i just love the auroras so much

Nani!!! (^w^) I loved her so much as a kid (still do)! There is just something special about this powerhouse of a young woman, whom would do anything for her tiny family. The love she has for Lilo is so strong that I could not leave the poor sweety-bell out of this manip.

PS: Me doing a young mermaid was most likely a one time thing! There is simply too little material to work with. :,( 

Wanna see more mermaids? —>

Belle, AuroraTianaPocahontas, MulanMegaraJasmineKidaCinderellaNita & Esmeralda

A headcanon thought:

I don’t think Aurora was Declan’s mother by birth.

- he is described as looking nothing like Aurora.
- he is called the most natural of Niall’s boys.
- could a dreamer and a dream really produce a normal child?
- Niall was an adventurer. A wandering poet. Why would he dream his perfect woman as a homemaker and mother? He loved her so much. He could have dreamed a fellow traveller. So maybe he already had a child. Maybe Aurora and the Barns was Niall setting down roots because he had to, because he had little baby Declan, who needed stability?

I think Aurora is still his mother, of course. Just maybe not by birth.



[12.01.2016] // Playdate with Simplicity and Eleanore <3

Hi guys! How’re you? I hope that you’re fine!
Today we received in our home the lovelies Simplicity and Eleanore, daughters of my big friend Aurora! Mari and Mauricio invited them for a playdate. Unfortunelly, Jhonny need to go out with Rafa and Chris this afternoon, but it was a great afternoon!
They played a lot, and Jasminne just loved Eleanore! Mauricio had a bit of jealous of it, and now he try to pass all the times with Jasminne LOL
I did a lil snack for them, cookies with Christmas things’ format was their favorite! I’m glad that they liked!
Thank you so much Aurora for let them come and play with my kids! I’m glad that they come, and Mari and Mauricio can wait for another visit of them! <3

Also guys, look at this fatty baby! How can I deal with all of their cuteness? Jasminne is growing so much like Chris, and is stayin so chubby! I’m so in love with my lil girl <3
Can’t believe that they will turn 2 months in 7 days (because here is already day 2 lol)! How time flies!

So guys, that was the post of today! I hope that you all liked!
Any questions? Just ask! My inbox is always open for you! <3
Have a great day/night <3


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Okay but like seriously your sims have the coolest fucking names. Can you just compose a list of names you like and post it? I would be eternally grateful. Love you!!

LOVE U TOO!! (also like thanks a million because i spend so much time naming)

Alright onto this list:

- Apricot

- Teagan

- Rowan

- Roman

- Max

- Alexander 

- Aurora

- Torrance

- Florence

- Jackie

- Jocelyn

- Sabrina

- Nadine

- Hayley

That’s all i got in me for right now, but thanks for the ask!! <3

Can we just talk about how beautiful and loving the Lynch family is

Aurora: “Cabeswater, dissolve,” Ronan said. Aurora had stepped in front of him as if she meant to protect her son. There was nothing vague about her now. 

Niall: “The spear, Dad told me, was him.” Declan looked at Ronan. “He told me to make sure Ronan was the name of the hero, and not the name of just another spear.” 

Declan: His mind was already digging through worst-case scenarios. He needed to get Ronan and Matthew out of Henrietta - that was all that mattered.

Ronan: “Take Matthew to D.C. and keep him safe,” Ronan repeated.

Matthew: In the backseat, Matthew gasped dramatically to lighten the mood. Like Chainsaw, he could not bear to see Ronan distressed. 

When it came to it, it wasn’t like there was an option. The Lynches would always save one another’s lives, if they had to. 

X Company 3x06:

  • I absolutely LOVE Krystina fighting for what she wants (Even if it’s probably going to lead to death). You go Krystina!
  • Oh god, I was so nervous for Aurora but good on those Jewish ladies for not wanting to rat her out. My heart breaks for them.
  • “What would Tom do?” I love that this is a running theme but god, way to pull at my heart strings. Gone but never forgotten
  • Raise your hands if you feel uncomfortable every time Aurora has a scene with Sabine’s father? *raises all my limbs*
  • They can’t replace Harry’s radio!
  • “Remember when we took the train together, just the two of us?” Are you two ex-friends or ex-lovers? 
  • Poor Alfred has PTSD. :((( And it must be so much worse with his synesthesia. :(((((
  • I feel bad for Peter and David being used as pawns, but it also means the team is a little bit safer. I’M CONFLICTED.
  • Seeing Heidi in her element just makes me feel ill. I had hoped she was an allied spy of some kind.
  • It’s good to have Sabine on board! Does this mean Aurora and Sabine can be friends again? Please, please, please!
  • Who else misses Aurora being Sergeant? She’s either undercover or being upstaged by Sinclair and Alfred. GIVE ME BACK BOSS!AURORA.
  • I can’t believe there’s only four episodes left. I AM NOT READY.

