i just love ricki a lot you guys

O2L preference: you appear in a vlog


“Hey guys, so I just woke up and our hotel room here in Bali has an amazing view” you heard your boyfriend say when you woke up “Look” he said, turning the camera to your balcony glass doors.

When he noticed you were awake he turned the camera to you.

“Well, good morning beautiful” he smiled and then kissed you, with the camera still pointing at the both of you.

“Good morning” you answered and smiled at the camera waving.

“Okay guys, we’re gonna get ready and start our vacation here in Bali, I’ll try to vlog a little bit of our day” he ended.


“Hey guys what’s up? I’m about to pick (Y/N) for our date and since y'all wanted me to vlog it, I’ll try” he said in your hall.

“Hey babe” you said, kissing him. “Oh, hi” you then waved at the camera and smiled.

“Where are we going?” he asked you, with the camera in front of both of you.

“We are going to dinner, I don’t know where because this one here” you said pinching his nose “said it was a surprise”

“Yep, I’m going to stop vlogging now because we’re getting in the car but we’ll meet you at our destination” he winked at the camera and turned it off.

He ended up vlogging you two in the car blasting some pop music and singing, including it in the actual video.


“Hey guys, we’re at the restaurant and it looks really nice” your boyfriend said to the camera. “My beautiful girlfriend is here, say hi babe” he then pointed the camera at you and you said hi and waved.

He vlogged for a bit longer and then put it down when your food arrived. You were having a great time, just eating and talking but then he started goofing around so you took his camera out of your bag and vlogged.

“Okay guys, so Sam and I are out for dinner and look what this child is doing” you laughed and then put Sam in frame.

He started playing with the shrimp again and you just laughed.

When you got out of the restaurant he ended the vlog.

“Everyone was staring at us” you laughed “Because of this idiot” you kissed his cheek.

“But I’m you idiot, don’t complain” he told you.

“I’m not!” you defended yourself, kissing his nose.

“OKay guys, hm, we’re just going home now so…I love you all, thanks for watching…you know what to do”

“Bye” you said, before he turned his camera off.


“Hi guys, Trevor here!” he started the vlog.

“And (Y/N)” you shouted.

“Yeah yeah, and her. Trying to get in my spotlight, huh?” he mocked you.

“I’m the one who’s shining, baby!” you teased him and you both laughed.

“We’re going to this launch thingy, very fancy and dressy, that’s why I’m wearing this and she’s all dressed up as well, we’re looking all Jay Z and Beyoncé” he started to make some poses and you joined him.

“We’re here, Trev” you said, kissing his cheek and getting in frame.

“I’ll try to vlog in the party but I don’t know if I’ll be able to, just wait 3 seconds after this clip to find out” he winked and turned the camera off.

“I wasn’t joking, you totally look beautiful” he admitted and you blushed.


“Hey, what’s up you guys? It’s Connor” he said into the camera as you walked on the pier “Today I decided I would do a different video, just to change things up a bit. Say hi to this one” he got near you, putting his free hand around your waist, so you could be in frame.

“Hey guys” you smiled.

“So, we’re at the Santa Monica Pier and we’re just going to have a really fun day, right?” he asked you.

“Yep” you smiled back at him “and Connor’s going to win me a stuffed animal, right?” you winked at the camera when you saw your boyfriend’s panic face and then laughed.

“I’ll try my best” he answered honestly.

He vlogged the whole day and when he tried to win you the stuffed animal you recorded him and he actually did it and put it in the vlog.


“We’re in Hawaiiiiiiiiiiiiii” he started.

“Wohooo” you screamed excited, next to Ricky “I’m so excited about this, you can’t even imagine”

“Oh I can” he said mocking you “Guys, she almost screamed and jumped out of the plane when the woman said we’d be landing in like 30 minutes” he laughed at you and you joined him.

“I was really excited, okay?” you laughed and he kissed your cheek, telling you he still loved you.

“I’ll make sure he vlogs a lot for you guys” you said.

“She’s just saying that because she wants every minute of this trip recorded so she can get depressed for not being here anymore when we get back” he mocked you and you punched his arm.

“Hey” you laughed “you know you also want that” you winked and carried on.

The rest of the day was spent swimming and tanning and kissing and cuddling and…perfect.

ever since negan got outta that dam cell

negan: boy that rick guy sure is so lovable i just wanna cuddle up to him and feel his beard


negan: rick I love u pls marry me??


negan: rick. rick can we smash? can we do the thing where i put my penis inside you? please.


negan: rick. rick. rick? rick. ricky. richard. did you know it’s national pay attention to negan day??


negan: rick I know there’s zombies and shit but it’s always a good time to smash or at least like touch balls or somethin jesus fuck


negan: ricko. rickas. ricka. rickamos. rickaís. rickan. rick. pay. attention. to me.


negan: rICK SMASH ME. smash. marry. smash negan. smash mouth.


