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How the Hamilton Fandom sees our favorite historical figures vs the actual historical figures
  • Fandom Hamilton: Smol, willing to fight everyone, also willing to fuck everyone, the most flaming bisexual to ever walk the earth, 5'7" of pure rage. On Twitter.
  • Actual Hamilton: Founding father. Founded the national bank and was the first treasury of the secretary. Not actually Lin Manuel Miranda. Probably never made out with John Laurens but definitely did send him suggestive letters that were censored by his grandson.
  • Fandom Aaron Burr: adorable, loved his umbrella, probably gay, Leslie is adorable too, hit his head on the same pipe twice, spent his money "like an ass," in love with Hamilton
  • Actual Aaron Burr: actually shot Hamilton. He also graduated from Princeton at the age of 16 and a bunch of other cool stuff but he literally shot the guy we're all obsessed with why do we like him
  • Fandom Laurens: The Gayest of the Gays. Has a dick father. Is actually Anthony Ramos. Very cute. Likes turtles. Dating Alexander Hamilton.
  • Actual Laurens: Probably still very gay. He had a wife and kid though. He did draw very nice turtles. Not Anthony Ramos (cry). Not that cute.
  • Fandom Eliza: A pure cinnamon roll, too good for this world. Way too good for Alexander Hamilton. 1/3 of the Schuyler Sisters.
  • Actual Eliza: A pure cinnamon roll, too good for this world. Way too good for Alexander Hamilton. 1/3 of the Schuyler Sisters. Wore pretty dresses. Told his story.
  • Fandom Angelica: Badass Feminist. Will cut your dick off. Actually Renee Elise Goldsberry. Actually incredible. WARNED Eliza.
  • Actual Angelica: Is not Renee Elise Goldsberry. Is a dead white woman. Probably never rapped at her sisters wedding. Probably still a badass feminist. Probably still did warn you, Eliza.
  • Fandom Peggy: ...and Peggy!
  • Actual Margarita (Peggy) Schuyler: Protected her family from a mob of men carrying tomahawks. A badass. I love her. Not somehow secretly in love with Maria Reynolds.
  • Fandom Lafayette: America's Favorite Fighting Frenchman, actual baguette, yes yes my name is Lafayette, he came from afar just to say hello tell the king fuck off who's the best? It him.
  • Actual Lafayette: literally in love with America Lin did a good job with him. He had American soil taken back to France to be buried under it. He named his son after George Washington. The purest French bread.
  • Fandom Mulligan: cLoThInG and FUCKING HORSES
  • Actual Mulligan: he was a tailor who spied on British people he was cool he doesn't get enough love let's all love mulligan ok
  • Fandom Thomas Jefferson: Probably in love with James Madison, wears heelies, invented the swivel chair, fucks macaroni. Also, actually the worst.
  • Actual Thomas Jefferson: Actually the worst. He owned slaves. His bed was in the middle of a hallway. Look it up.
  • Fandom James Madison: a smol bean, in love with Thomas Jefferson, a southern motherfucking democratic republican.
  • Actual James Madison: a founding father. Pretty sickly. Doesn't get enough respect either.
  • Fandom Maria Reynolds: is either loved or hated fiercely, has one of the best voices in the show, somehow sleeps with everyone in fanfiction even if not historically possible.
  • Actual Maria Reynolds: was being abused by her husband and just wanted to get away for a while. Hamilton is at fault too. She had a sad life.
  • Fandom George Washington: dad friend to the whole country, everyone has a daddy kink bc of him (why), Alex's actual Dad, literally anything to do with Dad
  • Actual George Washington: the actual father of our country. The first president of the United States. Stop disrespecting him this way. Get the washlaf off of my dash.
  • Fandom Philip Hamilton: "MY BABY." Doesn't exist in 1/2 of fanfictions and is still killed in the other 1/2. Looks an awful lot like John Laurens.
  • Actual Philip Hamilton: Really hot. Died young. Tragic.
  • Fandom Charles Lee: The Worst.
  • Actual Charles Lee: The Worst.

I just love this to no end. I like to think that, like Groff, George came back for a day and hit it off with Seabury, so they made this


“Paul sometimes says ‘we’ in interviews when he means ‘I’”. 
Mark Lewisohn, footnote in The Beatles: All These Years (Vol.1) – Tune In

“When he [Sutcliffe] came into the band, around Christmas of 1959, we were a little jealous of him; it was something I didn’t deal with very well. We were always slightly jealous of John’s other friendships. He was the older fellow; it was just the way it was. When Stuart came in, it felt as if he was taking the position away from George and me. We had to take a bit of a back seat.”
Paul McCartney - Anthology

“The theory is that when John went off to Spain on holiday with Brian, that’s what it was all about - John trying to get his position clear as the leader of the group. Also, I’m sure Brian was in love with John. We were all in love with John, but Brian was gay so that added an edge.”
Paul McCartney - Anthology

“PAUL: Well, I’m sure Brian was in love with John, I’m sure that’s absolutely right. I mean, everyone was in love with John; John was lovable, John was a very lovable guy.

FIELDS: That’s not exactly what this [the movie The Hours and Times] is about.

PAUL: (to Linda) Hey, this is supposed to be your interview.

LINDA: Carry on.

PAUL: But this is relevant in a way. OK, Brian was a lovable guy. And John was sort of more, you know, very middle class, and Brian was middle class, and they could relate to each other.

FIELDS: As opposed to working class - John, I mean?

PAUL: Yeah, as opposed to working class. So they would kind of know about this, what’s expected of them, a little above people, a little superior. Then Brian invited him to come away to Spain. A couple of the guys whom we knew were sort of gay, with a bit of money, were going to Spain. I think the rest of us were a little peeved not to be invited, because somebody was getting a free holiday here.
Danny Fields - Linda McCartney, 2000

“I started thinking, ‘Well, if that’s the case [not getting back together], I had better get myself together. I just can’t let John control the situation and dump us as if we are the jilted girlfriends”.
Paul McCartney – Anthology

“John was in love with Yoko and he’s no longer in love with the three of us. Paul McCartney
Bob Spitz, The Beatles: The Biography

Popping the Question

This was requested by an anon. I’m sorry it took so long but I hope you enjoy!

Draco x reader

18: “Wait a second are you jealous?”

20: "I’m sorry if this upsets you, but I’m going to marry her.”

54: “If he’s going to treat you like shit I’m going to kick his ass.”

Part 2 

(Y/n) smiled, leaning against the doorway you stood in, talking with the twins. It was a beautiful day and the two boys were trying to coax you outside.

“Come on (y/n), we could go flying” George pleading glancing at the pit where a few people had begun a pick up game of quidditch.

“Or climb a tree” Fred pulled on (y/n)’s arm looking out over the courtyard. It truly was a beautiful day, and you hadn’t spent that much time with the boys because of your studying.

“Oy! We could take a dip in the lake!” George nearly shouted in your ear, jumping up and down. You laughed at the idea replying in a firm tone.


“Yes” The twins nodded together smiling at you, and in one quick section hoisting you into the air. You were all laughing widely as you did your best to free yourself from them. You stopped however when you head someone clear their throat behind you.

“Weasleys” Draco stood behind the three of you, nearly getting hit by the boys as they whirled around with you still in their arms.

“Malfoy” The twins set you down in unison, instinctively taking a step back. You glared at the pair for messing up your clothes and hair as you quickly tried to fix it.

“Love” Draco stopped your movements giving your hand a small peck before enclosing it in his own. He smiled easily at you.

“Draco” You made one more motion to smooth your hair before shooting the twins a glare that told them to get lost. They did, but just behind a small pillar.

“What are you doing?” You turned your attention back to your boyfriend who looked at you with a small that disappeared quickly. He smiled again, wrapping your arm around his.

“I was going to enjoy this beautiful day, will you join me?” You nodded, walking out into the sunshine, not even not even noticing the boys making barfing motions at Draco. When you were safely out of earshot Fred rolled his eyes turning to his brother.


“Hate that bloke.” Fred grumbled, undoing his tie farther in annoyance.

“Yeah, so do I” George nodded, glaring at the blonde boy.

“Wanna go find some testers for our newest project?” Fred sighed, clapping his hand on his brothers back.

“But of course.” George smiled, walking towards a few first and second years congregating together.


“What were you doing with the Weasley’s love?” Draco pulled you closer to him as he sat underneath a tree by the lake. You cuddled up to him, happy to have a chance to relax.

“Oh, they were just trying to convince me to do something with them. I almost did before you came along” You smiled, pulling at a stray dandelion and plucking its petals. Draco’s fingers were drawing lazy circles on your arms as he watched other couples lazing on the grounds.

