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*shyly whispers* do u think u could do another Greek Mythology story~

“Your tapestries are so fine,” the merchant says in wonder, “that you must be blessed by the goddess Athena.”

Arachne tosses her head, braided hair falling over her shoulder like an obsidian waterfall, “What’s Athena got to do with it? My hands wove these, not hers.”

The merchant blanches and looks to the sky, as if expecting Zeus himself to smite them for blasphemy. Personally, she thinks the king of the gods has better thing to do with his time. “Ah,” he says weakly, “I suppose.”

He pays her for her wares and she leaves, almost immediately bumping into a hunched old woman with grey eyes. “Do you not owe Athena thanks for your talent?” she croaks, gnarled hands curled over a cane.

Arachne is not stupid, but she is foolish. They will tell tales of it. She looks into those grey eyes and declares, “Athena should thank me, since my talents earn her so much praise.”

She pushes past her and keeps walking, ignoring the goddess in humans skin as she disappears into the crowd.

They will tell tales of her hubris. They will all be true.


The next day she bumps into the same old woman at the market. Everything goes downhill from there.

“Know your place, mortal,” Athena says, grey eyes narrowed. There is a crowd around them, and Arachne could save herself, could walk away unscathed, and all she has to do is say her weaving is inferior to that of a goddess.

She will not lie.

“I do,” she says coolly, “and in this matter, it is above you.”

She is not honest as a virtue, but as a vice.

Athena challengers her to a weaving contest. She accepts.


Gods are not so hard to find, if you know where to look.

“It’s a volcano,” the baker repeats, looking down at her coins, as if he feels guilty for taking money from someone who’s clearly not all there.

She grabs her bag of sweet breads and adds it to her pack before swinging it over her shoulders, “Yes, I know. Half a day’s walk, you said?”

“A volcano,” he insists, as if she did not hear him perfectly well the first dozen times.

“Thank you for your help,” she says. He’s shaking his head at her, but she knows what she’s doing.

She walks. She grows hungry, but does not touch the bread she paid for, and walks some more. The sun’s begun to set by the time she makes it to the base of the volcano. It’s tall, impossibly large, and for a moment the promise of defeat threatens to overwhelm her.

But Arachne does not believe in defeat, in loss. They will tell tales of her hubris. Those tales will be true.

She ties a scarf around her braids then hikes her skirt up and ties the material so it falls only to her thighs. She fits work roughened hands into the divots of cooled magma and begins her slow ascent.


The muscles in her legs and arms shake, and her hunger pains are almost as distracting. Her once white dress is dirt smeared and torn and sweat makes her itch as it covers her body and drips down her back.

“What are you doing?”

Arachne turns her head and bites back a scream, looking into one giant eye. The cyclops holds easily to the volcano’s edges, even though her hands are torn and bleeding. She swallows and says, “I heard you like honeyed bread. Is it true?”

The creature tilts his head to the side, baring his long fanged teeth at her. She thinks he might be smiling. “You’ve been climbing for hours. What do you want?”

“Is it true?” she repeats, refusing to flinch.

“Yes,” he says, looking at her the same way the baker had, “it’s true.”

“There’s some sweet bread in my pack, baked this morning,” she says, “it should still be soft.”

His hands are big enough and strong enough that it could probably squeeze her head like a grape. Instead he gently undoes her pack and reaches inside. The honey buns look comically small in his large hands, and he swallows half of them in one bite. He licks his fingers clean when he’s done, and his smile is just as terrifying the second time around. “I am Brontes. Why are you climbing my master’s volcano?”

“I’m the weaver Arachne,” she takes a deep breath, “I need your master’s help.”


They tell tales of Hephaestus’s ugliness.

They are not true.

He’s got a broad, angular face and short brown hair. His eyes are like amber set into his face, and his arms are huge, and he’s rippling muscle from the waist up. He has legs only to his knees. From there down his legs are bronze gears and golden wire, replacements for the legs destroyed when Hera threw him from Mount Olympus.

“Had your look, girl?” he asks, voice rough like he’s always a moment away from breaking into a coughing fit.

“Yes,” she says, and doesn’t turn away, keeps looking.

His lips quirk up at the corners, so it was the right move. The heat is even more oppressive inside the volcano, and all around him cyclopses work, forging oddly shaped metal that she can’t hope to understand. “You’ve gone to an awful lot of trouble to find me, girl. What do you want?”

She slides her pack off her shoulders and holds it out to the god, “I have a gift for your wife. I have woven her a cloak.”

He raises an eyebrow and doesn’t reach for the bag, “You believe something made with mortal hands could be worthy of the goddess of beauty?”

They will tell tales of her hubris.


They will all be true.

With a gust of wind the oppressive heat of the volcano is swept away, leaving her chilled. In its place stands a woman – more than a woman. Aphrodite has skin like the copper of her husband’s machines and hair dark and thick and long. Her eyes are deepest, richest brown, piercing in their intelligence. People don’t tell tales of Aphrodite’s cleverness. That is because people are stupid.

“Let’s see it then,” she says, reaching inside the pack and pulling the cloak from its depths.

It unrolls beautifully. It’s made from the finest silks, and it shimmers in the light from the forges. The hem of the cloak is sea foam, speaking of Aphrodite’s beginning, and up along the cloak is intricate patterns it tells of her life, of her marriage and her worshippers and escapades, all with the detail of the most experienced artist and the reverence of her most devoted followers.

Her lips part in surprise and she slides it on, twirling like a child. “Gorgeous,” Hephaestus says, though Arachne knows he does not speak of the cloak. She doesn’t take offense.

The goddess smiles and Arachne’s heart pounds in her chest. She does her best to ignore it – Aphrodite is the goddess of love, after all. It is only expected. “Very well,” the goddess says, “you have my attention.”

Arachne swallows. Aphrodite’s attention is a heavy thing. “I have offended Athena,” she says, “She has challenged me to a weaving contest.”

