in for a hug. “I am the biggest jackass in the world. I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have yelled at you.” He say placing kisses to your head.

You couldn’t help but laugh “Yeah, you are, but I still love you. I’m sorry too. I didn’t realize I was making you worry so much. I really do love you. It’s just hard being away from home sometimes.” You said wrapping your arms around him.

“I know it is. I forget that sometimes. How about this summer we pay a visit? You and me, yeah. Just no Alex.” He joked.

“Aww he would love to have come.” you joked.

“Not funny.”

“Just a little.” You smiled placing a kiss to his lips.


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Sportarobbie Grease!AU where Robbie is the Cool Guy in a leather jacket and Sportacus is the soft cute pastel boy who is Too Nice and gets taken advantage of and Robbie thinks he has to push sporty away because it's not Cool to fall in love, especially not with a Pastel Blue Elf (in the au sport isn't /actually/ an elf but it's just a nickname) but anyway it's angsty and fluffy and Robbie is Hot in his leather jacket and jeans that show off his butt and I'm gonna draw it tomorrow.

Sounds great! Tag me when your post it?


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*slides over $20* fluffy Guzma and his s/o headcanons? I found your blog this morning and I already love it

• He loves handholding.
• He adores how small your hands are compared to his.
• He likes seeing you wear his jacket.
• If you’re sitting down, he’ll come up behind you and squeeze your sides.
• He’ll always get a kick out of this because you’ll let out a high pitched scream and give him a pout.
• Sometimes he’ll just rest his chin on your head and just stare at what you’re doing.
• Sometimes, when it’s quiet in the mansion, Guzma will just hold your hand and kind of play with it, admiring all the features and imperfections.
• He really likes jawline kisses.
• It seems so intimate and just passionate.
• He’ll carry you a lot.
• If you two are out and about, he’ll pick you up and throw you over his shoulder or carry you bridal style.
• If you initiate romantic things, he’ll turn red and stutter.
• There is a lot of teasing.
• He’ll do something dumb and you’ll call him a dummy and he’ll say that cliché “You know you love me” and wink.
• You’ll say no with such conviction that he’ll just freeze.
• His shoulders will go slack and eyes will go wide. He’ll let out a soft “What?” and just stare at you.
• You’ll feel bad but what can you do?
• You’ll respond with, “Isn’t no always the answer for Team Skull?’
• He’ll break out into a grin and pick you up. He’ll nuzzle into your chest and mumble how you scared the living shit out of him and spin you around.
• If you’re at his place, he’ll throw you onto the bed.
• If you two are watching a movie, he’ll usually fall asleep first and on your shoulder.
• He enjoys hearing about your day and loves hearing your voice.
• When you guys sleep, he’ll always hold you close and breathe in your scent.


Sometimes, I just want somebody to hold
Someone to give me the jacket when it’s cold
Got that young love even when we’re old

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Top 5 Jackets of ADT

Alright Rodaina, this has taken me MORE than a day to sort out. But here you go. I bet they’re not going to be what you thought… and you’re also getting TEN because I have no life and there were too many good ones. 

10. The Zippered Black Leather Jacket with Red Satin Lining - He looks so good in this jacket every single time he wears it. I like when he wears it zipped up over a button down or over the ringer tee. I love it every way. It’s also from like prime SIAS quiff-era and we all know how I feel about that. I just realized I didn’t include him wearing it at Coachella over the gingham shirt, and I’m gonna die. So… let’s just watch him in it instead… 🖤❤️🖤❤️🖤

9. The Pink Panther Jacket - I like Alex in pink, okay? He can honestly wear every color, but I like the retro feel he gives off when he wears pink and black together. It’s got like an Elvis Presley vibe and I dig it. It’s a custom-made Ray Brown design and he wore it for the Pistoia Blues Festival in Italy and at Alexandra Palace during the EYCTE tour. 💗💗💗💗💗

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Softy - Negan x Reader (Smut + Fluff)

Request !! “Hi, I was wondering if I could request a story where Negan and a new girl at the sanctuary actually formed a bond. However she unknowingly breaks a rule and Negan spanks her as punishment thinking it will turn her on but instead she cries and becomes distant. Negan instantly regrets what he’s done and tries to make it up to her. Fluff and whatever else you want. Thank you” - @lokis-imaginary-friend

I really want to make this fluffy in some way.


