i just love that he's sincerely horrified

I’ll Wait For You

A/N: It’s taken me a while to get back into any sort of writing, but seeing as @rosathawne has been rather insistent on seeing this prompt through, I have produced something. I hope it’s good enough.

Rafael perched on the end of Carisi’s desk, sincerely regretting his decision to accept Olivia’s invitation to this celebration. True, he had won the case and this celebration was in his honor, but he had not expected to see you. He gripped his glass of scotch tightly, surreptitiously peering over at you laughing with Carisi and Dodds.

Rafael hated the way your arm was always touching his. The way his hand lay effortlessly in the small of your back. The way you looked up at his face as you laughed. The way his eyes shone as your hand caressed his, your little hand in his mitt, funny how people can fit.

Downing the rest of his drink, Rafael rose from the table, stumbling slightly. His eyes darted around the room, hoping no one had noticed. His face was flushed and he felt nauseous, and it had nothing to do with the alcohol he had so hastily consumed. He rushed towards the locker rooms, seeking solace in solitude.

Why did seeing you with that oaf make him feel like using him as a punching bag? What did you even see in him? Why had he been so hasty in his decision to let you go? Rafael plunged his face under the cold running water. Was drowning himself really the way to go? he thought, extracting his face from under the faucet. The paper towels he pulled out of the dispenser next to the sink felt like sandpaper on his skin, as he tried to wipe away his regret.

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Hi, I have a prompt, please. Robbie loves him, but doesn't believe Sportacus is sincere in his offers of friendship or love. He thinks its a show Sportacus puts on. So, Robbie decides to call Sportacus's bluff and agrees to be friends with him. He's expecting to be ridiculed, because no one seems to appreciate the villain, but hopes that will end his silly fantasies about the hero. However, Sportacus is very sincere. He's horrified, but sympathic, when Robbie confesses why he agreed.

This took TWO TRIES because tumblr deleted the first one but I really liked this idea so dammit I’m getting it out today.

How many kisses can I write in a row before I just explode from fluff I wonder.

Grumbling, Robbie gathered the remains of this latest invention that failed to stop the brats from being active and annoying. Before he could make his escape, a hand clapped him on the shoulder.

“Robbie!” Came Sportakook’ voice from behind him, “Do you want to play hopscotched with us?”

Turning, Robbie glared, the word ‘no’ already covered in venom and on the tip of his tongue. Sportacus was always acting too kind and friendly to Robbie. It couldn’t be sincere; the hyperactive hero couldn’t possibly want to be friends with the number one villain. There was a small, hopeful voice that often popped into Robbie’s head that did desire a friendship (or something more) with Sportacus. That voice was usually shoved away somewhere deep down and ignored.

A thought occurred to Robbie and he put on his most genuine-looking fake smile, “Sure, Sportacus, I’d love to play with you all. If it doesn’t bother you.”

Sportacus, and the troop of children standing behind him, looked shocked. A truly blinding smile appeared on Sportacus’ face, “Of course not! I wouldn’t have invited you if it would bother us! Let’s go!” He led the way to the hopscotch court. Now that he had called Sportacus’ bluff, Robbie wondered how long they could all stand being nice to him.

He ended up playing for the rest of the afternoon. The next day, Sportacus invited him to play basketball with them and Robbie accepted.  

This kept happening over the course of a month. Robbie said yes every time Sportacus asked him to hang out and, after a few weeks, even started asking Sportacus if he could play. The small, hopefully voice that had cried out for friendship before was singing now that Robbie was around Sportacus so much. It was nice, Robbie could admit. But he had to keep reminding himself it wasn’t real.

Robbie figured eventually he would wear Sportacus down- the hero could only keep up this act for so long. Eventually he would tire of acting like Robbie’s friend. Eventually the kids would get tired of being nice to the town villain. 

After two months of this, it was Robbie who snapped.

They had just finished playing soccer. Sportacus had urged the kids to go home before it got much darker out. That left him and Robbie to clean up the equipment. 

“You played very well today, Robbie!” Sportacus said as he collapsed the goal, “You, Ziggy, and Trixie make a good team. What are you doing tomorrow? The kids have school but maybe you and I could get some lunch or go for a walk? Or both?”

Robbie tensed at the question. He chucked the soccer ball he had been holding and watched it slam into a wall before spinning around to face Sportacus, “When are you going to give it up, Sportaloon?!” he shouted.

Sportacus jumped, “Give what up?”

