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One-shot sequel to We Intertwined

A Lucas and Aurora Scientia Story
Word Count: 3,105

A/N: I know that maybe some people may not be super interested in this one-shot, but I had to post it. I just love Iggy and Raine’s kids so much and I felt like they deserved a moment in the spotlight.

Tagging the always lovely @cupnoodle-queen, because there is a mention of her lovely OC Cam from her incredible Gladio soulmate AU Chasing Suns, which we have decided exists in the same universe as We Intertwined.

Please don’t be shy and let me know what you think! I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it. <3

Lucas tapped the end of his pen to his chin. He was staring down at his school agenda, staring at the words he’d circled and highlighted on his calendar. It was still a week away, but his clever brain churned with ideas.

Mom and Dad’s 10th Anniversary.

He’d finally been able to take the time to figure out what he wanted to get his parents for their big day. He’d saved up months of allowance money, the gil bursting in his velcro wallet, to get them something nice. But what he’d intended on buying, he wasn’t sure.

Lucas grabbed his backpack with all his money in the world, his emergency phone, his agenda and some pens and hiked it over his shoulder. He’d abandoned his school books and hidden them under his bed—his parents didn’t need to know that he would be skipping classes to go hunt for a present.

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Nani!!! (^w^) I loved her so much as a kid (still do)! There is just something special about this powerhouse of a young woman, whom would do anything for her tiny family. The love she has for Lilo is so strong that I could not leave the poor sweety-bell out of this manip.

PS: Me doing a young mermaid was most likely a one time thing! There is simply too little material to work with. :,( 

Wanna see more mermaids? —>

Belle, AuroraTianaPocahontas, MulanMegaraJasmineKidaCinderellaNita & Esmeralda

Educating the Victim - Act V, Chapter VII

Pairing: Lapis/Jasper, Lapis/Peridot, Jasper/Peridot, Lapis/Jasper/Peridotk

Rating: Teens and up

Warnings/Tags: manipulation and threats.

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Act 5 Ch1 Ch2 Ch3 Ch4 Ch5 Ch6 Ch7

Insert 1 (after Act 2 Ch7)

Insert 2 (after Act 3 Ch2)

Insert 3 (after Act 3 Ch9)

Insert 4 (after Act 4 Ch9)

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Don't Imagine...

-Veronica cuddling Cheryl when she has nightmares about her family(mostly Jasons’ death)
-Cheryl openly sobbing because of those nightmares, and won’t stop until Veronica comes and sleeps with her
-Veronica having a high-security guard up because of her father, and her mother, and taking awhile to really open up to Cheryl
-Cheryl learning the violin, while Veronica learns the piano, and trying to calm each other down by playing them
-Cheryl tracing ‘I love you’ and ‘you are perfect’ on the back of Veronicas’ hands after their first time
-Cheryl initiating a pillow fight and the pillows breaking after a few minutes, and as the feathers fly around, they just kinda laugh and lean into each other
-Cheronica getting matching tattoos for Veronicas’ birthday, and Cheryls’ reads ‘fire’ & Veronicas’ reads ‘ice’
-Veronica buying Cheryl a new outfit (I’m talking accessories and everything) that’s purple, and thinking that she won’t like it
-Cheryl actually loves it and wears it constantly, but she’s extra protective of it
-Cheronica kissing and one/both of them cries,not just because ed sheeran is playing in the background, but because they’re so happy, and they didn’t think that it was possible
-Veronica adopting a kitten
–It’s name is Cheronica
—Cheronica likes Cheryl more than Veronica somehow
—-So they just raise it together
-Cheryl singing ‘I wanna be yours’ by the Arctic Monkeys to Veronica as a love confession of some sort
-Cheronica painting the walls of their new apartment
–they’re just picking random colors and hoping that it works out actually
—Veronica ended up just going with light blue
—-Cheryl chose light pink
—–The apartment ended up being very ‘Auroras’ birthday dress in sleeping beauty’
-Cheryl waking up before Veronica most mornings
–and her putting on a pair Veronicas’ shorts and one of her shirts in her grogginess
—Veronica waking up confused as to why several articles of her clothing is missing from her closet
-Cheronica desperately refusing a housewarming party
–But since Archie, insisted (apparently,he’s going to sing as well?!), might as well cave in
-Veronica slapping Jughead
–for “unknown reasons”
—and Cheryl’s just like, ‘my queen?!’,‘I love her so much!’
-Cheronica dressing up as each other for Halloween
–Cheryl got a pearl necklace and everything
—Veronica just went with anything that was red

I heard you wanted fanart ^_^

So I may have gone a bit overboard here BUT YOUR CHARACTERS ARE SO FUN TO DRAW so… yeah.

