i just love the bromance feels in this show

What needs to happen in Criminal Minds Season 13

I know there are a few posts like this already floating around but I thought I would make my own.

1. Garcia needs her own arc. They have given her several episodes over the years but never an arc and she deserves one. Especially more backstory, please.

2. Alvez needs a telling backstory arc so we can all learn about him or an episode would be acceptable.

3. I want Alvez and Garcia to develop a good friendship over season 13. Then they will, at the end of the season, share a kiss of impulsive excitement initiated by Garcia. Penelope will freak out say she is sorry and look embarrassed until Luke says “Don’t be” and kisses her back. We will see them trying to figure out how to balance a workplace romance in season 14 (which may be against FBI policy but the BAU loves their YOLO lifestyle). By season 15 they will be seen with a solid romance ending with either marriage or procreation (or both) I would also settle for them being a happy family of dogs and Godchildren. Season 15 will be the last season rounded out beautifully btw. 

4. Reid needs to be suspended but does get to come back. While he is suspended he meets a significant other male or female. I’m down for bisexual Reid. He is finally happy, works through some insecurity issues, but ultimately the writers decide to stop torturing the kid and just let him be happy. He returns to the BAU halfway through the season. (To tie his side stories in with the episode they could parallel whatever case they are working on). 

5. Our other new characters need some character development as well because at this point I don’t even remember their names because they are pretty bland. 

6. More of JJ just doing anything she is a goddess and everything she does is magical. I would love to see more of the darling friendship between JJ, Prentice, and Garcia cause those girls make me happy. 

7. I want Derek and Savannah and their kid to guest star an episode just to show that they are still great friends with the team. (This needs to happen every season btw). Filled with wonderful bromance between Reid and Morgan and a moment where Derek notices Garcia’s feelings for Alvez and teases her while she denies them. Penelope will ask Savannah for relationship advice not admitting it’s about Luke (nothing has happened between them yet) and they will have a great girl talk moment. Derek with ask Luke to be good to Garcia and we will all die because the episode is just so adorable. 

8. Let me reiterate one last thing Luke and Penelope need to be a thing, not the same flirtation crap the writers pulled with Morcia. The chemistry here is obvious. She gets nervous around him in ways I have never seen. He lights up whenever she is in the room. Who cares about Sam I honestly forget he exists on a regular basis you could easily write him out by just saying their relationship fizzled out. Give me a legitimate Garvez relationship well balanced over the seasons making reasonable but not too hasty progress. 

There is my wishlist though if only 1,2, and 3 come true I would be the happiest human. 

A moment of appreciation

Can we guys just talk about how good the animation and the voice acting was this season?…..it was incredible and out of the box!
A facial expression followed by a voice tone that really make the moment more and more perfect!
All dragon riders were perfectly animated and unlike the previous seasons (I still love the past seasons though) this one was more focused on some tiny details that were not noticeable in the past (and I do agree that this focusing on details is growing season by season) and i’m so sure that it’ll be more in the far coming season (I hate to that “far” word😭😭) it’s like even the voice acting and the details are making their way to how it is in httyd 2! hehe ! Just like the characters development.
And hiccup growing from that so-shy-about-relationships one to the one we got now, all lovey dovey and flirtatious and bold Hiccup. Heroic and brave and smart and… No wonder Astrid falls for him ❤❤he’s the perfect match!!
How Astrid development of character really showed up clearly this season, and how her relationship with Hiccup really changed and softened her, though still keep that fearless strong warrior inside her, with hiccup’s affect on her, and her affect on him, it just turned out to be an amazing and perfect mixture.
Snotlout being that hilarious guys we know and love, oh boyo! He really made my day this season, I loved him more and more. Seeing how close the guys are getting just make me smile! Him and fishlegs! Best bromance ever! And how he was with hiccup when the couple are getting betrothed, awww he’s definitely going to stuck with his cousin in this big moment we all shared! Having a lot if arguments? Yes, but at the end friends are there for each other no matter what (one of the reasons I LOVE rtte) .
To our dragon geek, hey fishlegs! All hail the dragon geek! Him being an awesome person this season it just very heart waeming. Seeing him saving the day, and being heroic, gentle, kind, cute, lovable…!!
The twin did surprise me this season!! Showing another side of them is so brilliant!! But making cry from laughter it just why I love them so much! Just that insanity is enough to do the job!!
I seriously didn’t think this post would end up that long but I just couldn’t handle myself from expressing my feelings and thoughts!! And I hope you all have the same feelings as me!! Have a nice one fellas!!


Let’s start off with my first LOL Moment: Hiccup’s fucking leg just *pops* off and Hookfang belatedly digs in the sand.

Ooooh my god, the leg. The fucking leg. Freaking… Snotlout and Hiccup interacting, once again, is the best Hiccup-involved anything this show has to offer.

Snotlout’s probably one of the best things this show’s done right

And his relationship with Hiccup is one of the best so far

I also greatly enjoyed the Fishtrid bromance. I always love other friendships. That’s one such boon of the TV show.

