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Whenever I see a fanfic writer say something like “this is bad” or “sorry it’s so long” or anything along those lines, I get really sad. Cause like. You guys are really truly amazing. I love every single word you write whether it’s a 100 word story or a 100k story. There aren’t enough words in my brain to express just how much I love and appreciate you guys. So on behalf of all fanfic readers everywhere, in any fandom, thank you so much for sharing your fabulous gifts with us. You fabulous human beings.


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Minutes By Minutes

Summary: You come from France and you’re lucky enough to study during a year in an American High School. You’re trying to study in the library but Clay catch you reading and then everything get out of hands.

So this story is completely based on what I know on American High School : nothing except what I see on TV. So I’m sorry if it’s wrong, or completely judgemental, tell me I just want to do good, and because Jeff Atkins Deserves Better.

Love you

Pairing: Jeff Atkins x Reader(you)

Y/N: Your Name

Y/L/N: Your Last Name

Words: 4820 (so looooong, i almost die.)

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It’s Tuesday afternoon, and you’re sitting in Liberty High School’s Library for more than an hour. But your math’s book is still not open because you’re distracted, by the book you’re reading. The book you know by hearts but still, it’s to powerful to let it down. And it’s almost the end so why stop now?

You’re so taken by the scene that you don’t see someone approaching your table. You don’t hear them either. So imagine your surprise when suddenly your book his taken away from your hand.

“Hell no! What the…” You’re looking at the person who standing next to you.

“Clay? Why do you just stole my book. I was reading!”

“I saw that, thanks Y/N. You’re supposed to study maths. You know, for the test. Tomorrow?”

“I know that Clay. I’m French, not stupid. Now, p give me my book back.”

“No please?”

“Pleaaaase.” You give him you puppy eyes trying to catch your book but Clay just put it behind his back.

“No Y/N, you have to study. So no book for you.”

“Why everyone is always stealing my books. Between Skye, Tony, Zach, Hannah and you I can’t even read one word.”

“Probably because you asked us Y/N.”

“I knooooow, but i was joking Clay.”

“Really? Because you ask five differents person to do the same things. To take away the book you were reading when you were supposed to study. So, if you ask me, I think you really meant it. So here I am, stealing your books till you’re capable to do this exercise.” You’re trying to find an argument who could force Clay to give you back your book but you know he’s right.

“Fine.” You read the page Clay just give it to you when you exclaimed “Jensen, there five of them! It will take me hours!”

“You can do it Y/N.”

“Stop doing the Yoda things, it’s not helpful. And how do you know I have to study this chapter Jensen?”

“My girlfriend is in your math’s class Y/N. Sitting right next to you. It’s incredible how you, french people could have so little memory of basic things.”

“I hate Hannah Baker so much.”

“Stop saying shit about my girl. You love her. Almost much as I do. And now study.” Clay open you book and throw him just in front of you.

“Yes daddy. But please, pay attention to my book alright. Skye always hide them in the school and i spent hours trying to find them. Zach put them in is basket ball bag and if you want my opinion, it doesn’t smell good in there. Tony put car’s oil all over it and Hannah read them and only give them back to me when she finished it. Please Jensen, take care of my child, it’s one of my favorite.” Your voice broke dramatically and you put your right hand on your heart for more impact.

“Yes Y/N, I will take care of your book. What is it anyway? Antigone, never heard of it.”

“Oh my… Such despair in this country. Antigone is a tragedy written by Jean Anouilh during WW2. It’s inspired by another tragedy write by Racine but that not the point. Antigone go against the rules to make sure her two oldest brothers gets the funeral they deserves. Even if her uncle, the new king forbids it, promising her she will die, she still doing it because it’s the right things to do. She was scared and in love but she ready to sacrifice it for her brother. She was brave. But that not the only things that matters, it’s also why the author decide to write Antigone in 1942. In 1942, France is occupied. And even if the President Petain ask to the people to stop fighting, there is others, who ask to keep fighting till they get their freedom back. That’s why Antigone is so good. She’s ready to die for the right things, she’s a hero.”

Clay look at you a little surprise and you know you just probably sounds crazy but you love this story so much that you couldn’t stop.

“I need to read it. Can I borrow yours Y/N?”

“If you capable to read it in French, go ahead. But I think Skye have it in English, she would probably lend it to you. If you ask her gently… Or offers her Reese. She’s crazy about them.” You smile at him.

“I always offer her Reese when I did somethings stupid and I need her help. Since she knows the tricks now, I can’t used it for anything else Y/N. But I will ask her with my puppy eyes, if Tomy can say no to this face I can’t see how Skye can say no to it.”

“You such a demon Clay Jensen.”

“I learn from the best Y/N Y/L/N.”

“You know how to speak to women Jensen.”  Clay sit next to you and you play with your sleeves smiling how lucky you are to have find so good friends in this school in such a little time. “You know if Hannah wasn’t dating you, I probably would.”

“Not possible, there’s Tony and Jeff who already put an offer on me in case Hannah break up with me.”

You laugh a little before remembering you’re in the library and peoples are trying to study all around you.

“You are the most perfect boy I ever met Clay Jensen but I need to study now and if you stay here, you’re only going to distracted me. I love youuu.” You try to push him away but he only laugh by your antics.

“I’m not studying, I’m tutoring and since have issue in math I could help you, because, I pretty good in math.”

“Okay, okay, the whole world know how good you are in everything. But you’re tutoring, and I don’t want to bother you or the student you tutoring.”

“Y/N you’re not a bother and jeff will specially not mind if you’re here.” Your heart stop for a second.

“You’re tutoring Jeff? Jeff Atkins?”

“Erh yeah, since I don’t know? Six months? Do you pay attention when I speak Y/N or you just love ignoring me.”

‘No, Clay. i know you’re tutoring Jeff, what I mean is that you’re tutoring him right now. In this Library?”

“Yes Y/N, I going to tutoring Jeff here, in this library. When he will show up obviously. Where do you except I tutor him? In the baseball fields? In the bathroom?”

“Stop messing with me Clay. It’s not funny, not right now.” You’re trying to gather your things before the baseball player decide to show up. You’re also trying to keep your breathe under control.

“Y/N, what’s happening, what are you doing.”

“I’m getting out Clay.”

“No, you have to study.”

“I know, i know.” You sit back, and take deep inspiration to control your heart. “Then you have to go. You have to tutoring in another place.”

“What? You’re joking, I not leaving if you’re in this state. What’s happening Y/N?”

You know you have to tell him, you already find it magical that Hannah or Tony still haven’t told him but he is one of your best friend.

“Can you remember the last I could stay next to Jeff more than five minutes?”


“Can you remember it Clay? No, right? Because it’s true. I never spent more than five minutes with Jeff since my first few weeks here.”

Clay looks at you a little lost. “Did he hurt you?”

“Come on Jensen, beside you he’s probably the nicest guy in school. He didn’t hurt me I just develop an huge crush on him. And I thought he was interested but then I learn I was just dreaming.” You try to push your hair away, distracting yourself.

“What do you mean Y/N?“

“You know, we were always together. He take me to school in the morning, he take me back to my home. He always eat with me, us. I used to study while he was practicing and  was always with him the weekend. It was like a dream, you know. When I first came here, I was so scared. Away from home, away from my friends, from all the things I know about life. So I decide to go to a movie. I met you that night, with Hannah. I wanted to talked to you, ask you something but nothing came out of my mouth. But then, when the movie end my car just broke and you saw me there, trying to understand what happened, and you said you knew someone. You called Tony and Hannah and you stay with me till Tony appears. I will never have enough word to thanks all the three of you for how much I owe you. Hannah bring me back home, and Tony give me his address for the next day.”

