i just love the auroras so much

Don’t get me wrong, I want new lore just as much as the next person. But for me, seeing lore we already know brought to life is wonderful in itself.

Like, I had no real concept of just how tragic and inspiring Mei’s background story is. Watching her mourn the loss of her friends, then be filled with hope under the Aurora and set off across the Antarctic to help save the world, it gave her character so much more depth, and I love that.


Give me Angela Ziegler losing her parents in the face of war and deciding there is still good in humanity by training to become a doctor.

Give me a young Hanzo Shimada being told by the clan elders that he must kill his own brother, and the heartbreak as he stands over Genji’s lifeless body.

Give me Genji Shimada’s thirst for revenge as he wipes out the entire clan that rejected him, all while he is struggling to accept his new body.

Give me Zenyatta taking Genji under his wing and teaching him to love himself again.

Give me Gabriel Reyes leading humanity to victory, fighting side by side with his best friend in the Omnic Crisis, only for him to be cast aside when Jack is given the role of Strike Commander.

Give me seventeen year old Jesse McCree giving up all hope in a small jail cell on Route 66 when a stranger walks in and gives him another chance.

Give me Hana Song being thrown into stardom, then put on the frontline to fight for her country - all when she is nineteen.

Give me a young Satya Vaswani being plucked from the slums to become one of the best Architechs Vishkar has ever seen.

Give me Lúcio Correia dos Santos, international star, using his fame to rally together his fans and fight for the freedom of this world.

Give me Fareeha Amari learning of her mother’s death and the grief that fills her as she beats herself up for drifting apart from the woman who raised her.

Give me Aleksandra Zaryanova choosing to give up all prospects of becoming a world champion to fight for her country and protect her family.

Give me a brainwashed Amélie Lacroix killing the love of her life in his sleep.

Give me the usually bright and bubbly Lena Oxton on the brink of losing all hope as she flits in and out of existence.

There is so much potential within this wonderful cast of characters, and I for one can’t wait to see who we learn about next.


You’re not dead.

Nani!!! (^w^) I loved her so much as a kid (still do)! There is just something special about this powerhouse of a young woman, whom would do anything for her tiny family. The love she has for Lilo is so strong that I could not leave the poor sweety-bell out of this manip.

PS: Me doing a young mermaid was most likely a one time thing! There is simply too little material to work with. :,( 

Wanna see more mermaids? —>

Belle, AuroraTianaPocahontas, MulanMegaraJasmineKidaCinderellaNita & Esmeralda

  • me: *takes a deep breath*
  • me: i lo-
  • anyone who has spent five seconds around me ever: yes, you love Aurora James, we know, you love Aurora James so much, she’s the light of your life, you love her so much, you just love Aurora James, we KNOW, you love Aurora James you fucking love Aurora Jamrs ok we know, we get it, YOU LOVE Aurora James. WE GET IT.

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Hi, I love your writing so much, I was just wondering what maleficent did with the 7 drops of Eli's life?

all is not well in the land of aurora and philip, and these things come in handy

basically i have this whole sequel to both my sleeping beauty fics where aurora and elf!philip go to war, and enlist the help of human!philip and his husband eli, and i can write it all up if you guys are into it i guess?

Honestly I love Sleeping Beauty but it pisses me off so much, like you have been living in the woods for HOW many years and STILL cannot bake a cake or sew a dress? How in the hellfire did you manage that? Did Aurora just run around naked and hungry until the fairies got their act together? Who taught them? Did Aurora learn ANY human habits or skills or coping mechanisms around these ladies, whose first instinct when faced with a challenge is to reach for magic, even after sixteen years without it?

Is she going to return to court a strange fey woman who walks around barefoot, dreamily talking to animals and dancing whenever the urge strikers her because she’s never been judged before in her life and knows no other way of living? They never told her she was a princess, does she know any court manners or duties? Even fairy ones? The shine of having her back and the glow of young love will fade eventually, how long will it take before people grow uneasy and start trying to nudge and mold her into something more princess-shaped? Will she be molded, the poor young woodland girl being addressed sternly by grand ladies and nobles, or will she rebel, the free-spirited woodland girl who ran unchaperoned wherever her daydreams took her?