Leave it to Hiccup to make Astrid feel “useless”. So, this is what I like about the ‘show’s’ version (you know, the one that ignores canon). They do get some things right, and one such thing is Astrid getting to point out that Hiccup has everything. He got it all at the end of the first movie (working out the kinks after getting it all, is what I would have liked to have seen in a bridge).

Here’s the thing: I wouldn’t have reflexatory cringing if the show didn’t TRY to claim the TV series as following “canon”. Because it’s not. They did their own thing–at first just fumbling along, sorta mistargeting their audience, and then later attempting a patch-job between movies, and that’s great… if only they had nutted up and admitted as much instead of trying to lay claim to something anyone over the age of 8 could question. In that case, the fandom would have been spared a lot of strife, and the show itself probably quite a few less naysayers.

I mean, it was downright offensive to many fans. And I’m only laying this down to preface why I find all the “oooo Hiccstrid uwu” lackluster. It’s not my Hiccstrid, with all its flaws and subtle depth.

The TV show itself has just hollowed out their version of Hiccstrid. The character interactions are shallow, and funny, and the writers seem to be having a lot of fun with it (there are some clever angles to that camera ;)). That’s great! However, theres no deep, rich storytelling here, particularly between Hiccup and Astrid. Even the movies, which had flubbed the couple’s get-together, had more nuanced substance in their relationship.

So, yeah, we’ll assume all the interactions in between S4 and S5 have led to a betrothal. Hiccup and Astrid are “just friends” with an inexplicable attraction to each other when, at 17/18 (?) they’ve decided the hormones were too much so they’ve gotten together and… in a couple week’s time of suffering a volcano they’ve made arrangement for marriage. Maybe that’s how its done on Berk? We don’t know. And apparently they’re going to stay ‘betrothed’ for the next couple years… pfff

I don’t mind the pair’s interactions at all. They’re cute. But the fact remains that Hiccup, in his “proposal” whatsit, dropped the phrase “you’ve always been a part of our family”. That’s canon erasure right there. And right after some cuteness of pointing out how much Stoick adores Astrid (and Stoick would totally help/hand-anything-down for getting Astrid into his family). Like, I said, it’s that dark cloud hanging over it of the show trying to claim any of this as “canon”. That one offense seems to be constantly shadowing anything remotely cute or canon-like, reminding me to compare it to canon. It will always fall short. They did this to themselves :/

On another note… I’m loving the increase of violence. But also, TF.

Arrowverse musings

So Wentworth confirming he’s back for legends and the flash for their new seasons here’s the little I ask of the writers.

For the Flash don’t just use flashbacks let us have more than one episode where Len interacts with Barry. Take them to earth 2 and let him see mayor Snart or any other world for that matter. Bring back Lisa for one freakin episode please!!!!! Peyton List has said she’ll come back so you have no excuse. Let Lisa have a wee moment of jealous about Cisco and gypsy and give us a proper snart sibling moment! One last personal request, bring back mirror master and let Snart kick his petulant ass please and thank you. For legends……..JUST BRING HIM BACK!!! It’s a comic book show people rise from the dead more than they eat hot dinners for the love of hooha! I would love to see Len teasing Mick (in a good way) about his feelings for amaya and be determined to get Sara’s attention again. Let him be snarky about Nate and Ray’s bromance because that’s just too much sunshine on 1 ship and let him pick his little brother attitude to jax back up and be proud at how much he’s grown. Let him set the apparent new bitch on the ship, Stein straight about his bad attitude please because you know he would. Actually address the horrible misuse of his past self with the legion of doom and let him grow from knowing Barry/Mick/his team have made him a better person. So yeah that’s my asks Arrowverse writers 😞

i know there are many sides of this but when i hate when people get up-in-arms (and i mean REALLY up-in-arms, hateful) about a close male (specifically) relationship being labeled as a ‘bromance’ and not becoming canon. the two problems i have with that is it insinuates that:

1. they need to be sexually attracted to each other to be that close (friendships can be just as strong/lasting as relationships) 

2. that male friendships in which they can express their feelings candidly, show fondness, and feel comfortable touching each other are invalid.

I really wonder what kind of future Keith envisioned for he and Shiro. I guess they’d just be pals occasionally exploring space together, but I can’t imagine a Keith that wouldn’t get jealous if Shiro eventually ended up having a significant other and settling down. It doesn’t even have to be a romantic kind of jealous, he just seems like he might expect to have Shiro’s attention for the foreseeable future and would be bothered if they grew apart because Shiro was spending more time with his family. Or he’d just force his way in like ‘hey you’ve got a spare room i see, can i be the cool uncle that lives with you’ lol.

With Shiro, would he be able to even find someone that loves him as much as Keith does? I dunno man. What other relationship is he gonna have that history with, saving his life multiple times, knowing how to lift him up when he’s down? Pretty sucky that cliche writing usually keeps these great building blocks for a romantic relationship in the ~bromance~ zone while Shiro or Keith get a love interests without as much depth.

