i just love sokka so much ok

So, I’m rewatching Jet.

I love how Aang who is deemed “possessive” wasn’t even jealous when it was hinted a few times that Katara has a clear bias towards Jet and Sokka even joked about him being her “boyfriend.”

So, I’m guessing that by this time, either Aang is just pure af and is just not jealous, or he doesn’t like Katara as much yet.

Eitherway, I don’t exactly recall a time of Aang actually being jealous of anyone anyway, it’s usually Katara.

flightless. PSA: THE GAANG IS A BEAUTIFUL LIL FAMILY. i just really love the gaang????? like they all come from some sort of broken or complicated homes ; so, they made a lil family of their own?? && it’s not just happenstance! they need each other??? && family is so important to each one of them! aang lost his family in the nomads ; katara && sokka lost their mom && for much of the series look for their dad ; toph was always treated as less than by her fam ( && she found a truly accepting family in the gaang ; don’t get me started on this ) ; meanwhile zuzu has obvious probs with his dad being his dad && then there’s his mom ; && suki loses her family unit of the kyoshi warriors for like most of book 3. they need each other && i’m c r y i n g