You saw him swagger across the room in the stock cupboard, his leather jacket neatly hugging his frame you liked so much, his silhouette with its distinct movements comforting in your view. You had really come to love and appreciate his presence in your life. He was like the guy you would admire at a distance but personally feel too intimidated by to approach for a date. 

You were not meet, just not extroverted. You were not alone, just enjoyed the comfort of silence, you didn’t feel like you fit in very well… until he smiled at you all those weeks ago and your heart fluttered out of place. Since then you’d find reasons to speak with him and he would find reasons to swing by and chat with you as best as he could. You two were flirty and you had a definite chemistry, although he still terrified you in the best way.

He was stalking through the cans and tins, smirking and joking with his men as they took tallies of their amounts. You enjoyed watching him. He was captivating - his movements, the way he spoke -  You were captivated. 

Never really having any sexual relations, you weren’t sure where you stood with him. He never asked you to be his wife so you were sure that was proof he was not interested, but it frustrated you to sit through the teasing and flirting directed at you without knowing exactly what he thought of you.

“Hey ! (Y/N)” He shouts over to you with a smile, “Come look at what i just fucking discovered”

You froze a little, oh shit. Were you in trouble ?  Why would he want you to go ? Had you made a mistake ? You panicked a little, straightened your jacked and put on a smile before walking over to him casually (As casually as you could, knowing he remembered your name).

“Two whole tins of peaches ! Ain’t that a fucking peach !?” He grins, putting an arm around your waist. You let him and stand a little cautiously, nervous at his touch. He was actually touching you ! You blushed, a internal heat running to your cheeks, trying to translate what his touch actually meant.

“Yeah, super peachy “ You joked back with a smile, not sure of what he wanted you to say so making a pun instead. 

He noticed your blush. You could tell as his eyes lingered on your face too long, his tongue running over his bottom lip, his eyes widening into a raise of his eyebrow to signal a cocky understanding. “ You getting hot in here , (Y/N)?” He whispers into your ear, you could feel the amusement on his voice as he provoked you. “ Because you look as if you are getting damn hot”

Your words would not come out ! You were fumbling and trying so hard to create a witty response to his teasing, like some sortve reference to the peaches ? Ahh you could feel your internal dialogue screaming at you. He was really working you up, his touch on your waist, his breath in your neck, his provocative words in your ear. Unbearable. 

“So damn hot” He added, pecking you on the cheek before pulling away from your face altogether. You couldve squealed at his advances, okay so he liked you. And you were getting wet. Did he mean you were hot ? 

“Count stock for me (Y/N)?” He grins again, twisting the can of beaches around in his hand, faking interest in them. “You see, sweetheart, while we were talking, all my men have buggered off to shit. So i have no one whatso-fucking-ever to help me. All you have to do is count out loud how many of each fucking type of can there is. Easy peasy, lemon squeasy, right?” 

“Oh “ You mumble trying to act coolly, now the two of you were alone you felt more vunerable but also more under his trance. Just count the stock, thats all you had to do. “Yeah, sure ill help you”

“Swell” He winked, you watched him take a can into his hands and gaze over it for a while before he threw it to your hands. 

“One” You answered, catching it with ease. This was so easy. You placed it down on a shelf to your right, grapefruit segments.

He threw another one, faster this time, more careless. He was already turning to get the next can. You caught this one too. “Two, Three” You reply, stressing out at him going faster. “Four, Five , Six” All came too fast and you couldn’t put them down as quickly as he was throwing and you were catching.

“Negan !” You squealed as number seven hit your thigh with a thud before to falling to the floor, you were laughing, trying to balance the cans.

“UHHH !” he made the deep noise of a buzzer on a gameshow ,” Negan isn’t a damn number” He grinned.

Youd just finished struggling to put them all on the shelf, smirking at him flirtily, then he strolled over to you and pressed up against your back, his head in the curve of your neck, his arms around your waist. “Guess you couldnt do it, sweetheart, Counting is just too shitting hard” He grinned.

Your replies still weren’t coming, now it was obvious how much you needed him, you pressed hard back against him, your blush inescapable but you loved it, you were so hot under his touch.