Because heteronormativity! Because Women also don’t get solidly built up romances in action shows and are just accessories! I dunno, maybe they will surprise us with Kallura but so far they’ve missed out on A LOT of chances to give them moments together in s3, instead those moments went to Allura and Lance so… *squints*. And you know… I think Lance deserves to “get the girl”. I think it would be kind of shitty for Lance, who always feels second rate to Keith, to not get the girl he’s pining after because she goes for the guy who seems totally indifferent to her and doesn’t even try lol. I think Lance’s feeling for Allura probably started off as “whoa hot girl!!” but since then you can tell he’s developed genuine feelings for her and as long as he’s done with the aggressive flirting then they could really have a great slow burn romance (which I think Jeremy Shada mentioned for Lance - who else would it be at this point! Don’t say Keith I will put tape over your mouth). Seeing Allura gradually start developing a soft spot for Lance would be amazing, can you imagine how happy he’d get if Allura ever did something flirty with him haha? Compare to Keith, who would probably just be kind of “….ok.” Allura needs someone that would appreciate her. So far that doesn’t seem to be Keith.

I don’t think they’re doing Kallura at this point, because if they are they’re doing it very badly lol.

Anyways this was supposed to be future-for-sheith conjecture but turned into salt and general ship endgame conjecture I guess.

My favorite thing that I love about jon Stewart is that he’s constantly popping in to check on all his late night children like

He was just on Larry’s show to tell him he loves him and not to feel bad about his show ending

He and Samantha Bee had the skit with the horse and Samantha says he’s been supportive and tells her when he really likes bits

He showed up for jessica Williams 2dope Queens bday

He has returned to the daily show to see Trevor, who has called him “papa”

John Oliver has nothing but praise for jon and vice versa

And of course the bromance to end bromances of he and Stephen Colbert and appearing on Stephen’s show several times - whether to trash trump or simply hug the hell outta each other

I love all my late night children and their dad

bios larry -quotes- 

“well we live together and harry does all the cooking”

“chicken stuffed with mozzarella wrapped in parma ham with a side of homemade”

“my first real crush was… louis tomlinson"

“oops!” “hi”

“lou can i give you a blowjob?” 

“I’d love it, if you just wait.”

“harry’s getting head”

*louis smirks* “so between me and louis who’s in front and who’s behind? i think we kind of share the really”

“and i’d marry you harry”


“some people genuinely think that me and harry are in a relationship”
mashed potatoes”


it is what it is+butterfly



“the fans call me and louis “larry stylinson”

“me and louis had always said that we wanted to move in together”

“it was pretty much a hit, it just kind of happened”

“behind closed doors something else goes on”

“we’d love to reveal more but we have to keep some things to ourselves”

“now kiss me you fool”

“are you and louis dating?” *harry nods* “you are? i figured.” *harry smirks*

“where do you want to sit?” “next to you”

“we try not to disclose much about our relationship to the public”

“what were you doing yesterday?” “trying to walk”

“harry are you good with your hands?” louis: “really good”

“define girlfriends”

“im in love with lou, and all his little things”

“always in my heart @Harry_Styles . Yours sincerely, Louis”

“are you happy that harry and taylor got together” louis: “i’m happy that they’re good friends yes.” *whispers* “if that.”

“what were you doing yesterday?” “trying to walk.”

"harry, are you good with your hands?” “really good.”

“where do you want to sit?” “next to you.”

“i met you in the toilet.”

“since we started at the the x-factor house, me and Louis has always said that we wanted to move in together. It was pretty much of this, it just kind of happened.”

                                           TWEETS *bônus*

“@Harry_Styles: Loving my bromance with Louis, he’s so sexy!”
“@Louis­­_Tomlinson: #harrylouyear «“@Louis_Tomlison: I’m the same size as Harry Ha x.”
“@Louis_Tomlinson: Harry have a good show tonight babycakes! :)”
”@Harry_Styles: @Louis_Tomlinson Miss you babycakes.”
“@Louis_Tonlinson: @Harry_Styles I miss you too sweetcheeks ;)”
“@Harry Styles: @Louis_Tomlinson Higher and faster…you feel me?
@Louis_Tomlinson: @Harry_Styles I feel you man.”


Awww thanks @hobolunchbox

You’re such a sweet friend -

Like Sam and Jorah are sweet friends

Aww the feels - thanks I LOVE this…

Aww thanks again @hobolunchbox -  Yes it really was a beautiful and touching scene - just lovely

 Also I really hope that they will meet again - even if it is so one can save the other from some sort of destruction or doom -   It’s a rather evil show so that’s kind of it’s style….