“I know that Y/N, I was there.”

“I know you was here Clay but you need the entire pictures to understand. The three of you became my friends, a week before school starts. The three of you save me. But Jeff make me love USA so much. I fell in love of this place like I kinda fell in love with Jeff. You were like the fantastic four, you still are. But I had to just stop. With Jeff. We were nothing, but it was like we were. And now, I can’t be close to him without my heart going crazy, and if he’s in the same room I can’t even concentrate. That’s why I can’t study here if you tutoring Jeff.”

“Why do you never tell us about it. We always thought you were going to become a couple. So what happened?”

“I met Sara.”

“Sara who?”

“Sara Daxton, Jeff girlfriend. With whom he have an on/off relationship since Junior? You don’t know who she is? God Clay, blonde, the same height as me and an amazing  bitchy smile she always wore.”

“Ah yeah, always trying to steal Sheri’s place right?”

“Yeah this one, you’re so slow Jensen. So after she threaten me I start avoiding Jeff and it’s was as the same time that I miss France and my family. It was harder, it’s the moment I pulled away, you remember right.” He nod his head and you keep talking. “I felt so lost and sad that I ask to came home, I pack my things and that’s when Zach saves me. I know you never understand how we became close or how we stay friends but he saves me. I was drowning, of fears, loneliness.”

“You weren’t alone Y/N, we were there."Clay looks so hurt that you hate yourself.

"I know Clay but I didn’t want to tell you how much I miss home you know, I thought you would think or believe I didn’t want to be here, or with you anymore. Zach find me, one night crying outside in a park. He sit next to me and hold me. I never speak to him before that night but he hold me and let me cry on his shoulder. He listen to me. After that night, it’s him who bring me to school and back home. He make me laugh, he try to learn french and I try to learn basketball. We get closer each day, that’s why I’m always in school the saturday. He always come playing in the morning, and then there the game in the afternoon. So I’m always there. And then I’m with you and Hannah or sometimes with Tony who teach me about car but I’m never with Jeff now. Not since Sara Daxton ”

“But you know Jeff and Sara..” But Clay never had the chance to finish his sentence because a large book of history fell on our table

.“Clay, I’m waiting for you in our usual table, why are you here. Oh hey Y/N.”

”Hi Jeff” Your voice sound so shy that it must be like a little girl just talk.

”You’re staying with us?”

Clay looks a little alert by Jeff’s question but you offer him a reassuring look.

”No, I have to go I can’t stay here.”

”Why? Because it’s looks like you’re studying maths for what it’s look.”

“Errrr. You see I…” But you can’t find anything who could be plausible.

“I have her book. So it’s actually us who have to move.”

“Clay, her book is just in front of us.”

“Not this book, this one” he show Jeff Antigone, the tragedy you were reading before everything.”You see Y/N ask me and a few other people to away take away the book she was reading when she was supposed to study. And that’s what she was reading when I came here waiting for you. And since I wanted to be sure she study we need to go somewhere else.”

“Okay, I think Y/N is capable enough to be able to study in the same room as the book. We just have to go at another table.”

“NO!” Clay and you screamed at the same time. It’s amazing how he try to help you on this.

“It’s her favorite book Jeff, she knows it by heart but she always get to deep in it. She even get exclude in some class because she didn’t want to stop reading. So yes we have to study somewhere else because I would like to keep my head on my neck thank you very much Atkins.”

“Really Y/N? What’s this book talk about.”

“I already tell Clay, I’m sure he can give you summary.” You turn your head to Clay and smile at him “So i do this five exercises and then I give them to you and you give me back my book?”

“Deal. You text me when you’re finished and I will text you our location.”

“See you later boys.” You put your headphones and try not to look at Jeff leaving the library. It was close by still four month to go.

You spent two hours trying to understand maths and you succeed to do the five exercice Clay give to you. Even if you would have prefer to go through hell you still did it. You grab your phone and find Clay’s number.

To: C Fucking Jensen

Done, where’s my baby Jensen. mama wants to read.

From C Fucking Jensen

I take it back from Jeff who stole it from me and then read it and then completely ignore me till he suddenly notice your books was written in french. And then he was sad because he couldn’t read it so he makes me called Hannah to know if she had it in comprehensive language. So, I hate Antigone so much that I don’t want to give it back to you.

From: C Fucking Jensen

Sorry, forgot, we’re outside, on the table you always sit when you’re waiting for Zach

To: C Fucking Jensen

on my way BOY

You see them pretty quickly, Clay is at the table, like he told you reading Jeff’s paper and playing with his pen at the same time. Jeff on the other side is a few meter away, doing push ups, shirtless. It’s been so long that you didn’t watch him train that you (almost) forgot what he looks likes. Even if he’s away you can perfectly see his abs. Holy hell.

“Can you make sure I did them right please? I know you already have so much to do but please.” Clay looks at you and offer you his special smile that you always loved.

“Don’t worry Y/N, I will look at them tonight and I call you if you need help. And take back your books back please.”

“Thanks Clay, see you later.”

“Where are you going?”

“Zach is waiting for me, he got practice. See you tomorrow, Love you. Bye Jeff.” You look back at the baseball player really briefly before heading back inside trying to go the gymnasium without thinking about a shirtless Jeff Atkins.

Obviously, you fail. You hear the main doors opening but you’re not br

ave enough to look at who it is, scared of being let down by your fucking dreams.

” Y/N, wait!“

"Oh Jeff, hm, I’m sorry but I really need to go, like I said I promise Zach I will cheers him during the practice.” You smile at him.

“Like you used to do it for me.” He almost whispers it, and you’re not sure you were supposed to heard it.


“Why did you stop coming to my game Y/N?” You’re so taken aback by his sudden question that you start choking.

“What? What are you talking about Jeff?”

“You stop coming Y/N. During practice and for the game. Why?"He could almost think he’s hurt by your absence bit you can still hear Sara’s voice on your head. She’s the only one for him and that’s okay, you only have four months in this school before you have to get back home.

"I didn’t stop coming to the game. I’m always here Jeff, even if it’s raining or snowing. I would probably be here even if zombie decide to kill us all. You just doesn’t notice me. It’s okay, I always hide myself”

“But why did you stop talking to me, or hanging or even smiling Y/N? What did I do?”

Why do you always want to kiss him? Why Jeff Atkins had to be so cute? Why do the world hate you that much?

“Because of Sara.” You don’t even know how the get out of your mouth but they’re out and you can’t stop the disaster now. And you’re not running away either. So better come clean right.

“Your girlfriend threaten me. That’s not your fault Jeff, that’s mine. I have this crush on you and I guess I wasn’t discreet as I thought I was. And Sara discovered it. So I’m sorry, I’m…”

“God, Y/N you’re here, I been looking for you for so long. Justin want to beat me but I can’t win if my lucky charm is not with me.”

You didn’t even notice Zach was here. He question you with his eyes, trying to know if you’re okay.

“I’m sorry Jeff, I really have to go. We will talk later okay.”

You go to Zach trying not to look back at the boy who doesn’t understand why he have to let you go. You already to deep to do it yourself, you need him to push you away.

“What was that about?”