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Royal!Bellamy Blake

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  • blake royal family omg how cute ya got queen aurora on the throne and then bell and octavia being all genetically beautiful standing next to her
  • and omg bellamy being dressed up and looking soooooooooo goooooooooood imagineeeeeeee
  • omg first i just wanna note that how badass but beautiful octavia be as a princess omgggggggg
  • so like bellamy is that classic first born who is in line to rule but must be married to show his kingdom that he’s like worthy or something like that
  • and he’d have countless fights about getting married or not with his mother and royal advisor kane (lmao imagine)
  • and he and octavia would be super close and like in the middle of the night he’d sneak into her room to like have a sibling bonding chat omg i love
  • “i’m not ready to rule. i feel like i will marry when i meet the right person. it will be for love.”
  • “well you’re not meeting them fast enough bell”
  • sooooooo, behind her child’s back aurora organises with your father for you to marry bellamy

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A Warm, Safe Place - Pt. 3

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Originally posted by bringmesomepie56

Summary: You, Dean, and Sam learn to care for Aurora, losing sleep and finding laughs at the most inopportune times. When the three of you decide the next best step is finding the angel who shared in conceiving Aurora, the boys will leave the bunker for the information you need - and you find yourself lost without Dean by your side.

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 4,784 (I’m so sorry.)

Warnings: extreme fluff. And definitely some angst; mild, but there. Also, Dean in his FBI suit.

This is a series! Find the masterlist here.

A/N: Thank you all so, so much for reading! You’re just amazing, and I appreciate you so much. I sincerely hope you enjoy this chapter! I really loved writing this one.


Dean Winchester.

Standing over you, shaking, kneeling toward you. Why were you laying down? His fingertips reached out to you, and your eyes followed them to his hands and arms, to his neck and face, all covered with blood. God, whose blood was that? There was so much.

He screamed, calling out to you as he seemed to move in slow motion. You went to reach for him, to take his hands in your own and assure him everything was okay.

But you were jolted from it, gasping for air.

You awoke from the nightmare with your fingers clutching tightly to the side of your bed, sweat coating your skin. Your hearing took a few seconds to come into focus, but soon you realized that you’d been awakened by Aurora’s crying from the next room.

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One-shot sequel to We Intertwined

A Lucas and Aurora Scientia Story
Word Count: 3,105

A/N: I know that maybe some people may not be super interested in this one-shot, but I had to post it. I just love Iggy and Raine’s kids so much and I felt like they deserved a moment in the spotlight.

Tagging the always lovely @cupnoodle-queen, because there is a mention of her lovely OC Cam from her incredible Gladio soulmate AU Chasing Suns, which we have decided exists in the same universe as We Intertwined.

Please don’t be shy and let me know what you think! I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it. <3

Lucas tapped the end of his pen to his chin. He was staring down at his school agenda, staring at the words he’d circled and highlighted on his calendar. It was still a week away, but his clever brain churned with ideas.

Mom and Dad’s 10th Anniversary.

He’d finally been able to take the time to figure out what he wanted to get his parents for their big day. He’d saved up months of allowance money, the gil bursting in his velcro wallet, to get them something nice. But what he’d intended on buying, he wasn’t sure.

Lucas grabbed his backpack with all his money in the world, his emergency phone, his agenda and some pens and hiked it over his shoulder. He’d abandoned his school books and hidden them under his bed—his parents didn’t need to know that he would be skipping classes to go hunt for a present.

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If the Shoe Fits Park Jimin x Reader Ballet Au!

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Miju shifted nervously in her seat at the cafe she was sitting at with Kang Dahui. What if her mother saw her? Or any staff member that worked with Yoo family, they would for sure tell her mother. It has been two days after that night with Jimin, and when Kang Dahui messaged Miju late at night. 

“What is it that you want?” Miju snapped, Dahui looked up from her drink.

“Now you want to know huh?”

“I’m not here to play games Kang Dahui.” 

“Well the other night I happened to see Park Jimin and dandelion maker together. He was leaving her house.” Miju scoffed and rolled her eyes. 

“Please Jimin was getting his costumes, and just so you know this is a horrible way of getting my attention. Instead of fabricating lies, try to catch my eye on the stage.” Miju was about to get up and leave, but Dahui snatched Miju’s wrist and yanked her back to her seat. 

