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Larry Stylinson Denials

Ah 2012, what a time that was! It truly was the golden age of One Direction romance denials. Here are some excerpts from a few of them.

March 2012

Dallas Interview

Interviewer: I gotta ask about the bromances between Liam and Niall and Harry and Louis…

Louis: Some people genuinely think…that we’re in a relationship. They genuinely seriously think that we’re in a relationship.

Well, that clears that up! And it’s a good thing Louis alerted Harry to this wild rumour because things could’ve become awkward if he didn’t know about it… Bottom line: it’s hard to trust the denial when Harry & Louis have spent the entire interview flirting with each other.


May 2012

Much Music Interview

Interviewer: The fans wanted me to ask about Larry Stylinson. [IMMEDIATE SILENCE] Now, they made that name for you. (points to H & L) You two.

Louis: They take it really seriously.

Interviewer: They really do. So, can you explain this phenomenon? [LIAM INTERJECTS “IT’S TRUE”] about how serious the fans are really taking it.

[ the group’s individual faces at this moment 16:49 are priceless]

Left to right: Louis - oh boy here we go, I got this one, I got this. Harry - Errrr…I’ll just play with my bracelet to distract myself from this weirdness. Zayn - Ha! How are ya gonna answer this one, Louis? Liam - Yikes, these kids are gonna need my help getting out of this one. Niall - Well, we’ve all been here before.

Louis: Originally I saw that they were making these little “fan flicks”…but then it turned into so many people, genuinely thinking me and Harry are in a relationship. When quite frankly we just started off just saying that we’re really good friends and then everyone said this and then.. 

Maybe all of this would be a lot more believable if Harry didn’t look insanely depressed while listening to Louis answer these questions. But, it doesn’t even matter. The way the five of them tense up and get silent and weird when Larry Stylinson is mentioned is such an obvious tell anyway.

When the Interviewer asks “But haven’t you kissed??” Harry’s face is the closest it gets to amusement, throughout the entire Larry Stylinson discussion. The first time I watched the interview, I almost thought Harry was going to have a different answer.

Also, I love the fact that after this, all five boys start talking at the same time, in a not-subtle attempt to explain why the Interviewer is so convinced they’ve kissed before.


July 2012

Interview with Tumblr Storyboard

Louis: “This is a subject that was funny at first but now is actually hard to deal with, as I am in a relationship. Me and Harry are best friends. People look into our every move - it is actually affecting the way me and Harry are in public.” x

This one strikes me as particularly awkward and glorious, as it comes off as so unnecessarily defensive. Sure, I suppose it could be a little annoying if you really were in a relationship with a girl - who is not your bandmate Harry - but, if you’re best friends with Harry, who cares?

I find it hard to believe Louis came up with these responses.

BONUS! That time a fan took matters into her own hands and asked Harry directly at a signing:

Fan: Are you and Louis dating?

Harry: (nods, mouths ‘Yep’)


Well then. That seems like a fairly straightforward response to a direct question. And Harry certainly seems pleased that the fan assumed he was dating Louis…

fromcainwithlove  asked:

ok I just finished boot camp p2 and wow lady I wanna yell at you so much hdy BUT! re: louis and lack of footage, CRAZY CONSPIRACY THEORY: what if he was a truly last minute decision? it's obvious from way downtown that the other four are gonna be important, and that can't all be editing. but what if simon et al originally planned a group of four? Louis's voice was by all objective standards the weakest and he thought we was going home from the start. maybe something v close to the end (tbc)

(cont) made them decide his presence would be good. OR, maybe simon had him in mind the whole time but thought he wouldn’t take the deal and it would end up a foursome. like the camera man saying it sounded like louis didn’t want it - for whatever reason I feel like they didn’t film him bc he wasn’t part of the plan, rather than him doing something to ruin the shots.


B) Quick disclaimer (NAH IT’S NOT QUICK I’M SORRY, but it’s honestly more about tag commentary I’ve seen on reblogs than it is about what you’re saying) because my wording on that part of the post never 100% sat well with me but it was SO LATE and I was SO TIRED and at some point you just have to let things stand as they are. Baaaaaasically I don’t think he would have ACTIVELY SABOTAGED any shots by pulling a face or whatever (although that one time he might have inadvertently done so by gesturing to Jay or even just by whatever look was on his face when she was encouraging him from the audience) so much as I think he kept himself in check enough that he might plausibly have shown ZERO outward indications of giving any fucks at all, which could be the reason he’s so much less visible than Niall - the others all had at least one segment devoted to them, but nearly all of Niall’s pre-group exposure comes from the fact that he’s REALLY open and expressive. When it came down to it, “people in reaction shots NEED TO ACTUALLY BE REACTING” was probably a higher editing priority than “make sure you foreshadow every single member of the Frankenstein groups” was.