“Well…” He growled huskily, “You’ve disobeyed what i asked. Did you seriously think you escape a good fucking punishment?”

“N-N. Negan” You blurted, your head pushing backwards and your eyes closing as you sank against him. His cold hands had trailed down over the front of your jeans, groping your sensitive wetness through the crotch of them. You moaned openly as he palmed you and his fingers caused a pressure to rub against you.

“Too fucking good, huh ?” He grinned again, causing your heart to shudder. That’s when his hands removed themselves from the pleasure and crawled around your hips to your ass, roughly griping and then releasing tat the tender flesh. “ Mmm Hmm for failing something so simple as fuck, you deserve this.” 

He tore down your jeans and underwear in one swift movement, leaving you defenseless. Your eyes grew wide at the shocking sudden advances of the situation. Its not that you dint want it, its just that… Right here ? Where anyone could walk in ? That scared you

You gasp at the new found cold air hitting you, hitting your wet pussy, making you freeze. You moan a little at the discomfort, sortve enjoying it but unsure if this is what you want. Negans gloved hand was rubbing your ass. 

“I want you to focus real fucking hard, doll. Count each time i hit you” He mumbles low and intoxicating you. “Yes sir” You choke out.

A hard hand strikes down, jolting you against the arm around your waist. It hurts so bad, you werent ready. Anyone could walk in. 

“One” You manage through gritted teeth, the soft leather comforting the stinging sensation.

“Good girl” He whimpers. You can feel his erection press into your thigh, and you grind back for the friction, the pleasure is cut short and answered with another slap. 

As the leather strikes your bare skin you hear the echoing crack. It burns like literal hell, you clench down your jaw to stop from crying at the force of it, practically feeling the growing red area and the resulting bruising.

“Two” You cry in pain, whining against the intensity. One again he smooths the trauma with his cold leather fingers, the other arm gripping your waist tighter and hi teeth tracing your ear. 

“Such a good fucking girl” He mewls. 

The third slap was too much and you yell out, “ Fuck ! Negan, stop please !” Tears have risen to your eyes and your blush was multiplying as you’d drawn attention to your face. It was too much, you felt like crying. You enjoyed it but it was too much too soon for you. He loosened his grip. 

“Shit shit shit shit shit shit shit (Y/N)! Are you okay.?  I’m so sorry !” He begs, seeing you shiver in the cold air of the stock room as you struggle to pull up your underwear and then your trousers, wincing as the drag over his reddening hand print. “Shit ! Are you cold ? Here!” He hastily takes off his jacket, forcing it over your shoulders, your arms easily slipping through the oversized sleeves. You were crying now, he was being so sweet. You sunk into his jacket. 

“ Its just shock that’s all. “ You plead trying not to upset him too, wiping tears from the inner corners of your eyes in, trying to look un-upset. He pulls you close against his warmth and strong, muscular chest. You wrap around him.

“Come on, i’m sorry, lets go and get you a warm drink” He takes you by the waist, your head on his chest, being led towards the exit. “My jacket suits you, (Y/N), you should wear it more often.”

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Request: Some Party Poison smut that ends really fluffy?

I tugged the collar of my jacket up my neck as a cold breeze swept across my face. The dessert was a shitty place to live. Hot as hell during the day and bitter cold at night. Normally, I would be in bed right now, trying to get some rest after a day of patrolling. But, Party dragged me out here, claiming it was a view to die for and I had to see it. Party was my best friend. I deeply loved all of my fellow killjoys, but Party and I just seemed to click in a way that I couldn’t do with anyone else. Ghoul once told me that in these situations, you need a rock-something that can keep you grounded and make you feel at home despite all the shit going on. Party was definitely mine. My feelings for him were way deeper than friendship though. I first realized it when he got shot in the shoulder while on a supply run by himself, trying to barter some medicine for me when I got the flu. My connection to him grew that week when we were both bed ridden, him holding my hair back when I couldn’t hold food down and holding his hand when Jet had to clean out his wound. You could say I was practically head over heels for the red headed killjoy. “Isn’t this view jazzy?” Party look over at me, the moonlight shining onto his face.