“I’m not done yet…” Dahui pulled her phone out open to her photos and on the screen was the back of your body carrying Sehwa into the house with Jimin following you. Miju took Dahui’s phone and started swiping left. There was another picture of Jimin leaving your house, with you waving. Miju didn’t want to believe any of this, Jimin couldn’t be getting distracted, they were so close. She even wanted to practice that night, but he said he was out getting the costumes. 

“This isn’t Jimin, it could be just another boy who looks like him. Dandelion could have a boyfriend.” Miju said, making up an excuse. Dahui reached forward and continued to swipe left, “I had a feeling you wouldn’t believe me,” she stopped on a picture that captured his blue Spirra from the side and his license plate.

 “So I got a picture of his car. I know you can recognize his car and license number Yoo Miju, and if that doesn’t prove anything to you I looked up that number, and found out that this car is registered under his name.” Dahui pulled out a printed document that had all of the information about Jimin’s car, registration, and his license. There was even his DMV picture in the top left hand corner, and his name printed under it.

“Where did you get all of this?” Miju asked. 

“Well if you tell your police officer father that you are interested in a boy, a profile of him is bound to show up.” Dahui answered simply. 

“So what was your goal of you telling me?” Miju fake laughed, there was still hostility in her playful tone. 

“I want you to get rid of dandelion, and I know if you were pushed far enough you would, and this is what you needed.” 

“Why would you ask me? Aren’t I competition for you?” Miju asked. 

“I know you too Yoo Miju. I know that your family ‘gets rid’ of other people easily, and no one will ever know. I’ve seen all of the documents, my mother is one of your father’s attorneys. She gets rid of all of these dirty documents, because of course there mustn’t be a stain to the Yoo family. I know what your mother said about getting rid of dandelion, and how she’ll make sure you aren’t caught.” Miju squinted her eyes, how did Dahui know all of this?

“And how do you know about what my mother said?”

“Madame Yoo must learn how to speak with an inside voice.” Dahui said sweetly. 

“If I get rid of dandelion you won’t tell anyone?” 

“Why would I if my goal is for her to be gone without anyone in trouble? How you get rid of her is up to you, I don’t care as long as she is gone.” Dahui said, and left leaving Miju in the cafe. For a girl who was only fifteen years old, she was super scary, she knew a lot, and how to find the things she wanted. Miju sat and thought if she really needed to get rid of you, the way you acted with Jimin seemed like it was enough. She remembered how you reacted Jimin helped you, it didn’t seem like you appreciated his favor, 


Jimin sighed as he threw his bag down, where was Miju? She was never late for their pair practices. He pulled his phone and sent her text.

Jiminiie:  Where are you? I’m in the practice room 

Miju: I’ll be there soon, I had an unexpected appointment, sorry. 

Jimin sighed when he read Miju’s text, they only had so much time until the show, and they also had to start rehearsing for ‘The Nutcracker’. ‘The Nutcracker’ was only going to be in two months in December, and then after that it was audition season, he badly wanted to get into a company as a third year, not spend one more year at Etre. He had to get out now, or Jungkook might get out before him. Jimin started to practice the pas de deux on his own, without Miju. He would only imagine her figure, coming across the stage, as he would spin to meet her. He imagined his hand on her hips, but in his mind he was met with kaleidoscope eyes. Green and blues swarmed around the deep brown background that were her eyes. It was no longer Miju he was seeing, it was you in the pale pink costume. Hot pink roses that went up the bodice, and across the collar, extenuated the jutting of your collar bones and soft tones of your skin. Your princessy smile sparkled, just like the floral hair piece against you (h/c) hair. Jimin just kept dancing, he felt this new surge of passion in him as he danced. He moved more smoothly and elegantly as he danced with what he thought was you. When it was time for the lift he felt more confident coming into the lift, he imagined holding you above his head, your legs were crossed as you clenched every muscle in your body, keeping everything tight, and keeping your body up with your own pure strength. 

“Wow I’ve never performed the first awakening like that.” A voice shattered the illusion of you in front of Jimin’s eyes. He looked up and saw Miju walking in with her bag. She sat down and started to prep her feet and put her pointe shoes on. 

“I guess, I was only trying my best to practice by myself.” Jimin replied, he was already sweating. Miju hadher shoes on and was ready to dance.

