i just love the aesthetics in this film


guysss! i just rewatched spirited away and oh my god i forgot how much i loved miyazaki as a kid!! this spread is mainly spirited away inspired but i drew totoro in there too :’) what were your favourite miyazaki films or even just films in general?? let me know!!

these photos were taken from my instagram mlykstudy !!

i’ll tell you what major aesthetic problem i DO have with frozen though


not in a concerned mom way of it being ‘too revealing’ or whatever, but it just sticks out like a sore thumb in contrast to the other costume design?? i get the point that elsa wants to be free and ‘different’ but still, having more incorporation of the entire hostoric norway aesthetic would go a long way imo. i really love the design of elsa’s coronation dress. its got the folk motifs and everything going

but then i remember being so upset having to see her wearing….that thing for the majority of the film. even concepts like this still feel like they ‘belong’ in the universe and is more harmonious with the rest of the set

and this is only a mild critique, im not even talking about all the visual creativity that was lost in the early concept art….

Fifth Harmony for Vogue Magazine

Lauren Jauregui

On personal style

“I like to dress in edgy black leather and denim, but I like a wide range of things. I’m either dressing like a rocker chick, or I’m looking like I just stepped out of ancient Greece! It all depends on my mood, I love bohemian vibes, too.”

On finding inspiration

“Tumblr used to be a huge source of inspiration [for me] but not as much anymore. I do feel like the blogs that I follow share an aesthetic and draw a lot from ’90s influences. I love the dark velvets and lace, the really simple makeup, and the undone hair, plus the film stars from back then, Winona [Ryder] and Drew Barrymore, especially.”


I know everyone's likely sick of these types of posts, but...

…I’ve created a new tumblr recently and I’m in desperate need of new, active blogs to follow! If you post/reblog a lot of any of the following, please like this post so I can follow you!

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•Also I love aesthetic blogs
•and I’m OC trash tbh so if you post a lot about your gaming OCs or just your original creations in general, I’d especially love to follow you!

okay i saw john wick 2 yesterday and i just realy love this franchise 

  • ruby rose playing a deaf assassin whom everyone uses correct signs to communicate with (including john)
  • also john speaks Every Language so fkn cool
  • lawrence fishburne playing a character who when he meets up with john says, “ this man and i we go years back” asjkjdakbkdba
  • the concierge at the continental volunteers to look after john’s doggo
  • delving a little more into the lore and politics of the assassin syndicate john works for
  • we all know keanu is an ageless being of chill but i love how john wick as a character shows his injuries slow him down and hurt him and he groans in a constant state of being DONE cos i get sick of action heroes who are just constantly fine to run and jumb and shit even when they’ve been stabbed in the nuts
  • john’s doggo following him everywhere???
  • keanu reeves giving people the thigh grip of death at least a dozen times 
  • actually filmed on location for all the scenes in rome which is SICK honestly some of the best scenes
  • all locations in the movie seem to have been deliberately picked because they are aesthetically dynamic (i.e. the showdown in the mirror exhibit)
  • ian mcshane is forever mr wednesday now sorry i don’t make the rules
  • i just love john wick as a character so much?!?! he’s not motivated by notions of toxic masculinity (like so many other shoot em up protags) he’s just out here like “oh u killed my dog and took my car and burned down my house??? hang on lemme put my doggo in daycare and then i’m gonna kill everyone u know cos fuk u i haven’t got anything better to do now” 
  • (admittedly, the second film had a very vivid self harming scene and on some scenes the sound editing was so whack i thought i was gonna go deaf but i still enjoyed the film as a whole)
That’s How Easy Love Can Be

Summary: An alphabetical journey of Phil’s 26 favourite things about Dan–along with a special surprise at the end–may just make Dan’s 26th birthday his best one yet.

Word Count: 6.3k

Genre: Fluff

Warnings: existential crisis (but it’s super tiny), swearing

A/N: HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAN!!! I hope he’s having the best day with lots of food and plenty of love from Phil, he truly deserves it. I think 26 will bring some really great things for him and I honestly can’t wait to see what this next year will bring. I hope you enjoy!!

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OTP: Frond Of The View.🌴

Road of Ruins
by momotastic, with art by whimsycatcher
By Organization for Transformative Works

Author: @momotastic27
Artist: @whimsycatcher
Pairings: Merlin/Arthur ; Gwaine/Lancelot/Leon ; other minor pairings ; a LOT of characters (check AO3 for complete list)
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 72,377
Warnings: All of them. Violence, references to sexual abuse of children/minors/adults, suicidial thoughts (not acted on, not glorified), blood, gore (relatively mild, all things considered), racism, ableism, murder, slavery (incl. sexual slavery). For detailed info about the warnings, see the posting on AO3.