“Pretty jazzy,” I agreed, sitting up on the hood of the Trans Am to get a better look at Battery City. “You can practically see the electricity surrounding Battery City from here…” I mumbled in astonishment.

“I know, and here we are building make-shift generators out of Power Pup cans to heat up a cup of coffee. God I would kill to get my hands on one those fancy espressos they got.”

“How do you know they got ‘em?”

“I could smell it on the S/C/A/R/E/C/R/O/W patrol yesterday. Fuck, I miss coffee.”

“Speaking of yesterday, please be more careful.”

“Careful? About what?” He questioned, leaning back on his elbows.

“You charged two dracs with an empty ray gun, Party.”

“What’s wrong with a little melee? I took ‘em both down without a scratch.” My jaw clenched in frustration. Party was a great guy, but god he was an arrogant son of a bitch when it came to his skill.

“You could have been ghousted? Don’t you care? Don’t you want to see another day?”

“Of course I do! B.L.I will only listen to body counts and bullet holes y/n! This is how I we make a difference!”

“By dusting dracs out on the zones? Party, we have an opportunity to actually defeat B.L.I for good and free the zones! We need to stop wasting our lives patrolling borders and go out and make a differen-” He smashed his lips against mine. His chapped lips crushed mine, biting and sucking on them harshly. He quickly pinned me on the hood of the car, nestling in between my waist. I moaned and clawed at his Dead Pegasus jacket, digging my nails in the cool leather. The kiss deepened as he shoved his tongue in my mouth, sucking on my tongue. The kiss was hard and angry, our sexual tension and built up rage boiling over. His hands slipped under my shirt, kneading my breasts with his icy cold fingers. I cold feel his hard on rub against my inner thigh, both of us aching with want.

“Fuck y/n I want you so bad.”

“Party please, do something.”

“You sure? I like it rough baby.”

“So do I.” He smirked and got off of me, opening the back door to the Trans Am, holding it open widely and gesturing for me to get in. “M’ lady,” he beamed, imitating a fancy twenties accent.

“Why thank you sir,” I curtsied, scooting over to the the last seat to give Party room. He closed the door behind him and hit the power button on the radio. Black Dragon Fighting Society blared through the speakers, the gang have had this track on loop for weeks. His hands flew to my shirt, pulling the bright fabric over my head and flinging it somewhere in the front seat. I did the same to him, pulling off his jacket and “Keep Smiling” shirt. I laid back, supporting my head against the door as he hovered over me. His attacked my neck, leaving as many hickeys as possible as he slammed into me. He gave me no time to adjust pounding into me hard, still nipping at my collarbone. I groaned and dug my nails into his toned shoulders. His thrusts were already loosing rhythm. Neither of us could last much longer, with years of sexual frustration, the raw pleasure was already too much for both of us. 

“Fuck baby, i’m so close,” he growled in my ear. I screamed his name when his thumb pressed sharply on my clit, sending me over the edge. He groaned into my ear before slamming into me deeply. He rocked his hips, dragging out our climaxes as long as possible. He looked at me, blazing red hair sticking out from all sides, his bangs beginning to curl upwards like when his hair got wet. He flashed a lopsided grin and kissed me again, slowly and passionately this time. ”That’s the first time I’ve felt alive in years.”

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could you do anything with MC and seven being generally fluffy and happy? i love reading angst for them but i'd love to see some tooth rotting fluff ; 0 ;

shrieks IM TRASH FOR 7 FLUFF thanks for the ask i love it although i have more hcs for seven x mc angst coughs i’ll make it first person since it’s cuter that way kay heheh

- when you first move in with Seven, you’re mildly appalled by the state of his place, but that’s nothing compared to when you see Seven’s bed hair in the morning because
- have. you. seen. it. it is absolutely adorable and you just have to stifle your giggles when Seven walks out of his room, yawning, but still greeting you with a huge “Moooooorning hoooooneeyyyyy!~”, grabbing you by the hands and spinning you round and round

- when Seven isn’t busy being a hacking slave to his company, he’s catching them Z’s and tends to fall asleep curled up under his desk where you usually find him hours later.
- you bring a couple of cushions and a huge quilt, choosing to snuggle up with Seven on the ground