“If you could redo what I just saw you do I think we can nail the lift. You looked really strong going into the lift.” Miju squeezed Jimin’s shoulder. All Jimin could feel was the pressure of Miju’s grip, it wasn’t electrifying like yours. He couldn’t feel the lightning effect that sent his skin racing or the booming thunderous feeling in his ribs. You caused a storm in his body, that clouded his mind, but also cleared it at the same time. He couldn’t say why, but it felt perfect whenever he was with you, touching you, even wearing the shoes you made for him. He felt like he was dancing with you, well in a way he was. His maker, his partner, in a pas de deux no one will see, the bond between shoe and foot. 

Jimin and Miju set up in their correct positions for the pas de duex. Jimin closed his eyes for a second and tried to imagine you in Miju’s place. He spun in sync with her as the reached the middle stage, there were small lifts in between where he held her firmly. Jimin came down to Miju’s waist, and lifted her over his head, just like he would if he was holding you. Miju felt secure and safe, like she would never fall. She trusted Jimin, she had to, she couldn’t panic it would put the both of them in danger. 


Jimin picked at his salad in the dining hall, pushing the boring greens around his plate. One by one all of his friends started to sit with him. 

“I can’t wait for the show, I’m super excited, we have been practicing so much.” Sori said as she was sitting down. Sori had the role of Carabosse, the wicked fairy who places princess Aurora under curse. However, Sori was quite the opposite of Carabosse, Sori was an excellent actor. She was a very sweet girl who was usually quiet, but she could portray evil characters very well. 

“I know, I just love the costumes.” Chaerin said, thinking about her tutu that was multiple shades of purple tulle layered on top of each other. She was the Lilac Fairy, the one who saves princess Aurora by turning her curse from death, to a deep sleep. 

“Lucky you…you’re not Puss in Boots.” Hoseok grumbled. He was a little cranky about his role because of his cat like pas de deux with a girl who wasn’t Chaerin, and the costume was pretty ridiculous. He had to wear ballony pants, with a ugly cat mask that covered half of his face, and to top it off he had to wear a powdered ginger wig. 

“Haha poor hyung.” Jungkook teased. Jungkook got the role of Gallifron, Florimund’s tutor and Prince Charming. 

“Yah, watch it, before I stabbed you.” Hoseok threatened, pointing his salad fork at Jungkook. Namjoon, Jin, Yoongi, and Taehyung were the four suitors; Cheri, Charamant, Fortune, and Fleur de Pois. 

“By the way is dandelion coming to watch?” Taehyung asked. 

“I don’t know, but someone was supposed to ask her.” Hoseok said, as he nudged Jimin.

“Why do I have to ask her? She’s your friend.” Jimin said. 

“Because you’re the one who won’t shut up about her. You always ask Hoseok and I questions about her, and never ask yourself. It’s time you do it yourself.” Chaerin said, cutting in. 

“No way hyung has a crush on dandelion?!” Jungkook said. Jimin’s cheeks started to burn. 

“There is no way where I could ever like her. She’s like a female Yoongi.”

”Do you have a problem with me brat?” Yoongi said, raising a brow. 

“No offense, but I wouldn’t date you Yoongi,” Jimin stated plainly eating more salad. 

“Just go and ask her already.” Hoseok pushed. 

“Why are we even inviting her?” Miju sneered. 

“Because we all wanted her to come.” Namjoon answered. 

“Well not me.” Miju said.

“Um, you did say ‘okay’.” Chaerin said, Miju shot Chaerin a dirty look. 

“When did I ever say that?” 

“When we were talking about it the other day.” Chaerin said plainly, “we all planned to take her out to dinner.” 

“Well, Sehwa might make her go.” Hoseok added. Jimin perked at Sehwa’s name. Sehwa did whole true to her name, she was a bright and shining child.

“Who’s Sehwa?” Seokjin asked. 

“Sehwa is dandelion’s little sister. You might like her Jin, you two can be princesses together.” Hoseok teased. 

“Aw, she’s got a little sister?!” Taehyung squealed, “come on Jiminnie get dandelion to come. I want to see her little sister.“ Taehyung whined, tugging on Jimin’s white shirt. 

“Fine I’ll do it.” Jimin said, yanking away from Taehyung. “I’m doing it right now.” Jimin pulled out his phone to prove that he was going to text you.  