Author’s Notes: Phew. Another tiny monster for ACBB. I’ve been thinking about this story for at least a year, and writing it took more than half of one. Fusing characters from one franchise with the plot/setting of another is always a challenge, but given that this is my third (well, sort of fourth, if you count the fairy tale) time doing this, you’d think it’d be easier. It’s not XD The cast of characters just sort of kept growing, and with them the plot had to adapt, change, and grow to accommodate all of them. I could’ve used fewer characters, but then where would the fun be, right? (Note how I’m able to laugh about it now that it’s done and I’ve stopped crying and tearing my hair out…)

I have more stuff to say, including a large host of THANK YOUs in the notes on AO3, so I’ll cut it short(ish) now.

Artist’s Notes: It was beyond fantastic to work alongside Momotastic this year! I couldn’t help but want to prematch after hearing that her concept was inspired by Mad Max: Fury Road! Coincidentally, I had just purchased the concept art book for the film, so I was already inspired by the aesthetics of the setting and characters. Combine that with my Merlin obsession, and I was revving to go! I loved getting to read drafts throughout Momo’s bountiful progress, and I enjoyed the opportunity to provide some input for how the plot developed! I loved that, despite the obvious references to the film, she wrote something very unique to suit this fandom’s beloved characters… Well, early on, there was already so much material for me to get ideas from, and it was super hard to settle on just a few scenes to draw! I initially had a list of 30+ scenes, and it took some help from Momo to really cut that down, ahh… I decided on a style more realistic than I’ve done for previous Big Bangs, so I knew that would take me more time, but I still wanted to do so much! I’m pretty happy I managed 8 illustrated scenes, along with some additional graphics (divider, poster, album) though stay tuned for a couple more scenes that I had sketched out but have to save for later! All my pieces were challenging in their own ways, but I had so much fun with the gritty textures, various palettes… and skin and scruff, galore! ;) I hope everyone enjoys looking at my art as they go through this epic fic!And as always, many MANY thanks to the mods who keep our fandom alive by running this fest so wonderfully!


Emrys, he whose power is greater than any before him, shall return magic to its rightful place. At his side will fight a man born from pain, raised in blood, then cast away. With hair as bright as gold, and an arm like a forged weapon the likes of which haven’t been seen in centuries, the Mother will have a warrior to fight for her life’s blood. Together they shall bring peace and prosperity to Gaia once more.

Arthur has no doubt that he’s the Warrior from the prophecy. With the help of Uther’s prized wives, he ventures North to find Emrys, and to return magic to the land that his father killed.

“What’s the point? I mean, I sure as shit don’t know. Neither does anybody else, okay? We’re all just winging it, you know? The good news is you’re feeling stuff. And you’ve got to hold on to that.”

Boyhood (2014) dir. Richard Linklater

Two. Months. Left. ARC contest winners + newest teaser!

I can’t believe that in just two months, this book is going to be out. I can’t begin to tell you how excited I am for you to read it, and there’s so much STUFF happening behind the scenes that I can’t wait to tell you about (Events! Pre-order gorgeousness! And more……..)

But real talk: the contest winners. You’ve been waiting. I’ve been hunkered down and writing, and there were so many entries in all of the categories that I wanted to appreciate and read and watch myself and also share with others to help choose where the little ARCs will go that it took me a bit longer than I’d hoped. So there’s something extra special I’ll be posting on 9/8 that I hope everyone will enjoy, that’s also a hint of things to come. 

And now, here we go:

First place winner of the signed ARC for ART: 

It was a tie. There were so! many! entries in this category, and I loved them all, but the sweetness, the effort and the detail involved in everything about TastyYouth’s entry blew me away.

Since this first category was just flooded with beautiful things, I knew I’d have to get another ARC. And I did. And it’s going to…Sam/Graywarene, for the stunning Tarot cards. You were so on point in the summary of your submission about the characters, and the pieces were made with such consideration–I love everything about them.

Second place: Ayaninja_z! This was one of the first entries I saw, and it was so adorable and dead on I laughed out loud.

Third place, Artscapade. All of the entries were incredible, but this painting stood out for being so haunting and atmospheric and dark. It looks the way (I hope) The Becoming of Noah Shaw feels.

Next, FILM! 