- when you encounter a problem, or are feeling down, you will raise your head and yell “Defender of Justice 707 come here!!!” (just like he always tells you to)
- if he is within the vicinity, Seven will slide in, rushing to you, yelling in an equally enthused manner “Defender of Justice 707 has arrived!!! What is your emergency?”
- he grabs you by the arms, pretending to do a physical check
- “no problem here, or here- or here–” he’s feeling your arms, then moves his hands to your tummy and prods lightly
- “Luciel-!” “Or here!!” he starts tickling you in earnest, having a whale of a time as you struggle and kick, trying to free yourself from Seven’s clutches
- it ends with you lying on the ground on top of Seven, both of you out of breath (at some point one of you tripped and you both tumbled to the ground)
- your hands are on Seven’s chest and his arms are around your neck, his hands moving to gently cup your face
- you’re just so taken in by his gorgeous features, his eyes, everything- you can’t help but stare back, transfixed
- he leans in slowly, amber eyes twinkling, trained on your lips as he slowly wets his own, teasing, and your breathing quickens
- you are just inches apart now
- just as his lips are about to touch your’s, you close your eyes, anticipating it– but it never comes
“Gotcha!~” a sultry whisper in your right ear sends a shiver down your spine and you jump, whacking Seven’s hands away from your face
- he doesn’t get any Honey Buddha chips for the whole of next week and he’s pretty much grovelling at your feet he’s so sorry he will never tease you like that again he swears on his religion

- you are the kind of couple who would, if it started raining out of nowhere, just laugh and prance around in the rain together, jumping into random puddles in a bid to splash the other at the expense of getting yourself wet.
- but of course before that, Seven’s first reaction would be to take off his jacket and drape it over your head.
- in the end, you would insist on Seven coming and sharing the jacket as you run to a shelter when the rain starts pouring

i have more but oh god I just can’t put it all into words right now I’ll do another one when I can, i hope this was fluffy enough for you? aaaa thanks so much for the ask!!! much love !!