Spoiled Siegfried: Hey, come to ‘Sleeping Beauty’ next Saturday 

(l/n) (y/n): I am coming or else Sehwa or Chaerin will kill me. Whoever gets to me first… 

Jimin smiled at your witty text, your humor was slowly growing on him. 

“She’s coming, so now don’t bother me anymore.” JImin said, wiping the smile off of his face, and putting his phone away. Chaerin noticed the small smile, and she knew she was right, only if you just listened to her. She pulled out her phone and texted you. 

Riniie: Make sure to wear something nice to ‘Sleeping Beauty’ on Saturday. Don’t dress how you normally dress….

(y/n)iie: Why? What’s wrong with how I dress? 

Riniie: You just wear the must boring stuff. Wear something more girly with more color please? We’re taking you out to dinner after the show. 

(y/n)iie: Just because we are going to dinner after doesn’t mean I have to wear a dress. Who said I have to go to dinner after anyways. 

Riniie: (y/n). It’s. Free. Food. 

(y/n)iie: Damn it…you drive a hard bargain. But no dinner if I don’t dress huh? :\

Riniie: Bingo 

(y/n): Fiiiinnnnneeeee I’ll wear a dress. 

Riniie: Yay! You’re the best I love you <3 

(y/n)iie: You better remember that you brat, I am your unnie >:)  

Right after you done with your conversation with Chaerin you got another message. 

Jaejung: Come to Billion Dream Saturday, that’s when we’re filming the video for the choreography I made, 3-5. It’s gonna be fun~ :) 

Your teeth tugged at the your fleshy lips, both performances were the same day, and close to each other. ‘Sleeping Beauty’ was five to seven. Maybe you could get into Etre and little bit after five, yeah, that was your plan. 

Darling: Yeah, I can make it. I can’t wait to see it!

Jaejung: Hey maybe…. 

Darling: Maybe…? 

Jaejung: Maybe we could hang out for the rest of the day if you don’t mind? 

Darling: ): Sorry I can’t my other friends and I made plans to get dinner after. I won’t be able to do it. 

Jaejung: Don’t sweat it darling, it won’t be the only opportunity we’ll have  to get dinner. 

Darling: I would love to get dinner on another day ^//-//^ 


After lunch Jimin and Miju started to rehearse the wedding pas de deux. Jimin’s father and Miju’s mother volunteered to help them with the role. Jimin’s mother, however, didn’t volunteer to help the pair. She didn’t want to see her older son, she was too focused on the younger Park boy. Park Byungchul was a principal dancer at the Korean national ballet, but before that he was a second soloist at Mariinsky Theater, one of the greatest companies in the world. He never got a chance to become a principal because he came back to Korea after he proposed to Jimin’s mother. He didn’t want to be in Russia while his wife had to take care of their future family. It would have put Park Jueun with no career or time to dance.

“Lady and gentleman are you ready?” Master Byungchul asked. Miju and Jimin nodded. 

“This is you final pas de duex for this show, and you might be tired from before, but please try your best to maintain the youthful glow Aurora and Florimund has.” Madame Sujin said, “remember to keep a smile, and please act like a happy married couple.” Miju and Jimin nodded once more, and began to practice. Miju was already wearing a practice tutu for when she had to wear the wedding dress. The routine required a lot of balance from Miju and support from Jimin. Jimin had to make sure he held onto to her, and made sure she was never off balance. The hardest part was the hand less fish dive. Jimin had the squat low enough to support Miju on his quad and Miju and had use her legs to make sure she held onto Jimin’s back. She also needed tight and strong abs to hold her body up, and not look like a limp noodle on him. With all of that strength being used they had to make it look all too easy to do, like they weren’t in pain or tired, they had to look like they were in love with each other, and smile widely. Jimin had to spin Miju while keeping her balanced, his hands on her hips; then you would have to lift her high enough where he could catch her by her thighs, and then lower himself and her into the dive position. 

“Mister Park keep your center of balance lower so Miss Yoo has more surface to balance on.” Master Byungchul pointed out. With a small grunt Jimin lowered himself slowly offering more of his quad for Miju to lay herself on. Jimin sucked his lips into his mouth as he chewed on both his bottom and top lip. 