Also, Alba is gorgeous? How do you make his hair look so fabulous. It’s amazing.


((THIS IS SO GOOD??? Thank you so much ahhhhhh i have no words!! Both of them look so cute I’m CRYING))

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If someone said "How do you spell Savitar?" I'm going to be like "T-R-A-S-H! TRASH! T-RASH!!!!" LMAO! By the way, the wedding vows that Iris had in the video was beautiful.

It was just so well done? Death aside, having Iris’ video voiceover her death (and that song, MY GOD THE SONG I LOVE THAT SONG SO MUCH, it’s Murder Song by Aurora), was absolutely genius and fucking rude at the same time. Iris knew that she maybe wouldn’t get the chance to say it in person, so she took the time to take her best friend Barry as her husband and it’s so fucking heart breaking I LEGIT CANNOT.

Snape Appreciation Month: Day #15 - Favourite Ship

I’m not much of a shipper, to be honest. I don’t really have any favourite characters that I tend to ship with Severus (and let’s be honest - he does make it easy for me not to ship him with anyone). However, I do have a certain type of romantic relationships that I like to see him in and I figured I could write about it instead. (I’m not cheating; just bending the rules, like a real Slytherin should.)

Before I get to the kind of a relationship that I love to see Severus being involved in, I think I should explain how I actually see him.

First, I read him as being demisexual. I don’t think that the gender of his lover would actually matter to him, assuming he would be able to form a meaningful relationship with them. From this come other things.

I don’t see him as someone who falls in love easily, quite the contrary. I also find it possible that it happens over a long period of time, so this hypothetical lover of his should be a person whom he has known for years (preferably). I also think that when he does fall in love, he falls deeply and it’s not easy for him to get over it, should the relationship be ended for some reason by his partner.

And the next trait - I’m strongly convinced that he actually considers himself unworthy/not deserving to be in a relationship. Perhaps, to a certain extent he would even expect from the very beginning to be dumped at some point and well… he wouldn’t really fight it as that’s something he is convinced is supposed to happen to him.

From this comes the last thing. I can easily see him trying to sabotage any possible relationship he may have, which is related to what I wrote in the paragraph above. He’ll be pushing people away, quite possibly be nasty to them and constantly prodding and testing just how far he has to push for them to leave him. If they really leave, it will only strengthen his conviction that he’s destined to be alone.

Now, what I love to see in fanfiction is a relationship that is slowly being built over a longer period of time. Where that other person is slowly worming their way into Severus’ heart, without him even realising this at first. And when he does realise - heavens have mercy on these who would try to harm the person Severus has fallen in love with.

What I love to see is Severus and that special person working out their differences, misconceptions they have about each other, and other problems, and building mutual respect and understanding. Enemies to friends to lovers? I’m all for it. Arranged/forced marriage? May be interesting if done right.

What I love to see is that other person seeing through his antics and not giving up easily, and then slowly working on showing Severus that no matter what happens, they won’t leave him. If necessary they may also knock some sense into Severus’ thick skull. If necessary they call Severus on his behaviour and tell him he’s being a jerk. They also need to realise that Severus’ declarations don’t come in the form of words; they come in the form of his actions instead.

What I love to see is a story where Severus remains himself - prickly, easily irritable and sarcastic - but at the same time he starts showing the better side of himself to that other person. Perhaps without even realising it.

What I love to see is how Severus at some point realises just how much that other person means to him and finally starts to work at keeping them in his life.

