i just love that they link arms

hogwarts wlw aesthetics

gryffindor: forehead kisses, brushing her hair out of her face, boxes of chocolates, making each other laugh, blanket forts, seeing her in your jacket and feeling your heart flip, attack hugs, stupidly competitive “i obviously let you win, babe” moments, flying together, serenading her even if your voice is awful, embarassing amounts of pda, linked arms, doodling hearts on your homework, making a huge deal out of her birthday just to make her feel special, fond eye-rolls, tickle fights, sharing a blanket in front of the fire, hugs that last forever, getting on with her friends, catching yourself staring at her, grand gestures to try and impres her, playing footsie under the table, sweaty palms when you hold hands

slytherin: matching tattoos, skipping class to make out, “i hate you less than other people”, inside jokes, stealing each others clothes and makeup, bed-sharing, lil bit of healthy possessiveness, love letters, “i’m so proud of you”s, hickeys, never shutting up about each other and annoying the hell out of everyone else, it couple, matching jewellery, fierce loyalty, little gifts for no reason, open flirting, knowing exactly how she likes her coffee, lip-biting, conversations at 3am, ironic pet names, your arm around her, stupid dance parties in your underwear, meeting her parents, singing her to sleep, feeling like you’re missing something when she’s not there, being able to communicate just by giving each other a look, calling her your girlfriend around other people

hufflepuff: nose kisses, playing with her hair as she lays in your lap, bringing her flowers, baking together and getting flour everywhere, cuddling, knowing when to say sorry, picnics, walking her to class even if it’s the opposite direction to where you’re going, blushing, binge-watching series together, hand-holding, knowing exactly how to cheer her up after a bad day, board games, making flower crowns, adopting a pet together, “i’m trying to be mad at you stop looking so cute”, sickeningly domestic, sleepy mornings lying in bed, playlists of songs that remind you of her, one drink two straws, cute petnames, “you hang up first”, realising she’s your best friend, insisting on carrying her books, laughing against each other’s mouths

ravenclaw: poetry, bringing her food/drinks when she’s studying, reading aloud to each other, pushing her glasses up her nose when they slide down, cafe dates, quiet nights in, walks in the woods holding hands, cheek kisses, curling up in one seat, soft love songs, the way your name sounds when she says it, talking for hours, smoothing away the frown between her eyebrows when she’s stressed, shoulder rubs, whispered “i love you”s, scheduled date nights, little notes slipped into books, total support, the feeling of being known, helping each other out, cooking meals for her, slow dancing, “this reminded me of you”, learning all her little quirks, the smell of her hair

Twilight Princess highlights:
  • cats following you around castle town 
  • like some sorta adorable cat gang can u believe
  • louise
  • being able to talk to the cats 
  • kicking the ball and watching all the kitties chase after it!!!!
  • picking them up in links arms!!!!
  • the cat mini game in the hidden village
  • just the fact alone that theres a village filled with cats 
  • and the western style music bye
  • Louise!!!!! 
  • just that cats were included in general thanks nintendo 
Best friend Jungkook includes:

Originally posted by jimiyoong

  • him being the competitive one in the friendship
  • will literally take anything as a challenge like boy re l a x
  • virtually good at everything
  • meaning he’s constantly making you look bad
  • constantly
  • especially in front of your mum
  • “honey why can’t you be more like jungkook”
  • “mUM”
  • saving the other with a heartfelt nickname on eachothers phones
  • “why the fuck is my name ‘annoying ass bitch’ on your contacts, jungkook?”
  • “cause you named me ‘this friendship was a mistake’ on yours, tf did you expect?”
  • constantly making memes out of eachother
  • and him teasing you 24/7
  • cause lets be real, if you’re not making fun of eachother then what’s the point of this friendship
  • helping him annoy his hyungs
  • “you didn’t hear this from me, Yoongi, but jungkook and I saw Taehyung take your headphones the other day”
  • “no wonder I couldn’t find it, that lil shit”
  • you being his wingwoman cause you’ve finally found something he’s bad at
  • “I don’t need your help with girls, Y/N”
  • “oh really? cause the video I have on my phone of you trying to ask my friend out but failing miserably says otherwise”
  • deadass the friend to leave you on the sidewalk if you trip or something
  • so
  • many
  • inside jokes
  • and 
  • so 
  • many
  • intricate handshakes
  • him insisting on practicing these hand shakes at least twice a day so that you don’t forget
  • he deems all type of physical affection unacceptable
  • which you call bullshit on cause he’s the one that initiates the hugs and arm links 
  • honestly ppl thought you guys were originally dating  because of how close you two are
  • he loves to put on a tough front but really he’s just a soft bunny
  • but even tho he’s a soft bunny, he’ll still fucking b o d y you to the floor when you guys are play fighting
  • thus resulting him getting scolded by the others cause he accidentally gave you a black eye or a bruised arm
  • #nomercy
  • you stealing his shit cause lets be real he’s buff as fuck so all his stuff is like 10x bigger than you making them more comfortable
  • so to get back at you he steals your underwear and leaves them all around the studio and dorms where the boys can see 
  •  you giving him the spare key to your house cause you’re tired of having to get up at like 1 am to open the door for him cause he couldn’t sleep
  • texting you late at night to describe the wild ass dream he just had
  • sending ugly snapchats to eachother
  • karaoke nights that leaves you pissed off cause he’s meant to not take it seriously and sing really badly not outshine you with his angelic voice ffs
  • but his angelic voice is what makes you feel better when you’re feeling like shit
  • as much as you hate to admit it, you take comfort in him singing softly to you on your bad days and low days
  • he may not be good at talking to other girls but he seems to know the right words to say when you’re crying into his shoulder
  • and to return the favour you show up to his door with a bag full of snacks and ice cream and his favorite games if he too is going through a rough patch
  • or if he’s feeling extremely down, you’ll just cuddle up with him with the warmest blankets you can find and watch a film or sit in comfortable silence
  • cause after all, what are best friends for?
Clingy (Jughead x Reader)

Prompt: hello! love your blog! can i have a jughead x reader fic where the reader and jughead are dating and she overheard him telling someone (maybe like archie or betty) that she’s clingy and so she distances herself from him? lol idk if that makes sense but if you could write it that would be amazing! thank you!!!!

A/N: I love this prompt so much. I had so many different storylines come to mind but hopefully you enjoy this one! Requests are Welcome!!


– Clingy (Jughead x Reader) –

You were walking towards your locker when you saw them.

Jughead and Archie talking by Jug’s locker.

Your heart skips a beat when you see that he’s wearing your favorite sweater of his. The soft green one that goes oh so well with his eyes.

Stop at your locker then go say hi to your boyfriend and his best friend. Routine. Like clockwork. Only today is when things change.

Opening your locker, you hear Jug say something sounding like your name. Thinking he saw you, you move your head a little to smile at him only to find him and Archie frowning at each other. That’s weird.

You pull out your English book and shut your locker, shrugging it off.

As you start to get closer, you hear him.

“I don’t know Arch. Is she clingy? Are all girls like that?” He sighs and digs around his locker for his science book.

Were you being clingy? Your heart starts to tighten in your chest. Was it making Jughead uncomfortable?

“Nah. You know (Y/N) is just a touchy person.” Archie offers him a smile. Neither of them saw you standing in the hall by the water fountain.

Archie says something quieter so you couldn’t hear but Jughead responds.

“I know. we spend every day together. We do everything together. Sometimes I feel like she’s always there. I can’t concentrate on anything half the time. She’s a huge distraction.” He shuts his locker and turns to Arch.

Archie nods and pats his back, saying something else but you already turned to leave.