“This! This acting! I called your bluff, when are you going to stop pretending you actually like being around me?!”

“But I do like being around you.”

“No you don’t! You’re just— it’s fake. You don’t really want to be friends.”

Sportacus dropped the bag full of dismantled goal parts. “Is that what you think?” He said, horrified, “Robbie, none of that is true.”

Robbie sniffed and crossed his arms. He didn’t want to hear this. He didn’t want more lies.

“I mean it, I do want to be your friend,” Sportacus walked over to Robbie and hesitantly took his hand, “Truthfully, I would want to be… more,” he admitted. Then he sighed “I don’t how to convince you I’m telling the truth.”

Robbie looked down at their joined hands. Then he looked up at the dejected elf. “Prove it. Kiss me.”

He had expected some hesitation, maybe some question clarifying where he should kiss. Instead, Sportacus leaned forward and kissed him firmly on the lips.

After that, it was sort of hard for Robbie to call Sportacus a liar.  

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Hello lovely! Your blog is amazing :3 Could I pretty please have prompt 7 where McCrees calls his s/o asking why the airship took off without her during a failed mission but she just says she knows because she can make this mission a victory but she doesn't want anyone else here because they could die? (Which means s/o could die too...) Details are yours lovely, sorry if this is too specific! ^^' Thankie! ^_^

Ooh this is a brilliant prompt and not at all too specific, specific requests always help me as I don’t have to think too much about the scenario and such. Hope you enjoy! :)

“You did what?”

The voice came through the phone a little louder than you’d anticipated and you had to jerk away from the phone slightly before returning it to your ear.

“Jesse…” you began but his harsh voice cut you off and you knew you’d done it this time. 

“No no no, darlin’, you’re going to have to explain this to me again.” You sighed deeply, pinching the bridge of your nose and trying to find the words to stop his worrying, or, at the very least, get him off the phone so you could get on with what you had to do.

“Jesse, I know I can make this mission a success. I can’t tell you what I’m doing in case they intercept this transmission. Yes, the airship took off without me, I’m not having others getting hurt due to my own plan. I’m safe, I’ll be fine, but I really need to go.”

“Y/N, one of the main rules of Blackwatch is that we are a team,” he pronounced each word with precision, his voice sharp and unforgiving. You struggled to find a way out of this one.

“Yes, which is why I put the team first and got off the airship last minute.” you explained once again, “Look, Jess, I’ve got to do this.”

“I can’t understand this, I just can’t!” Jesse’s voice grew louder and you grimaced at the sound but suddenly he was deathly quiet and you decided that was even worse, “Do you have a death wish? Are you not happy at home? With me?”

His last question was practically whispered and you shuddered at the sheer sincerity laced through his words, horrified that he could truly believe such a thing.

“Jesse McCree, don’t you dare,” you scolded, voice breaking slightly as you fought to keep your composure, “You know I love you more than anything in this world. I have a duty to fulfil, I have to put the world first, me second, you know that Jess.”

You thought at this point you might be repeating his name so often as some sort of lifeline but you couldn’t bring yourself to care. You heard a sharp intake of breath on the other line and the choked voice that you heard next almost broke your resolve to stay strong.

“You are my world, darlin’, please think about this, call the airship back, come home to me.”

You took a breath. Another one. Steadied yourself the only way you knew how. Although you desperately wanted to give in and go home, you were dedicated to saving this mission and thus saving the world. So you made your decision and mentally prepared yourself for the argument that would come later if you did this. But you had to do this.

“I’m sorry, Jess.”

You pressed the red button on the phone before you could change your mind, throwing it in the bush behind you as you pressed your lips together into a thin line to stop the tears.

You’d deal with Jesse McCree later.

Little Sneak

Brief Summary: Steve Rogers tries to hide his problems but when Wanda discovers them she decides she needs to help, in all the worst ways. 

Words: 1318

Warnings: Horrible flirting, like really bad. That’s all. 

Pairings: Steve Rogers x Female!Reader

Originally posted by skylerlockerbie

Steve has been restless all week it seems, in and out of the gym. Eating a ton of food then nothing at all. Natasha even swore she was starting to see legit grays in his hair. Which everyone found funny of course.

But to Steve, it wasn’t, pacing around the tower for what felt the twenty-third time he bumped into an unexpecting Wanda.

“Steve? What are you doing?” Her still heavily accent made the w seem more like a v. But everyone in the tower had grown used to it by now.