Their faces somber. Hephaestus rubs the edge of a sleeve between his fingers and says, “Athena will lose such a contest, if judged fairly. She does not take loss well.”

“I know,” she says, “you are friendly with Hades, are you not?”

There are no tales of their friendship. But she’s staking her life on its existence, because why wouldn’t it exist – both of them even tempered, both shunned by Olympus, both happily married.

Gods hate being made to feel lesser. It is why they say Persephone was kidnapped, why they say Aphrodite cheats with Ares. It is why Athena will crush her when Arachne wins the weaving contest.

“Clever girl,” Hephaestus says, smiling.

Aphrodite stares at her reflection in a convenient piece of polished silver. Arachne assumes Hephaestus left if lying there for that express purpose. “Very well!” the goddess says, not looking at her, “when Athena sends you to the underworld, we will entrench upon our uncle for your release.” She turns on her heel and points a finger at her. Arachne blushes for no reason she can think of. “In return, you will weave me a gown, one equal to my own beauty.”

A gown as exquisite as the goddess of beauty. An impossible task.

They will tell tales of her hubris.

“I accept.”

They will all be true.


The contest goes as expected. Athena’s tapestry is lovely, but Arachne’s is lovelier.

The goddess’s face goes red in rage, and her grey eyes narrow. Arachne stands tall, ready to accept the death blow coming for her.

The blow comes.

Death does not.


She is an insect. Even if she can make it back to Hephaestus’s volcano, even if they can help her, they will not know it is her. She has no hope left, no course of action, she should just give up. But –

She doesn’t believe in defeat, in loss.

It was a terribly long journey on foot, that first time. It is even longer this time, although now she has eight legs instead of two. She makes it to the volcano, and creeps in between crevices, until she finds out a hollowed room, one with a sliver of sunlight and plenty of bugs to keep her fed.

Athena’s cruel joke of allowing her to weave will be her downfall. Her silk comes out a golden yellow color – it will look exquisite against Aphrodite’s copper skin.


It takes seven years for her to complete it. She hasn’t left this room in the volcano in all that time, and as soon as it’s done she scurries out back toward the village. She’s a large insect, but not that large.

She arrives just as the sun begins to rise, and leaves before the first rays have even touched the earth, her prize tied to her back with her own silk.

Arachne doesn’t return to her room. Instead she goes to the more popular parts of the volcano, hurries and runs around terrifying stomping feet until she finds who she’s looking for and scurries up his leg and onto his shoulder.

“Huh,” Brontes looks onto his shoulder and blinks. “What on earth are you?”

She cautiously skitters down his arm, waiting. He bends closer and lightly touches her back. “Is – is that a piece of a honey bun?”

She looks up at him, waiting. It’s her only chance, if he doesn’t remember, if he doesn’t understand –

His face slowly fills with a cautious kind of wonder. “Arachne?”  She jumps in place, being unable to nod, and Brontes cautiously cradles her in his massive hands, “We must find the Master immediately!”

She jumps down, landing in front of him and running forward. “Wait!” he calls, and she makes sure he’s running after her before skittering back to her corner of the cave. It’s almost too small for him to enter but he squeezes inside and breathes, “Oh.” He stares for several moments, and Arachne climbs her web and waits. Brontes shakes himself out of his reverie and uses his powerful wings to bellow, “MISTRESS APHRODITE!”

There’s that same breeze and she’s in the crevice with them, “What was so important, Brontes, that you had to yell?”

Arachne sees the exact moment that the goddess sees the gown, golden yellow and glimmering, made entirely of spider silk. “Beautiful,” she says, reaching out a hand to brush down the bodice. Her head then snaps up, “Brontes, where’s Arachne?”

She warms at that, that Aphrodite knew it was her weaving even though she hasn’t been seen in seven years.

They’ve told tales of her hubris.

They are all true.

Brontes points at the web, and Aphrodite steps over and holds out her hands. Arachne crawls onto the goddess’s palms. “Athena is more powerful than I am, I cannot undo her work,” she says, “but I know someone who can.”

Then they are in front of a river. A handsome young man stands there waiting with a boat. “Goddess Aphrodite,” he says, “we weren’t expecting you.”

“Thanatos,” she returns, “I need to see Persephone.”

The man’s face stays cool, and for a moment Arachne fears they will be refused and she will be stuck in this form forever. Then he smiles and says, “My lady is of course available for her favored niece.” He holds out a hand to help her onto the boat, “Please come with me.”


Arachne weaves a dress for Hades’s wife as a thank you, and returns to her volcano.

“I can take you somewhere else,” Aphrodite says, “you don’t have to hide here.”

Arachne pauses at her loom. She has lived in this volcano for seven years. It’s her home. “Would you like me to leave?” she asks instead.

Aphrodite scoffs, “Of course not! How could I dress myself without you here?” She’s wearing the spider silk dress Arachne spun for her, and she’s working on another for the goddess now. Aphrodite runs a gentle finger down Arachne’s cheek and for a moment she forgets to breathe. “You are the finest weaver to ever exist.”

She looks up at the goddess, “Then as the god of crafts and goddess of beautiful things, where else would I belong besides with you and Hephaestus?”

To declare your company equal to that of gods is the height of arrogance and blasphemy.

They tell tales of her hubris.

“An excellent point,” Aphrodite murmurs, and tucks a stray braid behind Arachne’s ear.