Feeling hurt, you decide not to stop and say hi to them. It would be too clingy.

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Mistletoe (Various Drabbles)

A/N: Happy holidays my friends! I hope you enjoy~ I know it’s not all the characters, but I only did the characters that I could think of at the top of my head. Sorry if these suck;;;


The Overwatch Christmas party was loud like you had expected but it wasn’t bad. You were feeling a bit parched so you decided to go the kitchen for a drink. You bumped into something hard, making you stumble back a bit. You looked to see who you had bumped into and it was none other Jesse McCree, the famous cowboy.

“Woah there darlin’. You gotta watch where your going.” He chuckled with a small shake of his head.

“Oh sorry, McCree.” You say with embarrassment. Jesse has been your long term crush and you could already feel a blush rise from coming in contact with him. “I was just going to the kitchen. If you’ll excuse me-”

“Yeah, I was just goin’ to talk to Ana-”

“Now, now both of you! You can’t leave just yet!” Reinhardt’s booming voice rang over to us.

“Why not?” You ask. He simply laughed and pointed above your head. Both McCree and you slowly look up and there it was hangning above you, the devious little plant; mistletoe. You look back at Jesse with wide eyes. “O-Oh my!”

“Well, it’s just my lucky day ain’t it?” He smirked and wrapped his arm around your waist. “You don’t mind do you?”

“N-No! Not at all.” McCree slowly leaned in, closing his brown eyes like hot cocoa closed as his soft lips met yours. Your hands found their way on his shoulders, deepening the kiss. It was like a dream came true.

“Alright!” Reinhardt laughed loudly, breaking you two apart. “Not in front of the wee children.” You blush and stare up at McCree who was still holding his signature smirk.

“Well I’ll be damned! That’s the best Christmas present I have ever received.”

“Same here.” You giggled.

Soldier 76

You and Jack were both leaning on a wall while watching the rest of the team partied it up, mugs of hot chocolate (which totally didn’t have a small dash of alcohol-) in each of their hands. Neither you or 76 were really the ‘party type’ so instead you both decided to watch and talk. You were starting to feel a bit stuffy due to all the people in the room, so you look to the man on your right.

“Hey Jack, it’s starting to get a little too warm in here. Want to go into one of the less crowded ones?”  

“Yeah.” He grunted and pushed himself from the wall, walking to the next room over. You walked next to him while taking a quick swig of your hot chocolate.  

Right as you both stepped foot into the large doorway, Hana jumped in front of you with her arms crossed.

“Not so fast! You two have to kiss!” She grinned and pointed upwards. Above you was the green plant with white berries, hung with a red velvet ribbon. The room seemed to get hotter at the thought of kissing Soldier 76. You turn and look at the man next to you whose face you couldn’t read. You weren’t sure if he was happy, uncomfortable or angry.

“We don’t have to kiss if you don’t want to, Jack.” You look down to the ground, flustered beyond belief.

“Nonsense.” His hand gripped your chin, bringing your face to his before his scarred lips met your soft ones. The kiss seemed to last forever until Hana made a noise of disgust.

“I said kiss not make out!” She walked between you two, joining the rest of Overwatch during the party. Jack chuckled and gave you one of those rare smiles.

“Merry Christmas soldier.”

“Merry Christmas Jack.” You smiled back and kissed him again.


“Oi! (Y/N)!” Jamison called you over to him and Roadhog. You managed to get through your teammates and over to the two Australians.

“Yeah Jamison?”

“Roadie and I wanted to show you somethin’!” He took your hand and pulled you towards whatever it was. He stopped abruptly, his hand still holding yours, in front of a doorway with a mistletoe hanging above it. “I was hopin’ you could explain that thing. I seen it in other places too.” You heard Roadhog grunt behind you.

“Oh well that’s Mistletoe, Jamie.”

“Mistletoe? If it was a mistletoe wouldn’t it be a foot with a rocket for a toe?”

“No silly, it’s a Christmas tradition. People hang this up and when two people walk under it, they are supposed to kiss.” You giggled at his confused face before he dragged you under the plant.

“Kiss me then sheila!” He laughed.

“W-Well okay.” You blushed and pecked him on the lips.

“No a real kiss!” His bare arms wrapped themselves around your frame, pulling you close to his exposed chest. With another giggle, his lips met yours. It was a breathtaking kiss and you were going to deepen it until a flash of light blinked.

“Mako!” You gasped. He was holding a camera while giving Junkrat a thumbs. You looked back at the Aussie still holding on to you. “You planned this didn’t you?”

“Guilty!” He giggled loudly, his head thrown back. “You enjoyed it though didn’t ya?”

“Heh ya, I did.” You smile and looked into his eyes. “Merry Christmas ya filthy animal.”

“Oi!” He shouted but laughed, giving you a kiss on the cheek. “Merry Christmas, love.”


You and Angela were laughing, arms linked while listening to one of Reinhardt’s adventurous tales he was telling to Hana and Lucio. You were about to say something to your girlfriend before McCree jumped from behind you.

“Mistletoe!” He shouted while holding the plant over your heads.

“Sometimes I think you just enjoy watching us kiss, Jesse.” You laughed.

“Guilty as charge.”

“What do you say, Angela? Want to kiss under the mistletoe?”

“Of course, Liebling.” She smiled angelically with a cute blush on her face. You smile and place your hand on her cheek, giving her a sweet loving kiss.


It wasn’t everyday Talon through a Christmas party. You were standing with your crush Widowmaker and Reaper, chitchatting about whatever.

“Have any of you seen Sombra?” You suddenly ask, knowing she was up to something to get you and Amélie together somehow. Just as Reaper was about to speak, the little devil herself came out of invisibility with a smirk. You were going to question her until you saw the green and white plant pinched between her gloved fingers between you and Amélie.

“You both know what this means.~” She smirked, looking between the both of you. Widow glared at Sombra which made you gulp nervously.

“Y-You know w-we don’t have to-” But Amélie cut you off but crashing her dark lips against yours. You gasp against her some-what cold lips, but nonetheless you enjoyed the short, messy kiss.


“I,” She searched for the right words.“ I seem to posses feelings for you.”

“Well I seem to have feelings for you too.” You giggled at her flustered face.


Parties were never really Reapers thing but he went to the Talon Christmas party because you were going to be there. Despite most of his feelings of hatred and emptiness, he still held some love to his heart that was reserved for you. The only problem was that you didn’t know he loved you.

It was the moment where he felt honestly terrified when you both met under the dastardly plant. On the outside, due to his mask, he seemed calm and collected but on the inside he was freaking out like he might of when he still was 'human’. Sombra laughed loudly, pointing at the two of you while Widowmaker tried hiding her chuckle.

“Well… it can be a simple peck to the mask if you’d like.” You smiled up at him, making his heart flutter, but he didn’t move. You rose on your tiptoes and let your lips touch his white mask. With a small wave and a blush, you started walking away. But that small kiss to his mask wasn’t enough for him. His hand gripped your forearm, spinning you around and pulling you close to his firm body. With his free hand, he moved his mask half way off his face. You gasp and blush at his face, despite the scars and slight, black smoke radiating from him, he was quiet handsome.

“…I want more.” He confessed before his rough lips met yours. It was slightly aggressive but you enjoyed it. His one arm tightened around you as he nibbled on your bottom lip.

“Cheese!” Sombra suddenly shouted as the flash of her camera went off. Both of you were completely flustered as you pulled apart. Gabriel growled and slid his mask back on fully before chasing after Sombra, shouting threats and insults.

You stood next to Widow, sharing a laugh with her as you both watched Gabriel and Sombra run around yelling and laughing.