Rough day (Connor Franta imagine)

You got a text from Ricky saying that Connor’s not being himself and he’s just having a rough day in general and the boys needed you to see if he could cheer up. You arrived at the O2L house once you left your work and Connor’s door was closed but not locked. You knocked and you heard a stressed groan.  “Just please leave me alone, guys.” He muffled against his pillow.
“Con, it’s me.” You sighed as you opened the door to see him face down in bed. You were about to set your phone down on his nightstand, but you noticed a bottle of Tylenol pills and a glass of water next to his phone.
“What’s wrong, babe? The boys called me over saying you were in grumpytown.” You said ruffling his hair with your fingers.
“Ha, ha very funny.” He said sarcastically into his pillow.
“Con, c’mon. You know hiding your feelings is bad enough.” You said rubbing his back before sitting up, trying to pull him up with you but he wouldn’t budge.
There was silence in the air which left you confused on what to do, so you just sighed and turned on his casual playlist on his phone since music was always a great way to clear your mind and relieve stress.
You were feeling a bit cold since the AC was on full blast, so you decided to grab one of his sweaters from his closet and you saw him from a distance, he was in the same position, but he fell asleep. You walked over to his bed and laid the upper half of your body on his back.
“Please tell me what’s wrong.” You whispered, getting a little worried.
Hours past and you’re asleep, facing away from him. He just smiled a little and wrapped an arm around you before kissing the side of your head.
“Hey,” You said as he looked at you, smiling a bit. “how’s your headache?”
“better, it’s actually gone now.” He sighed. “wait how’d you know?”
“The Tylenol bottle and water was next to your phone.” You chuckled turning your body to face him.
“So what’s going on that I should know about?” You asked.
“The stress of traveling and not being able to make videos that often anymore,” He sighed. “I love to travel but just the little things are such a big deal in my life like my phone, charger, money, and other things. And videos, I can’t come up with any ideas lately and it’s frustrating.”
“Con, take it slow. You’re leaving in two weeks and you still have time to prepare and plan ahead for these little things. And no video ideas? Just vlog while traveling, babe. It’s been a long time and I think your fans miss your little vlogs.” You said calming him down.
“You’re right,” He admitted as he sighed, running his hands through his hair. “sorry if I made you worried or anything.”
You just shook your head and kissed his nose.
“I understand, babe. You always comfort me when I have bad days and today was my turn to comfort you.” You replied as he kissed you sweetly.
“I love you,” He smiled. “a lot.”
“I love you too.” You smiled before snuggling into his side.
“Connor’s okay now guys!!!” Kian yelled to Ricky & Jc while you and Connor giggled in his room at how his roommates were snooping.
“You guys can leave now!” Connor laughed before connecting his lips back to yours.

okay listen up this is about to get real

i am so tired of a large portion of the 100 fandom right now. this is coming from the strongest of clexa lovers and a non-straight, non-white female. 

you are being destructive and ignorant in so many ways it’s not even funny.

what J.Rot did to Lexa and Lincoln was terrible. It cannot be excused and he should absolutely get repercussions for continuing harmful stereotypes about lesbians and bullying Ricky Whittle off the show among other things.  

but while all of you flap-mouthed trumpets are boycotting the CW and the 100 itself, have you ever considered that maybe Eliza Taylor and Lindsey Morgan and Bob Morley and Devon Bostick and Marie Avgeropoulos don’t have another show to go to? It’s nice that ADC and Ricky Whittle have other significant work, but a lot of the cast and crew doesn’t and might not.

The film and television industry is extremely difficult to make it in, even as an established actor. You can be on top one second and then never get other significant work again. A lot of actors, especially older females such as the great Paige Turco (whose last series regular role was in 2007 on Big Shots which lasted one season), don’t find other work after a popular TV show gets cancelled. Nine times out of 10, actors aren’t acting for the money and being a recurring character or guest star rarely gives them the creative fix they get from being able to dig in to a character.

So to those of you screaming “CANCEL THE 100″ and “BOYCOTT CW” with pitchforks in your hands, consider this:

Your issue is with J.Rot. 

Not Kass Morgan or the actors or the costume designers or the directors or anybody else who loves and benefits from working on the 100, but can’t control what the show-runner does. 

Your issue is with J.Rot 

Not the people who have no say in a lot of the terrible stuff that happens plot wise or the people who have nothing to go to after this. 

Your issue is with J.Rot

Not the CW Network. Even the actors who throw shade usually talk about terrible stuff J.Rot did and don’t target the network or anybody else.

I understand that boycotting the show itself in order to trigger lower ratings will reflect badly on J.Rot, and that’s what the goal is, but you’re also negatively affecting everyone involved from the main actors to the production assistants. Stop taking down the whole  show and everyone involved in it just because you have an issue with the show-runner.

A lot of you are starting campaigns to get him fired or get him to lose followers and that’s great – you’re attacking the root of the problem – but for everyone else who is so blinded with hatred that you’re attacking the network and by default, everyone else who is involved in the show, SIT YOUR ASS DOWN AND SHUT THE FUCKITY FUCK UP. 

Hey everyone,

I was able to get the last picture Ryan and I took as a couple and it happens to us at a Pottery place I took him on our 1 year. Even though I wish for more dates and memories I totally understand that I need to let him go for him to be happy. When I get sad that I’m letting go I need to remember that from 1/18/13 to 1/20/14 he made me the luckiest kid in the world and that I have no right to take someone’s happiness in the future with him. I hope I’m not speaking to early when I say this but I think we will be able to maintain a friendship throughout this.

A thank you is needed for you guys too. I haven’t done much these last few days but scrolling through your caring mail makes me feel a lot better and almost gave me hope. I would say it did but from my point of view this isn’t fixable anytime soon. Know that Ryan and I love you guys very much and I’m sure he is, just as I am very sorry that we shared this part of our relationship to. I hope you guys never lose faith though, love is scary but well worth the risk. It’s better to have fallen then to stand on the edge and wonder what it feels like.

Love, Ricky.