“What were you going to do?” Draco’s eyes searched your face, you were always laughing with the Weasley’s and giving them one of your brightest smiles. He just wished he could make you do that.

“Swim in the lake” You tossed the petal less flower, sitting up.

“You’re kidding right” Draco’s voice went flat at the idea.

“No, not at all” You smiled innocently looking at your boyfriend. He always acted strange at the topic of the twins. You’d always have to convince him it was nothing more than just three good friends.

“But you don’t have a swimsuit” Draco whined looking at your clothes, they would have been practically see through if wet.

“Underwear is almost the same thing” You shrugged leaning against Draco, hoping he would get off the topic soon.

“You were going to swim in your underwear?” Draco’s voice changed from emotionless to almost mad as he thought of you swim with those boys almost naked.

“Well I’d have a shirt on, but I would have taken off my jeans at least” At your words Draco huffed, turning slightly away from you. You turned to face him, searching his face.

“Draco, are you alright?” You already knew the answer to the question before you even asked it.

“Just perfect love” Draco grumbled looking back over the students.

“Draco” You say up facing him, when he didn’t respond you leaned closer.

“Dracooo” You made your voice a bit higher, watching him flinch slightly. You leaned closer, your lips next to his ear.

“Dracoooooo” Your voice was soft enough that only he could hear you as you looked up into his blue-grey eyes. He glared at you shuffling away.

“Stop it (y/n)” Draco mumbled, doing his best to suppress the smile you were bring to his face.

“Then stop pouting for no reason” You rocked back to your heels nearly laughing at Draco’s childish behavior.

“I’m not pouting for no reason” Draco grumbled again, but decided to face you. That’s when it all clicked. Draco always acted this way when you talked about any of your guy friends. You bounced on your heels excitedly.

“Wait a second are you jealous?” A smile grew wide on your face as Draco scrunched up his nose before turning away.

“No” Draco looked away, not wanting to see your smiling face. You rolled over laughing at his childishness. Draco grabbed your leg making you stop as people were beginning to stair. You sat up smirking.

“Stop smirking” Draco glared at you, having to cover his mouth with his hand so you wouldn’t see his smile.

“Then say it” You smiled climbing onto Draco’s lap, his arms naturally went around your waist pulling you closer. 

“No” Draco couldn’t hide his smile and he looked down at you, almost forgetting what he had been annoyed at. Almost. You pouted, laying on Draco’s chest. He sighed moving a stray hair back.

“Alrighty then” Draco smiled, kissing your forehead, but before he could admit it Pansy came running at you too.

“Draco! Your dad’s here!” You sat up immediately, scrambling off of Draco as he scrambled to stand up.

“What?” Draco’s eyes searched Pansy’s as she glared at you. You pulled your knees to your chest, glaring back at the girl. She rolled her eyes at you, turning to Draco.

“Yeah, he’s asking to see you” Pansy wrapped her hand around Draco’s arm and pulled him slightly. Draco shrugged her off looking at you.

“Go, I’m fine” You smiled standing up as Blaze came barreling down the hill.

“Actually he wanted to see (y/n) too” Blaze stood, breathing heavily. Your eyes went wide as you pulled out your wand sure this was a trick.

“What!” Draco’s dad had never wanted to see you, and frankly you weren’t looking forward to meeting the man yourself.

“Don’t hex the messenger!” Blaze threw his hands in the air, taking a couple steps back. You walked towards him determined to get the truth but Draco grabbed your arm.

“Fine” Draco’s hand gripped yours as of you sprinted down the halls to the dungeon. Every couple of seconds his hand would squeeze yours a bit tighter or he would turn his head to make sure you were still there. You stopped just short of the potions room as Draco pulled you aside to straighten you both up. When he was satisfied that you two didn’t look to rushed he kissed your forehead, taking your hand again and pushed open the door.

“Ah, Draco, there you are” Draco’s dad stood there a thin smile on his lips. Your eyes racked over the man as a cold sweat immediately settled over you. “and you must be miss (y/l/n). I’d say it’s a pleasure to finally meet you, but I’ve promised Narcissa that I wouldn’t lie around Draco” Luscious moved, towards you to, his hand tapping against his cane. His cold eyes looked over you one more time before Draco stepped in.

“What did you want father?” Draco’s voice was low and cold. It sent a shiver down your spine. Your eyes went to the one person who had yet to talk, professor Snape.

“I needed to talk with you about something that simply couldn’t wait” Luscious turned to his son, and you were glad his gaze was off you. A small sigh escaped your mouth as Draco squeeze your hand.

“And why did (y/n) need to come?” Draco eyed his father coldly. He had done his best to keep his father away from you, not wanting him to ruin the one good thing in his life.

“I wanted to see the girl that had captured my son’s heart. It makes me quite curious when you write that you want to marry the girl, but have still not allowed your mother or I to see her” Luscious smiled, his eyes landing back on you as you huddled closer to Draco. A small gasp escaped your lips when he mentioned marriage. You and Draco had never talk about that, not once.

“M-marry?” The word came out small as your eyes didn’t leave Draco’s face. His eyes seemed to be pleading but you didn’t know what for. with you for something, you just didn’t know what.

“Why yes child, that’s what Draco said in his last letter, he asked his mother if they could find a ring for you next break. I’m going to have to deny your request Draco though, due to her…” Luscious’ eye shifted between you to, finally settling on your Gryffindor prefect pin that hung on your jeans. You covered it with your hand, knowing fully well where this was about to go. “Alliances” The word came out slow and drawn out. Draco stepped between you to, blocking his father’s view of you. 

“Father!” Draco stared at his father, anger radiating off him. You reached for your wand, preparing for a fight.

“Draco. I think it’s best I go” You placed your hand on Draco’s shoulder pulling him back slightly.

“Yes, you served your purpose” Luscious leaned around Draco his snake of a smile searing into you. You felt tears prickling in your eyes as you turned, running out of the room. The last thing you heard was Draco yelling.


“Now really father, that was uncalled for!” Draco fought against Snape’s grip, ready to tear at his father. He had originally wanted to go after (y/n) but Snape’s had held him back.

“Wasn’t it? The Dark Lord is not happy with you Draco, not happy at all. You were suppose to be feeding us information about Potter but instead all we hear about is that girl!” Luscious turned on his son, ready to pick apart this girl farther.  

“That doesn’t make it right for you to come in here and insult her and rip her apart” Snape let go of the boy closing his door quickly, this place was too full of people for a Malfoy fight, but there was nothing he could do about it.

“I barely said anything, if she can be ripped apart by that I’m afraid she really isn’t worth your time now is she” Luscious leaned against a desk, nearly sitting down completely.

“(Y/n) is more worth my time than any girl you’d choose” Draco spat at his father refusing to look at him. He needed to see (y/n), but he couldn’t blow off his father.

“Draco, now is not the time to be messing around with the other side, I understand if this was some sort of fling, but I can not allow-” Luscious walked towards his son his patience wearing thin, but before he could finish Draco whirled around grabbing his clothes.

“I’m sorry if this upsets you father, but I am going to marry her” Draco locked eyes with his father, holding him firmly.

“I can’t allow it” Luscious stuttered as shock grew in him. His son had never acted like this.

“You don’t have a say” Draco spat, shoving his father away. He turned leaving the room. Luscious only spared a minute before yelling back at his son.

“Wait we aren’t finished here” Luscious glared at his son, waiting for him to stop. Draco stopped at the door turning back for just a moment.

“I am”


You sat at the Gryffindor table in the Great Hall between Fred and George. You had barely touched your food, and the boys had noticed. They had demanded you tell them everything and they insisted on not leaving your side. Your head snapped up when the doors swung open and Draco ran in, his eyes immediately finding yours.

“There comes that bloke” Fred grumbled, shoving a fork full of food in his mouth. He was sending Draco a death glare across the hall.

“I swear to Merlin that if he treats you like shit I’m going to kick his ass” Fred gripped his knife, looking like he was ready to stab Draco.

“Boys shut up” You murmured smacking both of them. You kept your eyes down on your empty plate until Draco cleared his throat in front of you.

“(Y/n), I need to talk to you” Draco shuffled from one foot to the other his eyes never leaving your face as the twins jumped up at his words.

“No, you don’t tell her what you need” George yelled jumping up. Fred soon followed making you want to just shrink away.

“You ask” Fred jabbed his finger at Draco’s chest nearly knocking him down. At this you stood slamming your hands down.

“Boys!” The whole Hall looked over at your table, and you sighed, running a hand through your hair. Draco gave an uneasy smile at the twins before turning back to you.