“Well.” The mistletoe hung above your heads, seemingly taunting you both.

“It looks like we have to kiss.” Fareeha Amari smirked as she looked down at you, her significant lover. “Who’s gonna kiss first?” You both stare at each other before you sigh.

“Time to put on the big pants then.” You pulled up imaginary pants high with a funny face. Fareeha stared at you before bursting out laughing, slightly hunched over. After her quick laugh she brushed some of your (h/c) hair away from your face. You giggled and did the same with her, your hand finding its place on her soft cheek.

“I love you, (Y/N).”

“I love you too, Fareeha.” You both closed your eyes and your lips met in a peppermint tasting kiss.


You both looked at each other in embarrassment as Genji cackled loudly. Above you and Hanzo was mistletoe. Hanzo sent his cyborg brother a glare which made Genji laugh more, luckily Lucio was able to get him to leave you and Hanzo alone. You looked to the older Shimada brother who seemed more flustered than.

“If… If you don’t want to, we don’t have to kiss.” You said with hurt evident in your voice. You prepared yourself for rejection from the Archer before you felt a calloused hand on your cheek.

“I would love to.” Hazo leaned and gave you a sweet kiss, his beard tickled against your chin. Your hands gripped his jacket, pulling you closer to him. The kiss was short lived but enjoyable for the both of you.

“(Y/N), I just wanted to say…” He spoke quietly while briefly looking to the side before his eyes met yours. “I wanted to say I love you.”

“Aw, I love you too.” You smile and hug him, resting your head on his chest while he rested his head on yours.

“Merry Christmas, my love.” He kissed the top of your head and you both contently stayed in each others embrace.

You Understand Right? (Part 4): Broken Promises

Characters: Dean Winchester x Sister!Reader / Friend!Reader, Sam Winchester x Sister!Reader / Friend!Reader

Length: 989+ words

TW: Nothing in this chapter! 

A/N: This is a pretty short chapter, but I wanted to split this chapter, and the next chapter up. Also, this is part of @kas-not-cas 2.5K Writing Challenge! Honestly, whenever I do challenges, I prefer writing a separate fic that’s not a part of a series, but it just went to so well with this chapter that I couldn’t help myself! I know I got your permission to use the Prompt in a series, but if you want me to write another oneshot separate, I can totes do that! 

Prompt: “I’ve lost count of the promises you’ve broken.”


“Hey, sweetheart,” Dean greeted lowly as not to scare her. 

Her gaze was stuck to the ground, her body not moving an inch.

“We’re not going to hurt you. Do you remember us?” Sam questioned kindly, bending his knees to meet her eyes.

She nodded slowly, looking unsure of her surroundings. 

“You’re not in hell anymore,” Sam said comfortingly. “You’re safe with us.”

Y/N looked around the motel room, and finally opened her mouth. “Wh- What’s the date?” she croaked.

“It’s June 19th, 2015,” Sam answered.

The girl looked accepting of the fact that it has been nine years since her death. 

“Here,” Sam quickly said, grabbing a water bottle from the table, and handing it to her. “You must be hungry. Dean, and I were just about to head back to the bunker.”

“The bunker?” Y/N asked with her head tilted to the side.

“Yea!” Sam’s face lit up as he continued talking about their new found residence. He chattered away about the bunker for a few minutes until Dean interrupted him.

“Let’s get you some food before we leave.” There wasn’t any trace of emotions in his voice, his face as stoic as ever.

Y/N looked down at her bloody clothes, and before she could say anything, Dean had already gone through his bag, pulling a pair of shirt, flannel, and sweatpants for her to wear.

“Get changed, and then we’ll head out,” Dean instructed.

As she was in the bathroom, the two brothers turned to each other.

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Losing you is a sold-out movie:
No big deal, just kind of a bummer.

Aaron Tveit singing Desert Island Top 5 Breakups at Paramount (x)

My Anchor

Reader x Derek Hale



imagine: You are both Derek’s girlfriend and his anchor, so, one day, when you help Isaac control his change, Hale gets jealous of you, because he is not willing to share. 

warnings: minor swearing, make-out session, fluff

word count: 847 

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Great Comet Things act 1

I saw Great Comet a while ago (like the week Josh left)  but I saw so many posts about peoples experiences so imma gonna do one.

Act 1

- I was on the banquette and to get there you walk through backstage!!!!

-I started tearing up when I saw the theater

-I’m really freaking Russian so I felt everything to my soul. 

- Cool girl sitting in front of me dressed as Natahsa shout out to you girl

-The cast came out with food! More shows should give free food.

-I love da dumplings.

-Shoba gave me mine, Brittain tried to give my mom one but couldn’t throw far enough.


- Josh came through the doors with his accordion and I started crying.

-I just love Josh’s voice, I think it’s because he’s ashkenazi but his voice sounds a lot like folk music my jewish russian family sings, it felt like home.

-Natasha and Sonya link arms to drink vodka

-Kennedy was Marya that show and I think it’s amazing how she has the range to do those notes that Grace is known for and should get more credit. Also I giggled during “Grand dame of Moscow” because she looks like she’s twelve.

-Balaga jumps out of the pit and then wails on the drums

-I also cried during Pierre, especially “I used to better” because depression is similar for me in that way

-Kennedy Marya is a lot nicer to Sonya

-Bolkonsky hits his wig and it’s a huge cloud. 

-Gelsey is so amazing at everything, her voice breaks really hit.

-Bolkonsky’s little wave at the audience when he says “People enjoy me thug” reminded my of my uncle who had dementia, a lot of nuance in Nick’s performance.

- Tiny snow!


-The Opera is trippy as hell, but not as triply is Gelsey’s ability to get to the mezzanine in the discarded mrs. potts dress

-Denee has a little giggle when she says “I cannot follow the opera” which isn’t in the recording.


-He throws his head around as if paparazzi 

-Andrei gets his guts ripped out

-the lights are low during Natasha and Anatole’s convo in the opera box and I noticed Anatole staring at me while it was completely dark, so I pointed at myself and he nodded and winked. So then I died and am writing this as a ghost.

-At some point Anatole jumps into the audience and starts making out with an old lady, then slapped her husband on the back like “Good for you she’s hot”

- They tell you to close your eyes if strobe lights bother you but THAT DOES NOT WORK

- There was a ton of stuff going on in the club but I couldn’t see for shit. But a guy slomo cartwheeled near me

-Helenes scream hurts my heart

- Dust and Ashes is the single most tragic song. I lost my grandpa the day before the show and I felt such an ache of longing already, but that song means something.

-suuuuuuuundaaaay morning TIME FOR CHURCH!

-I’m jewish but also Russian so I felt that so much lol


-Helene get’s a similar awesome entrance does golden light just follow that family?

-Natasha is in her undies during the song and dances around in Helene’s cloak it’s cute!

-Lucas is prince charming.

-I saw girls waltzing with girls and was like “Cool” then I saw girls dancing with girls while doing a crazy lift and I was like “COOL”.

-Natasha hunt if a guy crushes your hand to get you to kiss him its not true love.

Lasso of Truth

Prompt: HI HI HIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII finally the dc ones are open😂. Would you be willing to do a wonder woman imagine where the reader is Steves little sister and she feels threatened by Diana because of the lazo

Requested by: ANON

Fandom: DC

AN: Possible spoilers for the wonder woman movie.

    “So… where’d you find this girl?”

    Your brother’s jaw ticks as he turns to stare at you, “Overseas. The rest is… ”

    “Classified. So you’ve said. But I’d like to remind you that my clearance is higher than yours.”

    You link your arm through his, as the two of you walk. He says nothing, simply staring ahead. Smiling, you say, “You’re smitten.”