  • he lowkey looks sO SCARY ON THE OUTSIDE
  • like his hair is always (fashionably) messy, his lip might be split every once in awhile, his knuckles are either scabbing over or still bleeding, he owns this black leather jacket that he loves with a passion, and he walks around like he’s the king of the galaxy
  • this is all a facade to hide one of the cutest people to ever exist but that is a secret ok he’s really hardcore he promises
  • he acts out his entire image so well bc i mean he’s in the mafia
  • but he’s so gentle and nice he just tries to hide it most of the time
  • like he owns this old vintage car that he repaired for yEARS and he just adores this car like he talks about it so fondly and he takes such good care of it
  • nevertheless he looks frightening when you first meet him
  • is such a vital part of his gang
  • like honestly no one knows what they would do without him
  • he’s one of the best snipers that they’ve ever had
  • he’s really naturally good with all weapons, but the sniper is his specialty
  • also an expert with guns and throwing knives but he prefers to be long-distance, so the guns don’t come up all that often, and there are hardly any opportunities to throw knives but he has that skill nonetheless
  • combat skills are out of this world
  • if the feud is really out of hand and has turned into a war, then he’s always going to be the sniper, but in little skirmishes and fights, he’s an excellent fighter
  • he’s incredibly loyal and trustworthy so he’s just a generally good type of person to be working in the mafia
  • he might look cold and intimidating but you met him when his guard was completely down
  • and ever since you came into his life, he’s never put his guard back up around you
  • you were just out in a store, shopping and wandering around
  • but suddenly there were really loud screams echoing from around the entire space and you didn’t see what was going on quite yet but you still dropped to the floor
  • orders were being shouted
  • but the weird thing was that those voices only lasted moments
  • when other voices came in and a brawl started up
  • and suddenly there was this boy right in front of you and you had no idea who he was or what he was doing
  • and a robbery was apparently going on so your first impulse was either to run or fight him
  • but you did neither of those things
  • bc the moment he saw you, he smiled and tilted his head a little bit and was just like “,,,hi, are you ok??”
  • and you were like “nO WHAT IS GOING ON”
  • and this boy looked around and frowned a little bit and was like “don’t worry!!!!!! we’ve got this under control, you don’t need to be scared (-:”
  • it was the stRANGEST thing bc the situation was scary and you could hear the sounds of a fight going on but this boy????? was right there and he was so comforting and soothing?????
  • you wanted to see but he was like “no no no it’s probably crazy out there,,,, i’ll tell you what’s going on if that would make you feel better??” bc jaehyun doesn’t really know how to make you feel better
  • and you don’t really answer so he frowns nervously again and pokes his head over a shelf
  • “,,,um……. most of the robbers won’t be troubling you anymore,,,,,, hang on,,,,”
  • and he stares you dead in the eyes and gives you thIS LOOK
  • like he’s about to tell you the secret of the universe
  • and you’re certain that you want to hear it
  • “could you trust me enough to get you out of here??”
  • you might not have a single clue of who this boy is or why he’s here but you’ve never trusted a stranger more than you trust him
  • and you’re just like “!!!!! sUre i gUEss????”
  • he grins and grabs your hand and pulls you out from behind the shelf
  • and he starts running out of the store with you, but he like ???? tucks you into his jacket ???????? and it smells sO GOOD and you know that you should be focusing on other things but it smells sO GOOD
  • but you’re protected and he has an arm around you and you can only see the darkness of his coat as he bustles you out the front door
  • you break into the daylight and you get to see how radiant he is in the sun
  • but you’re just like “wHat wAS tHat”
  • and he laughs a little and is just like “i think that was a robbery!!!!! that was pretty exciting, wasn’t it?????”
  • and you stare at him bc honestly wHAT IS HE
  • he tilts his head again and glances over his shoulder when he sees the other people ??????? that he was with start sprinting away
  • he smiles at you again and he’s just like “maybe i’ll see you around sometime????? i hope you’re ok???? it was really nice meeting you (-:”
  • and he runs away with the others and you’re just standing there like what the hELL JUST HAPPENED
  • so that was your first encounter with the mystery boy
  • but
  • about a week later
  • you go back to the store bc as it turns out????? the robbers were all captured and nothing was actually stolen?? bc of the mystery group that swooped in and rescued everyone????
  • and you were perfectly fine bc of that boy that promised everything was ok
  • so when you were walking down the street you suddenly saw a familiar face
  • he was with two other people, and they were just walking down the street talking to each other, so he didn’t see you at first
  • but he looked like an entirely different person
  • when he ran into you, he was soothing and soft and he made you feel safe
  • when you saw him walking, he was intimidating
  • his entire expression was cold and uninterested, like he was just so vastly different that you weren’t even sure it was the same person
  • but when he looked up and saw you
  • he looked surprised???? and happy??
  • so he excused himself from the others and jogged over to you and was like “!!! hey!”
  • and you were so bewildered
  • but he didn’t really give you a chance to answer before he was like “do you want to go out to lunch with me????? you choose, i’ll pay??”
  • and you were like “yeAh okAY bUt”
  • and he smiled and was like “i knOW you want an explanation, but that might take a few more dates, ok?? let’s start here”
  • and a few more dates later, he told you everything, and a few more dates later, you were in love with him
  • dating a member of the mafia means that he’s extra cautious and protective but it’s never in an annoying way, it’s always adorable
  • he just likes to keep you safe just in case
  • you’ve seen him around his coworkers and he’s actually sO FLUFFY IT’S SO WEIRD TO SEE HIM BE SO ARROGANT AND COLD AROUND OTHER PEOPLE
  • you get to wear his leather jacket (-:
  • he lOVES it when you wear his clothes (the jacket especially)
  • there are some late nights, but usually he comes home with some take-out for you and you pick out some movies for a night in
  • when he’s especially tired, he’ll lay his head in your lap and you run your fingers through his hair and let him take a nap
  • he always cleans up before he comes home so that you don’t have to see the result of his days
  • sometimes he’ll press his nose into your hair and mumble “i’m so glad i met you,,,,” bc honestly you’re the best thing that has ever happened to him and he can’t believe that you accept for everything that he is and does
  • jaehyun is so so so in love with you it’s unbelievable
  • (he even loves you more than his vintage car)

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Hi, I'm not sure if your ask box is open so I'm sorry if it's not! But I was wondering if you had any more NSFW or fluffy headcanons for Bokuto, Kuro, Oikawa and Daichi? Also your blog is so lovely and I love reading your stuff, keep it up! ♡

I always have fluff and NSFW headcanons, sweetheart  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) I’m going to post the NSFW headcanons in a separate post, so that this isn’t too long, okay?