“Despair from my part. Lack of understanding from him. It’s like he doesn’t know, like he have no idea how much I love him.”

“You know Y/N from what I saw, I almost sure he loves you too.”

You sigh “ It’s not possible Zach.”

“Why are you always saying that when we talk about Jeff’s feelings for you? Why?”

“You know why Zach, Jeff cannot have romantic feelings for me. Change of subjects.”

“No Y/N, I’m not letting you keep living miserably because you do not believe me.”

“It’s not that I don’t believe you Zach, it’s just impossible.”

“WHY Y/N?” Okay, you didn’t expect him to scream.

“Zach, Justin he’s waiting for you. We need to get there before he start saying you get scared by the little challenge.” You walk past him, try to put some distance between the both of you but his hand find yours and hold you before he force you to looks at him.

“Y/N, you’re going to talk to me, right now, right here. No more excuses, no more changes of subjects. Just you, me and your feelings for Jeff Atkins.”

You tried to push him away, to get away from his embrace but he’s to strong and a little part of you wants him to know.

“He can’t have feelings for me because of Sara Daxton, his girlfriend. She threaten me when we were really close, with Jeff. She said she could make my life a living hell in a few seconds. So, I stay away from Jeff, like she asked me.”

“What, but why do you believe her?”

“Don’t you see how student treat each other here? Did you ever get into the girl’s bathroom? Do you know what’s written on the walls? How many’s girl’s name are next to the word bitch or whore? Do you know how teenagers are judgemental, how girls are always judging? For everything? Do you remember the list that travel through the entire school in Sophomore year?”

“Yeah, but, but you weren’t…”

“I weren’t here Zach but I still heard about it, I read it for God’s sake. I see how girls has been treated by boy. How Hannah been treat. And before we become friends you were part of the stupid jocks who can’t show a piece of respect. That’s why i believe Sara, i fell in love of her boyfriend and she was right, I needed to back off.”

“Jeff Atkins never date Sara Daxton.”

“What are you talking about?” You ask not sure if you heard right was Zach just told.

“I didn’t have a girlfriend since freshman years.” A voice said behind your back. You don’t have to turn around to know who it is. You know this voice by heart. “ And if I was dating Sara Daxton ,and I’m not, i assure you, I would have break up with her the moment I start having romantic feelings for you.” You did turn around at the end, because you can’t keep yourself to look at him. Zach moves from behind you and walk to Jeff. “Don’t hurt her or I will break you man even if you’re the freaking Jeff Atkins.”

“Don’t worry, not happening. But I hope you’re ready to share her.”

“If I can have her in saturday, and bring her back from school two day/week?”

“Deal Dempsey.” They smiled at each other, completely ignoring you.

“Boys, I’m right here and I decide with who I want to spent time.”

“I need to go lovebirds, I have to win a bet!” Say your best friend  before running away. Okay, did he just ignore you? again?

“So Sara really threaten you?”

“Yes. She scared the hell out of me.”

“It’s one of the biggest rumors of the school. And I don’t even know how people can believe it!”

You looked up at him trying to know if he’s messing with you “Really Atkins? Everytime I look at you, she’s close to you. During the break, the lunch, even the night when you’re out. To the movie, to Rosie. So, either you’re dating her and you’re lying to me right now or she following you all day and all night. And if it’s the last, then you should pay attention. She could kill you without anyone seeing it.”

“I never noticed it.”

“Maybe you should try to pay attention to your environnement Atkins, you could miss something.”

You turn you back at him, walking to your car and planning to drive far away from here ‘cause everything just come to shit.

“Y/N wait! Where do you think you’re going.”

“I’m running away Jeff, can’t you see it? I need to breathe”

“Then I’m coming with you!” God, what does Life hate you so much.

“Jeff, i want to be alone.” You try to make him understand that you need a break, but he keep following you.

He grabs your left wrist making you stop in your walk “Wait Y/N, you think I’m will let you run away from me for the second time this year? Now that I know why it’s happened the first time. No, not going to happened babe.”

“I’m not your babe Atkins.”

“I assure you that you, Y/N, are my babe. I’m not going to lose anymore days is this fucking things. You have a crush on me, maybe you even love me Y/N and you know what? That’s perfect, because I love you too. So screw Sara, the other students, everyone. Screw them. I want you and I know you want me too.”

He is so close to you that you can smell is perfume and his eyes are so bright that you forget how to breath. His lips looks so attractive that you forget where you are, or who you are because the only things that matters is that Jeff Atkins is looking at you. And that’s when you decide it’s the perfect time to kiss him.

Exactly at the same time that the Liberty High School Bell’s decide to ring. So, here you are, in the middle of the High School’s hall, kissing the boy you love since the first weeks at school and every students are looking at you.

But you don’t care. You can’t, kissing Jeff is all you ever dream. it’s perfect, sweet, fierce and strong. You both tried to be the stronger one, taking the power. But it doesn’t matter who win or who lose.

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“Get away from my man bitch! How many times do I need to tell you to back off?” Someone push you away from Jeff, making you felt on the floor. The shock from the fell make you feel dizzy and you take a moment to get your breath in check before you stand up again.

“Seriously Daxton! Why? I’m not your boyfriend, we never go out for a date, I never kiss you. Can you just leave me alone? I let this stupid rumours about both of us travel in the entire school for two years. I let you spread lie because I didn’t care. But now I learn that you threaten Y/N if she try something with me! Are you crazy? No, actually, I know you are but that’s bad. Sara, you can’t do that! You can’t threaten people even if the like someone you liked too! And you can’t force me to like you. I like Y/N, god, i love her. And I could have been with her for month now but you threaten her and she listen to you.”

“Jeff, stop, please listen to me…” She doesn’t looks so sure of herself right now, in front of Jeff, you, her entire cheers squad and all of the student who stay for the show.

“I don’t want to listen to you Sara. I always been nice to you, never ask you to stop the rumours. But you need to stop now. I love her, and she loves me. And I don’t want you to make her doubt, I don’t want her to start asking herself if this, us, worth the pain.”

You go to Jeff side, putting yourself in front of him facing Sara. When Jeff talk to her you saw how her face fell. You understand why Sara act like that, you can guess.

“Sara, it’s okay to feel alone. It’s okay to wake up in the morning and feel bad. It’s okay to want to cry someday, it’s okay because we are human. We’re not perfect, no one is. You don’t have to act like a bitch. So yeah, I understand if sometimes you want to make the world see how bad you feel. To want someone to notice you. And you know, no one care if you date someone. No one forces you, and no one expect you to do it. You’re eighteen and free. You can do everything one you want.” Her mouth is wide open and you don’t know what you’re saying but you can’t stop now. “You know, I think we could have been friends if you’ld have give me a chance. But you didn’t so… But just for your info, I love Jeff and I will not let you scare me. Once, I let you take away my chance to be with him but I’m not going to do the same mistakes. So either you threatening me or you finally let us live in peace.”

You almost catch your breath when you stop talking. When you wake up this morning you didn’t expecting this.

You can feel Jeff breathing in the crook of your neck and gently stroke your arm.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about Y/L/N” Spit Sara and walk pass you with her entire squad.

You look back at Jeff, smiling at him. “Did she just walk away from us? Did she finally leave us alone.” the baseball player nod before you jump in his arm and kiss him on his lips.

When you finally broke apart your smile is so big that you scared it will be stuck on your face for ever.

“Are you ready for our first date Y/N Y/L/N?”