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Whats your favorite thing to do at disney parks? And what is your favorite moment you've ever had at a park?

My favourite things to do at the parks would be 

  • Hanging out with my friends. If we have a specific theme of the day or are just chilling!! I love my friends so much and being at disney with them is honestly a dream come true??
  • Watching Festival of Fantasy
  • Meeting Characters! Especially Aurora, Tiana, Elsa, Goofy, Olaf, Russel and Dug 
  • Eating treats!! I love to eat at the parks even if it’s pricey sometimes 
  • I love looking in the shops and looking at all the details they put in there that go unnoticed by most people who aren’t looking specifically for things
  • I used to love SCREAMING at DEP. Like in a cheering on the performers kind of way haha
  • Being basic AF and instagramming everything. NO SHAME!!

My favourite memories include meeting Tiana one time and she remembered me after a year and we just had a very nice interaction, surprising my friend at the hotel when I told her I was going to be at work all day on her first day at the parks but I managed to get it off!!, meeting any of my friends from online for the first time. like that’s always such a great experience and makes me all warm and fuzzy inside ;o; 

Sorry I talk so much about my stories i just love talking about them and dont really have anyone else to talk to in my real life haha they just dont understand


New video from Remi  \(★ω★)/

This time it’s “Winter”, from her previous album, but i’m still waiting for “Aurora” or “Before the Dawn”. Also, Remi was in California! She arrived there with Kalafina for the upcoming concert, which was canceled (due to visa problems, which Yuki Kajiura have?) You probably already know about it, I’m just glad she again uploads the videos of the spring concert  to her channel on YouTube!

(Also sorry for bad english   (⁄ ⁄•⁄ω⁄•⁄ ⁄) )

Ouat writers: there will be a lesbian couple this season.

Me: so you mean this!

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Or This:

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But I know they are probably going to do this.

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So I am like this:

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Guess who is back!

  • Bellamy: *considers letting Clarke die*
  • Bellamy: *makes people remove their bracelets*
  • Bellamy: *ties Atom in a tree because he touched his sister*
  • Bellamy: *throws the radio away*
  • Bellamy: *tortures Lincoln*
  • Bellamy: *hangs Murphy*
  • VS
  • Bellamy: *is 5 and helps his mom deliver Octavia*
  • Bellamy: *raise Octavia*
  • Bellamy: *helps Octavia no matter what*
  • Bellamy: *is an amazing big brother*
  • Bellamy: *shot Jaha so he can protect his sister*
  • Bellamy: *comforts Charlotte*
  • Bellamy: *isn't able to kill Atom*
  • Bellamy: *goes on Grounder territory to find his sister*
  • Bellamy: *tortures Lincoln so they can save Finn*
  • Bellamy: "You don't have to see this Clarke"
  • Bellamy: *cares about Clarke when she gets sick*
  • Bellamy: *takes Jasper's place when Murphy was angry*
  • Bellamy: *fight along the delinquents*
  • Bellamy: *inspires the delinquents*
  • Bellamy: *doesn't go into the drop ship so he could save someone*(was it Finn?)
  • Bellamy: *goes to find the missing delinquents*
  • Bellamy: *saves a girl who was hanging from a cliff*
  • Bellamy: *helps Finn even if he doesn't like him*
  • Bellamy: *tries to save Finn after he killed 18 people*
  • Bellamy: *comforts Raven after Finn's death*
  • Bellamy: *knocks Clarke's glass when he notices its poisoned*
  • Bellamy: *jumps in front of Clarke to protect her from the Grounders*
  • Bellamy: *endangered his life to save the 47*
  • Bellamy: *makes noises and kicks his cage so they take him instead of Echo*
  • Bellamy: *is tortured, kills a man in self-defense* "Are you okay?"
  • Bellamy: *saves Maya's dad*
  • Bellamy: *saves the 47 countless of times*
  • Bellamy: *pulls the lever so Clarke doesn't have to do it alone*
  • Bellamy: *comforts Clarke and tries to make her stay*
  • And yet some people think Bellamy Blake is selfish