Okay, so I’ve been watching (and re-watching) Digimon Adventure Tri over and over again and something interesting caught my attention. I’ve been a fan of the original Digimon series since I was about 11 or 12 years old, and like many young Digimon fans at the time I assumed that Tai and Sora were the shows one true pairing and was surprised when at the end of season 2 she ended up with Matt

But after watching (and re-watching) Digimon Tri I began to think a little differently about things. See, I’m a queer woman who is interested in storytelling and representation as far as queer characters are concerned (I also care about people of color representations, but that’s a different topic for a different day). I sort of fancy myself a bit of a queer detective and I admit I search for lgbt+ representation everywhere, but I can also admit when I’m looking for it where it isn’t to be found. After my multiple viewings of Digimon Tri it hit me out of nowhere that there is a strong possibility that the “love triangle” between Tai, Matt and Sora has been a red harring all along, and that Tai and Matt are actually the shows true pairing.

I know, I know, I’m nuts. But let me explain.

After the original airing of the second season I never gave a damn who ended up with whom at the end of it all. It literally hasn’t crossed my mind in the last 15 years and I always found it a little sad that Digimon presented a world filled with all kinds of interesting characters with really rich inner lives, and all anyone seemed interested in talking about was why did whats-her-face marry one guy and not the other. I was also more intrigued with the world as a whole and the relationships were interesting to me, but I was way more concerned with that beach that had all those mailboxes and telephone booths on it.

So, I went into Digimon Tri with my excited inner child in toe, I wasn’t looking for homo-romantic subtext or any particular ship to cling to, I was simply feeling nostalgic just like anyone else who grew up loving the original show. I certainly didn’t think anything of the show potentially setting up Matt and Tai’s relationship as anything more than a strained friendship, and at most an intense bromance. But I’m older and much more literate in the art of storytelling than I was as a child, and now, 15 years later I see things that a child of the late 90′s/early 2000′s would’ve clearly missed.

It was pretty clear to me on the first viewing that there was something powerful between Matt and Tai, but after viewing all 4 episodes about 5 times thus far I think I can finally make an interesting case for this. It’s just a theory and no one has to agree with it and I really just needed to get this off my chest, but I have found no evidence which gives me good and unbiased reasoning as to how it can’t be possible yet. So, I’m going to attempt to organize my ideas to the best of my abilities here by providing my own evidence from past and present installments of the Digimon series (mostly seasons one, two and tri). I’ll start with the new Tri series.

1. In the first episode of Tri it appears that Sora is torn between whether or not to attend Tai’s soccor game or Matt’s concert; this is the typical setup for a potential formulaic heterosexual love triangle that we’ve seen countless times and have come to expect from Western media. However, the emphasis placed on inviting Sora to either of these events is minimal at best. For example, after a short scene where Tai sees Matt hands Sora a concert ticket the scene after features Matt also inviting Tai to his concert and he does so while the two of them are having what looks to be a somewhat flirtatious lunch date, just the two of them with no Sora to be found.

2. A very subtle, but fascinating moment happens while Matt and TK are hanging out back stage before Matt’s concert. Because of Kawagamon’s attack, both Matt and TK assume that Matt’s concert will be canceled and TK goes to call the girl he’s invited on a date (because that’s what it is) to tell her that the concert is off. At the same time Matt reaches for his phone to call Tai. Perhaps these two incidents aren’t actually meant to parallel one another, but they clearly seems to.

3.There are a few moments in these first for episode where Matt seems to reflect on thoughts of Tai to himself, unbeknownst to Tai and the other characters. There’s a small moment when, after the battle with Kawagamon, Mimi arrives at the airport and after a very jovial greeting there is a brief moment before the scene change where Matt stares at Tai and smiles to himself while Tai isn’t looking. This is obviously a small detail, but it’s something that appears in movies a TV a lot when one character has feeling for another character that they internally reflect on in the moment.

4. In the second season of Digimon it is reveal that Matt and Sora are dating, but in Tri they don’t seem to associate like a couple, nor is this the case with her and Tai. Maybe they broke up (and will get back together at a later date), maybe teenage couples in Japan are less romantic in public (to the point of barely speaking, though?), or maybe Tri’s creators are attempting to change cannon, it wouldn’t be the first time that’s happened. As far as Tri is concerned, Sora still hasn’t decided whether or not she wants Matt or Tai. It’s still very much up in the air. Tai and Matt, on the other hand, are very content to spend time together, communicate with each other and engage in emotionally tense arguments, without Sora. That doesn’t mean they’re a couple or that they will become one, but at the moment they are much closer to it than they are with Sora.

5. Matt spends a lot of time, especially in episode 3, trying to connect with Tai, despite the fact that things are changing between them. The fight they have isn’t only about the Digimon, it’s a struggle between two people who care about one another and can’t get the other to see their point of view. At Izzy’s office at the end of the episode, Matt is absent and is accused by TK of sulking in epsode 4 because of his lack of resolution in his fight with Tai.