“You have no idea Jeff.”

“I love you so much Jeff Atkins.”

You are lying on the floor, watching the star on the sky, holding Jeff’s hands. You can’t believe you’re here with him.

“And I love you so much Y/N. More than you will ever know.”


This is just an appreciation post for my beautiful strong, female characters from one of the best Cinematic Universes of all time (in my not so humble opinion). 

We got Natasha Romanoff, ex KGB, spy, assassin, beautfiul and strong and powerful. 

We’ve got Wanda Maximoff, who is young and scared and feels alone, but would do anything to help her family, even those she doesn’t know. 

Sharon Carter, who took after aunt Peggy and saves life after life, first as a SHIELD agent, now as a CIA agent. 

You got Peggy Carter who takes crap from literally no one and who knows her own worth. She is such an inspiration I can’t even. 

Then look at Karen, who was so meek and now she’s a boss.

 And Claire, my love Claire, who is so done with superheroes but still loves them. She is so underappreciated it hurts. 

Colleen who beats people up and doesn’t give two craps because she’s so amazing. 

Jessica Jones has gone through so much and done so much for her loved ones, she gets too hurt too many times for everything she’s done. 

AND MISTY KNIGHT she slays everything. Like that gif is one of my fav Misty scenes because she just proves all these guys wrong and slays while doing it. She doesn’t follow blindly, she goes off her gut and evidence. I love her so much. 

And SKYE/DAISY JOHNSON who is my daughter and who must be protected at all costs. She’s so beautiful and has grown so much since season one it physically hurts my soul.

 Melinda May is just so powerful and she just hits people with sticks and is everyone’s actual mom but doesn’t let anyone inside except Phil and she just needs love, okay?

Bobbi Morse is super great and she loves Hunter and that’s all. She is a strong woman and a very tall one. 

Joy Meachum is just so done???? with Danny??? and her brother??? beautiful

Patsy Walker takes care of herself. She’s not a defenseless, weak woman. She’s strong and she’s trying so yeah. 


(unpopular opinion but I really liked aida so much as a villain)

and, um, GAMORA??? SLaying everything all the time

and her hecka awesome adopted assassin sister, Nebula. 

don’t get me started on my fav awkward alien MANTIS who is so awesome. 

JANE FOSTER that’s all

Darcy Lewis is pretty rad guys. 

And SIf is always awesome, She puts her duties before her emotions, without neglecting her emotions entirely. May and Nat could take a cue from her, 

AND GUEEN FRIGGA who is always so beautiful and so awesome. She gives loki so much more credit than he deserves and she loves him even though he actually sucks. 

Pepper Potts literally doesn’t let Tony give her any crap and is constantly putting other people before her. She’s so selfless, but so strong willed and so willing to save. 

Quick appreciation for Phil’s cellist girlfriend, Audrey who still loves him even though he’s not there. 

And Hope Pym is so awesome. She just wants to prove herself and show her dad that she’s cool. 

And I know we haven’t met Janet yet but she’s gonna slay. 

I’m hecka excited for Valkyrie and Hela. They gonna be great. 

Nakia, Okoye, Ayo, Shuri, and all the other women who are gonna be in Black Panther I can’t breathe I’m so excited to see them on screen I love them so much. 


UM ARE WE GOING TO TALK ABOUT MARIA HILL no well I love her and we should

so much hype for Captain Marvel 

Raina who has powers and actually sucked for like three seasons was so cool 

The Ancient One who acted out of the goodness of her heart and made mistakes. She sacrificed her life for the well being of everyone else.

 May was so funny and cooky I love it

Helen Cho, a scientist, a WOC, caught the attention of a murder bot how cool is that

laura barton just loves her husband and she gets so much hate for no reason


Antony was a girl okay and she gave everything to Scott Lang

Ana Jarvis loved her husband so much and she cared about peggy forever she is so cute

Can we get hyped for Dagger?

THOSE are only the females that I could name off the top of my head, guys. there are so many more. Marvel loves their girls and I love their girls and their girls are so inspirational to so many people. So whoever tried to tell me that Marvel didn’t care about women in their movies and gives them minuscule parts that don’t matter but tell me where the men we see and love just as much, where would they be without the women in their lives? Steve wouldn’t have gotten anywhere without his mom, for one, and even no where-r without Peggy Carter. Tony would still be an alcoholic without Pepper. Luke Cage, Danny Rand, and Matt Murdock would be dead in a ditch without Claire. SHIELD would have fallen completely and HYDRA would have risen without May, Skye, Nat, Hill, etc. They are so important. They are so important. THEY ARE SO IMPORTANT, and by saying that Marvel doesn’t care about them is literally saying that they aren’t important at all, and it’s not Marvel doing it, it’s whoever says it. Kay, so that’s all. 


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Nine Times

Pairing: Lin x Reader

Prompt: “I swear if you weren’t so attractive I would’ve punched in the face nine times by now.”

Words:  2800

Summary: You and Lin have never gotten along. But then you’re Eponine and he’s Marius, and things start to change.

Warnings: swearing, arguing, kissing. i think that’s all of them - if there’s more please just let me know. 

A/N: hi!! one of my lovely friends requested this and it was v fun to write. hope you enjoy it – Skye x

“Does he always talk this much?” you groaned, throwing your bag down on an empty seat.

It was Thursday, and Thursday’s meant longer rehearsals. You loved theatre. A different cast album blasting through your headphones every week, imagining yourself in all the different roles before finding yet another to obsess over. Recently it had been Les Misérables, which worked perfectly, because the theatre was performing it for the next show.

Mandy laughed next to you as you sat down next to her. Even though your characters didn’t interact at all, her being Fantine and you being Éponine, the two of you had grown close over the few weeks of rehearsals that had already passed. She’d quickly become one of your closest friends.

“In case you hadn’t noticed, Y/N, we’re in theatre club. Everyone talks like their lives depend on it.”

“Yeah, I know. But that doesn’t stop him being irritating when he does it.”

You were glaring at Lin. A few rows in front of you he was sitting with Chris and Karen, talking so loudly that you could hear him perfectly. And he did this all the time. Every single Thursday.

Mandy was looking at Karen, the two of them biting back smiles as they watched you glare at Lin like it was your favourite to do (and it probably was). You and Lin had met a few years ago, and you’d been arguing and glaring ever since. At first, you hadn’t minded Lin, but as he got bigger roles he’d gotten cockier and cockier.

Actually, at first you’d thought he was kind of cute. You weren’t alone in that, nearly every single girl (and probably most of the boys) thought Lin was attractive. He was. You couldn’t deny that no matter how much you wanted to scream at him on a daily basis.

Now, he had a big role again, and you had the role that was madly in love with him. Typical. Because of course Lin had gotten Marius, and of course you had gotten Éponine, and of course you had to be in love with him for an hour every night.

Éponine was one of your favourite roles. You had been thrilled to get her part, and even Lin-Manuel Miranda couldn’t dampen your excitement. Her character was devastating, but she was strong. At the beginning she wasn’t very important, just a friend of Marius’ who couldn’t seem to leave him alone, but then she came and performed one of the most heartbreaking songs in the entire show. There was no way in hell that Lin could take that away from you.

“Y/N! Time to do On My Own.”

You grabbed your bottle of water, taking a final drink before going up to the stage. You didn’t have much choreography after act one finished, since you weren’t doing anymore ensemble roles, but you still showed up to rehearsals in leggings and a tank top and one extra bottle of water. Just incase they decided to do songs that weren’t on the schedule.