“Mister Park do not make that face, it is ungraceful, smile or keep a blank face please.” Master Byungchul said. Jimin pursed his lips out, and forced a smile onto his face.

“Miss Yoo please tighten your core some more I need you to look up at the audience, not looking at the stage floor. Your legs also need to hold on to Mister Park tightly, do not let them shake. If you think people can not see it, they can.” Madame Sujin said, correcting her daughter. Jimin and Miju made the adjustments according to their parents and held the position. 

“Perfect, try to attain this position when you perform, practice will help you find it more easily.” Madame Sujin said. Jimin slowly got back into the standing position while lowering Miju, but he was so tired she landed loudly. 

“Mister Park please do not drop Miss Yoo you might hurt her toes.” Madame Sujin said. 

“I agree, we do not want anyone injured.” Master Byungchul agreed. Jimin blew his black bangs out of his sweaty face, partly out of the heat and the frustration he was feeling. He was already tired from practicing this choreography, and lifting Miju. She wasn’t heavy, but after a while she did start to feel heavy. Jimin closed his eyes as he walked to his bag for his water. He took a drink and felt the cool water wash down his throat. He started to think what if you were doing this pas de deux again with him. 

‘Just think about her, just think about her, just think about her….’ Jimin repeated in his head, as he walked back to his starting position for the pas de deux. Even though he was looking and Miju, he started to replace her with with the illusion of you. You were standing there in the white and gold tutu, the beautiful shimmering tiara in you neat hair. While Jimin danced his father noticed that he was dancing with a new passion that he didn’t have when he started this rehearsal. He move more elegantly, he was light on his feet, balanced, his smiled glowed while he dance with Miju. He was able to keep her balanced perfectly as he held her arms. Madame Sujin noticed it too, there was such a big difference from how he was dancing, where did he find this ability withing him. This quality of dancing was different from how he usually was, yes on his own he was an excellent dancer, but it seemed like he didn’t have much of a reason to dance. As a ballet dancer you can not just dance, acting the role you were given without saying a word was required of you. Jimin was never a good actor, that’s what he lacked the most, but now he was able to portray with aura of Florimund.

 Jimin lifted Miju, and sank into the squat easily, he didn’t tremble as he lowered himself and Miju. ‘I am not going to drop her.’ Jimin thought, as he clenched every muscle that he needed to make sure Miju could balance and hold on him. When Jimin thought Miju was anchored onto him he pulled his hands away from her hips and positioned them elegantly in the air. Miju did slip from Jimin’s body, he was low enough, but he was balanced enough to have her stay on him, even if she wasn’t doing a good job herself. 

“Miss Yoo tighten your legs around Mister Park, I see your body sliding down. Mister Park can not do all of the work.” Master Byungchul said as he massaged the bridge of his nose. Jimin put his hands back on Miju hips so she could unwind her legs from around Jimin so she could stand back up again. 

“Master Byungchul is right Miss Yoo, but right now practice is over, go to your next class, and don’t forget to take care your bodies. Now that your show is coming closer do your best to not injure yourselves, make sure not skip any steps your care regimens.” Madame Yoo said dismissing the couple. Madame Yoo and Miju left the room first leaving only Jimin and his father. 

“I saw that last dance-”

“-yeah, and?” Jimin cut his father off while he took a gulp of water. 

“That was some pretty advanced dancing. It was very different from how you usually dance, what were you thinking about?”

“About not dropping her.” Jimin wasn’t exactly lying her was think about his partner, if his partner was you…. 

“Jimin are you telling me the truth?” His father lowed, Jimin nodded his head up and down. “Well if that’s the case then keeping thinking that thought because that was the best performance during this whole rehearsal. Byungchul knew Jimin was not telling the whole truth, but right now he didn’t want press because of how fragile everything was back at home. 

“You know you can always come home once and while to see Jihyun, you two only have each other, and he does miss you. I know you miss him too. Jimin didn’t say anything, he looked down at his black leather slippers and waited for his father to leave him. Heart broken, Byungchul slowly stepped out of the dance room. When Jimin heard the door shutting he picked up his bag and flung it across the empty room with whatever energy he had left. towels, clothing, water bottles, and protein bars were scattered on the hard wood floor. He was now hyper ventilating now, he turned and looked at himself in the mirror. There he stood, in black sweats, black tank top, his muscular shoulder hunched over. He couldn’t help but open his jaw widely and let out a scream from his vocal cords. He could feel inkling soreness in his voice box, as he lowered himself into a criss cross position. He was alone, with no one, but his own eyes staring back into themselves  


The past few days have been trying, to say the least. 