This one had many, many entries too, and they were all so wonderful it felt impossible to choose, but it had to be done so we did it! First place for the film category goes to: 

Jenna Clare. 

Something you probably didn’t know about me-I love to sing. But I can’t write songs/music for shit, so I’m extra in awe of people who can, and do, so beautifully. Not to mention the fact that the art direction and aesthetic was so creative and lovely. 

Second place goes to CrashAgainstMySkin!

YES to those fancasts. YES to that Halsey song. So much time and talent went into this, it was just yes all around. 

Third place in the video category went to another song, this one by the lovely JovvainCanada! But I’m not sure if the link submitted was supposed to be public, so I’m going to leave it up to her about whether she wants to share it. I loved it. It’s splendid. 

Next up, we have the writing category! This one had the second most submissions, and they were all so wonderful I couldn’t have chosen winners if I hadn’t had help! In first place, this poem, which is beautiful and moving and personal, so I’m going to let the writer keep herself anonymous if she chooses:

Only three years ago I had
No idea that only words on a page could make me sad,
Happy, desperate, and so much more at the same time.
Ever since I read the first words, I knew that everytime
I would think about Mara’s story, it would
Still blow my mind like no other story could.
Even after days and months and years have passed,
I can’t let this be just a thing of the past.
And even if I cried because of these books for an entire day,
”Thank you” is the only thing I have to say.
Because when I was only four years old,
And this is a story that I’m still afraid to unfold,
My dearest uncle took my small hand
And wrapped it around his… And on command,
I started moving it back and forth, having
No idea what I was doing.
Now I’m sure you can imagine how my face went white
When I found out what Jude did to Mara that one night.
I was shocked and I hated him with all my heart,
And I thought that if I kept reading, I’d fall apart.
But still, I kept going,
Watching as Mara was still growing,
Still living, still going through things,
Still flying through life as if she had wings.
She slowly became my biggest inspiration and the proof
That I, just like her, can be bulletproof.
Mara’s story is the one that made me realise
That anyone, no matter what they’ve been through, can touch the skies.
And for years and years I’ve dealt
With suicidal thoughts, but when I read about what Noah felt
When he thought that he was gonna die,
All I could do was cry.
Because, for the first time since I can remember,
I knew that someone’s words would be with me forever.
When I read about how he spent his whole life wanting death
But then he wanted to hold his last breath
Just to spend a few more seconds with the girl he loved,
I finally wholeheartedly believed
That maybe, just maybe, there’s something good out there,
Waiting for me. I just have to dare
To live.And I want to thank Michelle from the bottom of my heart
For teaching me lessons like these, that, trust me, are hard
To learn. I wan to thank you for being such a talented writer,
For teaching me how to be a fighter,
For teaching me what true love looks like,
For teaching me that people who are alike
And meant to be together
Will find each other, sooner or later.
I don’t know if these words will touch you as deeply
As yours touched me, but surely,
You will read them and you will know
That there’s one girl out there who just wants to say ”Hello,
You can call yourself
The angel from my bookshelf,
Because when all I wanted to do was quit,
I put my life in your hands and you saved it.”

Second place goes to BetweenthePage! As I said, I love songs and am always so impressed by people who write them well! 

And now, for the random category!

First place: coreypetereed, for this tattoo. 

“The Evolution of Mara Dyer tattoo on the back of my upper arm to honor Noah Shaw. One of my favorite quotes from the trilogy, “You will love him to ruins.” It’s part of my book sleeve :)”

This is commitment. It’s amazing. 

Speaking of commitment–a reader made a dress and SHOES out of the books (!), but I’m having a hard time finding that post! Dear reader, if that was you, please come forward and claim your second place prize!

And third prize goes to: Bookrendezvous!

This was technically submitted under the art category, but it feels like such a unique object that I thought it worked as well as things like dresses and tattoos for this category, too. The construction is just incredible.

Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who participated in this contest. I did not even remotely expect the wave of submissions and was a bit overwhelmed by it all, to be honest, and HAD to make sure I got another ARC because there was just no way four were enough. I wish I could get even more, but on the upside, no matter what, it’s just TWO MORE MONTHS until you get to read the book!

In the meantime, if you saw your entry listed here, here’s what you do to claim your prize: Get in touch via the Ask button, tell me which entry was yours, and let me know your address so it can be mailed to you ASAP! There’s a major hurricane affecting a lot of us, right now, so try to be a bit patient, but my brother in New York is going to be helping to make sure prizes are mailed out to the rightful winners ASAP! 