Standing on the stage in front of everyone didn’t bother you, of course it didn’t, but some of the people didn’t like doing it when it was just the other cast members and not an actual audience, so there was always the option of going to the hall. When the stagehand asked if you wanted stage or hall you mumbled a quick ‘stage’ before finding your mark.

“Hey, Lin?”

“What do you want?”

“Woahhh. Think you need to calm with that tone.” He glared. “I just want you to stand closer to the front of the stage so I can get more in character. Since I’m, you know, in love with you.” You could’ve sworn his eyes flickered with happiness before switching back to their usual annoyance.

“Yeah. Yeah, okay.”

Lin put his script down on his chair before making his way out of the row. He took his time walking to the bit of floor right in front of the stage, where some freshman kid playing Gavroche would jump down during The Death of Gavroche.

“Take your time, Lin. It’s not like I have a song to sing or anything.” You said, an impatient tone pairing with the words as you began to tap your foot.

“Okay, is this where you want me?” He asked, standing on the mark for Gavroche. You nodded, turning to the stagehand to let him know that you were ready.

As the music began you quickly ran the lyrics through your head to make sure you definitely had them.

And now I’m all alone again nowhere to go

No one to turn to

Without a home, without a friend

Without a face so say hello to

And now the night is near

Now I can make believe he’s here.”

You looked out at the room, watching Mandy silently cheering from her seat. Trying not to smile, you looked down at Lin instead.

Sometimes I walk alone at night

When everybody else is sleeping

I think of him and then I’m happy

With the company I’m keeping

The city goes to bed

And I can live inside my head.”

You walked closer to the front of the stage as the more recognisable part of the song began. Looking at the Lin the whole time you found your mark, a small ‘É’ on the stage in pencil, and listened for your cue.

On my own, pretending he’s beside me

All alone, I walk with him ‘til morning.”

As you sang your lines, trying to embody Éponine and her feelings as best you could, your eyes began to close, as though you were really imagining walking in the streets of Paris with Lin.

With your eyes closed, you couldn’t see him staring at you in awe.

“Not too bad,Y/N. Not too bad.” Lin said as you walked down the stairs at the side of the stage. You rolled your eyes and mumbled a ‘thanks’.

You made your way back to where you’d been sitting with Mandy, she was still sitting, waiting for them to call Lovely Ladies, a song you were also waiting to be called for. Since playing Éponine meant that you weren’t on as her until near the end of act one, you had some ensemble roles during the first act. One of them being one of the women from the dock.

The whole cast was amazing, especially the ensemble and the people who done double roles, because they done so much demanding work and still got back up and done it again without complaining. Well, most of them did - you complained quite a bit sometimes.

You’d known from the second Mandy auditioned for Fantine she was going to get it. She had the ability to make anyone and everyone cry with her performance of I Dreamed A Dream, even herself sometimes.

Mandy was grinning as you sat back down next to her. You turned to her with a confused look but a laugh in your words. “What?”

“You were amazing,Y/N! Like, holy shit. I think you might be the best Éponine this show has ever seen.”

“Right, right, calm down, Mandy.” You smiled, taking her compliment in silence.

“It’s a shame you’re not playing Cosette, though.” you gave her a ‘please keep going that sentence’ look. “Lin looked so goddamn in love with you while you were up there.”

You burst out laughing.

“No fucking way! He hates me, Mands,”

“I’d say he doesn’t by the way he was staring at you.”

You kept laughing, trying to calm yourself but ultimately failing to, only stopped when you caught an embarrassed looking Lin staring at you.

It wasn’t a long look, but you locked eyes with him and couldn’t seem to pull yourself from it. They were warm and inviting, a deep brown colour that looked like it belonged in a painting of Autumn. You bit your lip gently and smiled at him, finally tearing your eyes from his. He looked away as quickly as he could.

Mandy was grinning again.

“Okay, Lovely Ladies next!”

“Let’s get this rehearsal done.” you murmured.

It was the last rehearsal before opening night.

Everyone was on edge, partly because of nerves and partly because of how much caffeine had been consumed in the last six hours. Choreography runs in and out of costumes, every song had to be done, mark placements had to be perfected (and everyone had to know where they were meant to be during every song). It was hectic.

“Right, A Little Fall Of Rain is next. Y/N and Lin, quickly please.”

You shot Lin a quick look before heading up the stage. It had been a week since Mandy had told you that Lin had looked head over heels during your run through of On My Own and since then, things had been quite awkward.

Once you were both up on stage, you turned your script to the right page, even though you knew all the words.

“Are we just singing it through or are we acting it as well?” Lin asked, also flipping pages until he got to the right song.

“Act it, this one hasn’t been done as often as the others. Right, you guys ready?”

“Wonder who’s fault that is,” he sighed under his breath.

“Excuse me?” You shot back quietly, letting him know you’d heard him.

“Guys, you ready?” The stagehand asked again, clearly growing impatient with both of you.


The music started as you positioned yourself in Lin’s arms. They felt strange, but nice around you, and you almost felt too comfortable in them.

Don’t you fret, M'sieur Marius.

I don’t feel any pain

A little fall of rain, can hardly hurt me now

You’re here.

That’s all I need to know

And you will keep me safe

And you will keep me close

And rain will make the flowers grow.”

You couldn’t help but be surprised when Lin looked genuinely upset as you sang to him, dragging a thumb across his face gently.

But you will live, ‘Ponine, dear God above

If I could heal your wounds with words of love.”

Just hold me now and let it be

Shelter me, comfort me.”

The rest of the song went quickly, Lin crying as you ‘died’ in his arms. It was acting, you told yourself, purely acting. Because Lin Miranda hated you. And you hated Lin Miranda. It worked, perfectly.

Except, you didn’t hate him quite so much. Not anymore.

“We need to practise that more,” Lin said, grabbing your wrist as you jogged down the stairs, trying to keep ahead of him.

“Yeah. Wonder who’s fault that is.” You replied, mocking his tone from earlier and ripping your wrist from his grasp.

“You don’t need to be a dick about it,Y/N!”

“Well you certainly were!”

Both of you stared at each other, anger seething. Even if you guys were notorious for arguing and glaring, it never got involved in the show, that’s where you’d both always drawn the line.

Everyone near you and Lin were awkwardly looking at each other as if to say ‘uh, what do we do here’. You shook your head and laughed gently.

“I swear if you weren’t so attractive I would’ve punched in the face nine times by now.”

“If I wasn’t so what?” He answered back, genuine shock on his face.

“Oh, don’t act like you don’t know. You’re easily the most attractive boy in this goddamn school.”

“Oh, I am. Am I?”

“Yeah. You are you fucking dick.”

The silence in the room was painfully loud as you grabbed your bag and binder from your seat before storming out of the room. It wasn’t the first time you’d stormed out on him, but it felt like it. It was the first time it had felt real. After all, you had just told him that he was ‘easily the most attractive boy’. You cringed.

You found your locker after walking through to the hall, rage and regret still painfully obvious on your face. Shoving your bag into it for the next night. You knew you shouldn’t have stormed out, but that didn’t mean you hadn’t done it, and that everyone wasn’t staring at each other awkwardly, with no idea what to do. Trying not to think about Lin was a ridiculous plan. He was all you ever fucking thought about.