Fluff Headcanons


  • He’s a very affectionate person. If you are his partner expect a lot of hand holding, cheek kisses, and nose nuzzles.
  • He enjoys being close to his partner, especially when it’s cold outside. He’ll share his scarf or his jackets with you, just to see how cute you look with his items on you
  • He enjoys flexing his arms for you whenever he can. Sometimes when you grab onto him to fix your shoe, he flexes on purpose just to make you smile and giggle
  • He has horrendous bed head, but it’s nothing compared to the beautiful sleepy voice he has in the morning, and the cutest smile he gives you once you’re both away and lying in each other’s embrace.
  • Amazing at whistling, and adore whistling love songs and other tunes to you in order to get your attention. It usually rewards him with plenty of kisses.


  • Similar to Bokuto, Kuroo is a big fan of letting you wear his clothes and always buying things a couple of sizes bigger than his actual build so that he can see you and your adorable frame in his baggy clothes.
  • Loves walking you everywhere! Going to the store? He’s tagging along. Heading to take your pet for a walk? Mind if he joins?
  • He’s very big on spending his days off with you in bed, nestled under warm fluffy blankets and watching cheesy movies and tv shows all day. He can lay in bed and talk with you about everything and nothing at the same time. 
  • Always the big spoon when cuddling, though he doesn’t mind you cuddling him from time to time, and especially gets happy when you let him rest his head on your lap.
  • He’s so cute when he eats, and because he makes a mess sometimes you have to tell him when there’s food or sauce on his face. He’s always so bashful about it and blushes like crazy.


  • A very athletic person and enjoys going out for walks and morning jogs with you. Nothing he loves more than fresh air, warm drinks, and.. you. <3
  • A big fan of holding you on his lap and back hugs. He sometimes flexes his muscles behind you shyly, grinning to himself when you smile or laugh.
  • He loves to tickle you and roll around play wrestling with you. When you two get tired, he usually curls up with you, tucking you into his arms and you both take naps together. Perfect.
  • The best doctor to have when you’re ill or bedridden for a day. He’ll always make sure you’re well taken care of and happy. 
  • He enjoys brushing your hair and playing with it, no matter what texture it is, he always finds comfort in knowing how close you are to him, without really having to say it.


  • He enjoys taking you out on horseback riding dates. The thrill of everything, the races, the laughs and the smiles, it’s all amazing in his eyes, no matter how much his butt hurts afterwards.
  • Big on couple items, and sometimes those items will be as subtle as matching headphones, or matching pencil pouches, even matching pens. 
  • Oikawa can always be himself around you, and is never afraid of letting down his walls. Once you accidentally tickled his feet and sent him in a frenzy, and you spent the longest time chasing each other around, smiling and laughing and enjoying each others’ company.
  • A very kissy person. His favorite places to give you kisses include the cheeks, forehead, and nose.
  • Whenever you both hang out with the Seijou squad, he makes sure to take plenty of pictures. It warms his heart to see the love of his life enjoying themselves with his team. 
Strawberry Bubblegum: Sirius Black

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Hey! Could you do a sirius x reader inspired by justin’s timberlake strawberry bubblegum? I love this song to death and it made me think of a teasing, cuddling and fluffy sirius! Thanks a lot, love your blog xx

The bell that hung above the entrance of the small tea shop chimes as Sirius enters. His outfit was wrinkled, as if he had just rolled out of bed: dark blue jeans, an old Beatles tee with paint splatters and a brown leather jacket he found while browsing through the local thrift store. His hair was damp from his morning shower, ringlets hanging loosely against his shoulders. He has a leather book tucked beneath his right arm and a pencil pouch held firmly in his left hand.