They are all true.

gods and monsters series part iii

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headcanons about the *blessed ot4* please? (Mari/Adrien/Nino/Alya)

  • nino and mari are like the deadpanned fatalistic members of the group
    • nino: dudes we’ve been studying for this test for like fifty years death is staring me in the face
    • mari: if we die like right now tho, we won’t have to take the test
    • nino: omg tru 
    • adrien: …….so can you two like, i dunno, love yourselves please?
  • nino makes a group snapchat for the four of them because he thought it’d be cute, but adrien and alya started spamming it when they turned it into a continuous ugly selfie contest that’s been going 27 days strong. mari and nino just leave it alone and snap each other directly. 
  • not only are mari and alya synced up, but adrien and nino become those mom friends that bring junk food, pain killers, and extra tampons to school in case the girls need it
  • adrien somehow has the numbers of nino’s, alya’s, and marinette’s parents and vice versa and adrien won’t tell how he got them
    • whenever one of them is out past curfew, they’ll always get a call from adrien being like “hey so your mom called me and she wants you home right away.”
    • adrien casually texts marinette’s mom often bc she’s always asking him how he is and if he’s eating. adrien doesn’t mind bc it’s nice to have a mom worry over him. 
  • marinette has sketched out schematics for how to sneak past the agreste mansion’s security, scale the side of adrien’s home, and break him out of his room for “friend time.” she’s dead serious about it too. 
  • there was one time adrien invited everyone over to his house so they could “work on a class project.” but he hid them in his closet until his father and nathalie went to sleep so that they could sleep over at his house without anyone knowing
    • they had to keep the noise down and ninja into the kitchen whenever they wanted snacks, but adrien was the only one with a bed big enough for all four of them and alya wanted to have a go on his rock climbing wall 
  • adrien and marinette are notorious for physically crying over cute animal photos/videos, so sometimes, to screw with them, alya and nino will spam them with links during class and laugh at them these two start sobbing into their notes in the middle of a geography lesson
limerence: clumsy → 1

pairing: zach dempsey / reader

genre: part one in a drabble series called ‘limerence’ about boyfriend!zach 

about: not only did you literally stumble into zach, but into his heart as well. 

Your first day at a brand new school couldn’t be going better. You had single-handedly managed to rip your brand new silk dress, lose your class schedule, and make 0 friends in a span of less than 4 hours. 

“What kind of shit is this?” You thought to yourself as you searched the sea of students in the crowded hall for a friendly face, finding none. You needed to ask someone to show you where the science hall was and help you open your locker, but no one seemed to want to give you the time of day. 

There was a tedious familiarity of standing alone in a crowded space, watching people pass you by and feeling like you were merely an object strategically placed to display teenage normalcy. 

The end of lunch was fast approaching and standing feeling sorry for yourself was getting old. With newfound determination you bobby pinned the strap of your dress back on, put the loose tendrils of your hair behind your ear, and murmured a soft, “you got this, kid,” under your breath. 

You had spotted a girl dressed in a vivid daffodil colored sundress and you made a beeline straight towards her. Consumed by your sudden sense of purpose and thoughts of how she looked like a beacon of light in the cold murky waters that was the student body, you hadn’t noticed a certain tall basketball player was about to cross your path. 

With a small gasp of surprise you butted straight into his side, swaying backwards and tripping over your feet. A small groan of defeat left your lips as a small ache developed on the bridge of your nose. 

“Hey are you okay?” 

His voice was like deep, rich, smooth chocolate and laced with such genuine concern that it almost seemed to quell the dull twinge of pain on your face. Wanting to see if such an alluring voice had an equally alluring face you looked up and damn it did. 

You could feel your eyes involuntarily widening and the once leisure pace of your beating heart turn rapid. You swept over the gorgeous expanse of his face, committing the slope of his nose and the smooth flesh of his pout to memory in case you never had another chance to be at such close proximity to him. 

“Not trying to be rude, but i’m pretty sure we lost this staring contest a long time ago.” His words brought you back to reality and an uncontrollable blush coated your cheeks, you were sure he could feel the burning heat of them. 

“Actually you lost, i’ve been staring for how long?” Is all you could muster, trying to mask your embarrassment with humor. The beautiful stranger let out a small chuckle, a sound so lovely it brought a smile to your face.

“So long I think you broke a record just now,” he responds playing along. “The dudes from guinness world records should be here any minute now.” 

You pretend to look around the halls in search for them. “Good. They’re not here yet, I still have time to prepare my acceptance speech.” You both laugh at your comment and you can’t help the bubbling giddiness you feel from the silly exchange of words with him. “You’re funny, whats your name?” 


“Nice. I’m Zach.” You had never thought a name could be this hot until now. Wanting to prolong your time with him, get your stupid locker open, and get to at least one class without being late you asked, “Well Zach, besides helping me break world records would you mind helping me with the glorious task of opening my locker and taking me to the science hall? You will be rewarded generously.” 

His coffee brown eyes look off into the distance, pretending to ponder over your offer. “Lead the way.”

Your lips turn up in a content smile, walking over to your locker with a spring in your step. “My combination is 0-8-24.” 

You watch as his lithe fingers spin over the lock, opening it on the first time with a satisfying click. “There you go.”

You try not to gape at how quickly and simply he opened it, you had stood there before for a good 10 minutes without any luck. “I swear I know how to open lockers, this one just didn’t like me.” 

He smiles amused at how adorably your eyebrows furrowed, expressing your distaste at the rusty blue locker. “Well now that this is opened, whats my reward?”

He takes a flirtatious tone, insinuating that he has a certain something in mind. 

“Well that depends, what do you want?” Your words come out breathy as he steps closer to you. He laughs lightly at the sudden change in your tone, the once ringing voice now soft-spoken. 

“A date,” he responds in an indifferent tone that is more suited to say just buying some stuff or gonna go out for a walk. You raise your eyebrow at his request, faking your cool composure. 