Before I go any further though, I just wanted to say thank you to every single person who has messaged me words of encouragement, been so supportive of me and my writing, and who have reached out just to make sure I’m okay. I am, I promise.

I wanted to address a few things.

First of all, to that anonymous person, whose email I wrote down and have now committed to memory in case you ever find a way to contact me again (and who I think is also the person who was harassing me today pretending to be someone else), I really, really hope you find peace in your life. Somehow. 

I don’t know what I did to upset you so much, or what I did to make you angry, but you have things that you need to sort out in order to find some sort of happiness. Your flippant attitude and lashing out at me repeatedly over fanfiction tells me that something in your life is unfulfilling, and I hope you figure out what it is that you need to do so that you no longer find pleasure in other people’s misery and hurt. 

Also, if you would like to shed away your cowardice and contact me off anon so that I could kindly delete your request from my inbox, I would very much appreciate it. Because I do not want to write anything for you. Let me know which request was yours so that you can write it yourself and create the content that you wish to read, just like I did when I started this blog so many months ago.

Second, like I’ve said before, if people don’t like Raine, or Aurora, or any of the OC stories I’ve written from my one-shots to my longer stories, that’s okay. I can’t change people’s tastes to align with my storytelling. I’m proud of what I’ve written, and I loved writing it. Is We Intertwined the perfect story? No. Is it perfectly written? Of course not. Are there things that can be improved or expanded upon? Absolutely. And there are fair criticisms to be made, and those, I completely accept.

But there are just some things that this anon is just nitpicking at this point, especially when it comes to Raine’s appearance. The whole thing of her being “exotically beautiful”––when I created her, I imagined her as being Japanese with body modifications. And if you knew anything about the history of tattoos in Japan, irezumi are both spiritual and decorative. And for Raine, her tattoo definitely falls under the category of “spiritual”. And also, if you want to apply the term “exotic” to an Asian woman/person, that is problematic in a whole other way, with racist undertones that we will not discuss because we don’t have the time. 

You could say that Noctis falls under that category too. Pointed almond eyes––that are blue, no less––tragic backstory that propels him forward throughout the game. Look at Prompto’s story as well. He went to a facility full of clones that looked just like him, and he found out that he was basically created to be the enemy of his best friend.

As @themissimmortal​ mentioned in her post about Mary Sues / Gary Stus, each of the male characters in the game definitely falls under that category in terms of storytelling. They’re all representative of a particular archetype, and it’s evident in the Latin translations of their names. @flowersforone also mentioned that the idea of Mary Sues stems from internalized misogyny, in that we let male characters get away with the same things that we implement with female characters. And yet it’s the female characters that get the most criticism. I think that argument holds some merit in this situation.

Was writing We Intertwined somewhat self-indulgent? Of course it was. But it was also definitely self-indulgent when I wrote dozens of reader-insert smut stories, and no one ever complained about those. Why? Because you were able to project yourselves on those stories, and maybe Raine isn’t someone you connect with or feel like you can project yourself on. And I won’t apologize for that, or for giving her multiple facets to her personality, because real people aren’t so one-dimensional. If she had started off as a bitch in the beginning and then never grew or changed throughout the entire story, she wouldn’t be real. 

People experience trauma, build walls to block other people out, and have to deal with mental illness and PTSD and on top of that, learn how to love themselves as well as other people. Not to mention that We Intertwined is also a soulmate AU, which bends the laws of attraction just a little bit.

At the end of the day, if you don’t like something, don’t read it. No one is forcing you to. Criticism is fine and welcome. And I did my best to be kind to you when you were not so kind to me, and I’m extending that compassion again because I really feel like you need it right now. But just know that unless you are willing to have a conversation with me where you aren’t hiding behind a grey mask, and are willing to approach a discussion with mutual respect, I have no intention of entertaining you any further.

Best of luck to you. On here, in the real world outside of this fandom, and outside of Tumblr. I hope you’re able to grow past this phase of your life. Not everyone else will be as patient.