Once Steve locked eyes with her he tried to clear his mind knowing it wouldn’t take much for her to get inside. “Nothing, Wanda. A stressful mission is all. Ima hit the gym.” He mumbled under his breath before quickly leaving her presents.

The last thing Steve needed was Wanda butting into his life, he hadn’t even talked to Bucky about this. It’s not that he was afraid, but, yeah he was afraid.

It all started last week, Steve and Sam had gone to this new little diner a few blocks from the tower. Sam swore they had the best food ever and well Steve wasn’t one to pass up a good meal.

However, once they arrived at the diner it couldn’t have gone more wrong. It was a nice autumn day so Sam suggested they sit outside, at a table. Steve, of course, didn’t have a problem with that at all. It wasn’t the diner or the food or even the friendly service that made Steve so stressed out.

It was the stunning girl sitting a few table in front of them sketching in her little book. Steve had been in her situation time and time again. But when her eyes met his blue ones he nearly had a heart attack. Sure yeah, he was old but he wasn’t sure what it was about this girl. Maybe the way she stood out? Her y/h/c hair styled messily, her plain black shirt and sweater, the cup of tea or coffee sitting on the table. Unlike so many other females in New York, she looked out of place.

Maybe a library or a park would be a better place for her. Not on the corner of this busy stress where the dinner sat.

The whole time Steve sat there staring at her, of course, Sam had noticed. Steve normally didn’t have that stupid star-struck look on his face for nothing.

Once Sam turned around and saw the girl he smiled and chuckled. “Why don’t you just go ask her out instead of staring. It will have a much better outcome.”

But Steve just shook his head and sighed “I’m way too busy Sam.” Being a good friend Sam let him off the hook with just that. But as soon as Steve was fumbling with his glass of water from nervousness, it was poured all over him.

He jumped out of his seat wiping at his pants with napkins, his cheeks dusted pink. As soon as he looked up he locked eyes with the same girl as she covered her mouth in a giggle. Surely he looked like an idiot.

She merely collected her things and offered another small smile before disappearing into the crowd of people on the corner waiting for the light to change.

And every day Steve would go to have lunch there and see her. Every time they would lock eyes she would offer a shy smile before going back to her sketch and after an hour disappear like normal.

With a loud sigh, he was pulled back to reality, throwing another hard punch at the bag in front of him.

“So that’s why you’re so restless.”

Steve jerked his head around to see none other than Wanda standing in the doorway with her arms crossed. “W-what?” He choked out, knowing all too well she was inside his head.

“That pretty girl as gotten you all flustered. In more ways than one too.” She chimed crossing the gym towards him.

“Drop it. She’s just some girl.” He huffed

“Steve, she’s more than just that. Here let me give you some secret girl advice on how to win her.” Wanda hums before smiling softly.

Honestly, Steve was at the end of his rope about this girl and needed the help. “Ok..”

The next day you were just getting out of your Art class when you were heading to the diner. It had been a wonderful place to finish up working on your sketches and find new drawing material. Like the beautiful blonde man who ate there almost every day.

Sitting at the same table you always did you ordered a cup of tea and started on a sketch of the empty tables around you. Checking your watch you noticed it was almost 1, he would be here soon.

As soon as your tea arrived so did he, but he didn’t sit at the normal table. No this time he walked right up to your table and at across from you.

“I hope this seat isn’t taken.” His voice was smooth and velvety, you felt like you wanted to melt into him.

“N-no” you squeaked out shyly, he’s never so much as waved to you. Why was he now sitting at your table talking to you?

“I’m Steve by the way. I see you come here all the time and well I thought it was time to introduce myself.” He smiled holding his hand out across the table nearly knocking over your tea.

You grab your sketchbook and hold it to your chest protectively before glancing to him again. “Oh man. I’m so sorry. I just. I wanted to woo a beautiful lady like yourself in hopes of spending the night together.” He awkwardly recited the line Wanda fed him before watching your cheeks go bright red.

“You want to what??” Sure your voice was a little louder than it should’ve been, but this man just basically told you he wanted to get you into his bed and he didn’t even know you! You stand up with your book leaving money on the table before starting to walk away.

Steve jumps up after you and grabs your arm lightly. “Hey!” He started but as soon as you looked at him he wanted to run away. “I- I didn’t mean it like that. I just-” he stuttered hoping she could understand something even he couldn’t.

She stared at him a moment longer before sighing, “You didn’t mean to ask me into your bed tonight?” You thought this was some kind of sick joke. This man was gorgeous, you were at best average.