“Take me to the science hall and submit a one page essay about why I should and I might just consider it.” 

hello! this is the first time i’ve ever put one of my works out there and i’d really appreciate any feedback anyone has :-) 

lil things i love about firebringer

this accidentally became rly long. lmao sorry

• molag’s turtle shell shoulder pads

• lauren i think is singing alto parts in a lot of the songs? and she is usually a soprano right? we got an alto lead kids i’m v happy

• when they go to use a modern-day idiom but they stop halfway through because a word in the idiom wasn’t a word yet (“i don’t wanna be around when the shit hits the … i don’t even know what”)

• tiblyn bowing down and dancing & stuff with her arms still in the air

• “keeri JUST invented dancing”

• EMBERLY’S HAIR that must have taken forever to brush out

• chorn can only SAY chorn but it can SING other words

• “it’s not yet been scientifically proven how big the turtle we live on top of really is”

• jemilla’s freakout when she finds out the duck isn’t a god

• keeri just fucken gnawing on a rock in the background

• meredith cutting off the band to change them to another musical theme

• keeri copying zazzalil’s movements


• at the end of welcome to the stone age “chorn!” “ha, yes!”

• “it’s happening!!” “what a lion is befriending a little baby pig and now they’re hanging out ??”

• schwoopsie’s squirrel tie and dandelion microphone

• emberly’s really frantic body motions all the time she literally can’t calm down

• “you know how sometimes there’ll be a pack of coyotes feasting on a rabbit, and there’s one small coyote who’s being kept from the meal?” “yeah,” “I’m like the rabbit”


• ducker’s face when tiblyn puts her arms down and the sky doesn’t fall

• “she is the spirit of the river! i know this because i saw her standing by a river once”

• “don’t be mean to lauren!”

• smelly balls dancing alone onstage at the beginning of the night belongs to snarl

• sexual tension between keeri and zazzalil JESUS



• the “light that flame” sequence

• the one guy in the band who has two vital lines in the show “time is frozen now” and “did you see that spark upon the wall”

• when smelly balls looks at the flame and says “what is that, a man?”

• in the night belongs to us when jemilla sings “I” while the tribe sings “we”

• choreography in climate change omg omg

• lauren’s super sassy flirty dancing throughout the whole show

• keeri’s supreme love of animals

• jemilla & zazzalil’s two completely different reactions to clark wrapping his arms around them

• “it’s grunt to see you too, grant!!”

• the slide noise when grunt holds up his self portrait

• when grunt asks emberly if he can paint her and it’s the most pure thing in the whole world wtf

• emberly’s lil dance in paint me aw

• “we TRUSTED YOU ZAZZALIL!!!” “who the fuck are you?”

• chorn & smelly balls brotp for life

• “emberly, you just shat out a fire.”

• “well, well, well, look who was wrong!!!”

• clark preaching from the band

• the whole song “together” jfc sorry it’s so gay & pure and i love everything about it

• ba-dum ch everytime schwoopsie says her own name

• when they’re petting snarl and the band starts playing the night belongs to snarl but in a major key

• snarl saying “tell my wife trunkell i love her” as he dies

• chorn’s weird body suit

• how much do u wanna bet they were having a “who can make the ugliest face” contest when chorn taps their foreheads. lauren & brian won


• those high notes jamie hits in chorn!!! get it!!!

• jemilla’s line “they need you as much as me” which could be interpreted as “they need you as much as they need me” or “they need you as much as i need you”

• jemilla & zazzalil proposing at the same time and then ducker marrying them seconds later

This is Peach. Well at least that’s just her nickname. No pony knows her real name. She’s in her mid 30s but is often referred to as an old lady. Her eyes are always closed.

She’s an elementary school teacher and loves kids and cats. She’s also very passionate about plants. (Her favorite color is blue.) But don’t be fooled by her sweet little face and petite figure. This ol’ gal is actually very deadly. And very VERY strong. If I were you, I’d stay on her good side.

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this was an anonymous request, hope you like it love!

Word Count: 1000+

Rating: PG

You couldn’t help but chuckle as you scrolled through your Instagram. 

“What’s funny?” Joe asked, looking down at you. You were on your back on the couch, your head on his lap, his fingers running through your hair. You passed your phone to him, showing him Caspar’s Instagram post with Maddie. 

“They’re so cute,” you said, reaching up to toy with the strings of Joe’s hoodie. 

“We’re cuter,” Joe smiled at you.

“I know,” was all you said, but Joe knew you well enough to read what you didn’t say. He took your hand, kissing the back of it gently. 

The two of you were a very open couple when it came to each other, but not when it came to the rest of the world. Joe wasn’t really one to share his personal life, and that included you. You understood it, of course. After seeing all the hate on Maddie’s profile, or any girl who could possibly have any connection with any of the boys for that matter, you didn’t have to question why Joe wanted to keep your relationship a secret. 

That didn’t mean it didn’t suck though. From no PDA in the vlogs to no social media posts, it was hard to keep up with sometimes. Joe was Joe, but Joe was also thatcherjoe, and not being a part of that side of his life was almost like missing a big part of him. Sometimes, you just wanted to post a cute picture of your boyfriend. All the thoughts made you feel selfish, so you never brought them up, but Joe saw right through you anyways.

“I wish we didn’t have to hide either,” he murmured to you. “I’d show you off to the whole world if I could.”

“You can you know. I’m sure I’ll develop a tough skin,” you replied.

“You shouldn’t have to.” His voice was sharp, and you tread carefully.

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Just Fine // Jung Hoseok

the prompt: could I have a prince Hoseok scenario (similar to the jungkook one)?

words: 3611

category: fluff + minimal angst

author note: here’s snarky!reader and sunshine!hoseok bc it’s cute to me. also a cameo of jin’s scenario in there bc i figured they could be a part of the same story

- destinee

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BTS reaction to you being drunk

Hello! Can I request how bts would look after you if you was drunk


Originally posted by missbaptan

Jin-Eomma would make sure to give you some food to balance the alcohol. 

“Here, Y/N, eat this!”


Originally posted by beui

Yoongi would be the type to rub your back and hold your hair as you’re throwing up in the bathroom.

“Are you okay?”


Originally posted by jeony

He’d be drunk with you, exclaiming his love for you by dancing and being a lot of skinship. 