That’s him, on the right. Meet Josep–I mean, Jeremy. You should follow him on Instagram & Twitter @ JeremyHodkin, but only if you’re interested in MADNESS teasers and exclusive sneak peaks. Only then. 

Once again, thank you guys SO much for entering. I couldn’t do what I do without you.I can’t tell you how inspired I am by your art every single day. 


I’d be lying if I said I didn’t love any fucking film or book that wasn’t based around the underbelly of society. I’ve always loved that. But on the other hand, I’m kind of simple in the way that I love the movement of a super-eight flag waving in the wind. The same with the palm trees and that sepia color of the fifties film. Like a lot of my choices had to do with the grade of the film. It was that simple, purely aesthetic. Same with my interest in photographers and things like that. A lot of it is just the look of it. I just like it.

Lana Del Rey

movie rec list from a movie nerd in no particular order

PLEASE exercise caution if you watch any of these movies, i’m sure there is a lot of triggering content so just be safe!!!

Pride (2014) - Tells the story of a group of gay people in the 80s fighting for another oppressed group’s rights. The acting is phenomenal and the cinematography is very impressive, the soundtrack didn’t stand out for me, but it was still good.
Sing Street (2016) - A boy tries to impress a girl by starting a band, but goes on a journy of self discovery learning about both himself and her. The soundtrack is fucking amazing. Costuming stands out a lot, but the acting and cinematography were, of course, amazing as well.
The Girl King (2015) - One of the only good movies to come out in 2015 imo, the Girl King tells the story of Queen Christina of Sweden and her struggles as a ruler as well as her relationship with Ebba Sparre, her lesbian lover.
Dead Poets Society (1989) - A boy starts going to a fancy prep school and makes friends with a wonderful group of boys. These boys are inspired by their teacher (Mr Keating, playing by the late great Robin Williams) to start questioning authority.
Big Eyes (2014) - The wonderful story of Margaret Keane, an artist who had all of her work and millions of dollars stolen from her for years by her husband as he took credit for her work. Honestly a beautiful film, it stands out in color and soundtrack, using both to accentuate the emotions conveyed by the scene, but the underlying themes.
Whip It (2009) - A guilty pleasure but still a relatively good movie. Whip It follows Ellen Page as she begins roller derby in the late 70s (I believe) and her struggle with growing up and high school, as well as a Hella Rad Ending. The cinematography is good, but the soundtrack could have been better. I love it overall, but it really Could Have Been Gayer.
Finding Vivian Maier (2014) - I watched this last night, and it’s officially one of my favorite documentaries like…Ever. It follows a guy who bought a bunch of photo negatives at an auction and goes on a journey to discover the life of the photographer. It’s amazing, inspiring, and I absolutely love everything about it. The soundtrack fit the overall story well, and the emotional interviews really do add to it.
Operation Avalanche (2016) - A “found footage” film about two guys faking the moon landing. That’s all I can say. It’s fucking amazing. The way that it’s filmed and acted with very little script and such a low budget allowed the creators to really be open with how they made the final product, and honestly it’s such a good and believable film. I just….Love it. It’s one of those “enough said” movies. I shouldn’t need to sell it to you.
The Neon Demon (2016) - This is one of the only horror movies that I like, and one of the reasons is that it does not have any jumpscares in it at all. It’s pure psychological horror. The colors/scenes are clearly made to be pretty as opposed to realistic, and it’s a very aesthetically pleasing movie. However, if you are triggered by anything, don’t watch this movie. It’s beautiful, but its fucked. up.
Childhood favorites:
The Goonies (1985)
The Princess Bride (1987)
The Sandlot (1993)
Matilda (1996)
School of Rock (2003)


Oh, no. It’s a rant.

I just finished reading the wonderful art book, Water to Paper, Paint to Sky: The Art of Tyrus Wong, The Disney Family Museum’s loving tribute to the master artist responsible for the ethereal look of Bambi’s backgrounds.

The book is a delight from start to finish, detailing Wong’s 106 year life (he’s still alive and creating art today!) and his many, many artistic pursuits. In addition to his brief tenure at Disney, Wong also worked as a production designer for Warner Bros. live action films, as a fine artist specializing in ceramics, paintings and pastels, and for the past few decades, as a premier maker of incredibly ornate kites.

My ONLY problem with Water to Paper, Paint to Sky: The Art of Tyrus Wong comes at the very end, and it’s not even the fault of the book. It’s in a chapter titled ‘Inspiration,’ and it is a series of quotes from various animation legends and luminaries, all of them describing how Wong’s misty, emotional, incredibly UN-detailed concept art for Bambi influenced the work they are doing today.