    His head whips to the side, to look at you, “Excuse me?”

    “You’re smitten. A smitten kitten. It’s kind of cute honestly. I bet dad will LOVE her.”

He stops walking, “You’re not funny.”

You pinch your fingers together, “I’m a little funny. Just imagine dad’s face. He threw a fit when I went off to training. Raged and ranted about how a woman’s place was in a kitchen. Married. With children. And here, you’ve found a woman who wields a sword and shield, wearing armor that easily hasn’t been worn in hundreds of years.”  Your brother says nothing and you smirk, “I’ll get the truth out of you, eventually.”

“Whose truth do you need?”

The voice startles you slightly, and you’re proud that you don’t let it show. Turning to Diana, you smile, “My little brother here is keeping secrets.”

Her eyes narrow at Steve, and before you know what’s happening, a rope is whipped out and tied around his wrist. His eyes go heaven ward, and he whines, “Not again.”

Diana smiles at you, “Ask him anything. The lasso will ensure the truth comes out. After all, if we are to work together, there must not be any secrets.”

You stare at the woman for a moment, before asking, “What really happened to mom’s hand stitched pillow?”

Your brother goans for a minute before answering, “I used it to play tug of war with the dog when we were eight.”

Your eyes go wide, before flickering to the lasso. Steve had never admitted that outloud. Taking the slightest of steps back you say, “I have what I need. Thank you Diana.” She smiles, nods, and begins walking forward. When she’s out of earshot, you grab your brother’s arm, and dig your nails, “I want the whole story, NOW!”

He winces, before letting out a sigh, “Well, it all started when I crashed my plane into the ocean… ”


Originally posted by sparklingnifflers

A/N: I’M BAAAAACK I’M SO EXCITED TO BE BACK I HOPE YOU ARE TOO although, I bet I’ve lost my whole reader base though. We’ll see.

Warnings: none

It was quite chilly outside, but absolutely roasting in the pub that you and Newt entered. You sat down at a table for two and Newt told you he’d get you a butterbeer. You and Newt had been dating for around two years, you were more than happy sharing him with the creatures, you loved to learn about them as Newt brought new ones in all the time. You were putting your coat over the back of your chair when you noticed a man sit down in front of you.

“Hello,” You said.

“Hi there, beautiful, how’s it going?” He asked, with a smug smile on his face.

“I’m okay thank you,” You replied politely, looking around desperately for Newt.

“What’ a lovely lady such as yourself doing out by yourself?” He asked.

“I’m not, my boyfriend is getting our drinks, you’re sitting in his seat,” You said, fiddling with your fingers under the table. You finally caught Newt’s eye and beckoned him over.

“Hello, sorry you seem to be sitting in my seat,” Newt said politely.

“Your seat? Does it have your name on it?” The man asked cheekily.

“No of course not but I’d like to sit with my girlfriend, so if you would kindly move along,” Newt snapped.

“And why should I?” The man asked.

“Why should you be flirting with my girlfriend, now move, before I make you,” Newt threatened.

“Now, I have a funny feeling that was an empty threat,” The man laughed. Newt took out his wand and the man stood up. “Relax, I was just talking to her,” He defended himself.

“And now you aren’t,” Newt snapped again, sitting down. He set down the two butterbeers, while you were looking at him in shock.

“Newt, honey, I’ve never seen you like that before,” You said, quietly.

“I know, and you know I trust you, it’s him that I don’t trust, I didn’t want him to hurt you,” Newt said, reaching for your hand.

“So any time another man comes near me, you’ll turn in to super protective Newt?” You teased, Newt flushed red. “I wouldn’t mind if you do, it’s kind of cute,” You admitted.

“Oh really?” Newt puffed out his chest. You giggled softly.

“My own superman,” You said, smiling.

“How lucky are you!” He teased. “I know we just got here but would you just want to go home?” Newt asked. You nodded. You put your coat back on and linked your arm with Newt’s when you got outside. He pulled you in to his side. Since it was late, he thought there would be suspicious men about. He eyed them up and you swear you heard him growl.

“You don’t have to growl at every man who walks past us, handsome,” You reminded, making him flush once again.

“I know, I just want to protect you, I couldn’t let anything happen to you,” He said.

“I know, I love you,” You said.

“I love you too, look we’re almost there,” He said, walking a bit faster. You finally reached your shared cottage. You unlocked the door and started the fire. You felt Newt come and put his arms around your middle. “I love you so much, Y/N,”

“I know you do, I love you too, Newt, never forget that,” You replied fondly, turning around to face him. You reached up and cupped his cheeks and pulled his face down to kiss him. He cupped your cheeks and you moved your hands to around the back of his neck. You pulled him closer as you deepened the kiss. He smiled, then moved to kiss your forehead. He pulled you in to a hug and you gripped each other too tightly. You didn’t care though.

“I’ll always protect you,”

Talking Body

Reader x Klaus Mikaelson



Imagine: You are in a extremely heated situation with Klaus and your younger daughter bursts in, so you have to explain to her what’s happening and the older one, who understands what you were doing, keeps making disgusted sounds. After it is all done, you go back to what you were doing.

Warnings: dirty, dirty smut. oral sex (female receiving). sex, ofc. a bit fluff. roughness. swearing. and i guess that’s it.

Word Count: 3105

Being Klaus Mikaelson’s partner was definitely not an easy task; aside the fact he was a very complicated and troubled man, the blond had many enemies who craved to see him defeated, which means you were always their first target when they wanted to draw his attention. A bunch of fools, if you were to be honest, for you were no damsel in distress. Matter fact, you had been taught to fight ever since you could remember. Born in a werewolf family, it was kind of obvious that your parents guaranteed to never leave their beloved child unprepared to the supernatural life.

“Mum!” Cami, your younger daughter, yelled, getting you out of your inner thoughts. You closed the book you were reading and offered her a happy smile. “Dad won’t let me have cookies!”

“That’s because you just had dinner!” A masculine voice replied, trying to sound angry. A soft laugh left your lips. “Agree with me on this, darling.”

“Your father is right, baby.” You stroke her red cheek, placing one blonde curl behind her ear. “Also, you need to go to bed. It’s late.”

“Urgh.” She whined, pouting, making both you and Klaus giggle. “This isn’t fair!”

Whilst the girl escaped, running out of the room, you stood up from the cushioned armchair you were sitting on and went straight to your husband's​ arms, enjoying, afterwards, the warm hug he gave you. It was adorable how he never stopped doing these little things like hugging, kissing, holding your hand, grabbing your ass whenever you were not paying attention… All of it; Klaus simply could never stop reassuring his love for you. As for yourself, well, the feelings were wildly mutual.

“I’ll tuck her in.” He whispered in your ear, sending chills down your spine. “Wait for me in our room wearing that. I’ve been wanting to tear that dress out of you all day long.”

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As Right As Rain / Jeff Atkins

Words: 1234

You watch Clay’s expression as he reads over your boyfriend’s essay. Beside you, Jeff waits patiently, but nervously, for his friend’s advice. 

“Well? Complete sentences, right?” he asks.

“Yeah, totally.”

“I even used a semicolon,” Jeff says, inclined to point it out. You smile at him and rest your hand on his knee under the table.

“I saw that. Mad props,” Clay replies, making you chuckle. 

“I’m just saying,” your boyfriend shrugs casually. 

You start to tune out from their conversation while you continue to read, only hearing bits and pieces as your focus is on your book. You didn’t usually stay back during Jeff’s tutoring sessions, but you both planned to go to your house afterwards and he convinced you to join them.

“Dollar Valentine survey?” Jeff’s voice chimes, as he reaches across the table to take hold of the papers Clay was trying to cover up. You raise your head just as Jeff grabs them while Clay tries to protest. 