Give me this, and I’ll read pretty much everything when it comes to ships. (I’m not kidding. I only stay away from teacher-students (adult-minor) relationships and non-con isn’t my thing. So far I’ve read him paired with Harry, Hermione, Draco, Remus, Sirus, James, Lily, Mary Macdonald, Aurora Sinistra, Lucius Malfoy. Probably some others, too, that I managed to forget.)

A headcanon thought:

I don’t think Aurora was Declan’s mother by birth.

- he is described as looking nothing like Aurora.
- he is called the most natural of Niall’s boys.
- could a dreamer and a dream really produce a normal child?
- Niall was an adventurer. A wandering poet. Why would he dream his perfect woman as a homemaker and mother? He loved her so much. He could have dreamed a fellow traveller. So maybe he already had a child. Maybe Aurora and the Barns was Niall setting down roots because he had to, because he had little baby Declan, who needed stability?

I think Aurora is still his mother, of course. Just maybe not by birth.

Ouat writers: there will be a lesbian couple this season.

Me: so you mean this!

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Or This:

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But I know they are probably going to do this.

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So I am like this:

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Beautifully written, Nif. I can only understand how much you held back from posting Prompto's Soulmate AU because of the mere age difference between him and Aurora. I just want you to know that I loved the entire piece, from start to finish. Please take whatever time you need to surround yourself in a healthy and positive environment. Everyone needs a break. We'll all be here, awaiting your return and the masterpieces you have yet to show us in the future. <3

Thank you💛 hopefully I won’t be gone long. Life is hectic as well at the moment so it’s probably for the best.



I just want to say that I have the most incredible group of little girls in my life and I want to send a special thank you to two specific special little ladies. @xxlittlestonerbabyxx thank you so much babe for being so welcoming and having such incredible products. I love being your friend. Your heart is made of pure gold baby. Another massive shoutout to my number one day one little bestie in the world @little-kitten8 I can’t express how much your support means to me and I love little Aurora and she is so excited to be home!! Beyond grateful for you ladies!!

Paci by @xxlittlestonerbabyxx
Stuffie courtesy of @little-kitten8

To my love...

Alto, it’s been a week and I miss you so much. Pan keeps trying to make me go to Sketch’s but I won’t. I can’t leave the last place I saw you… I also keep a piece of our window close to my soul in hopes I can bring you back. Eventhough, Somewhere deep down in that soul I know you’re gone, but I will be joining you soon… I can feel the effects of the corruption eating me alive. It hurts a lot but the thought of being with you once more makes it all ok. I hope, where ever you are, that you can see me writing this and you’re smiling at me. I will be there with you soon enough my dear. I will always love you…

there is black spatter on the note and it sees some of the last part had gotten wet


Alto held the note tightly with a trembling hand, dripping wet tears joining the other substances on the page. “No… no… no, no, no, Aurora… I’m so sorry… I’m so… so sorry…” In the dark of the empty room, he let his hands fall to his lap, the paper beginning to tear slightly as his fingers dug into it, holding it like it was the only thing keeping him from just dissolving here and now. All of that time… she’d waited that whole time… only for him to fail her when it mattered most.

“I-I’m… s-so… so…” The sentence faltered as his head dropped to his chest. Words were once again absent from his lips as he wept, condemning himself to a life of solitude once more. 

Alto has locked himself in his room again. He’ll be unavailable for a little while. 

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hey! just wondering, what fairytale / disney muses would you be interested in seeing around ?

ALL OF THEM … .    ALL OF THEM.    i would love to see all of them around…   bc  the  more  disney / fairytale  princes/ses  the  better    !      i really love the idea of  aurora  having  other  princess  friends    !   with  plots  about  politics  and  traditions   and   sub - plots  bc  why  not      princes  aren’t  something  u  see  a  lot  of  either,   which  i  would  love bc  think  of  the  plots… .     honestly,  even an oc   ?   would  be  amazing      but  if ur  looking  for names,   here’s a lil  list   !!!

  • jasmine …   bc  i love …
  • tiana  !!!!!  TIANA  !!!!!!!!
  • a princess of the fae  ???  something like that
  • the frog prince…. every princess needs a frog prince
  • the big bad wolf / red riding hood
  • folk tales
  • folk tales / fairy tales from other cultures  !!!!!!