His face couldn’t have gotten more red as he realized what Wanda had fed him. “I- i- i-” He stuttered hopelessly before pulling away from her. He looked horrified, “I’m so sorry. I- I didn’t…”

Just looking at his face he looked sincere, maybe he wasn’t so bad. “Hey, did someone tell you to say that?” You asked softly taking a step closer to him.

All he could do was nod as he stared at the ground defeated. This tall, towering man couldn’t even find a way to ask you out. You couldn’t help yourself as you leaned up and placed a soft kiss on his cheek.

“Steve, I’d love to go on a real date with you.” You whisper hoping you weren’t reading the situation all wrong, but cmon. This man was adorable!

He smiled, his shyness lifting a tad bit. “Really you would?”

“I already said yes Steve.” You chuckle softly if only you knew how much your life was going to change.

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How about for a prompt an au where stiles soul/personality is switched with Derek's and vice versa. (basically freaky Friday)

“I’m calling Deaton,” is the first thing Scott says.

No,” Derek growls. 

If Stiles wasn’t currently trapped in said werewolf’s body, he probably would have laughed, because Derek trying to growl with Stiles’s vocal chords is hilarious. It sounds like a wimpier version of Christian Bale’s Batman.

“Dude,” he says, and Scott looks—if possible—even more freaked out.  

“I’m not going,” Derek says, crossing his (technically Stiles’) arms. He’s moving slowly, almost gingerly, in Stiles’s body, like he’s afraid he’s going to break a finger just by lifting it. 

Stiles scowls at him and Derek ignores him.

At least some things stay the same. 

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32. “I think I’m in love with you and I’m terrified.”

Hey look I wrote this on a plane

This is @holographdick‘s king au so go check out his art for that!!!


“Your Highness- Gavin?” Gavin turned to Jeremy’s quiet voice and gentle tap on the shoulder, smiling softly at how Jeremy still used his royal title even after the couple years Jeremy had been his guard. “May I- um,” Jeremy stared down at his balled fists for a second before looking back up, still avoiding Gavin’s eyes, “May I speak with you? Privately, if we can.”

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Nash Grier Imagine (+Jack G & Matt) Part 2 for Abby

A/N: for the anon Abby, bc i love you, here’s part two :) btw, there’s drama in this one !


“YOUR WHAT!?” Matt’s eyes widened and Jack spat out his drink.

“Abby and I have been dating for 3 months now. We were gonna tell you earlier but we were afraid something like this might happen.” Nash said as he walked in standing beside me.

Matt and Jack just stood there; Matt’s face in disbelief and Jack, oh he was pissed. His face was red af and any moment he was gonna come after One of you. Just as you thought, Jack climbed and jumped over the kitchen counter, grabbed Nash by his collar and pinned him against the wall.

“WHAT THE FUCK DID I TELL YOU ABOUT DATING MY BABY SISTER. I TOLD YOU MAN, I FUCKING WARNED YOU GRIER, YOU’RE GONNA GET IT!” as soon as Jack was about to land a punch on Nash, you held him back as strong as you could and screamed at him to stop. Jack turned around to scream back at you but when he saw you, his eyes instantly softened.

You were on the brink of crying, tears forming in your eyes. You loved Nash, dearly, and to see him about to get beaten up by your own brother was just horrifying. “Do you have any idea how much Nahs means to me? I love him, Jack. There’s nothing in this world that will fucking change that.” you said as your tears spilled down your cheeks. Nash intervened and said a few words as well. He told Jack how much you meant to him and “I will never hurt Abby, Jack. I can never hurt my princess.” Jack could see the sincerity in his eyes, so he let go of his collar.

You turned back tO see Matt clenching his fists. You knew he didnt like it too bc you were like his baby sister. But Matt somehow understood everything instantly. The two were quiet for a while, and then decided.

“You hurt our babygirl I will hunt you down Grier. You try anything on her I will hunt you down. And if I ever see her cry bc of you, I WILL HU-” “-I get it you will hunt me down. But I promise you wont have to.” you were still scared but when you saw Jack and Matt smile at the two of you, you felt instant relief!

After the whole drama shit that happened in thw kitchen, you could finally be free and do whatever you wanted to dO with Nash infront of them. As the two of you were shamelessly making out, you heard Jack sighing and groaning at the sight while Matthew said

“God fucking get a room and make sure you fucking use protection. I dont want little baby Grier feets on the floor.”