“It’s alright, (y/n) will you grace me with a private audience” You nodded, blotting out of the Great Hall with Draco on your tail. You waited until you were a good ways away from the door before you turned on him.

“Is that why you didn’t want me visiting you over the summer?” You stood there, your hands on your hips, ready to settle this. This whole situation was ridiculous and it was something that Draco had caused all on his own.

“Uhm, yes. Look (y/n) my father was completely out of line from before. He had no right to-” Draco reached out, clasping one of your hands in his as he pleading, but you pulled away, not wanting to get caught up in his words.

“Are you embarrassed of me?” You looked down at your feet, the courage you had built up draining quickly.

“What?” Draco stood there shocked. Never in a million years had he thought that.

“Are you embarrassed of me Draco?” The question came out again, this time softer, but you dared to look into his grey eyes.

“I- no. Of course not, I could never be embarrassed by-” Draco reached for your hands again, trying to draw you in, but you side stepped, avoiding his touch.

“Then why didn’t you introduce me to you parents.” The words came out harsh and accusing.

“I knew what they would say because of who they are, they aren’t me (y/n). I use to be like that until I met you” Draco smiled, finally pulling you to him and into his arms.

“When we first met you sneered at me and called me a blood traitor” You grumbled pointing your finger at his chest.

“Okay, so maybe not right away when I met you. I changed when I got to know you” Draco smiled, thinking this would be the end, but his father’s words still stuck in your mind.

“But marriage Draco” You untangled yourself from Draco’s grasp, turning around. This was just to large of a step.

“I know, I wasn’t planning on asking until the summer or next winter to allow us time. But my mother did send me an owl earlier and since the cat is already out of the bag” Draco pulled you to face him, going down on one knee and reaching into his back pocket.

“No, don’t say it!” You quickly closed your hands around the small box refusing to believe what you knew was inside it.

“Why?” Draco stood up, shoving the box into his robe pocket, and grabbing your hands again.

“You know why! How can I say yes when your father hates me and I’ve never even met your mother!” You shook your hands, trying to free them, but his grip was firmer this time.

“So, my parents don’t matter” Draco shrugged trying to smile but an uneasy sweat settled down on him.

“Of course your parents matter. That’s why I had you meet my parents over the winter break” You finally freed your hands, beginning to walk away. If this conversation continued much longer it wouldn’t be any good.

“(Y/n), love, are we really going to let a silly little thing like my parents opinions get in the way of our happiness?” Draco grabbed your arm trying to stop you. This wasn’t a good place to end.

“It’s not a little thing Draco. Family is everything, especially in these days” You grumbled sprinting for the stairs, Draco at your heels.

“(Y/n)” Draco called out following you to the stairs, his hand brushing yours for only a moments.

“darling” His voice came out broken and pleading, his hand grasping yours for a moment before you yanked it away.

“love” The word itself was small, but he finally grabbed your wrist whirling you to him. You nearly collapsed into his chest.

“Just stop Draco. I’m tired, I need to go back to my common room” You passed for a second, breathing in his comforting scent before pushing yourself off.

“Let me accompany you” Draco’s arms locked around you caging you in. You needed to leave, now.

“No, I can walk myself there” You began to pick at his fingers, trying to undo his grip on you.

“It’s not a matter that you can’t it’s that I don’t want to leave you like this” He finally let you go running a hand through his platinum hair.

“Well, you can’t always get what you want you brat” You snapped, pulling your wand. You need to be alone for now, and if you had to hex him to do it, you would.

“Hey, there is no reason for that” Draco’s hand went to his robe. He didn’t want to pull his wand on you, but you were known to be a bit trigger happy with your hexes.

“Then let me be for the night” You yelled, beginning to climb the stairs backwards, but Draco matched your every step, his hands now going high in the air.

“No, I don’t want to leave you his way” His voice was low and steady, unlike before it was full of emotion.

“You don’t always get to decide” You stopped moving backwards and instead moved forward, your wand nearly touching Draco’s chest.

“Hey, you two!” the twins came running down the hall startling both of you. You took the opportunity to run, and not looking back. Draco stood watching you go as the twins ran by him chasing their friend. Draco sighed, not knowing what next to do.

Part 2

The Traveling Wilburys, 1988.

“I just loved playing with the Traveling Wilburys. It was such fun doing that. Oddly enough, with a band that included, besides myself, Bob Dylan, Jeff Lynne, Roy Orbison, Tom Petty and Jim Keltner on drums, I felt less pressure than I had on many smaller projects, beause none of us had to worry about the solo performance thing so much. There was so much input from everybody, and we were all relieved to be in a band of equals where no one had to worry about doing all the lead vocals or all the writing. I think a lot of people who liked the first album didn’t get the second one, Traveling Wilburys Vol. 3. Unfortunately, it came out just when the Gulf War was starting and the economy was going down. I remember we were going down to choose outfits for our first video and we heard that they had just bombed Baghdad. But a song like ‘New Blue Moon’ [from Vol. 3] has that slap-back echo and the feel of all those great Fifties records I loved. It stands up to modern technology, yet has the brightness and feel of a real rockabilly record from the Fifties or early Sixties. It made me feel like I’d come full circle in a way.” - George Harrison, Guitar World, 1992

The Challenges You're Facing [George Weasley x Reader]

Originally posted by sensualkisses

A/N: I was feeling really, really down. So this was the result. Please do not read if you are sensitive to depression topics.

Word Count: 1,305

Warnings: Depression. Hints of self-harm, but no actual description. 


The screams. The screams woke the neighbors. Some would ignore it, others would bang on the walls, agitated.

No one would suspect a thing.

She smiled. She smiled often, and widely.

Yet inside, she was praying, begging for someone to realize how broken she was.

She wasn’t selfish. She didn’t ask for much. All she asked was for someone to hear her out.

She was always the go-to person for advice. If someone was sad, they would go to her. She talked to them as if she was the happiest person, as if she herself knew the answer to true happiness.

No one would suspect that she would lock herself away into an unbearable pit of misery and despair.

Some would call her an attention seeker. 

She wasn’t an attention seeker. In fact, she hated the attention.

Some would point to the parallel, almost perfectly spaced apart lines that drew across her forearm all the way up to her elbow and look at her questioningly, or with disgust. She grinned and said it was a long time ago.

They nodded and shrugged, no longer caring.

She felt ashamed for wanting someone so desperately for help. She knew others were suffering, so why should she have the right to want help?

People who knew her would whisper about her. “She isn’t really depressed. She has a nice house, nice clothes, an expensive phone and laptop. How could she be depressed?”

She knew they spoke of her. She didn’t know either. She didn’t know how she could be the way she was. She didn’t even have a clear reason.

She was just… Sad.

She was depressed.

Sometimes she would try to bring it up jokingly in a conversation, hoping someone would see passed the exterior and see how she was reaching out for help. 

It never worked. 

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I’ve been thinking, should I write a fic on here? I have a few on my AO3 (TakeASipOfMySecretPotion) but should I do one on here?



Sam wasn’t shy - no way. He was very loud mouthed and opinionated, though not many agreed with what he said. He and Alexander Hamilton were basically total opposites, which led to a lot of arguments between the two.

Which is odd, because despite never agreeing, the two were actually pretty good friends. Which was both a good and bad thing. Bad thing here right now, because the loud mouthed idiot was making heads turn to their table. 

Including, non other than George King, the man Sam has had a crush on since elementary school. As kids they were friends, but he moved back to England in fifth grade and just barely moved back last year.

So here they were, having some subs at some local shop when George and his friends entered, and Sam had fallen silent. Alex took notice. And he seemed to have planned to make sure he’d embarrass Sam. 

“Alexander I will not argue with you for two weeks if you would please just shut up!” His voice came out a hiss, and Alex rolled his eyes.

“If you’re so in love with him go get him, go talk to him! Compliment him or something!”

Sam sent him a bitch face, raising an eyebrow. “Yeah, cause the richest and most popular guy on campus is going to talk to me.”

“Well, why not?”

Sam shook his head, taking a sip of his drink before realizing it was empty. “For someone so smart you’re quite oblivious Alexander.”

Sam was one of the only ones who still called him by his full name, and no matter how many times Alex said he didn’t stop. Sam stood, heading to the cheap soda machine the shop had. He filled the cup almost to the top, dumping a bit out so he didn’t spill it while walking back.

He hadn’t picked his head up, focused on flipping the top in his hand to put it on when -

He let out a startled gasp, as he turned and crashed into someone, the cup squished and spilling cold soda on the two of them. “Oh my God I’m so sorry I - “ He looked up, face to face - well, face to chest? - with, of course, George King.

Jesus fucking Christ when did my life become a cliche movie? Why was that the only thing going through his mind?!