“You really don’t have to-”

“Dude, relax.”

You shut your book and rest it on the table, propping your elbow against the surface for you to rest your head on as you read over Jeff’s shoulder. 

“Okay,” he nods. “‘How do I spend my Saturday nights?’ You answered, ‘video games’. Favourite kind of music, ‘obscure indie bands’. Favourite reading materials, ‘fantasy and sci-fi’? Dude, why not just say you watch ‘Lord of the Rings’ on repeat?”

“I don’t do that. Not anymore.” You hide your smile behind your hand. 

“You used to do that?” Tony asks, jumping into the conversation.

“We need to work on this, man.” You frown at your boyfriends words.

“No we don’t.”

“Listen, dude. I needed a C average or above to play baseball. US History was kicking my ass. And I got help right? What about you, dude? How’s your dating life? C average or above?”

“Below,” Clay sighs, raising his hands in defeat. 

“So you need help,” Jeff declares.

“Man’s got a point,” Tony adds.

Clay gives him a small nod and you watch as Jeff starts to make changes to his survey. You poke Jeff’s side, gaining his attention, “Babe,” you mumble.

“What’s wrong?” he asks, looking you over, trying to find and source of damage.

“Maybe this isn’t the best idea,” you suggest, leaning closer to him. “Do you really want to do this? If you change it all…” you trail off. 

He gives you a reassuring smile, “It will be fine, promise.” Jeff goes back to reading through the sheet and making his changes, “All these answers suck.”

You jab your boyfriend again after seeing Clay’s expression, offering the boy across from you a small smile. “Jeff meant that in the way possible,” you tell him. 

“I get it.”

You can’t help but let your frown take over again, “Clay,” you sigh. “Just remember…you’re a great guy. You don’t have to change anything about yourself, okay?” 

Jeff glances back at you and notices your concerned demeanour, “(Y/N), nothing’s going to go wrong,” he laughs, reaching a hand towards you to take yours in his hold. “It’s going to be great.”

You nod, though still uncertain, Jeff presses a kiss against the back of your hand before continuing to fill out the form for Clay. “If all else fails,” you say, turning back to Clay, “I’ll be your date.”

He snorts at your words and your boyfriend simply rolls his eyes at you, “I’ll remember that.”

“You’re worrying over nothing,” Jeff tells you.

Sprawled out on your bed, you look towards your bedroom door and wait for Jeff to enter after volunteering to retrieve your drink. 

Minutes later, he finally made his way through with the glass you had left in the kitchen in hand, “Thank you,” you grin, pushing yourself up to take hold of it. Before you could reach it, he pulls it out the way and moves himself closer-meeting your lips in the middle.

“Smooth,” you mumble against his lips. 


Settling back down after taking a quick sip and placing the glass on the side table, you pull Jeff down to lie beside you. “Happy Valentine’s Day,” you smile. “I don’t think I’ve said it today,” you tell him.

He shakes his head, “I don’t believe you have either,” he teases. “What did you want to do tonight?” he asks you.

You offer him a shrug, moving so you were half lying on him and half on the bed, “Anything you want to do.”

Jeff took a moment to think about it, “Did you want to go see a movie?” he questions, his fingers gently moving up and down your arm. 

“Ooh,” you mumble, perking up, “could we?”

“It’s a date,” he grins. 

When the two of you were walking up the street, Jeff turned to you with an excited expression on his face. “What is it?” you laugh.

“I think Clay said he was working tonight, we can see how the Dollar Valentine thing went.”

You roll your eyes, “If he’s working than I assume it didn’t go to well.”

Jeff gave you a pointed look, “He may have something scheduled for tonight,” he reasons. He pulls on the handle of the door and holds it open for you, letting you walk through the entrance first. “Jensen!” he calls as you make your way closer to the counter.

You raise your eyebrow at Clay, noticing how he and Hannah were in the middle of a conversation-unlike your boyfriend who so loudly interrupted. 

“What’s up Clay?” he asks. 

“Hey, Jeff,” he drawls as the pair of them slap their hands together before fist bumping. You roll your eyes and cross your arms as you lean your hip against the counter. “Let me guess: You two are seeing ‘Never Say Goodbye’ for Valentine’s Day.”

“No, we’re seeing ‘Thirty Ways to Die’,” he counters.

“You’re a classy data,” Hannah tells him, causing you to laugh. 

“Yeah. Yeah I am. What’s up with you, man?” Jeff asks, addressing Clay once more. How’d that Dollar Valentine work out?” he asks. 

You notice Hannah’s expression before anything else and you heart sinks as she casts him a questioning and almost accusatory look. “I thought you said you didn’t do it.”

Jeff seemed confused, “I thought you were gonna…you told me…” Catching on to Clay’s silent communication, his eyes advert his gaze as he smiles sympathetically, “We’re gonna see our movie,” Jeff declares, taking hold of the popcorn that was just placed in front of him.

“Good idea,” I whisper, pushing myself off the counter and following Jeff away from the tension. I link my arm around his and squeeze it tightly, “I hate to say I told you so.”

“No you don’t,” he mutters, shooting you a knowing look.

“You’re right, I don’t,” you reply. Once out of the line of sight from Clay and Hannah, you hit your boyfriend across the chest, “I told you so,” you insist. “You should have listened to me!” 

“I know, I know,” he sighs. “I was just trying to help him out.”

You slow your movements which forces Jeff to come to a halt, “And I love you for that,” you insist. “You’re so sweet and so kind but sometimes,” you sigh, “you just have to let things take their course.”

“You’re right,” he smiles, kissing your forehead. “As always,” he adds, rolling his eyes playfully.

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Could I pleaaaaaase have a paperhat fic of some sort? Do whatever you want, angst, fluff, whatever! Your writing is sooooo good! Thank you!

“Hurry up, lovebirds! I don’t want to miss the sunset!”

Taking a week long vacation to the sea, was both a welcome reprieve, and torturous curse for the members of Black Hat Inc; a reprieve because it was a chance to get away from work and relax, but a curse because suddenly two members became the parents of the group, and had to make sure they kept track of the “children.”

“You two are slooooow!” Dementia shouted from several yards down the footpath leading from their private cottage to the seaside. “When you’re done gazing longingly into each others eyes, you can join me and 5.0.5 on the sand! Come on 5.0.5!” Blackhat turned a shade darker, and started to yell back,

“WE ARE NOT-” When Flugs hand on his arm stopped him.

“Let it go, Blackhat, she’s not gonna stop teasing us just because you get angry with her,” he reasoned.

“That does not mean I enjoy her being so-”

“I know, I know, Jefecito. Be rational though, she does have the right to be upset that we’re walking so slow, and so of course she just took that as an opportunity to jab at you.” Flug let out a short laugh. “You know that SHE knows that you get sensitive when she make fun of you.” Blackhat snorted, and looked away from the doctor. This only served to give Flug the opportunity to link his arm with his boyfriends.

Blackhat sputtered at the open display of affection, and for a moment, tried to shake Flug off, but he soon relented.

“You’re as insufferable as she is,” Blackhat muttered under his breath.

“I love you too, sir.”

By the time the two villains had covered the rest of the distance to the beach, Dementia was already splashing about in the water with 5.0.5. She wasn’t even wearing a swimsuit, just some cargo shorts and a tanktop, but she didn’t seem to care. 5.0.5 was having a grand old time splashing water everywhere like an oversized dog.

“Don’t go out to deep!” Flug called out to the pair.

“Yes MOM!” Dementia called back.