Omg , you’re so lovely, good luck too! i tried my best, any mistakes feel free to say (i love this odd theme) and i hope i did it right, i’m a bit insecure.

I hope you enjoy just like i did!


  • He was gaming Really?
  • Gotta go for that special loot baby!
  • When he decided to take a break and go grab some water he hears someone singing
  • It was MC
  • The curiosity took over him and he go there
  • He finds MC in tears singing A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes, a Cinderella Song
  • He look a bit confused why you are watching this at this age you can’t say anything Yoosung
  • He noticed that in your side was a lot of films abouts Disney Princess related stuff
  • “Mc…?Why are you watching these?”
  • You finally look at him, pausing without even looking at the remote
  • “I just love Disney Princess stories…It’s so romantic..Incredible”
  • You sigh, lost in your own world, and Yoosung is just like:
  • What?
  • Mc go to sleep
  • Then he just sit beside you, and you don’t waste time and start to  watch the Cinderella film again
  • 15 minutes passes and Yoosung is just cuddling with MC almost in tears with her
  • “I can relate so much to Cinderella when my mom come to visit us”
  • Yoosung, stop


  • You’re his princess already.
  • And he is your knight in shining armor, beutiful hair, shining ey—
  • Ok that’s enough Zen
  • He just got back from jogging
  • And he finds MC, singing Let it Go
  • He don’t mind at all
  • He finds it cute in a way
  • But he is a little sad that you’re not singing his songs all the time !
  • “Wow MC, i dind’t knew it you liked kids stuff, you want one?”
  • You jump in surprise to look at him, your face is all red and he already came closer
  • “W-What?N-No!I just…Really like disney princess…That’s all!”
  • He just laughts and he gives her a very tight hug
  • “Baby..That’s why your room is filled with this kind of stuff, i would prefer it’s was my photos instead”
  • Tipical Zen..
  • You just look at him, giving a wicked smile
  • “Maybe…If you put an Elsa costume..You will look just like her!”
  • WHAT
  • His jaw just hit the ground
  • Was because of the hair?
  • He is not a cold guy, Jumin is, he is more warm than a furnace
  • “Don’t call me a princess!You know i’m the knight!”
  • “So don’t say it is childish”
  • After a long time, he just..Accepted your obsession
  • The neighbours will have to endure two people singing Disney Songs, but SPECIALLY Let it go


  • I don’t even know if he really know any Disney Princess, so i put in a way he didn’t  know
  • If he knows, it’s not my fault , i keep forgetting some important info
  • Ok…What the hell is going on?
  • He just came back from work and he founds his penthouse filled with those cartoon girls that look just like a princess
  • And Elizabeth with and odd pink dress
  • Ok , Elizabeth is cute in these, but his penthouse?
  • No,no,no
  • He was wondering, what the heck did MC done?
  • He knows it was you, because he already has seen one of those cartoon princess in your phone
  • And then you gets out of the bedroom and look at Jumin smiling
  • “Honey, you’re home!”
  • You give him a quickie kiss , smiling , you look really happy…
  • “Mc…What happen to the penthouse?”
  • “Oh..You already said to me that i can decorate this place anyway i want…So i just did this”
  • Ok he said that
  • But he didn’t think she was going to do this
  • After a long conversation, he convinced you that this was a little too much and you agreed, but in one condition
  • He has to watch some disney princess movies with you
  • He agreed, it didn’t seen that bad
  • “Why she is living with 7 men ?”
  • “Why midnight?”
  • “She just sell her voice to see a man?She don’t know the value of a family?”
  • “Jumin just watch the goddamnit movie”
  • After some days he finished his promise, and MC was taking off the decorations,Jumin said that you don’t need to take it off, he would pay someone to do it, but you insisted
  • Meanwhile,Jumin is talking with Jaehee trought the phone
  • “Yes, cancel all the meetings tomorrow, and arrange everything for my Disneyland trip tomorrow”
  • You just look at him while he turn off his phone, surprised
  • “Really?”
  • He just laughts and give you a little kiss on your forehead
  • “If my princess love other princess that much, why don’t go to their kingdom?”
  • Besides he needs new princess fantasies for Elizabeth..And for MC