You sighed, leaning back against your locker and closing your eyes; trying to focus on anything other than what had just happened. It didn’t last long, the peace. You heard footsteps coming toward you, and without bothering to open your eyes to look, picked an angry tone.

“I don’t want to talk about it, Mandy.”

“Well that’s good, because I’m not Mandy.”



“What the fuck do you want?”

“Can you maybe, like, not snap at me every time you open your mouth?” You glared at him. “Just for a few minutes while I say some shit?”

“You always talk shit.”

“That, Y/N, is exactly the kind of snapping I was talking about.”

You rolled your eyes and slid down to the floor. “Fine. Go ahead.”

He sat down next to you, far closer than he would usually dare to. You tried not to look at him, knowing that if you did you’d lose every part of focus and resistance you had left in seconds.

Lin raked a hand through his already messy hair, the dark brown locks sticking out between his fingers. You caught yourself wondering how soft it was and pulled yourself out of it. See? Seconds.

“Well, you just shouted at me for a bit and then called me the most attractive boy you’ve ever met-”

“I said at this school.”

“Same thing. Anyways, I got to thinking-”

“Oh, yay,” you cut him off a second time, sarcasm practically dripping off the words.

“You promised not to snap.” He said, calm tone beginning to wear thin.

“I did no such thing.”

“Oh, my god, Y/N! Will you shut the fuck up for two minutes while I try to tell you that I like you?”

Lin looked nearly as shocked as you did at what he’d just said, dark eyes staring at you. Neither of you spoke for a few seconds.

“You, uh,” you began, a little lost for words. “You what?”

“Like you.” He whispered, barely loud enough for you to hear it. It wasn’t regret in his voice, though. It was surprise. Surprise that he’d actually just admitted it to both himself and to you, that he’d actually said it out loud.

“You’re such a dork. You know that, right?” You smiled, not really looking at him, but he was looking at you.

You leaned over and pressed your lips to his, gently at first, the warm feeling taking over your body. His lips tasted like sugar, sweet and addicting, and you let him make the kiss deeper as he moved closer to you. You’d never imagined this happening before, you had no idea what to expect, but you were sure that this was better than anything you could’ve expected. Ever.

He gently placed one of his hands on your cheek, his hands soft against your skin. You wrapped your arms around his neck, just to have him closer to you. The kiss wasn’t sexual at all. It was warm and gentle and the best damn thing you’d ever felt.

As you pulled apart from Lin, arms still around his neck, he rubbed his thumb gently over your lips. With your forehead still pressed to his, he could feel your shaking breaths as you smiled at him.

“Well, I never expected that.” You said softly, letting out a small laugh and biting your lip to stop the smile.

“I try to be a man of great mystery,” Lin answered back with the same softness in his words.

You laughed again, louder this time, and Lin nearly melted right there and then. You were so captivating. The way you bit your lip to stop smiles (oh, he had definitely noticed that), the way you laughed gently when you didn’t know how to finish a sentence, the way you were looking at him right then, love and happiness all over your face.

“I still want to punch you, just maybe less than nine times,”

“Aren’t you scared you’ll ruin all my attractiveness? Also, maybe?!”

“Nothing could ruin that pretty little face, Miranda.”

“Wow, we literally just kissed and you’re calling me Miranda?”

You only nodded. “I like you though, therefore it’s a term of endearment.”

“You like me?”

“I do, Lin. I do.”

“I imagine someday you’ll be saying that in a much different circumstance.”

And you laughed, but one day, you did.

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i’m really just watching the finale again and sobbing because of alex and jessica admitting to her dad that she was raped and watching hannahs parents find her. putting myself in that headspace and imagining what that feels like just breaks my heart and just seeing that impact on screen holy fuck. there are definitely times i’ve thought about suicide as a final option when i was younger and i just can’t even imagine going thru with it and putting my parents/ friends through that. it’s so terribly sad that so many kids have to feel like that and are made to feel like that. not all people are strong enough to get through it and i just wanna be there for them because i cant imagine what it would be like if i didnt have the support system i got when i needed it. just like clay reaching out to skye. my sweet angel. fck im in tears. so so many tears. I love this show so much and every change they had from the book only made the story better. wow. what a heavy topic. one that should never be brushed under the rug. if you ever need to talk i’m here, i’ll be that friend.

I Don’t Need You Anymore Part 2 (Justin Foley)

From: 13 Reasons Why

Warnings: Swearing, rushed ending??

It’s been a week since you’ve been to school, trying to get over everything.

But today you promised yourself you’ll be okay. You walk to school and try to seem normal, you know, like your heart didn’t break into pieces? Yeah. You walked with Clay and you guys just talked and you were looking around for Justin, yeah sure you said no, and that you didn’t need him but nonetheless you still loved him. Not seeing him you frowned in disappointment. “If you still love him, then why’d you say that you didn’t?” Clay asked noticing the disappointment etched on my face. “I didn’t want to get hurt again” You shrugged. “But you still live with him being your muse y/n” He says stopping.

“What are you talking about? I do not” you exclaim opening your locker. “y/n/n, dude, you still have him as your home screen. You still have pictures of him beside your bed. For fuck’s sake y/n. Just admit it” Clay says folding his arms. “So what, i still do, what’s your problem?” you say slamming your locker shut and begin walking to class with your twin. “I’m just saying, I know I wanted you guys broken up but you’re miserable without him” Clay explains softly. “I know but, it doesn’t make up for what he did Clay. He really broke my heart” You reply trying to stop yourself from crying. “I know y/n, I know. But maybe you need each other to mend that heart” he replies sighing.

You sit in class and try not to think of Justin and but God knows you couldn’t. Thoughts ran around your head. ‘Is he okay?’ or ‘how is he?’ most importantly ‘WHERE is he?’ and sooner or later, class is over. You walk to the cafeteria sitting by Clay and his best friend Tony.

“y/n, how you doing so far?” Tony asks reaching to hold your hand. “I’m good no worries” You say shooting him a smile. “She’s not fine” Clay grumbles. “I didn’t believe it either clay” Tony says looking at you. “Guys I’m fine” You exclaim picking at your food. “I’m telling you y/n/n, Justin is miserable without you” Tony tells you sincerely.

“Really? Then where is he? Out having fun with his friends? None of them are here. Not even Zach. Must be some party or something” You reply close to yelling. “Calm down y/n” Clay says holding you. “I’m missing him and it sucks that he’s okay” you say tearing up. “Why don’t we just skip today?” Clay says walking you out. “Mom will kill you” You reply walking out anyway. “Eh she knows you aren’t okay” Clay replies taking you to Tony’s car.

Tony walks over and all of you guys go to Rosie’s to get some milkshakes. After your milkshake you go back to school because you refused to skip communications class. “There you are y/n, have you seen Dempsey, Standall, Walker, Foley and Montgomery?” Your teacher asks as you hand her a late slip. “No why?” You ask sitting down. “They never went to school and since you were close to them I just thought-“ You cut her off “well i don’t know where they are”

You listen to the lecture and much to your dismay, its about heartbreak. “What does heartbreak feel like?” Your teacher asks. “It’s when someone sees how much you love and admire them then they play with your feelings then stomp on your heart” you reply. “Yeah but its also when you reject someone because you are scared to be with them thus you break their heart before they break yours” Pratters continues. “So it’s a defense mechanism? But for humans right?” Skye asks suddenly taking interest. “Yes actually” Pratters replies. “So Miss, is it wrong for humans to have that defense mechanism?” You ask your teacher. “Wow you’re all chattery today. But yes, it can be because sometimes you cancel out the probability of you being happy because of a traumatizing incident or a mistake someone did” she replies. “So-“ you were cut off by the bell.