I’m going to be honest, I’m not a fan of the Tri version of Sora. She was vastly more interesting in the first season of Digimon and it’s becoming more and more clear that if it has nothing to do with her freaking out over Matt and Tai the show doesn’t really know what to do with her. She went from being a character with interesting story lines to being just “the girl”. But hey, 15 years is a long time to change and it’s only been 4 episodes. There is also a new female character introduced, she could potentially be a love interest for either Matt or Tai, or she could mean nothing romantically to to anyone at all. She could also die before the series ends, but I digress…

6. Episode 4 is filled to the brim with slashy stuff, from the ferris wheel ride, to all of the other characters getting excited that Matt and Tai are in a ferris wheel car together. It almost seems like the other characters are shipping them too.

7.All of the embracing, arm linking, and memories of hand holding they do in the 4th episode. That’s low hanging fruit, though.

A lot of this evidence is circumstantial, I know that. But TV and movies are a show-don’t-tell form of narrative. When you make assumptions based on what’s being shown to you in a form of storytelling that’s all about showing, it very hard to convince people that what you’re showing them isn’t true.

And as far as the details of this evidence are concerned I know what you’re thinking, and you’re right for the most part. Platonic friends participate in these types of behaviors as well, though perhaps not this intensely. And based on what has been shown so far, it could be gleaned that Matt is far more invested in their relationship than Tai is, and if it were to become apparent that Matt lets his “feelings” for Tai known, he could be rejected. Maybe that’s why he starts a relationship with Sora in the first place.

And again, before you get mad, remember that it’s all ONLY A THEORY.

Besides, there has only been one part (or 4 episodes) in the Tri series with a reported 5 more parts to go. There is a long 24 episode journey ahead of us and things could change at any time; in favor of my theory or against it.

Season two of Digimon is more complicated to decipher in this instance because the first season DigiDestined are very rarely seen and so their lives move forward off-screen. In the middle of the second season it is discovered (though never directly stated) that Matt and Sora are dating. I don’t dispute this for a second, it’s obvious, but it certainly did come out of left field for the average viewer. It was just assumed that Sora would end up with Tai even though there was never any indication that either had romantic leanings toward one another. Sora dating Matt was even more of a shock since there was even less of an indication that the two had feelings for one another. In fact, they barely exchanged more than a few words with each other throughout all of season one. But as we all know things change as we get older, and I guess that’s when the great Digimon ship debate was born.

I was one of the many kids who felt that Sora should’ve chosen Tai over Matt because that outcome would have been more satisfying as far as the narrative in concerned. Tai was the main male lead and Sora was the main female lead (even though there were only three girls in the main cast) and Western media has trained us to think that this is how the outcome should have gone.

But I will admit that Matt and Sora do have a lot in common, despite the fact that they never really engage one another in the first season. They both come from one parent households, they both have a hard time activating their crests of Friendship and Love, they both fall into a deep depression in a cave, and it’s clear that they both have similar emotional journeys. I think that, in this case, the two of them ending up together makes sense in subtext, but it doesn’t mean they stay together.

I’m well aware that fans say that the creator has stated that Matt and Sora’s relationship was planned from the beginning. Cool, I can get down with that. And that Sora and Tai were just friends and that the season two epilogue was planned for season one. Cool, I’m still on board with all of that. Again, I would never presume to question this part of the story, I just want to know if there is potential for something more nuanced.

Maybe it’s because I found that photo of the characters as adults with their children and I noticed that Matt and Tai seemed to not only be standing closer to eachother than Matt and Sora, but were standing closer than any of the other characters in that image, including Ken and Yoli who are stated to have been currently married in the narration. Maybe I remembered that Matt has a lot of childhood trauma surrounding divorce in his own family and maybe that issue went unaddressed during his adulthood and bled into his personal life and relationship with Sora. And maybe they got divorced because this entire time Matt was harboring feelings for Tai and realized it once they became adults and decided that it wasn’t fair to Sora and their children (because they clearly have children together) to go on living a lie. Maybe Sora got too busy working as a successful fashion designer and didn’t have time to work through all of this will Matt and figured it would be best that their split be on amicable terms. I’m clearly reaching here, but it’s not as impossible as some fans would make it out to seem. However, if that image is any evidence, it would also make the suggestion that Sora remarried Joe as she is the closest to him in proximity. This is unlikely, but it wouldn’t the first time this show tossed an unexpected relationship twist our way (plus, both Joe and Matt are the ones who help her out of her cave funk in season one, maybe that’s a love triangle instead).