“Don’t forget, Jagi, I love you~”

Rap Monster

Originally posted by jungkook-e

Holds deep conversations with you somewhere outside, where you can look at the stars, as blanket covering you both.

“The stars look so beautiful tonight.”


Originally posted by bwipsul

He’d smile like this as your drunk mumbling as he put you to bed, crawling in besides you.

“Goodnight Y/N~”


Originally posted by armyfanclub

Plays drunk games with you! From staring contests to board games, he just wants to play with you, while being a giggly drunken mess.

“Funny face contest, go!”


Originally posted by dabbingjungkookie

Tries to get you to agree with things you wouldn’t agree with when you’re sober…

“So Y/N… can I-” “No.”

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Dating Grayson Dolan would include...

↬ pizza dates ALL the time

↬ adventures at 3am just because

↬ random facetime calls while he’s on tour because he misses you.

↬ hand kisses

↬ neck kisses

LOTS of pda (mostly holding hands)

↬ him calling you “babe”

↬ him taking naps with his head on your stomach

↬ ethan always making fun of you guys

↬ random staring contests no matter where you two are

↬ butt grabbing/slapping/touching

↬ singing (terribly) together to the radio on road trips

↬ i love you’s 24/7

↬ him staring at you while you’re doing homework together

↬ him thinking you look adorable when you’re concentrating

↬ taking funny-face pictures literally all the time

↬ his parents ADORE you

↬ you being best friends with cam

↬ him being super protective and not afraid to show it

↬ fans being jealous of your relationship cuz you guys are #goals

↬ your laugh being his favorite thing so he tries to make you laugh all the time

hope you enjoyed, this was not requested :))


Request: anon: SF9 Jaeyoon as boyfriend ?

Genre: Fluff // Slight Smut

Warning: Explicit Language

Author’s Note: Gender neutral

This is purely based on my own personal opinions. Agree or disagree, either way, enjoy!

Originally posted by sf9creators

- Another one who’s very handsy

- Totally an ass man

- CONGRATS !! You did something worth celebrating!

- A “good job” kiss from Jaeyoon?

- An “I’m proud of you” hug?

- Nope. You get a pat on the ass.

- But it doesn’t really bother you

- Cause you’re all over his ass as much as he is yours

- ”Y/N, do these pants make my butt look weird”

- “Why do I even like you…”

- KING of cheesy pick up lines/puns

- The serious look on his face makes it 10x harder not to laugh

- He doesn’t give 2 shits about being discreet when it comes to skinship

- Members around?

- Members no where to be found?

- Either way - he’s hugging you and grabbin the booty

- Aegyo contests happen all the time

- So much so that the other members wanna throw up just watching the two of you

- I feel like he’s a big fan of pet names

- “Honey”

- “Yeah, Jae?”

- “Nothing, I just like calling you honey”

- Would turn into the most adorable man you’ve ever seen if you were mad at him

- Raising the pitch of his voice

- Praising you like it’s the last time he’s ever gonna see you

- Cupping your face in his hands, forcing you to look him in the eyes

- He LOVES LOVES LOVES it when you sit on his lap

- Because your ass is on his crotch ?????

- Who knows


- Reading a book? Nope, now you’re cuddling

- Scrolling through twitter? Psych, you’re cuddling

- Trying to catch up on sleep? Bitch, I think the fuck not - you’re cuddling with Jaeyoon now

- The kind of cuddling where you’re facing each other, and you’re pretty much trapped in a giant hug

- Your face in the crook of his neck and his chin on top of your head

- And as soon as you both find comfy positions, he let’s out this cute, little satisfied sigh that meLTs yOuR HEaRt

- K time to switch it up a bit,,,

- When Jaeyoon’s in the mood you BeST be ready for heaps, and heaps of winking and lip biting both yours and his

- His voice will drop a few octaves

- His movements become slower, and more precise

- And he’s DEFINITELY got the whole “sultry eyes” look down to a tee

- Tbh I bet Jaeyoon is a switch

- When he’s up for it, good luck… because you’re goin all night long, no mercy

- But if his schedules a bit full and you know he’s tired, you’ll gladly hop on the saddle and let him sit back and relax

- But even if he’s on bottom, he’s still pretty much the one in charge

- He says jump, you say how high

- You best believe he’s using those vocals for something other than singing, lemme tell ya that much !!!

- After sex cuddling is a guarantee

- But this time, it’s usually spooning

- He’ll wrap his arm around your torso and drag your body across the bed until your back is flat against his chest

- Where he will continuously shower you with tiny kisses

- And whispered I love you’s

- Until the two of you doze off into a deep sleep

anonymous asked:

OMG DAAAAAD that actor Tae with beauty guru Yoongi was siiiin, can you write some more?? Like what other ways they provoke their fanbase before The Reveal? Also I got a question, is ther any series or games that you like and you have headcanons for bts in those universes (which characters they would be, or what they would be like in this universe) kinda of like the BTS HP aus, but some that you would like to see but hasn't yet?

There’s a moment before they come out as an official couple that really makes fans scream. While it’s rare for Taehyung to do live Instagram chats for his fans he decides to do one on the anniversary of his acting debut. 

It’s late, around midnight or so, and Taehyung is being Extra af (making his fan boys and fan girls cry) doing his live hangout in nothing but black sweats and he’s totally shirtless with all his tattoos on display. His hair is messy and looks like he’s being running his hands through it and he’s shooting sleepy smiles to the camera as he talks about acting roles he wants to try. 

Suddenly bare legs come in to the shot behind him and a hand runs through his hair. Taehyung grins and winks to the camera as he leans up to kiss the persons face and the comments begin flooding and going crazy asking who that was. All Taehyung does is wiggle his eyebrows and playfully avoid the questions. 

Some fans though, a few days later, manage to figure out from screenshots and Yoongi’s recent Instagram post that the blood red nails they saw on the hand that ran through Taehyung’s hair match the manicure Yoongi had recently gotten. 