You walk to your compliment bag and see that there were exactly a weeks worth of notes. 7 to be exact. You read the first one

“Hey I know you’re not here, i have no idea why and I know. I promised to leave you alone but I love you - Justin”

you opened the second one

“Watching clouds is pretty. But it was prettier when i watched them with you - guess who”


“My arms been missing you, who’s been kissing you since you went away? No one I hope”


“Come back. Your smile is everything to me”


“you’re the voice I hear inside my head… The reason that….. i’m alive”


“Words will never express how sorry I am. I miss everything about you”


“You transferred schools didn’t you? Anyway, when you collect this know that you’re the most beautiful girl I’ve ever met and I’m shit for breaking your heart. More than once. I love you with all my heart and I don’t think I’ll ever stop. I hope you smile today because even if i don’t see it, It’ll make the people around you happy and you are just… everything to me. I love you y/n”

You start to cry seeing all these notes. You walk home and keep them in a cute box under your bed which holds all your letters with Justin and everything from your relationship. You tear up missing him. And fall asleep holding the teddy bear he bought you once which he named little Justin.

The next day you woke up bright and early hearing knocking on your door. You open your door and see Zach with Alex. Both tired and hair messy. “What happened to you two?” You ask them gesturing to their whole being. “Have you seen Justin?” Alex asks looking around your house. “No? I haven’t seen him since I-“ you were cut off “rejected him. Yeah okay” Zach replies walking out. “What’s wrong?” You ask walking out with them. “Justin is missing. We saw blood in the room he was staying with Bryce and we don’t know what to think” Zach says shaking his head.

Your eyes widen in shock. “He’s missing?” You ask stupidly. “Yeah and that’s why we’re not sleeping and we skip class” Alex says taking a chug of a starbucks cup he’s been holding. “Follow me” You run to your favorite spot expecting him there. “Nada. We checked here y/n” Zach says as you stare at the tree. You think about all the places you’ve been together. You check them all out and he’s no where to be found. You break down crying and Zach and Alex try to comfort you. “I can’t believe I- It’s all my fault I’m-“ you kept cutting yourself off as you blamed yourself for what is happening. “Y/n It’s okay” Alex says rubbing your back. “No! It’s not. I broke the heart of someone I loved just so I can prevent myself from getting hurt and now we can’t find him” You sob into Zach.

You think of Justin and everything.

“y/n. I love the song “The Man Who Can’t Be Moved” I find it romantic” Justin says stroking your hair. “When was Justin Foley a softy” you teased.

You remember what Justin said a week after he asked you out. You sing the song in your head until you hear it

“Cause if one day you wake up and find that your missing me

and your heart starts to wonder where on this earth I could be

And maybe you’ll go down in the place that we’d meet”

Your head snapped up, “I THINK I KNOW WHERE HE IS” You shout wiping your tears and taking off. The two boys run after you as you rush to starbucks. And sure enough you see Justin sitting in the corner table, where you sat when you first met, looking outside as tears fall down his face. “Justin” you whisper walking up to him. His face snaps up hearing your voice as he turns to you more tears begin to fall. “I’ve missed you” he whispers standing up to hug you, “You came. I can’t believe you came. I was sure you didn’t love me anymore.” Justin whispers crying into your shoulder. “Baby I never stopped. I was scared that you’d hurt me” You replied holding him tighter.

“Baby the day I chose Jess over you my life became a living hell. I know it took me long to appreciate the things you do for me but I love you with all my heart and I miss you so much. Darling please be mine again” Justin says hugging you like if he let go, even for a second, you’d disappear.

“Yes Justin. I will be yours. I’ve missed you and everything sucks when you’re not around” You reply hugging him. You stay like that for a few hours until you notice his knuckles. “Justin what did you do?” You say bringing a hand to touch his wounds on his knuckles. He flinches and replies “I punched the wall every time I thought about how stupid I’ve been”

You kiss him on the lips. Longing for this familiar feeling. “Don’t…  leave….. me…. again…” he says in between kisses. “as long as you don’t break my heart again” you reply pulling away.

“Come on. Let’s go home” You say holding out your hand. He takes it and replies “I’m already home” then he hugs you from the side as you both walk out Starbucks.


“There you are!” Alex says catching his breath. “YOU FOUND HIM” Zach says tackling you both for a hug. “Yeah. She did” Justin replies staring at you lovingly. “And we’re both happy again” You say lacing your fingers with his.

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Seven Minutes in Heaven Eggsy Unwin x Reader

Pairing: Eggsy x Reader

Notes: This was a part of a longer 7MIH series I made. Don’t worry there will be another part to this one!


You were hosting a party for all of your friends, and (y/bff/n) made you invite your crush as well. Your other friends took advantage of that and kept trying to accidently push you two into each other, and it made Natasha Romanoff very determined that you’d at least tell him how you felt. One of your other friends, Alice Deane even used magic to make sure that the result of the game they chose to end up with you and your crush together. Carlos and Logan even jumped in on the fun by suggesting the game Seven Minutes in Heaven. You were about to kill all of them.

“I hate you so much.” You told those friends that were in on the plan.

“No you don’t Y/n. You love us!” Skye said a little to happily. Items were placed in a bag and as it was your party, you went first. Just your luck you pulled out a…

A Kingsman medal. Obviously the cheeky bastard named Eggsy Unwin is the one you were going into the closet with. The man that you’ve become close to with your work as a Kingsman agent. He was your best friend and as of late, you’ve developed a major crush on him. The two of you had been on many missions together and even served as the other’s backup. The most recent mission, Eggsy was to seduce a young, rich, and beautiful woman because of her father’s activities and illegal business. You were crazy jealous because you had only recently discovered your feelings for Eggsy and Merlin took notice as well. Roxy already knew, as you told her how you felt and asked her on what to do. She said to tell him right away because he felt the same way. Of course you didn’t believe her and didn’t tell Eggsy. That was two months ago now. In a way you were grateful that you hadn’t been on any missions with Eggsy in that time, but Merlin even came over to you and told you that Eggsy’s work as been subpar as of late. He’s been barely getting out without being caught, and Merlin said that Eggsy is at the point that he might have to be suspended in order to fix his problem. You refused to talk to him about it and him for the most part. Now nearly a month later you were forced into a closet with him for seven minutes.

“Y/n please talk to me.” He pleaded with you once the doors were closed.

“What do you want to talk about Eggsy?” You asked.

“Us. We need to talk about what the hell is going on.”


“This isn’t fucking nothing Y/n/n!”

“Than what is this Eggsy! What the hell is this? Tell me that because I need to know Eggsy!” You yelled as he became silent. He mumbled something that you couldn’t hear. “What was that?”

“I don’t know.” He said more clearly this time.

“You don’t know what Eggsy?”

“I don’t know what to tell ya! I have no fucking idea! It all started when you had to extract information from that bastard three months ago. He got so close and touching to ya that I wanted to break his fucking hands! Then you come out from his room nearly 45 minutes later? Did you let him fuck you?”

“Are you fucking kidding me Eggsy? You think that I’d just give him my body that easily? I ain’t a slut, you fucking prick! Well at least I didn’t leave Roxy abandoned in the Alps for an extra-“

“That was different Y/n.”