He orders a cup of creamed Earl Grey and finds a seat stationed in the back, a clear view of the entrance and the park located across the street. He watches the busy people of London walk back and forth, imprinting the images onto the pages of his book. Before he knows it an hour has passed, his tea becomes cold and the sunny Spring morning is now filled with approaching gray clouds. He gets ready to pay and leave when the door opens once more and a beautiful young girl enter. Her (color) mane cascades down her back in tight little loops, dew shimmering in a few strands, and she’s wearing an off-the-shoulder black maxi dress with infinite large pink flowers. Sirius is so mesmerized by her beauty that he’s immediately flipping to a new page, sketching out the soft features of her face.

His eyes follow her form as she walks to the glass-fronted counter and orders a cup of jasmine tea and one of the sweet cream cakes that lined the shelves in neat little rows. When she passes by to take a seat he catches her perfume, strawberries, and within his chest his heart skips a beat.

Sirius groans underneath his breath when the assault on his hair continues. Slender feminine fingers repeatedly running through the thick mop of curls and tangling deeper into the black roots. He doesn’t even know when he began telling her about his family but she doesn’t judge, instead she simply sits and hums to assure him that she’s still listening. When he would get too emotional, as he sometimes would, and tears threatened to fall she would press her rosy lips to his and silence his inner demons. Sirius could taste the strawberries infused into her very being, causing him to melt into her touch and eagerly kiss back.

He simply loves everything about her and would never want her to change. He loves how she would roll over early in the morning time and lazily throw her legs over his, tangling their lower torsos and pressing their bodies close together. How she dances in the kitchen to old time songs, her hips twirling to the beat seductively as she sings into the spatula. He especially loves how kindhearted she is, willing to take the shirt off of her back to give to someone less fortunate. He loves her just the way she is and is willing to go all the way because she’s the one and he knows it.

Sirius feels James pat him on the shoulder reassuringly and he manages to give a nervous smile before the church doors swing open and the romantic melody begins to play. He grins widely as the love of his life begins to walk down the rose covered path, her (color) hair pinned up into an elegant up-do and her strawberry bubblegum colored gown swaying with each movement. Their life together started as soon as she stepped through the door in her unique dress. Ruffles wrapping around her and puffing out in a resemblance of when someone is blowing a bubble.

She watches as tears well up in his eyes and his hands begin to fidget nervously at his side. When she hears the beautiful vows he writes her, she can’t help but tear up a little too. Anyone that came across the couple would see how natural their feelings were and how well suited they were for each other. That night they make sweet love, taking their time to map out each other bodies and learn the others flaws and perfection.

He watches as she stretches a hand out to him, hair flat against her face and dress damp from the late night rain. He doesn’t care that everyone is looking at them with judgement he takes her hand in his and allows her to drag him out into the rain. They slow dance to the music playing only for them, foreheads pressed against each other as they waltz in the streets underneath the glow of the streetlights. He was glad that he didn’t fight his addiction, especially when it is something that he wanted so badly. The night he asked her out he wasn’t only giving into his will but hers as well. “My little Strawberry, Strawberry, Strawberry bubblegum,” he hums out against her lips and she throws her head back in laughter. Her swings her around before lifting her back up and pressing his lips to hers passionately, inhaling her scent and tasting her on his lips. “You’re my little Strawberry Bubblegum.”

The door above the small tea shop dings and a family of four walks in before taking their regular seat. The father is dressed in black slacks and a white dress shirt with the sleeves rolled up to his elbow, the mother has her hair braided back and is dressed in a simple red dress that ruffles out at the bottom, a little boy is sitting on his father lap dressed in a similar outfit as him and a small baby girl is laying in her stroller sleeping peacefully.

Sirius sighs underneath his breath and reaches out to rest his hand against (Y/N)’s cheek. She smiles and leans into his touch, enjoying the feel of his rough hands against her soft cheek. The toddler babbles on in baby talk while his chubby arms stretch out for the sugar cubes in the small crystal bowl. The couple orders their usual rounds and that is when Sirius place a white box with a pink ribbon wrapped around it on the table. His wife raises her brow before lifting the top of the box and taking out the sketchbook that laid inside. The leather was old and some of the pages were falling apart but that’s not what made her laugh softly. Tucked inside were pages and pages upon sketches of her from the very first day she had visited the tea shop. There was so much detail within the portrait that it reminded her of a photograph, at the very bottom of the page in messy cursive was the title: Strawberry Bubblegum.