“Call me what you want, but I’m not saving you if you start drowning!” Flug heaved a sigh. Yep, just like parents, Flug through mournfully. Why can’t I just be the kid for once?

“Flug! I can’t get this damned umbrella set up!” Blackhat hollered. And that’s why I need to act like an adult. After helping to set up the umbrella, and laying down a blanket, Blackhat and Flug sat down to watch the sun slowly disappear beyond the horizon.

At some point, Flug leaned into his boyfriend’s side, and a grey arm held him there gently. Dementia wandered over, made some comment about “the goo-goo eyed couple,” and then sprawled out at the end of the blanket on her stomach. 5.0.5 curled up next to her, and she slung her arm around his neck as she ruffled his fur.

Yellow bled into orange, into red, pink, and finally shades of purple. A dark blue, moonless sky filled with stars hung above the crashing waves.

Then a loud whistling sound was heard, and then a boom, and a shower of sparks erupted over the turbulent water. Dementia gasped.

“Fireworks!!” she shrieked joyfully, and leapt up from the blanket to run back down to the water. Flug and Blackhat broke into peals of laughter, as the girl switched directions and took off down the beach towards what she believed was the source of the fireworks. She returned a few minutes later with an armful, obviously stolen, and a face-breaking grin. “I’m gonna set these off!”

Colors filled the night sky with golds, greens, and pinks. Flug snuggled closer to Blackhat as a chilly sea wind began to cool the air. Blackhat, surprisingly, accept the affection, and actually turned to kiss the side of Flugs’s bag over his cheek. This caused Flug’s brain to short circuit as he pressed his hands to his face and made incomprehensible noises of distress.

From far down the sand they couple heard Dementia shout,

“YOU GUYS ARE GROSS!” And then burst into maniacal laughter. Neither cared to listen to her through, as they chose to ignore her in favor of staring at each other with matching sappy grins. When there was a scream of terror, and the words “on fire” Flug dropped his head onto Blackhat’s shoulder with a groan.

“Back to reality, right?” Flug grumbled.

“We still have a few days of vacation left, I’ll make it up to you.” Blackhat stated.

“You’d better, or I’m dumping you.”

“You wouldn’t!”

“You’re right, but it’s tempting.” Another scream. “Yep, gotta go save the kids.”

“I’ll help you.”


Blackhat stood and offered his hand down to Flug.

“Let’s go douse a fire”

“Sounds good to me.”

Anyone order uhhhhhh, fluffy beach fic with a side of poorly drawn art because I can’t shade or do backgrounds? I got you anon *finger guns**  Felt like conjuring up some fluff and establish relationships since I’ve been writing so many fics were they get together. I’m glad you like my writing, y’all flatter me too much ;-; and thank you for the request, my friend!!

The Sun on Her Lips//H.S

Here’s a little piece I wrote! I hope y’all like it! Don’t be afraid to shoot me a message or something! My masterlist is linked in my bio! Lots of love!! XR

She smiled just like everyone else, teeth bared, cheeks risen, lips pulled tight. But there was something different about her smile. Her smile never quite reached her eyes and the glint, that sparkle, was never really there. Harry made it his life’s mission to make her smile.

The first time he did, he felt his heart flip. They had been snuggled up on his couch, her head on his chest while his arm wrapped securely around her shoulders. They were watching some 80’s rom-com when a classic pop ballad began to swell behind the main characters. Before Harry could stop himself he was belting along, punching the air in time to the beat. When he spared a glance down towards her, her lips were pulled upwards and a twinkle that rivaled the stars, shone in her eyes. He wanted to, ney needed, to see that again.

The second time was when he first told her he loved her. They were supposed to have left for the gala ten minutes ago but they had gotten so caught up in their conversation surrounding whether or not the new Footloose was a suitable remake or not. When they had glanced at the time, she had a let out a shriek he had never heard leave a human being before.

“I need to be pretty now.” She yelled, running up the stairs to his bedroom where her gown and makeup were. He let out a chuckle and jogged up after her.

He was surprisingly ready before her and was waiting down by the door, scrolling through his phone when he heard her clear her throat. When his eyes met hers he could’ve sworn he died and went to heaven. There was no other excuse for the angel that stood in front of him.

“I love you.” He breathed out, unable to contain it any longer. Surprise etched itself onto her face until she had realized exactly what he said. Then her cheeks reddened and plumped, her smile shining brighter than any light in the room. Her eyes beamed as she walked slowly towards him.

Her arms looped around his neck and his hands sat comfortably at the groove of her back, her smile had diminished in size but stayed just as radiant as when it first appeared. She leaned up, her lips dancing by his ears, whispering the words he already knew but had never heard, “I love you, too.”

The third time nearly stopped his heart. They were in bed on a Saturday morning, nothing out of the ordinary for them. Her arms were wrapped firmly around his torso and his around her shoulders, their legs tangled up, limb meeting limb, flesh meeting flesh. He had been staring at the planes of her face for some time when her eyes slowly fluttered open.

He wasn’t prepared, in fact nothing could have prepared him, for what he saw that morning. He wasn’t prepared for the galaxies in her eyes. He wasn’t prepared for the sun on her lips. He wasn’t prepared for her smile.

He never was.

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Hi! I have a headcanon request- how would Sincerely Three interact with their soulmates in the AU where whatever one person writes on themselves would show up on the other's skin? Thanks so much! <3

omg this is cute and u said soulmate au and im automatically in love

gonna put this under a readmore

also im assuming u mean x reader but if u want like, actual ship Sincerely Three (because i love them a lot tbh), just ask again and be like ‘tris ur dumb’

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anonymous asked:

31 with taehyung please ^-^

thank you for requesting! i hope you like it! 

31. “I’m trying to flirt with you.” 


Originally posted by ladynwh

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              Sidon never wanted Link to see him like this. He never wanted Link to ever be afraid of him for any reason, but in this situation how could he not be angry. Link laid limp in Sidon’s arms. He was covered in cuts, bruises and his own blood. Link’s eyes were flustering trying to fight to stay conscious. Sidon was huffing, his pupils blown big and his gills were rippling. Holding Link in his hands was the only thing that kept Sidon from charging out of the domain and destroy every last lynel in Hyrule. How could any being be so cruel?

               To think that Link was strong enough to make his way back to the domain in such a condition. If only he didn’t run out of hearty potion, or had some food, or if Sidon had gone with him. If Sidon had gone with Link, he could have fought off the monsters. Link won’t have gotten so hurt; he wouldn’t have had to walk all the way back to Zora’s Domain covered in blood and in pain. Soon Sidon’s anger turned into regret. Why didn’t he press harder to let Link come with him? Why did he just ask and not just go with him? His beloved was hurt because he couldn’t been there to protect him.

               Sidon clenched on to Link tighter. His anger was now directed to himself, he felt just as small and weak Link must feel now. He couldn’t stop his tears from streaming down his face. He couldn’t stop the sobs escaping from his throat. Sidon sobbing stopped when he felt Link’s small hand on his cheek. He looked down at Link.

               ‘Please don’t cry.’ Link signed, he had tears building up in his eyes.

               “I’m so sorry.”

               ‘Don’t apologize, this isn’t your fault.’

               “But it is,’ Sidon sobbed, “If I had gone with you,”

               ‘You maybe in the same state I am in,’ Link signed, ’that lynel wasn’t a normal lynel. It was nearly bigger than you. You may have gotten hurt. I’m just glad I got back to you. Now I know I’m safe.’

               Sidon cried harder, “Link you are so amazing. You’re injured and all you can think is about my own safety. I don’t deserve you.”

               ‘Of course I’ll think of you. I love you Sidon.’ Link signed.