“No it’s not! You were being selfish and decided that oh, let’s fuck a princess and forget about my friends!” You said sarcastically.

“I was thinking about something before I was pushed in here with you, and this conversation told me something else. You’re fucking jealous Y/n!”

“Look who’s talking bub.”

“I was never jealous! I was just appalled by how my best friend would ever let someone touch her that way! Especially a creep like him!”

“Well at least this handsome creep was showing interest in me, and before he got handsy, he was very kind. Unlike somebody else that I know.” You said back as it became silent for a little bit as the two of you heard whispers from the other side of the closet door.

“We should let them out.” Alice said.

“No.” Roxy replied.

“They’re going to kill each other!”

“They need to know how they both are too suborn to notice each other, and that they are hopelessly in love with the other!”

“Look, they’ve stopped yelling at each other. Maybe they’ve stopped being so fucking stubborn and kissed. Or Y/n killed Eggsy, which wouldn’t surprise me after the shit he’s done, and before you even ask. No. He doesn’t know how much pain he causes Y/n by sleeping with all these other women.” Roxy said, and with that you punched Eggsy in the face. He hit the other wall and knocked some things over in the process.

“What the fuck Gary!” You screamed.

“I can explain Y/n.”

“No I don’t want to hear another fucking word come out of your filthy mouth ever again. Just leave me the fuck alone Galahad. I never want to see your face again.” You said as you banged on the door to have the others let you out. Not long after everybody left, and it left you to realize that tonight you had lost your best friend in the entire world. You felt terrible, but at the same time you felt liberated. You were so exhausted at this point that you fell asleep on the couch and didn’t wake up till the morning.

Next Morning

Your phone rang and it played In A World Like This by the Backstreet Boys. It was Eggsy’s ringtone on your phone because the line “In a world like this I’ve got you.” Always resonated with your previous friendship. You rejected the call and he left a voicemail.

“ I’m so so so so sorry. I can’t say it enough. I was jealous and all of that shit, but please forgive me. You mean the world to me and I need you back.” He slurred. The bastard only had enough fucking courage to call you when he’s drunk! Once it ended you saw that it was the 15th message that he left you. On top of the hundreds of texts from him and one from Merlin. The one from Merlin said:

No need to worry about working with Galahad. If you want you can be reassigned to the office in America, or just not work with him on any missions.

You quickly replied that you’ll go to America and that you are grateful for him doing this. Your phone went off again with another text from Eggsy.

Babe, please open the door. I’m freezing my balls off out here.

“Fuck off Eggsy!” You screamed so he could hear you.

“Please Y/n we need to talk.” He said.

“I don’t want to talk to you. Go away!” You yelled as you ran to your bedroom and slammed the door. Crawling under the covers you hid and cried your unshed tears from last night. Your body was shaking with your sobs and your questioning of why he would do this to you.

“Because I’m a fucking idiot, and too fucking stupid to know that you’ve felt the same way.” He said. You froze and sniffled trying to hide that you were crying. The bed dipped down as he sat beside your hidden form and rubbed your back while removing the covers. You quickly turned your head into the pillow to hide your tear stained face from him.

“Since you’re here, you might as well help me pack.” You said avoiding the conversation in general once you calmed down a bit.

“Why?” He chocked out.

“I’m leaving.” You said as you looked up at his heartbroken face and got out of your bed.

“Why?” He asked once again.

“To get away from you.”


“To America. So if you’re not going to help me get out of my house.” You said coldly to the man that broke your heart.

Let me tell you guys something. I made Sam on a technicality. A few friends said stuff about making spn blogs and I was feeling left out with my TWD OC. (which has a jarpad FC) and upon asking who I should make they mentioned Sam as a joke. At first I was like meh but rping with them meant so much more. SO I made Sam and here I am. THE RHYMER. Anyway I am honestly floored at how well he’s taken off and I am so glad I decided to make him. Everyone has been so great and welcoming and I couldn’t thank you guys enough for all of it. I made Sam just short of 2 weeks ago and I already have 200 followers? Where did you all come from? Why are you here? Regardless of anything ya’ll are stuck with my southern ass. Under the cut you’ll find everyone that has made my time here memorable and fun. You all mean so much to me so if your name is not on this list please don’t be discouraged. 

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anonymous asked:

Anybody in adoption au telling momma May that they're not straight

“anybody” B) 

from the Let Us Love series 

~1500 words 

read on AO3 

Eleven-year-old Jemma paces back and forth in the living room, her breathing measured, her hands wringing. She thought about just telling May first, or telling Fitz, but she wants this out in the open. It’s easiest to just rip it off like a bandaid.

“Is it something bad?” Skye asks nervously, sat between May and Fitz on the couch. Antoine is sitting in the recliner, rocking it back and forth.

“No,” Jemma quickly says, then stops, winces, and keeps pacing. “I mean, I- I don’t think so.”

“Whatever it is,” May says, “we’ll deal with it as a family.”

“I don’t know if it’s something to be ‘dealt with’ per se.”


“It’s just- I’m just a little nervous, that’s all.”

“Spit it out, Jem,” Skye whines, sliding down into a slump. “Fairly OddParents is about to come on.”

Fitz smacks her lightly. “Sh-She can take her time.”

Jemma shoots him a grateful smile, and then stops pacing, facing them all. “Okay. Okay, well, see—” She lets out a small huff, gives a decisive nod, and then continues, “There’s this girl I like.”

She’s met with blank stares, and she shakes her head and starts again.

“I mean- Really like.” She motions with her hands. “Like like.”

“Oh,” May says.

Jemma continues before anyone can say any more, “And it hasn’t just been a one-time thing. It’s happened before, this isn’t just an isolated incident or anything. I put the evidence together and I came to the conclusion that I like girls.”

“So—” May starts.

“So you’re gay?” Antoine asks.

“No,” Jemma says. “I like boys, too. I’m- um—” She puffs herself up a bit, ready to take whatever might come. “I’m bi.”

“What’s that mean?” Fitz asks, his brows scrunching together.

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I know college has been stressful for you, and I hope it gets better. But when everything gets easier in college would you ever consider doing a comic series on nick and skye. I absolutely love your work with that and I would love to see more.

Thank you so much for the wish <3 obviously college really did brought me into full study mode o_o

and yes,  I’m always up for some Nick and Skye series! (I think I kinda did that already but, you know, doing more of it XD ) .  Let’s just pray I have the free time again to even draw them! ._.

Hmm.. probably I’d do a Young Nick Wilde & Skye series like I used to…

I was thinking… This argument that many SQers don’t like CS and OQ because they get in the way of our ship is so ridiculous.

I’m watching Agents of Shield and my favorite ship there is definitely Skimons/Bioquake. That’s Jemma and Skye/Daisy and they are friends in the show, and they have male LIs and I have very different opinions about them.

Skye/Daisy and Ward: I hate it almost as much as I hate CS

Skye/Daisy and Lincoln: I don’t hate it, I just don’t care about it

Jemma and Fitz: I LOVE them! I can even say I ship them :)

And Supergirl gives me another option! I don’t really ship Kara with anyone, there are ships for her Iike (supercorp and karolsen) but I don’t really ship them. But I hate Karamel. I really hate them.

See? It’s possible to have different opinions about ships that have absolutely nothing to do with your other ships. So I can assure you I hate CS and OQ because I think they’re awful, not because I ship SQ.