  • Wait what was he hearing?
  • Disney songs in his bunker?
  • Omg!
  • This is just…
  • Just…
  • MC was singing and dancing really noisy songs from a few Disney Movies
  • He loves it
  • He already know about that little obssesion of yours
  • A few minutes went by and Seven just entered the room
  • With a dress…And with a blonde wig, she looks just like Aurora, but with glasses
  • “Seven?!”
  • MC said between laughts, seeing him like that was the funniest thing ever
  • “Oooh weeeell…My beautiful wife loves those princess more than me, so i thought, why can’t i be one of them?”
  • He said smiling, spinning
  • “Besides, i look stunning in this dress,don’t you think?”
  • MC couldn’t even say anything, you was relieve that he was not angry at you for liking this things, you got worried about it
  • But he did what he always do
  • Makes jokes about it
  • Without you realise Seven got  pretty close to you
  • “And a dress is much more easy to take off than pants and a hoodie”
  • He said in your hear, that makes you shiver and look at him
  • “You know one thing Seven?You would be my favorite Disney Princess”
  • “Oh really my love?This is one kinda of info i didn’t know!”
  • You laughts and hugs him
  • “And yes, you are stunning in this dress,as always”
  • The rest of the nights mas that dress switching to one body to another, with the two singing off key
  • Saeran just was in the kitchen hearing that sound…
  • Gosh…
  • Maybe kill himself is not a bad idea at all


  • Ok hear me out
  • Jaehee never had time for such thing as princess and this things
  • So when she discover that MC was obsessed over it
  • She was pretty confused
  • She was like..
  • Why Mc?
  • WHY MC
  • For Jaehee was childish, but MC always tried to make her love it
  • She finds pretty cute MC singing and her happy face when she was watching one movie
  • Ok, she tought :
  • Why don’t see Zen instead?She have a bunch of his performances filmed ready to make a marathon for it
  • But MC prefer this cartoon woman
  • She was not seeing the sense of art, the sense of beauty
  • Ok,ocurred a little fights in that house
  • Who gonna watch?Zen or princess?
  • Util the two of them make a pact
  • One day Disney Princess, another Zen related things
  • With this pact she realizes that was not so bad at all watch this
  • But watch Zen was a lot better
  • Things got better


  • MC was watching Pocahontas
  • Singing the song that was playing in the moment
  • V can’t see,well he can a little, but now to recognize the movie
  • But he can listen
  • He make his way to the couch and sit beside you
  • “Sweetheart…What are you listening?Seems familiar”
  • You laughts and cuddle with him in the sofa
  • “I’m watching Pocahontas”
  • It takes a while to him understand and remember but when he realizes he thinks that it is pretty cute
  • “But why are you watching these kinds of movies my dear?”
  • “Oh…Ugh…I kind have a little obsession with Disney Princess related things”
  • You said with a red face and he just laughts
  • Little?He swears that he already hear that song before
  • “A little dear?”
  • “Ok a lot.”
  • You quickly said and he laughts again and kiss her forehead
  • “You’re just too cute to me handle…The film has some sort of…Books for children?”
  • “Why do you ask?”
  • You said looking at him confused, and he just gives that smile that make you melt
  • “I want to know more about it love, perhaps you could read for me, if it makes you happy , i’m willing to know”
  • He is just too precious


  • Ok
  • No just no
  • He really just stand up and unplug the TV
  • Not this shit
  • Be more considerable?
  • You want him to commit suicide?Yes or no?
  • You want to continue watch this close to him?Then yes
  • You want to keep this thing to yourself?Then no
  • Simple as that
  • He don’t think he ever  want to listen to that music again or see those cartoons again
  • Ugh
  • But he can listen to you sing…He would like this
  • And see you in a few dress
  • Ok, plug the tv back on
  • Maybe is worth it

Please i don’t know if this was what you wanted, if it’s not, sorry, request again