Now, I know the idea of Matt and Sora getting together, getting married, and having children, only to get divorced in the season two epilogue because Matt and Tai realized their feelings for each other and get together themselves doesn’t gel with the “Happy Ending” that we assume has been presented to us; I wouldn’t disagree with you there. But maybe, just maybe, the creators behind Digimon were smarter and more progressive than that . Maybe they realized that in a world where over 50% of marriages end in divorce that they might want to portray characters that, despite experiencing that type of family trauma, show that it’s possible to still find happiness and fulfillment in a found family. Maybe they thought it would be great for children to see that you can still be special and important regardless of whether or not you have a single mom, a single dad, step-parents, parents who are divorced, or parents who are the same gender. Maybe they were aware and supportive of the fact that Japanese culture (the creators own culture) has literature featuring homosexuality that dates back as far as the 11th century. The show wouldn’t come right out and say it, the times wouldn’t have allowed for that, but there is something to be said for subtext and something to be said for covert representation. Hell, I don’t know what the show creators family backgrounds are and maybe they wanted to represent family dynamics similar to their own. And I could be completely wrong about everything I just wrote (and probably am), I just want to ask the question and reach out for the possibility; your original ship won’t be damaged in my attempt to do that. 

As for the first season of Digimon, the tension in Matt and Tai’s relationship is all over the place. It is NOT sexual tension as they are only 11 years old, but it is clear that the two of them have a strained, complicated and difficult to define relationship. For the vast majority of the first season it would be inaccurate to call them friends and they certainly aren’t enemies. The best word one could use to describe their relationship would be “rivals”, but their rivalry is a lot more complicated than just two boys duking it out (which they have done a few times). Their rivalry is connected to their individual values, like when Matt mentions feeling that Tai is a better brother to TK than he is and it is clear that he feels a great deal of anxiety and insecurity around that. Tai is the groups leader with varying degrees of success and even though Matt doesn’t state outright that he thinks he would be a better leader than Tai, he is very much envious by Tai’s natural ability to take charge. Tai, as expected, views Matt’s antagonism as an attempt to undermined his authority; these reactions seem to be those cause of the fights between them.

This makes up the bulk of the conflict between them for most of season one, but that all gets beautifully resolved when they end up supporting each other in episode 51 of season one; during the big, end of season one battle with Piedmon they exchange these words.

Tai: “I never doubted you for a second, Matt. I know it didn’t always seem that way.”

Matt: “Thank you, Tai… for believing in me. I’m just sorry I was so late. Tai, you have to know how much our friendship has always meant to me. And I swear nothing will ever come between us again.”

Now, regardless of how you feel about this conversation, it’ was rare to see an exchange between two male characters that is this intimate, emotional and loving (whether the love is romantic or platonic) in the US at the time this aired. And it’s this conversation alone that, regardless of how they truly feel about one another in Tri, wins the day for me. It could be possible that Matt’s last sentence still holds true, maybe nothing ever does come between them again, Sora or otherwise. But that’s what it was in the dub, could’ve been completely different in Japanese. I say the word ‘maybe’ a lot in this post.

My point is that there is wiggle room, if the creators want to slightly alter the cannon in favor of this outcome they can do that. Fans would be pissed, but once it’s done it’s done and there would be nothing any of us could do to change that. At the end of the day it’s a story, one that can be changed, altered and rearranged at the whim of the story telling. What the fans want could be up in the air for the time being, we are not the true gods of the Digimon world.

And who knows, maybe Tai, Matt and Sora become polyamorous in the end. Bet nobody would see that coming.

Clary + Alec = A Lot of Feels

When we all talk about how great it is that the writers changed the scene when Clary tells Alec she knows he’s gay… We all talk about how we love that they changed Alec’s reaction, but like…?

I like that even when Alec is so indifferent to Clary, she still doesn’t react with hatred or anything. He says something negative and she’s like “why do you always look so miserable?” And then she tells him it’s okay that he’s gay and in love with Jace. She doesn’t react by poking fun at him or shoving it in his face. She genuinely cares as to why he’s making himself so lonely and closed off.

In the books Clary just calls him a dickhead and hangs his sexuality over his head like it means nothing. I like that show!Clary understands how hard it is for him to deal with this, and she can see how upset it really is making him.

The book scene of that made me mad because no person should ever fear their own feelings being used as a weapon over them. And Clary would NEVER do that to someone. It’s funny that though Alec resents Clary so much, she’s one of the only people who really understands his depression and anger.

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Hayley + Murph for the ship thingy cause their bromance is real okay? Lmao

  • who said i love you first?

Murphy is just kind of laughing in his fist here and shaking his head. But I do think eventually he’d SHOW that he loved her. He’s not one for words. Words wouldn’t come until years later, when Hope was probably already walking about and talking. So, I feel like Hayley was the first one to say it to him?

  • who laughs when the other trips?

Murphy, sorry. He’d give a small chuckle before helping her back up on her feet, probably with a snarky comment to tease about.

  • who pays the bills?

Since they don’t really live together. They each pay their own bills?

  • which one makes a bigger deal around the holidays?

I feel like Hayley would, and Murphy would help along eventually.

  • who’s more clumsy?

Mmmhh.. I want to say Hayley, but to be fair I don’t see either of them to be really clumsy?

  • who checks their daily horoscope?

Murphy for shits and giggles.

  • who sings louder in the car?

Another Murphy, but Hayley would probably start to sing along with him.

  • who leaves the cap off the toothpaste?