Yoongi is an extra tease to their fans. He loves to do videos on his social media where he’s wearing shirts everyone knows Taehyung had just worn out. 

One of his most popular makeup tutorials “How to Hide a Hickey with only eyeshadow”  is literally so filled with comments of fans screaming and talking about “TAEGI RISE!!” he highkey loves it. 

The video starts off with Yoongi doing his normal greeting. 

“Hello my prince and princess! Welcome back to my channel” 

He’s smiling and waving to the camera and his neck is full of dark purple and red marks. He begins by pulling out his favorite brushes and eyeshadow pallet and starts talking about recent movies he’s watched while he explains each step he needs to do in covering the marks. Half way through the video though Yoongi realizes he’s forgotten one of the brushes he needs on his bed.

 He stands up and the camera manages to catch a view of, first of all, his thighs covered in bites and more hickies, but also the top he’s wearing is a sleeve less band tee shirt that is very familiar. When he sits back down he just winks and chuckles before he continues on talking. 

“I think this top looked better on Doctor Minwoo (one of Taehyung’s roles in a drama) don’t you think so too?” 

They do a video together one time as a special for Yoongi hitting three million followers. Yoongi ask his fans what kind of video they would like to see most and they all ask for a video on how to cover tattoos, Yoongi thinks it’s fun to make everyone go wild by featuring Taehyung.

It’s half way through the video and Yoongi is hovering over Taehyung, almost in his lap, trying to cover the tattoo on his face when Yoongi decides to playfully flirt with his secret(not so secret) boyfriend.

“Taehyung i’m sure everyone is wondering, what’s your ideal type?” 

Taehyung smirks and moves his hands to grip onto Yoongi’s waist under the shirt he’s wearing just to watch the way Yoongi shivers. 

“Well i guess i like pretty boys that look good in both dresses and leather pants.” 

Yoongi moves closer until they’re almost touching lips and they have an intense staring contest until they pull back with laughter. 

Yoongi hides his face in Taehyung’s neck and secretly kisses him there and wow fans are so fucking wild how can they not be when taegi are real life soulmates. 

(As for your question, i would love to see more game of thrones or Lord of the rings au for bts. I’m a huge fantasy nerd so anything like that would be the best. Especially X-men au too.)

Five More Minutes

Requested by Anonymous: “You are ridiculously comfortable” + “You’re so cute when you’re half asleep like this”.

Pairings: Barry Allen x reader

Word count: 892

A/N: Thanks for requesting and I’m sorry it took a while! It’s kinda short but I tried to make it as fluffy as I could :) I hope you all like it!


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Can I just say how amazed and in awe I am of how many people followed me within the span of a couple weeks?

This is ridiculous, if not highly unlikely!

But thank you all for making almost everyday the past few weeks a special one by following me and putting a smile on my face.

And its not about the number, it never is for me. I just love the fact that everyone is willing to support some new blog they know little about with a simple “Hey you should check out their stuff, its really cool!”.

As thanks I will come up with something that involves prizes and contests and blah blah blah you get it.

But yeah. Thank you. Thank you all.

Liquid Courage

Words: 901
Warnings: Alchohol consumption
Tony Stark X Reader

“Are you sure you want to do this, [Y/n]?” Tony Stark asked. He climbed up on the stool next to you. You were both sitting in front of his personal bar, waiting for Thor to pour you a pair of drinks. It was one of Tony’s famous parties and all the Avengers were there but you were the only one dumb enough to challenge him to a drinking contest.

“I’m more than sure.” You nodded excitedly. “I can match you shot for shot. Drink for drink.”

“That’s a pretty big assumption.” Tony’s face lopped into a crooked smirk. You loved that stupid smirk. “I’m just warning you, this is your last chance to turn back. Once hammer boy pours that first drink, there’s no turning back.”

“Hit me.” Was your response as you slammed your hand on the table.

“It seems Lady [Y/N] will not back down from your challenge Man of Iron.” Thor chuckled. He reached for the bottle of whiskey between the three of you and poured out two shots. One for you and one for Tony.

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Shopping with Grayson

You and Grayson had just welcomed baby girl Sophia into the world a few months ago. You were at the store picking up some extra food items and some things for the baby. As you walked up and down the aisles of the baby section, Grayson was absolutely intrigued by all the baby things, like the pacifiers, bibs, and onesies and everything else.

“(Y/N), let’s get these ones for her.” He said picking up yet another pack of pacifiers. 

“Gray, she doesn’t need anymore pacifiers. She already has like a hundred of them.” You said.

“But look at these. They’re cute. They have little zoo animals on them. Look at the giraffe.” He said. He walked over to Sophia in the car seat and dangled them in front of her, causing her to smile. “Look, she likes them.” He said.

“She likes anything she could put her mouth on.” You said laughing. 

“True.” Grayson agreed. He put the pacifiers back on the shelf and walked a head of you down the aisle a bit, while you decided on what type of formula you wanted to buy.

(gif) “Okay, I know I don’t know much about baby items, but what is this? It looks like a miniature toilet brush. What does a baby need a toilet brush for?” He asked. You couldn’t help but laugh.

“Babe, that’s not a toilet brush. It’s a bottle brush. You use it to clean the bottles.” You said.

“Oooooh, that makes so much more sense.” He said. “I think we need one, just because.” He added.

“We already have bottle brushes. Did you not pay any attention to everything we got at the shower?” You asked.

“No, not really.” He laughed.

“That explains a lot.” You said. You finished getting things for the baby, got a couple more food items, and you made your way to the registers to wait in line. You and him both stared in awe at Sophia as she marveled at all the lights and people around her.

“(Y/N), I can’t believe that we’re parents. Like, look at this beautiful angel we’ve created. We made that.” He said as he wrapped his arms around your waist and rested his chin on your shoulder.

“She looks like her daddy. She’s got his good looks.” You said smiling.