               “I love you too.” Sidon tears still flowed but he wore a happy smile. “Let’s get you to a healing pool.”

               Sidon stood back up from his knees and carried Link in his arms. Sidon’s regret was now a feeling of relief. He was relieved to have Link in his arms again. Relieved he won’t go to bed tonight and not getting any sleep for worrying about Link getting hurt where Sidon won’t be there to care for him.

               Sidon entered the room with the healing pools. He bend down slowly and gently set Link in the pool. Link relaxed in the water. He felt warm and safe as the magic did healed him. Sidon sat by the edge of the pool next to Link. He looked over Link with love and admiration. Sidon blinked way the last of his tears and wiped the rest off his face. Link reached out to Sidon’s hand and lanced their fingers together. He tugged on him. Sidon took the hint and sank into the water. Link climbed into Sidon’s lap. Sidon ran his fingers threw Link’s damp hair; his other hand took the job of taking Link’s clothes off. Link’s soaked clothes laid out the pool now. Sidon could now watch as Link’s cuts and bruises fade away. Link took both of his hands to hold Sidon’s face. He brushed his thumbs over Sidon’s cheeks and brought him closer to a kiss.

               ‘Please never feel responsible for when I am hurt. It will never be your fault. I love you.’ Link signed.

               Sidon let out a small chuckle, “I don’t know if I can promise that, my Link. But I can promise to try.”

               Link smiled; at least Sidon was always honest with him. Link kissed Sidon again.

               “I’m just glad you are safe.” Sidon said

               Link settled again into Sidon’s heat. He closed his eyes and felt Sidon’s steady breathing. It soothed Link to sleep. Sidon stayed in the pool with Link long enough for all his wounds to heal. Once Sidon no longer saw any more wounds on Link he collected Link’s clothes and a towel. He wrapped Link up and again carried Link with care. He went to his bedroom and laid Link on his bed; he climbed next to his beloved and wrapped his arms around his small frame.

               “I thank the goddess that you can be here with me now.” Sidon said. “I love you Link. And will do everything I can do to protect you.”


This was supposed to be an angry Sidon fic for @sleepy-moans but I just made Sidon cry. I’m a monster

anonymous asked:

not necessarily a prompt, but just curious to know how you personally think the whole "sidon is gonna grow just as big as his ancestors" thing is gonna go? like when does he start noticing and such? xoxo


Credit for Big King Tiny King goes to @dratinimartini! It is by far my favorite headcanon out there at this point and I just want everyone to follow them for their artwork and this adorable headcanon that in my heart and soul, is the most canon thing to ever be canon out there.

I have a lot of general thoughts on what I’d personally like to do with the concept as a general possibility within the context of my fic. I doubt this coincides with the original concept of this idea and anyone is welcome to use my thoughts (just please don’t use my OCs without permission!)

- While it’s hard to tell since her life was cut short, Sidon is 99.999999% sure that Mipha did not inherit the gigantic trait considering the differences in her stature versus his when he was the age she was when she died. 

- Sidon is a little bitter about that, but he’d never share that fact. He feels guilty that he feels any sort of resentment at all, even if it isn’t directed in Mipha’s direction

- When Sidon starts courting Link, he gets even more anxious about this

- Once they are married and have kids, however, Sidon’s anxiety is quelled a little and it is several decades before he starts noticing any changes after that.

- Namely, when Minami hits her growth spurt and Sidon has someone in the family that is at least comparable in height to him, Sidon feels way less self conscious

- He also uses said kid as his reference most of the time (Link is too small for him to use as a height reference but he does use Link as more of a proportional reference which I’ll get into here in a sec)

- “Okay yesterday Minami came up to my chin…she still does. Okay. Alright. This is good, I’m still the same height”

- “Dad, you’ve been mumbling this to yourself every day for the last four years you’re fine.”

- Because of general body structures/differences in sleeping habit, Sidon and Link have a very specific cuddle position that they have to get into if they have any hopes of sleeping together. Link lays on his back with Sidon curled up in some odd capacity against Link. Since Sidon is a stomach sleeper and doesn’t necessarily have a nose he can just tuck his head up against Link’s chest with one arm tucked under neath Link and the other hand resting on him. 

- What Link doesn’t realize is that Sidon does kind of internally measure how his hand compares to Link’s body before going to sleep

- In terms of my fic, Sidon starts noticing changes in his size and proportions when the kids are fully grown. Nami is being courted at this point and while the other three still stay with their parents when they’re in the Domain, they’re all in their early to mid twenties. Mipha, being a Sheikah is taller than her brothers so it alarms Sidon when she comes home one day from being in Kakariko for an extended period and she suddenly seems smaller to him

- Not in height or anything, she just seems more petite than he remembered.

- Rho and Cado who are short and stocky like Link provide no help whatsoever in confirming or denying his concerns. Nami is still tall as ever and since she is also a shark Zora she’s pretty muscular and broad shouldered so she is also no help

- (Now, if you guys follow the “Link and Sidon adopt one child from each race” headcanon, then it’s going to take longer for Sidon to notice anything because he has a Zora child and a Gerudo daughter he’s comparing his height to and they keep his mind at ease for longer)

- Sidon starts feeling like his hand seems bigger against Link when they go to bed at night

- “Link, are you sure!?”

- “Sidon, you aren’t growing.”

- “But my hand Link, my hand!”

- “Sidon the only size difference I have ever noticed was when you went from being shorter than me to being an adult and that took one hundred years while I was in a coma!”

- “But Link–”

- “Sidon, go to bed. You aren’t going to be the size of a house when you wake up.”

- “….promise?”

- While Sidon doesn’t change in height at all until he’s nearly 200, he definitely does start bulking up. It’s very gradual and it’s not like he gets jacked or has bizarre proportions or anything, but he is definitely broader in the shoulders and has a wider trunk and larger extremities and his tail starts getting longer and his fins become more pronounced and pointed as well. 

- It serves him well in the intimidation factor when he becomes king and has to deal with a bunch of shit all at once, namely Tipf’s people who you have yet to meet    

- Dealing with Tipf’s people is the only time in Sidon’s life that he likes looking intimidating. 

- The growth spurts do entertain Link a lot because he follows the same patterns that children do. He’ll get this HUGE appetite out of nowhere, get a little on the chub side for a period of time, and then that’ll either all turn into muscle/bone as he broadens out or he’ll shoot up an inch and then look kind of scrawny for like a week or two before his appetite picks up again. The pattern is so subtle its hardly even noticeable to even Sidon but Link definitely sees it and he thinks it’s absolutely hilarious. 

- He repeatedly asks his family if he seems larger in any capacity to them. They all tell him that they don’t notice a thing.

- They definitely all notice. 

- Link figured long ago that confirming his fears before he starts growing in height is only going to give him more anxiety so he and the kids made a pact long ago to not say anything until he starts getting noticeably taller than Minami (or insert-Zora/Gerudo-children here)

- This is also a good time for me to add that I am a full supporter of the headcanon that Link being in the Shrine of Resurrection definitely screwed up his aging process in that he kind of stalls out once he hits middle-age and his life span from there turns into something similar to a Zora’s. 

- Which kind of makes Sidon freak out because while he’s elated when it becomes apparent that they’ll get to live their lives out together, now he’s also thinking, “Oh great, my husband is going to have to deal with me being actually humongous and I don’t know how he’ll actually handle it.”

- Link handles it just fine. 

- Link actually likes the increase in size because his already amazing hugs just got SO MANY TIMES BETTER

- When the height changes start, however, that process is so slow that Sidon doesn’t even notice it (and Link can only tell because of the growing pattern that he picks up on). But when he does notice it, he’s already so tall that Minami only comes up to his chest, if that. 