C) BUT. BUT BUT BUT. BUT BUT BUT BUT BUT BUT BUT. I’M SO INTO THE IDEA OF THERE BEING NO FOOTAGE OF LOUIS BECAUSE HE WAS A LAST MINUTE ADDITION, because really, honestly, AND I SAY THIS WITH ALL THE LOVE IN MY HEART, why include him? Belle Amie were only a group of four, so it really could just as easily have been Niall, Zayn, Liam, and Harry. Except at judges’ houses you end up seeing EXACTLY THAT GROUP trying to function under pressure while Louis is getting his foot checked out, and it’s a total gibbering nightmare of stress and nerves.

Is it THAT FAR outside the realm of possibility that Louis was on Simon’s radar, if not as a personality or as a serious contender, then as someone who was putting the work in even though it might have seemed like he didn’t care? And if that was the case, it’s possible that the judges did decide on a four-person lineup before Simon went OKAY, BUT: ALL FOUR OF THESE BOYS CONSTANTLY LOOK LIKE THEY’RE ABOUT TO CRY AND/OR PASS OUT. Was there someone else they could add to balance it out and add some fucking chill? Someone maybe a little older but still around their age, someone who had shown over the course of bootcamp that they adjusted quickly and got along well with people, someone who was focused but didn’t seem to let the pressure get to them so easily? DID THEY HAVE ANYONE LIKE THAT AVAILABLE?

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Please don't ignore me. I'm just upset. I just want a reasonable, non-biased explanation as to why on earth Harry and Louis' closets are so different these days. Why is Harry free to be vocal and explicit on his support of the lgbt+com to the point he's waving a rainbow flag every single gig, while Louis can't even wear a shirt without being shut down and is having a child with a random ass girl. WHY SO CRUELLY OPPOSITE???

I wouldn’t ignore you, anon. I understand and I am similarly upset. What Harry is able to do is amazing, but Louis’ situation is inexcusable. I think the difference comes down to a bunch of things, and some of them I think we will never fully know, but these are some of my guesses.

ONE: Louis has always read as gay to people, and Harry has not. Since the beginning, he described himself as flamboyant, he had stereotypically flamboyant mannerisms, and he acted very camp and over-the-top, particularly at the beginning. Harry acts that way now, but he didn’t always unless you paid close attention. Harry’s closet was “easier” to make than Louis’ because the press and fans did a lot of the work. He was spotted with girls and rumors started flying because of a few interviews while they were on the X-Factor where they suggested he was flirty. That continued for YEARS. Harry only kissed two girls that I recall - Emily and Taylor. When he went on “dates,” there were often other friends in attendance and yet he was sealed in the closet easily because the press portrayed him as a womanizer and the fans bought into it.

Louis has always had to work a bit harder to seem straight - that’s why they bearded him right away and kept him away from the public as the loved up boyfriend for so long. Even when they dropped Eleanor, they immediately threw Louis into the clubbing scene to try to maintain a heterosexual image. Even now, as Harry is acting as camp as can be, there are STILL a ton of fans that are in denial about it because he didn’t automatically read as gay in the past. I truly think that the fact that Louis has ALWAYS read as gay has made their team overcompensate to keep an air of heterosexuality around him until they come out.

TWO: This is speculation on the part of the fandom, but many people believe that Louis remains on his original contract because he was 18 when the band was created, while the other boys had the opportunity to sign a new contract when they turned 18. This would mean that Liam, Zayn, and Niall had a year in the industry before they had to re-sign and Harry would have had about two years in the industry. That means a year or two more of experience with the manipulation and fucked up things that Sony/Syco/Modest had made the boys do.

That doesn’t mean that they didn’t end up in awful contracts, but it suggests that if this is true, they were better off than Louis, who was stuck in his original contract. They would have had more leverage considering the massive success that One Direction had become. Harry in particular, being the most famous and popular member of One Direction, would have had significantly more leverage to sign a contract that was at the very least more beneficial to him than Louis’ had been.

THREE: Quite frankly, I think Louis is and always has been viewed as the biggest threat to their management and label. All the boys seem to defer to his judgement at times and it’s clear that they all look up to and admire him. They’ve all said that he deals with a lot of the business calls and it’s clear that he has always been a clever businessman. If any of the boys would have had the potential to fight Sony/Syco/Modest on things from the beginning, it was Louis. I think they shut him down so strongly because of the obvious power he has over the other boys (and I don’t mean this in a negative way - I think he loves and protects the other boys and I think they all look to him for that to an extent).