“H-Holy shit I-I’m sorry!” Was that his voice? Was that his voice? It sounded more like a mouse!

There were rumors about the Kings family, the snooty, rich folk who were rude and cruel to people who made less than them. So, everybody. He didn’t expect George to be different, so that thought, added to the fact he’s had a crush on this man since he was seven, added to his anxiety.

George, though, surprised him and laughed, grabbing a few napkins. “Normally when someone comes over to talk to you, you don’t dump your drinks on them.” He quirked an eyebrow, “Or is this an American thing?”

“N-No! I wasn’t looking and I - wait, you were coming to talk to me?”

George nodded. “M-Me?”

“Yes,” George laughed, “No one else spilled their drink on me that I could be meaning.” 

Sam smiled shyly, “I’m…so so sorry.”

George waved it off - literally, he raised a hand and waved it off, rolling his eyes. “Don’t worry about it, never liked this shirt. Too tight and itchy, now it gives me an excuse to get rid of it!”

“Just because there’s soda on it?”

“Well if I throw it in the washer without knowing it could be damaged then it’ll be unwearable.” He shrugged, “Sisters enjoy trying to make brothers their guinea pigs.”

Sam, hand still dripping wet, laughed a bit, grabbing a few more napkins and drying his hands. George’s face suddenly went serious.

“Though, you do have to make it up to me.”

Oh here they go. “H-How much was the shirt?”

George shrugged. “Not sure, my sister bought it. Maybe, what would it be in American mo - oh! About three hundred.”

“T-Three hundred?!” He didn’t even have enough money for a pack of ramen from the dollar store. 

“Well, the other way is to go on a date with me.”

Sam blinked, once, twice, three times. George’s face had gone red by this point, but he remained calm looking. “A-A date? With, me?”

“Yes, again, no one else here has spilled their drinks on me, so I do mean you, Samuel Seabury.”

“You know my name?”

George laughed, “Course I do Sammy, I may have moved but I hadn’t forgotten you. I must admit, these years have done good for you, you’re far more cuter than I remember.”

Oh Lord if this be a cruel trick on him may God strike him dead right there.

“I - uh - um - y-yeah! I mean, a date sounds - sounds nice.”

George beamed. Oh my God how are his teeth so white? Thought that only happened in commercials for toothpaste.

“Great! Which dorm room is yours?”

“Oh uh, room 176.”

“Great,” He grabbed Sam’s hand, bowing slightly and kissing the back of it, “I’ll see you tonight Sammy. Seven o’clock, sharp.”

Sam nodded, he felt like his vocal cords had all but been ripped from his body. George winked, heading back to his table, grabbing his few belongings before leaving the shop.

He went back to the table in a bit of a daze, and they all raised an eyebrow at him. “I-I have a date tonight. With, George King…Who, remembers me?”

They all cheered, patting him on the back as Lafayette began planning his outfit.

He grinned, he had a date.

With George King.

God hadn’t struck him dead so it wasn’t a joke.

Man was his life good.

Luna SOS (Fred x reader)

Anonymous said: Can I have an imagine where reader is a Ravenclaw and best friends with Luna, and is like head over heels for Fred and Luna tries to wing man and is terrible at it but it ends all happy :D Thank you!!! Love your blog!!

This is such a good idea!! Ravenclaw myself + love Luna, so it was so fun to write!! <3

You and your best friend Luna were just about to go up the Ravenclaw tower, when you noticed Fred and George coming towards you. Words stopped in your throat and the temperature of your face raised up to 1000 degrees.

George was just saying something when you came shoulder to shoulder, although you couldn’t hear him over the surprise. Did Fred just smile at you? Your brain recovered from the shock just in time to smile back and in the next second, Luna was pulling you up the stairs to the tower with a big smile on her face. You turned around at the last second to make sure you weren’t dreaming and saw his face, smiling back at you and at the same time answering George.

“What was that?!? You looked like god spoke to you on the spot!” was Luna surprised. “Are you not telling me something? ‘Cause you know I would hex you!”

“Oh stop it, it’s nothing to tell,” you looked at your feet, still all red in your face.

“Yeah, you are just shy for no reason. C’mon, talk to me!”

“Okay, you curious little creature. Wait until we get to our room,” you smiled at her happy face and listened to the puzzle to get past the door.

“So. Do you like Fred Weasley or not?” She asked you as you finally got up to your dorm and sat on your bed.

“I like him, but not like like him. Or maybe I do. I don’t even know! How should I know?” It was a hard subject for you, you were very shy around boys in general.

“Look, y/n, I know it’s hard. And when things are hard, I’m here for you to help you fix them! Now tell me, do you see yourself kissing Fred?”

“Yeah… Yeah.”

“And do you like it?” The excitement on her face grew.

“Yeah… I do, I want to be with him!” You looked at her in sheer joy and found the same amount of excitement in her expression. But the reality came back into your head as quick as a small mountain creek.

“Luna, I still can’t talk to him. You know how I get, I’m even nervous around boys who are my friends!”

“That’s where I come in. Don’t worry, I’ll take care of it,” she stood up and smiled at you.

You sneakily watched them over your newspaper. She came near the Gryffindor table and tapped him on the shoulder.

“Can I talk to you?”

“Sure, Luna. What’s up?” he turned to her and took a sip of his coffee.

“So. Do you know my friend y/n? She’s really great, I would so go out with her – if I would be interested in girls,” you blushed to your core. She said she would be subtle! “If I would be you, I’d hurry up before someone else swoops in.”

Fred laughed and – you were far, but not that far away to not see – blushed a bit, as George, who was sitting next to him, nudged him with his elbow.

“You can tell your friend I would love to go out with her, but I need to ask her out properly. This would be just wrong,” he said to Luna, then unexpectedly looked at you and winked. You blushed even harder and smiled back shyly.

Luna came back to your table and sat down opposite of you.

“I told you I would get you a date with him,” she smiled widely at you.

Say Cheese (Poly! Hamilsquad+ Dad!Gwash) [COLLAB]

Requested by: No one! This was a for fun piece!

Ship: Poly! Hamilsquad

Word Count: 1257

A/N: Hey, this was an awesome collab I got to do with my friend @wrotemywayoutimagines! this was so much fun to do with her and I totally plan to do this again, hope you guys enjoy!!

The tension that hung in the air could have been cut with a knife as Hercules and John sat in the front room. Their eyes glanced anywhere they could focus, anywhere other than Mr. Washington’s eyes. The stern man that sat in the big arm chair in front of them was staring them down like a vulture watched two dehydrated mice, the way the man held himself like some general certainly didn’t help his case. John shifted uncomfortably, looking up the stairs and trying to see if their dates were ready yet since they had decided to leave the two boys alone with quite possibly the most intimidating person ever.

“So how about this weather?” John asked, clearing his voice and something close to amusement was visible on Mr. Washington’s face

“John you are aware that it is cold outside, just as much as I am.”

“Of course, sir. Just… trying to make some conversation.”

“Let’s hope you do better at the dance.” The older man said and John looked at the stairs, praying that somehow they would all be ready by now.

The tension seemed to grow thicker after the awkward conversation, and poor Hercules seemed ready to crack under the sharp stare of Mr. Washington. He tugged nervously at his tuxedo’s collar, trying to ease his tense body as best he could. A cough quickly caught the boys’ attention, their bodies freezing up as they focused back on the floor in front of the older man.

“So boys, how long have you known Alexander and Gilbert?” Mr. Washington asked, his voice hinting at the slighted bit of curiosity, “I don’t remember you two  ever coming over before.”

“U-uh, John and I met Laf- uh.. Gilbert halfway through our sophomore year, after that we met Alex..” Hercules replied, stammering through it. John glanced  over to him with a worried expression as the older man’s eyebrow raised.

“I see.. So why haven’t I met you before now?”

“My house is closer to the school, so it makes for a more convenient place to meet, uh, sir..” John answered, only turning his attention from Hercules for a moment. Mr. Washington only hummed slightly in response.

“George? You’re not interrogating the poor kids, are you?” Martha called out, walking into the living room with her hands on her hips. George turned to look at her, a guilty expression on his face.

“Martha, my love, I am just getting to know them.”

“Mm, sure.” She replied and she walked towards where they were sitting, extending a hand to Hercules.

“Mrs. Washington, I am Hercules Mulligan and this is John Laurens.” He smiled and he shook her hand.

“Please, call me Martha.” She told him and she extended her hand to John as well. He shook it earnestly, eager to get off on the right foot.