- “…Nami…”

- “Yeah, Dad?”

- “Have you always been so much shorter than me?”

- “…what time frame are we talking here?”

- “Oh for fuck’s sake I’m growing aren’t I…”

- “Sir, I don’t mean to be rude but you’ve been growing since I’ve known you.”


- Tipf is the one brutally honest, chaotic good Zora in the entire domain and he’s just been ITCHING to drop that truth bomb on King Sidon since Link told him “no”.

- Sidon is the biggest mope when he comes home that night, starving but not really feeling the desire to even have an appetite. 

- “Link.”

- “Hm?”

- “Did you know that I was growing?”

- Link doesn’t really answer but instead plates up the absurd amount of dinner he knows his husband needs right now, whether he wants it or not. 

- “I’ve known that you would grow, eventually,” Link finally admits, giving Sidon a big ol’ kiss. “I just didn’t think that it mattered when it started because it doesn’t change who you are.”

- Sidon gives Link a pointed look, kind of irritated that Link didn’t tell him when he noticed and doesn’t seem like he’s going to say either, but kind of not wanting to snap at him because he really likes being peppered with kisses and held like this and now he’s anxious all over again because he doesn’t know how much longer he has before he won’t get to feel Link’s arms wrap around him this easily again.

- “And who you are is a loving father, a kind king, a gentle soul, and my most handsome husband~”

- “Oh, stop the flattery, you.”

- “You flatter me until my ears turn red, now it’s my turn for revenge, deal with it.”

- Link quickly finds ways to be extra cuddly with Sidon as he grows, too. Like, when Sidon is in the throne room - he could be in the middle of hearing out one of his people’s needs - and Link will just come in and sit down on his lap, stand on his leg and get all flirty, start propping himself up on Sidon’s shoulder and making comments about how he’s going to need a pillow one of these days, just makes a real goon out of himself and embarrasses the hell out of Sidon in the process

- (the people think it’s the most endearing and sweetest thing)

- (whether Sidon likes it or not, that really does help ease his anxiety)

- Sidon is also pleased to report that he doesn’t get too enormous before his children start having children, the exception being Nami since she does have the longer life span of the four and is in zero rush to settle down whatsoever. Being able to sit on the floor with his grandchildren and hold them brings so much ease to his big heart (pun not intended)

- With Nami’s children, however, though Sidon doesn’t get to be quite as large as Dorephan, he’s still distressed that he can’t hold the hatchlings like he had always wanted, but as they get older their favorite thing ever is Grandpa cuddles where Sidon just floats along the reservoir and they use him as a prime napping spot

- He also discovers the wonders of Grandpa slide and it is his FAVORITE THING

- He goes back to using a sleeping pool once he gets that big; Link uses his head as a bed.

- Sidon gets a lot of enjoyment out of dunking Link in the mornings if the Hylian was being especially annoying the night before. 

I Love You, and Only You (Newt x Reader)

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Request:   Can you please make a one-shot where the reader is dating Newt but she thinks he still has feelings for his ex (Tina)? Lots of fluff!  - @blackrose22-0

Aghhh I got way off track with this one but I really liked it

H/H: Hogwarts House

I/H: Ilvermorny House

Y/N/N: Your nickname

When Tina broke up with Newt (yes, that’s right.  Tina broke up with Newt.  Not the other way around) for some muscular Auror guy, he was heart broken.  He refused to interact with anyone but his creatures for a week.  You, being his best friend, tried to coax him out of his case.  Eventually he gave in, and allowed you to hold him while he clung to you and cried on your shoulder.  When you lifted his head up to look at him, he looked right into your eyes, studying you carefully.  His gaze fell down to your lips, making your eyes widen a bit.  Newt leaned forward and pressed a sweet kiss to your lips, although you pulled away rather quickly.

“I-I’m sorry… that wasn’t right…,” Newt said quietly.

You thought for a moment.  “But it felt so right,” you said, crashing your lips back onto Newt’s.

He responded immediately, bringing his arms down to your waist.  You wrapped your arms aorund his neck and pulled him closer, deepening the kiss.  Newt’s tongue lightly brushed your bottom lip.

You both pulled away breathless.  You spent a good fifteen seconds staring at each other until Newt finally realized something.

“It was you… it was always you… never her.”

You smiled.  “I’m glad you finally noticed,” you replied and kissed his nose.

Ever since that day, you two never mentioned Tina again.  However, you worked for MACUSA, so her name would occasionally pop up somewhere.  

It was around Christmas (deal with it), and MACUSA was holding a Christmas party.  You were very excited to attend with Newt, until you realized something.  Tina was sure to be there with her Auror boyfriend.  It hadn’t crossed Newt’s mind, and you didn’t want to worry him, so you didn’t bother to tell him.  You wanted to have a good time with Newt rather than worry about his ex.  You had thought about just not going, but since you were the personal secretary to Seraphina Piquery, you didn’t exactly have a choice.

As you were applying the final touches of your makeup, you thought of something that made the color drain from your now-rosy cheeks.

What if Newt still has feelings for Tina?  I mean, she was the one to break up with him, so is it possible he still has the slightest bit of love for her?

You set down your lipstick and took a deep breath.

I’m not going to let these crazy and absurd thoughts ruin tonight.

So you walked out of the bathroom, left your apartment bundled in a warm coat and your H/H or I/H scarf, your arm linked with Newt’s.

As you entered MACUSA headquarters, you quickly scanned the crowd to see if Tina was present at the moment.

Thankfully, you couldn’t spot her anywhere.  However, Newt noticed your worried look.  “Are you okay, Y/N?”

“What?  Oh!  Yes.  Yes, I’m fine.  Just zoned out a little.”

“Okay.  But, let me know if you want to leave, alright?” he said, unlinking his arm from yours and entwining your fingers together.

“Of course, love.”

You and Newt weren’t the kind of people known as ‘social butterflies’.  You both preferred to sit at a table and observe the scene.  Occasionally some of your friends would come over and wish you a merry christmas, but not much more than that.  You and Newt enjoyed each other’s company, clearly being the most adorable couple there.

But your smiles faded as soon as you saw her.

There was Tina, bright-faced gripping the arm of who had to be her boyfriend.  You didn’t know his name, but he was tall, well-built, and really handsome (but to you, nobody could ever be more attractive than your Newt).  Tina was laughing with him and some of their fellow Aurors.  

Newt saw your face drop.  “What is it, Y/N/N?”  he looked to where you were staring, and his smile faded too.  Newt took notice that your facial expression wasn’t just disgust, but also worry.  Newt took your hand in his.  “Why do you look so worried, dear?”

You turned to look at him.  “Do you… do you still have feelings for her?” you asked, your face turning into one of sorrow.

Newt looked at you shocked and surprised.  “What?  Feelings for Tina?  Good heavens no!  Why would you ever think such a thing?”

“It’s just… it’s just, you were so heartbroken when she broke up with you, that… it wouldn’t surprise me if you still loved her.”

Newt leaned over the table and took your face in his hands.  “Y/N, listen to me.  She hurt me.  More than anyone ever has before.  But you were the one that stuck by my side when it happened.  You showed that you loved me more than she ever had.  More than anyone has, really.  If Tina didn’t truly love me, then I’m glad she left me.  You’re the one I want to spend the rest of my life with.  A gorgeous lady that loves me for me.  I love you, and only you.”

You grinned, and a tear of joy slipped down your cheek.  “I love you.  So much.”

“I love you too.”

You both leaned in and kissed, which quickly turned into a heated make-out session.  Luckily, Tina turned around just at the right time to see it.

Please let me know what you thought of it and what I could do better next time!