Except that there are quite a few of these quotes from Pixar people, up to and including John Lasseter. All of them describe how Wong’s “nearly abstract” (Pete Docter) approach to backgrounds effected Pixar’s approach to their films’ backgrounds.

Pixar production designer Ralph Eggleston even goes so far as to say that Finding Nemo is a “direct descendant of Ty’s incredible work on Bambi.” While Wong’s sumptuously hazy, pastel approach to concept art is definitely visible in Eggleston’s vis-dev work, it is all but lost in Nemo’s – and Pixar as a whole’s – photo-realistic approach to CG environments.

But perhaps the most jarring of these ‘Inspiration’ testimonials was Pixar CCO John Lasseter’s. Beside the now de rigueur photo of Lasseter standing in front of a bunch of Pixar merchandise wearing yet another Hawaiian shirt, Lasseter proclaims:

“What many people don’t realize…is how revolutionary [Bambi] was in its visual storytelling. When you look at most films of that era, you see that they were fairly straightforward in the way they depicted their backgrounds. Tyrus Wong took an entirely different approach with his styling on Bambi. […] Where other films were literal, using backgrounds that showed detailed objects and settings, Bambi was expressive and emotional. Tyrus painted feelings, not objects.”

This is 100% true. So why did reading it bother me so much?

Because Pixar has been almost single-handedly responsible for feature animation’s obsession with photo-realistic backgrounds – a trend I personally hate. While I totally concede that this weird need to make cartoons look less cartoony is entirely their right, that doesn’t mean I can’t bitch and moan about it every chance I get.

Please scroll up and take a look at the Tyrus Wong-influenced Bambi backgrounds (top four pics) vs. the photo-realistic backgrounds for Pixar’s The Good Dinosaur (the bottom four).

Which looks more beautiful to you?

Which looks like the product of an artist’s hand, and which looks like they may as well have just filmed a bunch of real-life locations and then dropped the cartoon characters on top à la Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

And while I’m blathering on about the way the characters interact with their respective backgrounds, please look at those stills again. Aesthetically, the hand-drawn characters of Bambi ‘work’ with their hand-painted backgrounds faaar better than the CG characters of The Good Dinosaur and their CG, photo-realistic backgrounds. Don’t you agree?



If John Lasseter and co. prefer their cartoons to look like IMAX nature films with cartoon characters photo-shopped on top, that is entirely up to them. But I find it kind of gross to read them trying to attach their burgeoning legacies onto the artistic accomplishments of someone else in an effort to – I don’t know – give their work a greater depth or stronger sense of history or whatever.

Is that just me?

In closing:

Tyrus Wong’s groundbreaking work on Bambi has made him an indelible part of animation’s DNA. As such, I have no doubt that his influence and inspiration resides inside every artist employed at Pixar. That said, it is NOT apparent in the films Pixar is releasing these days. In fact, I’d say the background art in Pixar’s films resembles the polar opposite of Wong’s influence, hearkening back to the pre-Wong days of animation that John Lasseter himself described as being “literal” and “fairly straightforward.”

But there’s hope!


Now that Pixar has finally come up with the software for realistic water, wind, hair, etc., perhaps they’ll ease up a little on their Quixotic quest for CG photo-realism. Perhaps the powers-that-be at Pixar will allow a little bit of Tyrus Wong’s (and Pixar’s incredibly talented vis-dev artists’) “expressive and emotional” influence to seep into their pictures.


Here’s hoping!

anonymous asked:

Can you please do an aesthetic post for dating Tom Holland and going on a trip to Hawaii with him? (I just keep having a dream about it lol) if it isn't too specific if you include a girl in the pics, can you make her black? Thanks! Love your blog! ❤

“Trip To Hawaii + Tom Holland” Aesthetic 

The trip was so last minute but my god it was worth every penny. Tom had finally finsihed filming and didn’t want to do anything else but be with you–but he wanted to do something special. So he suprised you with tickets to Hawaii. He knew how badly you wanted to go visit–so he booked a hotel and got a flight asap and before you knew it you were on your way there. 

The time you two spent there together would never be forgotten–it was the best trip you had ever taken and everyday you thanked him. The walks on the beach, all the wonderful photographs you two got to ‘snap’ while you were there. It was the perfect vacation and you would do anything to do it all over again.     

hope you like it!