A set of heavy footsteps came down the stairs, showing Lafayette who was still fiddling with his bowtie,

“Mon amours, I am so sorry for keeping you for so long! I was having trouble  with my tie,” He chuckled nervously as he reached the bottom of the stairs, “Alex should be down soon, his hair’s giving him trouble-”

“Fuck! Lafayette come back up here and help me, you actually did alright with your hair.” Alex yelled, interrupting Lafayette.

Lafayette looked at George and Martha and smiled weakly.

“I should probably-”

“Yeah.” George agreed and he watched Lafayette go back upstairs to help Alex with his hair. George looked at John and Hercules, who didn’t look pleased at all that Lafayette was going back upstairs.

Martha turned to the boys, a comforting smile on her face,

“How about you two tell us a bit more about yourselves? I’ve heard them ramble about you two, but we’d like to hear it from the source!” She giggled, easing the tension even more.

“Well, Hercules here is on the yearbook committee! I’m on the chess team!” John replied, smiling a little bit.

“He’s one of the best players.” Hercules bragged, looking over to John and smiling before nudging him.

“Oh! Then we should try and see one of your matches one of these days, I’m sure Alexander and Gilbert could get some tickets!” Martha smiled

“Oh- you don’t have to come. It’s usually just the boys who come and cheer for me.” John smiled, grabbing Hercules’ hand

“Oh no, I insist! After tonight, you’re basically family!” Martha nudged George with a grin, “Right, George?”

“Of course dear, just as you said” George smiled a bit at Martha.

“See, he’s a sweetheart once you get to know him.” Martha looked back at the boys before turning back around and kissing George on the cheek.

Footsteps came back down the stairs, Lafayette smiled as he got to the bottom of the stairs, “Alex, stop trying to slide down the banister you fuck.”

“No, I can do this!” The shrill sound of skin sliding on the metal banister rang through the room as Alex slowly slid down the banister, looking rather pleased with himself. John tried to hold back a fit of laughter at the sight, Hercules was having a much harder time trying to hold back his laughter.

“Alexander, what are you doing?” George asked, looking and sounding rather confused.

“Wanted to hear them laugh.” Alex stated proudly, motioning to Hercules, John and Lafayette. Hercules’s face turned red, a hand moving to cover his mouth as he started snickering which soon turned into laughter. John soon joined in the laughter, leaning against Hercules as he tried to catch his breath.

Hercules wrapped an arm around John and looked at him with love.

“Your laugh is one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever heard.”

“So I’ve been told.” John replied, wiggling his eyebrows. He glanced over to Alex who was now draping himself over the back of the couch.

“So, who’s ready to go to this dance?” He grinned excitedly.

“Whenever you’re ready, babe.” John smiled. Hercules helped John up with a smile.

“I’ve got my car in front of the house, we can go whenever you are ready.” Martha quickly pulled Alex and Lafayette into a hug,

“You boys have fun tonight, be back home before midnight!”

“Wait darling I think you’re forgetting something.” George said although he looked like he was going to regret saying something.


“Prom pictures.” He reminded her and Martha’s face lit up.

“Thank you for reminding me- I think I left my camera somewhere in the kitchen?” Martha quickly headed back into the kitchen for the camera, leaving the boys with George one last time. The boys shifted nervously as he looked over the four of them. Alex cleared his throat and stepped forward,

“Dad, I know our relationship is… less than normal, but we-” he froze up as George held up his hand. He let out a heavy sigh,

“Just as long as you all love each other, I only ask that you boys be careful.” Lafayette smiled wide and pulled George into a tight hug,

“Merci père, merci beaucoup!”

“You don’t have to thank me, Gilbert. If you are both happy then I am happy.” George smiled slightly, patting his head carefully.

“I’ve got the camera!” Martha chirped as she came back into the living room. She lifted the camera, taking a picture of Lafayette and George hugging before they could separate. The boys chuckled at the cute scene before pulling Lafayette back to their little group. Martha held up the camera with a grin as they posed.

“Alright boys, say cheese!”


AN: this doesn’t have a title because I suck at titles but also because I made it for Syl as a little something for Christmas. I hope she enjoys and I hope the rest of you enjoy as well. Merry Christmas 💕


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“Come on, hurry up,” you squealed, already out on the ice. You were taking George skating for the first time and you couldn’t be more excited. 

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A & 14 for George Weasley? 😊

 “Can I help you?” and “Dang, I was so close…”

Dating George Weasley always came with many surprises and every moment was filled with joy. You loved George and you wouldn’t trade any moment you had had with him. 

He invited you to The Burrow these Christmas holidays and you were so excited. The Burrow was a wonderous place that was always filled with happiness and joy and it could make anyone feel at home.

Unfortunately, your time had come to an end and you had to pack to go back to Hogwarts. George was already done, but it seemed as if you had just started.

“Can I help you?” He had asked, wrapping his arms around you from behind and kissing your neck. You shrugged trying to push him away due to his kisses tickling your neck. 

“Yes, can you please help me put things in my trunk?” You groaned as you still had a lot to pack.

“Sure thing love.” He smiled as he started gathering you clothes from around his room. “Is there a particular place you want them?” 

“Just anywhere in my trunk will do.” You shrugged as George took a step back.

You raised an eyebrow at him, questioning his movement. He smiled at you before throwing a pair of jeans into your trunk. It missed and landed outside your trunk.

“Dang, I was so close…” He muttered, making you laugh.

“You’re such a loser.” You laughed shaking your head at him.

“But you love me.” He replied as you nodded your head. You did love him.



♊️ June 18, 1942 ♊️  

75 years ago on this very day, one of the four mysterious Liverpool legends was born. A lad called by his middle name, not his first to avoid family confusion, a quirk that showed everyone from the beginning that he was to be no ordinary boy. A love of music sparked his heart from early on, a passion that would forever change not only his life, but the life of his future bandmates and the world as we know it. One summer afternoon in 1957, he met his best friend, his partner in crime, another teenage Liverpool hooligan named John Lennon, and together, the two of them would write songs that would cement them in history as the best songwriters who ever lived. This boy and his band would go on to rock the world a million times over and will never cease to steal the hearts of his fans everywhere. He is everything the perfect man is to be: handsome, charming, intelligent, caring, sweet, and incredibly loving among many of his other admirable qualities. He is an amazing husband and father, and the coolest grandfather ever to live! Animal rights activist, nature activist, charitable humanist, beliefs that make him an inspiration to us to make our earth a better place. His music picks us up, strengthens us, and gives us will to live when we come upon our hardest times. He is loved by so very many of us and he continues to make my every day happy and whole. Who is this very man we speak of? It is none other than the one, the only, the fabulous PAUL McCARTNEY!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY PAUL!!! On your birthday last year, I wished that I would get tickets to your one and only show in Ontario and literally 2 days later, my wish came true! One of my only dreams in life was to see you in concert at least once and my dream came true last July 21st. You’ll never know how much it made my soul fly to see you on that stage. You make me so happy to be alive and breathing on this earth just for the sake of knowing that you’re on it too! Your music inspires me each and everyday to keep practicing my skills because maybe one day, I can change the lives of others with my music just as you did to me. As my wish came true last year, I’ll make another one for old time’s sake: this year, I’m going to wish that you come back to Canada again so I can see you once more! Happs my man, I hope your birthday is the best yet with many more to come. xxx 💗 💖 💘 💗 💖 💘 💗 💖 💘   

A Present For My Suggy

A Present For My Suggy

Previous Imagine: See Through My Eyes Part 1

Jack Maynard is the world’s most amazing boyfriend, or he will be once Joe Sugg opens his birthday present. Today was Joe’s birthday and the one thing that he’s been talking about all year was getting a dog. He’s just never had the actually courage to go out and buy one, always finding a way to talk himself out of it, but lucky for him Jack got the dog for him.

Jack had kept the dog at Josh’s for the past 2 day, because he was worried Joe would come over to his flat unannounced and find the little scamper wandering around. He had managed to get his hands on an Alaskan Husky with the bluest eyes he has ever seen, as soon as Joe laid his eyes on this pup it was going to be instant love.

Jack got up and got dressed for the day, he needed to head over to Josh’s to finish setting up everything with the pup, then he needed to start decorating Josh’s house for the party. Today was going to be an eventful day, but it also was going to make a good vlog video.

“Good morning everybody, as some of you may know today Joe’s birthday, and if you don’t know Joe is my boyfriend. So this vlog is going to be all about Joe, but the first thing I have to do today is head over to Josh’s where my present resides, I think Joe’s really going to like it,” Jack stop filming and headed off to grab his stuff.


“And we’ve made it to, I think you all are going to like my present. Marvin!” Jack called and the Alaskan pup came running, bumping into Jack’s leg his vision not duly developed yet. “Guys meet Marvin the sweetest thing I’ve ever seen, isn’t he the cutest?”