I feel like Hayley would sometimes forget it and Murphy would be the one to casually screw the cap back on?

  • who is more up to date in pop culture?

I feel like Murphy is. Murphy loves music man. A lot.

  • who insists on going to see the newest movies?

Hayley! Though Murphy loves coming along with her because yes, new movies.

  • who cries when the abused animal commercials come on?

Both hate it, I feel. Murphy wouldn’t CRY though. Just look very displeased. So perhaps Hayley?

  • who’s the lighter sleeper?

Murphy is a light sleeper. Gotta keep on his toes.

  • who believes in ghosts?

Both of them, lmao. Come on.

  • who does the grocery shopping?

Again, both.

  • who updates their facebook status more often?

Hayley since Murphy only has it for shits and giggles and posts once in a blue moon, or if he posts its just… crack.

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i can absolutely see through videos david's sincere love for toddy and alex. i would want to say the same about zane and heath but that is obvious because they don't hide and they are very loud and physical about it whereas david loves both of them in that silent kind of way. his smile is so different when he is alone with alex or toddy. idk maybe i just see what i want to see but i feel like platoniclaly david is much closer to todd and alex than any other of his friends. that's so beautiful

David and Alex are best friends. They are both closest to each other than anyone else in the group. Neither of them show their bromance in the way Zane and Heath do, but you can tell it’s there. You can tell by watching the old vlogs how close they are, I wish we could see those kind of moments now, but they’re few and far between. David always snaps with Alex and he wouldn’t have asked him to live in the new house if he didn’t really love him like a brother. And Todd and David’s relationship has grown so much since the vlogs started and it’s wonderful. Daivd thinks Todd is the hottest person on earth. Todd and Alex’s friendship is nice too.


You dumb bastard. You should have just been there from the start. No matter what. You should have just stayed. All I had besides soccer was you—and when soccer was gone and I wanted to die, you should have just been there.

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How do you react when people talk about vkook and jungkook using jimin to get to v? I don't want to hate the ship cause they are cute and all but damn it's annoying.

Sorry to v-kook shippers in advance. Because of the v-kook in the ask it will come up in the mobile tag

I love the bromance that is BTS. I don’t really dislike seeing other pairings. V-kook definitely gets my jealousy going because I do feel threatened on Jimin’s behalf

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which is of course ridiculous. But I’m Jikook af so who could blame me

But honestly I try to stay away from other ships that I dont ship. I see Jungkook and Tae as completely platonic, and while Tae can be all over Jungkook I don’t really mind because he’s like that with everyone! Even people who aren’t bangtan. That’s just Tae’s character. If he likes you he’s not afraid to show it

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I really don’t know much about the whole Jungkook using Tae to make Jimin jealous. I only saw one video about it and I like to think that the members, who are a family first, would never do that to each other, or use each other in that way. Unless it was completely playful. 

Bangtan is family and the maknae line friendship is everything. They all care about each other too much to do something so petty. 

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Or at least I like to think so

My advice is to avoid things that make you unhappy. No good comes from seeing or giving hate. 

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Lee Jong Suk for Nylon (Oct 2014) - Part 1

Translator: hitoritabi
Translation note: What a great interview of renewed determination. :)


For quite some time now, whenever he was in a drama, there is a sadness in Lee Jong Suk's eyes. Starting from ‘School 2013’, his life on the screen has never had a smooth upbringing. Either he’s made all the wrong decisions because he was afraid that his best friend in the world would leave him, or he’s living in w rod where he’s forced to hear the thoughts of everyone else. Then he would be living in a hell-like state just to save the woman he loves.

“Each and every character had his own sad tale; not even one of them has both parents alive and well. My heart hurts when thinking about the characters, even now. Perhaps I'm the only one who feels this way, but maybe that’s the reason the characters remain in people’s hearts?“

The upbringing of these characters can hardly be called 'smooth’, but they fiercely protect what they perceive to be important. Therefore, even after the drama ends, his characters take up residence in the viewers’ hearts, and it’s rather hard to forget them. 

This is all the more true for his most recent role in 'Doctor Stranger’. When he was playing Park Hoon, the North Korean doctor who fights for love above all, there was a scene where he cried uncontrollably, so much so that he lost his voice. He said, this man only needed his lover Jaehee and his father died so that he could take her away; he is such a pitiful character.

He calls this drama 'a painful finger’; it not only gave him pain, but it also motivated him to grow. Song Kang Ho, who played his father in 'The Face Reader’, texted him to praise him for his acting. Among the television drama airing it that timeslot, it also got first place. It could be said that he gained critical approval and popularity from the experience. However, Lee Jong Suk said, it only left him with 'an emptiness like his soul has departed from his body.’

”During the filming of that drama, I received an amount of praise, but strangely, it made me scared to act afterwards. I love acting, but am I really good at it? Is this what sunbaes call a slump? I kept thinking about that.”