All the boys are more equal in these respects now, but Louis is still their ringleader - their center. If you want to keep One Direction under your complete control, there are two ways that would be best to do it, and both have happened:

a) Seed the solo rumors about Harry, take him and separate him from the rest of the band to make fans anxious and to make the press foam at the mouth.

b) Suppress Louis’ voice. Make fans afraid of him, make them think he hates them, make them doubt him, and finally, make sure he has to hide his true self from them.

They have done these things, and they have done them very, very well. Harry solo rumors can still happen whether he is in a glass closet or not, but Louis’ voice cannot be suppressed properly unless he remains in a deeper closet. Think of what we saw with WWA Louis - that was when 1DHQ had shut him down most effectively. He is more free now, but it is obvious that his voice is still being silenced intentionally for the sake of his closet.

Those are my three best guesses, but I’m not sure how accurate they are and I’m sure there is more we don’t know. All I know is that it is extremely unfair and I hope with everything I have that Louis will be free soon. It’s so wonderful that Harry is able to do what he does and it is lovely that Louis supports him, but they should be side by side.

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i just saw this; 'we drunk-kissed but you forgot about it and i don’t know how to act around you anymore wtf' in a friendship to romance tropes post, and it's sO zarry to me i can't. in canon especially. i'm going to shamelessly flatter you here and say i adORE your writing, and if i fluttered my eyelashes enough lol would you maybe, possibly, consider writing a drabble or something for it?

(So this got long. But apparently I am always susceptible to flattery and eyelashes and a good prompt, to the extent of 3k)

The ring of the doorbell is unexpected. It’s not that no one ever comes to visit Harry, because quite a few people do, but they also usually warn him, and no one had. Harry’d been looking forward to a morning alone—or an afternoon alone, really, because he’d slept later than usual after the shitshow that was last night. He just didn’t think he could deal with people when his head was throbbing and the only thing he could so was drink his tea and try to will the sun to being a little dimmer. He wasn’t sure when he’d gotten old enough that he got hangovers like this, but maybe it had something to do with how he hadn’t gotten as drunk as he’d been last night in years. 

The doorbell goes again, and shit, right. It better not be fans. No fans have ever really come to his door, there’s too much security for that, but today would be the day they got through. Harry yawns and runs a hand through his hair, hoping it’s not utterly horrid, and heads towards the door. Whoever it is interrupting his hangover can deal with him in sweats. 

He isn’t expecting anyone, really—but he’s certainly not expecting who it is standing on the doorstep. 

“Zayn?” he asks, louder than he meant to, and then rubs at his temples as they throb. He really shouldn’t have drunk so much last night—but it’s Zayn. He still looks just as good as he had last night, when Harry’d noticed him as soon as he walked in, his hair black and long again, in the headband phase Harry’d loved. It’s all his fault Harry feels like this, really, because Zayn had caught his eye and smiled at him, a bit hopeful and a little bit with that stubborn pride Harry knows too well where he was refusing to make the first move, and Harry had known he was going to talk to Zayn and known he needed to have more alcohol before he did. It’s one of he last things he remembers clearly—that smile. 

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ppl say zayn can't be gay cuz he's Muslim .. and i really don't know how to reply 2 tht can u plz ?

Why would him being a Muslim affect his sexuality, be it straight, bisexual or gay? That’s twisted logic right there. Love and desire have nothing to do with practising a religion. Whether one decides to act upon it, or to abstain is totally a different deal, and that is everyone’s personal decision.

I’d like to point out that not all families are as strict with their faith as the others. I have no idea why people think that all the Muslims are so strict that they couldn’t accept different sexualities. That’s just as stupid as to say, that, for example, all the Catholics would never use birth control. You can’t just lump every single individual to the same mold. People don’t work that way.

In fact, lately I’ve read some very encouraging articles about how young British Muslims have come out to their supporting families, and how some of them have even gotten a blessing for their same-sex partnerships. So times are changing on that front.

As for Zayn, well, he already is breaking the ground for a new generation of Muslims. Like his mum said, she has always allowed her children ‘the complete freedom to follow what ever they feel comfortable with, however I have also ensured that they have an understanding and knowledge of both mine and my husband’s cultures and religions…’ Zayn is a product of two cultures, and while people tend to emphasise his Muslim and Desi background, at the same time he’s also an English boy living in one of the biggest metropolises in the world and working in the entertainment business. He has tattoos and he drinks like any other twenty-one year old. So why would his sexuality be a deal breaker?