Hi everyone! This is the team’s pixel artist Miki o//

Honestly I have so much to say I don’t even know where to begin. I’ve been part of Aurora for more than a year now, it’s amazing how time flies. Over that time, I’ve really gotten to know members of the team, and formed lovely friendships with people such as Fran-kha and Tobi. It makes me happy to say we’re a group that’s been brought together by doing things we love - art, music, story-making and programming. This project is more than just a game to us, it’s a great deal of effort and love (at least I feel that way ///). 

It was saddening to have to see Fran leave, and later see some of the messages directed to Tobi as well. But with that I saw the incredible amount of support from you all, and it was incredibly heartwarming (the team were gushing over the kind messages you precious cinnamon rolls). We’re trying our best to work on Aurora in our free time, and I’m lending a hand with managing the blog and posting updates so we can avoid any incidents with concerned followers. (So expect a few pixel sneak peeks and trash doodles maybe?)

I hope this post and doodle can be a small apology for our inactivity, but more than anything, a big, big thank you to all of you out there who have been following and supporting Aurora. It really means a lot to us!

Love, Team Aurora <3

X Company 3x05:

  • Harry is still dead. :(((((
  • I love that we get to see their field test! Someone give me a parallel giftset of Aurora talking about her test and David failing his, please and thank you
  • Have I mentioned before that I really love that Krystina is a Sergeant too? Cause I do!
  • Sabine’s father is a scary dude. 
  • Aurora looks AMAZING! Also, when will Sabine let Aurora back into her life again?
  • I really dig that scene between Neil and the Polish lady over the radio. So much pain everywhere.
  • Every time they mention Harry I want to cry. Aurora’s reaction pains me but omg, all the girls at Camp X with sober looks on their faces. :((((( 
  • I half expected Faber to get shot during his slo mo run
  • I just want Krystina to go out into the field! Let her be free Sinclair, let her be free! Is Alfred just going to take over as their radio operator now? Neil obvs can’t do it and Peter and David are probs shit.
The Letters

( @argent-graves )
A letter in the shape of the hummingbird flew in through the window, with a small box attached and landed in front of Argent. Inside the neatly wrapped were a pile of cookies, still warm from the oven.
“To My Silver Puppy,
I know it’s only been a little while since I left but I miss you so so much! They twins haven’t been kicking as much lately, I think it’s just because they miss you. I’ve been staying with Aurora, she’s been absolutely lovely! How have you been feeling? I thought you might like some cookies to keep you calm and remind you of how much I love you, since I can’t tell you in person.
Please write back as soon as you get this.
Your Thea. ”

Sure! I have not only one.
The most favorite is e-vay.

I mean… Have you seen her characters? They are so damn adorable. Especially Aurora.

Just look at that lovely pink princess.

As much as I love Aurora I love e-vay‘s #ShadowxAurora. They are one of my OTP now, wow. 

I check her blog every day. Just wake up and start checking my blogs and etc… and surely I check e-vay’s blog.

Next my favorite is celepom. Her comics always so interesting. And she just amazing artist.   ( ´ ▽ ` ).。o♡

And I really like nanabriere‘s style. And generally speaking… All her art makes me look at it for very long time. 

And there are many about whom I can say, but I gonna stop right here, ‘cause I’m starting to feel shy.  

 ε=ε=ε=ε=┌(; ̄▽ ̄)┘<(Ehhh…)

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does aurora have children

lol no she says as she uses a baby icon

aurora has a lot of……..complicated feelings re: motherhood and children, mainly because she was young enough to have her understanding of children affected when she watched her mother die and learned that her brother was the reason she faded so quickly. she’s terrified of miscarrying, having a stillborn child, or just being pregnant in general. i have one verse in which she has a son with an unnamed npc after she and ariel (arielthelionhearted) part ways, but we haven’t really explored that too much. 

this isn’t to say that i don’t want to explore the option of children for aurora or discuss children with my ship partners! i’d love to do threads where aurora gets pregnant or worries she might be pregnant. but as far as default verses or any arcs therein, no, she doesn’t have children.