“No way. She definitely looks more like you than me. I see your face whenever I look at her.” He said.

“Mmmm, I don’t think so.” You contested. He laughed.

“Let’s just agree that we made a super cute baby, we’ve got a happy family, and love each other very much.” He said.

“Sounds good.” You said kissing him softly.

BTS reacts: Weird faces

Summery: BTS’ significant other making weird faces to win a staring contest


Initially, it was his idea, and neither of you had any objections to this little staring match. Without hesitation, as soon as you started, your face contorted into a humorous expression, catching Taehyung off guard. He mimicked this almost instantly.

V: “Alright, have it your way, PREPARE TO FACE THE POWER OF TAEHYUNG!”

You two continue to make faces and eventually just burst out laughing at each other.

V: “I’m glad I found someone just as insane as me.” He said, before giving you a short peck on the cheek.

Y/N: “I’ll assume that was a compliment. Thanks Tae!”

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You two were sitting at home, when you decided to start a staring contest out of sheer boredom. Upon noticing this, he laughed lightly.

Jin: “Please don’t do this to me (Y/N), you know I can’t handle your faces…”

Many thoughts bounced around his head, one of which was ‘I’m too beautiful to lose!’ Unfortunately for him, he could take it any longer; he laughed, causing him to blink.

Jin: “Well done, at least you’re worth losing to! Let’s get something to eat, I’m hungry!” 

He walked over to the fridge.

Jin: “See? Now everyone wins!”

Y/N: “Is this just because you lost?”

Jin: “… Maybe.”

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BTS has been doing a lot of them recently, and it just so happened that you were visiting them after their practice. When you entered, you were greeted warmly, and asked to try a staring contest with them. Unsurprisingly, Jimin wanted to go again you, if anyone would be stating at you, it would be him. And just like that, you started the match, and initiated your tactic. 

Jimin: “Ohh… I see what you’re doing. Two can play at this game… I can be just as distracting… Don’t make me get my abs out, then I guarantee you won’t be able to keep eye contact.”

Y/N: *Fake gasp* “You wouldn’t dare…”

Jimin: “They’re a powerful weapon, able to reduce anyone to their knees…”

I don’t even know

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You were featuring as the love interest for their song ‘Boy in Luv’, meaning you got to spend a lot of time with your beloved Hobie. It also gave you a lot of time to play and mess around, leading to small games that were just as random as Hoseok’s personality. One game lead to another, and eventually, you got to a starting contest. As soon as he saw your face, he was immediately in fit of laughter.

J-Hope: “Yah! What are you doing!” 

He began to mess with your face.

Y/N: “J-hope, as much as I love you, I prefer if my face stayed intact!”

J-hope: “Well that’s your fault for being so cute! I just love you so much!”

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Since he couldn’t spend a lot of time with you at home, he had invited you to had out at his studio while he worked on songs for his group. Safe to say, you were getting a little bored, so, you tried what you could to stay entertained. Eventually, this lead to a brief staring contest between you two; as much as Suga would like to play with you, he did have to work. Regardless, he did what he could. Excitedly, you started. When you realised he was unfazed, you tried to make him laugh to the best of your ability. That included making weird faces.

Suga: “Uh, are you okay? You’re face is… umm… have you been hanging out with V too much? What are you even trying to do? Make me blink?”

Y/N: “… Is it working yet?”

A small smile edged their way onto his lips.

Suga: “… A little. I love you but I’m still not letting you win without a fight.”

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Rap Monster

Namjoon: “Try to throw me off all you want, but nothing is going to stop me from appreciating you. I’ll stare at you for as long as it takes just to prove that… Was that too cheesy?”

Y/N: “Possibly. Maybe you’d like some nachos with that cheese.”

Rap Monster: “… I know I’m known as the ‘God of destruction’ and I can break everything I touch, but I guess you could say I won’t… BREAK eye contact with you.

Coving your face in embarrassment, you look away, a huge grin spread across your face.

Y/N: “Damn it Namjoon.”

Rap Monseter: “I guess I won. Ready for round two?”

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“Oooohh… You’re good at this. But I, the GOLDEN MAKNAE, shall not fail! No matter how hard the challenge may be!”

Y/N: *Cue bizarre face*

Jungkook: “Umm…” He tries his best to refrain from laughing. “Do you know how hard it is to take you seriously like that?” 

He eventually just laughs it off.

Jungkook: “I guess you win, this is why I love you, you’re always full of surprises!“

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Quick note: My ask box is open. Also, @funnyransom, in a request I made about the girlfriend falling over, you told me to tag you if I ever made anything, well I hope you liked this! ^w^

@imaginesofkpopandthings I’d thought I’d show you this, hopefully I’m not being annoying! ^w^

BoKuroo/BokuKuroo headcanons you didn't ask for (slightly nsfw)


-Kuroo loves being the big spoon because he gets to bury his face in Bokuto’s hair (which smells like fruity shampoo and him~) and because he knows Bokuto is a restless sleeper and has nightmares sometimes

-when Bokuto tries to toss and turn Kuroo holds him tighter and kisses his neck

-Kuroo doesn’t mind that Bokuto snores; if it wakes him up, he gets to listen to his sleep-talk

-“Tets-Tetsu, bro, i want… i want yo-yogurt, no, brogurt”

-Kuroo shakes with silent laughter

-Bokuto likes being the little spoon because of the sound of Kuroo’s breath in his ear, the way his hands travel over his body, the way he pulls his hips back so that he can feel his dick

-Bokuto wiggles and teases Kuroo, who pretends to get upset when he gets hard, but Bokuto knows Kuroo will roll him over and kiss him to get him to stop

-Bokuto is a clingy piece of shit, which Kuroo adores

-when Bokuto is the big spoon, he sometimes ends up on top of Kuroo, and Kuroo cant push him off because deadweight

-little spoon Kuroo loves the way his boyfriends biceps flex and jump in his sleep

-he nearly keels over when Bokuto pulls him closer and nuzzles his neck

-Bokuto is Kuroo’s personal space heater


-Bokuto and Kuroo act like absolute dumbasses when they go grocery shopping

-“dude, do we need brotatoes?”