“I thought Joe was the cutest,” Josh teased while entering the room with a dirty pee pad.

“Oh he is but Marvin is the cutest dog, together they’re going to be the the top cutest pair in the world,” Jack rubbed Marvins little head as he picked the pup up and gave the camera a good look. “Say hi Marv,” said but just let’s out a soft yawn, causing Jack to swoon.

“What are the plans for today?” Josh asked as he looked through the bags Jack had brought over, every one filled to the brim with decorations. “Ugh why did I agree on having the celebration here?”

“Because your flat is big, and you love Joe,” Josh sighed in defeat, it was true after all. “Now come on Marv, you need a good hiding spot while I get to work.”


Mikey and Conor had come around an hour later, Josh and Jack had barely finished filling up the balloons so they needed the extra help.

“Wow you guys are slow, where’s Marvy?” Conor was already on the search for the pup, who barked from behind the baby gate in the hallway. “Jack! You have him locked away, noo!”

“Oi you didn’t come over to play with Marvin, now make use with those arms and legs you have and help set up,” Jack ordered causing his older brother to pout, not for too long because a loud crash could be heard from the kitchen.

“For god sakes Mikey!” Josh shouted at the man who had managed to knock down some of Joe’s present that he was suppose to be wrapping.

“Ugh you’re on Marvin duty, go take him for a walk!” Mikey with a look of guilt, grumbled something under his breath as he left the flat with Marvin.

“Not fair!” Conor whined, causing Jack to let out a sigh of frustration.


It took a total of 2 more hours before the boys had finished setting up, Caspar and Oli had come over with the cake, along with the alcohol. Now Jack and Joe had a planned lunch date that he needed to attend to. “You guys go get the food, and gather the guest up, I’m off.”

Jack face lit up as he saw Joe looking all cute sitting out front of his house all by himself. “Joe Love, happy birthday,” Joe jumped at the arrivals of his boyfriend, mbut a smile quickly flew upon his lips at the sight of the man.

“Jack, you’re late,” He whined while standing up and wrapping his arms around Jack, well the best he could since Jack had a present in his left arm. “It’s okay since you got me a gift, you didn’t have to get me a gift, I already told you that.”

“It’s your birthday Joe, what kind of boyfriend would I be if I didn’t give you a gift, now go on open it,” Jack made sure his camera was focused on Joe ready to capture his reaction. Joe gave Jack a small smile. George slowly opening the gift his eyes shined with glee as the pup came into sight.

“No! You didn’t!” Joe yelled as he pulled the pup out the box, getting a full examination of the dog.

“I did,” Jack smiled widely at his boyfriends reaction, just like he thought Joe and Marvin together are the cutest pair ever.

“I love you, and I love this little fella too,” Joe leaned up a place a soft kiss on Jacks lips, which Jack returned smiling into the kiss. They pulled back when Marvin let out a little yip seeking Joes attention. “What’s his name?”

“Marvin,” Jack place a soft pat on Marvin’s head the dog practically purrs with happiness.

“Marvin Greyson Maynard,” Joe finishes causing Jack to blush.

“You want him to have my last name?”

“Of course, I plan to have it someday too,” Joe smirked at Jacks shocked face before walking back into his flat. “You coming?”

“Uh huh,” He mumbled as he followed his boyfriend inside.

The Valley (Alexander x Reader)

Prompt: I got an idea while writing a request and yeah so.

Summary: The New York H.Q. has been taken over. You travel to the Valley.

Warnings: ummm lots of guns,

A/N: BTW this is set in the Oblivion universe you don’t it’s on @helplesslyprocrastinsting


You were going to die. Your lungs were constricting, and your legs were slowing. There was a British soldier chasing you, his bayonet starting to breach the distance of him and you. You saw the house that held the General and his Aid de Camps. You also saw and gun laying on the top step. You used the adrenaline coursing through you and speed to the stairs. You threw yourself to the gun, but there was a foot on it. You tried to grab it screaming looking up at the man who was about to be your death.
Alexander. He pushes your hands away and hefts the gun into his own arms and you grab onto his legs hiding your face as the soldier reaches the first step.
Your ears explode from sound that came from the gun as it was shot.
It had all seemed to happen in slow motion. Alexander grabbed you by your arm and led you through the panicking house.
“Alexander, take all you can, go to the valley.” The General said and he nodded.
“John!” Alexander yelled as he kept dragging you through the house. You made it to the back and walked out the door. It was calm back here a few men ran around panicked bringing horses from the front and the curly haired man turned to look back at you both.
“Take her to the valley, I have things to get still. Keep her safe.” He told John. Then he turned to you.
“I know your strong and smart, I know you can take care of yourself. But please just let John take you to the valley, I love you.” You nodded, the words not sinking in. Then they do and you wish you could force your mouth to form words but nothing came out. He’d told you he’d loved you before, but you’d never said it. You’d loved him in Kings College, you loved him when you left, you loved him now but you couldn’t force yourself to say it. you couldn’t really care if Alex had dragged you all over the place or someone was taking you to the valley, you still shaking from your mile run and almost dying.
“Where’s your coat?” He asked you. Oh yeah, you lost your coat, you couldn’t remember if it was at the entrance of camp or the battlefield.
You shook you head and you were wrapped in Alexander’s, he kissed your forehead and turned you to the horse.
“Go I will join you shortly.” He whispered. You nodded and jumped onto the back of the horse, John in front of you. Before you took off you grabbed the gun that was still in Alexander’s hands for your own.
“Let’s go.”
You rode as fast as you could but British officers still caught up to you. You heard bullets zip past your head and turned back to look.
You glared,“I’m about to do something dangerous,” you told John and proceeded to stand on the left stirrup and then put your leg back over the horse so you were facing the officers that were chasing you. You took the musket you held and put the ball Alexander had put in his jacket and the gun powder. You compressed it quickly and hefted it onto your shoulder. You aimed and fired, an officer fell off his horse and the horse was running towards both of you. When the animal was about to pass you, you grabbed the reigns.
There was still one more still chasing after you two. You threw the musket into the trees and reached behind you and toon John’s pistol cocked it and shot it. The officer fell off his horse and you put the gun in John’s empty holster. You told John to slow down and in turn the hours beside you slowed too. You got down and tired to calm the horse down. You raked at all the ornaments the British had put on the animal.
“Poor boy, look at you all done up in red and white.” You said as you took a few things off. You stepped up onto the stirrup and swung you leg to the other side. You patted the neck of the horse, and you trotted next to John.
“It’s been three days John, where is he. Everyone is here, except him. I have to go looking for him.” You said as you tried to walk past John, the general stood behind him.
“No, Alexander will be fine, you will stay in camp. That is an order from your commander.” Washington said and and you looked between them.
“No! Sir, please-” the general put his hand up for you to stop.
“Alexander will be fine.”
You wanted to scream, he was not okay, it was cold, and the roads were always crawling with British soldiers. He didn’t have a coat, he could have frozen to death, what if he’d been shot just as soon as you’d left, what if he wasn’t coming back. What if you never got tell him you loved him.
Then the sound of hooves hitting the cold hard ground sounded from the distance. You turned around as the rider came into view.
“Thank God.” He said as you stood there watching him. He slid off his horse and was only on his feet for a second before you were on him, knocking him to the ground.
“Alexander!” You said and kissed his face everywhere.
“I love you, I love you, I love you.” You said between kisses.
George and John stood there smiling. “Come John I believe the cool has dinner ready.” He said turning and walking away.
Alexander finally got you to stand with him and you took his hands you pressed them to your lips, his hands were so cold. “Alexander Hamilton, I’m so in love with you.” You told him and he moved one of his cold hands to your cheek. He didn’t say anything, but you heard a thousand words. You knew they’d all be in letters soon. You knew he’d write you even if your tents were only ten feet away. He could speak beautifully but his thoughts always came out best on paper.
“I love you.” He whispered as he kissed your temple.
“Thank you.”

Kisses from Snape, George Weasley x reader

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Request: lHi! I just came across your blog & I love it! I have a request, too. Fred, George, & the reader make polyjuice potion & (somehow) transform into professors w the intention of messing with a few people, but while around many students, George asks the reader to kiss him to shock the students into believing it’s two professors going at it, they run when the real professors show up & when they transform back, George kisses the reader again because he’d rather feel their lips than snape’s
Information: (Y/N) = your name
A/N: not my gif

“Oh come on (Y/N)” your friend, George Weasley, sighted. “It will be fun!” Fred added. “Yeah, you’re always in for a prank. Why not one more?” George almost begged. “Fine” you sighted and rolled your eyes as the twins high-fived each other.