When he was filming’ Hot Young Bloods’, he had a bout of insomnia and pulled a script out of a pile of offers. His intent was to read one episode and then drift off to sleep but he got so wrapped up in the story that he read all the way to the end of episode two. A fateful encounter with 'Doctor Stranger’. During this interview, I asked a lot of questions but his answers always went back to acting. When I asked him if he would considering resting a bit before moving onto his next fateful piece of work, he shook his head without a shred of hesitation, but with strong conviction.

“Insecurities and doubts would eventually pass. If I live my days in fear then I would become ever more timid. More than anything else, I have the gut feeling that I have to just stand up and continue forward.

Nylon: 'Doctor Stranger’ ended two months ago. Yet you’ve been talking about it since we began this interview.

Jongsuk: It’s the same after the ending of each project. But I admit that Park Hoon is currently still in my heart; he’s been difficult to send away. I received this script last October; I even changed my hair three times to adapt to the different phases of the character. I participated in the costume design for him… there’s just a lot of leftover feelings.

Nylon: On the drama set, I hear that you would record your own work with a camera to monitor your performance, how much does that help?

Jongsuk: I have started live monitoring my performances since IHYV; I would find places that are not working as well, so that I could at least improve in the next performance. The amazing thing is no matter how tired I am with filming, my stress would be alleviated once I watch the episode airing. It is then that I get a concrete feeling of being alive.

Nylon: But in the end, characters become complete through the process.

Jongsuk: Many sunbaes have said similar things to me. The character you create in the first four episodes has to sustain you for 20 episodes. Usually scripts come out more and more rushed in the later episodes, so you must focus and nail down your character in the beginning.

To be honest, there’s no one single way to create a character. It just comes down to bringing the script everywhere with you and painting an increasingly detailed picture of the character in your head – even months before the production begins. You sketch it out again and again, try to figure out the background of the character, the situations he would get into, his personality… then at some moment, you’ll feel that you’ve taken one step closer to the character.

Nylon:  How aware are you towards the reactions to your performance? Do you also monitor them like how you do monitoring on set?

Jongsuk: I read almost all news articles and reviews, even blog posts. There’s one particular thing that’s interesting about receiving feedback. For the second half of [Doctor Stranger], the scripts actually came out rather rushed, it was quite difficult to memorize the lines, let alone focus on building character. So I would have to rely on the earlier characterizations to survive to the end. Once audiences are invested in the character, they would be able to add their own weight to the dialogue or the actions. Even when I may not have thought that deeply before acting that way in the scene, the audience would be extrapolate further implications. It’s very interesting to read.

Nylon: For example, the loveline between Namsoon and Heungsoo in 'School 2013’?

Jongsuk: Women have always liked bromances, haven’t they? When filming 'School 2013’, someone released a cut version of all the scenes between Namsoon and Heungsoo. Even watching it myself, I feel that Namsoon and Heungsoo act like they are in a love story. Even though it is a friendship, it’s deeper than just a friendship. Hehe.

Nylon: The theme for Nylon’s October issue is TV ISSUE. This must be a familiar topic for you.

Jongsuk: Yep, I’ve liked watching TV since I before debut.

Nylon: You even commented on a talk show that if you wanted to go on a date, you’d just watch 'Jjak’ (a dating show), and if you wanted to go on a trip, you’d watch 'Law of the Jungle’.

Jongsuk: Yes. 'Jjak’ has ended now, but I still watch 'Law of the Jungle’ frequently. Besides that, I watch almost all variety shows. I like 'Radio Star’, 'Happy Together 3’ and some other child-raising varieties.

Nylon: How about you don’t just watch, but actually go to the jungle?

Jongsuk: Kwanghee invited me to go once, but not just for a short while, it was for 2 weeks! If it was just 3 days then it’d be fine, but the biggest problem would be shaving. My stubble grows out really fast. After all, I’m an idol actor in his twenties, wouldn’t it seem a little weird to be filmed with unkempt stubble like that? Haha.

Nylon: What’s the show you’re most into as an audience these days?

Jongsuk: 'Sherlock’! I can’t believe I’ve only watched it now! I started with season 1 and now I only have the last episode of season 3 left. Of course the plot is great, but Benedict Cumberbatch is really an actor that gets more charming the longer you watch him.


This show Ore Monogatari only has 3 episodes out so far and I love it! The bromance and the shoujoness with comedy is great! I have a scared feeling that something bad is going to happen since it is shoujo but wel just have to take it one episode at a time. And I love this cosplay!

Honestly, is Bryan Fuller just going with the bromance explanation because he doesn’t want to risk sinking the show? Like, this is a damn romance. This is more than just some straight dudes feeling a connection with each other. Hannibal put together a god damn heart made out of body parts and left it there for Will. Will misses him so much he’s having arguments in his head with the ghost of his dead surrogate daughter. She represents his love for Hannibal. Like how am I, a queer woman, supposed to read these men as anything else but lovers ‘in a homosexual way?’