-“no, but i think we need some spaghettibros”

-“we cant forget the broreos”

-“i think the cheetbros are down this aisle”

-“we need more brotein powder too”

-one time they had a contest to see who could get the most phone numbers

-neither got any

-they had another contest to see who could get the weirdest combination of four items to freak the cashier out

-Kuroo got laxatives, cucumbers, rubber bands, and garbage bags

-Bokuto got condoms, sausages baby oil, and a cheese grater

-the cashier was thoroughly disturbed

-one time they got caught kissing in the bread aisle

-“sorry, sir, we got caught up in all the dough-mance.”

-Kuroo almost strangled Bokuto


-Bokuto and Kuroo are both spontaneous clean freaks

-their furious cleaning sessions sometimes turns into fucking on all the furniture

-this is because Bokuto cleans in nothing but his briefs and god damn Kuroo loves to wreck his sweaty ass

-they exhaust each other sometimes so their apartment stays a wreck until the next bout of compulsive cleaning

-Bokuto is in charge of the laundry because the first time Kuroo did it, he accidentally put his favorite red shirt in with the whites

-they have a lot of pink shirts and underwear now

-Bokuto gets annoyed but finds it ridiculously endearing when Kuroo flops on top of the clothes he just took out of the dryer

-Bokuto is always making new dishes and Kuroo is his guinea pig

-he finds ways to make the dishes his own, and he’s never made something that doesn’t taste amazing

-one time they had a contest to see who could drink the most hot sauce

-they evenly split one bottle

-the toilets have never been the same and neither will touch anything spicy

working out:

-Kuroo doesnt gain any weight from all the food Bokuto feeds him because they’re always competing to see who can do the most sets

-but at the same time they each make sure that the other isn’t pushing himself too hard

-they compliment each other in front of anyone who’s watching these beasts run through sets like they’re nothing

-“damn, bro, you’re so jacked”

-“bro, i want you to crush me with those beefy arms”

-they almost got caught fucking in the shower room

-Bokuto had bent down to pick up the towel he dropped, and next thing he knew Kuroo had him pinned to the wall


-Bokuto is an emotional drunk

-he won’t stop telling Kuroo how much he loves him

-“bro, i love you more than sober me loves alcohol”

-“Kou, that doesn’t make sense”

-“Tetsu, are you saying my love doesn’t make sense?”

-Kuroo is a bubbly drunk

-he boops Bokuto’s nose and giggles

-Bokuto gets even more clingy when he’s drunk

-if Kuroo leaves the room, drunk Bokuto follows him

-they have burping contests

-Kuroo lets Bokuto win because he loves that smug look he gets on his face

-they try ridiculous positions when they’re drunk

-“Tetsu, your leg goes that way, not this way”

-“i don’t think i can bend like that, Kou”

-“anything is possible if you just believe”

-they break a table

I’ve just realised that as Bitty is American he will never have seen the Great British Bake Off and that is a Crime

For any Americans who haven’t heard of Bake Off - here’s a brief run down. 

So it’s a British late-summer program which is the best thing and runs for 10 weeks. 12 amateur bakers have to complete various challenges in order to win and each week someone is eliminated.

It’s a big deal in the UK. A Huge deal. The country pretty much stops. Our Prime Minister tweets about it. Also it all takes place in this adorable tent - 

Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood are the judges. Mary Berry is basically Britain’s awesome grandma while Paul is the country’s grumpy uncle. They’re great (just look at them).

And to complete this strange family we have our hosts, Mel and Sue as the wacky, comedic aunts. Seriously, they’re hilarious and the best and the country loves them. They don’t bake, they just wonder around stealing other people’s food and making terrible puns. I love them so much that feel emotion welling up just writing about it.  

You get the most wonderful contestants as well and who you want to win is a big deal and says a lot about you. For example, last year if you weren’t rooting for Nadiya, what were you doing with your life? 

Look at her, she’s adorable and amazing and she made great faces as well as great cake. 

After winning she basically became a national treasure along with Tamal and it was so good. I cried during the finale. Everyone with a heart did. It’s intense for a baking show. 

(That’s Tamal. He was adorable and hilarious. Memorable Tamal quotes include “It’s like ginger bread but it hasn’t got any ginger in it.” and *with a dreamy look* “I think about that sandwich quite a lot”). All the contestants are great and it’s always so so sad to see them go and everyone in the tent cries. 

The cakes they make are the best thing as well. Honestly, I’m astonished by how they manage to make such creations of beauty. I mean seriously, look at this peacock cake - (by precious Nadiya)

Profiterole towers of wonder

A soda cake which was a work of sugary art

Nadia’s wedding cake in the finale which made everyone in the country cry with happiness because of its beauty and emotional back-story.

And this amazing bread lion which made front pages and no one would shut up about for weeks. 

So that’s Bake Off. It would 100% be Bitty’s favourite thing and I want to enter the universe of omgcheckplease just to introduce it to him. go watch it on youtube now and incorporate it into fanfics because its not back to summer and if I have to wait in hell, you are all waiting in hell with me. 

  • Kuroko: Akashi-kun, can you come here please?
  • Akashi: *getting nervous* S-sure Tetsuya.
  • Kuroko: *leans in close to Akashi's face*
  • Akashi: *starts blushing*
  • Kuroko: Okay. *starts leaving*
  • Akashi: W-wait what? What do you mean "okay"?!
  • Kuroko: I just wanted to see who would win in a staring contest and you happened to blink. So I won.
  • Akashi: W-wait! So that was it?!
  • Kuroko: Well.. Yeah. Why? Were you expecting something else?