You knew Fred and George ever since you were born. Your mother was in school with Molly Prewett and Arthur Weasley, the parents of the twins. Molly is your mothers best friend, and they stayed friends after school. Your mother married an pureblooded wizard from America, and she was also pureblooded, only half French, that made you a pureblood as well. 

The twins came up with a new prank. They secretly have been brewing Polyjuice potion this month, and today it’s finally finished. They want you to transfer into Ron while they become Ginny and Hermione. You didn’t really felt good about this, but as always, the charming smile of George Weasley made you change your mind.

“Are you sure it went well?” you asked concerned and both boys nodded exited. “We’ll drink on the count of 3″ Fred said. “1″ George began. “2″ Fred added. “3″ the three of you said at the same time and started to drink the potion. You all began to cough as you felt your body change. Your hands became bigger and you started to grow. You rushed into the toilet before your clothes would rip apart. You looked down at your feet and saw yourself in a puddle. You were not Ron Weasley. “Fred and George Weasley!” you shouted angrily and heard the twins laugh. You rushed out of the toilet, but instead of the twins, you saw a rather funny looking Professor McGonagall and a dancing Professor Flitwick. “I must say, you are a rather charming looking Snape, (Y/N)” Flitwick, or actually George said laughing. 

You just made something positive out of it. The whole day you confused students with the twins. The Polyjuice potion you carried was almost empty, what meant that you couldn’t transfer into Snape again. You lost Fred a couple minutes ago and now you were walking around the lake with George. “We still have 15 minutes before we are ourselves again” George said. It was funny to look down at him. Normally you had to look up, since he was a lot taller than you. “What about those first years?” George asked and pointed at a little group of Hufflepuffs. “After them, we go back to the toilet before we change back” he said and you nodded. The two of you walked to the group and George climbed in a tree, so he was as the same height as you. “Is there a problem Professors?” one of the first years asked. “No, not at all” George said and smiled. He looked at you and grinned. “Kiss me” he whispered. Your eyes went big. “I beg you pardon?” you asked confused. “Kiss me” he whispered again. This time, he didn’t wait for an answer. He grabbed your face and placed his, or well Flitwicks, lips against yours. Or Snape’s. You heard the first years gasp and whisper before they were interrupted. “Run! We’re caught!” Fred yelled as he ran over the field. “Bloody Hell” George said and jumped out of the tree. “What are you waiting for (Y/N)? Run!” he said while you still stood there, shocked. You quickly recovered and followed the twins to the castle.

“It’s better to be myself” you said and looked in the mirror. “I think that too (Y/N), i didn’t really like the lips of Professor Snape” George said with a grin. You blushed and looked at your feet. “It was a bloody good joke i must say” Fred laughed. “I bet your lips are better” George ignored his brother and laid his finger under your chin, so you had to look into his eyes. He kissed you again, and this time it felt perfect. You must say, George lips were a hundred times better than Professor Flitwick’s. “Oi! I thought it was a joke!” Fred said and George and you laughed trough the kiss.

A Walk in the Garden

Anonymous asked: Hello! hope you enjoyed the play! I’d like to request a Sandor x reader where shes staying in the red keep & people have noticed Sandor looking at her & joffery/ceresi mention it to her thinking itll scare her but shes just like is he? Kinda confused about it all. She goes for a walk in the garden & the royals sent him after her to watch her. She trips, he catches her and walks her back. As they walk she tells him what they said…Fluffy Sandor as you write fluff and Sandor so well please!!

Here is your one-shot, lovely!! My apologies for the wait. I do not own Cersei, Joffrey or Sandor. They belong to George R.R.Martin.

Warnings: Um…not sure other than fluff

Pairings: Sandor Clegane x fem!reader, Cersei, Joffrey

Originally posted by mystery-fan99

Your whole life, people called you oblivious when it came to matters of the heart and the day you discovered Sandor Clegane loved you was no different. You hadn’t even noticed the attention he’d been giving you. He spent a good bit of his time staring at you whenever you were in the same room. Still, you didn’t notice. Someone else did. Actually, everyone else did. Joffrey and Cersei  certainly noticed and they made sure to tell you so.

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“I stopped being as crazy as I used to be because I want this child to have a father a bit longer. Also with a child around I can realize what it was like to be my father. At the same time, you can relive certain aspects of being a child. You watch them and have all these flashbacks of when you were a kid. It somehow completes the generation thing." - George HarrisonRolling Stone (1987)

"Like my boy’s nine, and he just loves Chuck Berry. When I did that Prince’s Trust concert last June — that was the first time he ever saw me hold a guitar onstage in front of people. He’s got to know a bit about the Beatles, but I’ve never pushed that on him, or tried to say, ‘Look who I used to be.’ I did my two cute songs: 'Here Comes the Sun’ and 'While My Guitar Gently Weeps.’ He came back after the show, and I said, 'What did you think?’ He said, 'You were good, Dad, you were good [slight pause]. Why didn’t you do "Roll Over Beethoven,” “Johnny B. Goode” and “Rock & Roll Music”?’ I said, 'Dhani, that’s Chuck Berry’s show you’re talking about!“' - George Harrison, Rolling Stone (1987)

“Dhani would get this right without any problem.”- George Harrison (while trying to figure out a riff)

"While we ate, I constantly had to look at little Dhani. I felt like I had little, seventeen-year-old George from the Hamburg times in front of me. He looked unbelievably like his father, even though his face seemed narrower and his hair was darker. Also he didn’t speak the Liverpool accent his father had at that time spoken heavily. Dhani seemed hyper and talked nineteen to the dozen. George turned to me. ‘I love my little Dhani more than anything… if only he wouldn’t talk so much,’ he whispered.” - Klaus Voormann (translated from his autobiography by thateventuality)

“My dad didn’t have many pals around, and I was his only child, so I was often in the studio with him. We were best friends.”- Dhani Harrison 


“Oh c'mon love, it’s not even that scary. I’ve experienced more horrifying incidents than a girl running from a killer in the woods. It’s too predictable anyhow! Obviously the lass is gonna trip over a branch or tree root and die.” Fred Weasley argued lightly from his spot on the leather couch throwing his hands around in an obscure manner towards the television. George chuckled heavily in amusement grinning over at his brother.

 "I agree twin, your room is far more bone chilling than this low budget film!“ Narrowing his eyes, Fred snatched a pillow from behind that he was using to support his body and flung it across the room hitting his brother square in the face. 

Y/n, the twins girlfriend and closest friend, jumped in reverberation clearly startled by the action. It was safe to say when it came to horror movies, Y/n was not one for them. In fact, the young witch had a sort of fear over the films and most times refused to watch them. She could remember the first time she watched a scary movie with one of her muggle friends and how highly disturbed she had been after the matter. All the blood, gore, screams and suspense wasn’t exactly her cup of tea. 

"I can’t believe you two! This movie practically makes my skin crawl! I couldn’t sleep for weeks after I first watched this.” Y/n spoke in a flabbergasted tone, pulling her red fuzzy blankets the twins had bought her for her birthday, up closer to her chin. 

 George only shrugged in response looking over to Fred who he shared a quick eye conversation with and then maneuvered himself up from the black leather cushion, only to replace his seat with one next to Y/n. Throwing his arm around her shoulder George glanced down at Y/n and grinned as wide as the bright moon. 

“Do you need me to hold your hand, darling? Or maybe I can sleep in your room tonight? You know… to keep away all the monsters.” A sly wink slipped from his gaze over to his girlfriend whose cheeks were flushed a deep scarlet red. 

The selective comment earned George a quick slap on the chest from Y/n. Faking false hurt, George held his free hand over his chest with a look of pain splashed on his face. “You deserved that one you cheeky bastard!” Y/n exclaimed placing her tired arm around Georges side, leaning into him for a loving hold. 

Y/n glanced around the curve in the couch longing to invite Fred over to sit with her to help calm her arising fears from the film but as she caught sight of where the twin had been planted before, sudden confusion washed over her at the sight of an empty spot. 

 "Wait, George… where did Fred go?“ The comment made George turn his head and take in the bare portion of the furniture that had previously been occupied. With his face twisted in a demented stare. 

"Hm, that’s odd I swore he was just-” In a flash of a second a loud band echoed through Y/n’s home making her dive into Georges side even further, practically clinging onto him. “George what was that? Do you think it was Fred? Is he alright?" 

Questions were flying out a mile a minute as Y/n thought over of the worst possible scenarios for Fred to be stuck in. Y/n’s worried mind raced back to the scary movie and thought about the all-star quarterback who ended up dead with a knife buried in his abdomen, praying Fred would not end up with the same unlucky fate he had. 

"Sh, sweetheart, calm down. I’m sure Fred is fine and just-” A new ear bleeding screech sounded through the house causing Y/n to mimic the sound jumping up from her spot on the couch. Heavy footsteps echoed around from the upstairs floor. 

Y/n coward wanting nothing more than to climb into bed with Fred and George cuddled up by her side and forget that the stupid movie was even made. George eased up from his seat slowly and reached out for Y/n’s hand in a comforting manner when suddenly the house lights burnt out with a quick flick and everything fell silent. 

“George… George…where’d you go? Fred! Guys this isn’t funny, seriously!” No response was given. “Please don’t do this!” Y/n locked her grip around herself. After standing by her lonesome in the darkness for a minute or two, Y/n managed to muster up enough hidden courage to make a sprint for her front door. 

Taking her first step in the pitch black room she quickly found her way around the living room and exited the doorway only a step from the front door. Reaching out for the metal handle, a force latched itself around Y/n’s waist lifting her up in the air and brought her back into the living room throwing her frame over their shoulder. She kicked and screamed and pounded on the back of her attacker but it worked to no avail. 

 "Put me down right now! Stop it!“ She hollered with all her might desperately trying to break free from her capturer. The figure tossed her body carefully on the couch. The second her body hit the leather, the blinding lights turned back on. Y/n’s hands remained covering her e/c eyes. 

"Y/n love, it’s just me! It’s all alright, there’s nothing to worry about, darling. George and I only wanted to play a little prank on you.” Peaking out from the slits between her fingers, Y/n caught sight of bright red mess hair. Without warning, Y/n lunged forward and pranced onto the twin hitting his side and yelling almost every curse word that came to mind. 

George strolled in holding his front as he took in the view playing out in front of him. Y/n darted her gaze to him and pointed her finger, “And you! You didn’t even help me! What were you just sitting to the side enjoying the scare-fest? Because it wasn’t funny! I thought you loved me and you just let your brother-" 

"Beautiful, we do love you! But we also love keeping you on your toes,” Y/n rolled her eyes trying to fight off the slight smile that was making its way to the surface, “And we love messing with you because we love you more than anyone!” Fred explained, giving Y/n his best puppy dog pout face. 

George copied his brothers expression and tilted his head at his girlfriend almost forcing her to give in. “We’re really really sorry Y/n. And we love you so much, please forgive us." 

Y/n rolled her eyes yet again and threw her hands up in the air as if she were giving up. "Fine, fine… I forgive you two idiots, as long as you make it up to me.” She pressed. 

Both brothers glanced briefly at each other with questioning eyes and curious smirks, than nodded to Y/n. “Of course darling, whatever you want." 

"You two owe me cuddles and free massages for the rest of the week. And you have to watch a movie with me.” Fred laughed at the offer and shrugged not seeing any fault in her request. 

George too was onboard for the compromise and pulled Y/n in for a bone crushing hug. “I think that’s fair enough.” Y/n pulled back from the tall boy and raised an eyebrow. “The one condition is we are never, and I mean never…ever watching a scary movie ever again. And just because ‘I love you guys so much’,” She spoke placing her hand on her chest mimicking her boyfriends exact words, 

“the first movie I pick is…hmmm lets go with 'Gone With The Wind’, since I know you two enjoy long, cheesy romance films more than anything.” Neither Fred or George said any discouraging thoughts but Y/n could see they biting their tongue. 

“Well I suppose if that’s what you want, love.” Y/n nodded and planted herself back down on the couch as George went searching for the DVD and placed it in the opening, then sat down to Y/n’s right as Fred occupied her left. 

 "Sorry we scared you, Y/n. I reckon that was pretty mean on our end. I hope you’re not still mad.“ The beginning menu rolled around and Y/n reached for the remote and pressed play, snatching her large blanket up from the floor and spreading it out amongst the three of them. 

"Oh I’m not that upset. Besides a four hour movie should set you two in your place." 

"It’s a good thing we love you bec-… wait a four hour what!?”

-Daizy xxx

Harry Potter - Oliver Wood - I like you too

hello! can you do a Harry Potter imagine where y/n, and all of the Weasley’s go to the quidditch World Cup and y/n sees Oliver wood and y/n meets his family and stuff (and they both have a crush on each other) and Fred and George keep trying to get them together? thank you!! xxx


 "Breakfast!“ Molly yelled from the kitchen. You, Ginny and Hermione got out of bed and pulled your clothes on. You were in the same year as Hermione and were good friends with her, Harry and Ron but you were better friends with Fred and George, Ron’s twin brothers who were older than you. For obvious reasons Molly wouldn’t let you share a room with them but she didn’t have to worry. They both knew you had the worlds biggest crush on the captain of the Gryffindor football team, Oliver Wood. You walked downstairs and sat at the table where you were greeted by Harry and the other Weasleys. You sat opposite Fred and George and began munching on a slice of toast. 


 You had met the Diggory family at the portkey and were now in a massive campsite full of small battered looking tents and wizards who clearly knew nothing about Muggle fashion. Mr Weasley had paid an old Muggle man for two tents. Surely that wouldn’t be enough but you were certain he knew what he was doing. As you walked to where you were going to put up the tents you saw a fair few familiar faces. Seamus Finnegan was collecting water from a tap wearing a massive green shamrock pinned to his chest making it incredibly obvious who he was supporting. And amongst the sea of green and white you saw a few more of your friends from Hogwarts including Lavender and Neville who was here with his grandmother. After setting up the tents, you, Fred and George decided to take a walk. After seeing several of their friends and talking to Lee Jordan for a while you came across someone you had been hoping to see here. 

 "Hey Oliver!” Fred called over to him. 

 "Fred!“ You hissed. "Why did you do that?" 

 "Because you love him.” Fred laughed.

 "Just shush he’s coming over here- Hey Oliver". You smiled. 

 "Hi y/n.“ He chimed back.

 "Looking forward to the match later?” You asked.

 "Yeah definitely! I reckon Ireland will win but I don’t know Bulgaria could really pull it out the bag with a seeker like Krum.“ 

"Yeah I know. Best seeker of his age isn’t he?" 


 "Oliver!” Someone called 

“Oh sorry that’s my mum.” He smiled 

“Yeah?” He yelled back.

 "Could you collect some wood for the fire please.“ 

 "Yeah okay.” He yelled. “Sorry I’ve gotta go.”

 "Oh we can help you.“ George said.

 "Yeah we don’t mind do we y/n?” Fred agreed.

 "Yeah sure.“ You said.


 After the four of you had collected enough fire wood, you returned to Oliver’s tent and set the wood down by the fire. 

 "Thanks you lot.” His mother smiled at you. “Can I offer you some hot chocolate or anything?”

 "Oh no thank you, we should be heading back now.“ You said politely.

 "Oh no y/n please stay.” Oliver said. “I mean -ahem- all of you, stay it’s no trouble.” He blushed.

 "Okay.“ You smiled blushing slightly as Fred and George smirked at each other. The four of you sat down and Oliver’s mother handed out mugs of hot chocolate. 

 "So Oliver.” Fred started. “Any girls caught your eye.”

 "There is one girl but I don’t know how she feels about me.“ He said. 

 "What about you y/n? Anyone in particular.” George asked watching you blush.  

“Umm I guess so. But I don’t want to talk about it." 

 "Oh hey Oliver. Ever considered maybe dating someone like y/n?”

 "Fred.“ You hissed. "Shut up." 

 "Well yeah actually I would.” Oliver blushed as Fred and George exchanged looks.

 "Really?“ You smiled. 

"Yeah really.” He grinned back at you.


  AN: heyy!! So this one is kinda long but I hope you still enjoy it. Thanks for the request ^•^

Simple Commoner

Anonymous asked: Hamiltime King George fic about being a commoner but going to a ball whilst courting him? Thanks!

A/N: This was the last fic I needed to write to get through my vacation ((I leave Saturday, and I have fics already scheduled for a couple weeks, don’t worry)). I put love into this. Enjoy!

Word Count: 1441

TW: Swearing (only twice tho)

AU: Hamiltime ((are you happy))

Pairing: King George x Reader

Tonight was the night.

Your mother had saved every cent, every change, everything, in order for you to get a gown to wear to the ball. You were just about to go get it when a large package showed up at the door. Turned out to be a gorgeous gown you had pointed out to your courter while you were with him.

So that’s why you were sitting in the middle of a carriage far more extravagant than anything you could have ever imagined, wearing a gown worth more than you were, and heading to the King’s Ball. A sudden jolt shook the carriage, and you were thrown out of your seat.

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